Gran Turismo 5 Standard Cars to be Upgraded to Premium

In the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu (via AndriaSang), Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed that [at least some of] GT5’s “standard” cars will be upgraded to “premium” models in future updates to the game. This is good news for many fans who may have initially been disappointed their favorite car didn’t get the “premium” treatment (with a more detailed 3D model and interior view), though we still don’t know, of course, which or how many models will actually be upgraded:

Gran Turismo 5 has a mix of gloriously detailed “premium” cars and less detailed “standard cars.” In an interview with Famitsu this week, Polyphony prez Kazunori Yamauchi reveals that there are plans in place to upgrade the standard cars to premium status.

The interview also sheds some light on the upcoming late December update, it seems. I’ll hopefully be getting a look at the interview for myself shortly and will report back if there’s anything else.

Nevertheless, it’s good to get another peek at what’s in store, and we’re looking forward to more news on the next December update. Thanks to a “random person” for the tip!

Photomode image by NLxAROSA.

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Comments (180)

  1. lee

    I cannot comprehend the fact that people actually ask for tracks such as the ‘complex string’ which i found to be the most boring/annoying track in existence (although i’m thinking of changing the No1 spot to the long version of cape ring)….and yet people do not mention tracks such as Spa, bathurst etc.

    And how come the AI F40 is continually getting its arse kicked by cars like the lambo countach lp400, 512bb etc when i race against it?? wasn’t the F40 one of the greats?

    1. Magic Ayrton

      The F40 has been a massive let down in the series, I reckon Ferrari want to make their new cars look better when the F40 was probably more intense and exciting than all Ferraris put together!!!

      worst of all is the terrible sound on Standard cars, I think that premium car sounds are pretty good, but some are still annoyingly rubbish!

  2. Skyline35

    PD fix shadows bug first!!!

    i just can’t watch replays right now, my eyes bleeding.
    premium cars are useless right now, the only tracks with normal shadows are Tcakuba, SSR7, SSR5.
    why those 3 are normal shadows and all the others are not?
    why GT5prologue shadows looks better then GT5 shadows?
    PD don’t you think you should fix shadows first?

    F… GT5 is so monumental game, but it so spoiled by these ugly bugs

  3. Dustyr

    I would like to see all the cars from top gear make it int the game. Well really I would just like to see the Noble M600 and the ford gtx1 and maybe the addition of more events and the Seattle track. I personaly don’t care about the veyron because it’s really just a statment not a car that is drivable. I mean the hennessy gt1000 does 266mph in a standing mile at the Texas speedway. Correct me if I am wrong but that is faster then the veyron and alot cheaper. How about all of the touring cars get the premo treatment and all le mans winners. If pd does have to make a premo veyron make the veyron super sport the premo

  4. CaliBoy1990

    For those of you complaining about standard vs. premium……….can we please worry about more important subjects? PD will probably eventually make it to where all non-racing cars can get custom wheels and stuff……..{damage isn’t THAT important, though, TBH}

    Right now, we need to get things like tuning fixed…….some more nice tracks like the old GT3/4 Test Course and the Complex String would be nice…..{honestly, they can delete the Top Gear track if they’d like…..nobody really cares about that except for TG fanatics.}

    1. Magic Ayrton

      The Top Gear test track is one of the best proving grounds for a car… learn how to drive my friend and this will become very apparent to even someone as ignorant as you.. I am not a TG fanatic, but I do appreciate a good layout when I drive one..

  5. BWX

    Fix the bugs and omissions in GT5 FIRST Kaz.

    Save setups? WTH!?! Give us two or three slots per car/ per track.

    Fix those butt ugly shadows before you add one more premium car. Let me choose to run at 30FPS with better shadows/smoke/etc. 60FPS is not as important to me as smooth GFX. The huge BLOCKY SHADOWS and BLOCKY alpha textures (smoke/dust) looks like PS1 GFX, no exaggeration.

    Fix the GT Life mode XP/level up/cr. system first. Give us more events or an event editor.. At least more racing in single player than there was in GT4.

    Where is the on-line “events” like in GT5p?

