Funding for Project CARS 2 Now Open

Ford Focus_Project CARS 2-1

Following the rapid success of Project CARS across the globe, developer Slightly Mad Studios has today announced that the second title to be funded and co-developed by the innovative World of Mass Development community: Project CARS 2!

The second installment will expand upon the existing formula with a breadth of new features and content that the studio has outlined:

  • THE LARGEST TRACK ROSTER EVER – 50 unique locations and 200+ courses including ‘loose surface racing’ on dirt, gravel, mud, and snow. All will have dynamic time of day and weather allowing you to play anytime, anywhere
  • THE WIDEST VARIETY OF MOTORSPORTS with 8 different disciplines now including Rallycross, Hillclimbs, and Touge. 200+ cars from over 40 different vehicle classes including never-before-seen Concepts and Banned Race Cars
  • CO-OP CAREER – Play as the Teammate Driver, Spotter, Driver Swap, or Co-Pilot. More choices, more opportunities, more strategy, greater risks and greater rewards
  • SEAMLESSLY CONNECTED – Socialize and compete via Online Track Days, have players from around the world take the place of AI-controlled drivers in your solo play, and get news updates on the Driver Network around you
  • PRO ESPORTS RACING – Skill & Behavioural-based matchmaking, create your own Online Racing Leagues, and Live Broadcast and Spectator functionality
  • YOUR HOME FOR RACING – Your own personal, customisable Test Track to tune and test your cars. Invite others to showcase your passion for racing and learn race craft and engineering with the Project CARS Academy

It should be noted that the above are simply outlines for the initial vision of the game as members will be able to directly influence key game design decisions during the development process.

You will be able to choose from one of five membership tiers, starting at £50 ($79.14 USD) for the Bronze tier, and each tier comes with a set of benefits or “perks”, with the highest tier including a Michelin-starred dinner with Ian Bell, head of the studio, and a Ferrari 458 Spider driving experience!

All tiers include regular access to developmental builds and the WMD forum as well as votes that will decide key game design decisions for the new title. As was the case with funding for the original title, packages are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and once the required funding goal has been reached no new tool packs will be available for purchase.

To join you will need to register a brand new account on the official portal page and then purchase a Tool Pack. Be sure to stop by the brand new Project CARS 2 announcement thread for more information as it becomes available.

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Comments (133)

  1. Haulin_Hebrew

    I believe SMS is already on v2.0 so they are working the bugs in PCARS, but it just seems crowd funding is for start-ups only, I’m sure any publisher would give them free range of vision and creativity on PCARS2, from the success of PCARS which is A great Sim-Racer totally unique from what everybody else is offering.

  2. Haulin_Hebrew

    I always thought crowd funded pools are for start-up businesses with a great concept with limited resources, so they don’t have to compromise the vision going through a publisher, not an established business trying to stack their chips, It seems Slightly Mad has gone Stark Raven Madd, produce DLC’s and make PCARS 2 from the success and profits of the funding from your previous offering like any other business, other wise SMS you make yourself look like a greedy amateur with poor money management skills and no faith in yourself, but that’s my POV, If it makes the next guy happy, Go for it.

  3. Tyger

    One thing I’d like to point out, for anyone saying this sequel needs to be crowdfunded to continue with “community development” is way off the mark, you don’t have to fund a game to be involved in it, and they already have a very strong, devoted fanbase who put a lot of time (and their hard earned $$$) into the first game. They also closed the beta *very* early on in development, which made it seem unnecessarily exclusive to people who got interested in it later on.

    Anyway I have the game now and it seems to have been well published and successful, a few teething problems here and there which they need to focus on, but however I slice it I can’t help thinking this announcement is a bit of a dick move.

  4. DaBRZBeast

    why don’t they just put the money they earned from the milions of copies they sold? why don’t they use the money they got from the sales and put it into fixing the game and inserting all the DLC with allthe new feautures they”re gonna put into PCARS2. and like they should charge like 10-20$. thats how you do business. They should be on the look out for the current game they got. just saying

    1. Johnnypenso

      Did you object to paying $60+ for GT6 that was basically GT5.5, with some physics tweaks and some new cars and tracks but more than 90% of the content was recycled?

