Gran Turismo 5 2.01 Released, New B-Spec Seasonal Event

The latest version of Gran Turismo 5, version 2.01, has just been released. Weighing in at 112MB, it provides a number of bug fixes, patches, and tweaks. Here’s a complete change log:

[Major Changes and New Features]
– Compatibility of Kart Space I/II with cars other than racing Karts
It is now possible to race on Kart Space I/II of the DLC in cars other than racing Karts in online races and in the Free Run of Practice.
(In the one make races of the Arcade mode and Practice, the courses are still limited to racing Karts.)

– Expanded the car restrictions in the Online Lounge
It is now possible to simultaneously set [Car Restrictions], [Performance Points], [Power], and [Models] in regulation settings. ( [Vehicle Tuning] must be set to [Unrestricted] and [Car Restrictions] must be set to something other than [Select from Garage].)

[Other Improvements]
– In the Open Lobby, it is no longer possible to vote to kick out the person who created the room. (If the player leaves the room after creating it then comes back, they are then subject to the vote.)
– Adjusted the force of the steering wheel returning to center after a race when using the “Guillemot T500RS”.
– Improved the steering model when driving racing Karts with the DUALSHOCK®3 Wireless Controller, to prevent overly spinning out.

[Correction of Known Issues]
– Corrected an issue where the BGM would stop playing when returning from the Lounge to the Open Lobby.
– Corrected an issue where if further engine tuning was performed on a car that already had engine tuning, the engine tune field would become incorrect when changing setting sheets.
– Corrected a discrepancy in the numerical figures in the setting sheets.
– Corrected an issue where wheels and horns would become different in every setting sheet change.
– Corrected an issue where the removal of aerodynamic parts and wings would not be implemented when changing setting sheets.
– Corrected an issue where the TCS and ABS settings would change when changing setting sheets.
– Corrected an issue where if a certain operation was performed when using a steering wheel controller with an H pattern gear shifter, the shift lever position, gear position display and the car operation would become mismatched. (On the Logitec G25 Racing Wheel, Logitech G27 Racing Wheel, and Guillemot T500RS + TH8RS Shifter.)
– Corrected an issue with the key assignments on the Logitech G27 Racing Wheel.
– Corrected an issue where the driver hand motion did not match the steering wheel motion.
– Corrected an issue where autopilot would not be disengaged after returning to the course, when resuming an endurance race where the pit lane was entered at overspeed before saving.
– Corrected an issue where the Practice ranking board would reset if the weather change/time change setting was changed when editing an existing track in the Course Maker edit screen.
– Corrected an issue where no courses could be saved in the Course Maker if the update (2.00) was installed without going through earlier updates.
– Corrected an issue where an error would occur at game start if the update (2.00) was installed on a system that has a save data that has never been updated from the first version.
– Corrected an issue with the Hybrid System simulation on the Toyota Prius G Touring Selection ’03, Toyota Prius G ’09, Toyota Prius Touring Car.
– Corrected an issue on the Ferrari F10’10, where drivers were experiencing random vibration.
– Corrected an issue where the wheel color would not appear correctly in pit work, if the wheel had been repainted.
– Corrected an issue where the [Reset to Default] button was not functioning on cars that originally come with turbo kits, when other turbo kits were installed.
– Corrected various other issues regarding the update and the DLC.

A special new “Online B-Spec Challenge” Seasonal Event, the first of its kind, has also been made available. As you might expect, the races are for your fastest B-Spec driver and take place at the following locations:

  • 400PP High Speed Ring (5 laps), 125,000 Cr. Prize
  • 500PP Rome City (5 laps), 170,000 Cr. Prize
  • 650PP Tokyo Route 246 (10 laps), 220,000 Cr. Prize

Thanks to Brian for the early tip!

GT5 Photomode images by G.T.Ace.

