Historic Racing Cup Expert Event Toyota 7 Race Car tuning help?

Discussion in 'GT5 Tuning Forum' started by Bobtehblob, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Bobtehblob

    Australia Perth, WA

    This race is frustrating the hell out of me and I was wondering if anyone could give me a tuning setup that worked for them in both A-spec and B-spec.

    All help is appreciated :)
  2. Bobtehblob

    Australia Perth, WA

    YESSSSS! I've finally won it! Wow that was a hard slog won by 8 seconds in the end . As your car is miles faster then the rest but B-spec bob doesn't perform to well in traffic -_-. But I will post my full setup to help anyone else going for it

    Car: Toyota 7 Race Car '70

    Aerodynamics: Front 60 Rear 85
    Turbo Kits: High RPM Range Turbo Kit
    Transmission: 260kmh Top speed
    1.Height: -30mm Front and Rear
    2.Dampers (Extension): 10 Front and Rear
    3.Dampers (Compression): 9 Front and Rear
    Wheel Alignment: Camper Angle: 1.5 Front and Rear

    That's the setup I used to win and anything not mentioned was left default or unchanged. This setup worked first try for me all though there's no guarantees it will work for you sorry. My B-Spec driver was level 21 at the time.

    Hope this helps people out
  3. paytonlow


    I use a different setup and slightly higher top speed. So far the best result is Silver, Bob just "stayed" patiently behind that freaking 2J Race Car for the last 2 whole laps (3rd place car was more than 5 seconds away...). Guess have to try more times, better before I get bored...
  4. TheGoat


    I despise that car. It's like watching a refrigerator glide along the track in front of you impossible to pass. I have wasted entirely too much money trying to win Cote d'Azur with various cars. I will try this last setup with the Toyota 7.
  5. Rhytech

    PSN:The Stig

    Frustating yes, but not impossible. Make sure you buy the turbo upgrades, I bought both of them to be on the safe side, the chassis reinforcement, and medium racing tires as well.

    I only did minor tunings for the Cote D'Azure race but had to do it a couple times due to crashing AIs. My Bob was only level 19 when I completed it although I agree that 2J is a piece of !@#$.

    For tuning: Downforce maxed 60/85, transmission 300km/h, and LSD initial torque 40, to prevent squealing tires, camber angles at 0.5, and toe angle at 0.2.

    After that it's just making sure that you pass at the right times, the straight aways are key to pass and some corners it's key to NOT pass.
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  6. viper-69


    Woot I won first go with this setup..ended up winning by 16.2 seconds :) and my guy was only lvl 18...2J ended up 9th or something so thanks for the help :)
  7. Thanks Bobtehblob!!!! I finally won it with your settings =)
    I was first since lap 4 and won it easily
  8. Dynamite_Dave

    England Essex United Kingdom

    Ive tried the Toyota and the Ferrari best my driver does is get 2nd, ive tried setting after setting its DOING MY HEAD IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Dotini

    Online Now!
    United States Seattle

    Nothing legal for this race is faster than than the 2J, no matter how you tune it.

    I'll repeat here what has been posted numerous times elsewhere:

    This race is easily won by reentering until the 2J is gridded on the 3rd row. He will wreck bad at least twice and not be a factor.
    End of problem, end of discussion.
  10. Dynamite_Dave

    England Essex United Kingdom

    Yes i read that earlier it didnt work its not fiction :indiff:
  11. Dotini

    Online Now!
    United States Seattle

    Here is what I used to win (A-spec) by 12.2 seconds over the Jag:

    Tires: Soft
    Power: 943
    DF: Maximum
    Ride height: -20/-20
    Springs: 11.8/12.8
    Extension: 6/5
    Compression: 5/4
    Rollbars: 6/5
    Camber: 1.5/1.5
    Toe: 0.00/0.40
    LSD: 9/36/18
    Brakes: 5/4
    Speed/Gear: 149 (but 155 or 162 may be better)
  12. Rhytech

    PSN:The Stig

    This one is all about coaching him, making sure to keep him cool and overtake on the straightaways while maintaining him during the corners. Don't try to pass on the corners as Bob will just run into walls.

