Gran Turismo 5 HD Installation Approximately 10GB in Size

Gran Turismo 5 204 August 28, 2010 by
Kazunori Yamauchi has given us a heads-up regarding what to expect from GT5 in terms of hard drive installation size via Twitter (human translation thanks to our own SHIRAKAWA Akira):

If you have at least 256MB it will work, but if you have 10 GB available you will be able to play comfortably.

Most of today’s heftiest games consume at least several GB – by comparison, GT5 Prologue requires about 6GB. Copying data to the system’s internal drive significantly reduces loading times due to the faster rate at which data can be read from HDD into the system’s memory. Yamauchi’s tweet is a little ambiguous on the details regarding exactly how much space you will need, but for the best possible experience, just make sure you’ve got at least 10GB available before November comes along!

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