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Comments (258)

  1. kragbees

    Ok, so I have never updated my GT5 copy. Are these updates cumulative or how does GT updates work ? Do I only do the latest one ? Thanks

  2. steve30x

    I played GT5 las monday on my brothers PS3 after updating to 2.01 and I dont like what they done at the start of the races. When I click start race it loads the drivers names and then starts the race. What was the big idea in doing this? It takes three times as long to get into a race now.

  3. Ix-M0NTANA-xI

    why does my game continue to freeze after i have my bspec driver in a 4 or more hour endurance race? it finishes the race but when i get back to the main loading screen it freezes and i need to restart my system. Ive never encountered a game that has so many issues. I luv gt5 but seriously this is getting ridiculous…. problem after problem ….

  4. NaganoRN


    The site of Gran Turismo, in Japanese, has no information about the update. I wonder what the PD is doing?

    1. HPUnleashed

      I have no idea. Like you said, it’s October 31st and there aren’t any new tweets . On top of that, he’s supposed to have already left Japan for the 2011 SEMA Gran Turismo Awards in Las Vegas.

  5. NaganoRN


    Kazunori this kidding with japaneses??? Because it’s day 31 and no update, I went on twitter to know about him, but he does not respond.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Whoa whoa relax buddy. Maybe because he wasn’t there at the time. Remember, “patience” is the key. Kaz is teaching you that nowadays. ;)

    2. HPUnleashed

      I have no idea why you haven’t received the update yet. Sorry, I would have thought he would have given you a notice if there was another delay on the update. :(

  6. turbolefty78

    This is all well and good, but WHEN are they (PD) going to add an oil change option to the online room menu? Whilst racing longish races in friends lounge, the car will eventually lose HP. To remain competitive one must exit the lounge, perform the oil change on the GT Life screen then head back to Community to re-enter the lounge. Problem is, some are popular enough that you’ve now lost your spot and can no longer enter because the room is now full. I waited nearly an hour the other night to re-enter a friends room because of all this. Just the simple (maybe) addition of an oil change option inside of the first race screen inside of the room would solve this and make many many people very very happy. I’m writing all this out in the hopes that PD does indeed read these forums and will see it and take note.

  7. superfluous2

    Did anyone else notice that replay photo mode can now be 2x magnification? Takes a while, but it’s worth it!

  8. GMW

    Did anyone notice that the rev counter in the Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG now goes to it’s proper redline??!! Thank you PD!!!

  9. topolino

    nice :) love the new bspec online event
    but i only won the old stuff (helmets/suits) after 10 hours drivin Oo…..

  10. flamingchariot


    I had this same problem doing the Tsukuba 9hr Endurance. I restarted race 4 times with 3 different cars. I know this sounds stupid but humour me a moment. I tried with Schulze Motorsport R35 GT-R first – kept crashing into the sides of the track and then backing up and going forwards on the main straight after resuming from a save – wtf ? So I abandoned the race. The second time I was just unlucky (R33 GT-R TC) there was a power surge and my fusebox RCD surge protection cut off all power to sockets to protect my electrical equipment – so I lost 2 hrs 20 mins of racing as I had gone to make a cup of tea before pitting and saving! I tried a different car again (R32 GT-R TC) after 2hrs of racing I saved. The following day I had the autopilot problem.

    I used The R34 GT-R TC in the end and went 72 laps before saving and after that it worked fine. I think you may have to race for over an hour before saving and it may be incidental but all the cars it went on autopilotwith had digital readouts on the dash or wheel. Sounds unremarkable but weird shiznit causes weird glitches. My suggestion use the same car I did. I have the trophy now thankfully and just the 24hr races to do.

    1. Daddario10s

      It is strange though, I did race for over an hour before suspending and I had this issue. I am doing the Mazda Roadster challenge so my car choices are limited! But I will try different cars for the other endurances races. Thanks for your advice!

  11. Daddario10s

    Anyone still having the autopilot issue for A Spec endurance? I updated to 2.01 and the autopilot still won’t stop after resuming…

    1. HPUnleashed

      Update 2.01 will be available in Japan on October 30th. Keep checking Kazunori’s twitter page for further updates.

