Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.02: Many Changes, Available Now

In a substantial update, Polyphony Digital has brought a wide range of tweaks, changes, and new features to GT5 with update v2.02. It’s available as a free download for all versions of the game, weighing in at 246MB.

Here’s a complete list of all the new changes, as released by Polyphony Digital:

Major Changes and New Features

  • Wheels can now be changed on Standard cars.
  • Downloadable contents can now be shared by multiple users with the Family Upgrade.
    (See Polyphony’s complete FAQ for more details.)
  • Cars purchased through DLC will now appear in the Car Dealerships. You can purchase additional versions of the same vehicles within the game using earned race credits.
  • A copy button has been added to the lower left of the settings screen. A settings sheet saved in either A/B/C can now be copied to A, B or C.


  • Toyota 86 GT ’12 will be available to all players who install the 2.02 update.
  • Free coupons have been added that allow you to wash cars, change oil, overhaul your engine, or restore chassis rigidity in GT Auto. 10 coupons will be distributed for free to each of those who have downloaded the 2.02 update.
  • The Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125 SPL. and five New Car Refresh cards will be provided to customers purchasing any DLC packs released in October 2011. The New Car Refresh can be used from the Special Coupons option in the items list, and will return your car to its brand new condition (before breaking-in the car’s engine). Equipped parts and current paint on the car will not be affected by this card.

Other Improvements

  • Pressing the □ button in the car coupon selection screen of the Car Delivery, will now allow you to exchange all car coupons at once (maximum number of coupons you can receive at once is 100).
  • Tire-wear speed adjustment
  • In GT Auto you can now see how the oil changes, aerodynamic parts, engine overhauls, and racing modifications will affect performance points and engine power, before and after their application.
  • In screens where the [Garage] and [Driver List] buttons are displayed in the A/B Spec events, Special Events, and Seasonal Events, pressing the □ button will now show the [Garage], and pressing the △ button will show the drivers list.
  • An option has now been added for ‘Max. number of participants – this is featured in the room settings of My Lounge.
  • Added ☆ marks which show the number of Gold Trophies attained in each event, in the event selection screen of seasonal events.
  • Racing sound effect adjustment
  • Steering assist controls (used when using certain controllers on Racing Karts) have been adjusted. This applies to steering wheels with a 200 degree turning radius. The [Steering Type] (Amateur/Professional) settings in the Game Options will be ignored, and the controller’s steering angle will now directly affect the tire turning angle of the car.

Correction of Known Issues

  • Fixed issue where you would overrun without resetting, when entering pit lane at low speed on some tracks.
  • Fixed issue with Performance Points calculations for the Red Bull X2010 and the X2011.
  • Fixed issue where the rear wing/aerodynamic settings were reset when switching between setting sheets.
  • An issue was corrected where the car would become stuck in autopilot from the pit lane if a certain condition is met in an endurance race on the Tsukuba Circuit. Also revised the entry route during pit stops and speed judgement.
  • Improved multi-monitor stability

Where is the new DLC?

New downloadable content – in the form of 5 new cars – is also about to be released, though it is not yet available. According a tweet by Kazunori Yamauchi (and interpreted by our own Shirakawa Akira), it should be released on or before December 21.

As always, stay tuned to GTPlanet for more information on the DLC’s availability.

GT5 Photomode images by AKps3.

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Comments (389)

  1. starbutt033

    If you crash a competitor, you must give back the position or pit for tires only with-in 2 laps, THE RACE WILL BE REVIEWED AFTER BEFORE PRIZES ARE GIVEN OR PLACES ARE ANNOUNCED IF YOU DO NOT PIT.. 25 SEC. EACH WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR FINAL LAP
    GTPLANET inbox starbutt033
    or fotwglass@

  2. hickey

    Have upgraded to 2.02 yesterday after about 9 months not playing the game. It’s amazing how the game has improved since then. I cannot understand if people still are complaining. Especially about more ore less useless things such as rims (in my opion).

    Keep gaming guys and enjoy the game!

  3. Gran Turis

    I have installed this latest update but i don’t see how the oil changes neither the engine overall etc !!!!!

  4. SEIDO463

    Merry X’mas to all.

    Love this latest update. I got more excited than I thought about being able to add new wheels to the standard cars. I’ve put some on most of my Japanese classics and they set the cars off. Thanks PD for that, I hope you can add more rims to the selection for Standard cars.
    The updated chase cam is great too! and the adjusted in-game sound effects are tops.
    Also love the copy feature for the setting sheets! is it possible PD, that you can add more setting sheets per car AND be able to copy set ups from one car to another?

