Gran Turismo 5 2.03 Update, New Seasonal Events Now Available

The latest Gran Turismo 5 update, version 2.03, weighs in at 225MB and is currently going live around the world. 2.03’s new features were leaked, but have now been officially confirmed by Polyphony Digital:

  • 12 new My Home theme colors and 12 new wallpapers for [GT Mode] have been added to the game. Please find these from the [My Home Settings]-[My Home Design] menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Tire wear speed prediction has been added to the pit stop decisions in B-Spec, to prevent tires from wearing out completely during long races.
  • Regenerative braking (which recovers energy by converting kinetic energy into electricity) in electric cars have been made stronger to extend driving distance.
  • Electric cars will now also creep forward (as in standard automatic cars) when the brake is released without pressing the accelerator.
  • Regarding the Chaparral 2J race car’s performance points, the increased performance factor due to the downforce produced by the fan is now calculated.
  • A issue has been corrected where the car would pit in unintentionally during the last lap of a B spec race.

GT5’s “Car Pack 3” and “Speed Test Course Pack” DLC will become available in the PlayStation Store on January 17th, according to the latest announcement. Here’s a look at the detailed statistics for each new vehicle, thanks to GTPlanet member “EliteDreamer”:

  • Nissan Leaf G ’11 / 40,600 Credits / 107 HP / 1520 KG / 333 PP
  • Mini Cooper S Countryman ’11 / 34,500 Credits / 181 HP / 1310 KG / 390 PP
  • Jaguar XJR-9 LM Race Car ’88 / 4,750,00 Credits / 749 HP / 894 KG / 709 PP
  • Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 ’11 / 400,000 Credits / 690 HP / 1575 KG / 583 PP
  • Volkswagen 1200 ’66 / 60,000 Credits / 33 HP / 1160 KG / 216 PP
  • Aston Martin V12 Vantage ’10 / 217,350 Credits / 509 HP / 1680 KG / 521 PP

New Seasonal Events have also become available, which include the following races:

  • 400PP Rome City / 3 Laps
    1st: Cr.185,600  2nd: Cr.113,000  3rd: Cr.99,300
  • 500PP Tokyo Route 246 / 3 Laps
    1st: Cr.303,000  2nd: Cr.184,200  3rd: Cr.161,800
  • 650PP Madrid City / 5 Laps
    1st: Cr.427,200  2nd: Cr.260,000  3rd: Cr.228,500
Finally, the game’s Online Car Dealership has been updated; a complete list of the new selection of cars can be found here in our forums, courtesy of “Blitz24”.

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Comments (433)

  1. Niki

    On the new grand turismo 5 update will there a lot of other German and america classic car? For example the Mercedes 600, or ford fair lane

  2. Niki

    I have the old grand turismo 5 play station 3 game. If I download the new grand turismo 5 update, will I cars and data be loaded onto the new version?

  3. Lezii

    After updating to version 2.03 I get an error when trying to use cars from the first dlc (the complete pack) the error says I must re install the dlc. When I go to downloadable I see it says already installed. No option to uninstall or re install. Please help. I need that fancy fast red bull car.

  4. melo90

    i want 599gto, f50, 360, mc12, 355f1, ff, lp570, diablo SV, cala italian design, lotus gt1, bugatti veyron ss and more serious cars not like nissan leaf and bettle =(…pls PD granted my wish..!!whos agree with me with this??

    1. Ben Rogue

      Yeah, it sucks! Even with the conversion rate and tax taken into account, we pay 35% more for GT5 DLC. And we have to wait like 12 hours longer than everyone else…

    2. demoman82

      it sucks having to wait, i think it came out in america at around 8pm on the 17th NZ time, so we may have to wait another 4 hours till it’s avaliable here becuase of the time difference, really when we should have got it first

    3. demoman82

      35% more due to the tax, what the f*** is, our government charging this much so they can run around in their own lamborghini aventador’s

    1. Quakebass

      Yeah – I vacuum the living room, make my bed, take out the trash/recycling/yard waste, feed the cats, feed the fish, bring in the mail, bring the trash cans to and from the street, clean the windows, and wipe down the kitchen counters for 5 bucks a WEEK!

      Yeah, thats my allowance, not my job…

  5. MidNight HP

    I’m guessing the only people complaining about price are the kids.

    decent moneymaker like me should have no reason to complain about pd charging gas money for a track and a couple cars.

    Pd could charge 30 and ill buy it.

    1. Quakebass

      Yeah, I’m 14, not complaining. I just don’t usually have the money. I used some of my Christmas money to get the DLC’s, and some more for this one… I just don’t know how to get a PSN card with all of this snow…

  6. ennur

    Did anyone else notice that the SuperGT Seasonal event at Spa changed the starting point to the straight that leads to eau rouge instead of the “F1 starting line”? But laps still count on the “F1 starting line”.


    11am here i melbourne….ive been waiting in my undies for an hour,better do something else while i wait……

  8. sodarch

    u guys are over charging us u guys give us 3 crappy cars the Nissan Leaf G ’11, Mini Cooper S Countryman ’11, Volkswagen 1200 ’66 the rest is ok why are u charging us 5$ for 6 cars i think its a rip off u guys should sell each car for 50cents not 1$ if u guys would let us buy everything 1 car at a time i would buy some of ur cars but u guys love giveing out cars that people hardly use on every dlc iv seen i dont understand thats why u should sell each car separately other than ripping people off on cars they dont even use i would like the lambo and the aston martin but im not paying over 5$ for 3 cars i wouldnt even use at all i really dont understand and if u guys could fix this some how i would be a happy costumer lol please fix this lots of people dont want 3 slow and crappy cars that no one would use some would but not much


    nothing in Australia or Asia(jp,sgd,hk) yet……car pack 2~ came out in aisia first,then euro…….spose they sharing the first love around…….i see U.S. account(no $)/not playin it anymore

  10. Lambob

    Driving home through the winter weather, as if riding the Nur on Comfort Hards, to grab that DLC and go ride them cars on the Nordschleife right now!!!