    Why do we have a great physics model in GT Life single player, but a separate, seemingly **dumbed-down physics** driving model on-line? Fix that before you add premium cars. :-/

    GT5 is so great in so many ways, but there are TONS of things that need fixing before we need more premium cars. At least be working on, and giving us fixes at the same time as you are adding premium cars.

    Man, get your priorities straightened out PD.

    PS — I will pay $$ for more tracks. Please help me help you. Please take my money.. k?

  6. GT Pro

    All I know is that the jaggedness along the edges of standard cars’ wheel-well, particularly for the R34 GTR and JZA80 Supra, is just embarassing. FIX IT PD!

    1. mkygod

      I hope by “Upgrade”, this means by way of FREE updates, and not through PAID DLCs. If we get PAID DLCs for standard cars that are already in the game, then i’d be pissed.

  7. XTRGT

    Please the Cadillac Cien it’s the only beautiful Cadillac ever made put this car Premium and the TVR Cerbera Speed 12.
    Ok the people want new cars here is the list:

    2010 Gumpert Apollo S – 2010 Shelby Super Cars Ultimate Aero TT – Bertone Mantide – Spada Codatronca TS – Denvon GTX – Caparo T1 – Bentley Hunaudieres – Saleen Raptor S5S – Aston Martin One-77 – Ferrari GTO Evoluzione – Audi Avus – Audi RSQ – Weineck Cobra – Maserati Birdcage 75th – BMW Gina – Lamborghini Cnossus – Spyker C12 Zagato – Lamborghini Reventon – Lamborghini Murcielago RGT – Aston Martin DBR9 – Zenvo ST1 – Lamborghini Countach Concept EV – Nova Kit Car Sterling Sebring – Vector W8 – Citroen Survolt – Lotec Sirius – Mercedes-Benz Lotec C 1000 – Mercedes-Benz Lotec Sirius (New Model) – Lamborghini Alar – Lamborghini Insecta – Lamborghini Estoque – Ferrari Chinetti LM – Arash AF-10 – Melling Hellcat – Bugatti Veyron Super Sport – HTT Plethore LC-750 – 2011 Transtar Dagger GT – 2011 Lancia Stratos – Audi R-Zero – BMW M1 (New Model) – Maybach Exelero – Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss.

    OK thats enought it’s a lot of cars.

    1. leemoldon

      agreed…more racing mclarens, including a premium racing F1,
      and more cars can get racing modification treatment.

      More racing championships…like a GT championship for racing mclaren F1, lotus gt1, F40 GTLM…. maybe the Can-am championship…
      Mclaren M8’s
      toyota 7
      ferrari 712
      porsche 917-10
      Lola T222

      o.k o.k i’m dreaming

  8. Tha_GT5_Drifta

    I want the Veyron to be premium and I want it to get an engine sound update,so you can feel the thrills when you are @400+ KM/H on that 1001 HP beast ^__^
    Who agrees?

  9. Squozen

    I hope Polyphony have been actually been collecting useful data from our gaming sessions and prioritise the standard cars that are being *used* by the players, instead of making one man (Kaz) happy.

  10. brainfade

    There should be a TWR pack in memory of Tom Walkinshaw, with all the Silk Cut/WEC/WSCP/IMSAGTP Jaguars, the legendary XJS V12s, the BMW 3.0 CSL’s, the BTCC RX-7s, Rover 3500s (Vitesse), TWR WSC-95, Volvo 850 Estate, Saloon and S40 touring cars, and if possible, the F1 cars which he was behind.

  11. pasigiri

    PD needs to make the cars that should have gotten in.

    Cadillac CTS-V and coup
    VW Golf R and Scirroco R
    Koenigsegg Agerra (ANY for that matter)
    Zonda F
    Aston Martin DBS V12
    Lambo Reventon
    Ford Focus RS ’08 (well the latest version)
    RUF’s latest creations; Carrara GT, 911s, and Cayman S
    Audi RS3, 4 (the last one in sedan form), 5 and TT-RS
    Mazda RX-8 R3 ’09

    … it’s just a LOT of good cars that should have been in the game where as others (VW bus, c’mon) should not have been.

    And make body customizations that are REAL. Like a Nissan 370Z can get a Nismo kit or a Mazda RX-8 can get a Mazdaspeed kit, etc.

