German Touring Cars Featured in New GT5 Seasonal Event

August 11th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Germany’s famous touring cars have been featured in the latest GT5 Seasonal Event races, which take place at the following circuits:

  • Eiger Nordwand Short Track (5 laps, 467,400 Cr.)
  • Indianapolis Super Speedway (5 laps, 399,000 Cr.)
  • Madrid Reverse (5 laps, 484,200 Cr.)
  • Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 (2 laps, 531,000 Cr.)
  • Eifel Circuit 108Z (5 laps, 523,200 Cr.)

Appropriately, the game’s Online Car Dealership has also been updated with a batch of DTM cars you can use in these races, all available at half-price with 0 miles on the odometer. Here’s a complete look at the latest OCD listings (thanks to elitedriver123), with prices:

  • Dodge RAM 1500 LARAME Hemi Quad Cab ’04: 18,965
  • Chevrolet SSR ’03: 22,280
  • RenaultSport Clio Renault Sport Trophy Race Car ’00: 57,500
  • RenaultSport Lutecia Renault Sport Trophy Race Car ’00: 57,500
  • Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary ’88: 91,000
  • Lamborghini Countach LP400 ’74: 108,300
  • Honda ARTA NSX ’00: 375,000
  • Honda Castrol MUGEN NSX ’00: 375,000
  • Honda RAYBRIG NSX ’00: 375,000
  • Nissan CALSONIC Skyline ’00: 375,000
  • Nissan LOCTITE ZEXEL GT-R ’00: 375,000
  • Toyota Catrol TOM’S Supra ’00: 375,000
  • Toyota DENSO SARD Supra GT ’00: 375,000
  • Audi Abt TT-R Touring Car ’02: 500,000
  • Audi A4 Touring Car ’04: 500,000
  • BMW M3 GTR Race Car ’91: 500,000
  • Opel Astra Touring Car (Opel Team Phoenix) ’00: 500,000
  • Mercedes-Benz CLK Touring Car ’00: 625,000
  • Alfa Romeo 155 2.5 V6 TI ’93: 750,000
  • Mercedes-Benz 190 2.5-16 Evolution II Touring Car ’92: 750,000
  • Opel Calibra Touring Car ’94: 750,000
  • Vauxhall Astra Super Touring Car ’00: 750,000
  • Vauxhall Calibra Super Touring Car ’94: 750,000
  • Mazda Furai Concept ’08: 750,000
  • Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ’09: 1 million
  • Pescarolo C60 Hybride – Judd Race Car ’05: 2 million
  • Audi R8 Race Car (Audi Playstation Team Oreca) ’05: 2 million
  • Formula Gran Turismo: 2.5 million
  • Audi R8 LMS Race Car ’09: 2,625,000
  • Audi R8 LMS Race Car (Team Playstation) ’09: 2,625,000

As always, head on over to GTPlanet’s GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion. Thanks to Eduardo and RACECAR for the early tip!

GT5 Photomode image by Dolp.

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  1. Sep. 3, 10:58am

    Are these DTM cars still available at 1/2 price at OCD??

  2. Aug. 16, 8:15pm

    The La Festa Ferrari Race is faster. A tuned Enzo or 458 (what I used) will beat the 1 lap Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 race in 3.5 minutes (cutting the chicanes) ;D. Plus, you get 504,000 Cr. This race on Circuit de la Sarthe is 2 laps and gives you 534,000 Cr. (or something like that). That’s double the time, but not the Reward. Btw the experience is like 6,000 more than the Ferrari race, which is not much, especially in higher levels like 25+. But I still used a Audi TT-R Touring Car and bought a 2 million Cr. C60! LOVIN’ THE CAR!

    • Aug. 16, 8:39pm

      Yes, it’s been established for weeks that the quickest way to earn is le sarthe on the ferarri seasonal, managed to get to 800+ cars so far by grinding there. But does get boring, and this dtm event is a nice change.

  3. Aug. 16, 7:03pm

    I’d like credit.

  4. Aug. 16, 3:48pm

    Audi and Sony team up at gamescon 2011
    Published on August 15, 2011

    This Thursday, gamescon 2011 opens up to the public in Cologne, Germany. This year Audi will bring the World premiere of the Audi R8 LMS racing simulator to GT5 on the PS3. Long time Audi R8 LMS driver, Christopher Mies will present it this Wednesday.
    Audi will also unveil 6 new levels to the Audi Home Terminal.

