Forza Motorsport 6: Apex Steering Wheel Support Still Being Considered?

Touring Civic as captured by RandomCarGuy17.

Last month, we shared more gameplay details regarding Turn 10’s upcoming free-to-play Forza title for Windows 10 platform. Fans of the popular driving simulation series have been discussing the studio’s announcement that Forza Motorsport 6: Apex won’t feature steering wheel support. Among many of the things that are expected to be reduced in size and/or detail, this one is particularly alarming, as it can drastically affect the joy of playing a driving simulation on PC.

Well, our hopes that the game will feature wheel support may not be sentenced to the recycling bin just yet. Recently we discovered a message on Twitter by Turn 10 head Dan Greenawalt that could possibly serve as a reversal of the entire situation.

Judging by the claim, there is a good chance that wheel support will subsequently appear in the game, likely as a part of a future update.

As detailed before, the title will arrive with 4K resolution support, 63 cars, 6 locations, and 20 track variations. It will take advantage of DirectX 12 and the Universal Windows Platform.

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  1. SolidRacer

    I would never recommend to buy a racing game after year 2010 with no racing wheel support… It’s like they already told us that those physics are wrong and fake… any sim or even sim arcade needs to be supported by all wheel manufacturers… Even old g25… or t300 for ps4.. Without a racing wheel its no sim, it’s worse than any need for speed… I’m sure it will get wheel support other wise there is no purpose for this “thing”.

  2. Soulfresh_ACV

    Hope T10 won’t make the same XBox One mistakes. However, you never know when it comes to stupid management/political decisions.

    Anything that takes too much time for a free title might not make any financial sense to guys wearing ties and suits.

    1. TomBrady

      Bro, get DS4 Tool and it will always work. Very simple. Pin it to your task bar so you’ll always have a quick launch icon at the bottom of the screen so whenever you need to use your controller, just click it once after you plug your controller in. Done.

  3. JKgo

    …As long as I can run this on my aging laptop, then it’s okay either way. Heh.

    Anyone here has a lead on when it’s coming? I’m checking the Windows Store almost everyday, thinking it’s Spring now. Hopefully T10’s Spring isn’t the same with PDI’s Spring…

    1. Kyle P.

      Spring started 2 weeks ago. I believe they’ve got another 10 before it’s late, technically. :p

  4. brownninja97

    pardon my language but no sh** it should be considered, its ridiculous to consider a game with a budget this large leaving out such a feature in a racing game. Especially when things like NFS can do it.

    PC is the realm of simulators, MS are wetting the bed real bad if they are launching without wheel support.

  5. glassjaw

    I had no idea FM6 Apex lacked wheel support, what a joke. You could maybe, maybe get away with that on console, but on PC? For a simulator? It’s a death wish. I cannot think of any major tech company as out of touch as Microsoft, though if it’s any consolation Sony is a very close second.

    I imagine Xbox wanted this to launch now and T10 was probably fighting them all the way. Dan’s tweet proves T10 can’t be this ignorant.

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