French Cars Featured in Newest GT5 Seasonal Events

The latest round of Seasonal Events are now available in Gran Turismo 5, featuring suave French cars. Cars are limited to a maximum of 450PP and Sports/Hard tires or less. The challenges are as follows:

  • 450PP French Championship: Deep Forest Raceway / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2012/10/11 04:00
    1st: Cr.198,400  2nd: Cr.109,120  3rd: Cr.79,360
  • 450PP French Championship: Clubman Stage Route 5 / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2012/10/11 04:00
    1st: Cr.176,000  2nd: Cr.96,800  3rd: Cr.70,400
  • 450PP French Championship: Suzuka Circuit / 3 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2012/10/11 04:00
    1st: Cr.264,500  2nd: Cr.145,475  3rd: Cr.105,800
  • 450PP French Championship: Tokyo Route 246 Reverse / 3 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2012/10/11 04:00
    1st: Cr.219,100  2nd: Cr.120,505  3rd: Cr.87,640
  • 450PP French Championship: Eifel (Kart) 106A / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2012/10/11 04:00
    1st: Cr.237,300  2nd: Cr.130,515  3rd: Cr.94,920
Note the “Performance Difference Bonus” applies, so more credits will be awarded for using a slower car below the maximum allowed PP value.

The game’s Online Car Dealership has also been updated with new inventory. As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

Gt5 Photomode image by rallymorten.

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Comments (131)

  1. Toyzri

    Alot of complaints and I have yet to experience the problem. Maybe if people put one tenth into their home networks that PD invests into servers for our gaming pleasure there wouldn’t be a need for complaining.

  2. Zascatrollic

    Im tired to read: “You have been disconnected of the server”. PD and Kazunori Yamauchi concretely, please, REPAIR IT NOW.

  3. aaron5829



    I really f*cking hate it when the AI slows down in the middle of a corner when you’re close to them… SH*T !

    It’s not only annoying, it also slows us down.

    I know i can “fix” it by racing in Arcade Mode and bump the AI Level up to 10. But WTF ! I NEED THAT OPTION IN GT LIFE MODE TOO !!

    1. aaron5829

      Hell yeah i’m mad !!

      I’ve been quietly waiting for them to fix the stupid AI but nothing happened…. Before patch 2.0 or something… the AI was better than this… the only fun i can have playing in single player mode is the arcade mode…

      God damn it..

      No, i love my dog… aww, my dog… i love her. :)

    1. another_jakhole

      Google translation, Pit Crew. And they’re only commenting like that for this article. I think it’s fine so long as they’re not constantly speaking French.

    2. another_jakhole

      tres bien, is supposed to mean “very good”, i guess. GabouMachine – FINALLY, another french dude! lol

    3. Pit Crew

      No Problem AJ, kinda didnt want them to catch an infraction. Im actually happy to have an event from Europe finally and I can Drive my Clio’s. Woot Woot. :)

    4. another_jakhole

      Oh yea, I do that from time to time too. Same here as well about the Clio. They’re so easily maneuverable making them damn fun.

  4. SaintSaiya

    Lincoln cars are now in forza 4 dlc,as much as I love gt5,I might buy a 360 and forza 4 just for that single noneperformance landyatch car lincoln continental with suicide doors

    1. TokoTurismo

      Both the classic Fiat 500 Abarth and the classic Mini Cooper are coming to Forza Horzion. Totally hyped. :D

    2. HuskyGT

      And that makes me want an xbox and F4 even more. I honestly avoid anything that has to do with Forza because then I feel terrible because GT5 doesn’t have it. I’m definitely hyped as well.

      the only thing I can do is to keep dreaming and hoping for GT6 to finally be the game that I’ve always wanted.

    3. sangdude82

      @ Youngun

      We all know that Kaz & PD have more than enough money & resources to get the latest line up of non-Japanese cars and also introduce some new manufacturers into the game but they are spending all that money on GT Academy instead. I can’t complain about that since it’s his money & GT Academy is the part of Kaz’s dream/goal towards his passion on motor racing but that’s why we don’t get much stuff on GT5. Plus, he said that they are concentrating on the development of GT6 so hopefully it can deliver the bigger selection of cars & tracks. I can’t wait to see the Bathurst on GT6!

