Gran Turismo 5 Mid-Race Saves “Under Development”

July 31st, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Kazunori Yamauchi is back in action on Twitter today, re-confirming one of the most-asked-for features in Gran Turismo 5 is still “under development”. Via Google Translator:

Saving [in] the middle of the race is under development.

Being able to pause, save, and resume a race at a later time has been on player’s wish-lists since the series first introduced endurance events. Sure enough, not long after the launch of GTPlanet’s Feedback Forum – where the community can vote on what features they’d like to see implemented or changed in GT5 – “In Race Saves” quickly jumped to the top, having now received well over 9,000 votes.

However, as is usual, it is still unknown when such an option will become available. While this isn’t the first time Kazunori has mentioned in-race saves, this should provide re-assurance for those of you who are so eagerly awaiting the feature.

GT5 Photomode image by WeShallNverStop (don’t miss the incredible real-world photo comparison).

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  1. Aug. 20, 8:04am

    It is good to know that this feature is confirmed to be coming and I am happy for it :) I think PD should also change the AI of the INDY 500 race to Formula GT cars rather than Le Mans prototypes since the FGT cars are closer to the real life indy cars

    • Aug. 23, 9:04pm

      Yea, but it will be harder!

  2. Aug. 17, 7:54am

    I just don’t understand what’s taking them so long to comeout with the update, previous games had this option I jus don’t understand how these smart guys can’t come out with it faster!

  3. Aug. 8, 6:20pm

    This is all I need to finish the endurance races. Leavin the system on for a week on the psx may have been no big deal. But the ps3……..

  4. Aug. 8, 12:04am

    I’m not sure if this has already been stated but, it shouldn’t be too hard to implement this feature because technically, if you can pause the game in the middle of an endurance race, aren’t you in a way saving it? If you can pause the race all of that information is being stored at least in RAM until you un-pause it right? So why is it so complicated to write that information to the hard disk? I’m sure there’s way more too it than that but it seems like it’s taking longer than it should to make this happen is all I’m saying. I don’t really care either way though honestly. I suppose it would be nice when I eventually get around to doing those races.

  5. Aug. 7, 7:06pm

    this site is more informative than…..PD really needs to get their crap together. i would be embarrassed if another site had more info than i did even on my own product.

    • Aug. 12, 8:22am
      D X S O

      Absolutely right.

  6. Aug. 6, 10:07am
    Gt5 nut

    I just meant I hope they won’t be too long with it
    And your comment didn’t even make sense
    “not it doesn’t”
    You just failed at trying to own me

  7. Aug. 4, 9:53am
    Gt5 nut

    I want this so much
    I hope ‘under development’ means almost finished

    • Aug. 6, 7:48am

      Not it doesn’t, it means “In Progress”

  8. Aug. 4, 6:51am

    I’d say it was probably deleted to avoid the big time royal clusterfark flame war that follows simular comments lately. Won’t be surprised if this goes bye bye as well. Can’t say has i’d blame the admins either. Always seems to end up childish, messy, and filling half the page, yet nobody ever wins.

    • Aug. 4, 6:52am

      Ment for Sam above. ^^ Sorry

  9. Aug. 4, 4:36am

    Am I dreaming or did someone erase my post? Truth hurts that much ?

    • Aug. 4, 5:03am

      Your dreaming. WAKE THE #$%& UP! Your late.

    • Aug. 4, 5:10am

      More often than not, it’s not what is said that gets it deleted, but how it’s said………

    • Aug. 4, 6:30am

      666-> True. But I don’t think I was insulting… Just saying that GT5 is an unfinished game with a messy framerate and a total lack of vision.

      The way Yamauchi treats the GT community is a real shame: that man should quit gaming…

      9 months and still no new car/track?! Worse: no real information on what’s coming next…. how can you people not see it’s condescending ?

      One day, we ll learn how messy GT5 development was, with bad choices from the very start (remember Yamauchi saying he wanted the player to be able to drive in some kind of open world… well i wouldn’t be surpised to learn that they tried to do it…and gave up in front of huge obstacles.
      Seriously there is nothing in GT5 that justifies 5 years of development… The framerate ruins the graphics and resolution efforts. what’s the use of being fullhd if the framerate is so messy? what is the benefit of a 60fps engine if it keeps tearing and fluctuating between 46 and 55? The visual confort is ruined. You can love GT5 and PD ….but you have to admit these facts.

      The rain effect is so bad (look at F1 championship to see what a nice rain effect is…), man: even the tune shop menu (with one and only car turning around) has tearing!
      And m only talking about technical flaws (bad framerate is unforgivable)… don’t get me started on game mechanics (where is the “vision” yamauchi talks about all the time? all I see is a 5 years old mechanics with the slowest menus ever in videogames…

      Soon, Forza will beat GT just like Fifa beat PES: and that will be because of a blind community who is not vocal enough.

    • Aug. 4, 8:41pm

      Wow, glass half empty over here.

