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  1. ZWValandil


    Don't know why they changed the VR part.
    A few months back i was invited to a closed event from Sony in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
    There i have played Gran Turismo Sport VR for at least 2 hours and it was amazing.
    There was the full acade modus, where i could choose between all dificult settings and there was a full grid of AI cars.
    It was played on all PS4Pro's
    Why did they changed this?
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  2. rdks


    I have the VR and find it rather fun to drive the cars. And the graphics are insane. really makes you feel you are there. So much so, butterflies in my stomach as I hit the full out throttle.

    Sadly, I wish i could just free run the laps without having to race or change the number of laps. Would of been nice if they allowed multiplayer like that of Drive Club.
  3. PrinceAsh7


    why is this thread still here? the foundation of the thread was one individual saying its a gimmic/trash (paraphrasing) because they haven't tried it.... please close this thread.
  4. gungrounds


    I have been enjoying VR for last few days, and I cannot believe how much faster I am while playing with VR. Lap times just keep going down. I have better feel for the distance and because of the wide view I can enter the apex with much more precision. This is especially useful when the turn is really wide / long because there is no blind driving, I can clearly see how big turn it is, and when I can push full throttle. Because of this I don't need to memorize the track in the way I used to do while playing on the TV. In general I am not really fast driver, still on D driving class, about to enter C, and this additional VR features make the driving feel so natural... Anyone had similar experience?
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  5. Darwock


    Not really, but I think I keep picking cars I'm not familiar with, and so can't keep them on track - I usually stick to N200 or N300 in dailies but will go for Gr.4 or N600 or something in VR.

    Also I have to limit myself to one go per session as I still get a bit of motion sickness (especially at the Nordschliefe!) so can't really practice.
  6. veryferry


    Why? He's not allowed an opinion? Also, this thread had become pretty interesting, so I really don't see any argument to close this thread.
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  7. Lubeify100


    United States
    For anyone looking to buy PSVR for U.S. players the GT Sport bundle is $199 till the 16th of december. My girlfriend picked one up for me. although i already own GT Sport Steelbook and a Camera I can trade my old Camera and the standard GT Sport in for another PSVR game.

    Edit: it looks like it's sold out :(
  8. Sven Jurgens

    Sven Jurgens Premium

    I wish they would expand on the VR mode. I haven't spend much time with it despite loving VR. (80 hours on Skyrim VR already, countless on DriveClub with all accolades maxed in VR)

    Driving in GT Sport feels great in VR, yet the lame AI and 2 lap limit is very disappointing. At least let us do time trails with leader boards and a ghost on track. Also some of the GR.1 cars have clipping issues and bad placement of HUD elements.
    Nice HUD yet I rather have a clear view of the road!

    The viewpoint also doesn't move with the car, looks very weird on banked turns and rally. Perhaps going full tumble as in Dirt Rally when you crash is a bit much yet at least bank with the car instead of it moving around you.

    Actually racing in VR would be awesome. For now I haven't touched it since a few weeks after release as getting used to driving without always takes time again. The tracks look so weird and stretched out after racing in VR. No wonder there's so much contact as the tracks appear much wider on screen than they are.

    VR is not a gimmick, too bad PD is treating it like it is one. Dirt Rally is still the best racing game on PSVR.
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  9. JacksHerer


    United Kingdom
    I don't know if its been mentioned in this thread already, but the Shadows in GTS are awesome, having your head movement affect the shadow is crazy level of detail. (Sun behind you, head shadow on dashboard move head left/right. Also works forward and backward head movement on side shadows).

    If I could have time trial in GTS, then it would be a close 2nd. For fun factor I would put Driveclub VR 2nd ahead of GTS, but Dirt Rally VR is the best.
    I read somewhere that Dirt Rally VR on PS4 is implemented better than it is even on PC.
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  10. Raific


    All I want for Xmas is to be able to race my friend in VR... PLEASE give it to us!
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  11. georgetigra


    Guys my story!
    I try the pcars 2 in a 4000E pc with usulus rift and is ok is very good..
    So before some days a friend invate me to try the gts vr I tell him ok but I don't care to much (I didn't care because I had this experience with pcars 2 and uculus rift and I didn't expect something good from gts vr)
    So I went to his home I try gts vr and it's blows my mind!
    When the time attack start and feel the wheel I feel like all the ring is moving!
    This is crazy i said!
    Really I put out the vr and I search the rig if it's moving and I see that is not!
    What a amazing job from Sony!
    I play about 2h and is the best experience I had in my life!
    You can see now the "up and down" from Nurburgring like in real life!
    It's sad that we can't have online races with vr
    But I don't care I will buy it only for time attack!
    It's really amazing!
  12. adless