  5. Bulletproofjay

    I love GT5 but I wish….
    1. The seasonals used the new DLC tracks and cars.
    2. An event creator.
    3. AI was more aggressive on the defensive lines.
    4. Grid starts.
    5. Show my split times with + and – per sector so I can see whether I am faster or slower in each.

    PD quote me happy with these changes ! Ta

  6. Hentis

    The Seasonals don’t really bother me to be honest. If I feel like it I do them if I don’t then I won’t. I just really don’t see the point in having a hissie fit every week there is a seasonal released. Like where is it going to get you. After all its only a game.

    1. MuoNiuLa

      PD is known to put out much better events than this. It’s frusturating that they have 1000 cars at their disposal where they can make nearly a limitless amount of events, yet they choose the lazy route.

      It may be just a game, but it’s something we sacrificed our money to get so we should be allowed to complain if PD does something that doesn’t make sense. Are you going to make this same statement towards people who are complaining about the online issues right now, just because it’s only a game?

    2. HuskyGT

      I’ve been in the same mindset for the past two months or so. It’s like if they are not even trying. They have so much potential having more than 1000 theorical cars and all those new tracks, yet they insist on following the same boring pattern. They honestly don’t care.


      I totally agree with you. PD needs some serious criticism. We know and they know that they can do better, but they don’t show any interest in the game whatsoever. That unfortunately translates in little or no interest on the game by us, their loyal fans.

    3. Ii_law-man

      Ours I kinda agree but screw GT5 it was good for a year but now we need to expand our horizons. Play more games and loosen up. I do not mean go bum GayBox 360. I mean play other games and lie in wait for the epic amount of GT6

    4. another_jakhole

      “The Seasonals don’t really bother me to be honest. If I feel like it I do them if I don’t then I won’t. ”

      My way of thinking. Complaining here every week hasn’t changed much so make a thread in the GT5 section.

    5. HuskyGT


      Problem is that there is no other game at the level of GT5 for console gamers. NFS is honestly rubbish and something you will only play once (if you don’t get bored and frustrated before the end). Dirt is great but it focuses mostly in off road racing. It’s a beautiful and well made franchise, but it only has a small portion of the automotive sport and industry. What else… Test Drive Unlimited; looks like a nice game when it comes to playing it how ever you want, it has a healthy selection of cars and plenty of space to test them, but that where it all ends. I haven’t played it, but people say that although it’s fun at the begining, its technical flaws make it a bit frustrating.

      So the only option is Forza. It might not be at the same level than GT when it comes to physics and graphics, but it has everything that a car nut wants. Plus, in contrast with other games, it is apparently well made. I don’t know, I haven’t played it, but for what I can see, the game is very tempating.

      Still, all I want is Gran Turismo to continue to be the king and offer more than any of its competitors have. With this new obsession by PD in the GT Academy thing, I don’t think this will ever come.

    6. ps3finest

      GT5 feels like Gran Turismo is dying as we know it. It has over 1000 cars, but the events that were put forth in the seasonals, A-Spec, and B-Spec race events use about a tenth of that number. For most markets, the lack of there regions vehicles is off putting what with the huge bias towards Japanese cars. I understand why they bias that way, this is were PD is from, but it still does not help most non-Japanese consumers. The AI is sad by this generations standards. The graphics are lovely on this game, but games should not be sold just because of graphics. The physics engine is unparalled by all the compitition, but realism does not make a fun game. It creates a fantastic experience, don’t get me wrong, but realism is very rarely fun. The sound work on this particular game is shoddy to say the least, and the music choice feels uninspired. I am not much of a online gamer, but I gather based on the amount of caps lock on some posts that the servers are practically down. This is how I view this game, based on all the evidence I have found and my personal experience in the game. I really hope this view is wrong, and if anyone feels I have misunderstood anything or missed a crucial piece evidence that goes against anything I have said, please PM me.

