Gran Turismo 5 Update 1.11 Goes Live with Jeff Gordon NASCAR Seasonal Event

August 29th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

The latest version of Gran Turismo 5, 1.11, is now available as a free download, weighing in at 62MB. As Kazunori Yamauchi previously announced, this minor update is focused on fixing bugs and glitches within the game, with more “features and content” expected to arrive in the next few months.

v1.11 also brings a new NASCAR Seasonal Event, featuring Jeff Gordon’s racing suit and helmet as a special prize. New time and drift trial have also been made available, along with a batch of new cars in the Online Car Dealership (thanks to EliteDreamer for compiling this list, with prices):

  • Honda CIVIC 1500 3door CX ’79 – 4,785
  • Nissan BLUEBIRD Hardtop 1800SSS 9910) ’79 – 6,340
  • Honda 1300 Coupe 9 S ’70 – 6,400
  • Mitsubishi Lancer 1600 GSR ’74 – 7,100
  • Honda Z ACT ’70 – 7,900
  • Mitsubishi GALANT GTO MR ’70 – 10,900
  • Nissan SKYLINE 2000GT-B (S54A) ’67 – 11,900
  • Nissan BLUEBIRD 1600 Deluxe (510) ’69 – 12,850
  • Honda N360 ’67 – 18,000
  • Subaru SUBARU 360 ’58 – 18,000
  • Nissan SKYLINE 1500Deluxe (S50D-1) ’63 – 18,400
  • Mazda Carol 360 Deluxe ’62 – 19,250
  • Isuzu 117COUPE ’68 – 19,450
  • Isuzu Bellett 1600 GT-R ’69 – 21,000
  • Nissan SILVIA (CSP311) ’65 – 22,500
  • Mitsubishi Lancer 1600 GSR Rally Car ’74 – 25,000
  • Nissan Fairlady 2000 (SR311) ’68 – 27,500
  • Nissan 240ZG (HS30) ’71 – 27,500
  • Honda S800 ’66 – 29,000
  • Honda S600 ’64 – 30,000
  • Honda S500 ’63 – 31,250
  • Mazda Cosmo Sport (L10B) ’68 – 34,400
  • Mazda Cosmo Sport (L10A) ’67 – 37,000
  • Nissan SKYLINE HT 2000GT-R (KPGC10) ’70 – 40,000
  • Nissan SKYLINE 2000GT-R (KPGS110) ’73 – 42,500
  • Nissan BLUEBIRD Rally Car (510) ’69 – 62,500
  • Honda S800 RSC Race Car ’68 – 125,000
  • Nissan SKYLINE Sport Coupe (BLRA-3) ’62 – 160,000
  • Dome-ZERO Concept ’78 – 250,000
  • Gran Turismo Formula – 2,500,000

As always, head on over to our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photomode image by Andrezz.

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  1. Sep. 2, 7:52am

    This was probably the easiest Seasonal Event I have done and then getting 6 million CR at the end of it, a Dodge Charger 440 RT, Ford Mustang GT Coupe, Tony Stewart’s NASCAR and then Jeff Gordon’s racing suit and helmet, what is not to like, I loved it! Anyone know if you can race again and still get the money? :)

    • Sep. 2, 11:39am

      One time only I’m afraid. At least we still have ferrari at le sarthe.

  2. Sep. 1, 1:52pm

    I’m the same as you, It also took me three tries for rome and the rest only once. The online dealership isn’t bad either, in fact it was great and the event. :D

  3. Sep. 1, 1:48pm

    Too easy!!!

  4. Sep. 1, 1:39pm

    These seasonals are really fun. The prizes are pretty beast too. I dont get why people think these were easy. It took me 3 tries on rome, two tries on deep forest raceway, and it took me only one try on the other ones but I just barely won. I dont know what the update exactly did.
    And the online dealership is pretty good. All the cars are old classic cars and they are very cheaap. I bought all of them!!!! :)

  5. Sep. 1, 5:42am

    Screen freeze after seasonal events have been happening to me for 3 weeks.

  6. Sep. 1, 4:27am

    This game is now totally screwed with all the bugs.

  7. Sep. 1, 2:57am

    I honestly thought the races were incredibly easy so idk whats next

  8. Sep. 1, 12:43am

    so now every now and then i get a black screen after a race with the GT5 logo on the bottom right corner…wow.

  9. Sep. 1, 12:34am

    Ever since installing the 1.11 update, I’m having problems with seasonal events. When crossing the finish line, the race never really stops. The total time clock keeps spinning, and all cars stay in line and can’t be controlled. The start button doesn’t help, and I can’t even quit the game. I end up having to do a hard restart on the PS3. Am I the only one having this problem?

    • Sep. 1, 6:05am

      Same here hornsfan2112! Never had any problems till the 1.11 update now got exactly the same problem. Also won’t load suzuka which is vv annoying as i use it for general tuning setups!

  10. Aug. 31, 8:26pm

    Rome is the only track I’m having issues with, sucks I can’t use my own tuning setup for this race.

  11. Aug. 31, 8:14pm

    Cant access my FF cars LSD settings, Grrr. I’m in middle of a season in LotS ad cant fine tune my car. Thanks for being so annoying, PD!! Get back to v1.10, please. Dont waste time and money ruinning the game!!