  5. andrew84555

    I thought they had a publisher? What happened to the profit from the first (still broken) game? I was a part of the early development of the game but I would not bother again, all I got was a discount on purchasing something I had already paid for.

    1. Johnnypenso

      They want to continue with community development of the game and to do that effectively, they choose to continue to charge an “entry fee” of sorts to gain access to the forums to have input on the development. It’s not so much about needing the money anymore obviously, as it is about keeping out the trolls.

  6. nocturnalgrey

    I have some questions for someone with the knowledge to answer…

    What was the budget for Project Cars 1?

    The game sold over a million copies, so it’s safe to say the gross of the title was around $60 million.

    I am not sure what the net of the project was, but do investors profit share, or does all your money just get you involved in the decision making process?

    1. nocturnalgrey

      After visiting the website…

      PC2 project budget is roughly $11,044,583.

      SMS has put in $349,494.

      If PC2 sells another million copies… yeah, do the math.

  7. TeamCZRRacing

    I’m just gonna copy and paste what I said on the announcement thread here on GTP:

    Here’s how it is:

    1) Due to PCARS’ unique development plan which is dependent on community funding, they HAVE to announce it early in order to have enough money to make the game.

    2) Sequels almost always start development before the first game even launches. They’ve probably been preparing PCARS2 for half a year or more behind the scenes so that they could start development in earnest soon after PCARS1’s release.

    3) You don’t have to buy PCARS2 while it’s in early access. Heck, you don’t have to buy it at all. Because it’s a free world.

    So please keep these facts in mind before you complain about how they’re milking you dry.

  8. JKgo

    Usually a game takes a few years to develop so SMS starting now make sense. But asking for a… “donations” so soon after the release of first game was to me a public relations suicide.
    If I forked out XX dollars and heard this right away, I wouldn’t really feel all that confident of the devs backing the game for at least a while longer.
    Bad timing, I’d say.

    1. Johnnypenso

      I do agree the timing is bad but I don’t think they had much choice. They probably had a development schedule all worked out and to delay it at this point because of game bugs that they promised to continue to work on, would look weak, and the markets don’t like weakness. If they don’t support PCars1, PCars2 is doomed so while we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out, PCars2 gives them every incentive to get PCars1 running on all cylinders as quickly as possible, or it’s going to be awfully hard to generate hype for the next game.

    1. Johnnypenso

      I don’t see why it can’t be. It’s not hard to scrape together $5-10 million these days if you have a good idea and the development process is fun and informative. Most people that play games can through a few quid together if they are interested.

  9. omgitsbees

    I helped fund PCARS back in 2011, the day funding went live in fact. I don’t think i’m going to do it for this sequel though. I really enjoy PCARS though and can’t wait for the next game.

  10. Blood*Specter

    While the initial release has a good deal going for it, Pcars is not the last word in fit and finish. There are some bugs, omissions and mistakes to be dealt with for THIS GAME. I do like what their working with. But they still need to smooth thinngs out a good deal.

    Like the cataclysmic lag that takes place when player’s join an on-line room. Or having the same car you selected in your garage when you get to the track.
    SMS still needs to refine their baby.

  11. daus26

    K I’m done ranting. Good luck slightly mad studios. Just a tip, ask your publisher if they want to invest in your sequel. After all it was pretty successful. You already did?, well ask us anyway! Take my money! 80 bucks. Here you go. I’ll be sure to pay the additional 60 bucks at release when I want it for console!

  12. stupidstormy36

    While I am all for Project CARS 2, it’s far too soon to be talking about it as they need to focus primarily on fixing the current issues on their current game as well. If they have enough employees, then it’ll be fine. I know they’ll keep on working on PC at the moment, so I’m not against this at all right now.

    1. daus26

      Time and support for pc1 shouldn’t really be the problem, cause they can coincide with each other unless pc2 is built from scratch, ie GT6/GT7. Rather, for me at least, if this is going to be the norm; the pressure put on us to give money to see a sequel, no matter how successful they are.