    1. b1gdav3

      Kinda lame that they don’t do it at the same time, especially when most other places end up paying more than the US for the same thing too.

    1. NA

      “Gran turismo 5” through the search engine. You have to wade through all the old videos to find the new DLC, but it’s there. ;)

  11. OmarBaez53

    @captainz wow dude you are really miserable, the DLC cost 5 bucks wich is nothing, the XJR-9 only cost 60 cents, are you complaining for just 60 cents!?

    1. ralph89

      Couldn’t agree more.. Can’t take my eyes off of it every time I look! The Aventador looks really nice too, but for some reason, that Aston took my eyes. :)

    2. streetking24

      I agree that the Aston looks good but the Aventador is now my beloved dream car. That thing looks so beautiful in photo mode!

    1. recca

      lambob you’re not a true canadian if you wish it was warmer…not sure what province you’re in but in Toronto it’s 4 – . -…GIVE ME SOME SNOW!!!! oh and thanks for the heads up Sebby!

  12. therealgriff

    PS Store should update before 7 PM eastern time. at least that is the time i have noticed in the past. so anytime now.

    1. ChevyFan1912


    1. MidNight HP

      The cars at the moment are what they are. It would clearly take a big transition to switch all cars to premium.

      I’d rather have pd instead keep giving us newer stuff. Newer premium cars, voted tracks, etc.

      After playing around with a lot of standerds, I don’t care to see them premium. They are what they are. Just keep the knew stuff coming in.

    2. Quakebass

      @MidNight HP:

      I’d say at LEAST get proper interior models and aero kits for Standard models… If they get the time or money, then convert them entirely, but there are many cars that REALLY need the Premium treatment, like the Bugatti Veyron, FGT, Audi R8 LMS and Race Car, 90’s and 80’s BMW’s and Aston’s, Classic Jags, pre – 70’s and 60’s Japanese cars, (Like the S800, S600, S400, 70’s Skyline, ETC.) Classic Muscle cars, Etc. There would be arguments over what cars exactly, but I’m quite sure the most wanted Premium conversion is the Bugatti Veyron.

    3. Quakebass

      I didn’t say ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE wanted the Veyron – I just think if a new tab is added to the Feedback section called “Most Wanted Premium Conversions” or something around those lines is added, the Veyron would be the most popular. You wouldn’t HAVE to vote for it.

  13. MidNight HP

    I’d really like pd to include red rock valley into an
    upcoming dlc. That’s a track that would kill in gt5

    1. TokoTurismo

      Why does Themii hate me so much guys, am I really that annoying? That couldn’t be, I can’t socialize with others?

  14. hairystig

    I think playstation plus subscribers should get dlc before everyone else but sadly this is not the case, any ideas on what time it will become available in the UK? I’m hoping its midnight but somehow doubt it will be.

    1. Flagmo-T

      Hey!!! Finally some one found out that this is business after all haha – Come on lets clap and jump and say Cheese – you’re absolutely right – PSN-plus isn’t worth it if you’re only Racing GT5 on your PS3 – that’s why i never bought it in the first place :0)

      And again you right, it’s deffo wrong of Sony, and maybe even PD – but GT5 is a safe money maker , so they don’t need too, almost everybody will buy the DLC Anyway enough will, and that’s a Fact


  15. ultraman

    Wow chill people. I got in around 4PM est, and no DLC. Why i have to admit that this is alitte disappointing, but it’ not that bad. Remember this P.D. were talking about who is notorious for pushing back dates. Remember GT3? I’m sure it’ll be out soon and then you can enjoy the DLC. I don’t think it’s fair to bash them to this extent that was done when GT5 was released. As you can see with all the updates the game is a masterpeice and I appreciate it so much more. A litle more time it’ll be worth it.

  16. Ben Rogue

    I told ya this would cost almost $20 in NZ; $19.40 to be precise.. I’m damn sick of the PSN here ripping customers off! I’m going to call Sony right now..

    1. Ben Rogue

      Sony are useless but apparently PD sets the price….
      Hey PD, why are you ripping us off in NZ?

      I have done calculations that show what the prices for the car packs should be with the following conditions:
      Prices are as shown on Gran Turismo website
      Conversion rate:1 USD = 1.24973 NZD
      NZ Sales tax added: 15%

      – – – –

      Car pack 1: 7.99US
      Should be 11.50NZ
      Is 15.50NZ (35% increase in price)

      Car pack 2: 3.99US
      Should be 5.10NZ
      Is 7.90NZ (36% increase in price)

      Car Pack 3: 5.99US
      Should be 8.60NZ
      Is 11.50NZ (34% increase in price)

      Get it sorted PD!

    2. Ben Rogue

      Already did, they said that PD gives them the prices, which really sucks as there’s no way to (free of cost) call them and complain. They are obviously calculating their prices wrong by about 35% or they are trying to squeeze more money out of a smaller market. Really sad…

    1. TokoTurismo

      HEY PAL! I’m even trying to be annoying. How dare you even think that JERK FACE. GET OFF MY BACK, on less you’re * jealous.* Oooo I’m sooooo scared of yooooou. >:) HAAAHAAA

  17. xNeroZero

    @ captainzib

    Wow, a person that is actually questioning a standard car being a premium! Honestly look at the rest of these dumb kids that post here and want DLC and don’t even question it. DLC is ruining video games as we know it. PD please, please, please don’t have DLC for GT6, even if these 14 year old kids beg you.

    1. Quakebass

      I’m 14…

      But I think DLC is a great idea. I HIGHLY doubt PD will get every car in the world into GT6. Nor the tracks. Plus, what about new car models that come out? The Aventador was NOT out when GT5 first came out. DLC really helps a game expand, and gives more replay-ability.