      Obviously you have been trying to play a driving simulator without a wheel. That’s too bad as you might just maybe see the brilliance GT5 has to offer. On a side note F1 2010 is not running in native 1080p and well someone rating a game based on DLC….. LMAO

    • Aug. 5, 6:30pm

      Corporatehammer-> I have 3 wheels at home…and a wheel stand pro. I ve been playing Gt on wheels since the first one… Almost never played with a gamepad… And what does it have to do with my complaints btw? You think I don’t know GT5 offers the best driving feeling and car physics ever (except maybe some simulators on PC)? But is it a good reason to neglect everyting else? To release n unfinished, untested game? To note provide anything REALLY new in 9 months?

      Asfor the DLC: it just shows how PD is condescending with its community…and their (mis)communication is the worst part.

      Come on! Even GTplanet had to do a massive survey to centralize and prioritize the complaints! I had never seen this before! Are you THAT blind?

      Anyway: GT5 still offers moments of pure magic (Lambo at night in Italy….arg!!!)…but it’s far from enough.

  10. Aug. 4, 12:59am

    And they certainly wouldn’t do it over the PSN. That’s like calling the bank to tell them your coming to rob them, posing for the security cams holding the money, then offering to let the bank manager have a copy of you photo id….stupid troll. lol.

  11. Aug. 3, 11:01pm

    I’m actually willing to complete both 24 hours events, maybe 1 in 3 or 4 days and the other (probably the epic Nürburgring) in a whole day. I know it sounds insane, but that’s what the 24 hours endurances are meant for; and to those wondering, I’m pretty aware that it will be ferocious to do it alone. So I’m counting on my little 12 years old brother, several coke cans, a dozen of oversized pizzas, a (very) good excuse to my mother and a lot of patience and luck. Very great picture by WeShallNeverStop, pretty professional take. Audi rules!!!

  12. Aug. 3, 10:43pm

    From my previous statement i just wanna say that i didnt really expect any of you to believe as this is the internet

    Add me on playstation network if you are actually interested: Jtimex.

    • Aug. 4, 12:53am

      You do realize PD pays very close attention to this site, and therefore no PD employee is going to come here, announce themselves as a PD employee, and offer to leak information, don’t you?

    • Aug. 4, 1:00am

      Uhhh, and they certainly wouldn’t do it over the PSN. That’s like calling the bank to tell them your coming to rob them, posing for the security cams holding the money, then offering to let the bank manager have a copy of you photo id….stupid troll. lol.

    • Aug. 4, 1:10am
      You FAIL

      They wouldn’t go arround posting “first” in the other articles either. (and failing at that also) (ROFL)

  13. Aug. 3, 6:58pm
    euros only

    “Mid-Race” sounds like we would have to do half the race before being able to save. How is that going to be of any help when we have to do it for 12 hours straight before being able to save?

    • Aug. 3, 9:08pm

      good point and question….now i am sad again. and i was so excited. you sir just pooped on my parade.:)

    • Aug. 3, 10:32pm

      Good point.. Didnt realise it… if its really like that i will dye my hair in purple

  14. Aug. 3, 2:55pm
    Gt player who gets out & pushes

    That’s great but will they do it as they have said it multiple times just think about it

  15. Aug. 3, 1:47pm

    Until this feature has been put in place I will not be playing GT5 again. I really need those endurance races and have no intention to leave my PS3 on for a solid 24hrs.

    • Aug. 6, 10:13am
      Gt5 nut

      Yeah, I completely agree
      In my opinion they should never have released the game without this feature and all their manpower should be going into making in race saves possible

  16. Aug. 3, 9:08am

    GTR2 any one?

    • Aug. 3, 10:51am

      You can save enduros on GTR2 at any time, including the “super complicated” task of remembering exact car positions, with grids of 30 or more cars, with awesome physics, day night transitions, incredibly competitive AI, etc…

      But, as much as I love GTR2 and other PC offerings, this is GT5 we are talking about… A world where a guy called Kazunori turns any simple thing into an incredibly time consuming and complicated process, especially being able to put priorities in the right order… Thus, clothes and helmets first…

    • Aug. 3, 10:53am

      “First” in this guy’s mind means over 8 months after the game was released, that is.

  17. Aug. 3, 5:13am

    Yes what can we have for the next update ????

  18. Aug. 2, 9:54pm

    How if only we could actually make enduros competitive. Add Prototype and GT classes at Le Mans and Nurburg perhaps.

  19. Aug. 2, 7:28pm
    smelly bullcrap pile

    Could you please let us all in on “what it would be”? That would be the best thing you could do for the community. You might just save numerable lives by halting GT5 suicides

    • Aug. 2, 8:56pm


  20. Aug. 2, 5:28pm

    I know what kaz is planning on the dlc, i work on poliphony digital as an engineer but im aware about the new things that kaz wants implemented in upcoming updates and patches, reply me if you wanna know what it would be, for now im pretty sure the next update with some cool features ill be released around august 28.

    • Aug. 2, 6:10pm

      *sniff sniff* huh.. whats that smell?

    • Aug. 2, 7:45pm

      Smells like the Internet LOL

    • Aug. 3, 5:04pm

      Kaz just fired him for incorrectly spelling the company name…………..

    • Aug. 3, 5:14pm

      I know this beacause I work there has a file cabinet and all the important papers get stored in my pants, including Kaz’s awnser to the meaning of life, and Kaz’s design diagrams for an organically propelled single rotating disc transportation unit. Reply if you gullible and want to know more.