    But before all this:

    1. pasigiri

      … and also

    2. Magic Ayrton

      I agree with you, but I sold my Cayman S and 911 because Porsche have become sooo pipe and slippers, they are on the decline and are really old fashioned and boring now… just my take ;)

  12. Tweetman_277

    Wow this was soo unexpected! [/Sarcasm]
    I just hope that the LMP single seaters and stuff get this, they have soo much less interior to start with, also i think the Caterham is getting it, as it already has an interior…

    Lets just hope they get the endless GT-R’s and other stuff that has a close relation premium already and just do Copy/Paste of the interiors eh?

    1. Raitziger

      He said that some historical classics will be converted to premium, not all of them. (2J is a historic classic for sure)

  13. Deathsarthe

    I assume PD is going to continue it’s current trend of bad design and probably pick the standard cars we like the least to convert to premium.

    I think one of the first models to be converted is the Yaris for sure, perhaps a Toyota Prius as well. Mini Cooper and the first gen Beetle from Hitler’s era.

    Why make the Supra or Veyron premium when we could have that lot of winners instead??? I mean come on! These are classics.

  14. sr20detblacktopdrift

    I know there is a premium S13 already, but I would pay for a I could make my headlights go up and down! I love this game, my gf hates it!

  15. TankAss95

    Yes great news! I honestly dont care what cars get the treatment – ill be happy with anything. Id love to see the RUF Yellowbird in its glory, though. A truly fun car for the tail-happy drivers out there :)

  16. Magic Ayrton

    Well, once they sort the sound out (cough) they can hopefully add interiors, but not before they have sorted the lights out, Main beam should be dipped beam, and put a main beam that lights up the road like a real car… especially on race/rally cars, they light up the whole road those cars… why is GT lacking in this area???

    Gt6 maybe??

  17. McEntee28

    Wish people would stop crying about the standard cars. The standard cars are fine. Now PD are going to spend all there time on this, instead of the huge problems that matter like terrible online play, un-user friendly menu screens and poor track choices. PD use this site as referance you know.

  18. SavageEvil

    I think a lot of people are confused, all the standard cars are from GTPSP, a vast majority came from GT4. No cars were ported from any other GT game, many of the new cars added to GTPSP look leagues better than the GT4 ported cars. Even the Veyron looks head and shoulders above the GT4 ports, on the PSP no less. I own the game, I’m looking at it as I’m typing this.

    I’m wondering how many cars at a time can they release, even if it’s paid for content. It should be 10-12 car sets for about 5. I don’t see the sense in paying for 30 car packs at $10 a pop, that’s absurd. My $60 game just turned into a $360 investment, yikes! Packs or separately, in case you don’t want all those cars, I’m looking at your Turn 10 with crappy cars in a pack.

  19. LoneWanderer

    I’d love the Supra RZ, Furai, and Lambo’s upgraded at least.

    Simply put, all standard cars introduced in GTPSP.

  20. dearlybeloved

    Of all the hypercars IMO the veyron would have been very hard to get the level of detail into the game without memory being hit. The veyron is very high on textures moreso than any other car that I know. Still that is how i see it to my trained eye. Then again I could be wrong as to why it is a standard and not premium.

    What gets my goat is the effort they used to get the subaru 360 as a premium unless it is to do with honour.

    peace out.

  21. George

    Hell Yeah!!! so we will get a GT5 with a lot of premium cars, and then a GT6 only with 1000 premiums + 2011 + 2012 cars + a few more classic cars… Mr. Yamauchi with great respect, i desire a premium classic Monte Carlo Mini Cooper.

    1. Really?

      Why the c9? so its extremely bland and rudimentary interior can be toiled over for 6 months then given to us in a fashion that will look boring anyway?

      If you’re gonna ask for a premium car make it one that isn’t a Battlebots Wedge car

    2. sumbrownkid

      @Really?: That rudimentary car blasted the Mulsanne at 240+ mph and is one of the more iconic group c racer alongside the Jaguar XJR-9. Not being a premium is a let down.

    3. Really?

      That’s wonderful…and the model T did a lot too..Point remains..

      Ugly cars with basic designs that can be covered using standard quality……shouldn’t have the time wasted on them..