    World premiere in Cologne: The Audi R8 LMS racing simulator will be unveiled at the gamescom fair this Wednesday. It is designed to simulate the racetrack experience in simulation games such as Gran Turismo 5 on the Sony PlayStation. German racing driver Christopher Mies will present the Audi R8 LMS racing simulator, which was developed by Sony and Audi and which has been custom-built by quattro GmbH. Some of Mies’s wins in the R8 LMS include the GT3 European Championship and the Bathurst 12 Hour race (Australia).

    Audi Windows returns to the Audi Home Terminal this summer with six brand new levels for you to experience, along with a new hi-score board so you can now compete against your friends. With the introduction of the all-new Audi Trophy cabinet and integrated hi-score board for your Apartment, celebrating your success has never been easier – or more stylish. With a selection of nine achievement-based trophies to be unlocked can you impress your friends & win them all?

  5. Aug. 16, 3:45pm

    Audi and Sony team up at gamescon 2011

  6. Aug. 16, 5:11am

    Should.make the buggatti a premaim car

  7. Aug. 15, 7:37pm

    I simply believe that there are only a few things that separate gt5 from the greatness its predecessors achieved and one of those is the lack of contemporary DTM racing cars in premium guise of course.

    • Aug. 15, 9:12pm
      A. Senna

      second that, and add that had they just made GT4HD i would’ve been happy too.
      But the online racing is where it’s at. GT5 does it great and they do it free.

  8. Aug. 15, 9:56am

    Thanks Stjimmy for your reply about the HKS drag car, will keep looking for it.

    • Aug. 15, 9:09pm

      Its not in the game :(

    • Aug. 16, 5:45am

      That’s a shame!

  9. Aug. 15, 9:36am

    YES! ARTA NSX! My Favorite! Dori-King’s JGTC(Now Super GT) NSX!

  10. Aug. 15, 8:49am

    Great OCD, driving the touring cars takes me back to playing TOCA! The A4 is a great car to drive, mega downforce so you give it plenty of beans through the corners. Going off subject now but does anyone know if the old HKS green & purple skyline drag car is in GT5?

    • Aug. 15, 8:51am

      I’ve not come across it yet, I have 600 standard cars so far.

    • Aug. 16, 2:58am

      Nope its not here. To be honest we need every car there was in GT2. Like the renault space van, hks drag car, every amuse, del sol amuse, all those amuse & spooned civics & integras.

      & the purple rally car im guessing it was another zuzuki?

    • Aug. 16, 5:42am

      At least we have the escudo dirt car! (was pikes peak)

  11. Aug. 15, 12:52am
    911 Turbo

    I agree with Jon64, that is all indeed true what said.

  12. Aug. 14, 7:15pm

    What really sucks is that all these complainers, no matter how much they claim to hate this game, will still go buy Gran Turismo 6 someday and make sure all of us know how much they don’t like that one either…

    • Aug. 15, 5:29am
      Big Ron

      What still sucks is, that GT5 still isn´t a racing game, but you are still driving alone on track passing some other cars in a specific time or lap number.

    • Aug. 15, 12:43pm

      What sucks even more are close minded fools who complain about complainers… its complainers, not blind sheep who drive developers to get theri game up, do yuo want to keep being a sheep?

  13. Aug. 14, 5:03pm
    A. Senna

    Gt5 rocks as far physics is concerned. The online is good. the cars are good. the tracks are…. good. This seasonal is good. And that’s all good. Seems to me though a lot of people want this game to be great. I can’t blame them. GT4 was great, it was great for it’s time, and compared to what’s out there now it’s still great. GT5 is improving though, let’s not forget the devastation Japan’s gone through in recent months. Big up to Polyphony for keeping up the progress. Arigato Gozimas Yamauchi-san.

  14. Aug. 14, 11:01am

    @corporatehammer,your to busy whining about people who think Gt5 still needs a lot of improvements. Im capable in independant thought, and these races are boring. Even Shift has AI that scales to you to ever race is competitive….

    Again, always 5 laps, always last place… Why not give us ten races? why not qualifying? Why not more competition. Gt5 has a long way to go still, makes me sad as the physics are great…..