  21. Aug. 2, 12:33pm

    I’ve completed the le mans 24 hours on a and b spec but really don’t want to put my poor ps3 and eyes through 24 hours + of the green hell. Hope this update is soon. Hope they have been working on standards to premium, more tracks and more visible tuning/personalisation available for the cars.

    Looking forward to what’s in store for us!

  22. Aug. 2, 11:57am

    Wow that picture really fooled me into thinking it’s the real deal.

  23. Aug. 2, 8:04am

    Oh,c’mon! Really?!? Do you guys honestly think we’re going to see any updates of real importance anytime soon? One thing Yamauchi is great at is bs’ing. I can’t believe we have not seen any new cars added to the lineup yet. Last year there were talks of having 10,000 cars at our disposal. There were cars like John Shepherd’s 7 second drag Eagle Talon, Buschur Racing’s time attack EVO, and a long list of other high powered tuner cars. Don’t get me wrong, these cars would be more for the “wow” factor than anything else. Lets be honest,not much you can do on a track with a 1,300whp AWD 1st gen DSM other than some sick launches and insane wheelspin but it would have been pretty cool to play around with.
    Someone also had mentioned that Polyphony was toying with the idea of giving gamers the ability to have their own vehicles featured in the game for a fee. Sounded like BS at the time but I figured hey,it’s 2011. Who knows what they are cooking up.

  24. Aug. 2, 2:59am

    They should bring back the GT2 feature where you could skip to specific laps in a replay not forward/rewind.

  25. Aug. 2, 2:43am

    What about being able to fast forward/rewind a replay!?

  26. Aug. 2, 12:02am

    No way… How many votes it haves again?

    Its over 9000!

  27. Aug. 1, 7:54pm
    Positive Lock

    This well definitely help tor the endurance races. Though personally I could care less if it allows you to do other races in between. The whiole concept of the GT series is to be a real racing simulator. This is coming from a person that has spent months and years saving to put together a racing cockpit (so glad I have it now). That is just my opinion though

    • Aug. 1, 11:59pm

      A very well stated opinion. And with all that time you spent to make a racing cockpit, you now use GT5 for what it’s meant to be used for – racing!

  28. Aug. 1, 7:32pm

    Don’t forget Japan is sinking, so the best thing for PD to do is move out of Japan and come to america.

    • Aug. 1, 10:20pm

      LOL on a light hearted note, America is also sinking and not from nature. I highly doubt any company wants to enter a country drowning in debt and illegal aliens.

  29. Aug. 1, 7:25pm

    Very nice. I´m still waiting to finish only 24hs races in the game.

  30. Aug. 1, 6:38pm

    Can i have new engine sound..,gt500 sound Are orribile!graphic is ok bat sound engine no.sorry bat i’m italian boy.

  31. Aug. 1, 5:41pm

    Vegeta, what does the scouter say about how many votes it got?
    ITS OVER 9000!!!

    • Aug. 1, 11:57pm


  32. Aug. 1, 5:24pm

    I hope it is soon, I don’t know about everybody else, but I can’t race 24 hours & my ps3 is too old to be on for 24 hours.

  33. Aug. 1, 4:42pm

    I thinks it will be too late: Carreer mode adjustments are something that should be available soon enough after the game release.

    It will soon be one year that the game has been released. The carreer mode is what it is.
    Updates would better focus on multiplayer.

  34. Aug. 1, 1:22pm

    if kaz is really gonna do this then, psn will have to put a update for a “in-game save file” for gt5.

  35. Aug. 1, 12:27pm

    I guarantee 1 of the updates would upgrade some cars to premium, if you look at the used cars dealership they all have an S which stands for standard, so why would they put that if you can only found S cars…? Huh

    • Aug. 1, 12:40pm

      Im pretty sure it has been like since in the UCD since launch…

    • Aug. 1, 7:33pm

      @Peperisi I bet they do that to fool stupid people like you.

    • Aug. 1, 11:56pm

      Tesla99 is right. But I believe a lot of the OCD cars will be made premium because a lot of them in the past OCD updates have been what people consider to be classics and the Veyron. Kaz said when the game was released that PD was going to upgrade some standards to premium because of some classics that should be premium.

  36. Aug. 1, 12:10pm

    I can understand this being popular, but what we really need is to have PD take out these uber-long Enduros. Do I actually get better by lapping the AI 40 times? No, and it would be no different than me just turning laps for fun on my own to concentrate consistency or try different driving lines, or see if I can race for X hours in a row.

    We need more tracks, returning classic tracks and a better replay system, these are FAR more important that this.


    • Aug. 1, 1:52pm


  37. Aug. 1, 11:52am

    The only thing i really need is to be able to save at least 3 setups per car!

  38. Aug. 1, 11:49am

    How hard can it be…

    • Aug. 2, 1:43am

      Depends on it’s atomic makeup, and how you temper it.

    • Aug. 2, 5:08am


      I read that in Clarksons voice, whether you intentionally meant it as a topgear quote or not, so i had to reply hammond style-eee :D

    • Aug. 11, 10:51am
      Driver’s Driver

      When you say that, it will be hard!

  39. Aug. 1, 7:47am

    Good, as long as your just saying…

    • Aug. 1, 11:54pm

      hahaha i didn’t expect someone to say this and with a rhyming name. 10 points to Gryfindor!

