Gran Turismo 5 Intro Song Revealed

October 19th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

Alternative rock band My Chemical Romance has announced that “Planetary (Go!)”, from their upcoming album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, will be featured as the “lead song in the opening cinematic” of Gran Turismo 5. Before you run over to YouTube or anywhere else to preview the song – don’t bother. The album will not be released until November 22, and as of right now, there’s no way to listen to it.

(If you do run over to YouTube – and yes, I know you will – don’t be fooled by the troll who claims to have uploaded “Planetary (Go!)”. As confirmed by our own SolidSnakex and SoundHound, that’s not it.)

Keep in mind that GT intro tunes have always varied by region, so this may or may not be what you’ll hear when you first fire up the game. Here’s a copy of the full press release:

BURBANK, CA–(October 19, 2010) –  “Planetary (GO!),” a track off My Chemical Romance’s upcoming new album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, will be featured as the lead song in the opening cinematic of Sony Playstation’s Gran Turismo® 5 video game, available exclusively on Playstation® 3 this holiday.

“Gran Turismo is one of the most beloved videogame franchises of all time, with fans across the globe,” says My Chemical Romance’s lead singer Gerard Way. “Having a song featured as the lead intro to GT5 allows us to reach fans beyond radio and online and into a totally different platform. We are thrilled that our song is going to be the first thing you hear when you boot up the game.”

My Chemical Romance are currently making waves at Alternative radio with their new single “Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na),” off Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, which will be released by Reprise Records on November 22nd, 2010. The album was produced by new Warner Bros. Records Chairman Rob Cavallo, who produced MCR’s platinum-selling album The Black Parade as well as albums by Dave Matthews Band, Jawbreaker, and The Goo Goo Dolls, among many others.

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  1. Oct. 25, 5:12pm

    Gran Tur-emo?

  2. Oct. 23, 9:12pm

    Same procedure as every year…

    Like always, the first thing you have to do in GT is to turn the music off. And if only to avoid the horrible elevator music in the menus.

  3. Oct. 22, 5:13am

    This song choice is obviously to prepare kids to slit their wrists after waiting 6 years for mediocre production….

    Seriously, nothing makes me want to go out and race like some good ol’ american My Chemical Romance…

    I hear its hard to hear the vocals at the concert over all the gay sex…..

  4. Oct. 21, 5:59pm

    Thats what im saying GT5 cant find a better song than this garbage??? Is this them saying sorry for delaying this so long?

  5. Oct. 21, 5:42pm

    Moon over the Castle should be the intro song, MCR can suck it, and suck it hard.

  6. Oct. 21, 5:09pm

    Jesus Christ, no… I truly hate MCR.

    Put “The Distance” by Cake as the intro for Gran Turismo 5. That song is hell a lot better than MCR’s bullcrap.

  7. Oct. 21, 8:11am

    Oh jesus god, no… My Chemical Toilet both suck and blow!

  8. Oct. 21, 12:30am

    Oh dear. MCR
    Christmas is ruined!
    How…. did this happen?

    Maybe this is all a joke and only for the standard version, and if you buy one of the special editions, the music in it will be fixed/patched.

    • Oct. 21, 12:46am

      Yes, we all know everybody wants “Moon Over the Castle”!

  9. Oct. 20, 10:31pm

    Its not about not being open-minded. MCR has never made a good song. Ever. Period. So, this song will not be good either. Shit choice by Sony or whoever the hell chose it. That sucks.

  10. Oct. 20, 7:59pm

    Even if the intro music isn’t the best i hope atleast they have a great ingame/race soundtrack like they did in GT4 and GT3.
    I hope there’s some more Queens of the Stone Age, maybe some Foo Fighters and a few more songs to get the blood pumping while playing =D

    Does anyone have a song list for GT5?

    • Oct. 21, 8:13am

      No song list yet, but they are giving the you the chance to make your own soundtrack with whatever MP3’s you have on the PS3… so yes, GT5 officially has the best soundtrack EVER! (because its yours and mine)

  11. Oct. 20, 4:14pm

    Im feeling suicidal now. Great.

    Hoped it would be We Love Cars

    • Oct. 20, 6:17pm

      Haha I can imagine it now…

      We Love Cars,
      We Love Cars,
      Nah nah nah nah nah

  12. Oct. 20, 4:13pm

    One of my favorite bands WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!

