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    *Round 8*
    Spa Francorchamps - March 23rd - 150km, 21+1 laps

    Round 8 Specifics | Live Qualifying | Teams + Drivers
    Results and Standings


    A guide to rolling starts by Dr_Watson

    Round 3 : Video by DR_Watson with commentary by Wardez

    More Videos



    ≡Entering a room ≡
    When entering an online room don't assume that the host knows that you belong in this series.
    Either set your greeting message to "PURE" in the GT5 options menu
    Type "PURE" into the chat box upon entry.

    ≡New Procedure ≡
    Before the race, if you have a problem seeing everyone on track please tell the host. If there is a problem, certain drivers may be asked to leave the room and re-set their equipment (PS3 , Router and clear the cache). Hopefully, that will resolve the problem. Unfortunately, if a driver is unable to see everyone and be seen by everyone, they may be asked to sit out the race.

    ≡Flag Marshals ≡
    If an incident similar to the one shown in the video happens, a restart will be allowed.
    Once the grids are confirmed, we will be appointing Flag Marshals who will be able to call a restart. The Marshals will be chosen according to grid position.
    Before the race the host will make the room aware of who the marshals are for the race. This information will also be displayed in the thread on raceday.

    ≡Car Changes ≡
    Now that we have passed the initial car allocation and the season is up and running, everyone can switch to an available car or swap with each other. Each person may only switch once during the season.
    We have decided to drop the Superautobacs MR-S from the series. This also means a slight reshuffle.
    Litchi has moved to the S2000 LM
    Stretch to the Subaru '08
    CSL to the Subaru '03
    We are also welcoming tony1311 into the Celica
    unrealanthony to the RX7
    dayofwar2009 to the Spoon
    GTP_gooner_17 to the Garaiya '08
    teams updated

    ≡Fuel ≡
    The in-game fuel calculator doesn't function correctly. You must do a test run of approx half distance and calculate your own fuel usage. If you follow the guidelines set by the game, you will run out of fuel

    ≡Qualifying ≡
    The qualifying deadline has been changed to 12 hours prior to the green flag. This is to give us enough time to sort out the host's and grids etc.
    The new deadline times are ;
    Qualifying deadline: 09.00 UTC | 02.00 PDT |05.00 EDT
    You can qualify after the deadline with 0.5% added to your time.
    No more qualifying runs will be allowed once we reach 2 hours from the green flag.

    Tunes available for each car used in this series courtesy of CSLACR's Tunes

    Pre-season | Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3
    Round 4 | Round 5 | Round 6 | Round 7 | Round 8


    After accomplishing great success with the first season of GATE we are back for a second, only this time we will be accepting sign-ups from anyone.
    Anyone will be allowed to "audition" but only those we approve of can race.

    If you would like to race with an established group of dedicated racers using pit strategy and lap after lap of intense racing, then you have come to the right place.

    We will be following up on last season's success with yet another super exciting and quality GT300 series.
    Click here to visit last year's thread and here to visit the results page:

    Sign ups being taken here.
    Existing PURE members will already be registered.
    (Just post your sign up in the thread)


    ≡Green flag/race start time ≡

    SATURDAYS - 21.00 UTC | 14.00 PDT | 17:00 EDT
    Connect time is one hour prior, we recommend all racers to be within at least 30 minutes before race start for warm ups and briefings.

    ≡Schedule ≡

    Pre-season race - Fuji F - January 26th - 150km, 32+1 laps
    1. Nurburgring GP/D - February 2nd - 150km, 42 +1 laps
    2. Twin Ring Motegi - February 9th - 150km, 31 +1 laps
    3. Grand Valley Speedway - February 16th - 150km, 31 +1 laps
    4. Suzuka - February 23rd - 150km, 26 +1 laps
    5. Laguna Seca - March 2nd - 150km, 42 +1 laps
    6. monaco - March 9th - 150km, 45 +1 laps
    7. Cape Ring Inside - March 16th - 150km, 61 +1 laps
    8. Spa - March 23rd - 150km, 21+1 laps

    ≡Race Format ≡

    Public lobby online. Full damage . Spec tires only; sports soft .

    Races will be an hour long, 150km (~one hour) for a standard race . Cross staggered double-file rolling starts.