  12. Aug. 31, 6:10pm

    The NASCAR seasonal events were super easy, exept I will not lie, it did take me three tries on Rome, but it was becauseof my braking technique.

  13. Aug. 31, 5:30pm

    Jordan, do you know if there’s any word of any other special Seasonals? (crosses fingers)

    • Aug. 31, 5:30pm

      i meant special suits…

  14. Aug. 31, 3:51pm

    I just realized that that now on the main menu video where it shows the car you selected in the various photo mode environments you can see your driver walking around the car and stuff.

  15. Aug. 31, 1:26pm

    I wish the offline car dealership would sell me cars I don’t already own.

    • Aug. 31, 2:37pm

      It gets really bad when you have 1022 cars. I go days without being able to buy a car I already own.

    • Aug. 31, 3:38pm

      I meant, without being able to buy a car I don’t already own lol.

  16. Aug. 31, 11:56am

    mor premiums wtf^?

  17. Aug. 31, 10:22am
    Magic Ayrton

    So does anyone know what this update actually fixed??

  18. Aug. 31, 9:03am

    Ok, my 5 1/2 cents on the Nascar seasonal events. Before any rant, it was fun! And thank you for the easy credits…speaking of easy…yes, this was not much of a challenge..sadly. So lets call it easy fun…not challenging…but fun. lol

    • Aug. 31, 1:14pm

      Indeed easy but was very fun, I’m just hoping the Glen makes a gt5 appearance one day

  19. Aug. 31, 7:45am

    Just installed this update and it seems that the image quality is really really bad now! It looks blurred, not as sharp anymore, anyone else got this problem too?

    • Aug. 31, 10:13am
      Magic Ayrton

      Yes I did notice the image quality has gone done a shade :-(

  20. Aug. 31, 5:02am

    What color is the FGT ?,did the update focus on the ghost car giving a tow in slipstream…..must have.i online 8 sep….wahhh

  21. Aug. 31, 4:54am

    What color is the FGT u nongs??,did the update focus on the ghost car giving a tow in slipstream…..must have.i online 8 sep….wahhh

  22. Aug. 31, 4:42am

    Why, oh why PD? Although most of you don`t like them, FF cars are quite fun for me! But after this update, I can`t adjust the LSD! That is my good weapon in making these babies go! Grrr!

  23. Aug. 31, 4:41am

    Why, oh why PD? Although most of you don`t like them, FF cars are quite fun for me! But after this update, I can`t adjust the LSD! That is my good weapon in making these babies go!

  24. Aug. 31, 3:06am

    I am extremely disappointed with this… The NASCAR seasonal has only circuit tracks.. Skid recovery is forced on and the ai are unbelievaly easy.. You would think for 1.5 mil each and a ticket/outfit they would make it more challenging.. I mean look at the expert seasonal. The OCD is extremely disappointing as it only has 60-70 jap tin cans that arent good for anything except helping your car number go up. I mean besides the FGT the highest pp of any car in the OCD was under 450 or there abouts – I love the game.. It’s just these little things that are just frustrating for me :/

    • Aug. 31, 4:13am
      Magic Ayrton

      @Paul.. This is GT5 for you.. we will have to wait another few months to get some proper content.. if not well the GT series will probably snuff it for most people. They will look for something better. Maybe GT has run its course :-(

    • Aug. 31, 9:58am

      Think what you two like.

  25. Aug. 31, 2:29am

    For the ones that still have framerate issues – just downgrade resolution to 576p from display settings. Honestly you’ll be amazed at how smoooth tha game becomes. Test it by driving full speed in a veyron in 576p – you’ll think you have fast fwd pressed. :)

  26. Aug. 31, 1:10am

    At least there’s no Tsukuba this time.

  27. Aug. 30, 10:20pm

    after this patch i notice that during the pit stops the fuel guy actually moves to the side were the gas tank lid is, instead of putting fuel on the same side where he is all the time. can someone confirm this, maybe its just me…?

  28. Aug. 30, 9:58pm

    i dont think there will be a stig seasonal because bbc and top gear have turned to forza and made a contract , so i think bbc will reject gt5 to add more content

  29. Aug. 30, 7:10pm

    Just a question from any user from GT5. I have no problems with the game, just one time i had a black screen after finish a race but lasted 15 seconds and the game continue.
    But the question is from the Ferrari F1 Challenge from the seasonal event (it is old now) cause i forgot to finish it and 3 days ago i completed the 2 last races (in order). The last was Susuka and i found totally “WEIRD” that the race started as a real and NORMAL F1 grid race and not in movement. Also when the camera, before start, is showing the car the FPS drops dramatically. Now the question: Does this happened to someone else? And Was only in Susuka this normal thing to start the race? (in prologue always was in movement) I have to check it in arcade too. Maybe it is standard in Susuka. (i made all the seasonal events)

  30. Aug. 30, 7:02pm

    Zzzzzzz yet again no challenge here whatsoever.

    • Aug. 31, 4:16am
      Magic Ayrton

      Surely they could have a standing start from 3rd or 5th on the grid and ramp up the opposition?? GT seems to be stuck in a time warp.. is this the end of the GT series?

  31. Aug. 30, 6:04pm

    I enjoyed this Event. Now I’m halfway through level 34, halfway to a 24 hour race. And I thought the OCD was alright, since I need the trophy for 1,000 cars.