    4. Obli

      I think the C9 is gorgeous – each to their own, I suppose!

      From Wikipedia:

      “The C9 was able to win all but one race in the 1989 season, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans. During qualifying for Le Mans, the C9 recorded a speed of 247 mph (398 km/h) on the Mulsanne Straight, a record.”

    5. Really?

      the c9 being gorgeous or not doesn’t matter..

      the shape was not unique nor was it some amazing design that needs the processing power of 20 computers to make a picture of.

      point is…
      when you have a car that can look ok without wasting 6 months on it…don’t waste 6 months on it

    6. Obli

      Fair point if the standard model looks okay already, but I’ve not seen it in action in GT5 yet. Also, I’d like to experience the C9 from within the cockpit, basic interior and all.

  22. Yellowfever

    I must really be in the minority. I don’t care much about premium vs standard. I would much rather see time spent making online more exciting and allowing more tuning options.

  23. roninhyde

    I know I’ll be in the minority, but I want the B6 S4 (’03 Audi S4) to be premium.

    It will be time well spent, however. Since many folks want Polyphony Digital to add the B7 RS4 to the GT5 roster, modeling the interior of a B6 S4 will take care of most of the interior modeling for a B7 RS4 as they have largely the same interior.

  24. jasr73

    Peeps would pay dollars for a Porsche pack (not saying we should, just saying peeps would)

    …licensing agreements can get complicated for sure, but given their part of the VW Group…can’t understand why Porsche don’t have GT5 on their marketing road map…missed opportunity to build brand equity and engage with the younger demographic and in my view…PR strategy fail Porsche, you need to fix this ASAP.

    Oh and again the flashing lights on the GTR Pace car lol.

  25. nevelo

    also what about the few dashboards bugs,can’t they fix them ?in prologue the rev o meter of the sl 55amg was not correct,not fixed in gt 5.the same with the silvia ’90.and the most annoying to me is the gear numbers which are wrong in the takata nsx ’ says 0 when you’re in 1 st gear,etc…very confusing.

    1. Slipp3h

      Regarding the gears in the nsx, I think that’s how the car is setup in real life. I have the raybrig one, same way

  26. Afrojoe

    What I don’t understand is why PD took up time and space to make some models premium that are not…cannot and will not ever be race cars…like the VW Jeeps and a few of the old 1950s and 60s compact cars…ridiculous. I mean they are cool to look at but I find no fun at all driving these old cars at slow speeds through fast tracks…like watching paint dry. It’s a good call on the part of PD to upgrade cars though….it should really be an ongoing project for them to eventually have all cars premium and get rid of this whole standard thing altogether. And please! work out a deal with Porsche and release a Premium “Porsche pack”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. z06fun

    How about they focus on all the problems/bugs with game first. Far more important than converting more cars to premium. The thing has such an unpolished feel with all the little things that need to be corrected. Perhaps PD should check out the bug/glitch thread

  28. Hypergolem

    This is great news. It is good that PD is working on GT5, keep it updated and release more stuff as time goes by. It makes the money spent on it worth it, and makes the game last for much much longer
    I trust this game will be here for a long time!!!

  29. TakeshiSkunk

    YES! I think it’s almost guaranteed that the Countaches are getting upgraded :)

    Fingers crossed for some of my favorite cars!

  30. EiFFeL

    The thing I dont understand is… If they already have a Premium version of one car (350Z, March/Micra, R32, R33 and R34 Skylines, Honda NSX, S2000, ’69 Camaro, Audi TT, Renault Megáne…), shouldn’t it be VERY EASY to make all the versions premium? They just have to make little changes in the interior and the outside look (some spoilers, the new rims, different seats maybe, etc).

    I think they could convert them all to Premium (and it would mean about 50 or 60 cars) in a really short time…

  31. jasr73

    @HKA agree, with the exception of maybe 20 of the legacy all time favs as mentioned (yes plus the Bug). The developers should be focused on ironing out online /in-game play bugs first.