  13. Oct. 20, 4:08pm

    Too many ignorant comments in here, if you don’t like the music fine, no need to talk badly about the Band as they do have their own style and it is enjoyed by a great deal of others. As a musician myself, I shudder when I hear people talk this way, playing music and coming up with something interesting and new isn’t easy. It’s weird when people hate for no apparent reason, other than to satisfy some misguided disdain for someone who they don’t even know.

    As long as the music sounds good, I’m usually all for it. Lyric wise if it’s objectionable then I tend to start looking at things a little differently.

  14. Oct. 20, 3:38pm

    MCR seems to be hit or miss with me. Not carzy about them in geneal but occasionally they come out with a good song. Who knows, maybe we’ll get luck and it won’t be that bad, or maybe they’ll make an attempt at breaking out of their genre with this album. Hell if I know.

  15. Oct. 20, 2:53pm

    Every you, every me is a song I listen to from them occasionally, but thats about it.

    • Oct. 20, 10:44pm

      Err “Every You, Every Me” isn’t an MCR song its Placebo and a damn site better then anything MCR has ever produced!

  16. Oct. 20, 1:30pm
    John Marine

    In no way am I any serious rock fan (especially not of My Chemical Romance), but I, too am skeptical of their appearance for an intro song. Part of me says that “Moon Over the Castle” is the theme song of Gran Turismo… so why put in other songs to kick off Gran Turismo? GT4 was about the first time most people heard “Moon Over the Castle” in a GT. Or if you’re going to have certain other songs, why not something of Daiki Kasho or something?

    I also believe this song could be remixed so that it sounds just a touch acceptable. Like how GT4 had James Brown and Earth, Wind, and Fire… as a remixed song for racing.

    Just the notion of My Chemical Romance makes me cringe (sorry if this offends anyone) for GT5. Regardless of who makes the intro music for the game, it won’t take away from the thrill of racing and owning cars in GT5 when it’s released. Maybe that’s the biggest thing to take away from this whether you like My Chemical Romance or not.

  17. Oct. 20, 12:12pm

    I gosh I hope its not as bad as Kasabian’s – Reason Is Treason on EU GT4. It fit dreadfully!

    This is probably only for the US GT5, I’m sure the JPN version will be moon over the castle. I loved the opera style version we saw at the start of GT4 intro which was also in the GT5 PSP teaser.

  18. Oct. 20, 11:55am

    I really dont mind, as someone said before, u will see the intro 2 or 3 times…as for me, I have collected all the GT series songs that I like and converted those to MP3 already, so I will have some “classics” playlist to play on GT5…some of “all time favorites”

  19. Oct. 20, 11:46am

    Unusual choice. Wihtout hearing the actual song thats all i can say.

    I hope Feeder are going to be in GT5. Have been in GT since the start

  20. Oct. 20, 9:33am

    LOL whatever it is, its better than having “Single Lady” by Beyonce for the opening movie. Hah seriously imagine…

  21. Oct. 20, 9:20am

    The Japanese version will still most probably be Moon Over The Castle. It would be a shame if it wasn’t.

    As for MCR, I haven’t really listened to them before. And besides, the song’s not released yet so lets not criticize it before anyone’s heard it. Kaz and his team picked the song anyway for a reason, normally I trust their judgement when it comes to GT since they normally hit the nail on the head with the intro’s.

  22. Oct. 20, 9:03am

    FAIL…. EPIC FAIL x100000

    MCR?!!! Is this a prank or something? They absolutely suck worse than the guys on X Factor! Heres a suggestion for a better song :

    Talvin Singh – Vikram The Vampire ( Heavy Rotation Remix )

  23. Oct. 20, 8:11am


  24. Oct. 20, 5:43am

    5oul on D!splay will be in the game as far as I can see it.

  25. Oct. 20, 4:20am

    Kaz is a perfectionist and I believe he knows what he does and why he does it. So I’ll reserve personal judgement on the song till the Game is launched and will most probably try to understand it in context to the footage the intro will show. Which means it will probably be quite good.

  26. Oct. 20, 3:16am
    SVT Cobra GT

    They couldn’t have picked a worse band could they?