  32. Aug. 30, 6:01pm

    finally some XP

  33. Aug. 30, 5:47pm

    This seasonal was disappointingly easy…. OCD with Mazda Cosmo Sport was a bonus though!

    • Aug. 31, 7:31pm

      Yh. It was

  34. Aug. 30, 5:06pm

    lol @ xenophobic ‘murrikans hating on all the japanese cars. Get a life, fatties.

    • Aug. 30, 10:40pm

      Stereotyping much? I’m American and I love the OCD cars.

    • Aug. 31, 2:09am


    • Aug. 31, 9:56am

      I’m American too dylansan but he’s got a point. If they get to be complete anal pricks, why can’t other people get back at them? This is the internet, we can’t shoot them like most of us Americans would like to do to some people.

    • Aug. 31, 3:53pm

      It’s not every American complaining, and it’s not only Americans complaining, so I don’t see why America has anything to do with it. Jerks are jerks no matter where they’re from.

  35. Aug. 30, 4:34pm
    natan king


    • Aug. 31, 6:32am
      Magic Ayrton

      Yeah RUF Premium >PD

  36. Aug. 30, 3:33pm

    Why are they so easy? where’s the challenge? I had high hopes for the seasonals as a way to prolong the gt exprience, but they `ve all but evolved into credit/xp grinders, at least with the regular events i can handicap myself to get a decent run, these latest though are just silly these nascars grip better than some of my race cars with slicks fitted..

    • Aug. 30, 4:03pm

      I noticed the other day that there seems to be automatic matching on some of the races on a spec. I chose a nissan 240rs for the polyphony cup and it seemed to match me up with some other older cars. The most recent car there was a 94 gtr which was my main competition. My 240rs was stock.

  37. Aug. 30, 3:20pm

    woah, these things are too hard. especially with skid recovery force ON.

  38. Aug. 30, 3:15pm

    The cars werent pre tuned at all. The gears were too too long on every track. It was too easy though, or maybe it is because we are too good?

    the ocd wasn’t any use to me. Wish the nascar races were re racable. The time trial was fun, the drift trial is hard for me, I can’t drift!

    • Aug. 31, 10:51am

      so then if the car’s are not pre-tuned then why did they disable the tune menu before each race????? lol tooo good ppshhh yea right there are alot of people who arent good on this game.from people who dont know jack about tuning a car to people who dont know what JDM stands for lol

  39. Aug. 30, 2:45pm

    I found these races to be far toooo easy for the simple reason that pretty much every NASCAR that you use was pre-tuned for each track so there was hardly any tire spin for fish tailing.cant complain about winning 1.5 mill lol

  40. Aug. 30, 2:38pm

    OCD, just japanese… fail, although the Subaru 360 is good.

    • Aug. 30, 3:58pm

      a good laugh, you mean?

  41. Aug. 30, 2:28pm

    Nissan Bleubird Rally Car (510) ’69

    This car is not on
    weird stuff…

    • Aug. 31, 5:11am

      Daics is rite from the boundry line

    • Aug. 31, 12:13pm

      Its a bluebird not bleubird, probably why you can’t find it.

  42. Aug. 30, 2:14pm

    The patch made the game worse.

    LSD isn’t adjustable on FF.

    And I haven’t noticed anything else but a faster settings menu.

    Bad tradeoff.

    PD should recall 1.11, fix up the LSD glitch then rerelease it back again.

  43. Aug. 30, 2:06pm
    Big Si

    Haven’t we all enough Japanese cars already!?!

  44. Aug. 30, 1:23pm

    I actually expected the Seasonal event to be hard…
    But it was pretty easy…

    • Aug. 31, 9:53am

      me too.

  45. Aug. 30, 1:18pm

    I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but, as this is the thread for the update, I’ll just go ahead…

    One of the small issues I’ve found so far is that on FF cars (front engine/front wheel drive) I cannot adjust any of the LSD elements because the cursor will not move to that area of the screen when I press ‘<' on my D-Pad. This is really annoying as I'm using an FF car in a couple of upcoming league races.

    It doesn't seem to be an issue for just one car though. I've selected a number of my FF cars and the situation is the same – front end LSD settings cannot be accessed, even with the analogue stick.

    Are there any other people having these issues?

    No offence PD, but you really should employ a group of people to test the changes you make to the game before issuing the update… this is just unacceptable IMO.

  46. Aug. 30, 1:08pm
    Magic Ayrton

    Thankyou PD, the money is most welcome XD, if you could see it in your heart to give us some fruity tracks, standard car wheel changes and some premium cars in time for Forza 4 launch or even Christmas, A good few people would really really appreciate the effort.

    • Aug. 31, 10:59am
      barry spock


  47. Aug. 30, 12:04pm

    Forget the fact that the new OCD sucks, and be happy that your getting:

    3 Cars
    6 Million Credits
    1.6 Million Experience Points
    Jeff Gordon Special Limited Edition Racing Gear

    I’d take the above over a good OCD anyday.

    • Aug. 30, 2:53pm

      How is it a “fact” that the OCD sucks? That’s your own opinion. Stop trying to pass off your own subjective opinions as fact when there is no grounds to prove it. Especially since this is purely based on personal PREFERENCE.

