Gran Turismo 5 “Car Pack 3”, “Speed Test” DLC Packs Available in NA, EU to Follow

January 17th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

The two latest DLC packs for Gran Turismo 5 are now available in the North American PlayStation Store. Here’s a quick review of the new content that’s available:

Car Pack 3 ($5.99 USD / €5.99 / £4.79)

  • Nissan Leaf G 2011
  • Aston Martin V12 Vantage 2010
  • Volkswagen [Beetle] 1200 1966
  • Jaguar XJR-9 LM Racecar 1988
  • Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 2011
  • Mini Mini Cooper S Countryman (R60) 2011

Speed Test Course Pack ($3.99 USD / €3.99 / £3.19)

  • Route X Oval

To find and purchase the new content from the PlayStation Store, perform a search for “car pack 3”, or “speed test”.

As of writing, the DLC is still not yet available in Europe; it should go live in other territories when their respective PlayStation Stores are updated on Wednesday, January 18th. Note that you can still experience the Route X test course if you join an online race being held at the circuit.

Stay tuned to our forums for more detailed availability information in your local area. Thanks to Mitch for the early tip!

GT5 Photomode images by Spark_GTP and Viper224.

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  1. Jan. 18, 5:46am

    WHERE is the answer to the question we are all asking……TOP SPEED OF THE BEETLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    gawd guys,get on the bal………

    • Jan. 18, 5:49am

      Max PP to. These are very important questions. :)

    • Jan. 18, 5:54am

      145mph so far. Sure I can squeeze more out of Herbie though.

    • Jan. 18, 6:00am

      453 max pp so far, with max down force of course.

    • Jan. 18, 7:19am

      My brother got 153.7 mph

    • Jan. 18, 7:20am

      The beetle has a huge wing on the back……AWESOME.

  2. Jan. 18, 5:40am

    i just do not understand the pricing: Car Pack 3 $5.99 USD / €5.99
    Speed Test Course Pack $3.99 USD / €3.99
    So let me recap, US DLC compared to EU is not only cheaper but also earlier available, not fair in my opinion

    • Jan. 18, 6:04am

      It has mentioned in other locations, possibly here, but it comes down to the different tax rules per region. EU is obviously in the Euro Zone so has a particular tax system, Australia has a different one again, the U.S/Canada is different agin. If you want it standardised, speak to your local politician.

  3. Jan. 18, 5:30am

    The bug sounds like a harley with semi racing exhaust, wow. Love that car, and the look is perfect both modded and none mod. Great detail work on the tailpipe configuration too. :O

    • Jan. 18, 5:35am

      oh please stop teasing :P

    • Jan. 18, 5:44am

      I’m not. It sounds awesome with semi racing put on it. I couldn’t believe my ears.

    • Jan. 18, 5:46am

      But be warned though, this car has some maaaaaaajor turbo lag.

    • Jan. 18, 5:52am

      do you have a youtube account? Please upload a video of tuning the bug if you do ;)

    • Jan. 18, 5:59am

      and also one of the MINI Countryman and the Nissan Leaf while you’re at it, Pleas Please Please :)

  4. Jan. 18, 5:24am

    I think updates come from PD but store is updated by Sony so unlikely dlc will come exactly 24hrs after update but I’m just speculating

  5. Jan. 18, 5:19am

    11:20pm in NZ and still nothing, i’m going to bed, i’ll try in the morning

  6. Jan. 18, 5:16am

    update should be soon. the 2.03 release was around this time yesterday

  7. Jan. 18, 5:01am

    on the SSRX track, on the same staight as the start/finnish there is an overhead bridge. will it be drivable one day? I havnt had the chance to take a close look as I havent downloaded it yet and have just been watching youtube vids.

  8. Jan. 18, 4:55am

    Kaz twitter-last message: @Kaz_Yamauchi – When will the new DLC be aviable in Europe, today or later on?
    18 Jan.15:00 CET RT @ilmyyt:

    • Jan. 18, 4:59am

      Kudos to you. It’s 11:00 CET right now.

    • Jan. 18, 5:17am
      Ben Rogue

      Wow, so a massive 27 hours after “release” we will get it in NZ. So, why don’t they just say, for all intents and purposes; “by the 19th”… PD, seriously?

    • Jan. 18, 5:19am

      What BS… so the US gets it like 24 hours before the EU… Everyone else pays more for it too, what rip-off artists.