  12. Foxiol

    This is the game with more replay value in history people. One year later and we still have content and support (for the updates and fixes of course) Tell me other game that do that in one year or more like Gran Turismo…no one game. I love GT5.

  13. SZRT Ice

    Now, we need more tracks. And seeing how it’s more difficult to map out real-life circuits, I’d suggest a “GT Classic’s Track Pack” (Cool name right?, yeah, I know… Lol) Cita Di Aria, Tahiti Maze (We seriously need more Rally tracks), **Las Vegas**, **Test Course**, SSR 11/12, Seattle, **Midfield**, Costa Di Amalfi, etc. With a new Track thrown in to entice GT Vets. I wanna See a 5 mi. “Kart Spac Themed” Race/Drift track for street car. Hopefully, the next car pack has some 2010, 2011, & 2012 model vehicles. Aventador* & such. Standards need an update for GT4’s rim selection that changed as used cars did. (forgot the name), more race mods for Premiums, and an option to turn down drift smoke. Any ONE of these additions would improve GT playability to many GT fans. So, anyone agree? Concur? Disagree? Indifferent?

    Much love,
    – Ice –

    1. GRAFX21

      I agree and support mostly changing the standard models where we can change there rims to what we want and also better wings and body kit selections.

    2. GRAFX21

      Also to save and endurance race. and come back to it when u wnat. not when u turn the game back on you have to continue the endurance race. maybe i dont feel like it. so why do i have to? lol

  14. danger23

    What about turnig the secudria farrari” i think that’s how u spell it” and the italia 430 into r.m.’s.

  15. Miklad

    Has anyone noticed that if you play a replay of a crash, then rewind, the damage is inflicted again and again and again… fun for photo mode!


  16. montecarlo87

    With all that’s been happening with the game in just the last couple months I think this game will be tons of fun right up till GT6 comes out. Which in itself should raise the standard to the stratosphere.

  17. Oobbergear

    I don’t mean to nit pick or w/e, its great that PD are doing things to improve the game, but has anyone noticed that you can’t drive cars on the kart track in time trial/arcade mode? Like anyone would’ve expected that if they let you drive it in GT mode and race up to 16 players in cars on the kart track, why not in arcade mode split screen or time trial? it’d be cool if anyone has an answer to that, but I guess PD is already doing more than enough so thumbs up for them!!!!

    1. David Brooks

      yes, I did notice that. i wanted to race karts split screen with a friend in arcade mode but the kart tracks aren’t there to be selected – can only get them in the special event. Seems a shame.

    1. GTP_Remo

      Pick a car that is lower PP than the field, I’ve seen lots of complaining about A-spec B-spec being “easy”… well duh when you pick the highest perfoming vehicle you can ofcourse its easy. Try matching performance or under, see how that goes. Won’t be so “easy”

  18. flamingchariot

    In answer to your question Supertom14:-

    I used the Merc Evo 190 II on the High Speed Ring, Amemiya Asparadrink RX7 with full race tranny etc and a few tuned items like med turbo and stiffened body. Used JGTC R34 Xanavi R35 GT-R for Tokyo, I tried my XJ13 race car but it kept spinning out even with a level 30 Bob. I caught 1st on the penultimate lap as it was The Zonda R LM and it was lapping 16 secs faster than me to begin with!

    1. 84GTB

      Used my S2000 (Premium) with no turbo–has full-custom trans and drivetrain with an adj. LSD; weight reduction and engine work with all the trimmings (intake, exhaust, etc.) and ride-height suspension. I’m pushin’ about 340+. To me, it worked really well for both tracks. Won 1st place. For Tokyo R246, I used RM Corvette with 710+ hp…

  19. justmakethiswor

    Just wanted to say thanks for the stealth cars and great job on the DLC. Please give us the Test Track (with drag racing capabilities). It would also be interesting to be able to put the Test Track in a sort of Sunday driving mode where there are random model cars driving at random speeds, kind of like what you see on the real life nurburgring and the autobahn. Also, would be nice to get Seattle! Other than that more 2011, 2012, and other concept cars please!