    There’s something I would love to see changed in GT Auto. After a wing/ body kit part or rims has been installed, if we want to remove it we have to pay a small price which is fine but the purchased part just vanishes into thin air!
    It should return to our garage and be reusable on any car instead of having to pay the full price again.
    This could merge with the setting sheets too. Say on one sheet the wing/rims could be installed but on another sheet(same car) the rims could be stock or another set of rims and the wing could be removed.

    I would be grateful for something like this. Please keep up the hard work PD!

    Happy New Year….year of the dragon!

  5. ut2johnston

    I would really like it if they would change the tire situation back to what it was before the update i mean really GT5 Sport tires lasting longer than Racing tires i thought this was supposed to be a simulater not just another game id rather play need 4 speed or something. Ive been playing this game almost everyday in between my deployments and you idiots took the realism out of it not to mention made it into a joke thanks….

  6. starbutt033

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, KAZ & GT5 FAMILY…KAZ THANKS FOR THE CONTINUAL 2-month DLC COMMITMENT, THAT KEEPS US EXCITED & GUESSING LIKE A KID ON CHRISTMAS EVE.. can’t wait to see what the new year of GT5 will bring… thanks again for all you do!!!! that also goes for all you GTPLANET ADMINISTRATORS that keep us all informed with accurate news & information; not to mention the organized & sponsored events and championships you organize & excecute with finess and class.. well done & appreciated… there is no comparison to GTPLANET CONTENT

  7. Flagmo-T

    Ohhh Man – even though i’m very glad to get a nice greeting Card from Kaz, I don’t need it everytime I Start GT5 –

    But He he Ho Ho Hooooo <:0) Happy Merry X-mas PD / Kaz / GTP / World

  8. iridegravity

    Display options and ability to remove the gear and braking indicator. Two thumbs way up. No more driver list in the rear view when using cockpit. Sweet.
    Can we please have a one stop shop for all your tuning needs instead of having to hit either the GT auto or the tune shop? Can we please have it at the track. Not sure why a team with a pit crew and and a 20,000,000 budget have to leave track day’s to do weight reduction’s, fit aero and engine work. Even if it does make sense. It is still annoying.

  9. armydude

    for the next update, they should add more selection of rims for all cars, more aero parts and retouch of the standard cars, as well as keep working on the standard cars to make them premium. yeah more cars are cool, but PD can focus more on the stuff thats on the game already….

  10. LeeMoldon


    my lotus esprit and RUF has some shiney rims that fill the arches……and look wicked! better than nothing i suppose :-)

    looking forward to the Gt/ LMP 2011 pack + 100 race modifications coming xmas day! hee hee

  11. Yass

    Confiscated almost all of the Seasonal Events and still saying Merry Christmas to us? What a joke!

    It’s all those Seasonal Events that kept me log-in almost everyday for the past one year! Now I have no reason to log-in anymore!

    Polyphony Digital really gives TROUBLE even though we support them!

    Just like the first DLC which purposely lock-up to single account and force everyone within a family to buy a copy of DLC!

    PD will improve only after customers screaming!!!


    1. Austin864

      Well you know you just, play online. You know, that thing with other people… that’s challenging and fun and…

      Nevermind, you don’t care.

  12. Bom15

    Anyone mentioned that if u bought multiple DLC’s like extra paints you get the Toyota FT-86 Concept II? Well.. u do. Unfortunately it has no interior view but idk wether the real car was a clay model or not like the Tokyo concept Nissan GTR. I’m impressed the way PD Have updated GT5 proving that PD is still one of the best if not the best Driving sims available. Thanx PD. Nxt update could u maybe add some Torq thrusts to standard rims? I’d love to have some on my Cuda’s, chevelles etc.

  13. We Are Alfisti

    What a great update, my standard cars now look awesome :) and the greetings card was a very nice touch, it’s good to know that Kaz and PD cares about us. So far I never saw something like this in another game. Really pleased with the update, thanks Kaz.

  14. romandesimone

    Awesome update, thanks PD !
    Plays almost like a new game for me, I love the new sounds and realistic camera work.
    Graphics seem better , though it must be my imagination.
    Standard cars seem clearer, must be just my state of excitement.
    Now all I need is to be able to colour the wings… ;-)
    Even though I’m not interested in the new DL cars, I will still buy them to support PD !!

  15. darkpigraph

    Absolutely loving this update, the wind noise is something i’ve been wishing for, changing rims on my favourite standards is a new lease of life, the chase cam is amazing now, dropping back into the seasonals menu after a race is long overdue, just generally very pleased with this.

    I’m a bit sad panda about the seasonals being gone (really going to miss supercar nostalgia and british lightweights) but mark my words, i’m thinking this has something to do with new events being on the way in a future update, maybe like a new career or some other quite fundamental changein how events are implemented.