    • Jan. 18, 5:35am

      not waiting up tonight for the dlc in Australia. i’ll get it in the morning. IMO the test course should of have been in gt5 from the beginning. i have been waiting over a year for this. next thing to include should be NOS

  9. Jan. 18, 4:55am

    after first dlc pack always do same thing eu region wait one day other regions play one more day i waiting for aventador & vantage &countryman, route x not means to me, but i take because kaz say every two months one dlc but this time december & january two dlc come if we buy we see a lot of dlc i think. gt 5 forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jan. 18, 4:51am

    looking at the DLC cars in the dealership is making me so impatient! cant wait to give the Lambo and Aston a spin :)

  11. Jan. 18, 4:51am

    The Aventador is nothing short of a canvas of which to display that of what has become the ultimate goal of lamborghin, a true ultimate supercari. This car is pure performance, and well balanced at that. It doesn’t just one thing well, it does them all. Acceleration, braking, cornering, power sliding with torque steer, it’s even decent on wet tracks. It’s a drivers car that allows you to get as much out of it as you put into it, meaning, it doesn’t drive itself. Loving this car right now on sport softs. Haven’t even tested SSRX yet. Maybe tomorrow I will.

    • Jan. 18, 4:52am

      ^^It’s hard typing sometimes when you’re sleepy, sorry for the grammatical errors, going to bed now.:/

  12. Jan. 18, 4:48am

    where the hell is the DLC… australia is getting a raw deal :(

  13. Jan. 18, 4:46am

    that was meant for hairystig!!!!

    • Jan. 18, 5:17am


  14. Jan. 18, 4:40am

    So what’s the crack then ppl when are we seeing the DLC in beautiful sunny Scotland i want the lambo sort it out.

    • Jan. 18, 4:45am

      brake early for the corners mun

  15. Jan. 18, 4:36am

    so long as its available in the UK by the time I get home (5pm) then I’ll be a happy man, can not wait to rip up route X

  16. Jan. 18, 4:35am

    ITS out in ASIA so we wont be long,this is new,just saw it.!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Jan. 18, 4:37am

      thats Hong Kong/Singapore/Vietnam/Korea/China ect…

  17. Jan. 18, 4:34am

    Not available in Spain 10:36 pm 18/1 -_-

  18. Jan. 18, 4:25am

    Nothing Here in nz 10:25pm 18/1

    • Jan. 18, 4:27am

      when was the 2.03 available yesterday?

    • Jan. 18, 4:32am

      @ swiftwilly, in Europe, the DLC time didn’t match the patch time (9/9:30 AM CET for patch, it’s 10:30 AM and no DLC yet)

    • Jan. 18, 4:37am

      I believe the patch was released 10:30GMT in the PAL regions (Europe) yesterday.
      I checked my PS Store 15 min ago, but nothing yet.
      I doubt the time for release of the patch has anything to do with when SCEE will update the PS Store.

  19. Jan. 18, 4:21am

    Time for some VW bug drags like back in the day Ohh yea got my bug in the low 12sec 1/4

  20. Jan. 18, 4:18am

    not available in poland 10:17 morning 18/1

  21. Jan. 18, 4:14am

    I’m only interested in new tracks, but ovals seem so boooooring… I’l give it a try online before purchasing, but as of now, I won’t be getting this.

    • Jan. 18, 5:24am

      Yeeeaaaah i gave the track a shot online and i think i’ll be giving it a miss. I’ll be all over the car pack though.

  22. Jan. 18, 4:00am

    Not available in the UK what the hell? Sorry but this is BS….

    • Jan. 18, 4:01am

      And especially seeing we pay more than the US for both packs… Rip-off merchants.

    • Jan. 18, 4:03am

      not available in greece 11:02 morning 18/1

  23. Jan. 18, 3:58am

    Does anyone know a time for the dlc to come out in aus?

  24. Jan. 18, 3:52am

    I would like to ask a question.I used to be playing on a disc that is not the same region as my console & account, so i can’t buy the DLC cars & tracks. I have since switched to all common region code but of course all my cars from the other region code disc doesn’t show up. It is possible to give all the cars to a friend, after that delete all my previous region code data, & have him to send me back all my cars & i download them into my current garage. Is it possible? Becoz i do have some special cars in that region code games that i want it in the current region code that i am on. Does it work that way?