  20. thesrdic

    Sweet, better way to get the penultimate trophy, raise Bspec to top of career :D
    Amazing updates as always, best games developer around. FACT.

  21. danger23


  22. ICBMCanada

    Honestly, my biggest bug-fix for this update is the endurance race saves. I was pissed right off when I raced 6 hours of Tsukuba and then had to go back to reality, only to find when I resumed the race that my race was doomed because the AI decided it was going to drive for me and then never pit again. Seriously, I must have tried about 4 or 5 times after that to suspend / resume a race after only doing 1 lap, and it never worked, even when I coasted into the pit stop at 20 km / h.

    I’ve tested it now and it works great! I no longer fear the endurance races, this is the big update that I have been waiting for.

    1. daics69

      yeah there’s no way there’ll be seasonals for the dlc’s. unless the sales dry up perhaps, and they want/need more revenue. i wish there would be because i could spend half my life on spa, and the other half on the ‘seizure’ inducing jap go-kart traks. peace

    2. darkpigraph

      I don’t see why not, i mean sometimes there’s two seasonals in a week – i would love to see a Spa 2 or 4 hour endurance series – each event for a different class of car.

  23. Blood*Specter

    To Kaz and his crew! One of the few game producers who sticks with his visiion and trys to keep his gamers happy.
    It really is Kaz’s game. He just let us share it with him. He is still commeted to making it everything he envisioned.

    But he also takes our coments, and those that make since he tries to act on. The only thing we need to know in order to understand him is simply that he “LOVES” cars. And I suspect competition involved in racing too. LUCK FOR US.

    So Kaz, how about some FIA GT class 1,2, and 3 cars and paint schemes? Make sure the power/torque numbers match per class. And for tracks, Special Stage Route 11, Lime Rock Park, Silverstone or San Luis circuit, in Argentina?

    1. daics69

      unfortunately NFS SHIFT 2 has the contract for those cars aswell as the license to porsche. maybe it’ll be in gt6 or dlc once the contract runs out, whenever that’ll be. fingers crossed

    1. recca

      b-spec was never hard..the hardest is the stupid nascar races..omg that was a piss off, other than that everything was easy, breezy, beautiful cover girl =D

  24. Projectoutlaw

    I noticed a glitch. I was in an online lobby for over an hour and when I came out my clock in the upper right hand corner said it was hour 30:00 and it was day 115 of the month. Thanks to that my sign in bonus went back down to 110%. I have been working hard at keeping it at 200%.

    1. GT5_Honda_Guy

      Working hard. lol
      All you have to do is turn on the power and start the game.
      Sucks about the glitch though, never heard of that one. :(

    2. daics69

      c’mon honday guy, outlaw may have pulled a tendon in a finger, sidelining him for a week lol weird glitch. haven’t heard anything like that before. maybe its ur ps, rather than gt5

  25. FroMann

    Thanks Polyphony, you guys have out done yourselves in less than a year and are still giving us more and more.

  26. Kurusawa

    So I assume that the DLC is still tied to the game disc region? Maybe some one should ask Kaz if they can implement buying DLC from another region.

  27. TokoTurismo

    This looks so awesome, I hope I get a psn $20 card soon. I’m dying to get the DLC. But this makes me feel super comfortable. :) Thank you Kaz and PD. You guys are the greatest ever. :D “Hi five for you all!”

    1. linupix

      Try that… Arcade mode, select Spa and pick the Gran Turismo GT car. Make sure you put damage to heavy. 20 laps minimum ;)

    1. tika

      You go do that then, buy A grapy Xbox, buy A copy of F4where the cars maybe look nice but the tracks look like grap. And overpay A10 for they DLC which you will need to do the play the game. They deliberately leave parts of the game and bring it out as DLC, and ripyou off.