  40. Aug. 1, 6:38am

    Something that should be in the game from day one. Just saying.

    • Aug. 2, 11:52pm


  41. Aug. 1, 5:41am

    Meh, done all the endurance events.

    • Aug. 1, 7:34pm

      Good for you but guess what, not everyone can play a game for 24 hours, or race let’s say 6 hours a day for four days straight.

    • Aug. 2, 6:57am

      I know but guess what…I don’t care.

  42. Aug. 1, 4:51am

    Really strange that this was the most important thing for this many people.. This shows what for people use this game: offline playing and clothing their dummies. I can’t imagine to play more than 10 min offline with it. I fell asleep on it every time. The only thing is interesting in this game is Online driving. Oh and to collect suits and helmets! What a good feature in a racing game :P

    • Aug. 1, 6:22am

      I have a 6 month old son who comes before games, so this means I can do races that I couldn’t do otherwise.

    • Aug. 1, 8:15am

      @ Mohamu glad your online GT5 works properly, others weren’t that lucky. After 1.10 update the online part of the game is a complete mess disconnections lag, bugs, slow menus,and NO, not because of our internet connections. The problem is their server.

  43. Aug. 1, 4:26am

    This is great news for me, might be able to get some done now. All the other parts of A-spec are done. I’m lucky if I get an hour or so every few days now.

  44. Aug. 1, 1:27am

    YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!, but I still can’t control the Formula GT for the Challenge. :(

    • Aug. 1, 3:09am

      Lol there’s no need of a FGT just stick to a LMP car

  45. Jul. 31, 10:31pm

    I love gt5 anyway, thanks PD for everything. It’s perfect? nah, but who cares? This games has provide me hours of fun and a great reality-scape driving around in cars that I can’t afford in real world.

    • Jul. 31, 11:32pm

      same here

    • Aug. 1, 1:38am


    • Aug. 1, 11:51am


  46. Jul. 31, 10:07pm

    I havent played GT5 in months now. This is great news because, I only have the 24hr of nurburgring left to achieve 100%.
    Currently 99% complete
    60/60 gold license

  47. Jul. 31, 10:06pm

    I hope PD will give us an update into GT5 or GT6, so we can have vehicle tire sizes.

  48. Jul. 31, 9:59pm

    Really? No one noticed the “over 9000” reference?

    • Aug. 1, 11:52pm

      IT’S OVER 9,000!!!!

    • Aug. 2, 5:11am

      awww, i commented on it below as “Nappa” thinking that absolutely no one had mentioned it on here! damn youu! ruined my fun!!!

  49. Jul. 31, 9:37pm

    But he told the same 5 months ago :'(

    I don’t care anymore about endurance events…

    • Aug. 1, 4:22am
      Antony Henley

      He mentioned in a tweet that in game endurance saves were in development. He’s now just confirmed that they are still in development. It might be that it’s a tad harder to program than some people may think or it’s not #1 on the too do list!!

    • Aug. 1, 11:51pm

      No, it’s gotta be up there. PD not only wants to satisfy it’s fanbase, but excel as well. It was the number one request by US, so I don’t think they’re ignoring that.

    • Aug. 3, 12:38am

      By the overall look of the game, I can’t hardly believe that…

  50. Jul. 31, 9:23pm

    Their is nothing i want more than this feature

  51. Jul. 31, 8:56pm

    Some say he too can use race saves when he is driving and that it took so long to make more upates because he has been in a race save and his ps3 had glitches all we know he is called Kazunori Yamauchi

  52. Jul. 31, 8:52pm

    this is a good news.. Hopefully this will be implemented in time. But i’m not too excited about it.. DLC is is more exciting.

  53. Jul. 31, 8:38pm

    I need this to complete the really long endurance a-spec races.

  54. Jul. 31, 8:27pm

    BTW, I got the platinum without that feature like 3 months ago… Guess I’m a GT5 troll…

    • Jul. 31, 8:32pm

      And 100% completion…

    • Jul. 31, 8:34pm

      And I bet 90% of the “huge enthusiasts” still don’t have it…

    • Jul. 31, 9:56pm

      Some of us DO have a life outside of GT. Not everyone can become no life status like you have =/

    • Aug. 1, 4:23am

      And the oscar for the most unbelievably unbelievable BS monologue by a bitter blowhard goes to…..

    • Aug. 1, 5:05am

      Haha! Chad, why don’t you get on with your own game and let others play it the way they want too. I’m a ‘huge enthusiast’, I also have what’s known as a social life, a family, and a full time job, therefore 100% completion really doesn’t amount to much for me in the grand scheme of things.

    • Aug. 1, 7:49am

      I can’t get on with my game because it became incredibly boring 3 months ago, and yeah keep the “I have a life” thing, like you guys are the only ones with a family, a job, and a social life, you are so special… Lol

    • Aug. 2, 12:07am

      Why would you still visit this site if you don’t care for it? If you don’t like it now, you still won’t like it later, considering how arrogant you are. You have some serious problems with having to be pleased by a game you don’t care about.