    But at least we have get to play our own music in the game so I can build up a playlist of driving songs :)

  27. Oct. 20, 3:15am

    I hope the rest of the ost are better than this track..
    The soundtrack of GT4 was OK, thankfully we can put our own tracks to listen while we play :)

  28. Oct. 20, 3:14am

    As long as this song is absolutely NOTHING LIKE Na, Na, Na Ill be happy, if it is I will be disappointed as that has to be one of the worst songs ever written.

  29. Oct. 20, 2:28am

    Why not use the GT5 E3 2010 trailer song for the intro instead?????

    • Oct. 20, 3:51am

      After the hole “name this song” competition i thought for sure “Soul on Display” would be the opening tune. and definitely much better than MCR though i would prefer a song without words

  30. Oct. 20, 2:22am

    I am disappoint

    • Oct. 20, 9:29am

      Really? Thought you were a human. Nice to meet you, I am disgust.

  31. Oct. 20, 2:16am

    I hope this song only comes up in the intro of the American version. I want Horse Power to be the European version. :D

    • Oct. 21, 12:45am

      I vote for the opposite….

  32. Oct. 20, 2:13am

    I hope that’s only for Eurpoe/US/PAL, ’cause Moon Over the Castle better bloody be in it somehow. :|

  33. Oct. 20, 2:11am

    who cares

  34. Oct. 20, 2:02am

    I don’t care about that song. Neither i care about the spiders hiding in the dust of my bedroom.

    I just want to know the release date of GT5.

    So, what will be out first?
    Killer instinct 3, Time Splitters 4 or Gt5?

  35. Oct. 20, 1:50am

    i don,t want to know these kind off things before i have the game. i will find out when i start the game uppb schould stop making news and finisch the game

  36. Oct. 20, 1:10am
    GT Pro

    I would’ve though that a remix of ‘EVERYTHING MUST GO’ by THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS from the original GT would’ve made a much better and nostalgic intro. *sigh*

    • Oct. 20, 2:40am

      I’ll second that to the end. That is still the most exciting intro of them all. I absolutely LOVED that song, and the whole build up to the title… Epic. The Cardigans in GT2 was okay. Then they killed it with GT3. GT4 would have been good if they kept the original “Moon Over the Castle” instead of cutting off to Van Halen. Very meh…

    • Oct. 20, 3:18am
      SVT Cobra GT


      Moon Over The castle used to always give me goosebumps :)

      Van Halen??? Since when were they in GT4? MOTC cuts off to Kasabian – Reason Is Treason

    • Oct. 20, 9:37am

      @ SVT
      My copy of GT4 here in America definitely cuts to “Panama.”
      I’m personally neither +1 or -1 on this MCR deal. I like some of the their songs, and dislike others. Some of the stuff from “Welcome to the Black Parade” was not too bad, like a Queen revival. I know that when I fire that PS3 up and slide the disc in, I’ll get chills no matter what song they play during the opening intro. I’ll watch it several times too. Do I wish they would put MOtC in there? Yes, but I’m not going to let a little song choice ruin my GT5 experience.

    • Oct. 21, 3:16am
      SVT Cobra GT


      Ah! That maybe why then! I’ll let you off, the Euro version cuts to Kasabian.

  37. Oct. 20, 12:42am

    what about something like this for a change. this song doesnt mess about. :)))

  38. Oct. 20, 12:11am

    why change a song that was so prefect for the game!?? Moon Over The Castle should be in EVERY GT game.. I hated when they placed the Lenny Kravitz (Spelling?) song “Are you gonna go my way” as the intro song to GT3 here in the states, while everyone else got “Moon Over The Castle”.. why does Polyphony do that!?? dammit! They just ruined a perfect game… (and it should be perfect this time thanks to the delay).

    • Oct. 20, 4:25pm

      Europe’s GT3 got a Feeder song. We in the States get screwed all the time by this song changing. I bet this is just in the US…

  39. Oct. 19, 11:54pm

    MCR ? …well.that sux!looks like I’ll see it once then auto skip intro!

  40. Oct. 19, 11:53pm

    I don’t see the connection… I have to say I wished they went with one of the major J-rock bands.. Flow, L’arc Ciel, the Pillows, etc. That would be MUCH better than what they have picked out.