    Up to two rooms up 16 drivers each will make up two divisions, determined by sole qualifier runs held in the days leading up to the next race observed live by a listed Pure steward. Both divisions will race at the same time. Having less than 32 drivers qualified means we will split the rooms as evenly as we can between the two divisions. For example, 22 drivers will be split into two rooms/divisions of 11 drivers each. This means the "12th" qualified driver will hold pole position in D2. If the total number of drivers is an odd count then the extra driver will always go in division 1. So if there are 23 drivers, division 1 will field 12 drivers and division 2 will field 11.

    The deadline for confirming driver entries will be two hours prior to race start in order to set the grid. The grids will not be changed after this.

    Other drivers joining the race, even at the back, before deadline will be accommodated and the grid will shift accordingly. For example, if there are 22 drivers and a 23rd joins at the back at the last minute the 12th driver will move from being on pole in division 2 to starting last in division 1. On the reverse, this also means that any drivers that pull out before deadline will also change the grids, so a driver in the back of D1 may move to pole position in D2. If drivers pull out after the deadline, the grids stay the same. Drivers may opt out of qualifying

    ≡Teams and Drivers ≡


    ≡Machines ≡

    Car Specifications

    The figures listed below are your base specs.
    If you require more aero, you can add weight or lower hp. Just be sure not to exceed the maximum hp and pp.

    ≡Track Notes ≡

    Track boundaries for all races in GATE 2 are universally defined as follows:
    The white lines along the edge of the track are considered to be the track boundaries. These lines continue onto the rumble strips at each corner. At no point should there be no more than two wheels over those lines/rumble strips. two tires must remain in contact with the track at all times. The preceding defines the "track." hard surfaces beyond white lines and curbing/rumble strips such as concrete, "greencrete", or turf and other run off is not considered to be track. White lines, curbing/rumble strips are track and even if you only have two tires on their very edges (to be reviewed and confirmed by as steward) it will be considered clean.

    This rule is, of course, also pertinent to both regular season qualifying and the group qualifying to be held especially for the pre-season event. And this also applies to marked pit lane entry and exit lines. Do not cross them.


    • Room
    • Slots: 16
    • Race Quality: High
    • VOIP: Disabled
    • Host: Unfixed

      Track Settings
    • Everything default except number of laps
    • Weather settings will not be generally used for any races.

      Event Settings
    • Penalty: None
    • Race Finish Delay: Maximum
    • Visible Damage: Off
    • Disable collisions: Off
    • Mechanical Damage: Heavy
    • Slipstream Strength: Weak
    • Tire Wear/Fuel: Fast
    • Grip Reduction on Wet Track/Track Edge: Real

      Regulation Settings
    • Car Restrictions: None
    • Tires: Sports Soft
    • Vehicle Tuning: Unrestricted
    • ABS: Optional
    • Traction Control: OFF
    • Active Steering: OFF
    • Skid Recovery Force: OFF
    • ASM: OFF
    • Driving Line: OFF


    ≡Qualifying ≡

    Live-week long qualifying, one outlap, three timed laps, one chance. All qualifying will be done in public rooms, only listed stewards are allowed to observe qualifying runs. Stewards must also have another steward in the room in order to do their qualifying. All times will be submitted to and collected on a related website interface created by Pure members.

    You only get one attempt at setting your time so choose it wisely. You can PM any of the stewards in order to communicate with them to set up a qualifying room. You can also add them on PSN with their permission in order to make it easier to find each other. But feel encouraged in getting to know all of your fellow racers on a first name basis to make it a more pleasant experience. It's a great group!

    The deadline for qualifying is 12 hours prior to the race start.
    You can qualify after the deadline with 0.5% added to your time.
    No more qualifying runs will be allowed once we reach 2 hours from the green flag.
    All qualifying will be done in public race rooms.
    One out lap.
    Three timed laps.
    Only selected PURE officials may observe qualifying session.