    7. BWX

      I’m going to just not buy GT6.. lots of other people will do the same. I just made rather large $1400 investment in a new gaming PC (delivered later today).. I’m sick of Kaz and PD and their laziness and conceit. I’d like them to change and fix huge ai problems etc, but they have basically given everyone the finger instead. I don’t want to support someone like that, so I’m not going to buy their games unless they change.

  7. Lambob

    I would like to see seasonals restricting us to comfort softs, with the ability to choose a prize, to select amongst a car we do not yet have in our garage.

    1. HarVee

      I like the ability to choose a prize. Having to do an event over and over again in hopes of finding an item you want or need is quite a tedious task.

  8. Brunskill777

    Yes, I’ve been waiting for this. A decent championship that’s challenging without spending hours doing it. I got out my Super Avantime with the reflex purple paint and red wheels, it’s so cool. I managed to win Deep forest with an Alpine A110 in first but on Tokyo and Eifel beating it was impossible. I did manage it though and it was fun! The prize car was decent (although I already have both 908’s), and the money wasn’t great but I don’t need money. Only complaint, the OCD was crap but it just fits the trend really.

    I think future race series’ should be:
    Snow and dirt (although I hate the invisible wall that’s way too close to the track that stops you going too far off. That really hindered me in the dirt time trial when I ‘hit’ it)
    Pagani v Lamborghini v Ferrari

    People have probably already mentioned these but I think they would be good. Although none of them should have pp limits. Some seasonals pp limits are way too low to use any really good cars.

    1. Tweetman_277

      I love my super Avantime… I managed, once, to do the supercar race around the nurburgring with it…
      It’s also great for destroying eight year olds in online lobbis in the Zonda R,
      What a car…

  9. Thetruth28

    I love that they keep creating new events to keep us interested. I just ask one thing, please take off all PP limits for seasonals. Ive said it before. 450pp should be the median but if I want to tune my car to it’s limits, let me, just make me pay by rewarding less credits and less experience points. Same thing they do now with the Performance difference but let it work on both sides of the fense. Less PP = more credits, more pp = less credits.

    Oh and unlimit the tires. Put them into the PP system, its fun on comfort softs at first, but after about 40 laps in the damn things, you want to step it up a bit. cm, sh etc etc

    1. researchALLwars

      do you mean step it DOWN a bit? Putting grippier tires on is surely not a step UP, by any measure of skill.

      (returns to elitist office)

    2. gamerdog6482

      I have all the credits I need. What would stop me from getting that R89C from the Japanese seasonal using a full on race car?

    3. e30 freek

      Well it is up to you gamerdog6482 if you want to make it a bit exciting but some comfort tires or if you just need some dough put the racing softs on

    4. KiroKai

      Gamerdog got a point, it was my first thought too. What would be the point with the added PP bonus if there wasn’t a limit? PD would never take away our money so you probably would still get the regular prize for the event, doubled by the 200% bonus even. That’d destroy any trying to use the low PP bonus system to the max, you could use the X1 and end any race in less than 3 minutes gettting the money which would still be quicker than spending 10 minutes in a slow car to get money + bonus.

      If you want unlimited race events, go play the A-Spec races. Their restrictions or rather the lack of those are ridiculous.

    5. Thetruth28

      hahaha, you guys are killing me.

      First, you could only use the cars permitted for the season, that would not change. For a muscle car event, you only get to use muscle cars, you would just be allowed to keep building them.
      Like I said before, if you want to use whatever you want to use, go for it. If you want to race French event against 450pp compeitition in a Bugatti, go for it, I wont know or care how you win your prize money. But you would get 0 credits and 0 experience points at that level. I just want to take whatever car I choose to enter this event and build it from say, 315pp to 525pp (just arbitrary numbers to prove a point).

      Gamerdog, if you want to race every seasonal in the fastest vehicle allowed for that event, be my guest, im not at your house with you and it doesn’t hurt my feelings that you choose to win as easy as possible. Cheers.

      LOL, you guys kill me. First all you do is complaint, then you get new ideas and tear them apart with stupid comments. Have fun

    6. another_jakhole

      Yea, come on, guys. It’s a choice. Choose to race with the X2k cars and suffer not getting as much experience and credits like it is now and like it was in past GT’s. Simply because other people MIGHT choose the easy route, why’s that going to hurt you? If anything, make it so that there are restrictions for getting the Prize.