    2. TokoTurismo

      Please don’t be jealous of the good direction Kaz and PD are heading too with thier fans and us. We know you are. Now off with you. Do not need someone like you comparing games all the time. U_U

    3. vabeach311

      I got Forza and played it a lot for about a week and put it away, probably for good. It just cannot hang with GT5. With it’s DLC for Forza 4 you buy it, download it, then once in the game you still have to buy the cars AGAIN with credits earned or purchase MScredits. It is a scam. It can be fun, I would recommend it for those that are not big into car games. GT5 is the best car game ever, just keep the seasonals and DLC coming!

    4. danger23

      yeah ur psychoooooooooooooooo “KAZ” is a vetaran at this thank them(people of gt) for pushing the envolope if wasn’t for the idea being creative you wouldn’t have forza.foeza vs GT5 NO CONTEST IT’S LIKE ASKING A FAT GUY TO DO A HURDLE LOL.JUST THINK FORZA IS JUST FOLLOWING THE LEADER AND GT5 INNOVATING AND FORZA JUST ASKING FOR PIECE.

  28. FastTech

    Thanks for the update PD! There is just one thing I noticed…
    “- Corrected an issue with the Hybrid System simulation on the Toyota Prius G Touring Selection ’03, Toyota Prius G ’09, Toyota Prius Touring Car.”

  29. tika

    Just drove the seasons events, is fun for once.
    The first two races were exciting until the last lap, midway between the last round on the first position.
    The third and last race was to easy, in round four of the ten I had the first position, and after ten laps and I had four cars lapt.

  30. Maxymilan

    Now i can use the E-Brake on my G25 without stupid bugs and now i can drive my F10 without the car breaks my steering wheel when driving too fast <3

  31. Rios

    Not sure if someone mentioned this already, and I didn’t see it listed anywhere in this update or the last one for that matter, but maybe they snuck it in on me when I wasnt looking, but anyone else notice:

    **you can now take photos at x2 magnification in the race photo mode, not just the photo travel mode like it was before?**

    sorry if this was already covered.

  32. kevboi

    Im not complaining – i love the seasonal events and the B spec one is a good idea – something different. But i would love a rally seasonal event even if it was just a time trial or drift trial. Chamonix and the eiger full trakes are awesome but think ive only drove round them twice, compared to tsukuba which ive had to drive round about 100 times and i havent done the 4hr and 9hr endurance races yet!

    1. TokoTurismo

      Happy birthday buddy. :D You see, that’s the thing I like about Kaz, PD, and GT5. They actually gift you birthday gifts when it’s your birthday. :) From my birthday, I was gifted a 1991 Mazda 787B. To this day I still thank Kaz and PD for gifting me such a present. I love it dearly and will always remember it. ;) That’s also why I love GT5 so very much. It’s the best ever.

    2. AnPrionsaBeag

      I was born in 75 and unfortunately for me it’s the only year without a single car in GT5, so I got nothing at all. Don’t complain!

    3. Slonkoo

      @Dave; prety much understand you :) got my self an ’78 Nissan Fairlady Z 280 :D but its ok.
      Was playing Call of Duty for years now, paid lot of money for mappacks and stuff and still no gifttickets from Infinity ;) am just surpraised :)
      (damn my english sucks :D)

    4. Dave_Panic

      @AnPrionsaBeag I was wondering if there was such an unfortunate year in the game while marvelling at my “new” Civic! Unlucky pal!

  33. Emet_PL

    It’s all great but with one exception…. bloom and other effects from Photo Mode Spec 2.0 are gone again :/

  34. Ben Rogue

    I installed the update and now Kart Space I/II have completely disappeared from the game. I can’t “reinstall” them either… Spa is still there though…wtf is up with that?

    1. belovedconsole

      I love the B-spec, it’s a whole different way of racing. It gives you clues into how the AI of the game work, and as you watch in “driver cam” mode (not regular replay mode, but cockpit, or whatever) you really get a sense of the failing (or awesomeness) of your particular driver. Learning how to improve their lap times helps to improve your own, and understand what tires and cars can handle what courses and turns at what speeds. I learned so much just from trying to level up my B-spec people (I think we’re around big level 13 now woo hoo) but it’s also fun to name your drivers and outfit them: my Connie Chung driver is always in pink, whereas Vincent Price tends to wear gray… :)

  35. doodooshorts

    never really liked the idea of B-spec in seasonal’s………and now I KNOW I HATE THE IDEA!!!!! i really look forward to really racing the seasonals myself. All the other stuff they have done is FANTASTIC!