    There are now three types of Pure official:
    Marshal - our eyes in the race and what used to be known as qualifying "stewards." They can report incidents they are not involved in. All officials above this position are also considered acting Marshals in that they can also run qualifying sessions.
    ;Biffy (GTP_Biffy)
    ;DA6righthand (DA6righthand)
    ;Green (GTP_GREEN)
    ;Iforcev8 (iforcev8)
    ;Josh_F (Josh_F_1998)
    ;joshua1994 (joshua1994)
    ;Michouw94 (GTP_MichMich)
    ;MÜLE_9242 (MULE_9242)
    ;OwensRacing (OwensRacing)
    ;Paginas1 (Paginas)
    ;Petros (tpe_rus)
    ;R1600Turbo (R1600Turbo)
    ;Sail IC (johnkiller2)
    ;SG15 (SG15)
    ;WiiFreak (WiiFreak)
    ;will-i-am (Trajikone)
    ;PhaedrusSocrates (PhaedrusSocrates)
    ;SkengD (skengdigi)​

    Steward - only a select few number of members that will work with each other in order to investigate and settle matters of incidents during races, if a steward is involved in the incident the rest of us will make a new thread in which we will debate the details without them. They were chosen by experience and able dedication and the list can change at any time. Contact them or the Core members in order to follow up on your incidents during racing.
    ;Aderrrm (GTP_Aderrrm)
    ;cicua (cicua)
    ;CSL (GTP_CSL)
    ;ealirendur (GTP_ealirendur)
    ;outlaw4rc (outlaw4rc)
    ;GV27 (GV27-)
    ;paulmac2k9 (GTP_PaulMac)
    ;RIP_Welsh_Don (GTP_Welsh-Bain)
    ;SuperSic (tony1311)​

    Core members - these are your administrators, have final say on all incidents (again, unless they're involved in one of them), and dedicate themselves to driving the future of Pure in its racing and its expansion. In GATE 2 we will be the rule makers, discipliners, and will be the ones responsible for completing all penalty reviews for a race and posting the summary for them in the main GTP thread.
    ;Dennis (chorda)
    ;Dr_Watson (TnJF)
    ;Litchi (GTP_Litchi)
    ;Twistedfirework (GTP_Twist)
    ;Wardez (Wardez)​

    All times will be submitted to and collected on a related website interface created by PURE members.
    All stewards are required to save the replay.

    Procedure -

    Each driver will quali in race mode. The host will give the go ahead to join track after doing two car checks. A maximum of four drivers can qualify at the same time but only if there are four more drivers in the racing lobby able to spectate the session and confirm the laps as clean. These other drivers do not need to be stewards themselves. The race will be set to 5 laps.

    Lap 1 is your warm up, Lap 2,3 and 4 are your 3 flyers, lap 5 is your "cool down." The 5th lap is an extension to give the steward time to note the data. You must always finish the 5th lap if not stated otherwise by the steward.The 5th lap is also there if more than 1 car is qualifying at the same time (Start with 15 seconds between drivers). This is because, technically, the last driver in a session can be more than 180 seconds behind (which is the maximum end race timer setting), so to make sure even the last driver is able to finish his 2nd flying lap, the 5th lap is there.

    GATE 2 will utilize a "at least 2 tires must remain on track at all times for a lap to be considered clean" track definition. This is fairly straight forward for most circuits, details on certain unique circuit boundaries will be revealed in proper time.

    If a lap is dirty beyond doubt a standard penalty of 3% of the dirty lap's time will be added onto it to make the time official. If a lap only had small offs (to be determined by the steward) a half a percent penalty will be added onto the lap, this penalty can stack depending on how many times the qualifying driver had "scrubbed" a corner, up to 3%, or 6 times. A clean lap will always be made the official time over a dirty lap even if the dirty lap with the penalty added is still faster. A qualifying session can under no circumstance be restarted. You'll get one shot, and one shot only.
    If a driver crashes during an outlap, crashing before they cross the line for their first flying lap then they will be allowed to reset the qualifying attempt.

    Disconnections -

    You are allowed to reconnect and start from where you left off (must be confirmed by the observing steward) but the lap that you disconnected on will count as "dirty" with no registered lap time. So if you disconnect during your warm up lap, all is good, just reconnect and restart your session.If you disconnect during your first flying lap (Lap: 2), that lap is dirty, and you may reconnect, but this time, only your second flying lap (Lap: 3) and your third flying lap (Lap: 4) will count. If you disconnect during you Third flying lap (Lap: 4), your first or Second flyer will be your time. No need to restart the session since your last flyer, the one you disconnected on in this case, is dirty with no registered lap time.

    If the person watching your lap, if it's just the two of you for example, disconnects for some reason this automatically disqualifies the session unless you save and upload the replay and the host watching confirms that the laps in the replay was indeed the session he was watching. Otherwise you must re-attempt your qualifying.