    Online is a joke in this game as well… Wait 15 mins to find a decent room… Finally find one, take another 10 mins for race to start only for the host to keep changing regulations, and kick people who are good..

    Bringing up online is irrelevant its a totally different aspect many do not even want to be bothered with.

    • Aug. 14, 1:05pm

      There is a reply button gtnewfag.

      I’m sure they will switch up the format soon enough. The majority are probably still playing through the game. Gt5 got 10/10 to plat the game, get that and 100 percent in the game then you might, just might, have a valid point about additional content.

    • Aug. 15, 12:45pm

      Umm quantity comntent is what people want, not the same boring crap… Quality versus quantity, its not a hard concept…. Because the game takes long because of a terrible unbalanced levelling system to arbitrarily make it seem longer. A-spec is one of the shallowest racing games for single player i have ever played.

  15. Aug. 14, 5:43am

    Wait, the R8 LMS is more expensive than the FGT? What.

  16. Aug. 13, 7:53pm
    euros only

    Sweet I requested on the last seasonal update that winning pay outs should be shown here and he made my wish come true! Now it is more fun to read about the updates on here.

    • Aug. 14, 8:31am

      Praise the lord.

  17. Aug. 13, 2:16pm

    I found the norwdand race tough! Probably as I had never done that track in reverse and I was using the alfa. I changed to the merc for the other races and won easily then went back to finish nordwand which still took me about 10 tries!

  18. Aug. 13, 10:38am

    If only these events were grid starting compared to long rolling starts. To make htem actual races instead of driving fast to pass. Some of these touring car races are on sweet tracks they just need grid starts. As well as the rest of the A-spec events -_-

    • Aug. 13, 12:31pm
      Robot Shlomo

      Yeah, I’d like a grid start as well. You’d think that would be fairly easy to do.

    • Aug. 14, 3:54am
      Killer Tiller

      That’s the whole idea of the seasonals, to chase down the number 1 spot. Some are a little too easy though, wouldn’t mind a slightly bigger gap to chase down

  19. Aug. 13, 7:57am
    Papa Lazarou

    Hello daves, y’all need to quit bitching bout the best driving game on the ps3 at the moment. Yeah we need more premium cars, and yeah an update with new tracks would be awesome, just give PD a chance. I’m sure they have someone trawling through all the forums, making notes on peoples ideas on how to improve GT. Have faith andim sure all our prayers will be answered. Peace bitches!

    • Aug. 13, 10:04am

      I do wonder… if there’s an active GTPlanet member who works at PD.

  20. Aug. 13, 6:22am

    For crying out loud.. Now that I can’t play for over a month.. Now there’s this awesome event and a really good OCD. SIGH!! >_< Oh well, good for all you other guys! :) And I guess the event will still be there when I get back.

  21. Aug. 12, 7:29pm

    I live in the UK around £2oo here for one! which i dont have as i am a student. i have nearly completed everything on GT5 and i would happily go through the whole game again if i had a wheel!

    • Aug. 12, 9:59pm

      In all seriousness, the DFGT is not a bad wheel at all. For the price it’s a great wheel. I used the DFGT for almost 2 years while saving for the Fanatec wheel and clubsport pedals. Would highly recommend it if it’s more in your price range.

  22. Aug. 12, 5:25pm

    I wish a G27 didnt cost so much :(

    • Aug. 12, 5:34pm

      Where do you live? In Spain now it is 230€ and i paid 350€ one week after the release. Still runs great and i only opened it 2 weeks ago for lubricate. Worth every euro or dollar you pay for it. Porsche Fanatec are very good too.

  23. Aug. 12, 4:54pm

    People stop complaining about laps and all that stuff.
    I have a lot of fun playing in Nurburgring in Arcade mode. I just never tune the race cars (LMP,LMS…) or the sports cars (Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren…). If everybody tune the car is way easy to win but with hard tires and the car as it is itself is not the same. IA is not as good as a lot of games cause i play GTR2, GTR Evo, Race 07,rFactor and those games have different levels of IA “power” (0% to 100% or 150%)and of course if you play with lower % you always win but if you set this up just testing the IA in one race against you. GT needs something like this and for other part races must start in the grid with all cars together not with 20 or 40 seconds of difference. I know in Nurburgring this is normal but in Race circuits not.

