Free Nissan GT-R GT500 Stealth Model in Gran Turismo 5

To celebrate the official conclusion of the North American GT Academy competition on Speed TV (hopefully you were able to join GTPlanet’s live viewing party!), Polyphony Digital and SCEA have now made the Nissan GT-R GT500 Stealth Model available as a free download in North America.

To download the car, head to the PlayStation Store and select “Redeem Codes” in the top right corner. Next, enter the following code…


…and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. That’s it! The code will be valid through January 30, 2012.

Much like the Honda NSX GT500 Stealth Model which will be included for free in the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 DLC pack, the GT-R GT500 Stealth Model car was previously only available in the GT5 Signature Edition or as a pre-order incentive.

Once again, congratulations to the 2011 North American GT Academy champion, Bryan Heitkotter!

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  1. Galvatron1

    Omg!! Tysm for sharing the Stealth mode GT-R code!! I just got it!! I’ve been looking every where for all 6 Stealth Mode Vehicles!! Can you help me find the rest? I got the Stealth Mode NSX from the PSN Bundle, much thnx in advance!!

    P.S. – Do you have a link to a tune for the Mercedes McLaren 03 or Stealth NSX, pls?

  2. kylekervin

    Hi everyone, i need your help for Gt5 please.
    I am from France. I got the Nissan Gtr 500 stealth model when i bought the game.
    I bought the full pack Dlc 2 weeks ago, and i didn’t get any gift ;((
    I feel like Gt5 is picking my money.
    I would like to get all the other stealth model and chromeline cars. Buy how? Should i kneel down?
    I’m hesitating to buy the X-box Forza 4 pack because of all this.
    Please give me your opinions. Thanks a lot

  3. swizz8185

    i used gt500 code on my newly created us account then switched over to my uk account which has 99% game play and got the car

  4. magburner

    Thanks PD, I paid extra to get the Signature Edition, only for you to give away the cars for free afterwards… :@

  5. 7945GT57945

    it worked for me my main account is a USA i also tryed it on a United Kingdom account it worked on both i found this out by my friend telling me

  6. Boost'10

    Cool keep it quiet….. don’t spread the word, don’t want to see every one driving it…….. Seriously )8^{]

  7. mikeonthebike

    just took mine on some laps around SPA online. couple adjustments and it’s a damn good car. I like that it’s a 2wd GTR.

    thanks PDI and Nissan Gt Academy.

  8. Petike125

    I’ve downloaded it, installed it, but cant find it… Not in arcade, not in my garage, not in car delivery… Where is it?

    1. GTracerRens

      Me too.. I’m from The Netherlands, Europe. I’ve downloaded it on my American PSN account, installed it and even when I start the game on my US account, the “free car” isn’t available. I think this is really for American copies of the game only, same as the chrome line Jaguar only for Japan… I’m disappointed about this. I’ve bought the collector’s edition for €99 euros and didn’t even get a scale model or whatever. However I did receive a Mazda 787B stealth for the pre-order, but where are my little extras for being a great Gran Turismo fan in Holland?

    2. jaycee_xr3

      ¿Are both of you sure that your blueray disc y zone 1 (usa)? The content is only USA account + USA disc…

  9. jaycee_xr3

    You can create a secondary PSN account with USA address, redeem the code, the car will be installed in all PS3 accounts.

  10. SmileyOr1

    I downloaded it last night. I tried to use it in the GT500 Seasonal event and it was not allowed. Perhaps a game reset will allow the car to be used?

  11. SharpFlashback

    I am having trouble with the DL. I enter the code then it takes me to the ” thank you for purchasing… You can now download..”. Then when I hit continue, then confirm it says the code you entered may not be correct or valid. I have re entered the code multiple times with no avail.

  12. to500mo

    it works… just did it like a second ago…
    i don’t get why people are having trouble understanding that this is america only…as in USA only

  13. gtv86

    As one of the few people that bought the signature edition, I feel annoyed and pissed off that we paid so much money to get these cars exclusively and now are given away for free. That seriously blows.

    1. leigh991

      yea that does sux that does make sense at all for them to do that at lease they should have come up wit different cars that doesnt come wit any of the special editions

    2. shewy92

      wasn’t the signature version only available for europe and asia? and this one car is only available for the US so whats the problem?