    • Jan. 18, 4:33am

      i had your same problem.I recieved GT5 as a present,it was U.S. and i got to 40/40 with 1000 cars,all race cars,but when DLC came out it wouldnt work so i got a AU/EU disk and started again but shared my good cars on my twogramtroutman I.D. and also sent tickets.
      add me if you want some tickets

  25. Jan. 18, 3:42am

    is it out in oz yet???

  26. Jan. 18, 3:35am

    not yet in AUS been waiting all day . . . WTF

  27. Jan. 18, 3:35am

    Chinese for delays again flying over europe

  28. Jan. 18, 3:20am

    seen people complaining about the price differences. I was too, so I called PSN support. apparently it is because of tax. that is why we get charge so much more…

    • Jan. 18, 3:50am
      Ben Rogue

      What country you live in. In NZ sales tax is 15% but they are selling the DLC at 35% more than the price it should be.. They are just ripping off smaller markets.

    • Jan. 18, 3:59am

      NZ price is a joke… i dont think i can afford to buy cars at this rate

    • Jan. 18, 7:10am

      am in uk. never said it was accurate, just that’s what sony sounds like BS to me, but there’s nowt we can do, other than start a new NA account and buy a us disc

  29. Jan. 18, 3:10am

    Come on ppl! Take the real “FAST” cars on the speedtest, i mean those ultra cars like a midget or old fiat 500 xD

  30. Jan. 18, 2:57am

    is it just like previous car packs,soon as we install dlc we got cars in car delivery :) ?

  31. Jan. 18, 2:16am

    Still no download DLC! damn im wait i want now!

    • Jan. 18, 2:55am

      just remember the last DLC came to 1 region first,then a week later for the U.S……..maybe were getting payback from some deranged person.its not me either

  32. Jan. 18, 2:02am

    I’m sure someone shares my opinion that drag racing in a video game is pointless and will not be buying the test course.

    Cannot wait for the Aventador in Australia though, so awesome. I’ve been staring at it in the dealership for a good hour now, that matte white paint is fantastic.

    • Jan. 18, 2:06am

      A test course does not mean drag racing, its a ‘test’ course.

    • Jan. 18, 2:09am

      You can drag race on it online..

    • Jan. 18, 2:11am

      I just don’t want to spend $4.00 just to see how fast my virtual car can go in GT5’s version of reality

    • Jan. 18, 2:44am

      ur cheap!

    • Jan. 18, 4:10am

      Yep… Invicta you cheap bugger, hahahaha! Go buy a beer with your 4 dollars and loosen up.

  33. Jan. 18, 1:45am

    plis somebody can help me!!?? Need know if can use in EU the content of my American PSN account, i cant wait more!! Need drive the Aventador NOW!!! xD

    • Jan. 18, 1:59am

      Only if you have a U.S. disk.The disk code starts with BCUS.The credit card will only work if its from the same counrty as there is no alternative when you register the credit card on your PS3..Buy U.S. psn card online

    • Jan. 18, 2:03am

      waiting, waiting, waiting some more…….

    • Jan. 18, 2:10am
      LUIS TBO

      But in my US PSN account i can activate the pack 2 of cars and this pack was purchased in EU Store for my EU disc, but instead, the circuit pack and paint dont let me : /
      Maybe the pack 3 yes and the Route X no….

  34. Jan. 18, 1:43am

    still ball all here in the uk, true its still early it would be nice to wake up in the god forsaken hell hole and there be some joy

    • Jan. 18, 2:32am

      Im soooooo lucky my ancestors were sent as punishment to sunny Australia if thats how you describe your homeland :)

    • Jan. 18, 8:49am

      what can I say todays a good day, and I (and many like me) wish my ancestors were sent to Oz or started from scratch to go to the US… Youre lucky dude

      The UK is the only 3rd world country where you can drink the water haha

  35. Jan. 18, 1:38am

    He might have a U.S. account…..i have a U.S. account because i had too after learning my first GT5 disk was a region U.S….

  36. Jan. 18, 1:37am

    This Crazy i sore a guy frm new zealand hosting a room with the new track but nz or oz havnt got it yet

  37. Jan. 18, 1:33am

    still nothing in nz

    • Jan. 18, 1:35am

      it said that it will be ready for download on the 18th, well there is only 4 hours left till the 19th

  38. Jan. 18, 1:32am

    Still nada in Oz

  39. Jan. 18, 1:25am

    anyone notice that the load times are not as fast as before the update? I get a black screen with a small gt5 logo in the bottom right and a few seconds longer load now before entering races… anyone else notice some choppiness in the route x replays? maybe just me…

    • Jan. 18, 1:51am

      I have only experienced the black screen with the logo, and sometimes it doesn’t even finish loading. Even since Spec 2.0. :/

      But it happens rarely to me now since the last update.