    • Aug. 12, 5:10pm

      By the way GT5 is still on my list of best racing games (i have signature edition) and i understand why it is not as “perfect” as a lot of people wanted to be. PD should look more at the competition (simulators in PC) and for other part not too much at the Japanese market (for the car list).
      And finally i love this seasonal event. I bought all DTM (DTC) cars yesterday from the online car dealership.
      P.D:Use the Audi R8 LMS (team playstation)for race in Nurburgring in arcade mode (no car modifications at all)and i bet any of you will have a good time trying to catch the Mclaren F1 (long-tail).(at least in 2 laps an above). Just try it.

  24. Aug. 12, 1:38pm

    How hard is it to have races with more then 5 laps for a change? or more then 5 races? Geez PD has no imagination.

    • Aug. 12, 2:41pm

      Really ? We’re now complaining about the number of laps ? You do realize you can use your own imagination and set up your own races with the number of laps you want right ? But I guess that would require you to think.

    • Aug. 13, 10:08am
      GTfanboy hater

      to corporatehammer, arcade is pointless, no rewards so no thinking required (your natural state methinks).

    • Aug. 13, 11:30am

      LOL So you need someone to issue you cookies of some sort to make you feel good ? Rewards LMAO

    • Aug. 13, 11:38am

      Online mode will give you cookies and if I could think I could set up my own races and have cookies. Too busy with my complaining and fanboy bashing for that though.

  25. Aug. 12, 1:15pm

    Eiger is kind of tough!

  26. Aug. 12, 12:11pm

    I ran the Sarthe with the A4 and was 15 mph faster through the Porsche curves than with the Enzo in the previous Ferrari seasonal. Never changed setups in the A$ from the way it was purchased. Upped the PP a bit and used racing softs but it was much faster through technical stuff that the Enzo but of course would be no match on long straights.

    • Aug. 12, 1:31pm


    • Aug. 12, 1:37pm

      Added a wing to the Enzo and it did improve, but it does not have much. All motor.

  27. Aug. 12, 12:05pm

    This is one of the best OCDs there have been, IMO. I used the A4 and smoked all 5 events right off. Quickly paid back for the touring cars purchased before hand. And yes, I do wish for more premium status cars. I also would like to see some of the cars from the 60’s carry premium status, like the 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and the 1966 Alfa Romeo Spider 1600 Duetto ’66. Would also like to see a Fiat 850 Spider.

  28. Aug. 12, 10:05am

    I like Audi,

  29. Aug. 12, 4:13am

    I have the Audi ABT TT near matching the times i set with an Enzo around La Sarthe, that shows what a good car can do.

  30. Aug. 11, 9:51pm
    James bond

    Which in anyone’s opinion is the best car for it, i was uding the team playstation r8 lms

    • Aug. 12, 4:44am

      well, Ifirst tried the first race in the merc’ 190 E 2.5-16 Evo’ II ’92 with race softs and max tune and wasn’t quick enough, managed 6th. tried a couple of others too which weren’t much better. But the CLK touring car ’00 won all the races easily.

    • Aug. 13, 9:25pm
      Killer Tiller

      The alfa 155, max downforce, trans 240 works well for me

  31. Aug. 11, 8:42pm

    i had a great time with this new seasonal…..very fun. easy to make hard or easy to blow them away.

  32. Aug. 11, 7:54pm
    Robot Shlomo

    This is very cool! I love the seasonal events. Always something different to keep you coming back.

  33. Aug. 11, 7:50pm

    What are these people so unhappy about that they will troll this site and complain about a game that’s already went platinum. Doesn’t matter if you’re in a standard car on not, the game is still brilliant and updates are only gonna make it better.

    • Aug. 11, 8:05pm

      I thank-you with everything I can give.

  34. Aug. 11, 6:24pm

    It’s amazing how well you get the pictures chosen for the title look so real. Great Pics!

    • Aug. 11, 7:14pm

      I always seem to focus on the picture rather then the topic in my mind. They’re always so amazing.

    • Aug. 13, 12:36am

      Not trolling, but i wish the shadows looked like that in-game ;( Maybe in GT6 ;)

  35. Aug. 11, 4:09pm

    GT5 is boring *waiting for GT6*

    • Aug. 11, 5:58pm

      GT5 is boring *waiting for rFactor2*
      Do yourself a favour once it comes out sell the Ps3 and buy a Pc.