    ≡Raceday ≡

    If a driver sets a qualifying time and is not sure whether they can make the race, we will wait up to 2 hours before the race start for the driver to say whether they will make the race or not. If the driver does not check in we will assume he can not make it and sort the grids appropriately.

    This gives us 1 hour before Connect time to sort the 2 rooms.
    The driver's qualifying time will be erased and he'll be put at the back in D2 if there's space. If not, he can't race.
    And anyone who had a time lower than the driver who dropped out will move up the grid/s accordingly.
    1st driver outside D2 take D2:16.
    No room switching after the 2 hour prior to racestart deadline is reached.
    Specification inspections will be conducted by all hosts before every round of the series. These "inspections" or "checks" will begin around 15 minutes before green flag start time. We expect all drivers warming up on the track to mind and respect this precedent by removing themselves from the track and doing final preparations (setting up your transmission or other settings for the race). At this time, before checks begin, the room host must make sure the regulations and race settings are set properly for the race (check laps, check damage, collisions, etc.) so that the race can start immediately after checks are done from the pits.

    First check is a performance point verification to ensure machine specification.
    Secondly a horsepower and weight check will be done, join pit stalls one by one as the host calls your machine. After this check is complete the host will request all to revert back to the racing lobby. Do not go into settings, any driver that has gone into settings will be forced to undergo a secondary check, doing it twice will disqualify you from the race. Drivers that are late must wait until the initial procedure is completed then have an isolated weight and performance point check conducted. Being late to inspection multiple times will not be tolerated.

    Please stay off the chat during all inspection procedures.

    The field will be checked with upscaling regulations as per usual. A weight check will coincide with the power check.

    The host will then begin the race countdown for the event to begin and the formation lap starts.

    If any disconnections, black screen, or any other problems persist; first of all the race host must communicate the problems in the thread for reference. Sometimes problems arise in which two participants in the room have conflicting connections and either can not see each other, or are lagging only between themselves. In this case the race may be postponed in effort for the participants experiencing problems to exit then rejoin the room. If either participant does not make it back into the room within a reasonable time to be determined by the room host, the race will go on. We will try our best, it's racing. If there are multiple users with bad connections another host may be chosen or room restarted. If the room "explodes," the host may opt to restart or choose another host. All of this must be communicated to the rest of the series by posting in the GTP forum thread.

    Race Restart Rules -
    If a driver, or multiple drivers, drop out of the race, and the first lap has not been completed, anyone is free to say they're dropping out to the lobby and do so. All hosts and drivers will be required to wait to exactly 15 minutes after the actual start of the race (in case it's a late start) for the drivers to return and report on their troubles. Either they will let you know they'd like to enter the race again or will inform the room that they can not take part. If, for whatever reason, a driver is completely offline and does not respond to messaging or is not active on the forums then the 15 buffer will go on as usual afterwhich the room will assume the driver is unable to race due to technical difficulties, the race will go on. These rules will be adapted and be more fleshed out as the series goes on.
    Race start -
    If three or more cars are involved in first lap incidents due to extenuating circumstances (lag, hardware failures, glitches, black screens) the race will be allowed to restart. Any driver can use the text chat to request a restart during the race. Simply call out for one and the host or acting leader can confirm the restart to the rest of the room. This restart will simply be another formation lap of the non-damaged cars while the damaged drivers repair their vehicles in the pits. The race will "restart" once every one is back in order at the same point it regularly started at on the track. All drivers must line back up in regular starting grid order according to qualifying times. If there was a clear offender that caused the crash, the room may elect to have the driver start at the back.
    If multiple drivers are disconnected within the first two laps, a total restart will also be allowable as long as someone brings up the point in text chat during the race. Also, if a driver exits the race accidentally during a restart procedure it'll be left up to the room whether to completely restart or not.