  41. Oct. 19, 10:54pm

    It ocmes out on the 22nd. And this has been said after the delay. So it seems pretty certain that the delay will hold it back till no later than the 22nd of november most probably. Maybe just after, but when they contracted the band to do it, they would have had a clause saying ‘if there is no game out, then you can’t put it on your cd, youll have to hold onto it’.

    Hence, I’m guessing, no certainty, but quite probably that the game will be out during november.

  42. Oct. 19, 10:40pm

    I like The Chemical Brothers – Horsepower from one of the GT5 trailers. I’m not a My Chemical Romance fan but I won’t bash it until I hear it.

  43. Oct. 19, 10:29pm

    I want moon over the castle!!!

  44. Oct. 19, 10:25pm

    Hah, I haven’t heard of this band since 2002, and I was happy because of that. Whatever though, I am excited for custom soundtracks, and actually I typically have the music turned off when I play GT.

  45. Oct. 19, 10:16pm

    What the hell is MCR? You mean CCR?

    • Oct. 19, 11:37pm

      hahaha, MCR is My Chemical Romance… That’s what this whole article is about.

  46. Oct. 19, 10:15pm

    Bring back Van Halen!!!!

  47. Oct. 19, 9:55pm

    Guys, guys, don’t m&g.

    I mean, I don’t particularly like MCR either but hey, it’s just the intro song. You can mute it and play another song you like (if it turns out you don’t like the song). Besides, the rest of the game will be great.

  48. Oct. 19, 9:51pm

    Just heard this song on youtube. This is one aweful song… good way to ruin the introduction to an awesome game…

    • Oct. 20, 12:18am

      That’s not the real song. See the italicized note in my original post above.

    • Oct. 20, 12:41am

      so… the game is probably going to be released after they publish the album. just a publicity stunt for mcr? ;-)

  49. Oct. 19, 9:50pm

    I don’t care what song they use. For me “Moon over the Castle” is, and always will be, the song of Gran Turismo. I’ll mute my TV and play “Moon over the Castle” in the background.

    Btw, if you’ve never heard the song before, I strongly recommend you check it out. Especially the Japanese GT4 trailer, which is just spine tingling good.

    • Oct. 19, 9:54pm
    • Oct. 20, 11:37am

      +1…It transported me to the moment I saw for first time the intro of GT4…by that time it was not that easy to catch any preview or any hint on YouTube or something like that…I would like to stay apart of all the news and see GT5 intro and content without any previous knowledge, but it think I am not that strong…

  50. Oct. 19, 9:48pm

    Things that make you go Urrrgggh

  51. Oct. 19, 9:33pm

    The GT4 intro song was perfect and suited the game really well, i dunno if MCR is really going to suit as an intro for GT5 but i guess we’ll see when it is revealed.

  52. Oct. 19, 9:25pm

    Since i have no idea what the song sounds like yet. All it takes is one good song to make GT5 look or one really bad song to destroy the rest of the GT5 look, if that happens i will have to mute the rest intro every time.

  53. Oct. 19, 9:22pm

    be funny to turn the game on to cliff richard singing as an introduction or twinkle twinkle little star….meh…sooo.

  54. Oct. 19, 9:16pm

    So any ideas as to when the intro vid will be released?

  55. Oct. 19, 9:14pm

    So this song cannot be heard until Nov. 22nd but the original release date for GT5 was to be Nov 2nd and this song is featured in the cinematic opening of the game. PD planned to use a unreleased song for the game (Nov 2nd) that was meant to be listened for Nov 22nd in the album. I don’t want to think that this issue is one of the reasons for the delay.

    • Oct. 19, 10:27pm

      hmmmm interesting…. SONY responsible for all this and PD obligated to find a crap reason for the delay??

  56. Oct. 19, 9:10pm

    All I know is that th opening cinematic will be EPIC!

  57. Oct. 19, 9:05pm

    MCR whos the daft *insert swear word here* who thought this was a good idea, 1 of the worst so called bands ever, theres been numerous driving albums made through the years why not go for something with abit of class, hell since we have the lamborghini miura in the game why not have it driving through the alps with matt monroe on yes i know its cliche and from italian job but what a way to open the game that would be, not mcr i dont even like them on the radio so i dont wanna hear them each time i put gt on :(

  58. Oct. 19, 8:55pm

    Like others have said before, you need to calm down. I hate Garbage A LOT and yet I still like the song they did for the intro to GT2 (I think).