    • Aug. 11, 6:29pm

      im sorry, did i ask for any suggestions? don`t tell me what to do.thanks

    • Aug. 12, 1:30pm

      Lol fanboys gonna live and die with their own GT even when it sucks big times.

  36. Aug. 11, 4:05pm

    Not the place to be asking but I’m having issues too with online. “a connection to the server could not be established -1.531”? tried everything to resolve this, no joy still.. Anybody?

  37. Aug. 11, 2:07pm

    I do wish these where a little harder. They are too easy to be fun.

    • Aug. 11, 3:24pm

      Seriously? It’s called downtuning.

    • Aug. 11, 3:43pm

      But we shouldn’t have too

    • Aug. 11, 3:52pm

      Again, seriously? “Shouldn’t have to?” Annoying. Do it to have fun. If your having trouble with that, it’s your own fault. Also, use Racing Hards rather then Softs. Also makes it more fun. And if your not willing to do that… then your just wasting your time, and then your going to complain about it. Good day to you sir.

    • Aug. 11, 4:59pm

      Well I do use racing hards, and I still do it easily on the highest difficulty. Other game devs can make challenging AI so why can’t PD? That’s all, no need to troll.

    • Aug. 11, 7:12pm

      Woah woah woah. Not trolling. Giving explanations, yes. AI probably aren’t that good for the many features that are put in. And don’t go on about other games having more features. Maybe PD just doesn’t have the amount money to do things like the American companies and such.

    • Aug. 11, 8:44pm

      Well the AI don’t stop me from playing I just wish they were faster. I doubt it costs much to program another AI level.

    • Aug. 11, 9:14pm
      D X S O

      Try it with sport tires in the Lexus. See how easy that is.

    • Aug. 12, 12:18pm

      Remember about down tuning. I remember there was a weight penalty added to touring cars for the drivers who were previous winners, if I am not mistaken. Don’t know about now. But any of these races can be adjusted by the participant to “even the playing field”. I wish we could run one make/model races. It can be done on the PSP version.

      One thing that can be managed is difficulty, especially with tires and engine output. Drop the horsepower, redo gear ratios, and then go down a grade or two with tires. It can definitely be made “fun”.

  38. Aug. 11, 2:03pm


  39. Aug. 11, 1:52pm

    GT5 is a major disappointment. It’s become a mundane boring game. Where’s te DLC courses we were promised? Mototrstorm Apocalypse is where I’ve had to go to get a good race. Thanks for screwing up what used to be such a good game.

    • Aug. 11, 2:02pm

      Dude, you have 420 in your name and you still rant! Wow, mellow out! I completely disagree, with the right set up (driving rig) GT5 is an absolute blast!

    • Aug. 11, 3:25pm

      Also we were never promised with DLC crouses. Or DLC in the first place. K. Yamuachi said “probably.”

    • Aug. 11, 7:45pm
      Bu++ers bestest buddy

      Lol…motorstorm apocalypse is for kids. The AI on it is shocking as is vehicle physics. Id rather french~kiss a scunk than play that game again. If you prefer it to GT you really shouldnt be on this forum….idiot. Now go to your room.

    • Aug. 12, 1:11am

      Motorstorm ? seriously ?

      Oh 420 that explains allot.

    • Aug. 13, 12:54am

      What that 420 means? I’m lost here! lol

    • Aug. 13, 11:25am

      That’s the randevu time for removing the covers off the windows of the building to kill all the gremlins with sunlight LOL.

    • Aug. 14, 11:54pm


  40. Aug. 11, 1:46pm



    • Aug. 11, 5:19pm

      There is at least one premium car you can use if it’s that important to you :-)

    • Aug. 11, 5:56pm

      Yeahh! Only ONE premium car! Awesomeness!!!
      This is the Real Standard Cars Simulator.

  41. Aug. 11, 1:29pm

    if only the seasonals didnt require you to be connected to the internet and let you download the events to your GT Life menu.

  42. Aug. 11, 1:11pm

    Ahh PSN down for maintenance! I want the OCD. We just got an update yesterday what is the maintenance for?

  43. Aug. 11, 1:04pm

    Does anyone know how many cars are on the grid for this event?