    ≡Rolling Start ≡

    Regular rolling starts will be used for our races, here's a new guideline we whipped up for it (useful for people that haven't done rollers before)
    A staggered double-file line is used for our rolling start for the first lap after which the race will begin at the pre-determined starting point.
    ( First time pole sitters will be contacted for confirmation of the following regulations)

    • Pole sitter will be contacted on what side of the track they would prefer to start from (right or left). This detail will be posted in race specific post prior to the race (linked by clicking on the relative track box images in the OP thread).
    • Even number qualifiers will always be on the second place cars lane. Odd number qualifiers will be in the pole sitters lane on the other side.
    • Once the GT5 race countdown has completed and the race event has begun all drivers must hold position and wait for confirmation from the host to proceed. Use your handbrakes, sit silently, report any suspicious latency between cars or lag jolting/skipping. After the host has given the go ahead all drivers will begin to slowly form up in qualifying order. The leader must act as herder, they must not pre-maturely advance from the group, it is their job to keep the pace slow enough until all cars are in position then proceed to formation speed.
    • Even pace at 100 kmh / 62 mph,
    • The pole leader must wait for the grid to line up behind them completely on the start straight before starting the race by applying full throttle at the pre-determined track race starting mark (may not always be the regular start/finish line)
    • No weaving is allowed during formation lap.
    • You must not overlap the car ahead of you.
    • Do not pass any car until you're past the point the pole sitter started the race at.
    • Jump starters will be given warnings or penalties depending on severity.
    • If a driver is damaged on formation then the damaged driver must communicate this through text chat and continue at a reasonable speed to the pit area. The other cars will continue on as normal and the damaged car(s) can join the group as they come around for their first lap. At this point the formation lap will continue on for a second lap after which the race will begin. If it happens once more, the same contingency will be applied and a third formation lap will go on. After this, no more "formation restarts" will be acceptable and the affected drivers must either retire or start far behind the group. Drivers experiencing extreme lag will be asked to leave so the other drivers can race.
    • If, for any reason, a driver misses the formation start and stays behind still on the track the race will not go on, it must be restarted to eliminate the obstacle.


    ≡Championship ≡

    8 rounds, 2 dropped rounds taking only your best 6 results. No winner's ballast. 1 point for pole position, 1 point for fastest lap, fastest lap can be counted in either division. Only top two scoring drivers on each team, each race, will score constructor's championship points.

    Driver's championship -
    Each driver will score championship points in any race which they compete regardless of where they finish inside their team. The driver's championship is an individual effort which is independent of the team championship. The individual score will be comprised of a "base score" and augmented by a merit based bonus point system. Each driver's top six scores of the eight races will comprise their season total.

    Base Score:

    Drivers will be scored on a linear scale based on their finishing position in the race. Every car will be included in the classification to assign a base score. The base score is based on the following matrix:

    "A Room" - positions 1-16 following a linear scale from 48 to 18 points separated by 2 point gaps.
    48, 46, 44, 42, 40, 38, 36, 34, 32, 30, 28, 26, 24, 22, 20, 18
    "B Room" - positions 17-32 following a linear scale from 16 to 1 point(s) separated by 1 point gaps.
    16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1​

    Once the base scores have been determined podium "bonuses" will be applied to add graduated value for success. A podium bonus will be added to the race results. In the top division ("D1") drivers on the podium will earn a bonus of 6, 4, and 2 points for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively. For the lower half of the field in the second division ("D2") the bonus will be reduced to 4, 2, and 1 point(s) for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively.
    Qualifying will carry a 1 point bonus for pole position. One fastest lap award of 2 bonus points will be awarded to the driver who posts the fastest lap from either division.

    Team championship -
    Only the top two scoring drivers on each team each weekend will score team points. Team points combines the regular driver's championship points between the two top scoring drivers and applies it to their team's championship total score, podium bonuses are included but not fastest lap or pole position bonus points.

    Retirements -
    If a driver wishes to quit during a race they should drive to the pits and press pause on entry, this will hold the car in the pit lane away from all others. Although rage quitting is frowned upon its sometimes better than a rolling road block. Try not to make a habit of it though.

    You must complete 2 laps (including formation lap) in order to be ranked among the point finishers of the race. Positions for multiple DNF drivers will be ranked according to time of retirement.

    Machine inspections:
    All cars will be "inspected" before races. This means the host will set the room regulations (pp,power,weight) to each car's specification and have them enter track one at a time. Any cars that can not enter are at the wrong spec. Drivers must alter their cars in order to be able to join the track or they can not race.


    ≡Host Inspection Guide ≡
    Procedure -
    Reset track. All cars must be off track, in the lobby, check for the wrench icon denoting drivers changing settings. Advise drivers to not speak or go into settings and commence inspections. If any drivers go into settings during checks, they must be restarted. All cars will be inspected at the same time. Before checks begin, set the number of laps or any other required race settings.