  40. Jan. 18, 1:18am

    Hey guys, if i buy the pack 3 of cars and the X route from my American PSN account can use the content in EU??

  41. Jan. 18, 12:28am

    Looooooooove Route X and the Speed tests. Just spent the last 3.5hrs trying to get my ’07 Mustang into the 10s in the 1/4 mile.

    Mission Accomplished: 10.990 @ over 130mph. Sad part is it got obliterated by a Veyron 5min later.
    Now if we can only get a Pony Pack featuring the ’12 Boss 302 and the 200mph+ ’13 GT500.

  42. Jan. 18, 12:20am

    still not in eu store here in holland

  43. Jan. 17, 11:55pm

    On EU store yet? JEBUS CHRIST I’m waiting along with everyone in the EU. Needless to say a drove online, pretty fun I have to admit.

  44. Jan. 17, 11:31pm

    Spent over an hour with friends running random cars on the new track. Its alot of fun and with the day night cycle has to be one of the best looking tracks on the whole game. The new car pack is awsome as well, 202hp bug with chrome bumpers removed and a wing. I love it.

  45. Jan. 17, 11:31pm

    Is it out on Asia PSN Store?

  46. Jan. 17, 11:04pm

    I appreciate the content they give us to keep the game fresh. But in all honesty, did we really need an 18 mile long oval? It’s such a waste in my opinion. The Speed test is great. I truly love this feature. But an 18 mile oval is so much wasted space. I just did a few laps in various cars thinking to myself, “What the hell is the point in this?”.

    • Jan. 17, 11:10pm

      You’ll see the point when you do an arcade race in X2010’s. Talk about a white-knuckle ride! 300mph bump drafting.

    • Jan. 18, 1:39am

      So is it only a track made for the X2010/2011? as they seem to be the only cars people seem to rave on about with this track… I would love to join in the convo about how the track is, but being in the UK we have to wait till last like good little mugs while paying more for it… Ahhh the system works!

    • Jan. 18, 11:04pm

      @ AJVH

      I kinda agree. My understanding of a test track is. Its not just about speed. Its supposed to be a place to test cars. All aspects of cars. When i saw they added a G-Force reading i was hoping it wouldn’t just be an oval. Oh well. Kinda makes the G-force thing useless imo. I personally would’ve had the one long straight. So u can drag race and do the tests. Then maybe a complex set of corners with varying degrees of tightness and camber working your way back to the top of the straight. Then u can see how many G’s u can pull through the corners. And set up cars. Testing. It would be much more fun weaving in and out of the satelite dishes and wind turbines instead of another long ass straight.

  47. Jan. 17, 11:01pm

    New track is great an all but for $4 its a massive rip off, guys in Europe have it worst paying the same but in euro……. they made half a track, mirrored it and bam 4 bux really ?…………. PD/Sony will keep pushing it till we push back……..this track should have clearly come in DLC 3 pack……. that said, cool looking track…but its not $4 cool…….lol

    • Jan. 17, 11:23pm

      Both side’s of the track are different, what are you talking about? One side has the tunnel and the other has a hill.

    • Jan. 17, 11:48pm

      Futher to that it’s cost of 2 games at the arcade where you are time limited anyways. At the end of the day there is no requirement to purchase this…..just sayin

    • Jan. 17, 11:50pm

      What gets me isn’t that it’s just an oval or anything, but the fact that you pay money for a speed test feature previously included in past GT games out of the box. I hope taking features away, and then charging for them later doesn’t become the norm. Up until now I was never a “should’ve been included in the game in the first place” kind of guy, but this one bugs me a little, I have to admit. This was something that I would have expected as a free update feature, not pay DLC.

    • Jan. 18, 12:01am

      I agree NA, this should have been included in any one of the previous updates. Lets hope with GT6 that the lessons learned from GT5 are applied in the best possible way

    • Jan. 18, 1:36am

      Well, eat McDonalds meal for lunch or stay home drink some water and eat left over food from yesterday AND buy a cool GT5 DLC track that I can enjoy for days, weeks or most likely months! Hmmmm what to choose? The DLC of course!!!!