      But yes regardless it’s too soon. Imagine if Driveclub announced Driveclub 2 after its broken launch. Well at least they won’t pressure us with money. K, maybe we shouldn’t feel pressured, but asking for money when you’re successful is a huge turn off for me. Not that anyone should care of course.

    2. Johnnypenso

      What pressure? When Apple releases a new iPhone do you feel pressured to buy it? Do you feel pressured to invest in Apple if you own an iPhone? If you don’t want to get involved in PCars2 then don’t, pretty simple really. But for anyone that is really interested in sim racing and game development, it seems a pretty cheap way to buy into the process even if you do nothing but hang around on the forums and follow the progress.

  13. acedition333

    Didn’t realize this game was that bad. Hearing that it needs to be fixed and yet they want to start funding for the next one is disappointing.

  14. capt_aaa

    Slightly Mad went totally Mad!, I shelled out a cool €€€ for the Euro special edition and it’s still in its factory cello wrap waiting for all the bugs to be ironed out and yet they start another sequel without concentrating on swiftly fixing the serious issues that is riddling the game despite all the outcry from gamers!!! SMS, this is totally unacceptable!

  15. KilzoneStrife

    What never ceases to amaze me is how there always seem to be White Knights on hand to defend SMS. When theres bugs etc.

  16. MLRSparco

    Why exactly is everyone upset for? Just because they announced there plans for a new Pcars doesn’t mean they’ll stop supporting Pcars1,for those who don’t know most companies will almost immediately start developing there next title right after there done with there current game,same thing is happening with GT6 and GT7 and as you can see they still support GT6 with updates and new content the only difference is SMS has announced it not long after they finished there game,there’s nothing wrong with that at all.I also don’t mind the whole donations thing (I hoped the prices would be lower though) seeing as you’ll get early access to the game and be able to voice your opinions and concerns and know they’ll actually be read by the developers unlike somebody we all know (cough cough).

    1. daus26

      Big difference here is that the developer is asking for money vs other developers. First time ok, but after selling over a million, it shouldn’t be aimed at community funded anymore. Donations, cheaper options at least. 1 million after first few weeks at 60 bucks is no slouch. At the very least, they should prove their worth first. Satisfy the supporters first before asking for more money. Let’s face it, whose going to be the main supporters? Probably the very same people that supported the first one.

      Sure, it’ll probably be awhile till they release this game and they’ll continue to support the first game. But do you not think this is too early? On top of that, some of these features were promised for the first one. Just imagine you’re investing on something that hasn’t met your expectation, and that something is asking you to invest in another of their business.

      Now imagine if every successful developers do this. Maybe then we can see how shady this can get. I’m all for this whole kickstarter trend, but not for the release of every one of its successor. To be successful in life, you can’t continue to rely on others. Prove your worth.

      Ever heard stories of homeless poor people getting support from community fund-like fashion? You think that homeless person should learn to prove his/her self and be better on his/her own, or continue to ask for donation whenever he encounters problems in life or wants a new car? Lol

      K, maybe I’m going too far.

      But hey, supply and demand. If people are willing then good for them.

    2. Johnnypenso

      Big difference is they are asking for money? You don’t have to buy in. It’s a community funded and developed sim, the “need” for money isn’t part of the equation. SMS apparently likes the way the first game was developed and wants the second game developed the same way. Participation is optional and you need not spend money on it. I don’t see the problem.

    3. MLRSparco

      ^exatctly,at the end of the day it’s optional,if you want to get early access and be able to have a say in the game development then by all means pay,if you don’t want any part of it then don’t,I’d rather more devs do this as you actually have a say instead of being ignored like most devs,although it’s pretty pricey.

  17. Zlork

    Project Cars is a big joke.

    Thanks to GT6, the series has been was put back positive race. GT7 will destroy the competition when it comes out. I’m veray confident !