    • Aug. 11, 2:18pm

      Its 11 other than you ;)

  44. Aug. 11, 12:59pm

    Isn’t there a DTM race around the nurburbring already in the A-spec mode? I know it’s for less credit and experience, but I’m much happier with the seasonal events being new races on different tracks.

  45. Aug. 11, 12:33pm

    Wll too bad there wasn’t like a 1 lap Nurburg, but hey! At least we have some rare cars now and 1 lap nurburg is what Arcade mode is for :) With a 16 car grid I do believe.

    • Aug. 11, 12:34pm

      Well* lol

  46. Aug. 11, 12:05pm

    The M3 GTR is an ’01, not ’91. Good work getting me really excited for a second though.

  47. Aug. 11, 11:57am

    Brilliant seasonal. Can’t wait to get stuck in. Got to see the gf tonight and tomorrow though :( lol

  48. Aug. 11, 11:56am

    So, no “real” German tracks in the DTM seasonal events.

    And, Indy oval not road course. WTF PD?

  49. Aug. 11, 11:51am

    It’s talk in the third person Thursday! that said, Kenny can’t wait to get home from work and get my DTM on!! Peace.

    • Aug. 11, 11:53am

      don’t you mean his if its 3rd person?

  50. Aug. 11, 11:19am

    Very pleased for new Seasonal, and upcoming Lean Update.

    Very displeased for not including Nürburgring Nordschleife track with DTM. Was my long time seasonal hope. Must be licensing issue.

    • Aug. 11, 12:39pm

      Just go in Arcade mode and do a Nurburg run, you do not get money, but you do get the experience. Not experience points in the game lol but the feel of it.

    • Aug. 11, 2:28pm

      I tried the Arcade mode recently, and thought it was strangely too easy, even with all aids off, and opponents. did I do something wrong? I expected a challenge and I blew them away in first turn..

      what settings should I use?

      I think I had Audi R8 racecar to try it out., don’t remember exactly which car. I ran 3 laps, with ease.. although I keep seeing people recommend Arcade mode.

  51. Aug. 11, 11:13am

    The Seasonal Events Are Okayy But The OCD Needs To Be Better :/

  52. Aug. 11, 11:11am

    i have an error connecting to the gt5 network. it says the connection to the server cannot be established. help?

    • Aug. 11, 11:16am

      try quit game and come back in

    • Aug. 11, 12:54pm

      It could be that you need to install the latest system update. My online connection wouldn’t work yesterday until I ran the ps3 update.

  53. Aug. 11, 10:48am

    Well, I have all of the DTM cars already (some multiple times) but I will by them again. And by the way I was constantly thinking about a DTM seasonal and finally it’s here, though I hoped for a two lap race on 24h track of the Nürburgring.

  54. Aug. 11, 10:45am

    Not bad……

  55. Aug. 11, 10:44am

    Sorry Jordan but there seems to be an error in your OCD list:

    Opel Calibra Touring Car ’94: 750,000
    Opel Calibra Super Touring Car ’94: 750,000

    That Calibra Super Touring Car doesn’t exist nor is it in game (I think you meant the Vauxhall Astra Super Touring Car ’00), but otherwise this is one of the best Seasonal and OCD update for a long time, i love same class races, especially when you make it even more challenging by using an extremely underpowered car :D

    • Aug. 11, 12:06pm

      Thanks, fixed. The list was provided by elitedriver123, as mentioned in the post.

    • Aug. 11, 5:02pm

      This is also to Jordan.

      There is still an error. In OCD offering there are two Opel’s and two Vauxhall’s but in the list above there are two Opel’s and only one Vauxhall.

      This one is missing:

      Vauxhall Calibra Super Touring Car ’94: 750,000

      With that the list will also come to contain 30 cars as it should do :-)

    • Aug. 11, 9:19pm

      Oh, I’m sorry about the errors. I kind wanted to post this first, so I did it pretty quickly :P

    • Aug. 12, 3:39am

      Thanks, all. In the future, please submit any error reports via the link above the comment form so I’ll be able to address them quickly.

  56. Aug. 11, 10:36am

    Great seasonal. I really enjoy doing Eiger Reverse. It feels like a real hill climb! I’d still love to see the top gear test track on a seasonal though.

  57. Aug. 11, 10:10am

    Brilliant, so many cars I’ve wanted. The CLK DTM, R8 LMS, 190E, so happy I can have them during my next sitting.