    • Aug. 2, 12:09am

      Are you slow Bu++ers? I am a much bigger fan than yourself of GT5. I just react to demand quality dude, the franchise is starting to go down the pit of stools…

    • Aug. 2, 12:13am

      ALL you do is bitch and moan. You don’t care about Gran Turismo and PD. If you were such a big fan, you wouldn’t make such distasteful comments 100% of the time. Hey 100%. You’re awesome.

    • Aug. 2, 12:21am

      Come on, truth hurts, and the only way of changing things is facing it, not just pretending stuff. The day PD gives us a GT like GT4, 3, 2, or the original I will enjoy and admire the awesome factor of the franchise again, and their work… It’s really simple…

    • Aug. 2, 1:34am
      Round 1…..DING!

      Oh, just too funny. Two annoyingly negative people fighting over who is the worst. Lol.

    • Aug. 2, 5:25am

      Woww, I hate people like you. You seem to think you are superior to everyone here when the truth is you are just sad and clearly don’t have a life, which is why you were able to complete a few days worth of endurance races.

      As Bu++ers said, why do you still visit this site if the game became “incredibley boring 3 months ago”? and you can’t argue you have a social life if you are still looking on a forum about a game that you are bored of/no longer play. That must mean you have exhausted all your other resources of stuff to do. Mind you, i bet its not an extensive list..
      1. Fap
      2. Get out of your mums basement and get some crisps
      3. Return to basement
      4. Be annoying on internet.
      But i gotta say you are pretty damn good and being annoying, but by the looks of things you get enough practice at it.

    • Aug. 2, 8:03am

      Why everybody is always talking about “mom’s influence or property” on these type of forums? Your subconscious “insults” make me think you are some kind of teen ager that just moved out, or is dying to do so… LOL “mom’s basement”… Well you guys keep on getting excited about every little thing said by Kazunori Yamauchi, you know the guy will not honor his word most of the times, but you guys get excited. Congratulations, you are the true fans, always expecting “the best” from Gran Turismo 5… Amazing…

    • Aug. 2, 6:08pm

      Correct, I am a teenager. …and that ends the list of correct statements in that post.
      It wasn’t a subconscious insult, I was well aware of what I was saying.
      No, personally I don’t get all excited about everything that Kaz says, but most importantly I don’t moan about everything. Whilst I might not get “excited” about what he says, I am appreciative of the work that is getting put into GT5 after release. Did they have to do this? No. So the fact that even just after the tsunami, they were still doing stuff to GT5 was amazing. I would like to see you doing work on a project that has been completed, just to make it that bit better for the fans after your house and city have been destroyed.
      Oh and this whole “true fans” crap you bring up is ridiculous. You are trying to have a dig at the people who are telling you to stop being such a downer all the time, so you are mock them because you think they are tring to be “true fans” yet you are the one who tried acting all superior in your first few posts saying that you are better than 90% of everyone here.
      So you are annoying, miserable AND hypocritical. Congrats.

    • Aug. 3, 2:13am



      Well said ;)

    • Aug. 3, 5:21am

      Adding to a project that was already FINISHED? Ha ha ha… Appreciative of the work after the tsunami? This is business kid, a corporation’s world, not a charity contest to make you feel fortunate. LOL! Now please tell me this is not business for PD/Sony because they are not charging for these miserable modifications (looking forward to maintain their reputation, their fan base, thus, assuring selling lots of GT6 or DLC if it comes, etc…) I just taught you how to use the word MISERABLE based on facts, not on guessing work. LOL

    • Aug. 3, 5:30am

      Oh, and I love the GT SERIES, again, the GT SERIES, but GT5 was such a disappointment that I completed the game just because it WAS Gran Turismo. I have the right to comment, and express my disappointment, and especially, to demand quality from the stuff that is available for purchase and was bought, and paid for. If you guys don’t like it, then suggest making these web page exclusive to “certain criteria chosen fans”.

  55. Jul. 31, 8:23pm

    This Kazunori guy said the same thing 6 months ago, but it is mews that he said again that it is under development… Lol. Amazing how people here lose memory over excitation, just like a herd following the alpha blindly…

    • Aug. 1, 4:18am
      Antony Henley

      Could it be because they’ve moved had an earthquake and tidal wave and averted a nuclear disaster, I dunno. It was in fact mentioned as part of a tweet to do with the spa 24 hour he and some one were commenting on.

    • Aug. 1, 7:42am

      Oh yeah, like they have had all these disasters since the last 6 years of GT5 development and the related “promises”, BTW, in TOKYO they barely stopped working you know…

      Anyway, let’s suppose you are right:

      He said Mid Race saves… then 4 MONTHS passed, and THEN the disasters happened, and THEN Barbies clothes and helmets… Lol that is so logical and admirable from Kaz.

    • Aug. 1, 11:49pm

      Oh Chad.

    • Aug. 2, 12:04am

      This Kazunori guy. So obviously trying to be condescending. Stop playing GT5.

    • Aug. 2, 12:07am

      Are you slow Bu++ers? I am a much bigger fan than yourself of GT5. I just react to demand quality dude, the franchise is starting to down the pit of stools…

  56. Jul. 31, 8:23pm
    Lefty Wright

    I haven’t seen anything about “Frame by Frame” WTF

    • Aug. 2, 12:11am

      That’s something that many people would love to see happen. Or, just replay controls in general.