  10. Pit Crew

    Will we ever see another Audi/BMW/MercedesBenz inspired OCD? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Curious as to why PD staff is pushing Japanese classics and holding back on some of Germany’s best.

    1. KiroKai

      Because they appear in the UCD pretty often?
      Then again the Japanese classics do that as well… maybe they should give us an OCD inspired by rare UCD cars across all car classes :)

    2. Pit Crew

      I dont collect excessively high mileage UCD cars. A OCD with All Rufs (5) 6Audis 4 Mercs Benzs including the R230 04 Cl 600 5 BMWS and still plenty of room for a variety of cars across regions and classes. Only thing stopping PD from creating a 24 to 30 car OCD is PD.

  11. Super Novi

    Enough is enough! We have had it with seasonal events! To be honest, I (and most likely other people) just want 4 things:
    Events Creator: Self explanitory. You make the rules. The harder it is, the more money and experience you get (and maybe prizes).
    Fully custom Transmission/Suspension for the Tank Car: The tank car has a lot of potential, but it is limited ultimately by the fact that it can’t go faster than 160 MPH. You can tune the transmission to a fictional F1 prototype, but not a car with the engine of a tank? Really?
    Increase the amount of AI you can race at one time: Yeah, racing 15 AI at the same time is pretty cool, but I want to see PD take it up a notch or two. Why not 31? 63? Maybe even more. Accidents would be A LOT more dramatic. This could go in tandem with the first one.
    Fix the damn connection problems: Also self explainitory. JUST FIX’EM AND WORRY ABOUT GT6 LATER!

    1. BlindZenDriver

      Not sure if you’re being ironic with your list or not but just in case let me point out you’re pretty much mistaken 100% of the time :-)

    2. researchALLwars

      well… he’s right about the Event Creator.

      also the connection problems for playing online are a big deal to those of you who don’t mind the atrocious netcode (you know.. how you and your competitors online are operating in a quantum-particle-style world? Skipping in and out of existence and dancing around the track like frantic waterbugs?)

      More A.I. on the track would be great- but I’m sure they’re pushing it to the max with 16 half-million polygon cars racing at once, as evidenced by the fact that it’s only 12 on track for the entire A-spec career. : (

      now… the tank car? yeah. Thats just Super Novi being crazy haha!

    3. Super Novi

      @BlindZenDriver So I am wrong 100% of the time? What? ALLwars just stated I was right about 3/4 of what I said.

      @researchALLwars I am serious about the Tank Car one. Because it CAN’T have a Fully Custom Transmission, it can’t even PERFORM as well as the Performance Points say it can.

    1. Pit Crew

      ^ His comment may be off topic but his point is valid enough for him to speak out.

      A thread exists here in the News section regarding internet connection issues that are still running amok on some players systems. Probably why he’s expressing his disdain on gtplanet.

    2. TheEzekiel

      well…this is maybe the fan site but maybe…somebody from PD is reading this from time to time…I would read this If I was member of PD crew…and it really…really pisses me off :-\ so Im expressing myself

    3. another_jakhole

      The PD crew are Japanese. Will you be someone that ONLY looks up feedback on the internet? Borrrring.

    4. TheEzekiel

      did I say …only? wow ….wow…. guys you see even what I didnt type :D dont be preposterous… stop acting like this is the best game ever…simulation is certainly great but other stuff…sounds, music, interface, online’s piece of garbage

  12. rallymorten

    WTF?? MY PICTURE!?!?! YAAAAAAAAY :D extra motivation to play those seasonals lol. A bit misleading but anyway, I’m kinda ecstatic about it being my picture

    1. rallymorten

      Forgot to type that this also means I better work on improving my gallery lol, I’ll be bringing up more pictures soon!

    2. Pit Crew

      I finally added an album of Photographed in game exploits. *Pit Crew waits in line patiently hoping oneday his Album will be chosen*

  13. researchALLwars

    Terronium-12: that picture, while very cool, is a bit misleading. I came in believing that we would see a rally event among the races here. Not a big deal, but I have to say something. This is the first time that the pic has been so far off from the actual race events in the article. I know the car is french, but c’mon.