      If you don’t like the slower classics shown in the OCD, fine. Go max tune your bugatti or some type of ricer that has over 999999HP. But don’t downplay something and pass it off as “fact” just because you don’t like it. That’s just completely ignorant and selfish.

    • Aug. 30, 3:57pm

      Right now it’s 2 to 1 that the OCD sucks. That pretty much means the OCD sucks in democratic terms.

    • Aug. 31, 9:40am

      I don’t remember Gran Turismo 5 becoming a Halo Reach Matchmaking lobby FlareKR.

    • Aug. 31, 9:52am

      OCD was what I’ve been waiting for. I bought every one of those cars as soon as I was able to. Now, I just can’t wait any longer. To the batcave!

    • Aug. 31, 12:31pm


      What I meant by fact was that everyone pretty much agrees it sucks, as do I. It may be my opinion but it is also a lot of other peoples as well. So your calling everyone ignorant and selfish?

  48. Aug. 30, 12:04pm

    I don’t know why they had to start these special events by giving away Jeff Gordon’s suit, I mean lol none watches NASCAR beside a few rednecks, I’m really into cars and racing but before GT5 I’ve only heard about Gordon on Top Gear once lol.
    Also I’m fine with this update, and maybe it’s just me but I think that the game is slightly faster (about 10-15% more) and the OCD cars are just historic japanese cars, you can’t appreciate them, go play something else, GT% is not for you (GO MAX TUNE YOUR VEYRON AND RUN DRAG COURSES ALL DAY LONG YAY)

    • Aug. 30, 12:19pm

      Redneck joke is pretty old. I’m a NASCAR fan and am nowhere near a “redneck”.

    • Aug. 30, 1:15pm

      no one watches nascar? Though I dont have concrete numbers, I’m pretty sure it has more viewers than any other professional NATIONAL series in any other country. I can’t imagine BTCC, V8 Supercars, DTM, etc. getting as much viewership as nascar

    • Aug. 30, 1:16pm

      “…and the OCD cars are just historic japanese cars, you can’t appreciate them, go play something else, GT% (I assume you meant GT5) is not for you…” Considering GT dev’s thought enough of NASCAR to put it in the game, I guess instead of blasting racist jokes (is it cOLD in here?) you can heed your own words. (AND GET ANOTHER GAME!! CAPSCAPSCAPS)

    • Aug. 30, 2:56pm

      I happen to love driving the tuned #14 Impala at the Nurburgring real world circuit Seasonal, coming in 1st , with the Toyota One, Minolta, and Sauber in my dust.

    • Aug. 31, 9:05am

      I believe that NASCAR is the 2nd most watched motorsport in the world only beaten by f1, NASCAR is a brilliant sport that can’t really work as a game as people want more from a game, but I enjoy the strategy involved and the fact that there’s 43 identical car all going at it!

    • Aug. 31, 3:53pm

      identical LOOKING cars

      besides the fact that the different marques represented in NASCAR have different engine packages. The cars are more different than most people think.

      I was lucky enough to attend a Formula SAE event/seminar where someone from JGR was a guest speaker. He talked about his role in evaluating “off the shelf” parts (term used loosely since im pretty sure any part they source out will be custom made anyway) as well as designing/fabricating parts in-house.

  49. Aug. 30, 11:16am

    Dang this is awesome, Got 5 mill now! Woo! I also got the Jeff Gordon Racing Suit

    • Aug. 31, 9:51am

      lol it is pretty sweet. A buttload of experience, too.

  50. Aug. 30, 10:45am

    GT5 were more fun with more tracks, new cars , forget the standard cars, forget Nascar (there is a game for the public) forget rally. FAIL. The seasonal events are great anyway.. GT5 ISNT NASCAR! How about the ALMS tracks and cars. Were cool.

    • Aug. 30, 11:17am

      If you don’t like it, leave and play Forza…..

  51. Aug. 30, 10:42am

    Cant wait to see whats in store for us in the coming months, and this Jeff Gordon outfit is sick.

    • Aug. 30, 12:01pm

      What’s wrong it? Got the flu?

    • Aug. 30, 3:54pm

      /\ Lol, sinistrad disease. (Look up the word sinistrad and you’ll get the joke)

  52. Aug. 30, 10:32am

    I really hope someone at PD reads the comments, and they start to think a bit now about their prestige.. It would be better to do nothing, comparing making updates like this.

    • Aug. 30, 10:42am

      So what did the update contain? Do you know what has been fixed?

    • Aug. 31, 9:48am

      of course he doesn’t. He needs to think a bit now about his thinking. Do nothing instead of fixing bugs and tweaks. That’s the smartest thing I’ve ever heard

  53. Aug. 30, 10:31am

    I’m happy with this update. NASCAR is cool when it’s not on oval tracks. All of them were super easy, and the OCD is cool but I already owned every single car in there except the Honda N360. I’m not buying cars I already own just because they have 0 miles.

    • Aug. 30, 4:00pm

      Why does the phrase, “all of them were super easy” make me want to throw my laptop through my window?

    • Aug. 31, 6:52am

      because your username is Slint and you just listened to Spiderland too much (as everyone should) and the riff from Nosferatu Man makes you want to break stuff.

    • Sep. 1, 7:31pm

      Loving your work darkpigraph, spread the love!!!!!