  57. Jul. 31, 8:16pm

    Glad they’re finally closer to having what was in the le mans game 10 years ago….(with full weather, night-day, and like 24 cars and multiple classes) Now hopefully it’s in another month at the most….not next year some time.

  58. Jul. 31, 7:55pm

    OVER 9000 VOTES?
    This feature will be a godsend when it’s added.

  59. Jul. 31, 7:08pm

    I am so ready for this. best news in the game for me so far.

  60. Jul. 31, 7:02pm


    got my R10 Ready -_- Just Waiting for this feature to finally race the 24 hours of le man -_-

    • Jul. 31, 7:28pm

      The R10 is slow in comparison to the 908 HDi and the Mazda 787B runs circles around both.

    • Aug. 2, 9:44pm

      Me to chikane. They should have made it so that the cars we win in the elite level of endurance are premium cars that we can’t get anywhere else in the game, cus’ I won’t even be able to sell my second R10. They should give the R18 for winning Le Mans ;)

      And Bjgvmgv, thats irrelevant, nobody cares, R10 is the only open top premium car and everybody likes there favorite Le Mans cars for reason, like the R10 was the first diesel engine to win Le Mans. Plus you just need to up the turbo to make it as fast and a little tuning to go faster.

    • Aug. 23, 9:03pm

      @Amac500. Uhhh, what? The Shelby 427 ’66 is open top too!

  61. Jul. 31, 6:53pm

    Good news! It seems there’s lots of information coming from Kaz

  62. Jul. 31, 6:37pm

    Oooooooooooooooooooo Mother may I!?

  63. Jul. 31, 6:36pm

    I hope it works so that you can do whatever you want, then when you re-select the race it automatically resumes from where you left off/saved :D

    • Jul. 31, 6:41pm

      Me too, man. Me too.

      I want to be able to save a full (60 seconds real time is 60 seconds in the game) 24hr race and just go back to it whenever I want.

  64. Jul. 31, 6:02pm

    That photomode pic…
    Wait, I’ve gotta go change my pants. :D

    • Jul. 31, 6:21pm


      it really does look amazing.

  65. Jul. 31, 5:56pm

    It could be possible that PD wants to bring back the B-spec drivers like in GT4. They drive, you sleep.

  66. Jul. 31, 5:55pm

    Oh thank god.

    • Jul. 31, 6:41pm


  67. Jul. 31, 5:51pm

    Under development??? The original Le mans 24hr game on the PS2 allowed you to save races by pitting and giving you the option. How hard can it be?

    • Jul. 31, 6:26pm

      The PS3 is difficult to program for. GT5 is massive. The original Le Mans 24h game focused on just that..

    • Jul. 31, 6:27pm


    • Aug. 1, 4:15am

      What the heck does the complexity of programing the ps3 have to do with it? All your doing is saving the simulation state and adding a program interupt and restart. You can get more than half the code “off the shelf”, and the rest is just program specific integration and adding a menu option.
      Because the software is set up to save the game’s overall progress allready, it has most of the code it needs to support race saves to start with, it just doesn’t save race specific information at this time, and obviously no menu to support it.
      Changing what is saved, and when, a major change to the save format, is potentially way more troublesome than adding the feature itself, and that would be true on any computer. The feature itself has probably allready been in different beta versions for months now while they play with the format of the save. Heck, the championship saves are so closely related in overall form and function, something so simple has streamlining a too large save size might even be the only thing having kept race saves from being released at the same time as championship saves.

    • Aug. 1, 5:46am

      I’ve been programming for about 2 years. In some cases, it seems easy but the coding has to be perfect if not, the bug errors can ruin other parts of the game; like damaging player’s saved files and so on. This is sort of what happened to the previous updates when GT5 game saves crashed. Let PD take their time on this one if anything happens, there’s going to be lots of players complaining which is nothing new anyways.

    • Aug. 1, 11:48pm

      Thank you.

  68. Jul. 31, 5:50pm

    actually i dont like that. I am fan of endourance races. pure endourace!!!!!!

    • Jul. 31, 6:32pm

      Drivers are not allowed to drive for more than 4 hours at a time at the Le Mans 24. Single-driver entries are not permitted.

      Now what WOULD be cool, is if you could share endurance races with your friends, so once you pit and save, they could take the next stint from their system.

  69. Jul. 31, 5:49pm

    I’d be happy if the saves were implemented like driver(s)changes. You enter the pits choose driver change and while the pit crew is preping the car. You step out and the game progress is saved. To make it a challenge, your limited to say 6 driver changes in a 24 hour race.

    • Aug. 1, 1:35am

      Or, just provide an option to save once in the pits.
      Probably the most logical solution imo.

  70. Jul. 31, 5:45pm

    This is great news, but how much development is really involved in something like this this? Also, I hope it’s not like the in-championship saves, where as soon as you start the game back up you have to resume that championship. It would be nice if you could exit out and do other things…

  71. Jul. 31, 5:44pm

    That photomode image is seriously awesome.
    Great news btw :P

  72. Jul. 31, 5:36pm

    Well it’s about God damn time! The fact that they expect me to run two 24 hour races with no saves was simply unexeptble and I was surprised they had thought that saving a short championship was ever possibley more important.