    It can’t be that bad.

    • Oct. 20, 2:32am

      That wasn’t Garbage. It was “My Favourite Game” by The Cardigans. :)

  59. Oct. 19, 8:53pm


    *not my type of music*

  60. Oct. 19, 8:38pm

    You know what they say opinions are like, everybody has one. For me, you could have said that the intro music was Sade or Larrence Welk (google it), bust out with a little polka music and I still would have bought the game. Which I have, CE from Gamestop day one it was available. Heck I’d pay again if it gauranteed obtaining a copy or release date…sigh. :-) come on snake eyes!!!

  61. Oct. 19, 8:32pm

    At first I read Chemical Brothers and then …. disappointment

    • Oct. 19, 8:46pm

      Yeah, that was me too…I’m sick and a bit out of it.

    • Oct. 20, 8:45am

      My eyes tricked me the same way. I will blame my head cold also. “Yay!….nevermind….

  62. Oct. 19, 8:30pm
    The Gran Finale

    I cannot believe how many of y’all are bashing a song you haven’t even heard yet! For me personally, I’m actually more excited about the intro because of MCR. No, not because they’re my favorite band, (in fact I don’t have a single song by them), but because that this GT’s intro will completely stand out from the rest, being the oddball choice that it is.

    • Oct. 20, 12:40am

      its because we all – well i personally – thought we had heard the intro song already! and i think its an amazing choice. why do they do a competition and all that stuff if in the end the song dissolves into thin air. *cough*

  63. Oct. 19, 8:28pm

    Who gives a damn about the song for the intro?

  64. Oct. 19, 8:23pm

    That’s dumb.

  65. Oct. 19, 8:22pm

    Is it me or is one of their songs titled Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na).

  66. Oct. 19, 8:13pm

    so we go from Van Halen to MCR? odd………. would of prefered AC/DC or Led Zeplen or something, oh well, if its bad its just as easy as pushing the X button (or start button)

    • Oct. 19, 11:31pm

      There’s lots of Hendrix that would be good too.. or even anything like that.

  67. Oct. 19, 8:08pm

    lets be honest guys.. It’s the intro to the game …


    and never see/listen to it again.

    End of.

    The game is what counts.. not the music to the intro

    • Oct. 19, 8:36pm

      Well said.

    • Oct. 20, 12:37am

      i actually expect something great – just as the epic 5-trailer that featured wide awake… ah, no, they chose this lame nerd title. i am not saying mcr will be bad, but i find it hard to imagine how they can better the song that we all have come to love. i have listened to it so many times and i think its great.

  68. Oct. 19, 8:03pm

    Ugh, I hate this EMO crap…

  69. Oct. 19, 7:56pm

    “5oul on D!5play” for NTSC North America? XING my fingers

  70. Oct. 19, 7:52pm


  71. Oct. 19, 7:50pm

    W.T.F. Awful, awful choice. I can say that without hearing the song, every other MCR song has sucked. As a musician, this isn’t going to be painful to hear. I just hope it’s an instrumental…

    Why oh why choose a terrible emo band. Ugh.

  72. Oct. 19, 7:49pm

    I think the intro to GT1 was the best of every game. The song was unforgetable! I think the same should be for this intro. I’ve never thought that the intros were lame in GT, all were good and had a certain mood when you started the game for the first time.

  73. Oct. 19, 7:47pm

    We want Moon Over The Castle. So simple…

    • Oct. 19, 8:01pm


  74. Oct. 19, 7:40pm

    I highly douby they will put a poo poo song at the start of such a big title. Seriously, with everything so thought out about this game they aint gonna mess up the intro.

    The new MCR stuff isnt ’emo’ or whatever you wanna call it. It is gonna be upbeat, lively and will probably suite it perfectly

    • Oct. 19, 7:48pm

      We’re all so disappointed ’cause we expected some beautiful, captivating/epic symphonic music like in GT4.

      /discussion over.

    • Oct. 19, 7:57pm

      Thats from the japanese version only. The american and european version got different songs. As far as I remeber europe got Kasabian ‘The reason is treason’. Have no idea what america got. I’m pretty one of the versions will be the original GT theme like in the video you posted

    • Oct. 19, 9:56pm

      GTP, the U.S got Panama by Van Halen. Awesome song, I gotta say.