    Proceed with inspection.

    Weight checks are conducted first for the cars that must carry ballast.
    Set the weight and call the cars to track in this order:
    1. 1190kg
    *Lexus IS350
    2. 1050kg
    *Toyota Altezza Touring Car*

    Performance point checks are carried out next.
    Set the room to the following PP, then call cars to sit in their pit stalls, in this order:
    1. 506pp
    *Spoon S2000 Race Car*
    2. 507pp
    *S2000 LM Race Car*
    3. 508pp
    *RE Amemiya RX7 '06*
    4. 509pp
    *Autobacs ARTA Garaiya '08*
    5. 510pp
    *Toyota Altezza Touring Car*
    6. 515pp
    *Autobacs ARTA Garaiya '03*
    7. 517pp
    *Toyota Wedssport Celica '03*
    8. 518pp
    *Subaru Cusco Dunlop Impreza '08*
    9. 520pp
    *Subaru Cusco Advan Impreza '03*
    10. 521pp
    *Lexus Wedssport IS350 '08*

    Following performance point checks are power checks.
    Set the room to the following settings, then call cars to track, in this order:
    1. 305hp
    *Toyota Wedssport Celica '03*
    *Toyota Altezza Touring Car*
    2. 315hp
    *RE Amemiya Asparadrink RX7 '06*
    3. 325hp
    *Autobacs Arta Garaiya '03*
    *Autobacs Arta Garaiya '08*
    *Spoon S2000 Race Car '00
    *S2000 LM Race Car*
    *Subaru Cusco Advan Impreza '03*
    *Subaru Cusco Dunlop Impreza '08*
    4. 345hp
    Lexus Wedssport IS350


    ≡Penalties ≡

    There are two penalty systems Pure uses. The Incident Penalty Outline (IPO) and Infraction Points System (IPS).

    We will be using the Infraction Points System (IPS) in this series

    IPO is an active, scaleable, penalty system and penalizes drivers based on time directly after a race this system is meant more for smaller championships or those championships with lots of new drivers where skill is in doubt.
    IPS is a passive, or retroactive, penalty system that penalizes drivers by points calculated through infraction points divided by participation (number of races you attend). The resulting number is turned into a percentage against your total net points for the season, the percentage is then knocked off of your points (this is your penalty) to make your final total points for the season. The benefit to using the IPS system is that results are finalized automatically after a race, saves time, more simple, and gives more time for investigating incidents since we don't have to necessarily finish handing out IP's before the next round. IPO was designed for bigger championships with lots of experienced drivers.

    What IPO and IPS do share is the "self-serving" penalties drivers can choose to perform on track. As in F1, there are drive-through or stop and go penalties for offenses. Obviously we can't do that during our races since we don't have an army of FIA stewards watching but what we always allowed people to do instead is to "self-serve" your own penalties by letting off the throttle for a certain time after cutting the track, waiting for those who you punted or damaged, etc.

    Infraction Points System

    You get infraction points for any offences listed here:
    5 for warning
    20 for cutting (Beyond warning)
    25 for Rejoining track without regard to oncomming traffic, or reckless driving
    35 for aggressive driving/punting, Illegal blocking
    45 for running another car off track (No dmg)
    60 for causing avoidable damage

    These infraction points will accumulate through out the season. At the end of the season drivers will have their total "IP'S". The IP score will be divided by the number of races you've completed at least 75% of. This number will then become your penalty percentage which means that that much percent of your total points score will be taken off as your punishment.
    Say you scored 300 points by the end of the season and made 9 races with 140 infraction points.
    140 / 9 = 16 (we will round up).
    16% of 300 = 48 points taken off your total score to make a final score of 252.
    Penalties will only be calculated at the end of the season. All race results will be final immediately after races are completed.