      Lets say they add in a livery editor in GT6. Wouldn’t you want a few more different stripe types or sponsors? Same thing with new cars that come out. Lets say that PD gets the licensing for Porsche RIGHT after GT6 comes out. I don’t think you’d be able to resist a Porsche pack. I know I wouldn’t.

      But, I do hope GT6 gets all of the time it needs to be finished, and no forced-release by Sony.

  18. fndrsn

    I don’t understand why we have to pay for Route X, all of that functionality should have been in the game when it was launched -_- Now I have to spend even more money on this game!

    1. JimmyHolster

      Why should it have been ? Because you says so? You obviously thought the game was acceptable when you bought it…

    2. Projectoutlaw

      What are you, 6 years old? Who complains about paying 4 dollars for anything? Stop complaining and enjoy the new content. PD deserves money for bringing us extra content that they didn’t have to make, and its a hell of alot cheaper than other game companies are charging for their dlc.

  19. addythebady

    it will probley update same as over here in the uk bwt 6pm for us guys, us lot got to wait another 24hrs i hope i c some youtube videos you usa blokes lmao

  20. Jamie

    The New Update killed the Great Color effects in the races. I mean that Great autum Look like races. Know what i mean. A shame pd pur it Out the Game. Hope the effects come back ? I loved to Play nordschleife wi

    th Therese Brown styled colors ;-((

  21. addythebady

    everybody just relax sit down stay calm and just wait for it lol And people who are slagging the dlc off well just f..k off and get need for speed lmfao

  22. WilliamsRCN92

    I don’t know what your guys are talking about. News section in GT5 and GT5 website clearly states DLC out the 17th!

    1. PaperHats

      18th here in the UK. But then again, time zones differ. Maybe the different release dates are actually the “same” in some ways.

  23. Dude27

    I would give 100 DLC premium cars for an OVERHAUL of the sound engine and exhaust on par with the graphics…. So sad that these fabulous cars sound so dull!!! but in the meantime, I’ll still take this DLC: the lambo and the Aston are really superb.

  24. Stebbo999

    Anyone tell me how to get the Nissan r390 gt1 road car 98 for the latest spa time trial. Can’t find one anywhere?

  25. Scuderia Paul

    Finally home to get V2.03. Im looking forward to the new wallpapers and colours. Roll on tomorrow for the DLC…

  26. Elitekilla29

    I have a question, i didnt pay for the spa track when it came out and i can race on it online. Can i do the same with route x. I need to buy a playstation card soon. Please answer.

    1. bigburt82

      I doubt the Route X will feature in a Seasonal Event- that isn’t what it’s designed for. It’s for individual gamers to test their cars and tunes- you probably need to purchase the track to get any use out of it.

    2. Foxiol

      Actually nobody reads the news in the NEWS section in GT5…it says ‘Special Stage route X will be available as a DLC (tomorrow at least here in Europe) and YOU CAN USE IT ON ARCADE MODE, PRACTICE MODE AND ONLINE’

  27. kollosson


    If you hate this game so much, why the hell are even bothering to comment, indeed, why are you even here, do you work for Turn10 ? In terms of DLC thats the way forward now pal, in case you have’nt noticed and nobody is making you purchase it. I think its amazing that Polyphony have been able to update and tweak the game, i love this game and its getting better all the time. Cant believe that people are actually dissing this DLC which i regard as the best so far, its got to be the competition having a dig lol

    1. rosta

      I’ve just started to get network error when trying to sign in to the playstation nettwork, could this b the start of dlc pack 3 :)

  28. tika

    @toko turismo

    you so funny,

    yheeaa that something else to gry about why can`t we delete those silly cars from the garage .

    1. TokoTurismo

      I wonder myself tika. I hope one day we get an update to be able to delete the DLC cars from out of our garages. :)

  29. elston87

    I’m not buying this DLC; I can wave my money in the company face of PD for all I care. I’ve got more important PS3 purchases to worry about; I haven’t used a single car from the last car pack; I’d much rather pay the developers to eradicate all the bugs in Gran Turismo 5 to finish up an Obvious Beta of a game that was rushed for a holiday release…

    Though when the DLC IS released, I’ll have to avoid the forums for about a week because it’d be useless posting in the forums if the topic at hand isn’t about the DLC. The DLC’s “coolness” wears off after a week or so, give or take. Afterwards, things should be back to normal.

    Of course the flame wars are going to begin, but it’s just my point-of-view. The DLC is a waste of money anyways in my complete and honest opinion, but PD knows that people MUST HAVE new cars and tracks for some reason, and the irresistible urge to have new content makes this a sucker-punch knockout every time a new DLC batch has been released.

    Whatever. I spent too much time on GT5 anyways…

    1. Foxiol

      Really who cares…let me enjoy my overprice DLC because i choose if i wanna pay for it…nobody is telling me to do it. I want to.
      And i love this ‘beta’ anyways.

    2. 2012GT325

      I’m so sorry that Polyphony/Sony put a gun to your head and forced you to buy their game. I think you should report them for that, since it is a crime to force someone to buy something.

      Fortunately, I wasn’t forced to buy the game. I bought the game because I love cars. Every single car, no matter how fast or cool, in my opinion, is significant. There are bugs/issues in GT5 that need fixing, but overall, it’s the best way not only to learn about cars and car set up, but also to experience virtual cars by driving them around some of the world’s greatest race tracks. I could spend thousands and get a gaming PC and maybe (just maybe) I may find a PC game that may offer a bit more in some areas. But for the whole package price (PS3 plus the game, and even its DLC), the cost is minimal and is, actually, the best value in getting the most out of a racing game. Period.