    Alright, back to things that matter. Does anyone expect a 3.0 update with an Event Creator so we can make races like MoLiEG has mentioned below? Breathe some LIFE into this carcass, PD! The foundation is there, great physics, some excellent tracks, tons of cars that never get used.. A nice Event Creator would instill infinite replayability- expecially if it included prizes for winning difficult matchups on slippy tyres.

    No more chasing silly rabbits! The manner in which PD has handled GT5 is forcing me to look into a gaming pc. Wtf!

    1. ncrthree

      Absolutely! I have no problem with the ASpec continuation that the seasonals are. It’s almost an acknowlegement from PD that ASpec was and is lame. At least they’ve thrown in the pp credit deal and made at least one race be pretty challenging.

      However, I’ve been wanting an Event Generator since GT5 came out. This to me is priority #1 to keep offline interesting. And yes, I’ve set up plenty of Arcade Enduro races with the more aggresive AI but it takes a LOT of experimentation to get a decent race. Hate having to dumb down my car to get a competitive race. At this point I don’t expect that to be added to GT5 but if an Event Generator isn’t in GT6 that would be inexcusable.

    2. smskeeter23

      I think event generator with the option to “post” it online for others to play as well would be a holy grail for GT5’s legacy.

    1. researchALLwars

      Why forza? Why not Rfactor2, iRacing, GTR2, GTlegends, ProjectCars, F12012, Assetto Corsa, Game Stock Car, Netkar Pro, etc…. ?

      Come at me bro!!!

    2. ROFFATI

      Thats what i mean. If i go to a restaurant and i don´t like the food. I don´t go there any more and go to an other instead of going there again all the time and complain about the food.

      Yes, PD is probably buissy with GT6 or something, and thats OK,´cos if the wouldnt, people will complain again if it takes another 6 years for the next GT.
      So bl bla bla, every one is complaining! Great!

    3. Pit Crew

      Is Forca a new PS3 Race game? Gotta check that out lol.

      I’ll complain when I feel the need. You just concentrate on ” Doing Your own thing”.

    4. HKS racer

      LoL I’m already playing something else, I just laugh at PD because they are great commedians. Seasonal Events are one of their best jokes.

  14. DavidtheGT20

    I really don’t care about the Seasonal Events anymore. They get repetitive. C’mon guys, they do this cuz they’re working on GT6!

  15. Lambob

    I woke up expecting patch notes 2.09 , I guess I’ll just continue racing online as usual. still loving 2.08, suspension matters online, finally. And punishes those that slam to the ground.

    1. LeeMoldon


      Those tracks suck nearly as much as the 7 year old graphics on 80% of the cars in this game. PD stop wasting time with seasonal events and stupid x2012 demos and release dlc of more recent racing cars with proper sound AND sort out the bloody ONLINE PROBLEMS!!!

  16. 05XR8

    The Seasonal should change to sport sedans or V8s only. How about sport wagons? Too bad we miss out on the Renault RM from GT5 Prologue. And we are definitely missing out on the BTCC cars we had in GT2.

    1. smskeeter23

      Funny that this car just popped up in my ucd for the first time on Monday night (or I never noticed it before)

  17. HarVee

    Japanese classic cars in the OCD again? Geez PD. Lets create an event revolving around French cars, yet put more Japanese ones in OCD. Ugh!

  18. WangansGodHand

    Use French cars for a seasonal event, and use Japanese tracks (except Eifel) for the races! Makes perfect sense!

    1. RACECAR

      Hate to break to you, but only Suzuka and Tokyo are Japanese. Again, know what you’re talking about if you intend on complaining.

    2. HarVee

      ^ Technically Deep Forest Raceway, and Clubman Stage Route 5 are both Japanese two, as they’re fictional circuits created by a Japanese company.

  19. BFBulletMagnet

    Bon de voir un quelque chose de nouveau. Je n’ai jamais de voitures françaises. C’est au moins me donner une raison de les essayer.