  14. YiNG_YaNG_6o4

    Kind of a bad deal or the ppl who bought the signature edition or whatever they had to do to get this car before everyone else and thought it was limited edition. At the same time I’m happy that I have this car. Personally I think the up coming DLC should be free and be made as an update. Just my opinion tho. Thank you SCEA and polyphony for the new car!

  15. Koios

    It’s my birthday today. Log in get my 1980 birthday car, which was the Renault 5 turbo (GAG!) Then find out I can get a free stealth GT-R. Makes me feel better about the 5 Turbo I just got!

    1. TakeshiSkunk

      Hey! That Renault is a great little machine :) The hot hatches are a lot of fun, gotta appreciate all kinds of cars!

  16. Psycho Tuber

    Why can’t I get this car to work in the GT seasonal. I would ask in the forums, but I keep getting a message telling me the forums are unavailable.

  17. mclifted

    I got mine. cant wait for the NSX. The stealth models seem to have a little more sack. Cant use them in the online super GT race. this game is getting good with the updates, keep them coming. Really interested in what DEC brings.

  18. TakeshiSkunk

    Stealth NSX!!! I’m satisfied :) Stylin version of one of my absolute favorite cars, I was bummed I got the McLaren instead of the NSX when I preordered.

  19. LeftyWright69

    I don’t understand why they would devalue the Sig ecition by giving away the cars and not just make some new cars?

    1. HPUnleashed

      Sorry, I can’t help with anything beyond that. I’m saved in the middle of an endurance race, so I don’t know whether mine’s worked out or not either.

  20. RT*//

    I am NOT amused.

    I paid a lot of money for the Signature Edition to get the EXCLUSIVE content and now
    I feel betrayed and f*cked.

  21. HPUnleashed

    Hey Jordan! Kazunori Yamauchi just tweeted that we’ll all receive a “Family Upgrade” in December that will unlock purchased DLC for every account on the same console!

    1. Magic Ayrton

      He would be if we got decent engine sounds on these DLC cars.. it just sounds like mush to me and that’s on a £300 sound system!!!

  22. MKLINGS1994

    Well, this was a nice gesture by PD, thanks guys, but still, i hate waiting for the BIG DLC pack, i don’t think this can hold me over for more than a day, keep giving us free stuff along the way please, because after all, America deserves it :)

    1. jah24car

      I’m happy I live in the USA cause everyone who is trying to get this can’t becasue they are in another country sad for u guys but hey its all good

  23. ErikAndre71

    Great… I actually bought the Signature Edition, but got it to late so I didn’t get the stealth cars. Now they give the coolest of them away for free, but of course not to me who payed almost twice the price for the game. In Norway we even didn’t count as part of Europe when the European GT Academy started. I do feel a bit left out here now.

  24. mr_pepps

    Love it. Such rage among fellow racers – sadly not about racing though.
    I’m a euro-user and just paid for my dlc. The full pack for almost £10. Cars, tracks, paints, self help guide and special velvet driving underpants. It’s all brilliant. Truly brilliant.
    You’ll love Spa later this month all you north US racers – it’s what Brits might call the dog’s danglers!

  25. ImprezaAddict

    Awesome, thanks PD for giving me a Stealth Model after not being able to claim my pre-order car from Best Buy.

    1. ImprezaAddict

      “available as a free download in North America”

      Germany is definitely not in North America. That’s why.

  26. Kamuifanboy

    The signature edition had nothing to do with whether or not you got a stealth model. The stealth models were pre order. So anybody that pre ordered got it.

    1. BLADErunner80

      actually the signature editions had every stealth car and they sold them with that as a big feature and many people bought the signature edition because those cars were there

    1. Big Ron

      As GT almost always sells better in Europe, it is a shame, that North America is still their favorite market. GT5 sold three times better in Europe than in NA.

  27. greenlightning

    for those that paid extra for the car when the game came out. Get over it! You have had it for almost a year. Do you really think that they would never offer those cars to anyone else again.

  28. DrTrouserPlank

    You can’t get it by using a US account if your disc is not a US copy of GT5.

    You’ll be able to download the car but it won’t show up on either account because DLC is locked to the region of the disc for which it is intended.