    3. tika

      I only bought the first DLC pack for it was A real good deal I thought . but even that was A disaster, with A few nice cars and too much silly cars like karts and Nissans. The paint items was A mass up. Too much colour you never will use and only one paint chip of each colour. I didn’t but the car pack 2 for that was really too stupid for words. And I suspect that DP did put in some real nice cars this time to lour us in to buying this DLC. Why would they else bring out this DLC so soon after the second one. when they were saying every two months we will bring out DLC. I bet the didn’t sell to much of the second car pack And trying to overcome that problem by giving us cars we want to see in the DLC packs.

    4. Quakebass


      WHY would PD PURPOSELY make crappy DLC? WHY would they TRY to make cars no one wanted? SERIOUSLY. Having a good DLC pack won’t make the next one great. It WILL NOT lure ANYONE. WHAT is your logic? People WANTED more paint items, (Specifically the Photo Mode community) and PLENTY wanted racing/race modded cars. Spa was one of, if not THE most wanted track. Have you even LOOKED at the Feedback section? Vote for the cars and tracks YOU want most there. PD uses this to decide and make their DLC and Updates. Look at the closed/accepted ideas – these were some of the HIGHEST in vote count.

  30. tika

    I still don’t like the way PD lets us buy there DLC in car packs. It still feels like A rip off, now I will buy the car pack 3 for there is A Aston and a great Lambo in it but I don’t need that mini our Nissan leaf, so I still believe I pay too much for it. I want to be able to buy one car at the time not 5 or 6 and then find out three out of the six are rubbish. By the time car pack five is out .you could have bought a complete new game as well. This way of selling DLC is A rip off.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Hey. Atleast you don’t have buy the cars from the game dealership after buying the DLC. Doesn’t that sound better? And yes I know what you’re gonna say after reading my sentence. “Oh really. Well. WHY can’t we sell the DLC cars from out of our garage?” Because the DLC cars love you that’s why. >:)

    2. Quakebass

      Actually, like to collect cars, and purchasing them is my favorite part… I don’t really know why… I just feel… Satisfied.

  31. SAVoxleitner

    Yeah, so what if PD is upping standards to premiums, especially if its cars that are extremely rare to get, like the XJR-9. I’ve only encountered once or twice and each time I did, I was short on credits.

  32. 2012GT325

    I, for one, am really excited about all the contents of the upcoming DLC and this update. I don’t understand people whining about getting a premium VW Bug. I’ve always wanted a premium one and am thankful PD offers it now. After all, the GT series has always been about all kinds of cars; from exotics, to sports cars, race cars, everyday cars, concepts, and everything in between. So I’ll be one of the first to purchase the entire batch of this DLC, just as I have done so with all the previous ones. Great job Polyphony! You guys are the best!

  33. Falcon787B

    Hey, silly question I know, but I’m on GT5 right now, just seen the Aventador in the Lambo dealership with the message ‘you must buy the DLC to get this car’. But Im scouring the PS store, no DLC. What gives? Am I missing something?

    1. Projectoutlaw

      Everyone gets the dlc content when the updates come out. Thats why the updates are so big. You already download the new content.

      All you do when you buy it from the store is give the game permission to use that content. Thats why the download from the store is only 100kb when you buy it.

  34. Projectoutlaw

    17th for US and 18th for Europe. Hope this solves the confusion and more than likely the DLC will not be out for the US until 8pm EST when the store updates. I could be wrong.

  35. weinerinmybutt

    u guys are idiots, the dlc is comming out today between 12 and 3 pm est. just wait for the ps store to update

  36. jorgerostro

    I started the update last night about 10pm CST US. It was done in about 20 minutes. No sign of DLC yet though

    1. Projectoutlaw

      The wing looks like it comes up when you demo it in the NCD but the demo drives to slow for the intakes to come up.

  37. grazbro

    Not too much listed in the “Known Issues” section of the update. The online play has been plagued with issues since update 2.02. Hopefully this has been resolved.

  38. TenaciousJ

    Awwww I thought the DLC would be out today too! Oh well looking at the new cars in the dealer will tide me over. XD

  39. paracefan2002

    I’m kinda pissed…. 9:35a.m. Eastern Standard Time outside Philly, and STILL no car pack 3 or Route X. Just 2.03 and seasonal/ocd!!! WTF!?!

  40. addythebady

    on the gran turismo site it says the 17th for the us and the 18th for the uk luks like il have to wait another day :( o well

  41. TokoTurismo

    I’ll laugh if only the NSX concept is for those who bought the DLC. Won’t that be funny. Just saying. :)

  42. Projectoutlaw

    Ok, i have the update here in the US. Its says DLC will be out today, people keep saying the 18th. I think its just later this afternoon? Im not sure how the Playstation store works, its kind weird.

  43. DarkNull

    I really wanted that NSX. Maybe next update/ DLC.. AM/JAG look sweet and that lamborghini ohhweeee “yeah baby” Austin Power voice…lol

  44. Raaj85

    the extra track is decently priced for anyone that is into that sort of thing, but the DLC is too expensive. i’ve already spent around A$30 on additional DLC and it seems there is plenty more to come. i’m the kind of GT fan that will buy all the DLC but its pretty steep and not many of my friends are getting on board

  45. RCKakashi14

    I’m so eager to drive the V12 Vantage and Aventador! Though the Aventador’s exhaust note sounds similar to a Murcielago.

  46. Ben Rogue

    The update has fixed some bugs with the chase cam but the “full view” track option for Nurburgring is still screwed up. Can’t have an obvious and simple to fix bug like that being over looked for too much longer.

  47. FishyJuice

    Can’t wait to throw away any more money, but PD is doing a fantastic work keeping this game alive. And man, I can’t stop drooling at the XJR-9. *Homer Simpson-style drool*

    1. moxlox

      Me too. That Jag looks awesome!