    In addition, including an online licence / points system for drivers, in an attempt to try and manage the large number of fools in the open lounges would be handy.
    I mean why have a star rating system for the quality of racing when you’re still getting stupid in- game behaviour like running in the opposite direction or parking on the racing line? Sorry getting off topic now…

    And can we please make the flashing lights switchable on the GTR Pace Car. I’m sure the light’s worked in GT4. It’d be fun for organised enduros to have an assigned fully functional pace car to an appointed course official …those sort of details add extra depth to the experience…


      Same thing comes into my mind!! I want the R34 pace car be able to switch on its light!!(I’ll be so happy if it can be one of the new premium cars too)

      Here’s my wishlist:
      1. Zonda LM
      2. Mazda Furai
      3. Escudo Dirt Trail
      4. Toyota 88C-V Race car
      5. Veyron
      6. F1 GTR
      7. LMPs
      8. FXX & 599XX (How come these two were not be included in GT5?!)

  32. MacAlert

    I had a feeling they would be updating standard cars. I think they just released “standard” cars to release the game and prevent more delays.

  33. maxpontiac

    My wish is that every standard car in the 2000’s gets the premium treatment

    That way, I would get to see my 04 GTO in Premium!!

    Of course, there are some cars from other decades that deserve it as well.

  34. DaveTheStalker

    Any car PD has modeled since GT4 surely qualifies for Premium treatment. Baffles my mind how an ’09 car can be a Standard version.

  35. ICANT55

    Yes please fix the s7, m3’s,supra and ruf’sand can’t forget the xj22o, would like to change the wheels on them!

  36. Paulo

    DC2 Type-R (NA or JP)
    190E EVO II
    Alfa Giullia Sprint
    RUF Yellowbird
    Supra RZ
    All Spoon Models
    and surprise us with an E30, E36 & E39!!!!

  37. leemoldon

    I too, do not understand why we have (just an example) a premium mini cooper s and then about 6 other standard mini’s. very odd

    upgrade the LMP and majority of race cars please..

    Could someone answer a question for me….
    ….Am I right in thinking that in the first two GT’s, when you chose a car to race, the game would automatically choose opponents of the same class/speed/weight to make the game challenging.
    I just entered the European championship a few times in Extreme mode with a 700bhp+ Esprit and a racing TVR etc and the game keeps putting up cars against me such as citroen c5 exclusive, vw bora v6, a volvo and then an M3. Its ridiculous! How hard can it be??

    1. Bernd

      You’re right. I didn’t know what to expect in a so-called “European Championship”, so I decided to face my opponents in a 570hp Gallardo – pwned :D

    2. George

      No, in the first GT, the game had always a small selection of random cars (some were heavily tuned though). In the second GT, there was an hp limit so you couldn’t enter with a car thats 300HP in a 195HP race. I don’t know if it was possible to cheat and enter with 190HP and then add the turbo stage 4.

      I feel the best was GT4 with it’s A-spec point system. If you are bad, you finish the game with less than 20,000 points. If you are good with more than 50,000 and you could try to beat the game at 100,000 mark or max 111,813 points.

  38. nevelo

    i think that maybe instead of upgrading the veyron ’09 to premium they will/should do the grandsport or supersport ’10.they already used this trick for the corvette ’69,premium is the convertible,standard for the coupe.or like the m5,’05 standard,’08 premium.and we definitely need an e 30 M3 wich is really a classic for europeans.and 205 gti a legend in france.

    1. ICANT55

      NICE!!! I still hope we get New cars later like the CCX-r and caddy CTS-v,f50,zonda f,diablo and mustang gt500 but never the less good work pd.

  39. HKA-BlackLava

    Why spend the insane amount of time on modeling the standard cars when one of the core promises of GT5 (REALISTIC DAMAGE MODELING) has fallen SO short of expectations? Fix the engine, the game play, the things that impact everyone playing ALL THE TIME, THEN add the eye candy to those cars that 100 people will drive for an hour and then forget… PLEASE!

    1. chump

      Latest cars should be released first (Bugatti, Furai) but I doubt it! I expect a list of “Modern Japanese Classics” (Supra, Civic, S2000, Skyline, Evo).

  40. JackisTheStig

    I wonder if he means upscaling the whole model or just the textures like the really pixelated lines showing the edges of the body panels. I hope they really go to town on the LM cars, the Jag XJR-9 is fantastic as standard but as premium it would be amazing!