  16. montecarlo87

    I hear tires rolling on pavement! Even rolling across the rumble strips has changed and improved. And of course that new chase camera lol! I almost got dizzy doing the first race with it.

  17. sporkafife

    I can’t download the update at the moment because I’m away from home. But can I just ask if anyone knows what the “improved racing sounds” are just yet?

    1. Ben Rogue

      There are improved engine sounds when racing and in replays, you can hear wind noise when in certain camera views and hear drafting, tire sounds are my dynamic, rain sounds and wet road surface sounds have been updated. I’m pretty sure there are more but I can’t find what else has improved.

  18. motzkopf

    Just drove the Toyota 86 GT ’12 stock, at the Nurburgring GP track, and all I have to say is WOW! That car drives like a go-kart, virtually no understeer at all. Turn-in if phenomenal! Now I really want an 86 for my next car.

  19. teooo13

    have anyone noticed anything about the racing sound effect adjustment???? please tell me what it is because i cant hear any difference :)

    1. NJ72

      the following is now present:

      – wind when travelling at speed (quietens when in a slipstream, like in GT4)

      – Other cars on the track are slightly louder and have better tracking when overtaking or being overtaken (most notably when using a surround sound system and sound settings set to small or large theatre in options)

      -not much else from what i can tell. the engine noise from inside the car seems to be a little higher and closer to what one would expect from driving a car in the high rev range…

  20. R34EVO9

    Man i havent been up here in a whille but i finally bought a copy of gt5 today (after quitting cause i was so pissed at what we got before) and my god its a really good game now LOL… Im happy with it for not playing it all year to start now… =)

  21. dirtbiker535

    THis is crazy awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Rynogtr23

    I guess some of you don’t know the difference between improved racing sound effects & improved engine/muffler sound effects. No where did i read anything about improved engine/muffler sound effects and yes there was an improvement in the racing sound effects.Why is the english language so difficult to understand?

    1. NJ72

      read the comment above you sir. this will answer your question RE the english language… Cavemen to the rescue! lol

    1. dmz_bean

      Its a lot different… Moves around way to much. Nearly gave me motion sickness hahahaha.

      It was certainly a good idea to give the chase cam some fluidity, but I think they over did it a bit. What they should have done was add some cushioning to the cockpit cam so everything doesn’t look like it’s just vibrating at a high frequency!

    2. dmz_bean

      and as far as I can see there is no way to turn of the movements of the chase cam in any of the options.

      The rest of the update is really awesome though. Really digging the SFX improvements!

    3. Ben Rogue

      @dmz_bean Yeah, the chase camera is a bit funny, it could be toned down just a little, or at least have some settings like most other games.

      I reckon the cockpit camera is terrible, in some factory standard cars its fine but at high speed its waay to rough. The view pivots at the head and stays level with the car so everything shakes violently, it should focus on the horizon more and move more like the chase camera, somewhat independently of the car as if it were mounted on a persons head, rag doll like. Some cameras in game have the worst possible placement, the Jag XKR cockpit view shows over half the screen covered by steering whee, some cars have hood cams while others are mounted in the middle of the roof.

      Its quite annoying to have a beautifully balanced car but not being able to enjoy it because you cant find a good view to drive in.

    4. Austin864

      Yeah, I don’t like it either, after racing Daytona in a vette for a couple laps I had to switch to cockpit mode cause I couldn’t deal with it. Guess that’s PDs way of getting people out of the vastly superior 3rd person view for a change.

  23. HKSBro92

    Wow this is a pretty good update. I love the new chase camera.The wind sounds are cool and I can finally put some new shoes on all of my RUFs. This is a very nice christmas present PD. My favorite part of the update is the Christmas card. Kaz is the 1st person to give me a xmas card this year lol. Keep making those updates!

  24. ProfoundName

    are you retarded? speed 12 and veyron are real cars. rims matter cuz the stock ones look like crap. they said change rime on standard cars. last time i checked all the cars i listed are standard. fool

  25. ProfoundName

    also lemans quattro and gtr tokyo motor show concept. sure there are more. LOL! these arent racecars. why the hell cant we change the wheels?!?!?!?

    1. young car joc

      those are concepts…in real life or in most games the concepts dont even have morrors on the side or aerodynamic bodykits so what does a rim set matter.