  58. Aug. 11, 9:55am

    Just spent out recently on a couple of these from the UCD, and now they appear reduced in OCD! Good job money is easy to come by these days in GT5!

    • Aug. 11, 9:58am
      Magic Ayrton

      easy money maybe.. but I still haven’t been able to afford the Jag and F1 cars, I need to win at least a million a race if not 5 for those..

    • Aug. 11, 10:40am

      @Magic Ayrton
      Ferrari seasonal, De la sarthe, 504.000 credits every 3.5 minutes.
      So you CAN create very much credits (and xp) in a short period of time.
      Come on, if this isn`t good for grinding what is?

    • Aug. 12, 12:34am

      @ras new la sarthe 531,000 2 laps using a IS-F concept race grind time

    • Aug. 12, 1:55pm

      2 laps de la sarthe using a touring car still takes at least 2 times as much time to complete compared to 1 lap using a Ferrari.

    • Aug. 12, 4:57pm
      Killer Tiller

      Definitely do the Ferrari le sarthe for grinding, I’ve gotten as low as 3min 20 a lap with a tricked out Enzo

  59. Aug. 11, 9:54am
    Magic Ayrton

    Just bought a Mercedes E190 Touring car – Slapped a massive turbo kit on it.. Car handles superbly with the T500RS, can’t wait for the shifterm this is Great.. is it me or have they jazzed up the winning song at the end of the race too :-)

    • Aug. 15, 5:26am
      Big Ron

      Epic fail, dude. You buy a race car and add a turbo kit on it? The car is fine like it is.

  60. Aug. 11, 9:49am

    This has been great news, and i must say the best update with the OCD for a loooooong time ;D

  61. Aug. 11, 9:04am

    I think the I SF concept is way to fast use the Maerc Evo ” DTM car its the leastpowerful and will be the post challenging to win the races in.

  62. Aug. 11, 8:48am

    damn..I just bought the pescarolo c60 for 4 million and with miles for 4 million… :(

  63. Aug. 11, 8:47am
    Antony Henley

    Nice update to the seasonal events.

  64. Aug. 11, 8:43am

    Good news! Now we can all buy those awesome DTM Cars. And if you can’t get enough of these cars, please take a look at the DTM3 thread in the GTP Online Events/Racing series forum or at GT5DTM.WEBS.COM.
    There are still some free spots available for this seasons Championship Series!

    • Aug. 11, 9:05am

      Wjne do you race, weekend?

  65. Aug. 11, 8:11am

    This is incredible news! i have been searching for the Audi r8’s for ages. QUALITY!!!

    • Aug. 11, 8:40am
      Bien Cien

      *cough* prize cars! *cough*

    • Aug. 11, 11:57am

      Really!? What for? Do you know?

    • Aug. 12, 4:43pm
      GTP_Rcrcool9 says…

      Nurburg 4 hour gives colored R8

  66. Aug. 11, 6:18am

    Yes! Finally I have the Castrol-Colored FGT! And the R8 LMS and A4 DTM! Been lookin for these for ages!

    • Aug. 12, 4:43pm
      GTP_Rcrcool9 says…

      Which LMS Race Car? You win the colored one from the Nurburgring 4 hour endurance.

  67. Aug. 11, 5:17am

    I must fix my internet. :(

  68. Aug. 11, 5:06am

    That Eiger Nordwand race will be SOMUCHFUN. I’m surprised that they didn’t include a Nurburgring race.

    • Aug. 11, 1:43pm

      Hehe, I thought the same, until I did it. The AI grinding to a halt at every tight corner did get very annoying, lol. Suprised they didn’t include a Nurb race too, but at least we’re still getting regular events :)

  69. Aug. 11, 4:49am

    Looking forward to getting home on Saturday and getting my hands on one of those R8 Race cars, been waiting for one of them for a while.
    Might be a good car for my upcoming enduro!

  70. Aug. 11, 4:43am

    Would have liked the Nurburgring better then Eiger

  71. Aug. 11, 4:02am

    Nice nice! DTM. :)

  72. Aug. 11, 3:50am

    Are Bugatti having trouble shifting Veyron’s? They’re always in the OCD. ;) Good looking seasonal on some new(ish) circuits. Good times!

    • Aug. 11, 6:00am

      Haha, and the FGT!