  41. j8mie

    This is great news, but I wouldn’t get carried away folks. Even if they upgrade 40 cars it’s better than nothing. What I don’t get is there is a premium model of the Honda S2000, so why are all the S2000’s not of the same standard. The exterior changed very little (near bumpers/lights), and the interior only have minor tweeks. Same with Mazda RX-7’s and MX5’s. It’s cars like these can could quite easily be upgraded.

    1. Skiddy

      I think that’s exactly what PD will do. Upgrade the Skylines and mazdas, putting in minimum effort. Big upgrades (such as some more unique cars) will come later on, via update or DLC.

  42. bachy

    I was hoping that one of the next patches might deal with the (non)ability to actually tune the gear ratio’s of the 20,000 cr. “fully-customizable” gearboxes. Or the (non)ability to upgrade your cars’ brakes.
    That said, it would be nice to have the Veyron and the Countach in premium form — though why they are not already is something that will completely befuddle me for all time.

  43. organ-donor

    Out of all the Japanese car models I cannot believe the ’97 Supra is standard. Give this the premium treatment.

    1. ste852

      I am wondering how the new upgraded cars are going to be shown in the game, as it stands the premium cars show up in the new car dealerships while the standard ones are in the used car section. Are the new premium cars going to be taken out of the used car section and put into the dealerships or left to cycle through the used car section. If they stay in the used car section we may never get to see the new upgraded models if your like me and don’t check the used car sales to often.

    2. Nato_777

      @ste852 That is a really good point! I hope this means that the upgraded cars then become available in the dealerships and that any previously absent manufacturers whose cars become premium are added there.

  44. m0j0

    Important things for them to work on in my opinion:

    Fix the paint system (you get a paint color, you keep the color.. not 1 use anymore, and add a color wheel, the list is getting way to big).

    Add more Aero/Body parts (dont start about ricing.. every single tuned car has different body parts, so why cant i add a nismo body kit to my 370Z?)

    Add more rim choices,

    And most important.. do not turn a Subaru 360 into a premium when you have cars like the Veyron, Supra RZ, XJ220 and such also waiting to get the premium treatment.

    Thats my short list (i have a long list, but i also have patience :P)

    1. JesseDeya

      Good idea about the paint, at least the colour wheel. The chips I don’t mind.

      Aero/body parts means a lot more modelling, which all takes time. For each ‘kit’ they have to make sure it fits perfectly on every single car. I don’t give a fluffy duck about the rice on the outside of my car, which I can’t see when I’m racing, but I do care about the internals – which I can.

      Rice kits, rims, paint – bleh. Premium models with cockpits – YES!

    2. Bernd

      Oh yes, the Jag 220 would be wonderful. I have a 1:10 die-cast model, dark blue/champagne leather – it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  45. arora

    WOW, that is a really nice pic Jordan, were did it come from?

    It’s good news this more premo’s, I’d like to mod more cars and take them to photo mode :tup:

    1. NLxAROSA

      I specifically took this shot to show how gorgeous some of the standards look. IMO, the R8 LMS is one of the cars that easily qualifies for ‘premiumification’. There is great variation in quality between standard cars. Just compare the R8 LMS to let’s say, a Dome Zero Concept to see what I mean. They should have dropped some of those IMO, they are beyond reparation. ;)

    2. Dr.Boss.

      The Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5 Evolution II photographs very well also. I’d love to see it and the DTM variant premium… along with the addition of E30 and E36 BMW M3.

  46. TuzMyFuz80

    it great to hear and truly happy that some body cares
    amazing that they are so prompt on updates so far the future is looking good

  47. espeed623

    My god I hope so. I was going to skip this on because of the standard/premium issue, but I suppose this made it all the worth buying now. Hopefully the tracks will see similar benefits… :/

    1. Jakemania

      The standard/premium thing is way overblown in my opinion. It’s not even an issue while racing, except for damage. The bigger problem is the reflections/shadows which tend to look uglier on standards. But other than that, they don’t look terrible.

