Microsoft Turns a Corner With Forza Motorsport 6: Apex, PC Release This Spring


It seems that recent indicators regarding a possible expansion of Turn 10’s ultimate seller Forza Motorsport to the PC platform are really becoming something to rely on. According to a cached version of an article at The Seattle Times (which was quickly deleted, though the details have now been made official), Turn 10 and Microsoft are working on an exclusive for Windows 10, titled Forza Motorsport 6: Apex. The game will appear this spring.

The most intriguing part of this news is the fact that the new title will be available as a free-to-play game, with overall content being ‘slimmed down’. Turn 10 have since confirmed this to be the case, describing the game as “designed for players who are new to the Forza franchise”, with as-shipped totals being 63 cars, 6 locations, and 20 track variations. The game will be capable of running at 4K resolution on Windows 10 platforms thanks to DirectX 12.

If this ball continues to roll towards the announced goal, this is going to be the first Forza Motorsport title exclusively released for a platform other than an XBox console. It is still too early to be convinced about anything regarding the new approach the title is going to adopt, so we have no other choice but to remain patient and wait for further details. Judging by the spring release date, that shouldn’t be too long!

EDITOR’S NOTE: It has since come to our attention that Apex will be launching without online multiplayer (outside of leaderboards). What’s more, at the moment, there is no wheel support either. Thank you to all that pointed this out in the comments section.

Take a gander at the 4K shots below, and share your thoughts and excitement in our Forza Motorsport 6 forum.

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  1. SavageEvil

    Locked into Windows 10 Store, MS intends to take on Steam, Uplay, Origin, GoG and others I see, except they have the unfair advantage of having the underlying OS. Hmm along with their store being sort of wonky, no modding and other cuffs are placed on any games out of that store. I don’t see Windows Store becoming very big, it’s not like the PC is loaded with casual gamers other than the people who play those browser games. Good that Forza will appear on PC but it will be protected as if it was on a console, I wonder if they’ll attempt to charge PC users a fee for Live on PC?

  2. Johnnypenso

    I’ve been wanting a port of GT or Forza to pc for some time now but I won’t bother with it unless I have wheel support. Great idea though, will give T10 a chance to stretch their legs and give DX12 a thorough thrashing to see what it can do.

  3. submaniac93

    Considering this is going to be free, I think this amount is sufficient. This will be my very first Forza game and with it, i’ll finally have peace of mind on whether I want to play Forza or not.

    Also, for all of you guys complaining about win10 being recquired (me included): DUAL BOOT.
    That’s what i’ll be doing. Win7 as my main. Win10 for Forza. Not hard to do. Best of both worlds.

    Also, again, about win10, don’t complain about it when FINALLY, we get what we asked for with a PC version of Forza… I’d rather go dual boot win10 and only have to buy the games, than buying an Xbone and the game, plus potentially a wheel, as my G27 isn’t supported by the Xbox…

    1. Lambob

      not sure which is worse, a free to play sim, or stepping into an autonomous car without a steering wheel. I really feel bad for people being born today.

  4. Keef

    Only on Windows 10?

    These companies are really good at alienating like half their audience, aren’t they?

    1. Johnnypenso

      Sounds like a dick move but it looks like they are going the DX12 route which can offer some massive benefits for gaming including potentially a big boost in frame rates which helps everyone run the game at higher settings and brings 4k play into the picture even for machines that can’t run it now with decent framerates. DX12 is only available on W10 so I can understand the restriction. I should also point out that W10 is free as is the game.

  5. FatnSlo

    Story needs to be updated to reflect news that it does not support steering wheels or multiplayer so game is pretty much a joke imo.

  6. panjandrum

    Interesting! I haven’t tried Forza for a long time (it which time it was truly awful). But newer versions are looking more interesting. If they go with an excellent physics model (i.e. as good as AC) then it might be a product well worth looking into. (An XBox was never a consideration anyway because wheel-support was so woefully poor.)

    I think Sony/PD need to do the exact same thing or I expect GT to eventually go away.

    1. liv4hardstyle

      Physics that are as good as AC is an unrealistic prospect. But please turn 10, prove me wrong.

  7. Yui-san

    Wow this is awesome. Now I hope they’ll do the same with Horizon so I don’t have to get an Xbox one…

  8. Psychopulse

    Awesome! I’m actually happy with the freemium model MS is going for because I always wanted to play Forza, but I didn’t want to go get the Xbox One because GTS isn’t out yet… No point in deciding anymore, I’ll just wait for GTS and play Forza! Best of both worlds!

  9. imported_KingK76

    So this article is a little skimped on details…. The news is that EVERY Forza title going forward will be released on XBOX AND PC. So that’s FH3 and FM7 will be on PC as well as XBOX. And the full version of the game, not F2P or a skimped version. Yes this first foray into PC gaming will be a cut-back F2P version, but really it’s a smart idea. It will let PC gamers get a taste (for free! ) of Forza so that when FH3 is released and FM7 PC gamers will want those titles.


    That’s really stupid to only release it on Windows 10, Almost all the gamers are on Windows 7 since it’s the best option for gaming.

    1. Imari

      Win10 64bit and Win7 64bit are about even on Steam survey. Win7 32bit is higher than Win10 32bit, but they’re both relatively tiny.

    2. imported_KingK76

      That’s BS. Windows 10 is just ad good for gamers as Windows 7 is AND DX12 is exclusive to Win 10. I am a PC gamer and i run Win 10.

    3. Psychopulse

      Not really. Windows 10 is currently the best option for gaming because DX12 is a substantial improvement over DX11 in all aspects.

    4. Lambob

      Windows 10 is free for everyone who had Windows 7, it really taxes your system less, and works great for all games, including oldies such as Theme Hospital from GOG, right through Tombraider and new releases today.

    1. imported_KingK76

      Source? I haven’t read that anywhere…. it doesn’t make any sense really. IF it’s true that would be an EXTREMELY poor way to bring a racing game to the PC platform. I need to look into this….

    2. imported_KingK76

      Okay… i looked into it and this is what i found. Apparently at launch Forza Apex will only support keyboard and controllers. But work is currently being done to bring wheel support ASAP. i can’t understand why there would be any issues with whee support right out of the gate but who knows… anyway i would still be surprised if it launches without wheel support. My bet is that it will support at least wheels that are currently supported with the gsme on XBOX (like my FANATEC CSWv2!!!). Any way i found that info from Toms Hardware and i dont know where they heard it from. So take it with a grain of salt. ..

  11. baja_j

    Well I wanted the full game and horizon on pc but this will have to suffice as I’m still not buying an xbone.

  12. occasionalracer

    Damn eh. First time I’ll prolly own a Forza game since the first release on the original XBox.

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