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Does what we know so far excite you about GTSport?

  1. Yes

  2. I'll reserve judgement until I get more information.

  3. No

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  1. Johnnypenso

    Johnnypenso Premium

    This is what we know so far from GTP News and @Jordan. Feel free to discuss your thoughts and feelings on the known information. Keep it civil.

    Linky to the GT Sport Master Car and Track List

    October 28, 2015

    GTP News - Sony Confident in GTS Release Date
    GTP News - GTSport is not GT7
    MCV - GTSport is not GT7

    October 27, 2015 GTP News - Gran Turismo Sport for PS4 - What we know so far

    3 Game Modes
    GTPlanet can confirm that GT Sport will include three distinct game modes: “Campaign”, “Sports Mode”, and “Arcade Mode”. This nomenclature is an interesting departure from what we’ve seen in the most recent titles, suggesting the game will take a different route in its overall structure.
    FIA Gran Turismo Online Championship
    The FIA aims to formally ratify the “Gran Turismo Online Championship” at the organization’s next World Motorsport Council meeting. Two championships will be held simultaneously throughout the year: the “Nations Cup” and “Manufacturers Cup”, where players represent either their country or their favorite car manufacturer.

    Once ratified, the FIA will manage the series directly as any of their other franchises, including the World Rally Championship, Formula 1, World Endurance Championship, etc. The winners will be honored at the FIA’s annual prize-giving ceremonies in Paris.
    The Nations Cup and Manufacturers Cup will have “live” components, presumably similar in form to the regional finals held around the world each year for GT Academy. Polyphony Digital and Sony are actively looking to promote Gran Turismo as an “e-sports” platform to promote virtual motorsports in the future.

    We have also learned that organized “online events” are also planned to be held on a regular basis.
    There has been some concern among players who enjoy offline racing that GT Sport is primarily focused towards online competitions, but that’s likely not the case, according to much of the language used both on the PlayStation Blog and the official website:

    “But it’s not just about online racing; the GT teams have continued to build on the games legacy of accessibility to ensure that the game is open to all to enjoy.”
    — PlayStation Blog

    “The major difference between real life motorsports and ‘Gran Turismo SPORT’ is in the fact that anyone, from children to the elderly, can participate and enjoy racing.

    “Even players who have never played driving games until now can discover how fun it is to drive! Whilst at the same time, it will have the depth and complexity to meet the expectations of the existing Gran Turismo fans.”
    There’s no doubt about it – Gran Turismo Sport will be fully compatible with the PlayStation VR virtual-reality headset. This will have a profound impact on the gameplay experience, as racing games have long been considered one of the best applications of VR technology.

    “Through the testing that we’ve performed so far, the experience looks to be something that’s very good, and very natural,” Kazunori Yamauchi said during his presentation.

    As of writing, there is no solid release date for the PlayStation VR yet, though it’s currently set for sometime during the “first half of 2016”. It’s likely to be closely tied to the full launch of Gran Turismo Sport
    This isn’t much of a surprise, but the physics will reportedly be improved to take advantage of the PS4’s additional processing power. Engine sounds have also been a priority for Polyphony Digital since the launch of Gran Turismo 6, and GTPlanet has learned the company’s new sound engineer Mike Caviezel has been hard at work to change the way the sounds are generated.

    We’ll finally be able to hear his progress when we get our first hands-on look at GT Sport.
    We’ve been hearing off-the-record for quite some time that GT Academy 2016 will be hosted on the PlayStation 4, and it appears all but confirmed that GT Sport will be the new platform for Nissan’s annual gamer-to-racer competition.

    Kazunori mentioned both GT Academy and Vision GT during his presentation, discussing how both programs made history in the past, and how Polyphony hopes to continue doing so in the future with GT Sport.
    The PlayStation Blog has confirmed the game will launch in 2016, with a “Spring 2016” window for Gran Turismo Sport’s beta. During his presentation in Paris, Kazunori announced that the game will begin open beta testing with “everyone in the game community” starting “early next year”. What does this mean, exactly?

    Since the launch of PlayStation 4, several major titles have public beta versions of their game on the PlayStation Network, including Star Wars: Battlefront and Uncharted 4. They are essentially pre-release demos, which offer an early look at the game.

    Gran Turismo, of course, has a long history of such previews – older fans will no doubt recall Gran Turismo HD which released as a download-only title on the PlayStation 3 back in 2006. It gave us our first look at the Eiger Nordwand circuit along with online leaderboards and a small collection of new cars. There was a similar demo for GT5: Prologue, though it was only released in Japan.
    Is this game going to replace Gran Turismo 7? Is it a “Prologue” by another name? We don’t know yet, but we do know that Gran Turismo Sport appears to be an important new platform which Polyphony Digital is going to build upon over the next few years.
    The Gran Turismo events calendar just got a lot more interesting with these unexpected announcements from Paris. Next up is the GT Awards at SEMA in Las Vegas on November 4th, though it is not traditionally used to make major announcements about the game (they did, however, use the opportunity to announce Gran Turismo’s Pikes Peak sponsorship last year).