  18. littleregret265

    Think that while they are capitalizing pretty well on the market, this decision isn’t so much one for profit as it is for R&D. Some of these mentioned features would need some testers to work out logistics and problems within the software. Seeing as they had planned on a sequel since before the release of PCars, there’s not really a good reason for me to be upset. I think it’s good that they’re allowing people to get down to business already, they might be grabbing all of that money, but at least a portion of it has to go towards development and resources.I would have personally preferred them to stick with one game, though.

  19. KilzoneStrife

    Ian Bell must be smiling all the way to the bank! lol
    Way too soon, SMS. Certainly a scummy move after less than a month after launch.

    1. KilzoneStrife

      Shhh, you’re asking great questions!

      The last thing you want are for SMS disciples to reply to you.

      They do fight the good fight, oh bless their souls Mr Bell.

    2. ralph89


      You should see VirtualR blowing up and the staff (On SMS payroll) calls everyone who criticized Pcar a troll. Lol. And that website has now been divided with real sim racer and Pcar fanboy

    3. Johnnypenso

      You have a link to VirtualR being on the SMS payroll? I didn’t think so. VirtualR is positive about every single racing game out there, it’s the trolls that turn the forum into an us vs. them hellhole.

  20. ironman44321

    Ahahaha yeah guys? Considering the first one has been out for like a month and a half (and working for like two and a half weeks if you have the PS4 version) this doesn’t seem a bit early?

    Sorry, but the first one isn’t good enough when it’s working to put up with all the time it’s not. Will be getting rid of it and wiping my hands of the series.

  21. SZRT Ice

    “YOUR HOME FOR RACING – Your own personal, customizable Test Track to tune and test your cars. Invite others to showcase your passion for racing and learn race craft and engineering with the Project CARS Academy”

    What happened to THIS Test Track?:


    And Project CARS Academy? Is this like a GT Academy knock off?

    I personally think they should lose the “Project” part and just call it CARS 2 (Community Assisted Racing Sim 2) since they are pretty much out of the project phase. But then again, if it’s a genuine ongoing development thing, than I could see why they’d keep it.

    1. KilzoneStrife

      Do donate money. the more you donate, the greater say you have in their community (votes)


    2. HarVee

      Putting jokes aside, why would he want to donate? Obviously this company is in bad financial status if they’re asking for more money right after having a major release. If their sales aren’t satisfactory, then they as a company are “doing it” wrong. Any sane investor would not invest in a company that shows such fiscal irresponsibility.

    3. Johnnypenso

      PCars1 is a crowd funded and developed title. They want to stick to the same concept for PCars2. It has nothing to do with sales and everything to do with sticking to the concept.

    4. ChauMing803

      Stick to the same concept of being funded…even having sold more than a million copies,how is this beneficial to us gamers?I don’t see a point in that at all.How is a company considered ‘good’ if they still want to rely on others when they have the ability to be independent?If you say it’s a sign of them listening to fans,they can just improve based on fans’ opinions without requring fundings.Imo,that’s really not an ideal move and I would say that’s even a cash-grab

    5. daus26

      Johnny after the success of the first, there shouldn’t be a need to stick to the same concept. That concept was there because it needed funding and support from people. They already have that with the first and it turned out successful. It’s another thing if it wasn’t.

      If this is acceptable to you, then it must be ok for bungie, pd, turn 10, dice, etc to do it too. No? Is it because project cars patented such funding concept? Just because it’s done to start, doesn’t mean they should keep doing it, at least if they have any sense of humble and thanks. Imagine if every sequel to a game was a kickstarter? Developers would love it, so why don’t they all do it? Let’s go further beyond video games and go to electronic products like the pebble watch or even the ouya. Imagine the folks behind ouya asking for funding for the ouya 2 lol.

      In all seriousness, this just seems like a lowball move. When we chipped in I thought they’d be good for future sequels especially knowing the success now. Now it seems like we are pressured to support for every sequel.

    6. daus26

      Want to see a sequel? Give us your money now! That’s all I see here.

      And when pc2 releases, give us more money to see pc3!!!!