    • Jan. 18, 2:43am

      My point exactly NA….. were paying more for them to add things that was in previous games….. i just think PD is exploiting DLC’s at this point

    • Jan. 18, 2:54am

      dont b cheap~ is either u buy or dont buy~ no buddy is forcing u anyway~

    • Jan. 18, 4:02am

      Good Grief. The horse is dead, quit beeting it. We all know this should’ve been there day one but at least it’s massively longer and has night mode.

    • Jan. 18, 5:18am

      It should have been included for free in the latest update; it’s a bloody oval for smegs sake. £4 is taking the piss, when the game is £14.99 new from Amazon right now.

  48. Jan. 17, 11:00pm

    nearly $20 NZ for both. are you serious? at this rate we’d have paid 2x the cost of the actual game for a few more cars.

    i cant afford this unless they start selling the cars single on their own. like EVERY OTHER GAME.

  49. Jan. 17, 10:38pm

    Around $14 in Australia for both…U.S. v AU dollar is the same value give or take a few cents

  50. Jan. 17, 10:30pm

    €1 is NOT the same as $1.

    Why does the pound get an exchange rate value yet the EU countries must pay more than the US?

    • Jan. 18, 8:47am

      How the exchange rate SHOULD work
      £1 = $1.5
      £1 = €1.2

      How the actually works

      “Hey Barry, just swap those dollar and euro signs for pound ones, I cant be arsed doing the math”

  51. Jan. 17, 10:26pm

    I’d created my very own SV version of the Aventador. Both normal and tuned. It rocks and so does the other cars. :D

  52. Jan. 17, 10:19pm

    Love the Aventador…pulls so hard. The beetle is pretty sweet to, able to remove the bumpers and ad a huge rear wing but could use more power.

    • Jan. 17, 10:42pm

      I tuned the Beetle to over 200HP with a turbocharger.

    • Jan. 17, 11:21pm

      @ Wilkinism…like I said, could use more power!

  53. Jan. 17, 9:51pm

    33% through update and 340mins to go :(

  54. Jan. 17, 9:48pm

    I just bought the car pack before shutting down the PS3 for the day…had totally forgot about the track! I guess that will be a purchase for tomorrow. I bet Kaz and PD are making bank with these DLCs!!!

    • Jan. 17, 11:01pm

      yeah man. happily ripping everyone off. and these idiots are buying it. they’d be forced to make it more realistic and sell the cars as single car sales instead ofpacks if no one bought them

    • Jan. 17, 11:46pm

      Gotta say guys that it’s not Kaz and PD that are making setting the pricing this is Sony, you need to air your grievances with them.

    • Jan. 18, 4:00am

      i have nothing against them.

      they are making amazing cars avaiable to us. but its not going to be available really if we cant afford it

  55. Jan. 17, 9:44pm

    are there quarter mile times now? and is there online quarter mile drag racing?

    • Jan. 17, 9:47pm

      yes but no online drag racing mode

    • Jan. 17, 9:50pm

      thanks.. happy and sad at the same time.. what makes it so hard to put 2 cars in the same track and race in a straight line? this is a serious question

    • Jan. 17, 11:02pm

      not very hard. get two controllers, use your two hands. put in auto and go

  56. Jan. 17, 9:39pm

    Cool track, can’t get my cars to go faster than 300 MPH :(

  57. Jan. 17, 9:38pm
    Coolhand Luke

    when will it be available in australia? will we have to wait untill tomorrow?

  58. Jan. 17, 9:38pm

    I see the track in my near future, but I think I’ll hold off on getting the cars for now. The Lambo and Aston look great but idk if they are worth 6 dollars.

  59. Jan. 17, 9:10pm

    I bought both packs loving the Aventador and the new track haven’t tried the Beetle and Leaf yet but i’m sure there pretty sweet.

  60. Jan. 17, 9:10pm

    1:52. am. just play on the routeX track, buying this later today, Absolutely beautfull, Veyron tops..247Mph.and it`s not modified, as plan as plan can be, you also can race to or free run, with others, one thing i hope is there is weatherlike the rain, would be good, there`s day and night transitions. but rain would be, good. oh well late. just 14 hour to go, then Psn Updated 16:00pm. XD

    • Jan. 17, 9:48pm

      hehe lol, were you in my room by any chance. it was called Route X!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jan. 17, 11:00pm

      i was! Didn’t feel like sleeping tho >.<
      I bet the lobby is still open after ive sleept ^^)

    • Jan. 17, 11:34pm

      My Veyron (absolutely stock, with stock, sports tires) topped at 243 mph. It was at the very top of its 7th gear and it just couldn’t do any more. Did you change the gear ratios on yours or something?