  29. batman346

    hi guys i made a us account and no car in the dilevery track but i got the redbull as i can see you think that we might get the car at 25th when the dlc comes in america right?

  30. supermoto74

    Did anyone get this car? (ppl from north america!)

    OR is it first available at the 25th? can that be it? So the car will show up in-game in 6 days from now? With the other DLC

  31. Snaeper

    I think this is as much of a stop-gap due to the DLC delay as it is a celebration. I don’t see any of our European friends getting free GT-R’s to celebrate the GT Academy.

    1. BLADErunner80

      Well look harder cuz that’s exactly what we got earlier in the year for taking part in the online time trial round of GT academy

  32. avalverde

    I entered the code in the U.S. store I’ve downloaded and installed the car. The problem is that the car is not in the game or in my garage or on gifts like red bull has appeared S. Vettel. What have I done wrong?

  33. Forza Mclaren

    Just one silly question guys, In in EU I only got one playstaion account and one ps3, How do i create an american account?

    1. supermoto74

      Make a new user on your console. Then you can make a new PSN acount.. Contry – US etc.

      But i didn’t get no car..

  34. steven

    so lucky i didn’t spend all those $$$ on the signature edition :) as i am in europe all i need to do now is create an american account to download the car i guess. strange things that sony/pd makes you do to enjoy the game to the fullest …

  35. Hermanvongerman

    pretty good that the cars I assumed were exclusive to signature edition and pre-order owners of GT5 are being given out to everyone.
    IMO For those complaining about deserving more….. you may want to consider the users who spent $299 usd on getting a signature edition only to find out the cars they thought were special are not…..

    I think PD has done a fantastic job in trying to smooth things over for north American users after this DLC shamblles considering that Sony messed up and not PD…..

  36. DawgCCCP

    Jordan, next time make your title more specific, people that see free car wont even read that its for North-America only lol

    1. DawgCCCP

      For me its not working at all since I only have one EU-account and wont be bothered creating 3 others for the other regions..

  37. batman346

    ok david thank you very much 1 more question the other cars i mean stealth models will be free and in all countries?

  38. David_86

    So there’s no possible to get a car from an US account then! Weird as hell, but this is how it works… I think that is possible to get the car on multiple accounts from the same region, but is’nt it when the accounts are different. :(

    1. nondasstr

      file oute go katafera kati to katevasa apo ton us accound kai mpika kiolas sto pexnidi apo afton alla tpt….

  39. batman346

    i made a usa account and it worked i put the codes and i saw the car i downloaded it but can you tell me where is it cause it is not in the game or in the menu what can i do

    1. filipovisck

      I used one account to download the DLC and used the car in another one.
      Worked ok.

      It appeared directly in the garage, wasn’t via the ticket / delivery truck combo.

  40. adam1942

    Didn’t I get this free with my signature edition? Hrm that’s a little unfair considering the price that was paid…

    1. Fryto

      Please read the post: Polyphony Digital and SCEA have now made the Nissan GT-R GT500 Stealth Model available as a free download in North America.

  41. Olegonic

    So finally North Americans will be given ALL unique cars I ve paid for just because they live in NA? What are you doing PD?

  42. Diatribe777

    GT Academy was well done. Seriously recommended for anyone reading this.

    Wow, 3 free cars from PD, plus the DLC, this is getting better!!!!

  43. dtn23

    This is greatness, I do feel a little bad for the original Signature buyers, but I was wondering if I would ever get a chance at some of the stealth cars. I personally only got the NASCAR and Mclaren F1 for my Gamestop preorder. Now with the two GT500 coming within a week, I would kill for the 787, SLS, and R10. Much love for these 2 though, and here’s hoping for the rest some day :)

  44. Steve23guy

    what hurts the most is all of this stuff is sitting hidden on your ps3 hd, taunting you,haha you cant get me :insert code: ohh shucks u found me… only took you a year of course…

  45. crazygst

    At least there are free things.I have the car but now having two gives me more tuning sheets. But I’m still mad about the DLC that I paid for only being good for one account :D

  46. HuskyGT

    Well, since the Super GT championship is one of the most enjoyable events in GT5, this GTR and the Honda are a very much appreciated gift from PD.