      I gotta say this DLC car pack has a great variety and selection. Beetle and Jag are awesome, and then I remember the Lambo and Aston. Looking forward to photographing the Mini Countrymen next to the original Mini – its such a stupid Mini, wish they called it a Mini Big!

      ….oh and a Nissan Leaf in there for good measure….

  48. AERO_HDT

    Not much has been made of this, but I’m actually looking forward to seeing a new Aston Martin in the game!!!! It’s a real shame AM don’t have more cars featured in GT, they have a massive heritage and it’s a shame that the DB6 was only ever featured in GT2. The V12 Vantage is definitely going to put a smile on my face, as well as the Beetle.

    The Aventador was sort of always a given, it comes as no great surprise, but the Jaguar XJR-9? Wowwww….

    The Leaf will also be very interesting, if I had to buy a new city-slicker, that car would definitely be high on my list of “test drives”. It’s infinitely cooler than anything Toyota or Honda have on the market at the moment…

    Mini Countryman? Hmmmm…. Gimme a Cooper any day of the week. A Works Cooper would have been even better…

    But I must admit the star of this DLC pack is certainly going to be Route X. Waited a very long time for accurate testing to be done, this will turn the game into something serious for me and give it that critical element that’s been missing for over a year.

    I’m also glad to see that the negativity from the comments section has taken a dramatic about-face since the DLC packs have started to come through. There’s a lot of love for Kaz and PD at the moment, It’s really good to see after a year of reading about people’s gripes. I know not everyone’s 100% happy, but you know what they say about pleasing people all of the time…

  49. rustyford84

    honestly the standard jag was disapointing so it wouldnt realy matter at the end of the day oh and no dlc yet in nz

    1. Quakebass

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure that had been confirmed a while back… I wonder if there’s a Weather Cycle variant… Probably not, there isn’t really a point; But I would LOVE to see the rain (or even SNOW?) flying off the car and streaming down and up the windshield…

    1. stjimmy

      Why wouldn’t you be able to drive standard? There are standard and premium versions of other cars in the game. But more to the point, even if you couldn’t drive the standard car, why would you want to if you had the premium?

  50. Rich_Wolf

    DRAG RACE anyone?! Finally a good track and some ok cars lol. Aston Martin I vote drifting Lamborghini may beat some Murcielago’s. Great work. PD keep it up.
    Rich__Wolf out.

    1. Kenny8375

      Yeah, you can. Add the cars to your Favorites list, and they’ll be available in Arcade mode under the Favorites tab.

    1. Quakebass


      WHAT??? NEXT YEAR???
      No, I think the NSX will be in the next Update/DLC… It seems the car has been modeled, It’s just so detailed in how it works that PD didn’t have enough time to finish it before this update/DLC. Possibly a minor update where the online time clock issue gets fixed, possibly the NSX will be free, like the Toyota FT-86… but this is just my speculation.

  51. hairystig

    I like that the LM jag been upgraded to a premium version although making us pay for it is a little cheeky but such is life, I wonder if this signals the start of more standard being upgraded… personally I would really like to see some DTM cars in full premium glory and I feel since in car view on spec2 all open top standard should be easier to upgrade.

  52. ZeGermanBastorD

    I don’t know from where you guys have the info that Europe is getting the 2.03 update on 18-Jan-2012?

    Just for your info: Germany, 17-Jan-2012, 11:30 am here & I am currently downloading the 2.03 patch ;)

  53. Neenor

    They should have fixed the on line racing bug before they did anything else. Also, as someone mentioned above, it’s a bit cheeky re-releasing a car and then charging for it.

    1. Quakebass

      But now this car is Premium… So better resolution and interior views. And that’s the MOST wanted thing on the Feedback section. If it was the Veyron, I doubt ANYONE would complain.

  54. bigburt82

    I understand that the DLC will be available for Europe on 18/01/12, but why not 2.03 today? PD has never done a split rolled-out patch before…

  55. Milouse

    Can someone who have the patch (and cars available @ dealership), and who previously had the old standard Jaguar version, can tell us if the already owned car has been turned to premium or is still standard in garage ?

  56. adellanotte

    Europeans are still waiting for update. Hopefully it fixes late network issues. I wont buy the DLC i they havent fixed it.

  57. JimmyJames10

    The cars are awesome, but I think that putting cars already in the game (e.g XJR-9) into a DLC Pack sounds cheap. But the Aston Martin and Lamborghini make up to it!

    1. OmniusGT

      Swings and roundabouts…If this is the way we get desirable standard cars into premium cars, I can live with that, lets face it, we’ve been given premiums for free with past updates

  58. Tintorera

    I don’t understand why the 2.03 patch is not available in Europe. I am avare that the DLC is scheduled for 18th in Europe, but that doesn’t explain why the patch isn’t rolled out worldwide ATM.

    1. OmniusGT

      It’s just the way it is, even if it came out on 17th people would still whinge why was it not out on 16th and so on….the update will go live between 3:00-4:00am 18th

    2. Milouse

      OmniusGT, this is the first time Europe is late on a patch, and I assume a patch should be out everywhere at same time as everyone should run same version for online play.

    3. Tintorera

      OmniusGT, I am not whining about why the DLC or patch isn’t available. I just don’t understand why the patch is rolled out worldwide, after the scheduled maintenance of the servers. You claim that “the update will go live between 3:00-4:00am 18th” Where did you get this information from?

  59. Foxiol

    Nothing in Spain yet only car dealership and seasonals updated. (that means they are updating the PSN servers maybe only for download the patch)
    But the DLC will be available tomorrow at 5 or 6 pm so…

  60. DarthRaiden666

    No update yet in UK. Just put GT5 in my PS3 and nothing, online dealership and seasonals have been updated though.

    Checked my data and I’m still at 2.02 so PSN plus hasn’t downloaded it either.