  54. Aug. 30, 10:12am

    Please kick me if i’m being thick but is the track that you do the rally time trial on (Eiger Nordwand W trail) a new layout? I don’t recall ever seeing it before.

    • Aug. 30, 10:30am

      lol @ darkpigraph: i won’t kick you friend but no it’s not a new layout. just a short version. its rare to have a race on it though online, people just can’t controll themselves (or their vehicles) and therefore most races are ruined. hence why you may not have seen it b4. peace

    • Aug. 30, 10:45am

      Heh, thanks, i remember seeing the K-trail in arcade mode but not this one. I wish these tracks were used more in the career!

    • Aug. 31, 9:47am


  55. Aug. 30, 9:45am

    another worthless update with no content YAY

    • Aug. 30, 10:32am

      as was stated a week or two before the actual update!! how are some people still surprised or shocked that there wasn’t new content with this update?! sometimes i feel like i’m in a room full of toddlers when i read some forums/comments.

    • Aug. 30, 1:28pm

      has nothing to do with whether it was announced beforehand, it’s still an update with no content

  56. Aug. 30, 9:43am

    the ucd is terrible

    • Aug. 30, 3:51pm


  57. Aug. 30, 9:19am

    i was thinking would be difficult this special event.. in nascar event with 5 laps after 2 lap i’m first in the special event for the gordon’s suit with 7 laps, in lap 3 im first already..

  58. Aug. 30, 8:52am

    Why on earth have they FORCED skid recovery force on for them all? It just makes driving them far too easy.

    Another stupid decision by PD, why force on something that makes it easier?

    • Aug. 30, 9:23am
      Brad Kinder

      I agree. There shouldn’t be awards when reality is turned off. This includes tire wear and damage too.

    • Aug. 30, 10:46am

      Its for the COD people on gt5 ;) worst thing ever is skid recovery.

    • Aug. 30, 11:54am

      Motion carried, I was expecting something tougher for the prize money on offer lol

    • Aug. 30, 3:50pm

      IT WON’T LET ME POWERSLIDE RIGHT! Great, now I have even more of a tank to drive!

    • Aug. 30, 10:00pm

      Deffinently bro. There are enough arcade racing games out there for those people to choose from, but there is only one sim-racer on PS3. So why cadder to those guys, that have enough of their arcade racers to not look at the sim, when you have a large audience that have no other sim racer to go to. It is a joke.

    • Aug. 31, 9:46am

      IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Aug. 30, 8:52am
    Brad Kinder

    This patch is stupid. Even the most obvious things like cashing out your b-spec drivers still don’t work right.

    • Aug. 30, 10:39am

      LOL what? cashing in your bspec guys “don’t work right”??. sorry mate, haven’t had any problems myself or anyone else i know for that matter.

    • Aug. 30, 2:58pm
      Brad Kinder

      Sure, you can still collect the money, but the screen still doesn’t update correctly right after you cash out multiple drivers.

  60. Aug. 30, 7:23am

    Out of all the tracks why Suzuka!? Its the only one that doesn’t work on my disc, I really wanted the gear too, arrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!

    • Aug. 30, 10:42am

      doesn’t work on your disk??? that just makes no sense dude. elaborate and someone may solve your problem

    • Aug. 30, 11:46am

      It doesn’t load, I’m guessing the disc is scratched

    • Aug. 30, 12:16pm

      What I did when my cars stopped working was deleting all the games information (not the saves. The actual game stuff) this means you will spend a while reinstalling stuff but it fixed all of my problems :)

    • Aug. 31, 1:07am

      yeah it happened the same to me in Forza 3, some circuits didnt load because my disc was scratched. So it makes sense.

  61. Aug. 30, 6:50am

    One thing after another with PD! Now I can’t adjust my LSD in FF cars, great.

    • Aug. 30, 10:41am

      Well, don’t combine drugs and driving.

    • Aug. 30, 3:49pm

      /\ Full of Win

  62. Aug. 30, 5:51am

    All the cars in the online dealership are really old. But they are really cheap. I already have 3 Formula Gran Turismo.

  63. Aug. 30, 5:30am

    Why did I get a million odd credits for NASCAR seasonal when it says the prize is only 375k credits?? It’s pickled my wotsit

    • Aug. 30, 5:43am

      It’s all the prize money and experience combined. Think of it as those old seasonals where you could get a million credits once.

  64. Aug. 30, 5:11am

    Already, Turn 10 are promising DLC EVERY MONTH !!!!!

    • Aug. 30, 5:22am

      It’s easy to offer DLC every month when you simply keep things that are ready out of the initial release.

      Besides, updates and tweaks for free > selling you additional crap.

    • Aug. 30, 6:18am

      But have you seen how crappy the graphics is in F4! There is a reason almost all their PR stuff is about the showroom function and not how driving looks.

    • Aug. 30, 10:40am

      About the graphics: Well, they are running on an old console, so I’m also a bit sceptic about all the new marvelous graphics. Just like in GT5 all of the hundreds and thousands of polygons won’t actually be used during races. Fact is that in GT5 premiums, all polygons are only used in photomode. In races the models are simplified. Just compare a photo of a car in race and the same car in photomode. It will be just the same with Forza4.