    • Aug. 11, 6:35am

      Haha funilly enough, Bugatti sold their last Veyron last week I think it was ;)

      Can’t wait to give these a go!

  73. Aug. 11, 3:31am

    This is the best Online Car Dealership yet

  74. Aug. 11, 3:08am

    I just bought the R8 yesterday but so what, with easy credits, you can get this back in NO time. Very happy with this latest offering. Time to change all my NSX’s for the 0/0’s.

  75. Aug. 11, 3:05am

    Good to have the touring cars but it sucks I just brought the R8 at full price a couple of days ago

  76. Aug. 11, 3:05am

    Fantastic update! These races will be getting a run for a while… Missed a trick with not having nurburgring as one of the locals tho!

  77. Aug. 11, 2:59am

    Now all we need is a premium DTM car…
    I mean a real one, not the Lexus.

    • Sep. 7, 4:25pm

      BMW M3 GTR Race Car?

  78. Aug. 11, 2:58am

    I must say, I don’t mind all these recent, closely released Seasonals to keep us busy during the ever lengthening gap between updates while PD settles into their new offices.

  79. Aug. 11, 2:56am

    Fureddo I would love to smack you in the face so hard, your comment had nothing to do with the new seasonal events, go complain somewhere else you ungrateful troll

    • Aug. 11, 4:26am

      Keep your violence and insults for you. Is any comment that doesn’t say anything about GT5 prohibited? I’m a huge fan of the series, but some criticism doesn’t hurt. Sure there are some recent cars and I might have exaggerated, it’s a shame that after 5 years of development, 800 cars still lack cockpit view.

    • Aug. 11, 4:47am

      @ Fureddo

      Why don’t you model some cars with cockpitview yourself, if it’s that important to you? Personally I absolutely love that we can race humans in this game, and not just mediocre AI. *thumbs up*

    • Aug. 11, 5:35am


      Yes critiscm doesnt hurt and yes i see your point, but this has NOTHING to do with the seasonals and honestly, that seemed more like a rant than constructive criticism and there too many gt rants already :|

    • Aug. 13, 6:24am
      GTfanboy hater

      JDMsk8r, I’d love to rip you a new arsehole….fanboy prick.
      Fureddo’s comment IS valid, MOST of the eligible cars for this seasonal are STANDARDS.

  80. Aug. 11, 2:49am
    Killer Tiller

    Sweet, I need at least 12 cars from the OCD. Only got 75 odd cars left to get the 1000, not long to go now lol

  81. Aug. 11, 2:47am

    Well these look like great events, can wait to try them out tommorow, then buy the whole OCD!

  82. Aug. 11, 2:44am

    And NO Tsukuba !!

    • Aug. 11, 2:49am

      Yeah, but still outdated “standard” cars without cockpit view.
      And what about recent cars? All models are dated from more than 5 years ago! Wake up PD!

    • Aug. 11, 2:56am

      Im sorry Fureddo, but what?

      Audi R8 LMS Race Car ’09: 2,625,000
      Audi R8 LMS Race Car (Team Playstation) ’09: 2,625,000
      Mazda Furai Concept ’08: 750,000
      Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ’09: 1 million

      All of those are cars that originated less than 5 years ago. No idea how PD could have modelled them more than 5 years ago…

    • Aug. 11, 3:01am

      Half a million credits rewarded. Sounds interesting.

      @ Fureddo

      What does that have to do with seasonal events? Chill out dude.

  83. Aug. 11, 2:44am

    Is ISF RC still allowed for this?

    • Aug. 11, 2:54am

      That’s a good question. It better be, it’s the only DTM car I have!
      But I’ll settle that tomorrow when I buy them all from the OCD. :P

    • Aug. 11, 3:00am

      Yes you can use the Lexus :)

    • Aug. 11, 4:01am

      yes you can.. That’s what I used in the German Touring championship in A Spec before :)

  84. Aug. 11, 2:42am

    Fantastic events, best yet with some AMAZING new cars in the OCD. The AUDI ABT TT-T is a stunning motor. Congrats

    • Aug. 11, 4:22am

      *thumbs up*
      I can finaly buy a brand new zero miles C60 for only 2mil… now thats what I call a good deal =)

    • Aug. 11, 4:47pm
      Vision Racer Lover


      **Hey, thumbs up if you like eating pizza*** duh duu duhhh duhhh…

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