  20. MoLiEG

    Again, PD using the same old themes for the seasonals… :facepalm:

    Why not Ferrari vs Lamborghini vs Pagani???
    Why not Viper vs Vette?
    Why not Race of the Red Emblem? (I mean, this game has thousands of GTR’s/Skylines)
    Why not Evolution Meeting???
    Why not Jaguar Seasonal???
    Why not BMW seasonal???
    Why not Camaro vs Mustang seasonal????
    Why not Roadster seasonal???
    Why not Classic Race car seasonal???
    Why not Ford Seasonal???

    People at PD… USE YOUR BRAINS!!!! IT’S FREE, YOU KNOW????

    1. cheba

      Because there are no logos for those seasonals among the existing A-spec event logos :)

      Except the Roadster (Mazda) one. And it feels like we have had that one more than once already…

    2. challengerrt10


      Seasonals are very repetitive and thanks to that boring!!!!

      They’re almost always the same races we already got in A-spec.

      We don’t have any race editor and the seasonals are the only hope for refreshement but they fail to do this becouse of PD’s laziness.

      I have to play Forza in order to take part in the events @MoLiEG mentioned.

      It’s a shame!!!!!!

    3. Markus.m

      @ MoLiEG

      Thats exactly what we want to play! Plus 20/30 or even more laps races with racecars! Raceditor FTW!

    4. MuoNiuLa

      @cheba: What’s preventing them from designing logos exactly?

      @riverfire: Tell me when I can make the events in arcade mode that Molieg mentioned, then maybe that’ll actually be an acceptable option.

    5. ROFFATI

      Why complaining?
      Youre ideas are very good, but why not just do those races online in youre Lobby. It is better than driving against the KI in the seasonals thogh. It is more fun to race real Drives.


    6. MuoNiuLa

      When will people realize that not everyone cares about playing online? Have fun waiting for people to show up and then moderating them to make sure they use the cars you want them to.

    7. challengerrt10


      ” Have fun waiting for people to show up and then moderating them to make sure they use the cars you want them to.”

      This is the reason why I gave up online racing when I want to race using a specific type of cars or makes. When I set a lobby “classic race cars” there were always some morons who popped up with GT-R, NSX or other GT500 car.

      Range of opponents’ cars used in arcade is very limited, seasonals are very repetitive (at least they could diversify by setting PP on various levels like 425, 450, 475, 350 insted of implementing the same PP restricion to every race).

    8. Super Novi

      Some people don’t have an Xbox and don’t want one. Some people also don’t want to pay to play online.
      I am like some people.

    9. Pit Crew

      Online is not for everybody. Ihave to go through that same drama in my lobbies everynight, having to boot idiots that ignore room comment and pull out RedBulls Veyrons Vipers etc, when comment clearly states a specific car type and MPH limit, but I just kick them out.

      Im not letting disrespectful clowns ruin my online fun.

      PD isnt even trying to create anything fresh, just these tepid CTR events that barely delve into what potential GT5 does have.

  21. ka-mai

    great, thanks Polyphony! Keep up the good work.

    Nice to see the low power cars getting a workout.

    Actually 450-500pp, for me, is the most fun grouping. Just enough to have some fun, but not so crazy over-powered that they just become a chore to compete with.

    1. RACECAR

      Wrong and Wrong. None of the tracks are the same ones from last seasonal. If you’re gonna complain, at least know what you’re talking about.

    2. Polly Pocket

      @Racecar: If you include a wider scope among seasonals, the same f-ing tracks are always used. If you’re gonna be contemptuous , at least be a little smarter.

    3. BFBulletMagnet

      Same ps3 same gt5 and yet you expect something different? Lets see grab hammer. Place hand on table. Whack hand with hammer! Hand hurts…
      Now grab same hammer place same hand on same table and whack hand the same! Expect hand to not hurt?
      Your not very bright are you?

      Of course it’s the same that why we love it!

    4. MuoNiuLa

      I agree with rev_hard. They’re not even using all the tracks in the game for crying out loud. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but have they used High Speed Ring (Rain) for seasonals? Because I have never seen that track appear. And that’s just the beginning.

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