  75. Oct. 19, 7:40pm

    I never heard a song by the band until I saw this news and youtubed them–really their music is about on par with previous GT soundtrack picks. It would have really fit in with GT1.

    I hope this new one isn’t a bad song though–I stopped playing burnout paradise in short order because of its title track and the inability to shut it up.

    • Oct. 19, 9:55pm

      Oh, come now. I’ll have you know that I used to hate that, but ironically, I grew to like it. It IS Guns and Roses after all.

  76. Oct. 19, 7:37pm

    Oh wow, so many open-minded people here… shocking really, you haven’t heard the song and you are judging it because it’s from MCR? i expect that behaviour from kids.
    I like all sorts of music and while MCR is not one of my favourite bands i still don’t mind some songs, and i am very looking forward to this new one.

    Bring on GT5!

    • Oct. 19, 7:45pm

      Im very open minded. Just because we don’t like MCR doesn’t mean we aren’t. It’s just obvious Sony is trying to pull in any demographic they can. Or only thing i can think of is they had them create a song they would normally never do.

  77. Oct. 19, 7:36pm

    SERIOUSLY!!!! MCR??!!! KAZ WTF!!!!!!! Def going to mute this. What a joke!!

    • Oct. 19, 7:38pm


    • Oct. 19, 8:16pm

      Kaz didn’t select the song and has nothing to do with the soundtrack, Sony did.

    • Oct. 19, 9:12pm

      It would come as no surprise that the entirety of thew GT5 sound track is comprised of artists signed to Sony Music and it’s Affiliated record labels.

      So if the sound track sucks, that would say something for the quality of Artists signed to Sony Music.

      Thank god for the music volume sliders allowing me to Mute music while racing.

      Now if only we could load our own music (And Playlists) into GT5 for racing.

  78. Oct. 19, 7:28pm

    Since None of us have seen the intro or ever Heard the song why don’t we just save the criticism till we actually Have something as reference.

    • Oct. 19, 7:30pm

      My Chemical Romance is emo garbage. They have never made a good song and never will. You can look up their material on Youtube for a taste of what this one will probably sound like. But i’m warning you, it won’t be good.

    • Oct. 19, 7:34pm

      Your reference here is anything previously recorded by MCR.

    • Oct. 19, 7:35pm

      I doubt that anyone on the forum will not buy GT5 due to this selection of “music”.

      I’m also tired of waiting ’till we actually have something as a reference’.

      Don’t expect too many positives…I’m still irritated by the delay and still no new date.

      On the bright side…wait a minute…there’s a bright side?!!

    • Oct. 19, 8:06pm


      I like “Every you, every me”. Not the lyrics, but the song itself.

  79. Oct. 19, 7:25pm

    I don’t mind MCR, but it doesn’t really matter. I’m sure menu tracks will be classic Gran Turismo and I don’t usually listen to music while I’m racing.

    If the stock soundtrack is an abomination, I’ll just load a custom playlist.

  80. Oct. 19, 7:23pm

    does actually My Chemical Romance bad

  81. Oct. 19, 7:22pm
    Flavio Briatore

    This song is unworthy. have you heard the lyrics? “are you ready?” Haha we’ve been ready for 6 years Kaz, don’t take the piss!

    Thank goodness we can play our own music on GT5:
    Primal Scream
    Rob Dougan


    Flavio B

  82. Oct. 19, 7:20pm

    Do you suppose the 22 November release date of their album has any significance for the release date of GT5?

    While it’s nice to hear a tidbit here and there…I’d really like to know not what I’ll hear the intro music, but WWWHHHEEENNN!

  83. Oct. 19, 7:20pm
    ferhound psnid

    November 22?

  84. Oct. 19, 7:19pm

    So if the game was released on 2nd November. We would get the song before it was actually released?
    Does that ever happen?

    • Oct. 19, 9:34pm

      Songs that appear on upcoming albums are always released way beforehand either through Music Video or Radio, so it wouldn’t be impossible for the game to come out before the 22nd, yet still it’s probably impossible on PD’s side.

  85. Oct. 19, 7:19pm

    hopefully the song will be good. always have despised MCR but i can’t judge it until i’ve heard it i suppose. GT have never disappointed me when it comes to intro music before.