    • Jul. 31, 6:21pm

      “its not something that can be done overnight like a vasy majority of people think can be done.”


    • Aug. 2, 9:37pm

      Well yeah I know I can’t be done overnight but considering that so many other games have had in races saves it was simply apauling they didnt do this yet. As tonystew42 said EA has been doing this since older PS2 NASCAR games, and if I remember correctly even my really old NASCAR 3 pc game of 1999. Knowing how long it has been done and not doing it but expecting us to go and run 24 hour races with out fast forwards, simulations, or stints? Ridiculous. Other not as big games and companies have been doing this so the second try said “let’s have em’ run 4 24 hour races” they should have planned this. Then they go and thought the saves for shorter championships that are simple or anyone to find time for compared to the painstaking 24 hour non-stop races would please us? They really dropped the ball on in race saves.

    • Aug. 11, 10:37am
      Driver’s Driver

      You are complaining so much. I did a 24 LeMans on my PS3. It maybe was hard, but you can be proud of yourself when you have driven 24 Hours. That is why i did LeMans!

  73. Jul. 31, 5:32pm

    I started the 24 hours of Le Mans today. 2 hours and 30 mins in and hope to have it done by Wednesday. Mid race saves would have been nice but I will finish both 24 hour races within a couple months either way.

    • Jul. 31, 5:34pm

      With mid race saves they need to introduce endurance seasonals ranging from an hour and up. 24 hours of Daytona anyone? Heck, any endurance on Daytona Road Course I would love.

    • Jul. 31, 5:38pm
      lancashire lad

      Are you leaving your PS3 on all that time?i hope you have a smoke alarm :)

    • Jul. 31, 5:40pm

      My PS3 is almost never off. It is constantly running remote races if I’m not using it. Built to last.

  74. Jul. 31, 5:28pm

    Surely it can’t be too hard to emplement, at least for the shorter races. I understand that there’s a TON of data that needs to be saved from a 24-hour race, but EA had this feature for the Nascar games on the PS2 back in ’07 or ’08, and you could make races that were long as hell.

    • Jul. 31, 11:06pm

      Not really, position, number of laps, fuel and tire consumption,time left, that’s about it.

  75. Jul. 31, 5:15pm


    I hope they put a drag strip in there.

    • Jul. 31, 5:29pm


      Use the front stretch at Fuji if you want to drag race.

    • Aug. 1, 7:54pm

      GT4 track DLC would be nice bundled with A-Spec II and B-Spec II series of events and a new line in alternate “DLC aware” seasonal events.

    • Aug. 3, 10:24am

      Only kidding, man.
      I was pretending to be dumb. You can’t do 0-400m and 0-1000m times on Fuji, so a drag strip would be beneficial.


      Good post, bro ;)

  76. Jul. 31, 5:12pm
    lancashire lad

    Finally, now i can start the endurance races :)

  77. Jul. 31, 5:06pm

    Cool, but why does it take so long???

    • Jul. 31, 5:09pm
      Antony Henley

      its not something that can be done overnight like a vasy majority of people think can be done.

    • Jul. 31, 5:15pm

      same for TUNING saves? Seriously, it’s faster and easier than saving a replay.

    • Jul. 31, 6:43pm

      There really isn’t a point in asking why anymore. Just say “sweet” and “hopefully, it comes sooner rather than later”.

    • Aug. 1, 7:39pm

      Think about what needs saving. Let’s assume you can only save from the pit…

      You have to save all variables for each car. Mileage travelled. Number of laps completed. Car track position. Car direction. Car velocity. Car height (it may be mid jump). Car fuel. Car tyre levels. Car laptimes and sector times. Car drivers and associative A.I. Track temperature. Track time of day. Track weather…. Probably a whole lot more besides. When you resume, everything has to be as you left it – with no advantages – and cars must not suddenly crash irrespective of where they were when you saved, including if they were in the pit and having their tyres changed or being refuelled.

      Then there’s the act of getting all this state bundled up in whatever RAM may still be available and / or writing it to the HDD.

      It’s certainly not simple and is certainly much more complex than saving a points tally, list of cars and A.I. for a mid championship between races interrupt.

    • Aug. 1, 11:47pm

      VERY WELL SAID, LordVonPS3.

    • Aug. 2, 2:43pm

      Yeah, ok. But what about tuning saves? In FM3 it takes a few seconds to save and a few seconds to load.
      Plus you can just pause and correct anything you need. No, in GT5 you have to STOP the race, do what you want to do and restart it.
      I’m not even trying to tune my cars since everything is damn complicated and slow.

  78. Jul. 31, 5:05pm

    I waited for so long that I managed to finish these endu races… Now I don’t care for saving in endurance races.

  79. Jul. 31, 5:03pm
    Mr. S

    I don’t care about the saves but I’m in love with the screenshot. Marry me. Now.

    • Jul. 31, 7:11pm

      me too really nice pic there

    • Jul. 31, 9:24pm

      damn that is a nice pic..

    • Aug. 1, 6:40pm

      It is an awesome pic :D nice job :)

    • Aug. 1, 10:22pm

      I actually sat here and debated was that a real shot or ingame. Thats how great that pic is

    • Aug. 2, 12:26am

      Thanks guys! :D I can’t believe my photo made the front page… :o

  80. Jul. 31, 5:01pm

    Hopefully an improved version of the GT4 race save system.