    • Aug. 30, 3:48pm

      Forza’s driving is comparable to that of NFS. All driving aids off and you can basically brake from 200mph to 60mph 10 meters before you hit a turn. And for some reason you get drifting points while doing a grip session.

    • Aug. 30, 8:22pm

      I read Turn 10 are promising to rape you everymonth for stuff the already completed before the release of the game, or didn’t try hard to complete since they knew they could rape you for it

    • Aug. 31, 9:45am

      oh hell yea newbielives. hell to the yea.

  65. Aug. 30, 4:15am

    Just found out when you start a drift race, you’re staggered about the track.

    • Aug. 31, 9:44am

      The word is SCATTERED. Good information though.

  66. Aug. 30, 4:03am

    I think they patched the permanent borrow glitch, anyone tried?

  67. Aug. 30, 3:35am

    Anyone else notice every car in the OCD is japanese? Not a complaint really. Just more proof how japanese heavy the car selection is :P

    • Aug. 30, 10:36am

      Well, the game is made in Japan.

    • Aug. 30, 12:59pm

      … but sold worldwide.

    • Aug. 30, 3:45pm

      I think we should sell Japan a racing game with 1000+ cars and 70 versions of the Dodge Charger; including General Lee version (imagine the horn) and a Midnight Purple edition.

    • Aug. 31, 9:43am

      FlareKR that’s great thinking. You should do it. Imagine how quickly it can be donE!!RERIONWRT(YOURETARD

  68. Aug. 30, 3:27am

    Half-price cars! Yay!

  69. Aug. 30, 3:22am

    Am I the only that things the whole suits and helmets thing is rather silly?

    I can sort of accept car paint and even horns as rewards, but the whole dress up thing seems to me it would be more suited in a game featuring Barbie.

    • Aug. 30, 3:22am

      Arrgh I need and edit function so I can fix spelling and overall bad English. Sorry

    • Aug. 30, 3:32am

      The only thing I use them for is with the kart racing online, other than that it not really a big deal with me either.

    • Aug. 30, 8:51am

      I agree with BlindZenDriver. I have no interest in what the driver is wearing. Can’t even see him. I have been swapping all my suits & helmets for paints with anybody willing. PSN: Darktom1 if you want some.

    • Aug. 30, 10:49am

      so, when you get new content, you hate it and don’t want it, when you don’t get new content, the world’s going to end and PD is at fault?? poor PD, they just can’t win with some people can they? GT5 is great, the new out-fits are great and the games going to keep getting better. hopefully by then, the noobs (and you know who you are) are all off playing cod and their little arcade games where you don’t have to break for corners or learn a track or tune a car…etc.

    • Aug. 30, 1:56pm

      Well said Daics69

    • Aug. 30, 2:11pm


      Hey do not put me a box with any haters!

      I like GT5 a lot and I think it’s great that we are getting new challenges but surely it must be okay to wonder about some of the decisions made by PD.

      For instance I’d prefer PD to do more car stuff rather than spend resources on helmets and driving suits. Obviously you’re more into playing dress up than racing :-)

    • Aug. 30, 5:50pm

      Yeah, I dig what you say. I said it once and I’m saying again: all this suit and helmet crap is a great feature for a Barbie game. Gimme new tracks, new challenges. I want drive simulator, not a “What not to wear” simulator!!!

    • Aug. 30, 8:32pm

      I won the first two tracks and the first one awarded me with a classic muscle car ticket, the second track awarded me with a modern muscle car ticket. Maybe I have to win all the tracks to get the whole costume. Not bad considering I still get free cars when winning each track.

    • Aug. 31, 3:04am


      Easy Tiger!

      Where did all that come from? I simply stated that I have no interest in the drivers clothing, and that I try to swap them for stuff I do want.

      I haven’t hated any new content and neither have I thought the world would end when there is no new content – that would be silly! I haven’t blamed PD – I haven’t even mentioned them.

      GT5 IS great, I play it every day, I agree with you in that I think it will keep getting better. I’m just not interested in suits or helmets.

      P.S. You brAKE for a corner, and you could brEAK your car if you don’t. Do you see the difference?

      Enjoy yourself!


  70. Aug. 30, 3:20am

    Framerate is still all over the place…so disappointing.

    • Aug. 30, 12:13pm

      No problems here.

    • Aug. 31, 9:41am

      Correct. No problems here.

    • Aug. 31, 12:12pm

      I am not even gonna argue this point. if you don’t see framerate drops/tearibg (more sensitive on cockpit view) on citys tracks, then good for you…but don’t try to prove me wrong…I provided many times FR analysis proving that GT5 FR is a total mess… and not only under the rain with 15 opponents on screen… almost all the time on certain tracks.

  71. Aug. 30, 3:13am


    • Aug. 30, 11:49am

      I thought the exact same when I saw the list of events, too actully have 2 licensed NASCAR tracks and not use them seemed abit odd

    • Aug. 30, 8:34pm

      Already been done elsewhere in A-Spec.

  72. Aug. 30, 2:59am
    Patience Is Key

    hmmm cant have more then 20,000,000 credits i find that absurd, but to get back on topic, suzuuki circuit is boring and doing 7 laps is even more boring

    • Aug. 30, 3:06am

      That statement REALLY contradicts with your name…

    • Aug. 30, 4:57am

      Why? the most expensive cars are 20,000,000 cr. once you have bought one, you can start saving again :)
      It was the same in GT5 prologue.