    1. DarthRaiden666

      we get updates at the same time as everyone else, because of online play. store is wedensdays usually.

  61. OmniusGT

    People in the EU pal region, did you not read the PSN Blog a week ago? We get the update and DLC on 18th….like we always do with past GT updates (the Wednesday)

    1. rumblina

      I do have my system set to auto-d/l & u/p data at 6pm regardless of if the system is on at the time or not (it auto turns on and shuts down) though, so I couldn’t be sure if it did a stealth patch;I click through the window saying what has happened :)

  62. tbc21

    Hey guys, I’m 7 hours into LeMans 24h A-Spec. Can anybody tell me what happens when I apply the update? Will it kill my savegame/progress so far ? Thanks for help :)

    1. Pugxsi

      Didn’t have any effect on mine, i am 12 hrs into lemans 24hrs on b-spec.
      Switched on ps3, did update then back into game all ok

    1. rumblina

      Or is that the 2.03 update, I don’t remember downloading anything unless it did it automatically and I didn’t see it…

  63. j8mie

    That Jag is looking very sweet. Nice to see PD are turning some standard cars into premiums at last :)

    Not sure if I’ll get this DLC as I’m not that blown away with a massive oval. Can’t see me ever using it tbh. Shame.

  64. jhietter

    Wow. Those DLC cars look amazing in the dealership, I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of one of them. The Aston looks great and has a lot of interesting color options. The jag race car is just an absolute stunner. The colors, the modeling, that jag is the perfect candidate for premium modeling. Now just if I could do a Photoshoot with all of my lm racecars….
    Lastly, the Aventador is just awesome. Watching the demo I am very happy with the way it turned out. The cars movements look very realistic and with the moveable wing, that thing is just glued to the track even over the bumps of the Mt. Aso course generator track. I can’t wait to see what it can do on the nurburgring! I also can’t wait to see the tuning options, body kits, and wheels for the car! I am definitely going to have to empty my bank account and buy this cut in multiple colors…

    1. thaisn

      simple my friend…
      u never drove the car before.
      the engine gets stronger a bit to a serveral point when u use it

  65. MadmuppGT

    I just raced the 650PP race in a car I detuned to 650PP raced the race, won the race, then flashed a message saying regulations not met… I’m sorry? I’ve just driven a race in it! turns out during the race it had gained 1 PP haha how I dont know!

  66. RoadRocket77

    Woo!!! I’m firing up my PS3 first thing in the morning. That should give PD time to finish the maintenance and for PS store to update. Sitting at 8 mil right now. Hello lambo aventador and online dealer.
    New seasonal events cash in at 427,000. Cash cow anyone? Madrid is a short track, and at 650 pp, my RX-7 TC will smoke the competition.

    1. justmakethiswor

      The Madrid race is fun, Ford GT jumps out fast and doesn’t make mistakes. The money and exp are excellent!

  67. Milmar71

    I think that the great problem are flags in online profiles. Europe is very complicated on the national issues,for example: German don’t like English (same way back) , Austrian don’t like Slovenian,German don’t like Austrian and so on….
    I experienced many times to be kicked out when entering the room. I have very good internet connection and I am very fair driver. During the GT4 and GT Prologue I had more satisfaction driving online than today. Sometimes it lasts even an hour to find a room where they drive correct and where is no issue where are you coming from. My question is: when are you planing new update,where there will be an option to choose between a flag or some other picture in avatar?
    Kind regards

    1. Quakebass

      Yeah… I’m from the U.S., andyou just don’t want to know what the Canadians have to deal with… Sometimes its hilarious, sometimes its just stupid racism. Seriously, I don’t understand the hatred for Canadians in the U.S.

    2. Nish_280z

      I’m Canadian and can agree with both post’s, I’ve been booted out of around 5 US hosted room’s. 3 before I was even loaded in. Saying Canadian’s can’t drive then poof I’m gone…

    3. Quakebass


      Do you have any idea why Americans hate Canadians? I haven’t gotten an answer from an American, and I don’t personally know any Canadians, and therefore haven’t asked any.

    4. bprred6

      Canadians can’t drive eh? Well we will have to do something aboot that.
      Haha it’s just stupid. I’ve never been kicked out of a room because of my American flag, just some Australians asked me to leave the room once because they claimed I’d slow the rooms internet speed down. Heck I’ve gone to German hosted rooms and intentionally used to KubelWagen and SchwimWagen. No kicking, they just ignore me on track.

      What I’d recommend is to go to rooms that are race for real will all driving aids off. Those people don’t care about flags, just pure racing. Now if you’re already doing that and still getting kicked they unfortunately you might just be unlucky.

      P.S Canadian women are hawt!

    5. GTP Sifer

      Yeah same here, i’m from venezuela, but there’s not a venezuelan flag when you’re registering in psn.. so i took the spanish flag, sometimes i get kicked because some morons think i’m from spain where they constantly get issues about connection.. so yeah, but the piont is, if i’m from venezuela, i’m in the american server, it’s the same as the one in USA, THE SAME.

    6. Hypergolem

      Why would the Austrians not like the Slovenians… More likely the Slovenians don’t like the Austrians…

  68. Nicktune

    In the 2.03 update informations(Blue i button) it says DLC will be available from january 18th.(North America)

    1. Quakebass

      YES! That will give me time to get a PSN card and not get laughed at for not getting it the day it came out!

      PLUS, it may be a snow day for my school. But I’ll be sledding if that is so… :)

    1. Quakebass

      It doesn’t say ANYTHING about the DLC being out yet, it only says update 2.03 and some new events are out. And the update is out in only certain places right now, as usual. It will probably be out everywhere in a few hours.

  69. SeaWall

    does anybody know if you have bought the DLC1 and if you buy the DLC2 AND DLC3 you get the TOYOTA FT86 CONCEPT 2 without buying the paint pack?????????????????