  26. scorpionmk01

    This update has made this game to be almost completely negative comments were made by fans of NSF, this game has to do in this league,nfs is for kindergarden :))

    1. NJ72

      I DID NOT KNOW THIS! THIS HAS MADE MY DAY! (and it’s only 12:50am here lol)

      I was really upset when i drove it and they didnt flash… that was awesome in GT4. HAPPY DAYS

  27. GRAFX21


  28. wardialer

    complaint time!
    some of these cars really don’t need front license plates. so much emphasis is put on aerodynamics to reduce drag and they force ugly perpendicular rectangles on you. the cars look like jail birds holding up their prisoner number for crimes they have yet to commit. seriously… i don’t think ANYONE likes them ’cause they add zero aesthetic value or enhance the cars performance in a ‘real driving simulator’.

    more complaints!!
    i need more GT-006 Japanese Blue… this colour is badass and i want it on ALL my vehicles..

    can’t wait for the update though! keep up the incredible work kaz and PD.

    P.S. quick complaint… can someone PUH-Lease fix the british and japanese flag on the lower side of the red NSX LM?

  29. efhonda91

    god i hate u superfanboys u bunch of asskissers u know this game isnt the beast of a game it was hyped up to be but yet u still continue to praise like its the best game out there which im not sorry to tell you its really not, what is so awesome about a game that has more skylines thany any other racing game and doesnt have the most current features that other racing games that are similar to gt whether u can except it or not or the truth is too much for you to handle game that this game is not as current as the other games that are out now. where is the supposed audio improvement kaz and polyphony audio improvement my ass, the cars in this game still sound dull,boring,flat and unrealistic after the update, come out with a real update and fix this to make the game seem more alive.

    1. NA

      Lol efhonda91, breath man, breath….turn off your computer, grab your favorite beverage, take up meditation, anything other than reading this site for a few hours. Not worth the ulcer. ;)

    2. Samzilla47

      Which games are you talking about by the way? Is there any racing games out there which can call themselves simulations? Please don’t pollute this website anymore and keep playing MW online like all the kiddies of your age…

    3. NJ72

      Just for reference, you say that it’s not better than ‘current games’ this game is over a year old. I think it’s very current considering that fact. Look at the releases from EA and codemasters? after about 3 months they’re obsolete. I’d like to see another racing game (Excluding previous GT games and Forza) that are still deemed to be ‘current’ over a year after release

  30. Rynogtr23

    wow tika, not even a woman on her period complains as much as u just did right there. Take my advice people, it doesn’t make sense to complain about something that u dont have the intellectual capacity to fix on your own, even if u did 10 years of gaming & graphical design i am certain that none of you here would come remotely close to manufacturing something close enough to GT5. Just let things run its natural course,pretty soon we will all have a game that won’t warrant any complaining. So in the mean time lets be patient, thankful and STFU already with all this petty, childish nonsense. NONE of you can do any better!!jeez

    1. TokoTurismo

      I agree man, seriously. For dam sake Kaz and PD even want and gave a “Greeting card”, and YET still the complainers complain. Sure it’s your own opinion but geez SHUT UP! Cut them some slack they made this update for you and everyone else. And about the DLC, SHUT UP about that too. We know you don’t like it and are not buying it, okay so LET IT GOOO. All this nonsense about PD did this, and PD did that is really starting to make me feel SICK of hearing you guys compline about. It’s so “OUTDATED!”

    2. tika

      Well hell and dam that’s it I am in my period and just at the right time to.
      But I don’t care what somebody else thinks of my opinion its nothing more than A opinion.
      I just said what I thought of this latest update. and I say the sound still sucks

    3. NA

      “Take my advice people, it doesn’t make sense to complain about something that u dont have the intellectual capacity to fix on your own”

      Lol, while I get the main point, that made me think of all the things I don’t have “the intellectual capacity to fix on my own”, that may very well kill me someday if I noticed they were broken, but kept my mouth shut. Things like large jet airplanes, nuclear power plants, high speed trains, cruise ships…..No offense, but I think i’ll stick to selectively complaining about things that really matter, while just grumbling under my breath about the things that don’t. :P :D

  31. granddriver

    The update was awesome. Thanks PD for a great update! Turning ABS off for the room is nice. I love the HUD options too.

    One suggestion that I would love to see an option to turn the HUD off for every one in the room. I’m not sure (haven’t tested since update) but i don’t think the standard cars would have a speedometer and tachometer in interior view. There would need to be an adjustment to keep a speedometer and tachometer on in interior view only with HUD off.

    “Simulator settings only, that’s full damage with aids off. Tire wear on, slipstream WEAK with REAL grip! It’s a sim not a game!! Race Craft, LEARN IT!!”

  32. Projectoutlaw

    I love the new Toyota 86 and all the great new improvements. The rear cam is much less fixed on the car and has a little more flow but i noticed with the Toyota 86 that the cam is very close to the car. You cant even see the bottom of the rear bumper. Anyone else notice this?