    Dotini is right though, the 2J will run in corners and take himself out of the race sometimes. You will still have to deal with the 2J again when you arrive at the American Championship!
  13. chuckjaywalk


    Dotini, sir, your setup won me a race I never thought I could win. Thank you!
  14. Dotini

    Online Now!
    United States Seattle

    Thank you very much for the kind words.
    Let me know if there are any other problems I can help you with.
  15. Where exactly do you pick up the Toyota 7? Having trouble with that.
  16. dougdoberman


    The 3 different turbos are NOT cumulative like the engine tuning or weight reduction are.

    You do NOT get more total HP by buying all 3 turbos.

    Each one gives you additional boost in a specific part of the rev range and you must choose which one will be most effective for you. You can, of course, buy them all and then choose which one to run dependent upon the needs of the track you're on. But you only get to run one at a time.

    Buying all three and then always running the High RPM one is just wasting 14,500 cr.

    Not sure if your post meant that you bought both of them to be on the safe side so that you'd have the option depending on the course, but I don't want anyone else thinking that you need to buy them all to get the most HP boost. :)
  17. Chopes


    Wow, I didn't even realize this, the entire time since launch....rofl. ty
  18. overlord


    Its a prize car from Like the Wind B-Spec
  19. Oh good...that is my next headache...lol
  20. Thank you very much sir
    1st place on the first try
  21. Bobtehblob

    Australia Perth, WA

    This race is way to hard for where it is in the game. But good luck guys :)
  22. Maiker


    While I didn't win by 12.2 (5 secs), thank you man. This tune was the thing I needed. Now I can retire this race and never touch it again.
  23. Thank you Bobtehblob and Dotini for the set up options, finnally won it!!!! By 0.5 sec, tense stuff.
  24. C_Monster


    What a terrible experience this race was. After a crapload of tries.....Bob the no talent hack finally managed to overtake the field on lap 6....then all of the sudden he turns into Michael Andretti and wins by 15 seconds. B-spec needs some serious revisions. Watching these idiots drive makes me want to punch babies.

    :tdown: :tdown: :tdown:
  25. xJaiii


    I used the '70 Dodge Challenger ._.
  26. C_Monster


    I can beat this series with the Challenger on A-spec. On B-spec....well.....lol...let's just say my team of Bobs all need to go to school before they'll have any chance at pulling that one off.
  27. excellent job worked on the first try!!:dopey::sly:
  28. Your tune helped. I got stuck on this race too. However, Bob still could not win with this tune. I had to keep cycling until the 2J was in the 3rd row like some poster said. And sure enough he got caught up in the traffic.

    Had to go through so much trouble to complete this race...first get the Toyata 7 and then deal with very buggy AI in historic race Cote 'd azure. Had fingers crossed that Bob would not crash and get stuck on the corner railings.

    Glad it's over.
  29. LeeC2202


    Interestingly, I won this race, without using this tune, and with the 2J in the normal position. All I did was my standard, downforce to full, drop the ride height, slight increase on the springs (although I don't know if I take the springs the right way, I just increase them by 1 or 2, depending on how much I reduce the ride height) and my gearing was set to 174mph. I don't understand the other stuff, so I don't touch them. Oh, I added a High RPM Turbo and the Rigidity Improvement too. I don't know if the rigidity thing helps, but I tend to buy it as it seems as though it should... I'm not a tuner, I guess you can tell that.

    It took me a few tries, but it wasn't the 2J that was the problem, it was the other cars spinning and blocking the track. About 7 races had a situation where another car spun out and caused a big enough blockage to stop me winning. Swimming pool was the favourite spin place, and I had the GT40 spin and block the entry to the start/finish straight. I got caught a couple of times at the swimming pool trying to overtake out of the tunnel, undertaking there is a definite no no.

    When I got a clean race though, I caught the 2J fairly steadily, dropped in behind him on the start straight going into the last lap, and then hit overtake going up Beau Rivage. I flew past him with no problem. Then just dropped the pace a few times (to keep the car under control), and kept him behind. It seemed to be a case of letting the field settle, hoping for the AI to not crash, and then picking the right places to overtake. So a clean race, no special tuning done, that was my secret to winning the race... nothing more.
  30. Sc0rpi043


    This tune worked well for me on both tracks (Aspec). Thanks for sharing!

    I went upto 155, 162 might be a little better but any of the 3 is good enough. :sly:
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