  70. King Something

    I’m guessing that the DLC won’t be up until 1700 EST (5PM Eastern/4 Central/3 Mountain/2Pacific) in the US.

  71. Super_Colossal

    If you all were wondering what the track looks like, there’s a map of it on the Gran Turismo site. Its a gigantic oval.

    1. Quakebass

      Actually, they kinda do… its usually off by a maximum of an hour or two… It could be out by the time I’m done typing this…

  72. Quakebass

    I need to get another PSN card.


    I’m ready to get that fizzy *ahem* thing that James May gets when he drives a particularly nice car…

  73. Quakebass

    Awesome! the Route X track appears to have a pit stop! I’m assuming this actually means it’s raceable!

    …Unless, of course, there is only one pitstop, and we all run out of fuel half-way around the course…

    1. VYPA-SQUAD_Ace

      It’s the first thing I noticed. Mine is doing the demo in Nero Pegaso. I’m buying quite a few of these since I’m sitting at 20 Million.

  74. masaki7026

    May I give a friendly reminder to everyone, not to jump on the PlayStation Store all at once and crash the servers like we did with the first pack please?

    I can’t wait for this though.

    1. No sense

      So how will you police this friendly reminder? How about a raffle? Or drawing straws? … Or or we could give out numbers to everyone and those with an even number go first and those with odd go second. Yes that will work..

  75. Martinez1234

    Hey guys i hava a problem . I restarted my ps like 5 times and started the game , and the game don´t download the new update . I don´t understand why . Please help me with this .

    1. Ben Rogue

      The update takes a while to become available on some PSN servers. Even though the PD servers were “under maintenance” your PSN servers might not have been updated yet, it depends on where you live. In New Zealand and Australia we usually get the update and DLC the next day X(

    2. Quakebass

      It probably isn’t out in your region yet, just be patient and wait. I wouldn’t imagine restarting your system would do anything about the update, but doing it over and over again is probably not very good for it…

    1. Quakebass

      I hope so… right now I only just have enough for the Route X DLC, and a bundle would probably allow me to just get a $5 PSN card instead of a $10 card…

    1. captainzib

      So they’re charging money for premium versions of standard cars that are already in the game now? I thought it was said a while ago that they would be converting all standards to premium, and that DLC would be for NEW cars. What a ****ing rip off, and sadly, people vote with their dollars and too many people are voting that this is acceptable.

    2. captainzib

      “Pure new”? A higher polygon count of existing cars does not qualify as such.

      I don’t understand why people who like a game, are so quick to defend a developer/publisher for doing things that are not pro-consumer.

      I like this game, but I don’t like what PD/Sony are doing with it.

      There was no excuse to have standard cars, period. They should have all been premium. And to those who say there are over a thousand cars, there aren’t. Too many are re-skins of the same car. Miata, Skyline, etc. Also, we don’t really need standard versions of cars that are available as premiums from the beginning.

      They charge money for premium car updates to standards, they charge for paint chips, (compare this game’s paint chips for real world money, to the livery editor in Forza or many other racing games and tell me it’s not a complete joke. They could at least just give us a color palette to paint our cars with if they don’t want to give us a livery editor), they charge money for a high speed test track when EVERY GT game prior had one.

      They’re going to continue charging money for this stuff as long as people keep paying.

      I’m not some hater, or at least I don’t want to be written off as one. I think this game does a lot of things right. I simply believe that there is no good excuse for the things it does wrong.

    3. digitalrurouni

      Thing is the DLC with the premium cars is great for people like me who have not had the best luck in getting some of the best cars in the game from tickets and coupons and what not. I agree that all cars should be Premium and if that means they are converting cars that I did not have to begin with but releasing them in DLC form as a Premium car I am ok with that! DLC is an optional purchase…it’s not required so people stop complaining please!

    4. Quakebass


      You do realize that PD was rebuilding their physics engine, and I believe (I’m not actually sure about the servers) reworking and building new servers for GT5? This i why it took so long to make the game. It left less time for making cars, therefore the Premium and Standard cars came about. Probably all of the tracks would have day/night and weather change, and would be SO much higher in resolution. Look at Trial Mountain – some parts look like GT2 or GT3. To add to this, Kaz stated HIMSELF that he wanted to have an extra 2 years with the game. GT5 may have had more and higher detailed cars AND tracks, and PROBABLY no Standard cars if the game was given more time.

      Something that would please you, captainzib, is for PD or Sony to split car packs up so you can buy what ever cars you want, because OBVIOUSLY, the Jag is giving you issues. Even better; you could assemble your own pack of DLC cars; you could pick a certain number of cars for a pack, and have a static price for a set value.

    5. jomama2010

      Not to mention that it took 6 months to make a single premium car while it only took weeks to make standard vehicles. I for one don’t really care to much about the premium vs. standard. We still have at least 900 different vehicles. Estimate about 100 for the same models.

    6. Mattycakes

      If you aren’t a troll than you sure don’t know much about the game.
      – paint chips- sure, there was a $2 pack of 100, but the game also gives you paint chips for just about everything.
      – standard to premium – the jag is the first one. Stop acting like this is just how it works.
      – standard cars in general- yes, we all dislike the standard cars, but do you have any freaking clue how long it takes to create a premium car? Last I read it was 6 months of work for a programmer. They didn’t have 10 years to make this game, they had 6, and most of that was spent building a whole new game from the ground up.
      Sure, there are things that bug just about everybody about this game, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s the best console racer out there and we are given unbelievable support by PD, so quit your whining and go race.