  33. Tarekio

    Hello every one
    Any body notice that we have the dlc cars in our several users but still cannot get the course dlc like spa and the kart track why?
    I buy the dlc from Europe store since my game is pal
    And now when I switch to my American user I can’t find the spa track and no karting track.
    All what I found in this user the new Toyota and the old dlci bought in the dealer ship
    No new karting track no karting gift car for the new update and no spaaaaaaaa frachochamp.whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  34. efhonda91

    in reply to GTP_remo and Erik1127 i bet both of u would give kaz a bj without thinking twice about it, its cause of people like you that most developer half ass alot of there games and cause of people like you they keep making games that are broken or not finished like gt this game is missing things that should already be in it like much more realistic car audio and crash audio and better car customization and why is it that gt doesnt have that camera option where you are sitting in the car and able to move the camera around to take a better look at the interiors and notice all the detail they put in the game and also where u can look around the car with camera and notice all the car and track details betterim mean damn nfs shift 2 and forza has those features why not gt? im saying that kaz and polyphony are stuck in the past, they need to be more current with games like gt so they better compete with games like forza.

  35. Slagithor

    Ok does anyone know wtf the “improved racing sounds” entails? Because so far every car I’ve driven sounds exactly the same and beyond that I really dont hear these “improved sounds”…..

    1. Themiboi

      Improved racing sounds arnt the same as improved engine sounds, so read the description of the update again and figure out what the difference is

    2. dragonitti

      I can definitely hear the difference in tire sound on the road. And that was only from a brief moment of playing this morning before having to take off to work.

  36. tika

    Dam I don’t like the new sound at al, there is to much wind noise now in the car its stupid.
    I thought with beter sound the cars will sound more like the real thing but no, that make me sad. And I don’t like it that it is still not possible to delete dlc cars from the garage, I really don’t care for karts and some other free cars that I cant delete. PLEASE DP fix that.
    And the DLC that is coming out tomorrow, I don’t dig that either, only 5 cars and not one I want. dam is it so hard to give us cars that matter. like the new Ferrari FF. the new LAMBO, and where are the Aston Martins. dam PD this DLC is A disappointment. I will not buy it.

    1. NJ72

      Umm… I think the wind effect is actually quite realistic… Have you actually been in a car going about 200 MPH? all you can hear is the damn wind lol

    2. TokoTurismo

      Especially when the windows are down. I can see why the dogs love the air, they have “wind” blowing in their faces when inside the car with the car or van’s windows down so they can feel and hear the wind. Did that help?

  37. Rynogtr23

    Themiboi,I get that the english language isnt the easiest to comprehend even though we speak it. With that said on Inside sim Racing, which is the authority in Sim Racing reviews, comparisons & not to mention sponsored by Iracing, Darren himself said that the most realistic physics you can get in a sim racer today is in Iracing followed extremely close by GT5, he himself said how surprised he was at how pin point accurate GT5 was. PC gaming doesn’t have the clear advantage over consoles it once held in the 80’s or early 90’s as is clear between Iracing & GT5. GT5 graphics are so far ahead, it makes PC graphics look like a gameboy. couple in the physics, track detail, car detail,(the engine noise in some ,not all cars can be a bit better i admit) and it is pretty fair to say that,YES out of any sim racer today, whether it be on PC, Xbox, PS3 etc etc etc, GT5 sits in pole position with a comfortable lead and with every tweak & update it is steadily pulling away from everything else on the market.

    1. young car joc

      if u play testdrive or any other car racing game you should know that that is a good deal because on every other racing game …dlc cars are 99cents so 99×4=3.96…..its only 0.03 cents off so stop crying!!!

    2. Serious seb

      …conclusion : we can thank PD to sell the game only 70 dollars !!! what a nice present : more than 90% of reduction , and tracks are gift too … i don’t know why some guys criticize this DLC or the videogame’s price !!! ;-))))

  38. henban

    WARNING! New tire wear speed changes made me lose my endurance race which I had saved and now continued after the update :( I was 3 and a half hours in to Nurburgring 4 Hours race with my Citroen C4 Coupe, did a pit stop every 2nd lap and had a 1 min 40 sec lead. That strategy did not work anymore, on my second lap I noticed the tyre status was really bad – and I had 80% left to go before pit stop… Medium tires wears much quicker now.

  39. Rynogtr23

    First of all i’d like to thank Kaz & PD on the latest update. With every revision GT5 is becoming BY FAR the greatest driving/racing sim of any console or PC.
    I am extremely happy especially since not only did we get the GT86 ’12,we also got the FT86 II ’11 concept.AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. GTP_Versatile

      @Themiboi I’m sure he meant that in his opinion, GT5 is better then all other sims on PC or console. (ex. iRacing and rFactor)

  40. gtpsuper24

    I have a 7.2 surround, SVS subwoofers and Arx speakers and I didn’t noticed anything different. But I only played about 30ish mins, might try some more cars and tracks later today.