    2. rydeen

      I agree. But, i wish PD had spent the time they used to make interiors on making all cars in the same detail without cockpit cause i dont like cockpit anyways(shakes to much. Im happy on how the game turned out to be tho…

    3. Jakemania

      The problem I have with the cockpit view is the amount of shaking. I realize it’s realistic to have the camera shake but when it’s on the screen, your head isn’t moving with the vibrations of the cars, so it gives me a headache. I wish there was an option to turn that off. You’d think having a generic cockpit for most cars would have been pretty easy to do.

  48. mistamontiel

    I saw a video of GT Auto. A freaking Civic.

    So the guy throws on a spoiler. He even ATTEMPTS to throw on rims, but said it would not allow it. Only stock rims.

    Back in the classic GTs, it was the other way around. Beast race cars could not be customized but the more underpowered cars can.

  49. Missed_the_Apex

    I hate to be a downer, but PD and Kaz have promised so many things that never came to be that I don’t believe anything until it actually happens.

    1. Jakemania

      But, to give them credit, they are working to update the game. Which is more than I can say for a lot of game studios. Not too many offer added content via game updates. Most charge for very ridiculous DLC. It makes me sick when I go to the PSN and see the option to buy skill points and cheats on Madden for 5 bucks. I mean really?
      It’s better to have 1000 cars than only the 200 premiums, and then have PD charge us to buy the new cars that are getting the premium treatment.

    2. Luke

      It already happened. Or did you forget about GT5 Prologue ? Even Prologue got updated several times with additional cars.

      Once the base game is finished, adding content is pretty easy. I just hope the will update “new” cars to premium instead of making all the Skyline R34 versions premium. Still don`t understand why there is a premium R34 and 20 standard R34.

    3. boblikepie

      I agree in the original statements about whether and time changes was that all tracks would have this feature not the handful that did end up getting them. I’d like to see all tracks with day/night cycles and weather

    4. Doug

      Agree. But the ever optimistic fans on this forum will hype the updates ad nauseum. A 1500 page thread will emerge on the topic and and in the relatively few cars will be upgraded.

    5. Rios

      No worries, the “ever optimistic” fans will most likely me balanced out by the ass load of pessimists like yourself.

  50. Corey

    I really hope they will include customization for those cars as well. We already have a lackluster amount as it is.

    1. Jakemania

      I would think they would allow the same level of customization as the premium cars now have. Although like you said, it’s already pretty limited. I’m not really sure why we can only use paint from cars we purchase considering it’s still gonna cost 2-3k to apply it anyways.

  51. Sharky

    I expect the first standards to get upgraded will be those that share most (or all) of their model with a premium counterpart – ie most of the Skylines, Miatas, RX-7s etc. Minimal effort required on PD’s part, just copy over the entire premium model and make minor tweaks as required. Although I’m baffled as to why PD didn’t do this in the first place for the cars I mentioned…

    1. Jakemania

      Yeah, I wonder how much of the content that they are now publishing via PSN they actually had done before they stamped the discs. I find it hard to believe they didn’t have it done before they pressed them, considering the development time of the game. I honestly am not too bothered by standard cars, although I don’t like not being able to use them in photomode, which is minor. I wonder how many they will do at a time.

  52. McClarenDesign

    Can’t wait to see the list. Hopefully more cars and tracks will soon follow. I imagine the late December update will coincide with GT Academy USA, on or around Dec. 20th.

  53. Jakemania

    Glad to hear this! I’m honestly not sure if I’d want them to update every car. But I would like to see the more important/ more popular cars get updated. I’m personally hoping for the Saleen S7 to get the VIP treatment ;)

    1. Jakemania

      I figured the Veyron would be a no-brainer so I named which car I’d most like to see become premium =p. It seems like everyone on the forums have been crying out for the Veyron. I wish we could sell all of our cars. I bought a Veryon and a Toyota GT One Race Car only to find that both are won eventually. Major waste of 5M =/. But yes, Veyron would be nice to see as well.

    2. NeuroFiZT

      I know there are lots of cars we’re all hoping to see as premium (Veyron is an obvious example).

      Unfortunately, My feeling is that this update is more aimed at the “lower-tier” standard cars (i.e. the ones ported from the older PS2 games), which just look HORRIBLE in their current state.

    3. Mtriculated


      How did you earn enough money to buy both of those multimillion dollar cars without advancing far enough to win them?

