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  1. zzz_pt


    *** 1 year and 3 months later ***

    Doing a painting in Photoshop today. Haven't practice in years...

    Top image is the reference. I didn't want to replicate it pixel by pixel but have some degree of accuracy. Didin't use the eyedropper toop either (only from my own painting) to practice my color accuracy. The rocks are a bit rough and the clouds are pretty tough to draw too...

    Used 2 brushes (the basic round one and a charcoal one) and a Intuos 4 Small... it sucks it's so small. Might buy a bigger one soon.


    ps: I love concept art - environment more precisely - and though about trying something out. If I get something nice out of this, I'll post it here. Should be more on the fantasy side of things.​