    1. kultclassic

      cheers, i heard they added wind noise….but thats not engine sounds lol. get in a ferrari and lemme know if it screams! :)

  41. kultclassic

    can someone comment on the engine sounds please… in cyprus and a week till im back to the uk to try it out…..someone tell me if the engine noise is now at a good enough volume…not intrested in car sounds….just the incar volume. if someone can comment. be v helpfull.

  42. chuchu747

    I was expecting the fix for the Le Mans B-Spec race where in the AI would have SUPER SOFT SPORTS TIRES when loading the saved race :(

  43. Cobra527

    when will they finish the interiors for ALL Standard Cars? Also i want to b to buy all cars… about charging us 10 bucks for 10 million credits??? PLEASE Kaz!!!!

    1. VR6syncro

      10 milion aint mutch, i saved up to 20 milion (witch is the maxx you can have) and spend it all in one day.. In need about 100 milion LOL

      Ps i havent downloaded the update yet… Im waitin till the dlc than im gonna DL both.. But cant wait annymoree

  44. efhonda91

    also this game needs a much bigger rim selection and way more body kit selection for us and jdm cars cause what it has now is just really weak.

  45. efhonda91

    i just got the new update its not bad, but it not that great either i mean come on i thought the audio sound was goin to be updated i was thinking that the cars were goin to sound more authentic like in forza seriuosly take the re amemiya rx-7 the car still sounds like it has the most unrealsitic exhaust sound i ever heard it sounds like a giant fart can goin the down the track, the cars in forza sound way better and the rx-7 sounds sounds true just like the real one, anyway my point is the cars in this game should sound more like the cars in forza aggressive and alive not dull and boring, and also when the cars crash into the walls man they sound way better in forza than in gt where all you hear is a dull thud where is the realism? i shouldnt have to get a surround sound system like “linupix” mentioned in one of the posts i didnt need a surround sound system for forza and that game sounds way better than gt, also cant stand how kaz and polyphony half ass everything why is it you cant change the rims on ALL standard cars i mean come the f*ck on seriously.

  46. Foxiol

    Wow i like this new update the final ‘Seasons Greetings’ message at the end was a very and unique nice touch in a game ever. Tell who other game company says ‘thank you’ for purchase their game and in this case support Gran Turismo series? No one in the market says a little ‘Thank you’ and to me that says a lot about PD and the compromise that they have with us (users and fans of the series).
    I have to test everything now because i got the new Kart 125 SPL and want to see if it is a shifter (i believe not) and the new Toyota 86GT 12′ with the ‘sound fix’ (not a change at all but…).
    Keep it coming PD!!! Thank you very much and Merry Christmas too to you and everyone here on GTPlanet the best site for GT fans in the world!!!

    1. Foxiol

      For those that still not has the update available. The DLC cars are already in the game but the DLC will be available tomorrow and after that we can use those cars but we have it already in the car dealership to see them. I´m going to buy it too. I want everything in this game and i know i am supporting GT series for the future.
      The new Kart 125 SPL is not a shifter but it is cool…is for free so. The Toyota 86GT is a present for everyone and it is also available for 30000 in the car dealership. I am going to use it now just to see it.

    2. Foxiol

      Still seeing some good thing in this update/upgrade for this game. When you made a seasonal event (one race) when you finished it and want to exit that race the game send you to the main menu (frustrating because you wanted to complete the other races in this event without having to exit)…welll now when you click ‘exit’ you go back to the same seasonal!!! and have to select the other race and the car (if needed) and done!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! lol
      I wanted this but this is not in the notes of this update. Now we can finish seasonal races without going back to the main menu!!!!!!!
      The sound fix for races is quite simple…they add the wind sound effect (remember it from GT4?) in the car at high speed and it disappear when you are at the back of other car. I missed that effect because it is quite realistic and now it is back!!!
      (still we need real engine sounds but oh well GT6 maybe?)

  47. Blood*Specter

    Thank you “Santa-Kaz”. I’ve not even downloaded yet. Work keeps cutting into my day. But you and PD have made plenty happy over the years. I cant think of a single game that I have loved from the first release, to the current release.

    Hopefully we will all remember that you respond to “constructive” request for change and not “NASTYGRAMS”.