  61. Jan. 17, 9:09pm

    What ever happened to the nsx concept that was in the video I want the car cuz it looks awsomw

    • Jan. 17, 9:33pm

      They never said it will be in game…

    • Jan. 18, 7:55am


    • Jan. 18, 10:49pm

      the FT-86 Concept II had a video made for it months before we actually got it. U never know it might make an appearance

  62. Jan. 17, 9:09pm


  63. Jan. 17, 9:00pm

    For the first time, GameStop actually didn’t try to rip me off and, in fact, got me a good deal on a PSN card. I used to buy them at Amazon when they were priced the same as they cost (ex: 20 buck for$20 card, etc), but now Amazon, shipping, etc. which is totally stupid. GameStop, to my surprise, charged me exactly the amount of the card. 3rd batch of GT5 DLC, here I come!!!

    • Jan. 17, 9:23pm

      when i do a google search for psn cards i go to the ads on the right hand side of the webpage.Not every site has every region card but ive always found what ive been looking for-$20 U.S. card & $20 Australian card.

  64. Jan. 17, 8:45pm

    Just Tried it out, frooze on 1st lap, ps3 crashed and corrupted my game save. Many thanks sony!!! Everything lost, good job I have a back up from before xmas, but come on this is a joke I have lost 3 20 million credit cars, Thanks

    • Jan. 17, 9:02pm

      Thanks for the tip! Everyone, we should backup our game saves before buying DLC/update. Sorry that this happened to you, though!!

    • Jan. 18, 3:51am

      Did that early morning on the 18th, wheww. Almost forgot too. Has been common practice for me before most updates and installing DLC.

  65. Jan. 17, 8:39pm

    They really need to sell cars on as single cars instead of packs, like all other games do.

    i want the GTR and Aventador, but not a nissan leaf.
    you know why they dont do it? because then no one else would pay to have a mini cooper S which is exactly like the one already in the game only with like 6 more HP.
    whyyyyyyyyy even bother.

    but the new track is absolutely awesome! best thing they could’ve added to the game

    • Jan. 17, 8:49pm


      The new cooper isn’t “exactly like the one allready in the game”. It’s a larger, heavier version, with a much different body than the other ’11 Cooper S. PD probably thought the Cooper fans would appreciate it.

    • Jan. 17, 8:58pm

      i meant the cooper S ’11 in car pack 2.

      this one is the countryman yeah

    • Jan. 17, 9:03pm

      Ahhh, I see. That one i’ll give you. I could pretty much do without the one from pack 2.

    • Jan. 18, 2:49am

      dont b cheap~ just get it all already!!

    • Jan. 18, 7:18am

      Yea, just buy it, the leaf and the mini are fun to drive if you try ’em out.

    • Jan. 18, 7:55am

      Both the Mini Cooper and Nissan Leaf are fun. You’ll like them too if you give them a chance.

  66. Jan. 17, 8:32pm

    Route X…no words can describe a beautifully done course with a massive straight.

  67. Jan. 17, 8:28pm

    I hit 295 mph while bump drafting with my brother in my new Jaguar XJR-9 LM Racecar!!!

  68. Jan. 17, 8:08pm

    The Aventador is quite simply, awesome. It alone justifies buying this DLC.

    • Jan. 17, 8:39pm

      Hell yes!

    • Jan. 17, 9:49pm

      V12 Vantange in Meteorite Silver :) yum……….

  69. Jan. 17, 8:03pm


  70. Jan. 17, 7:52pm

    300mph clubs FTW!

  71. Jan. 17, 7:45pm

    For everyone who is asking that they can race online if they didnt pay for it, you can. they said it in the article.

    • Jan. 17, 8:19pm

      YES you can! (still i´m going to buy it so…)

  72. Jan. 17, 7:36pm

    C’mon get this on EU psn already. Everyone is asleep here except us GT’ers now bring it.

  73. Jan. 17, 7:31pm

    The price of europe is the same of América?
    Get smart..”…………

  74. Jan. 17, 7:30pm

    It is already available in Brazil. All you need to do is to use the search tool in PStore to find. Bought both (car pack and track) from there.