    Incident Penalty Outline
    Time penalties
    1 - Using an illegal car specification - Disqualification
    2 - Over-stepping more than two tires past track boundaries more than three times during a race
    3 - Disregarding pre-defined 'hard' boundaries such as pit lane entry and exit markings
    4 - False race start/Jump start
    5 - Avoidable contact resulting in lost time and not yielding position back to victim *
    6 - Avoidable contact resulting in damage
    7 - Illegal blocking/blue flag rule/forcing drivers off track**
    8 - Not yielding position(s) gained through course cutting
    9 - Rejoining track from out of bounds resulting in blocking race traffic
    10 - Sustained aggressive driving during race *** - First detailed warning
    11 - Committing any offense while under probation - Championship disqualification

    How to self-serve or otherwise resolve the incidents during the race, effectively ridding or severely reducing penalties, classifying the accident a racing incident
    1 - Not applicable.
    2 - Let off the throttle by at least 50% for at least 3 seconds after cutting, do more so at your own discretion if a more severe cut has taken place.
    3 - See 2. If cutting on pit entry, simply either hold yourself in the pit stall for three seconds after release (use the start button) or give a slow start coming out of the pits by using less than 50% throttle for at least 3 seconds.
    4 - Either get back in line or give back positions gained. If you caused the field to al jump start in a mess, the formation lap must be reformed and corrected on the next lap.
    5 - Wait for the victim to re-gain control and start again behind them. You are not to attempt a re-pass until going past two major (numbered) corners.
    6 - Wait for the victim to re-gain control and start again behind them. You are not to attempt a re-pass until going past two major (numbered) corners.
    7 - Wait for the victim to re-gain control and start again behind them. You are not to attempt a re-pass until going past two major (numbered) corners.
    8 - Allow the driver to safely re-take their position before the following lap ends.
    9 - Allow all drivers past and start behind them. (See #5)
    10 - If it’s apparent enough to the driver, simply serving a self-sustained 15 second pit box hold penalty will resolve the issue on track.
    11. Not applicable

    *The rule for yielding positions is that you must wait for the car you affected to rejoin or otherwise reorient themselves into the race on track no matter how long it takes for them to do so. Once they are on an effective course either to continue the race or make their way to pit lane for repairs you are allowed to overtake normally as per OLR rules.

    **Blue flag rules state that lapped drivers, in the same class, must do their best to allow the leaders an unobstructed racing line. If the lapping car approaches the back-marker during mid-corner or if in a group of multiple back-markers then they must be treated the same as in a mixed class race with said driver(s) being the lower class - this means the lapping driver must follow basic multi-class racing etiquette, allow the drivers to hold regular lines and overtake at the safest following opportunity.

    *** Being warned the second time will incur a championship points penalty of a value equal to 7th place position in the championship. A third warning will put the driver in probation therein by committing any subsequent offence will cause them disqualification from the championship.

    As stewards we're treating every incident reported to us on a case-by-case basis considering from every angle. Certain incidents can always be handled between drivers so if you had an accident and simply talk it over PM or what have you, then there's no reason for penalizing to be involved. But if there's an incident and at least one of you thinks it was serious enough or one's upset, then by all means report it and we will sort it out. We're relying on all drivers to report what they feel needs reporting race-to-race. We can't go around snooping through every race looking for things and we won't.


    Penalties issued to date
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  2. twistedfirework


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  3. twistedfirework


    Johan's (Sail IC) guide to car selection

    Enjoyed the racing yesterday. As Dom (CSL) and I have been doing the car spec testing I had a big advantage to the rest of you, I knew the cars very well, had good set-ups, and how to drive them around the tracks. The race at Fuji was great fun and reminded me why I like these cars so much. They make for superb close racing, better than any other car I know of.

    Here is my take on the different cars.

    The three GT300 FR cars (Amemiya RX7 '06, Subaru '03, Celica) performs very similar around the track. Straight line speed, cornering, balance, acceleration, nearly identical.

    The two Hondas are quite similar to the three above. If anything they might have a little higher top speed (especially the spoon) but maybe not as planted on the road. Around the track, its really splitting hair which of the these five cars do what and don't.

    The two Garaiyas are different. They have more grip than the five FR cars above but even if they accelerate well they are slower down the straight. The '08 model is a bit loser in the rear where the '03 push a bit in the corners.

    The Lexus is a little different to the other two MR cars above. I has great acceleration but is the slowest car in a straight line. Handling is difficult to judge and perhaps a but personal. I think it feels a bit like the GT500 NSX, kind of mushy in the corners. You don't have a good feel what is going on, but make no misstake, its fast. When seeing tha total lap time I always get surprised how very fast this car is.