    We really sometimes forget how lucky we are to love this game. Because you are the ONLY developer who responds to users wishes. Merry Christmas to you Kazunori San, your family and your wonderful staff at PD.
    How many console games are being played every day more than a year after their release……ONLY ONE…..GT5.
    Keep it coming :)

  48. Obli

    This 2.02 update is brilliant. I especially love the undocumented changes which deserve a mention for sure:

    – option to enable penalties in free-run online
    – option to force no abs online
    – custom HUD display (dials, gear indicator, tyre indicator, time and driver list can be toggled on/off individually)

    1. dragonitti

      The custom HUD display has bugs still. You uncheck or check certain things and they either don’t appear or don’t disappear like you want.

    2. GT_lee

      dragon.. I think maybe you are quitting the menu without clicking ok :) maybe not but I did it a couple of times..

  49. HPUnleashed

    Amazing update! I love how I can change the rims on my standard cars, and I love the how in GT auto I can actually see how an oil change is going to affect my cars performance! Well done PD! Well done!


    seems that improved racing sounds is only wind and other factors, the engines still sound like vacuum cleaners

    1. linupix

      Please, for the love of God get a sound system. Set sound in GT5 as small or big theater. GT5 has the most realistic sound. You could also buy the PS3 headset. This will change the game for you. Give us some feedback once you do so. You will not regret it. Cheers….

  51. xiSealHDz

    damn im happy and hope you all have a good xmas and a happy new year:)thank you pd!

    ps..hope the family upgrade will be available to buy..(i live in finland)

  52. Raggi Boy

    Is it just me or have the camera types from interior view and rear veiw in race swapped over?

    (ie. the ‘bobble’ from first person has dissapeared but has re-appeared in rear view where it should not be!)

  53. Falaut

    So Happy!!!!!! my in game EP3 looks like MY EP3…with matt black ADVANs and all. I swear I could cry right now!

    Puddle Donkey, you’re BOSS!

  54. mikeonthebike

    Didn’t see it mentioned here but you can now lock an online room to NO ABS if wanted. That is pretty HUGE

  55. Gyro1780

    Greetings card was nice thing to see. Thanks Kaz. Clicked on all the previous seasonals i completed & getting a car ticket for each. My standard cars looks so much better now that i can change the wheels. Would like a wheel package in a future DLC.
    Overall very pleased with the new update. Well dony PD & merry Xmas to all GT Planet members.

    1. Raggi Boy

      i think the spring has been accidentally been removed from first person but magically appears in rear view – makes me feel ill and crash, hopefully they will sort this out!

  56. fet_thunderdome

    ok i noticed some other things:

    1 – audio from interior view is considerably louder than before and than outside view (good!)
    2 – no more “flanger” and “phaser” audio effect from the outside view on long straights
    3 – a color line bug in nordschleife before, during ad shortly after carousel turn
    4 – curbs sound is less prominent
    5 – standard cars are restyled for good

    1. GT4Fun

      Hi SkateNj, can You drive other cars on dirty tracks?
      The mechanism of FFB acts very strong on rally tracks, I can not drive properly and I’m afraid of breaking it. Someone who has the G27 confirms this problem or is it only on my machine?

  57. fureddo

    Oohhh ouiiiii!!!!
    Can’t wait to be home and check all these new features!!! Today was chilly in Tokyo but damn it’ll be hot when I get home!!!

  58. Magic Ayrton

    Can anyone tell me which racing sounds have been improved?? I mean I can hear some wind noise and better tyre sounds but that it??! not a big improvement at all.. and DLC is looking really rubbish. Will not be buying until new RUF’s and tracks get realeased.

    Thanks for the card though.. HAPPY CHRISTMAS PD..

  59. AERO_HDT

    Gotta say I’m fairly impressed with the level of work PD and Kaz have put into supporting Gran Turismo 5. I’ve been a fan since day one, I was a bit flat when GT5 was released, but 12 months on, the game is fleshing out nicely. The small things make a big difference, it’s been a slog for the fans, but I’m enjoying the sunshine!

  60. ultraman

    Pretty cool update gives me a reason to dust it off, But I was hoping that they would lower the price of the chassis overhaul. It just zaps the fun out of the game for me.

  61. IceKoldKilla

    YES! Finally! I remember the day the first DLC released I made sure to look up on Google before purchasing and I read people saying it was locked to one account but then Kaz said (I believe) that they would fix this if they could ASAP and those that bought it when it came out that would be given maybe some kind of gift when they fixed it or something like that so I purchased it and I haven’t even been able to play the DLC because I want to use it on my main account which unfortunetly I did not buy the DLC from (live in Spain and my copy is Spanish so needed Spanish DLC but my main account is American). Anyways thanks for this! Later today we get our second DLC and I finally can play my other DLC and the extras from update :D

    1. Foxiol

      First of all it is the Toyota 86GT 12′ and it is a Premium car with the cockpit as the all Premium cars have. What game are you playing dude?

