Forza 7 Game Update Introduces More Esport-Friendly Features Before ForzaRC

Forza Motorsport 7 4 February 15, 2018 by

Turn 10 has caught everyone on the hop, by releasing the latest update for Forza Motorsport 7 four days ahead of schedule.

Along with the new Dell Car Pack, the update brings some new features and fixes. Here’s the lowdown:

Spectate Mode

The update introduces a new Spectate mode. This allows players to view live racing, in both public and private lobbies.

The release notes promise that live spectating has the same quality of motion as with viewing a saved replay. Turn 10 says it has discarded its old predictive position system, bringing improved fluidity to vehicle movements while spectating. This should, it says, eliminate phantom collisions and jittery car behavior. That should make the upcoming season of ForzaRC much more appealing for viewers.

In addition to the visual improvement on the track, this update brings along more detailed info layovers. These will be familiar to FM6 players, where a similar upgrade arrived to facilitate the then-new FRC.

Seed the Grid

This new feature allows lobby hosts to manually set a race grid. By selecting the “Grid Order” menu item, the host can move any player to any position on the grid. New sections on the interface give more information on player positioning as well.

Seed the Grid adds a new dimension to online racing, by allowing the host to finely tune the starting positions according to their requirements.


As with most game updates, this one contains a number of fixes for issues of varying severity. These include several tweaks to Drivatar behavior, visual fixes for cars like the BMW M5, and corrections to circuits where phantom collisions could occur.

The update also addresses a number of issues with online multiplayer and two-player split-screen. To save your mouse wheel and/or index finger, we’ve posted the full list of patch notes onto the forum.

Featured image courtesy of GTDNick72.

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