Infographic: The Cars of Forza Motorsport 7

Last week, Turn 10 revealed the large Forza Motorsport 7 race car roster. Alongside it, the developer also released a handful of infographics, detailing the breadth of the game’s 700+ car list.

We’re suckers for a good infographic here at GTPlanet. Up first is the lead image, with 131 cars — or about 18% of the full list — cresting the 200mph mark. Naturally, that will include a good chunk of those afore-mentioned race cars. IndyCar, NASCAR, any of the old top-shelf Le Mans racers: they all should be able to hit the double-ton with little effort.

The next stat is another important performance metric: the 0–60mph dash. Ford and Porsche dominate this one, with three Blue Ovals and two Stuttgart sportsters. Ken Block’s bonkers “Hoonicorn” narrowly beats… Ken Block’s Focus RX. The former car, which arrived in Forza Horizon 3 last month, boasts over twice the power of the hatchback, mind.

The pair of Porsches both clock in at 2.2s for the sprint to 60. One is the 2017 919 Hybrid, the sister car to this year’s Le Mans winner. The other is also a hybrid: the 887hp 918 Spyder beats out all other hypercars thanks to its all-paw system. Lastly, way down on power (and price), the little EcoBoost Formula Ford clicks off the industry standard a tenth later at 2.3s.

With over 700 cars on offer, there are bound to be some… unusual additions. The “Size Matters” section covers the extremes of the spectrum, and it’s all very German. Surprisingly, the 1939 Auto Union Type D comes in as the narrowest car in the game, measuring barely over five feet from wheel to wheel. Rather less of a shock is the BMW Isetta claiming the lightweight crown, tipping the scale at only 920lb.

Meanwhile, the hulking Mercedes Racing Truck scores big — literally — as the tallest, widest, and heaviest car in the game. If you found a scale large enough, you’d need a baker’s dozen’s worth of Isettas to hope match the Tankpool24 truck, and you’d still be short!

The next stat is one we hope Turn 10 hasn’t grabbed from in-game: the cost of the rarest cars. Unsurprisingly, Ferrari dominates this one, with the 250-series cars almost sweeping the list. Only Stirling Moss’ Mille Miglia winner punctuates the red, and the $42 million it’s listed at does line up with recent real-world estimates.

Finally, the countries of origin list shows a breakdown of where the cars in FM7 come from. Curiously, adding up the totals leaves us at 714 cars. According to our Always Up-To-Date FM7 Car List, that’s a few dozen more than what we’ve seen so far. With a month left until release, and a surprising lack of genuine new-to-series metal so far, we’re curious about what Turn 10 has up its sleeves.

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