    7. ralph89

      @Johnnypenso Crowd funding is meant to help small devs a head start and help financially, but since Pcar already sold millions, they are now considered as an established studio and financially secured. So no, the sticking to the concept of asking more money is bull.

    8. TRLWNC7396

      This isn’t about funding. It’s about people getting the chance to have a say in the development of the game. I think it IS a bit early to jump into the next development, but, this is what they choose.

      They aren’t being fiscally irresponsible. They are giving people who want the game (not to mention who want it to be better and bigger) a chance to help decide what and how much goes into the new game.

    9. Johnnypenso

      CZR has it nailed. It isn’t about needing money, it’s about sticking to the concept that they think worked. You crowd fund and develop a game for 3 years and it sells a million copies in the first month, why would you not continue with that? Imagine the outcry if the opposite happened. “Right, PCars2 is now in development, and thanks for the money and hundreds and thousands of hours you guys put into development the first time around, but we have money now so buzz off we’ll do this on our own”. You’d have the opposite outcry of, “SMS is greedy and doesn’t want to support all the people who made it successful, blah blah blah”. It’s a no-win either way with some people.

    10. liv4hardstyle

      @daus26 lol don’t mention bungie please, they are in fact the biggest robbers of all. Here ya go guys $24.95 for “new” content which appears to be re-hashed enemies with new name’s, watch out for those “wolves” you have to shoot, kill, repeat again.

      God forbid bungie add some useful stuff like trading gear, new planets and new objectives.

      Anyway this is grossly off topic I’m just mad at bungie who actually screw people, they are a huge developer with known success in the industry and are only interested in securing more of our hard earned.

      SMS are getting the community involved in the process of making a top game. Nothing wrong with that IF the goods are delivered.

  22. Johnnypenso

    “Rallycross, Hillclimbs, and Touge. 200+ cars from over 40 different vehicle classes including never-before-seen Concepts and Banned Race Cars” – sounds awesome!

  23. HarVee

    The first game just came out, and they’re already planning another? Shouldn’t they be focused on improving the first game?

    Also, why are they asking for donations? They should have plenty enough funds from the sales of Pcars 1.

    1. Johnnypenso

      Of course, it’s totally impossible to work on two things at a time. They have to have the entire team working on PCars1, finish it completely, then everyone the very next day switch to PCars2…because that’s how product support and development works.

    2. Matvex

      A month and two weeks = 1080 hours or 64,800 minutes or 3,888,000 seconds, for those playing at home. lol

    3. KilzoneStrife

      “Rallycross, Hillclimbs, and Touge. 200+ cars from over 40
      different vehicle classes including never-before-seen Concepts
      and Banned Race Cars” – sounds awesome!

      and if you order right now, we’ll throw in 5 more cars absolutely free!

      Sorry, I read your comment like an infomercial on t.v

    4. Johnnypenso

      So what if it’s a month old? If anything, given all the issues with the console versions of the game, it’s actually riskier to open crowd funding at this point. They are probably just sticking to a business plan that was drawn up years ago. And let’s face it, anyone who would complain about the timing of this announcement isn’t a fan of the series nor will they want to be an investor either so it’s pretty much pointless to wait to appease people who aren’t your target market to begin with.

    5. daus26

      Sometimes it’s the moral behind it too.There will always be people willing to give in, but should you take advantage of them every time?

      Like PD, all the extra GT6 content they could’ve modeled it as DLC content and make millions from it, but PD has the kind moral to give it free instead. You hear people in the forums willing to pay for dlc this, dlc that, like the free aryton senna content. All the free cars and track we got, you don’t think there others willing to pay for it? PD probably knows that but it’s given free anyway.

      Yes I know, the publisher has the last say in these decision, but we can’t say the developers don’t have any influence.

    1. MLRSparco

      Don’t see anywhere where it says it will be a yearly release,most games that have sequels will start there new title either right after the game is dropped or as the game is finishing.

    2. daus26

      You’re right. It happens with Assassin Creed but that was leaked. However, I also don’t see developers asking for money when a recently released iteration is yet satisfactory to most. It’s like Driveclub developers asking for money for Driveclub 2 after a month of Driveclubs release lol. We all know how broken that was haha. Thank you evo studios for putting 100% attention to fixing the original first, satisfying your original supporters, and not ask for money lol.