    The same experience to report.
    After months of doubt about buying PSVR, and at a time when I had abandoned GT Sport (back to PCars2 and Assetto Corsa, infinitely more competent in 2D), the discovery of VR turned my routine inside out.
    Everything started to make sense in GT Sport: the way the physics (until then despised) of the game and the force feedback associated with the sense of immersion is brilliant. Who would say, "the real driving simulation is not dead", just waiting for better technology days.
    I can safely say that the experience has changed my relationship with the concept of simulation and that from now on I have condemned myself to endless Time Trial sessions until tech advances allows the concept to expand to racing AI and multiplayer. (Playing other auto simulation games is no longer an option. Thank you Kas, for the perpetual condemnation - months, at best - to solitary imprisonment.
    And that, with a sadistic correlative problem: how to earn enough credits to acquire the new cars, without taking PSVR of the head? HELP needed! ;)
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  13. Slapped

    Slapped Premium

    GTS is about the only PSVR “compatible” game that I don’t actually bother to play in VR.

    Why? Well it’s not exactly PSVR compatible is it. Yeah sure there’s a VR tour mode, which gives you only a very minor VR experience, but that’s it.

    IMO it’s false marketing of Sony to promote GTS as VR compatible. For me VR compatible means the entire game should be in VR, not just some lousy time trial and showroom experience.

    If WipEout, Drive Club, and Dirt Rally can do it, and they do it exceptionally well, then why not GTS?

    Mind you this does seem to be a trend amongst Japanese developers in that they’ll only incorporate a showpiece VR element - Tekken 7 is also an example of this where it’s only a curiosity bolted on to the main game.

    I guess we’re going to have to wait for the next gen consoles to really offer VR as standard.
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  14. Scaff

    Scaff Staff Emeritus

    United Kingdom
    GTS in VR is great, if you view it in total and utter isolation.

    However the moment you don;t it starts to unravel quite a bit. Lets leave aside PC VR, as to be blunt its streets ahead of anything on console in that regard, and leave it to PS4 alone.

    GTS offers a limited car tour mode, 1vs1 racing with the AI only that caps at 2 laps and time trial. while it does look good (for PSVR) its seriously limited in regard to what it offers from the full title.

    When you look at DriveClub, the GTS offering starts to look a little thin, given that DC offers a significantly wider experience in terms of VR, importantly allowing large grid racing (well large in comparison to GTS). In terms of semi-sim titles on the PSVR however Dirt Rally easily puts GTS in the shade, simply by providing you with the entire title in VR, every single bit of it, including the six car rally cross events.

    However the crown for PSVR racing doesn't belong to a sim-based title, but rather to Wipeout, which again offers every single part of the title in VR, but does so while looking stunning and playing a stupidly smooth as its possible to, some will (almost certainly) dismiss it because its an arcade title, but keep this in mind, if a PSVR owners wants to show off a racing title in VR, GTS isn't the benchmark.

    Don't get me wrong PSVR has given GTS a new life for me, but its still neither a saving grace for GTS or a benchmark for VR racing on the PS4.
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  15. Zero7159


    Try Project CARS 2 and Assetto Corsa in VR (Rift or Vive) on a gaming PC. Problem solved.
  16. ramurel


    Hello !
    I am buying a PSVR headset next week and I'd like to know your opinion from your personal experience about one detail.
    So, I play GT Sport with a G29 wheel and I know the best view in VR driving is from cockpit.
    My point is, it will be any confusion regarding the wheel movement, considering that my eye will see the steering wheel in the car and you move your steering wheel in a particular way ?
    When I play GT Sport now, without PSVR, I use the front camera all the time, but I have tried the cockpit view a few times and honestly I am a little confused sometime, because I rotate my G29 with some degrees and I noticed that the in-game car wheel is rotating a little different. Does this rotating difference create some confusion while playing with PSVR ?
    ( Sorry if the subject has been discussed before, I didn't read all posts from here )
    Thank you !
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  17. Zero7159


    I have many hours into GT Sport in VR and this has never been a problem for me. The in-game wheel tracks fine with my hand movements. Keep in mind you won't see your wheel, you will only see the in-game wheel and so inconsistency between the two is harder to detect compared to playing on a flat screen.
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  18. adless


    @Zero7159 At some price, I guess,.. ;)

    But I was not trying to excuse (let alone celebrate) the undoing between the main content of the game and the "virtual minimalist experience" left over. Just to observe how the "discovery of depth" positively redeems what seems to me to be a less elaborate physics in the face of competition - and the reason why I quit the game rather early.
    It is extremely intuitive the information provided by a physical/feedback model considered simplistic (via T300 / T3PA Pro pedals with Richmotech load cell / TH8A shifter). and from the perspective of someone with a fair amount of experience in "feeling through the pants" (forced joke, refrain from commenting)", by racing karts "in real life" (Rotax Max and X30), everything seems to make more sense, now.
    To conclude (sort of), I'm now reproducing the inaugural Assetto experience on the console, GT made an hotlap simulator
    Moreover, Polyphony's investment in the graphic detail of vehicles (the light, the texture of the materials) acquires in an immersive cockpit view the importance that seemed only disproportionate in 2D, at least for those who aren't into photography, see Scapes.