    Hope it can help brazilians.

  75. Jan. 17, 7:19pm

    Can’t get this until Sunday. On holidays

  76. Jan. 17, 7:16pm

    it wont let u race on dlc tracks online unless u buy it now after update 2.02 or 2.01

    • Jan. 17, 7:25pm

      I´m playing on Race X now and i haven´t it till tomorrow (well today but at 17:00). I am in europe but i found one guy from US hosting a room and i entered and then he went off and i am still there (2 hrs lol).
      You can race online if other guy have it and you don´t. CONFIRMED!!!
      I´m going to buy it because it is beautiful. The day/night transitions is amazing and looks so real…just wow.
      Amazing job by PD!!!

    • Jan. 17, 7:26pm

      “Note that you can still experience the Route X test course if you join an online race being held at the circuit.”

      Then the OP is wrong. Can you now or can you not ???

    • Jan. 17, 7:27pm

      interesting point you made. I wonder if anyone else noticed this. Glad you pointed that out. The article says you can though. Looks like someone need to edit that post.

    • Jan. 17, 8:18pm

      YES YOU CAN!!

  77. Jan. 17, 7:05pm

    still waiting for update to finish, darn my inferior internet connection :\

    • Jan. 18, 4:14am

      i no your pian…it must of took me a whole 3 mins to download

  78. Jan. 17, 7:03pm

    I’d love to get the speed pack, but my friend is borrowing my game :(

    • Jan. 17, 7:26pm

      lol sorry to hear that bro. tell your friend to get XL since it came out today.

    • Jan. 18, 12:24am

      Borrowing…..hahahahaha……you have lost your copy of GT5 brah. I DO NOT lend GT5 period. Friend or no friend.

  79. Jan. 17, 6:57pm

    No you can’t it unlocks as soon as you install the DLC supposedly although cars can be traded

  80. Jan. 17, 6:53pm

    Wait, is this the first time a car pack has cars that are also available for people who don’t buy the pack?

    Can’t we just buy the cars in the car pack with our Cr?

    • Jan. 17, 6:58pm

      I am 99% sure no.

    • Jan. 17, 7:05pm

      You HAVE to buy the DLC.

    • Jan. 17, 7:58pm

      You have to buy the pack to activate it in the game. It will show up but you won’t be able to buy it. The only reason they show up in the showrooms is so that you can buy another copy of the car in the game with game Cr.

    • Jan. 18, 12:06am

      I’m gonna be the first to read the full question. Yes you will be able to buy all cars that you could buy before. Just not as Premiums.

  81. Jan. 17, 6:50pm

    Here at work still!! :/

  82. Jan. 17, 6:45pm

    Route X has day and night time driving. Couldn’t add weather change during the arcade run I did. It’s an oval track :) Took me 4.5 mins to complete a lap using my Black Edition GT-R from a stand still O.o

    • Jan. 17, 7:04pm

      It’s a bummer that there isn’t weather for it. I’m so glad it’s a time changing track, at least.

  83. Jan. 17, 6:42pm

    Im from UK but cant wait till after college tomoz, hell ye that lambo looks like a stunner pic, congrats to the photographer.

  84. Jan. 17, 6:41pm

    Still not finished updating because of this ridiculous internet connection -____-

  85. Jan. 17, 6:41pm

    any of you guys know if Route X is available online?

    • Jan. 17, 8:17pm

      Yup, it is! Got 570 with the X2011!

  86. Jan. 17, 6:40pm

    Somebody make a video. I want to see the whole track and if there are any track variations.

    • Jan. 17, 7:55pm

      It’s just a flat straight on one side and the other side has elevation changes and that’s really it.

  87. Jan. 17, 6:40pm

    So tempted to buy the new DLC. I bought the first lot (as a bundle) but passed on the second lot and I’m passing on the third lot. It’s going to rack up some serious expense; £3 here, £5 there. I’d like to support PD but I feel that they will ultimately package up GT5 DLC at a reduced bundle price and all this content will make it to GT5 regardless.

    Each micro-transaction seems fair for the quality of the work but I don’t want to end up spending £100 on all this stuff.

    • Jan. 17, 6:40pm

      *make it to GT6

    • Jan. 17, 7:53pm

      if you dont want to pay $5 there isnt much chance of spending $100 is there….than a fish’s

    • Jan. 18, 2:39am

      I’ve been meaning to buy the DLC, but I never did. All these extra packs and stuff don’t quite grab me. The pack with the Golf R and the Scirocco almost got me, but so little cars. They need to create a big pack, with let’s say, 10 new cars, for a decent price. That’ll go well rather than little bits.