    The next big event to put on your calendar is the PlayStation Experience 2015, December 5th-6th, which will now almost certainly feature a major blowout of information regarding both Gran Turismo Sport and PlayStation VR. In early 2016, look for the Consumer Electronics Show and the North American International Auto Show to bring the next rounds of hype. We’ll be keeping a close eye on news about the game around the clock.

    As always, stop by GTPlanet’s all new Gran Turismo Sport forum to discuss and debate the latest announcements with other “fans” as we begin an interesting year for Gran Turismo!
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  2. HBR-Roadhog


    United States
    I would have to say yes. It sounds interesting to say the least. Will be looking forward to learning more about it.
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  3. Earth


    No, nothing I've heard about so far excites me. They can promise better realism, sound, a new direction, etc, but it means nothing until its proven. From that video clip it doesnt look like the graphics will be significantly better then anything out there like past GTs, so they've already lost that battle.

    Who cares about the FIA GT championships. Unless you are in the top 0.001% of GT players in terms of skill, how does it benefit you or make the game better? These competitions are just a way to sucker people into spending more time on the game in the hope they will actually become good enough to take part in these competitions.

    The focus on 'anyone can play' is worrying. PD has utterly failed in the past to provide a proper and balanced playing field for both casuals and serious racers. I doubt they make the game accessible for both. They're going to focus it for one group as they've always done (forced driving assists, weak AI, etc), and its going to be the casuals.

    Im really terrified to be honest. They're restructuring the entire game - which is the right move - but I dont trust them to restructure it correctly after that presentation video. From everything I've read and heard it looks like this will be the most casual GT game yet, accessible for 7 year olds, and if your older go try the GT Academy.

    I really, really hope PD proves me wrong. I just got this bad feeling after GT6 they felt their game wasnt casual enough and thats why it struggled compared to previous GTs. So this might be the most casual GT yet. I just got this bad feeling that PD thinks GT is beyond simple races with AI, and that they feel its all about these online competitions and thats where all the focus is now.

    The problem with that is the pokemon hunt of all the cars is not very fun with bad AI and boring races. If the focus is going to be online, just give us all the cars day 1. Otherwise, dont waste our time by giving us a zillion brain numbing catch the rabbit races.

    Its still very early, but I havent seen one shred of evidence to prove PD has turned the corner in anything. Its the same old same old.
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  4. Animera


    New Zealand
    It definitely excites me. It's Gran Turismo, it looks like it's going to be fun to play and that's what matters the most to me.
    I've seen enough to have made up my mind on the 'PS4 + wheel' vs 'new PC' struggle I've been having.
    PS4 + G29 it is.
  5. cutmeamango

    cutmeamango (Banned)


    So you are afraid offline mode is for casuals AND online mode is for the skilled/hardcore? The plight of the middle class is real.
  6. MXH

    MXH Premium

    Sounds interesting but my initial feeling about GT:S is somewhere between indifferent and very, very cautiosly optimistic. They have a lot to prove after GT5 and GT6. If the sounds, physics and the structure of the campaign (assuming it's GT Mode) are still not up to snuff, I'll pass.
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  7. gtracedriver1



    What is wrong with the gfx ? We barely got some 10secs from the video and it looks great. GTS will have day/night and weather for sure and run at 60fps. 7-77 is just for the trailer. The winner is probably already decided as usual with these competition.
  8. Imari


    It's about as good a first step as they could have made. They're doing something a bit different, and they appear to have a clear singular focus for the game.

    Obviously, me being me, I'm hesitant about Polyphony's ability to deliver. But we can cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, this appears to be very good. I'm as positive about this as I think it's possible for me to be.
  9. doblocruiser


    I liked what I saw and heard yesterday but I am being very careful. They seem to change direction and are ready for change. Now it is wait and see if they deliver.
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  10. Flying_Kefran

    Flying_Kefran Premium

    I am a bit worried to see that PD is at the stage of "No gameplay" trailers for GTSport. Historically, it always meant that they were years away from being able to release the related game.

    Even being a fan of the franchise, I moved to a "it does not exist until it is on the PSN or in stores" state of mind for everything related to Gran Turismo.
  11. Oyashiro-sama


    I'm not too excited with the new GT because...

    1) Can be played by adults and children (this scares me... a lot! Hope it's just propaganda and that it's only about those stupid aids, but I just wish those unrealistic aids like boost and that "I don't know the name anti-whatever force" disappeared for good)

    2) Hardware costs. Buying GT7 or sports or whatever. Going to have to buy PS4. PSN subscription. Maybe new wheel. Maybe VR... argh...

    3) They seem to be over complicating the hard stuff (super new graphics, new physics as they say, online championships, etc...) and I'm sure they will overlook the simple details that failed in GT6 (the list would be huge). And somehow, only announcing the game now (with hardly any gameplay or content), and having beta testing in 2016 and having GTAcademy in 2016, I get the feeling we will get an even more incomplete game when it comes out.