    1. Forza Mclaren

      I enjoy Super GT but somehow Poly ruined it by making the AI easy as hell to beat, they still brake way too early and accelarate slowly after corners, I dont know why they didnt make the Ai like formula Gt AI

    1. CleanUP-CharliE


      What? I don’t have a PS Store in the country that I am in at the moment and I downloaded the car by just creating a US Account. And it works for the other accounts on the PS3.


    2. Chester9113

      I have a US account too. Car downloaded and installed (twice). Where can I found the car in game, cause it´s nowhere… And you say the car will be in every account that I have on the PS3???

  47. 30psi

    keen to get this stealth car…. 1st stealth for me and another next week included in the DLC.

    keep enjoying the game….

  48. GrahamTurismo

    On one hand; GOOD. I’m glad I finally get what I paid for. Best Buy screwed up my pre-order so bad that I never got the code to get this car until 4 months and dozens of emails/phone calls later and by then it was too late to redeem it. Sony said they couldn’t do anything to help me out either.

    On the other hand; I should have already had this and in sympathizing with those who do… the free NA DLC really SHOULD have been something else that wasn’t available to North America to begin with. The 787B Stealth, R10 Stealth, or Chrome Line XJ13 are all much more appropriate candidates.

    1. DaihatsuDriver

      Damn Europe for enjoying their exclusive XJ13 Chromeline, 787b stealth, GT-R (GT Academy Special) and R10 Stealth while North Americans enjoy their exclusive Joey Lagano Nascar and Edge Camaro XD

  49. marchi

    I guess those paying half the price I did for GT should only get half a game if many are so concerned with PD giving away stealth cars. Lets get real, people have had these cars for over a year and it was a free product.

  50. aronh17

    Nah, the people that bought the cars were most likely for the Chrome Line cars… The Stealths are honestly just cool paint schemed normal GT500 cars and stuff, not that big of a deal…

    1. SEIDO463

      Actually, I’m pretty sure the weigh less and have more BHP.

      I would love to have these cars…Skylines, whatever is good for me!

    2. jomama2010


      I checked the stats…only thing they have more than normal GT500 cars is Torque……
      Which does help, but nothing super major.

    3. Shadou

      they are better then normal GT500

      your info wrong unless you looking just at stocks.
      the stealth GT500 can reach pass 700bhp not forgetting to mention it only cost 500cr for engine overhaul.
      try to find a GT500 JGTC that can reach 700bhp fully equiped.

    4. Danlisa

      The Stealth models handle differently to a tuned equivalent. The stats might be identical but in a head to head the Stealth will always win.

      The biggest plus on the Stealth (and chromeline) cars is the cost of the Engine Rebuild and Chassis Rebuild, these only cost 500cr each. Win.

      In short, they are great cars to have. FWIW, DO NOT apply any perma-mods to these vehicles, they just don’t perform any better and in some instances become worse cars for it. Also, the only way to get a Stealth car back to default is to delete, reinstall and patch the GT5 game data and then redeem the download again. Way too much work to bother.

    5. lespaulguy

      Yes of course he just looked at stocks; you don’t judge how good a car is by its stats when fully equipped, but how it comes off the “assembly line”

  51. Belph3gor

    wow another one? That’s sux for those who bought the Signature Edition… Really lame Kaz.. seriously. Can’t you simply change the design? Is it that hard? Let these cars for those who paid for them!

    1. stjimmy

      The main reason I bought the sig’ edition was the stealth cars. I’m glad it wasn’t the 787b though. The best one in my opinion. I bought the sig’ edition on release (£150/$210). Knew it was a waste of money at the time lol.

  52. carltonracing

    Nice! Now I’m Sure other People in a Whining Voice ” That’s Not Good Enough, I want the DLC we were Promised, Waaaaaaaaaaa! Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth! Take the Car!

  53. Resilient

    News like this makes me wonder where all the “exclusivity” went for splashing so much money on the Signature Edition. A little bit disheartening, if anything.

    1. BLADErunner80

      Yeah stealth cars and a dynamic theme, which your all getting for free!

      Yes theres more still exclusive to people who bought signature editions but for how long?
      and you cant say the signature editions havent been heavily devalued by these giveaways.

      Im not against everyone getting free stuff (and the GTR 500 is my favourite stealth after the 787b) but couldnt they have given away other cars like the chromline jag that was free to japan at xmas, or the 370z allready in the game but in the gt academy paint job.