      Just my opinion though. I would prefer a main meal rather than hors d’oeuvre.

    • Jan. 18, 2:46am

      dont b cheap~ show ur support and enjoy the game

    • Jan. 18, 5:15am

      How about you demand some value for money, or do your parents foot the bill for you? GT5 is currently £14.99 on Amazon; the DLC released so far costs more than that in total, and offers so little. I support the game wholeheartedly, but these DLC packages are way too overpriced for what you get.

    • Jan. 18, 6:35am
      GT5 X1

      Yea you complain. In my country the Paint pack was more like 20-30 DDK.
      The TC Car pack was 60 DDK. So dont complain!

  88. Jan. 17, 6:39pm

    Wish my PS3 didnt YLOD last week :(

  89. Jan. 17, 6:35pm

    I’ve been playing for over an hour now :p

  90. Jan. 17, 6:34pm

    So very appreciative that this game is constantly evolving & getting better & better every month!

    • Jan. 18, 12:17pm


    • Jan. 18, 1:40pm

      Happy slaves, well and truly fooled!

  91. Jan. 17, 6:34pm

    finally the test track….prayers have been awnsered. let the 300mphclubs from gt4 (excluding using the x2010/11) start all over…:D

  92. Jan. 17, 6:33pm

    just got mine time for some speed test i am so happy now

  93. Jan. 17, 6:33pm

    383 km/h with the Aventador! Speed Test is amazing! 0-100 in 2.196!!! Thanks PD!!!

    • Jan. 18, 8:20am

      can u play Speed Test online with more players? something like drag race?

    • Jan. 18, 8:36am
      GT HP Nut

      Yes, the Route X Oval is also available in Arcade Mode and Online.

    • Jan. 19, 4:11am

      ha i got 405kph and 1.95 fully tuned

  94. Jan. 17, 6:32pm

    Off to play!!!

    • Jan. 17, 9:35pm

      I’ll have one in an hour

  95. Jan. 17, 6:32pm

    The Leaf is awsome just like I thought it would be

    • Jan. 17, 6:38pm

      hahaha I bet

    • Jan. 17, 7:50pm

      smoke some leaf…..big FWD burnouts….any tunes for the leaf yet….?

    • Jan. 17, 8:29pm


      Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath

  96. Jan. 17, 6:32pm

    Is there a bundle for both?

    • Jan. 17, 6:33pm

      Unfortunately, no.

    • Jan. 17, 8:55pm

      It makes no sense there isn’t a bundle. Somebody asleep at the wheel again.

      KAZ!!!!!!!!!! Wake up :)

    • Jan. 18, 12:40am
      tube chaser

      Huh, what .. where am I?

    • Jan. 18, 1:57am

      @tube chaser:
      You finally reached the end of one of those 12 KM straights on Route X. Scenery looks different, Huh?

    • Jan. 18, 10:51am

      trk, for crying out loud. It’s Sony’s decision.

    • Jan. 18, 8:44pm

      jackhole, just trying to make light of the situation. But seriously there should be a bundle to discount both. Just like the last one. And this is Kaz’s game and he should have not let this happen. GT5 is turning into a money grubbing meanie. :)

    • Jan. 18, 10:43pm

      money grabbing meanie that has given us constant updates and extra events for free and even cars for free. But i do agree a bundle would be easier. Or have the option of both bundle and separate releases. like they did with DLC 1.

  97. Jan. 17, 6:31pm


  98. Jan. 17, 6:31pm

    This wins

  99. Jan. 17, 6:27pm

    Show time!!

  100. Jan. 17, 6:26pm


    • Jan. 17, 7:28pm

      Any extra that came with the buy like the NSC

    • Jan. 17, 7:52pm

      @eddieg No NSX Concept

    • Jan. 17, 8:15pm

      @chimuel Because the NSX Concept still don’t have any interior, if you go check out the actual car it’s blacked out

    • Jan. 17, 9:32pm

      Get it got it good

    • Jan. 18, 12:38am

      @ gtpdz

      Toyota FT-86 Concept II Has no interior. They released that. Another example is the Nissan GTR Tokyo show car. available since day one. Some concepts are made of clay and therefore have no interior. Or i think thats the case with those 3.

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