    @Scaff As the find is recent, I have not yet deepened the Dirt Rally experience in VR, but a first investement left me with the reverse impression vis-a-vis GT, namely that the delicate physics I appreciate in the base version seems strangely simplified (?) in the VR installement. (Like your youtube videos a lot - agree there something odd with low speed grip in GT - keep on posting them, and thanks for the feedback.)

    Last but not least, sorry for a poor english syntax (Portuguese).
  19. pimmbk



    Did you guys experience any nausea when playing GT Sport in VR? I will be getting a headset soon and I'm wondering if I could start straight away with GT Sport or if I should try some different games first?

    Should I start with slow cars and they continue to faster ones or will motion sickness not be an issue?
  20. Barry R

    Barry R

    United Kingdom
    i can play in Vr mode for a few hours without any nausea... everyone is different though
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  21. pimmbk



    So I got PSVR this weekend and I have no issues when playing Ocean Descent or the London Heist, but when i drive in GT sport whenever there is some elevation change it gives me a very weird feeling in my head.

    Think this is something i will get used to? I'm not going too fast and I'm really worried i might get motion sick.

    Anyone else who experienced the same?
  22. Griffith500


    This probably sounds silly, but when you get those weird feelings, try not to feel worried about them. Just let them wash over you and stay focused on the activity. Your body is not used to the disparity between what you see and what you feel, in terms of motion, so it'll take a little while for your brain to "accept" it. And in the game.

    But if you do start feeling ill, take a break and see the real world (preferably open areas) for an hour or so, but relax.


    It's **** on GT Sport it can't be used in sport or lobbies. It was point of sale gimmick. Now if it it could be used in sport mode etc I'd love it. I VR race on PC 100% of the time.
  24. marcvic


    United States
    I picked up a PSVR about six weeks ago (got the Skyrim/PS move/camera bundle).

    From the moment I tried it on GTS, I was hooked. VR mode has been the only mode I've played in all that time.

    *I gotta get back in some sport races though!
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  25. tonderai


    Got a VR headset today, well..I had migrated to PCars 2 for the last two weeks which I bought on offer but now I'm back. VR at the ring is awesome. VR on any track is awesome, the elevation changes , the sun glare in the evening, the sound in the headset. I'm sold...I like hot lapping so not put off by the lack of full races although it would be nice.
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  26. senzr


    Hotlapping in VR time trials with a wheel is pure bliss. I play VR time trials more than any other mode nowadays. Still love Sport mode, but VR is more relaxing, which is what I need now.
  27. Tired Tyres

    Tired Tyres

    United Kingdom
    I had a funny feeling in my midriff for the first two or three days when I got VR but it disappeared after that and now no problem at all and I can zoom about in Wipeout Omega Collection easily. Same in GTS.
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  28. ramurel


    I got mine a few days ago and I just love the feeling and I really am a bit faster in VR than in TV mode, I've done some practice for a race I had yesterday with some friends online and in VR practice I was almost 2 seconds faster that in the race.
    Do you know any technical problem in mixing vr mode players and TV mode players in online racing in gt Sport ? I haven't read about that anywhere and I wonder if gt Sport will upgrade to online VR in the near future.
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  29. Azerach


    I think PS4 amateur might struggle with a full 24 player grid. Earlier in the thread someone mentioned playing a demo of arcade mode races in VR but that was on PS4 professional.
  30. marcvic


    United States
    @ramurel I'm also much faster with the headset on.

    I feel so much more confident attacking the corners. Mount Panamera used to be a track that made me anxious, but now it's one of my favorites.

    @senzr I agree - even before I picked up psvr, hotlapping was where I spent most of my time on GTS (and scapes:drool:). Maybe every 3 or 4 sessions I'd spend a session on sport mode. But VR just takes it to another level. I feel like VR sim racing is the closest thing to real hotlapping that we can get. The only thing that would make it better is to have the g forces stimulated, but who'd shell out money for that kind of set up at home?

    Im glad that when I did go vr, the time trials were available because racing against the single AI driver got old literally the first time I tried it :lol:

    Here's hoping the PS5 power upgrades allow for some VR arcade/custom race/gt league racing. Sport mode would be cool, but I feel like that'd take much longer to figure out.
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