      I just think people would have been satisfied with them and those that a lot extra to attain everything gt5 wouldn’t feel annoyed.

  54. Elkay

    See, they could have made this right by offering the 787B Stealth and R10 Stealth as the 2 Stealths they just gave out via this freebee and the DLC early-buy gift. Those 2 Stealths were as of yet unavailable in North America. Instead, they screw over the Walmart and Gamestop pre-order customers.

    1. WanderingSoul

      You got this as a GameStop exclusive? Huh… I was jipped then. They gave me the fantasy GameStop #20 NASCAR car.

    2. jomama2010

      Shutup and just enjoy it…America gets two FREE stealth cars…Not only 2 free stealth cars, but perhaps two of the BEST stealth cars available!…Not just for speed, but for overall drivability.

    3. FlareKR

      So if someone gave you a free GT-R in real life right now, you’d complain because you just vomited last night after receiving your 76th Skyline as a prize car? Or would you complain that the minivan outside your house has less jaggies than the free GT-R.

    1. killer tiller

      No vauxhall, that’s the European branding. There is only 3 Australian cars in the game and they are all from previous GT games. I’d love it if they added our utes to the game, would make the pick up races much more enjoyable. I’d love them even more if they added bathursts mt panorama circuit to the game and while they are at it they may as well throw in some V8 supercars and the new VE model commodores… Until then, I’m just gonna have to keep dreaming haha

    2. FlareKR

      Hell, you guys got that FPV GT with the Boss 335 in it, and what do we get? The ECO Boost, wait don’t forget the word ECO (damn’ flower pansies in the States). I’d like a four door Taurus that’s a Charger killer too!

    3. GTbyPlaystation

      Yeah but my living room couch has more character than the interior of a FPV.
      But yes, Bathurst is amazing :) It’s a public road so it can be driven on whenever!

    1. another_jakhole


      I can’t wait for Abraxas’s location and car comparisons. I wonder what people will say. Maybe, “OMG!”

    2. FlareKR

      I’m praying they don’t give out the McLaren, please don’t! It’s a pre-order bonus for a reason. That’s like putting Limited Edition on all the PT Cruisers you see, it’s not special any more, whoop-de-fu**idy-do and your Limited Edition.

    1. batman346

      hi im from greece i just made an account in gt planet my psn is from greece is that means that no gtr 500 for me because the code is not working pls tell me anyone what can i do

    2. 07_HSV_GTS

      I’m in Australia and the code just won’t work, I tried it 10 times and it was correct but says it wasn’t or is not valid anymore.

    3. CleanUP-CharliE

      @ 07

      Hmm.. Im NOT in the USA and my country does not have a PS Store so I created a US account a while back and that is my main account. I downloaded the car and used it in my Australian account, so that’s good to know.

      Weird that it does not work for you.

    4. filipovisck

      I used the code just a while ago and is working ok in US Store. Thanks GTPlanet for the info!


      I think is interesting to note that this DLC is shareable for multiple accounts in the same PS3, is not account locked.
      Since I download it in one PSN account and used in another one.

      So, they know how to do ‘normal’ DLC; which make even more LAME they excuse for Spa DLCs being account locked.
      If I understood correctly, Kaz said: ” it’s hard to do it shareable between accounts, we don’t know how to do it… ”
      As another user here posted, is a bit disgusting to read things like that.

      Please someone correct me if I understood it wrong.

    5. mazdaman83

      @ filipovisck,

      No, you are absolutely right !!!
      I’m really pissed of because I play the USA version of GT5 (Because it includes the Nissan GTR minuature car) on my EU Account (Because that is wher I have all my friends, I live in the EU), But because the DLC is Account-locked the only thing I can do is buy the European version of GT5 and play the game all over again (I am now: A-spec level 38 and B-spec level 40) !!!

      I think this is insane !!?!??!?!


      Does this mean that if I file share off of my brothers account I will be able to get it. It’s just I can’t make any accounts anymore because my system says I have used up all of my accounts

    7. 07_HSV_GTS

      @ CleanUp
      thanks for the info but I don’t think I’m going to change it/or make an American one just for this car, I would love to have it for my GT-R collecting but to much hassl

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