    I just honestly hope I'm wrong.
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  12. TayeezSA


    South Africa
    I honestly think this is gonna be a standalone title. Not essentially a GT Prologue though. Kinda like how Forza Horizon is to Forza except GT's version is more on a PCars tip.

    GT7, well that's up in the air now.

    For now though, GTS has caught my interest but let's see some gameplay first then the real discussions, dissections analysis begins.
  13. sems4arsenal

    sems4arsenal Premium

    Waking up to this I'm more happy now than yesterday.

    It's a 2016 release as I expected but nice to have confirmation, it's probably either an annual spin-off or a shift in direction for the series which will then replace GT7 (hoping for the latter).

    There is still too much to figure it out, especially that since sounds, physics and graphics being better isn't exactly a new surprising feature, PD needs to address the main concerns.

    -Damage Model
    -Livery Editor
    -Standard cars

    Guessing we'll see those at PSX, but I'm not too optimistic to be honest.
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  14. MockngBrd


    2016 huh? ok... sure... right...

    *Marks calendar down for 2019*
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  15. Boxout


    All they show us is that they got a bunch of new online competitions a-la GT Academy without the glamour of becoming a real racer if you win so kids can play too.
    But sure they can claim all the stuff we can expect from a GT game is there too, just like they claimed that GT6 would receive quantum-leap content post release and here we are... about 10 new cars that are mainly re-skins and 3 new tracks. They can really claim all the want to claim, but PD is known for claiming and not delivering, so until I see it I don't believe it.

    I really wish GT would return to it's roots, that could I have a enjoyable experience by myself instead of my only option to have fun is by playing online because the devs can't deliver a solid career mode or decent AI.

    Hope they show us something else in the following months because this doesn't make me hyped at all.
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  16. Thomas2012


    This hypes me up heaps, although it's not a full GT7 or so that doesn't bother me because at least we will be able to see what PD can do. One thing I hope is there are all the cars from 6 since I want the car count to be there even if the quality isn't what it should be I'd rather have standards than not or at least touched up standards haha.

    First off though I need to buy myself a Thrustmaster and PS4 so I better jot hype my self to much incase the worst!
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  17. Johnnypenso

    Johnnypenso Premium

    OP updated (at the top) with the latest information. And just so you know, your vote is changeable, in case new information comes to light to change your mind. :)
  18. RandomCarGuy17


    United States
    I'm actually looking forward to December to see what else Polyphony has to say about this GT title. It's going to be certainly interesting.
  19. Elitekilla29


    United States
    I just want a excellent GT game. It seems like they are so focus on this FIA/GT academy stuff.
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  20. Samus


    This post is somewhat contradictory, no? You tell him off for judging a 10 second video then say you're sure it'll have day/night/weather and 60fps. It probably will, but where was it in the video?
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  21. mister dog

    mister dog (Banned)

    This picture already worries me, a Batmobile leading an LMP/GT race...


    And correct me if i'm wrong but if you look at the track detail, it looks like it's pulled straight from GT6.
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  22. Organ-Donor


    United States
    The "anyone can play" children or adults comment worries me. Not sure what to expect from that.

    If there are still upgraded PS2 cars carried over then that pretty much takes the wind out of the sails. Using PS2 assets in a PS4 game is just downright embarrassing. It was bad enough they reappeared in GT6, but to carry them over yet again is downright laughable, especially considering the ridiculous development time.

    Theres no excuse for no livery editor by now and much improved sound. They have a lot to prove after GT5 and GT6, and not to compare Forza (I've always been a loyal GT fan) but Forza 6 checks all the boxes and makes me want an Xbox one just for that. I'm not going to lie, I've been burnt by GT and they seem to keep disappointing me (I passed on GT6, first game in the series I didn't buy). I hope they can get with the times and be the benchmark game again.
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  23. Dragonwhisky

    Dragonwhisky Premium

    United States
    GT:S is a ramp up of the marketing campaign begun with GT-Academy and with 7 or so years of "proof of concept" behind that now, the FIA is looking to farm talent and at the same time increase their appeal to younger generations to create future market-share. Follow the money. I have many doubts that any future PD title will be anything more than a sideways marketing scheme.
  24. UkHardcore23


    United Kingdom
    Do we know if they are going down the standard v premium cars route again?
  25. Vspectra


    Track detail has been completely reworked.


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  26. AleksandarSRB


    Trees, gras, asphalt... everything look beter. I would be happy with this graphic in GT games on ps4 if that mean better rain efect, more detailed enviroment, lot more action in pit lane and pit wall(more aninated people), 24 car grid, advanced damage...
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  27. Suzumiya


    United States
    You're back! :D
  28. Samus


    Like everything else we're going to need to see a LOT more to judge the graphics. From that shot we can't see much at all.
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  29. Nico_Ble99


    What about this one?
  30. KilzoneStrife


    Somebody in Paris, please interview Kaz. Jim Ryans response isnt reliable. Is GT Sport GT7 or a spin off? Its bringing back the "do standard cars have interiors or not" level of misinformation.
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