      Bottom line, this is too soon imo.

  24. liv4hardstyle

    Seems I am the only one enjoying the crap out of project cars. I have had 2 bugs that where noticeable that have since been patched. Had a race yesterday where I lost by 2 tenth’s of a second and we were fighting (cleanly) for position the whole race. One of the best races I have ever had. I don’t say this to defend anything, I just call it how I see it. My experience has been stellar

  25. Schmiggz

    I just hope Pcars doesn’t become….. a granturismo!
    Huge variety of cars bust most of it… useless!
    It should keep it’s full racing experience untouchable and add some important missed cars on every class like the Nismos and 458’s on GT3, the Evoras and Meganes on GT4, get in some Nascar, super V8’s and BTCC.

    1. CaroFDoom

      I don’t feel most cars are useless.
      I’ll try and play with everything.
      Except for cars made in America. (Other than the old Firebird because that’s really damn grippy)

  26. KYD302

    All of you pissing and moaning about pcars crack me up. Remember Gt5 at launch? better yet remember gt6 at launch, both were worse than pcars. Sure pcars falls more in realm but the games not like the crew. Asseto Corsa is coming to console and if it’s like it is on PC 90 percent of Gt gamers aren’t going to enjoy it because it’s going to be a wheel game that requires some actual know how. I enjoy pcars it’s new an it’s the best racing game on ps4 right now. To me Gt is just Pd beating a dead horse. With Asseto Corsa coming an NFS going back to the good ole days of the open world with immense car customization, Gt doesn’t have anything aside from the 600 duplicated cars, AC is so much better than Gt and it very well could put the nail in Gt’s coffin. Ive loved gt since the first game but after the struggle of 5 and the beta version of 7 known as gt6 it’s going to take a miracle for Pd to stay relevant with actual sim competition.

    1. The Chosen One

      “90 percent of Gt gamers aren’t going to enjoy it because it’s going to be a wheel game that requires some actual know how.”

    2. SZRT Ice

      Most gamers in-general use controllers over a wheel (in ANY racing game) as controllers are more affordable, thus more commonly used.

    1. Johnnypenso

      PCars1 is a crowd funded game. Obviously they want to stick with it for PCars2. It has nothing to do with money and everything to do with sticking with the concept. Think about the alternative for a minute.

      “PCars1 is crowd developed, thanks for all the help guys but we made lots of money so we are just going to develop in house from now on”

      If that was the announcement instead of what it actually was, the internetz would be ablaze with, “Haha, Ian has your money now he’s just giving you the big old middle finger, too bad for you suckers that put so much effort into the first game, hahaha, hohoho…”

      In other words, it’s a no-win scenario on the internetz, like most things.

    2. andrew84555

      ‘Why does it matter where the $60Million went? Don’t you people live in capitalist countries?’

      That is the single stupidest comment I have ever seen on GTplanet. If you put money into something then you have a right to know where it goes. $60 million missing following investment does not equal ‘capitalism’ it equals ‘pyramid scheme’.

      And how can crowd funding have ‘nothing to do with money’? Enjoy your dinner with Mr Bell I guess.

    3. Johnnypenso

      You have no idea what you are ranting about. If the terms of the contractual arrangements between the crowd funders and SMS are violated concerning the dissemation of financial records please feel free to share it when it happens. Until then stop making up issues that don’t exist. If you are an investor, you’ll have access to the information. If you are not, what happens to the money is none of your concern is it?

    4. andrew84555

      I was an investor, but said contractual arrangements seemed to change fairly regularly, particularly after the FSA went looking for investment fraud. Personally I found it extremely shady to advertise toolpacks with projected profits for buyers, but have said profit returns ‘based on your contribution’ which is entirely subjective and open for abuse.

      Now it seems any concept of revenue sharing has been ditched entirely, but you get free meal if you pay £10,000, so that’s nice.