    Same thing with the Altezza, Yes it understeers but it corners fast and has great straight line speed. In one of my tests it was the second fastest car but given it has a 5-speed box it takes some time to get used to.

    The MRSis a strange car completely the opposite than you would think. It has superb straight line speed but has less grip than the rest. That's why it has far more DF than the rest. I will test the spec a bit more, but given that its so fast down the straight I'm not sure we car increase the HP. It's a strange car and maybe its too different than the others to be part of the grid.

    Last one, the Subaru '08, the only 4wd in the field. Slow down the straight but quick in everyting else. You have to spend some time tuning it before making your judgement. At some tracks it will prbably be deadly.

    Just my take on the cars. I'm sure Dom (CSL) has a ton of opinions too.

    Have fun picking your cars.
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  4. Wardez

    Wardez Staff Emeritus

    United States
    Ready to go! Thanks for putting it together Dave. Time to race these mini beasts to the max!

    Wardez (Wardez)
  5. SkengD


    United Kingdom
    Sign me up

    SkengD (skengdigi)
  6. xStretch-


    I should be there next week to
  7. Joshua1994


    United Kingdom
    Looking forward for this. Had some great test races the other day. Still wish Fuji was included in the point scoring schedule though:(

    Joshua1994 (joshua1994)
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2013
  8. Sail IC

    Sail IC

    Great to see some of the fiction tracks. GVS is one of my favorite tracks and looking forward to race Cape Ring too.

    Sail IC (johnkiller2)
  9. SkengD


    United Kingdom
    Yeh gvs is such a great track
  10. FakeGangstaDIE


    United States
    FakeGangstaDIE (cam_from_nj)
  11. PhaedrusSocrate

    PhaedrusSocrate (Banned)

    PhaedrusSocrate ( PhaedrusSocrates ) Cheers :tup:
  12. WiiFreak


    WiiFreak (WiiFreak) :tup:
  13. DA6righthand


    United States

    When/Where do we select cars? I think I missed something...?
  14. twistedfirework


    Once you have signed up here, which you have :tup:
    I will send you a PM with car selection details.
    Done :tup:
  15. OwensRacing

    OwensRacing Premium

    United States
  16. Müle

    Müle Premium

    I would, but the time just doesn't work. Sorry :/
  17. twistedfirework


    No worries, if thinks change and it fits in with your schedule, you are always welcome.
  18. paulmac2k9

    paulmac2k9 Premium

    Same for me Saturday before 11pm is pretty much a no go, due to work.
  19. twistedfirework


    That's a shame. If ever you get a Saturday off, feel free to join in even its only for one race :tup:
  20. Jash


    sign me up plz
    Jashugan01 ( jashugan01 )
  21. OwensRacing

    OwensRacing Premium

    United States
    Room open:

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  22. CJ tha KIDD

    CJ tha KIDD

    United States
    I'd like to join in this series

    CJ tha KIDD (EmoKidd305)
  23. Wardez

    Wardez Staff Emeritus

    United States
    New banner:
  24. Ealirendur

    Ealirendur Premium

    Sign me up!

    ealirendur / GTP_ealirendur

    (some chance I can show up to practices as just ealirendur, but it's not exactly hard to pick me either way :sly: ).

    I am nearly certain I won't be able to do the race this weekend this time. Really rooly.
  25. CSLACR


    United States
    I should make this practice race, using what car idk yet.
  26. Dragonwhisky

    Dragonwhisky Premium

    United States
    Dragonwhisky (dragonwhisky)
  27. joetruckv8


    United States
    JoeTruckV8 (JoeTruckV8) :tup:
    Cusco Subaru '08
  28. twistedfirework


    Keep an eye on the thread and join a practice room and run a few laps with us.
    As long as you drive clean you will be in. :tup:
    Have you driven in any online series on GTP before?
  29. OwensRacing

    OwensRacing Premium

    United States
    I'll be on again tonight. So if he can give us a time. Surely a few of us Midwestern guys can run with him from 6pm-11pm EST

    Iforce, Dragon, and myself had a great test session last night.
  30. twistedfirework


    How did you find the cars, balance wise Jeff? I think we are pretty close.
    Of the 5 people who have submitted their car choice, they have all selected a different car as their first selection.

    If everyone is able to send in their car selections ASAP we could even allocate the cars before the pre season race. Of course you are entitled to wait until after the race if you wish.