  36. GTP_Yamicarlos


    Something very funny happened to me! I now have K.Yamauchi as a B-Spec driver! Is this one of a kind or is easy to get?

    1. MadmuppGT

      No I have him too, I was pretty proud of my very own Kaz, but now I feel there maybe a whole farm of them somewhere…

    1. cvflyboy

      OMG!!!! I love this game. picking up my g27 Friday, been plying with a DFGT since release date but now im gonna really feel the fire. XD… thank you everyone at PD you guys are the best. I got all the DLC but i don’t want to play untill I pick up the g27.

    2. BWX

      Having a G27 is great, I have a G25, but with B-Spec it doesn’t make a difference. That proves B-Spec is worthless.

    3. MadmuppGT

      But with B-Spec you can earn some much needed cash while making a cup of coffee, or out to the shops, or even taking a dump… OH yes, with B-Spec you maybe on the can, but youre still a fan *THUMBS UP AND SMILES*

    4. occasionalracer

      ^^ OH yes, with B-spec you may be on the can, but you”re still a fan”. Kaz would like to make this the official B-spec slogan… what better way to attract more gamers to this feature.

  37. esh


    Those of you that complain so easily and obviously don’t work anywhere near IT in general need to understand that these issues that are fixed in this update were probably known FAR before the public release of Spec 2.0 and take a TON of man-hours to complete. Show some gratitude.

    1. pasigiri

      You aint kiddin. I’m a software developer and I’m sitting at work trying to fix some 2 year old code myself.

  38. Super_Colossal

    Lap time of 16.011 seconds with the X2011 on Kart Space II. I drive with comfort mediums though, it’s SSSSSOOOOOOO much easier to drive with those.

  39. bmoe24x

    Ok wow found a glitch already!!!! On daytona in multiple rooms my car will not go over 74 mph, it shows me only part way on gas. Reports of this are coming in from my friends too! Anybody else?

  40. IzzyDoom

    I hope to c more b spec seasonals cuz I’m bored with my bob that has beaten all races xcept for formula gt champ cuz I need to fix it first but other that b spec isn’t appealing anymore. Nice way to liven it up again and made it harder cuz the selection iznt far from ai selection whick makes insteresting since b spec an mostly beaten using cars 3x faster than ai lol. Yelp time to play

    1. Kilvoctu

      That’s why competition always trumps a monopoly. Likewise, Forza wouldn’t be of the same quality as it is without GT looming shadow.

    2. j8mie

      Interesting point.
      It wouldn’t surprise me if Sony put pressure on PD to release Spec 2 and the DLC’s at the time they did in an effort to steal some of Forza’s thunder on release day. It doesn’t bother me, as we end up getting new features, cars, tracks etc

      Fingers crossed we get a livery editor in the next major update.

  41. SZRT Ice

    Thank You Kazunori-San!!! Thank You PD!!! Thank You Jesus that a company exists that actually listens to their fans and cares about their opinions!!!!!

  42. Quakebass

    An issue I’ve noticed is that with some standard cars, (mostly large cars) specifically the Dodge RAM 1500, you don’t see exterior parts of the car from the interior view; when you look behind, you can’t see the bed in the back, just empty space behind the rear window…

    1. Vortex1be

      Thats because the rearview cam is on the back of the car. It’s not on the same place as the frontview cam… It’s not the greatest idea to do that in my oppinion… And if we talk about looking behind. I don’t see my car’s interiour in the rearview mirror in cockpit view. And i don’t see the sides of the car in my outside rearview mirrors, but I guess it would use to much RAM to do that. So it’s not really a PD issue more of a ‘sony had their head up their ass when they created the PS3 and put just 512MB of RAM inside’ – issue…