      As for making up issues time will tell if I am the only one, but I somehow suspect I’m not. Keep fighting the good fight though.

    5. Johnnypenso

      Yes, because all you get for your $10k is a free dinner. Way to accurately represent the facts.

  27. skazz

    Um guys…. announcing the start of development of a sequel to any game is fairly normal, and generally happens pretty soon after release… Game development takes years.

    This news is simply a courtesy from SMS to allow members of the community to participate in another 2-4 years of daily test builds and watching the game progress, before eventual release. They don’t need financial backing to complete pCARS 2.

    The confusion lies in the fact that community members are being permitted to join at the start of development. Imagine GT7 first build on day 1 after GT6 was completed… that’s what you have access to if you sign up.

  28. SVPSkins

    haven’t given the first game time to run and they announce PC2? talk about killing off the PR for your product

    1. HarVee

      Less knowledge about a game means less hype. Less hype means lower expectations. Lower expectations means PDI can get away with releasing a shoddy product.

    2. SZRT Ice

      I won’t be foolish enough to say that PD can’t mess this up this time around, but I really hope GT7 delivers.

  29. scalman

    just wait for 3rd part is best move …loool . they must be kidding here. they should just put those updates into this game. but no , why , when people can give them money again. xD

    1. HarVee

      Well they (SMS) did work with EA during the NFS Shift era, so it makes sense that they would learn to do this.

  30. Gyro1780

    I wasn’t sure about Project Cars so i decided to wait until after it’s release & read the reviews. I’m glad i did now as it sounds like a bit of a disappointment so far. I’ll buy a PS4 later in the year now & maybe Project Cars will be sorted by then.

  31. Lambob

    I smell a rat behind the publishers of SMS. even their reddit posts are being outright deleted on an hourly bases, removing any critical bias toward this game. completely gone corporate in a cancerous sort of way.

    can’t wait for GT7.

  32. Akiras Mantis

    Hey, Slightly Mad.

    Is Project CARS 2 gonna be on a Nintendo system?

    If not, just say ‘No’ this time

  33. BaseBuild

    > Project CARS, Release date, May 7, 2015
    > Funding for Project CARS 2 Now Open, June 22nd, 2015
    Don’t know why, but I lo’ld.

  34. Talyn

    They should market it and develop it as an expansion or multiple expansions (PCars 1 being the hub), this way they won’t face as much wrath from the folks that just bought it.

    Yes, development on sequels often happens just after or prior to releasing a title but to ask for money just after some/many have just paid for something is a bit of an odd thing to do.

    1. Johnnypenso

      An expansion will generate nowhere near the revenue a new game will, and by the looks of it, PCars2 is a giant leap forward in terms of scope and content of the game. Well worth a whole new purchase to support a worthwhile concept IMO.

  35. doblocruiser

    I wanted to make an investment but pCARS cooled all down. It feels like a group of amateurs that wanted to make a game.

    The bugs, the costumer-beta-testers , no thanks!

  36. PIP_36

    Project Cars isn’t really the game I was expecting or hoping for, I thought it was going to be my saviour but it kinda turned out to be a false prophet.

    To announce pCARS 2 at this stage sort of leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    I genuinely hope they can fix the issues with this game because it could be great!

    The issues I have personally are game crashes, low FPS (AMD), no triple screen support (seriously?), bad AI and not enough time off work to tinker with the FFB.

    Not that it’s bothering me too much, Assetto Corsa, Race Room and Dirt Rally are keeping me entertained nicely…

    Besides, I’m not sure im a fan of game sequels now, I’d prefer that there was just one Project cars title and we pay for updates, additional features and content like DCS World, iRacing, Assetto Corsa and R3E.

    Except for tracks and cars, how different can pCARS 2 be?

  37. SZRT Ice

    I thought this (rally & loose gravel pjysics) was headed towards the “first”(?) PCARS?! And now they’re holding it out for the second one?