    4. Jakemania

      @Mtriculated – Well, I have already spent about 20M on cars so far I would say.
      Veryron – 2M GT One – 3M Enzo – 1M GT Formula – 5M + some Lambos and tuning most of my cars. I think the GT One is won in an endurance race, and I had not won the series in which the Veyron is won yet either.

      I’m not really sure how I got the money, I didn’t think getting cash was too hard. Get a Ford GT and run the 5-lap American Championship race at Indy for an easy 97k.

      My B-spec level is 33 and A-spec is 29 so far.

    1. Jakemania

      That is a good point. It makes me wonder if they might also update textures in some of the tracks where they don’t look so pretty. I honestly wouldn’t care if it doubled the install size of the game since my 250GB remains largely empty. That’s highly improbably of course.

    2. RedBaron

      It’s not so much for a premium car. All premium models are fully geometric and their surfaces and lacquer are rendered on the fly by GT5’s lightning engine. Only few textures are used, mainly for clothing, vinyl or leather in interor and for racecar decals.

      For me, perfectly logical choices would be Bugatti Veyron, RUF CTR Yellowbird (as one of few Porsche clones in the game), BMW E46 M3+CSL, Pagani Zonda (maybe modelling Zonda F as legal street car would be fantastic), Lamborghini Countach, Toyota Supra from 90’s, Le Mans prototypes.

    1. organ-donor

      Agree. I also want the Jaguar XJ220, Saleen S7, all RUF’s, all Lambo’s (Nomad Diablo, 25th Annv. Countach), etc.

    2. arora

      WOW, that is a very nice pic! Where did it come from Jordan?

      Nice to hear the possibility of more premiums for sure :tup:

    3. DrTrouserPlank

      The Nomad Diablo could do with an upgrade but I doubt it will get one.

      The Countach is a higher quality standard already, so I’d rather see them use the time on one of the lesser quality iconic cars.

      The XJ220 ought to be premium, but once again it’s not bad quality as it is.

    4. Eric

      They should replace most of the popular standard cars with premium versions. But especially the Countach, I would also really like to see LP5000S or the QV in premium.

    5. AGNT009

      Now would be a great time for PD to score points with us. I say they put it to a vote. Lets say they commit to 300 premium upgrades, and the rest must wait for GT6. Let US vote for that 200. Each GT5 owner gets 1 vote, and that vote is registered IN GAME, so only current owners of the game have a say. Top 200 vote getters get the upgrade. That way, less chance they upgrade something we all dont care about and get upset a premium effort was wasted.

    6. TakeshiSkunk

      Hoping for a lot of older and lower end cars :) Honestly I’ll be happy with whatever.

      I feel like this bodes well for more Race Mods getting added in the future. Certainly not a confirmation, not going to get my hopes up, but the possibility is there.

    7. d360

      I sure hope that the Veyron gets the make-over.
      Anndd most importantly that if you already own the car it will become a premium car rather that buying a new one…

    8. GoldUltima

      Yeah, I’d kill for a Premium Shuichi Shinego Toyota Trueno. Or pay a completely unreasonable price. Whatever needs to be done.

    9. Nikhil

      swweeet!!! but i’d rather like to seem them fix them ruddy outlines on the car when on tracks that throw up stuff i.e wet spray and smoke!! look sooo **** in photomode as well!

    10. Guitarplaya15

      true, thats sonys fault. although then you have the controversy over wether polyphony took to long to get the game out. either way, im happy aslong as these updates are free. i can wait cause after these updates, this game should be amazing-er.

    11. BubbleBelly542

      Well if you think a supra deserves it, then you must be sooo angry about the bugatti veyron being standard because ITs WAS COOLER! Superbird too

    12. FlareKR

      1st the Bugatti Veyron, that should be top priority.
      2nd my R32 GT-R
      3rd Toyota 2000-GT
      4th Dodge Charger R/T

    13. pikalulz007

      I’ll bet you anything they’re gonna do the Veyron in this… =3

      And I agree that all Lambo’s should be premium, and we need more premium LMP’s and a premium Furai

    14. desmalta

      @arora It’s easy to take a pic. Just go into replay and when the car is in a nice place hit start (pause). There will be a button for photo mode, click on it, position yourself for the shot, set the camera settings and shoot.

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