  86. Oct. 19, 7:18pm

    My Chemi— ugh…

  87. Oct. 19, 7:18pm

    Who came up with the idea to use my chemical romance? This band only appeals to the 12 – 16 age crowd and none of them would play GT5. They are absolutely horrible.

    • Oct. 19, 7:32pm

      Hey, im 15 and i love the gt series. ive preordered collecters edition and bought a g27! for gt5, when it comes out january first 2011. it says the date at

    • Oct. 19, 10:19pm

      Yeah, I’m 16 and I also love GT since farther than I can remember! I played GT2 at 5-6 years.

      And if you say… yeah well you only play randomly, hehe I tell you no, I’m a serious racer. So yeah My Chemical Romances is not the best choice, but your age thing isn’t completely true though.

    • Oct. 20, 3:13am

      @AaronCarlsongt5 A 1/1/11 release date is not something stated or confirmed by Sony. Don’t believe everything you read on a game-selling website.

    • Oct. 20, 5:43am

      I’m 16 too, collected every GT series, and as a result I’m one of the best young go-karters around my place.

      Except that I’m never emo…for sure. ;)

    • Oct. 23, 10:06pm

      we don’t mean offense to kids that hate emo, I did too, but fact is, the only adults who like emo are suicidal & probably in the closet like MCR. The audience of GT5 is mostly adults or mature people in general that don’t listen to little kids music. It’s like those songs in 1st grade, you may have liked them then but the novelty wears off. but to be clear, I always hated emo & I started listening to music with metallica

  88. Oct. 19, 7:18pm

    Really? Gothic pseudo emo instead of another lively track from Daiki Kasho or the original Moon Over the Castle?

    Please, please, let this song be a good one. Though with MCR I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

  89. Oct. 19, 7:17pm
    Ethan Kerr

    Please tell me this a remix of the song that’s being used as the title theme. Cause if not, I’ll hate this.

  90. Oct. 19, 7:17pm

    What, no “5oul on Di5play!” after all that hooplah for us to name it?

    • Oct. 19, 7:49pm
      Mickle Pickle

      The Hooplah you are referring was just to have your name included in the printed material of the game, and have one of the song in the game named… that’s all… 5oul on D!splay was never supposed to be the opening intro song, so dont be confusing everything…

  91. Oct. 19, 7:17pm

    Did not see that coming…

  92. Oct. 19, 7:16pm

    GranTurismo has gone Emo with My Chemical Romance.

    On the plus side.. At least it’s not Broadway tunes sung by the cast of Twilight.

    • Oct. 19, 7:31pm

      Had to chuckle at that reference!

      It’s good to focus on the bright side!

      Although…maybe this was the best they could do…given their schedule constraints (as if they have any).

  93. Oct. 19, 7:12pm

    Why not Justin Bieber ?

    • Oct. 19, 7:17pm

      coz u can’t record decent music from the closet :P

    • Oct. 19, 7:47pm
      L8 Apex


    • Oct. 19, 8:01pm

      JB, lol! =D

    • Oct. 19, 8:12pm

      hahahahahahahhahha… laughing hard at your comment.

    • Oct. 23, 9:58pm

      yea man great response. I laughed pretty loud but I seriously doubt Bieber is as gay or has as terrible music as MCR. From what I have heard, Bieber is easier to listen to than this emo garbage.

  94. Oct. 19, 7:11pm

    Whoa weird…

  95. Oct. 19, 7:11pm

    Oh, Jesus… no.

  96. Oct. 19, 7:11pm

    Emo. A freking emo band opening up gran turismo. Oh god.

    I seriously hope japan will get the usual and epic moon over the castle.

  97. Oct. 19, 7:09pm

    moon over the castle should be it for me.

    • Oct. 19, 7:10pm

      although if the song is good then i wont mind haha

    • Oct. 19, 8:30pm

      I love moon over the castle<3

    • Oct. 19, 9:57pm
      Tenacious D

      It DEFINITELY should be Moon Over The Castle, at least as an option. If not… well, I can always boot up my Japanese copy of Prologue and rock to that, then mute the stereo while GT5’s cinema plays. Unless MCR’s new track doesn’t suck.