    • Aug. 30, 10:51am

      suzuka is one of the greatest tracks in the world and i wish the challenge was 200 laps, with no aids. sarcasm on the the 200 laps, wouldn’ve been happy with 20

    • Aug. 30, 3:42pm

      I would be even happier with 2, along with the same amount of prize money.

    • Aug. 30, 3:49pm

      I am using my bobs as a bank. I have 25 million waiting to transfer over into my main account when I need it.

      I have been running into a problem lately of winning too much cash and having the excess truncated off. I have to remember what race I’m entering into and what the winnings are to be sure I’ve spent down to that amount. Not a problem that can’t be dealt with.


    • Aug. 30, 3:53pm

      Hey Patience, GT5 might not be for you with a comment like that?

    • Aug. 31, 9:40am

      ghskilla lol I wouldn’t have had a laugh if you didn’t mention that.

  73. Aug. 30, 2:53am

    Worst OCD EVER

    • Aug. 30, 6:33am

      Best OCD EVER!

    • Aug. 30, 8:52am
      scotty p

      agree. horrible

    • Aug. 30, 11:57am

      Yea it sucks, where are all the 28753627HP cars so i can max tune them and put horrible paints on them? damn you PD!

    • Aug. 31, 9:40am

      Great OCD everz.

      Love the oldies.

  74. Aug. 30, 2:39am

    Anyone complaining about the OCD then?

    I think it’s an alright one. Lucky I already got a 0/0 Bluebird and Lancer Rally Car though. But now I can get more classic Japanese men :D

    • Aug. 30, 4:21am

      I´m pretty disappointed about the OCD this time. Those cars aren´t appealing to me at all.

    • Aug. 30, 3:41pm

      I want mah Veyronz back!

  75. Aug. 30, 2:17am

    Just downloaded and installed. Check the special events prize window and its not showing a racing suit in the NASCAR challenge. Instead its showing me a “Gift Car Coupon Modern Muscle Car”. Anyone else see this?

    • Aug. 30, 2:18am

      Nevermind. Its been while since I last GT5ed. Forgot to check the other events. 3 car tickets and a racing suit? Sweet!

  76. Aug. 30, 2:15am

    damn mini update :/ we wait on September again update and DLC right?

  77. Aug. 30, 2:08am

    Just beat the NASCAR seasonal, then got gold on the rally trial in a ’03 Pajero Raid Car (that was tough with that vehicle).

  78. Aug. 30, 2:02am

    Any words on the fixes? Reports say it’s easier to push other cars, drafting is very realistic now (no drafting from 100yards away) and damage affects the handling even more. Can anyone confirm this?

    • Aug. 30, 2:54am

      Pretty sure I crashed into the railing very hard and I still managed to win the race.. in reality, the race would have been over. I did not notice any handling problems at all..

    • Aug. 30, 12:11pm

      Seeing as this was for “bug fixes only” I doubt any of that is correct.

    • Aug. 31, 9:39am

      Untrue. There have been so many unlisted fixes in some updates. There are a lot of people who are reporting the same things. Damage effects I’m not so sure of.

  79. Aug. 30, 2:02am

    Finally a GTR 2000!

  80. Aug. 30, 1:22am

    Really good

  81. Aug. 30, 1:20am

    There sure is a lot of 60’s era vehicles in the OCD. I wonder if there will be a seasonal coming up related to that…

  82. Aug. 30, 1:07am

    btw i think this is the first time without a Bugatti in the hot car dealership

    • Aug. 30, 1:27am

      wow i didn’t notice it was right above mine lol

  83. Aug. 30, 1:05am

    This was a cakewalk, took first place in each with only TCS and ABS both at 1, tightest race was at Rome reverse everything else is a walk in the park. Nice chunk of change and xp though, like this, wish there were more that randomized the courses you drove one each time you entered.

  84. Aug. 30, 1:01am

    nice can’t wait for new drift nascar thing is a bonus

    • Aug. 31, 2:30pm
      Dj smurph

      More of the same for future seasonals just a tad harder would be nice to go full out and overtake the leader on the last lap rather than 2nd or 3rd.

  85. Aug. 30, 12:26am

    Good news! The veyron isnt here anymore!

    • Aug. 30, 12:57am

      Still don’t have a Veyron?

    • Aug. 30, 12:58am

      Sorry, I just read “The Veyron isnt here anymore” LOL

      I can’t stand Veyron Posts.. but i now know you were applauding the fact that it’s gone hehe.

      Cheers man.

    • Aug. 30, 3:39pm

      But why? I needed 3 more to add to my Maziora color collection. What am I going to do with just 4 Veyrons?

  86. Aug. 29, 11:54pm

    I know right road courses suck

  87. Aug. 29, 11:38pm

    I’m getting car tickets for coming in 1st. Guess I’ll get the helment and suit at the end.

    • Aug. 29, 11:44pm

      You get the helmet and suit at Suzuka.

    • Aug. 30, 3:38pm

      /\ Lol, NASCAR + Suzuka = Right?