    2. Quakebass

      Well, in the interior view of the dodge RAM 1500 looking backwards I could see the the rear window and the supports for the roof, but not what was behind it – the bed of the truck. And you can see through the window, so the camera isn’t at the very back/rear bumper of the car…

    1. Watain

      too my system less than two minutes
      but other updates that have been smaller have taken longer
      i find it always varies greatly

  43. ttfn

    if only my recently received replacement machine worked, id be booting this up now, but no ive gotta get in touch with sony yet again and tell them the machine they sent as a screwed up bd drive :@

    1. chriz00

      ” OH MY GOD ” is what I thought so too, but I think they meant the “hand motion” & “steering wheel motion” in the game…not the DFGT or w/e steering wheel you’re using.


    2. Vortex1be

      I think Catlin means it is pretty OH MY GOD that they put time in something that small and that there are more important things to fix. However I can’t name anything that is important and isn’t in that list. xD

    3. researchALLwars

      no, thats not small. When you crank the wheel with some gusto and the onscreen driver hands/wheel just slowly rotate about half of your actual distance– it can be a bit distracting. Concentration is key, grasshoppaaa..

      I hope this is what has actually been remedied.

    4. researchALLwars


      it is. the wheel animation has been given a dose of speed. Like, Derrelle Revis-type speed. Hell to the yes.

  44. U2Edge

    Not to nitpick, but is this an improvement?

    “In the Open Lobby, it is no longer possible to vote to kick out the person who created the room.”

    If the host goes out to take a crap and is gone for 30 minutes, why should we all have to sit there?

    1. Quakebass

      ^^^^ Yeah, there should be an option to “temporarily change leader”, and vote on who, and for how long, based on the average votes. It could be overridden by the actual leader when he gets back.

    2. Quakebass

      @SZRT Ice

      Well, sometimes the host just leaves his game running and everyone just sits there… This is especially annoying when you’re having fun with the other players and the lobby has great settings – if you leave then you’ll have to spend 10 minutes or so creating a new lobby with all of its settings, and unless you add up to 14 people as your friends, then its really hard to find those other players again.

    3. shmogt

      Ya the no Kicking host thing I’m not liking too much. I been in rooms where the host just disappears for hours and won’t start the race or he’s the biggest idiot in the room

    4. Grand Prix

      This is a brilliant feature. It means people can actually set tire restriction to Sports tires without being kicked out of their own rooms.

    5. TokoTurismo

      I’ve waited for that. :D Yay no more depanding about “worring if others wear super softs in races.” Sweet. Great shot Kaz and PD. :D

    6. ocelot-prodigy

      this is what the “Automatic Race Timer” function is for.

      when I step away from my PS3 while I’m hosting, I set it up for 6-10 minutes before each race. thus, creating a room that keeps the races going even when the host is not there.

    7. Tvensky

      its very good update! i had been kicked seveler times by some kids.. who think that driving with driving aids ON is cool… :( if you dont like hosting just change the room… yes there are alot of bad rooms but there is alot of good ones!

    8. Snaeper

      Well there was a situation where I was in a room with a number of other people all enjoying some good racing when the host left… putting the only Frenchman in charge. We wanted to start the race and he wanted to continue to do hot laps, even though we tried asking him to start the race in French and we even started ganging up on him and ramming him into the wall so he would get the point… finally we rallied everyone together to vote him out of the room so things could start to move smoothly again.

      I think the feature should be changed to “Anyone who isn’t the original host of the room can be kicked.” So in the event that the original host leaves, we don’t all have to leave to start a new room too… especially since we’re not friends and it’s silly to add each other on PSN just to race together for a day.

    9. Pearltsx

      Whats the point of b spec. I mean I only raced the ones that gave me a car I wanted when u win, but I really always fall asleep doing them

  45. cicua

    “Corrected various other issues regarding the update and the DLC.”

    I hope the Track Settings button is no longer an instant disconnect button for us DLC users.

    1. MyFavoriteGame

      Is it just me,….or do the shadows get better with every update?….I dont think PD announces graphical updates

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