    7. Quakebass


      That was well stated. I wanted to add more, but didn’t have time; and you summed it up better. :)

    8. mando074

      @ Mattycakes

      WOW! You really don’t know what you are talking about regarding game asset creation. I work in the game industry and if I ever, EVER took six months to create a single asset I would be fired on the spot. First of all programmers don’t create 3D assets, 3D artists do. We put all our programmers in a dark room and don’t let them see sunlight until there are no bugs in a game.

      To create a “Premium” car would take me about 4-6 weeks to complete and that’s only because I don’t regularly create cars. The PD crew is very experienced so it would likely take them even less time.

      Regarding paint chips, I don’t love the current system but it’s not too bad. What they should do is let you keep the paint chip after you use it, ESPECIALLY for the ones you pay for with real money. Once you have the color it should be yours forever.

      All cars should have been premium from the start no excuses. And the tracks OMG, when I first saw them back in 11/11 I was shocked when I saw Trial Mountain, Laguna Seca, Sarthe and many others. As a 3D artist I know it doesn’t take much to tilt a tree just ever so slightly just so it does not look like the other trees and they could not even do that.

      Listen fanboy, just because captainzib, myself and others critique the game does not mean we don’t like it. I play the game day and night, and have 3 accounts going so I really play this game a lot but because of that I see a lot of faults and I think its productive to offer critiques to improve the game for everyone including you. if it was up to the fanboys we would still be playing the first GT.

      PD has done a lot of good things but they should not charge us for cars that should have been premium in the first place. captainzib is right when he says: ” They’re going to continue charging money for this stuff as long as people keep paying.”

      So quit acting like a know it all Mattycakes, and let us improve the game.

    9. GTP_Versatile

      Seriously people? Every post is the same thing. “Same cars, update is lame, DLC sucks, blah blah blah” or “Best thing ever, I love PD, Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean everyone else shoudln’t blah blah blah.”

      Just enjoy the game ! No one is forcing you to do anything, PD never “forced” you to buy GT5, no one is “forcing” you to buy the DLC. It’s not that hard.

    10. cutemarilu

      Totally agree with captain zib, 1000000000%. Great game, not the best consumer tactics. I’m skipping this new upgrade altogether.

    11. Mattycakes


      I never stated I was an expert, I said very clearly it was just what I read. And maybe it takes so much longer for them to do a car than you because you do all they do for each car. It’s not just pixels after all. Kaz stated himself a while back he didn’t like having to make so many cars standard, so I’m quite sure they have good reasons. But to be honest, neither of us can say much because we had nothing to do with the game, so please don’t act so high and mighty simply because you work in the industry. Now let’s get back to talking about how awesome half these cars will be, or more if you really love VW bugs :P

    12. Tvensky


      guess what i know something about it… :)

      3 – 4 weeks for a 3D model.. ok and..

      how about create time on physics? get all rights for the car creation, then all the paperwork… , how about cars weight, center of gravity, HP (recreate engine work) RPM, intake etc.., recreate aerodynamics for a car sounds like a month of work to me since there is no real air in digital world…… then test the whole car, tweak it, then test it again… Im sure there is alot of work to do to create a car.. Real cars are made for 1 – 5 years… I think 6 months for Digital recreation of it is OK. If you take in mind all tiny bits.. so programming and 3D models isnt the end of the car.. every single premium car in GT5 acts like no other, I tryed it with my g27 I can say for sure, and I have big interests in real cars and own one.. I have my opinion on this one..

    13. Tvensky

      and even if PD is lying (and I think they dont) PD’s 3D premium model cars are so esquisit quality pure awesomess, never saw so much details in any other game.. including cockpits and they are done exelent (it takes insane amount of time) I did work with 3D models (if I create something that does not exist in real world then its easy and fast, but if you have to recreate 3D objects from real world, just imagine how much measures you would neet to take, INSANE amount of time, to measure every little tiny button and bits and then put it all together), and even if PD needs 3 months to create a car, thats only 4 cars a year for a person… if PD have 20 people who works on 3D models than it would take 80 cars a year, 6 years 480 cars.. and then how about tracks and all other stuff they work on… it all comes together when you think about it.

    14. Tvensky

      Funny bit -> lol , I think I just guessed how much 3D modelers PD have… I sayd 3 months on car, 20 persons, 6 years 480 cars…

      so if its 6 months on car, 20 persons, 6 years 240 cars… :) just about what GT5 have… lol

    15. mando074

      Guess what tvensky, you don’t know enough : ) Since you claim you worked creating 3D models you should know 6 weeks is more than enough time to create a full high-poly model including cockpit with full UV maps and shadow maps. In any real studio (like PD) the rest is done by individual departments. Once they got the game engine physics figured out (which they did a great job at) it’s incredibly easy to enter all the data you speak about. It’s really a matter of tweaking the settings, HELL I DO IT EVERY DAY WHEN I TUNE MY CAR FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL COURSE I DRIVE < (sorry caps got stuck). For a professional studio is HIGHLY unlikely they would spend 6 months on one asset. BTW PD never said they spent six months on a car.

      But that’s not the point, my point is constructive criticism is healthy towards improving a product made by people that purchase the product is completely ok. People should not be shunned just because they speak out for something they purchased. I like the DLC, just want them to be better. Everyone benefits from a better GT5, including you.

    16. TeamCZRRacing

      @mando074 That’s true, but you have to consider that PD has to tell the game what each individual setup adjustment does and how it affects the car. This is what facilitates you being able to adjust it in-game. Especially when you consider that different adjustments affect different cars in different ways, there are probably thousands upon thousands of lines of handling and adjustment data for each car. And the thing about it is, they don’t have any sort of GUI to work with when coding, so they can’t simply adjust a slider to change the strength of the game’s downforce mechanics. If they want to make an adjustment or add a feature to the game’s engine or a car’s handling data, they have to painstakingly code it character by character. I’ve coded before, in both CSS and Visual BASIC. While I don’t have much coding experience at all, I know reasonably well how hard it can be at times.

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