    • Aug. 30, 8:07pm

      Whats funny about NASCAR at Suzuka? Look it up on the internet; they’ve been there

    • Aug. 31, 6:52am

      The right-hand turns could be deadly for the drivers…

  88. Aug. 29, 11:34pm

    incoming X1 seasonal event for or top gear test track event for vettel and stig’s suit (cross fingers) ><

  89. Aug. 29, 11:27pm

    dude, the prizes for this seasonal are RAD

    • Aug. 29, 11:31pm

      But we can receive these prizes only one time?

  90. Aug. 29, 11:24pm

    Y r the online cars so expensive??

    • Aug. 29, 11:50pm
      King Something

      My guess: It’s because the players can afford them.

      Even though the prizes for the NASCAR events are one-time-only, they are worth over a million credits apiece – and there are other events with payouts that are comedy-relief big, especially the Ferrari event (one lap on Sarthe, 3:30 of driving for 504,000CR) and Real Circuits (one lap on Nuerburgring 24H, 7:30 in the Formula GT for 678,900CR)

      The E in “Nuerburgring” is not a typo on my part – I don’t know off-hand how to type a U with umlaut – and neither is the fact that I mentioned it twice.

    • Aug. 30, 5:41am

      After installing the update, a few of the cars at the bottom of the OCD (definitely the Nissan Skyline) were CR 2,000,000.

      Perhaps PD changed it. After winning all the races in the NASCAR event I checked the OCD again and the prices were much lower. Glad I didn’t buy anything until later!

    • Aug. 30, 3:37pm

      And not one of the cars in the Online Dealership is outside of Japan. C’mon PD, I like JDM too but seriously, how would you like it if I sold Japan a game filled with General Lees and about 70 versions of the Camaro? – Oh and one Skyline.

  91. Aug. 29, 11:18pm

    I hope they make events in the future for Vettel, Loeb, and Stig suits. Driving an F1 car with an open faced rally helmet would be kind of funny though.

    • Aug. 30, 12:43am

      lol it would “Was that a fly or a brick?!?!” lol

    • Aug. 30, 9:50pm

      I am 90% sure you can already get a stig suit online, I know you can get the helmet.

  92. Aug. 29, 11:18pm

    Is there a list of the bug fixes?

    • Aug. 29, 11:19pm

      +1 to that. What are the bugs that have been fixed?

    • Aug. 29, 11:23pm

      It just says “Fixes for some minor issues”

    • Aug. 29, 11:23pm

      As of right now, the complete list of changes has not been released by Polyphony Digital. The blog post at the top of this page will be updated if/when that information becomes available.

    • Aug. 29, 11:36pm

      Ah right, thanks for the heads up! :)

    • Aug. 30, 1:30am

      one bug i notice that’s been fixed is that when u go to the quick setup on the race menu and press O u go all the way down to the bottom, but before if u press right it would send u back up to the pad sensitivity bar or one above it i think. Now it just goes to the button on the right

    • Aug. 30, 4:59am

      I swear the load times are faster between menus. And loading cars on the OCD seemed faster too

  93. Aug. 29, 11:17pm

    I like that we’re not able to adjust our setup in the NASCAR Events.

    • Aug. 30, 1:47am
      Killer Tiller

      Don’t need too, it’s easy enough as it is.

    • Aug. 31, 6:51am

      LOL +1 Killer Tiller

  94. Aug. 29, 11:16pm

    Yea you guys are fast..gotta love it. Let’s Drift. Join L¡ve2dr¡ft room

  95. Aug. 29, 11:15pm

    Fun event, you get the suit for the Suzuka Event. I was surprised they included Trial Mountain in a NASCAR event but it was great nonetheless.

    • Aug. 31, 2:26pm
      Dj smurph

      But seemed a brilliant track to drive a bit like Sonoma or Watkins Glen IRL.

  96. Aug. 29, 11:13pm

    i hope this DID fix the bugs incorperated with Gran Turismo 5… it was driving me away from even playing it.

  97. Aug. 29, 11:03pm

    I’ve downloaded and installed the update, but the network was down so no Special Event.

  98. Aug. 29, 11:01pm

    Downloading !

  99. Aug. 29, 10:50pm

    Wow, I was playing the game 4 hours ago and no update and I check the site and it’s there. Impressive reaction time boys!

    • Aug. 31, 5:55am

      I agree more tech in races after all it’s a simulator !! I would love to see more ovals in in the on line races and cautions (auto). I joined a room recently and some guy was calling cautions on his Mic and had a Pace car, everyone behaved and it was some of the best on line racing I’ve played . Caution was called on lap 28 Pace car came out and everyone hit the pit lane 15 cars all in it was superb and great fun !!

  100. Aug. 29, 10:49pm

    Very nice photomode image.

    I do love the Nascar events, and I do not like Nascar much. GT5 has just enough of it to scratch the itch without getting too invested. Though I wouldn’t mind a little more of the silly rules Nascar has. It’s just part of that motorsport. The full course caution for a little piece of rubber, at the end of 99% of events. Tire failures. Tire pressure adjustments during pit stops. That kind of stuff would make it a little more fun, IMO.

    • Sep. 1, 1:21am
      SKOT Free

      Man you brought back memories of when GT5 first came out and NASCAR rooms were a dime a dozen. I had this fifty lapper that featured multiple pits, Crashes,Lead changes and a helluva Dramatic finish. In fact the race started with everyone spinning out and crashing turn 1! Lol….Does that glitch still happen?

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