    • Oct. 20, 5:35am

      Moon Over the Castle FTW!

    • Oct. 20, 6:20pm

      YES! MOON OVER CASTLE! MOON OVER CASTLE! I actually played it on guitar for a talent with the GT4/a bit of GT5 intro in the background; got 2nd place and $50! Let’s start a petition for Kaz to put that for the intro instead of this emo crap!

  98. Oct. 19, 7:08pm

    i inspected better news then this,, but i am still curies about the song and the cinematic intro

    • Oct. 19, 7:42pm

      Inspected?I believe “suspected” is the term you are looking for.

    • Oct. 19, 7:46pm
      Mickle Pickle

      I suspect that “expected” was the term both of you wanted to use ;) lol

    • Oct. 19, 11:03pm

      hahaha, gold

    • Oct. 20, 9:35am

      Nothing wrong with inspecting curries yeah.

    • Oct. 22, 6:55am

      +1 Zowne! :) hilarious!

  99. Oct. 19, 7:06pm

    Can’t wait to hear the song when it comes out. The intro music has been amazing so far for all of the GTs!

    • Oct. 19, 7:09pm

      I can’t wait for a MCR song.


    • Oct. 19, 7:13pm

      You never know, it could fit perfectly with the video

    • Oct. 19, 7:44pm

      except for GT2. they just put the damn song in there ’cause the name of the album was “Gran Turismo”.

    • Oct. 19, 7:46pm

      im skipping the intro now. i personally hate MCR… thats for the heads up GTPlanet!

    • Oct. 19, 8:28pm

      agree, infact the music in the whole series has been awesome, i came across allot of great bands i never heared about before in GT3 and 4.
      They always have music from great but mostly unknown or less known artists, and thats great!
      I hope it will be the same for GT5, and not to much mainstream popmusic. MCR is a good band, but i don’t know if its the right choice for GT5, but then again i haven’t heard the new album yet :(

    • Oct. 20, 8:38pm

      GT2 was one of my favorite intros, I thought the song was perfect

  100. Oct. 19, 7:04pm

    Bah, MCR?

    • Oct. 19, 7:23pm

      I’ll mute it and play something else awesome and just watch the video. Then I’ll go to the options and set the intro movie to “off” :P

      SCE’A’ hasn’t been too great with their musical options for Gran Turismo games since the PS2.

      GT PSP had custom soundtrack option. So I hope GT5 will have the same!!!

    • Oct. 19, 8:54pm

      Why hasn’t Daiki Kasho been used for the opening yet, Kasho has the most songs and appearances in the GT series sense the beginning…. not to mention that epic trailer, well it was epic until the delay came about lol

    • Oct. 19, 9:49pm

      I agree. I’m not into that type of music @all but that 5oul on display is a good tune. MCR is for 13 year old girls, none of which play GT5. If you show me a teenage MCR fan girl that plays GT5, I’ll show you a liar lol

    • Oct. 20, 12:27am
    • Oct. 20, 12:31am

      discard last message…its a fake….i guess i didn’t read the fine print :/ sorry jordan

    • Oct. 20, 9:28am

      I dont like this band! not even a bit :) but since I love GT it will somehow compensate it all (I hope) :) cheers

    • Oct. 20, 9:28am

      >MCR is for 13 year old girls

      Quoted for truth. Though I have to admit that the majority of the music of the European versions of GT have been surprisingly spectacular throughout the series. If MCR just happens to make one single good song and it just happens to be the one on GT5 I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Oct. 20, 9:31am

      this band have a bit Japan taste is you know what I mean (in europe this band is for little girlies) but this migth be the case why GT creators liked it. japanise taste of music is “japanise taste of music” :D

    • Oct. 20, 2:08pm
      Shelby 427 1965

      Actually Hugo, I happen to know a 15 year old girl that LOVES Gran Turismo and like them…
      Though I hate them.

    • Oct. 20, 6:18pm

      NOOOO! Not MCR! Remove that emo pile of $#!t from our god-awesome game Kaz, PLEASE!!! I’m down on my knees, ears bleeding, eyes crying, take off MCR, and put in “Moon Over Castle”.
      What the hell ever happened to 5OUL ON D!SPLAY? At least we have a little hint on the date, past Nov.22nd. Hope it’s in time for Black Friday to get sales.

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