    This should be an update/expansion/dlc. NOT an entirely new game! I’m starting to feel like I paid for a slightly more realized beta, and PCARS 2 will likely turn out to be what PCARS 1 should’ve been in the first place. That is, unless they keep key things out of that as well for a PCARS 3! Lol

    1. DrJustice

      Pffft… We always knew that the naysayers would be falling over each other to whinge and cry – ’tis the net after all. Meanwhile, the rest of us are having mad fun :-)

      Loose surfaces were never part of pCARS 1. And your accusations below (which I can’t reply to directly), “So it was pre-planned to divide content up to save for a “sequel” later. Wow.”,
      are just baseless drivel; pCARS 1 has all it’s planned content and more coming.

    2. SZRT Ice

      I’m not falling over anyone or making a “followers” opinion. My opinion is my own, and I generally like PCARS. So calling me a “naysayer” is comical to me.

      By looking at what’s coming to PCARS 2, we can assume that would equate to the absence of those things in PCARS1*. And considering these things were planned when the game was in an ALPHA state means that it was pre-planned to withhold things well before the game’s release. Considering the fact that I am BASING my opinion on these FACTS, tell me how is my opinion BASELESS? Pffft… You might wanna wipe your mouth. You’re the one that’s driveling. :)

    3. Johnnypenso

      Yes, they should work for a year or two, double the car count and possibly a similar increase in the track count, add in all different kinds of racing disciplines and a whole new element to the physics model, and then just release it as an update and hope enough people buy it to pay for 18 months of work by 100 people.

  38. ZedMan1996

    Funny how this strongly community funded game ends up being garbage buggyness & and the developers are too lazy to patch the bugs, or even add DLC to PCars1, even though WE funded it all together, they’re soo lazy in fact that they decided to save those patches and DLC’s for a new game wow!

    Nothing like taking a dump on the millions that have funded you!

    1. Terronium-12

      Well if you want to use technicalities, it was actually mentioned there’d be a second installment while the original was still in Alpha.

    2. Terronium-12

      Because that question has no malicious undertone at all.

      It was decided what would be most cost-effective for the first game, whereas any sequels would add to the formula – you know, like every game does.

    3. SZRT Ice

      Maybe I should’ve added caps to “WAS” since there’s no italics, but that was a realization. Not a question.

      The whole ‘crowd-funding’ system is curious to me, as devs are getting paid before, during, and after their game’s development. “Cost-effective” is slang for “money grab”, “nickel & dime”, “swindel”… You know, like shady dev’s do.

    4. Johnnypenso

      I’m sure they were rolling in dough all through the development process. $6million for 100 people over 3 years. You do the math.

    5. Johnnypenso

      You said they got paid “before” the game was released. Did you do the math? Of course they will get paid after development, that’s the point of it all.

  39. Cote Dazur

    Not a bad idea to be quick about it, as with time everyone will eventually wake up and realize what Pcars really is and might switch to something more substantial. Of course by then the story will be, yes, ok Pcars did not deliver, but this is why we are now offering Pcars 2, classic really.
    as they say in the news release: ” first-come, first-serve basis, and once the required funding goal has been reached no new tool packs will be available for purchase” so not a second to waste, if you want to be part of the team that will redefine the SIM genre! sound familiar? it should!

    1. ZedMan1996

      You dont sound like a needy advertisement at all…

      Do you really see no problems with PCars1? Do you really think them not fixing it at all via patches is a good idea? I think its just an excuse to make a new game, because they cannot even be bothered to patch their first instalmment let alone add DLC.

  40. ZedMan1996

    Oh god they’re not sh****g out games like EA now are they?

    We’ve already had a taste of P C.A.R.S, and its just not up to the simulator standard (well okay it was meant to be a bit arcady anyway for the masses) but come on, this may aswell all be DLC, they’re just making it into a new game to make more money from copies sold in the masses.

    1. Maddad44

      You said it. Don’t I remember something about a game that just didn’t live up to what it could be and how this bunch we’re going to strip it down and rebuild it da da da. Maybe they have worked out just how much it costs to fix a bugged game so why bother? You have our money. You won’t be getting my investment or my custom for project give me more money! Sad to see them go the way of so many others, here’s hoping asseto ports over well!

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