  81. Jul. 31, 5:00pm

    I hope we can save it, then play other parts of the game, & them come back to the race when we’re ready to finish it.

    • Jul. 31, 5:06pm

      That would be the icing on the cake!

    • Jul. 31, 5:08pm
      Antony Henley

      Probaly not.
      more likely be as it is with the championship saves now. With you having to complete the race before any more progress in the game which to be honest is quite fair.

    • Jul. 31, 5:38pm

      Exactly what i was gonna say.

    • Jul. 31, 11:03pm

      I don’t see why saving and doing something else in game wouldn’t be possible. They would have to implement a save file and load function for the endurance race section which if they make it to where you can only save when you pit might make things allot easier and make more sense than just pausing and saving at any point on the track.

      Either way my hats off to the dedication to a game which has already been sold. Too bad more developers and publishers don’t take that kind of pride in their work.

    • Aug. 1, 2:52am

      Surprises me that with all the ideas of how to make a game better that we do not have more racing games out there that are perfect. 90% of the persons making comments seem to know what should be done and how to do it. Maybe if you put as much time into working on your perfect game as you do in telling one of the most reputable racing sim designers ever how to fix a game that seems pretty damn good already you might actually get a chance to beat them.

    • Aug. 1, 3:06am

      Cough, EA trolls – Freeze For Shift 2 Unleashed, Cough.
      ’nuff said.

    • Aug. 1, 1:29pm

      Not sure I understand the EA comment. As for my post it was merely a thought and was in no way trying to act like I know how to make a game better I was just adding my 2 cents to the post which is why were here is it not ?

    • Aug. 1, 7:22pm

      That would be nice. If your friend invites you to race online it’d be nice not to have to say sorry but I’m 2 hours into a 24 hour endurance…

      Ideally, a save would just lock you out of all the other events in A-Spec and lock you out of using or modifying the car which is saved either online or in B-Spec. OK, so you’d basically be locked out of everything except playing online with different cars to the one you saved with (because it would accumulate miles, engine wear, oil, etc). I will freely admit that I haven’t thought it all through and I suspect it really may not be as simple as that. It would explain the interrupt feature in championships and likely be similar for mid-race saves.

    • Aug. 2, 9:46am

      it would be impossible to save an endurance race midway then do something else because when you save after the other race, wheres your mid race data gone? thats right into oblivion, its a stupid idea, just live with the fact you can save and do another game rather than another race and then “accidentally” delete the save file you just made……sheesh

    • Aug. 2, 7:43pm

      @ rob

      Not to get rude and get rex into an uproar but if PD CHOSE to have a separate save file, like with replays, for endurance races it would be possible to do other things. I’m by no means trying to tell PD what or how to do their job just saying that it would be possible, as the end of the endurance race would then be added to your main save file.

      I’d like to be clear that I’m happy with GT5 as is and I am not lobbying one way or another. OK rex?

    • Aug. 3, 4:27pm

      I meant to all entries that refer to PD making a better game. Just got done reading other posts about updates and bug fixes. I got mad and since i do not read many other blogs on games i feel that since there are so people down on the game that maybe they could make a better game.
      @CorporateHammer I like your idea of a seperate file like the ones with replay and my comment was not directed at you but more just all the complainers. I am sorry for such dumb comment.

    • Aug. 3, 9:23pm

      No problem. I know how you feel seriously. I get tired of all the complaints and I too apologize and admit I thought it was directed at me. All is good and so is GT5.

    • Aug. 7, 10:16am

      If you have time”play other parts of the game”, then you have time to finish the endurance race. Just let us turn our ps3 off until we are ready to resume the endurance race.

  82. Jul. 31, 4:59pm

    Finally! Now I actually have motivation to do the Endurance races!

    • Aug. 1, 10:46am

      Same here

    • Aug. 5, 4:18pm

      I’m finally gonna be motivated to do the 9+ races 8D

  83. Jul. 31, 4:59pm

    Awesome, I knew something was up once I saw a few tweets from him.

  84. Jul. 31, 4:55pm

    Great news ;)

    • Jul. 31, 7:10pm

      btw i’ve been wondering why can’t we have both a spec and b spec combined just for the endurance races coz leaving my ps3 on for half a month just to finish one 24hr race is ridiculous i’d prefer that from saving mid way.

    • Jul. 31, 11:17pm

      They said this was supposed to happen a few updates ago. Hopefully they get it right this time

    • Aug. 1, 12:45pm

      this has been “in development” since last decade. The game engine doesn’t allow for pausing once a race is started. This is probably why we can’t rewind replays. Just a thought..

    • Aug. 1, 1:37pm

      Great news indeed! Now it’s just Online Seasonal Events and we’re home! :)

    • Aug. 2, 1:10am

      Now it is too Late. All races done.

    • Aug. 3, 8:08am

      Wow this would be just wonderful. Please let it happen so i can continual to play the great game, i just refuse to leave my ps3 on pause because i am running a 4 or 24 hour race or my grandson or daughter or power outage could happen right when i am about to finish one of this long races.

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