    2. NA

      Looks like he’s playing GT5, the one with the FT-86 II Concept ’11 that doesn’t have a modeled interior. You’re talking about a different car.

  62. ajrichar

    Just downloaded it myself. So am I right in saying that changing rims on the standard cars means only being able to choose from the selection in GT Auto? You can’t change wheels like you could in GT4 where I could put NSX wheels on a GT-R and vice versa? I was really hoping to be able to put the rims from the standard ’89 R32 GT-R on the premium ’94 R32 GT-R V-Spec II because I prefer them to the V-Spec’s BBS rims. C’est la vie. However this update is another move in the right direction. I can’t imagine going back and playing the game at Version 1 again…. The small tweaks over the last 12 months have made it into the game we all hoped it would be on release.

  63. fet_thunderdome

    am i the only one who noticed that standards are remarkably better? lighting-wise and polygon-wise.. it seems they made a restyling..

  64. TokoTurismo

    I truly love this update, the new Toyota 86 GT ’12, and everything else. :) The most part I really really love more, is the “Greeting card” from Kazunori and PD. :) I finally finished the “Real World Circuit” event at the Nurb with the new camera view, it rocks completely. :D The engine sounds and the other sounds have also been improved. :) I thought the grass was improved too. But really loving the update, especially the “Greeting card”, I’m touched. :’) Like everyone said, GT5 feels so complete now. :) I’m totally blown away. Thank you very much Kazunori and PD, and have very lovely merry Christmas and a happy new year. ;)

  65. supermoto74

    New racing sounds is specially wind and tire.. if you watch inside car from co-driver position(staring to the right) you can almost not hear the car itself.. Only wind and tires.

  66. Ben Rogue

    Can’t wait for more DLC! Hope they make some wheel DLC packs, would be great to have a selection like that of GT4 and GT3 and to have any wheel on any car.

  67. sebbyd86

    I had left my 24 endurance race to continue at night from were I had last saved and wake up to find the Game update had loaded.

    What’s up with that?

  68. MadmuppGT

    Can I just add that it is now a whole game (and a years work) to change all the rims on all the cars that need it… lets make our way through the list!

    I hope I dont sound like I’m moaning because I’m actually loving it HAHA

  69. GT_lee

    Crash sound FX in chase cam sound a bit better there’s breaking glass (don’t think that was there before) and a couple of different tones of “kicked dustbins” :) Plus I think you can slightly hear the exhaust note of your car in the bumper cam (but only just!!) Overall a good job Just need to test all the different variations of exhaust to see if there’s a marked improvement when the tuned ones are used. (only used standard on the 86 GT)

  70. PIGBOY

    io have the dlc installed on my us account,on us disc but pigboy with us disc cant buy dlc cars,yet its on the same account.i have the dlc for both disc’s installed…..i had to do this because i didnt realise i had a us disc and wanted dlc

  71. PIGBOY

    also in the “quick options” when driving the car is a checklist of a few things to turn on/off,like taco,speedo

  72. jasr73

    True SZRT…

    but then I went straight to the dealership and switched the rims on my RUF RGT and then I took my trusty Loctite NSX with almost 20000km of hard racing and made her all new again…all is well.

    Hats off for excellent update KAZ and the PD Team and for getting it out on time as promised. Merry Christmas, you guys rock!

  73. neopheX

    WTF is everyone talking about new camera? There is nothing new about it i tried the view outside the car (behind car) and going down hills or bumps there is nothing that i see that is “NEW”

    So what gives?

  74. decepticon

    It was pretty nice to receive a holiday greeting card! It actually put a smile to my face. What a nice gesture from Kaz and PD. :-)

  75. SZRT Ice

    Slight disappointments…

    There are 2-3 set of rims that allow you to paint the wheels and keep the chrome lip (only available on select vehicles), these rims are not available on ANY Standards I’ve come across, most notably unavailable on the Supra RZ and the 3000GT VR-4.

    The Bugatti Veyron rims can’t be changed.

    Otherwise epic update…

  76. adyspadey

    sweet just changed wheels on my favourite Evo’s, as good as I hoped would be, looks like a late night tonight…

  77. PIGBOY

    i got 2 different greeting cards for each gt5 disk i have…..U.S. disk greeting said “your voices are the source”
    ..and Aussie disk greeting card said “your passion is a source”
    thre ya go,go tell everybody you see immediatly

  78. PIGBOY

    This gets me mad because i race online every week… the GT5 news section under the 2.02 update it describes a tyre wear issue fixed or similar but thats all it says about it,yet it describes the other updates twice over,please let us know how the tyres will be affected….or i could test,im too lasy to drive now,too fat and lasy

    1. MadmuppGT

      Good man, same here. Stock one is white, tuned one is red. Might change the white seems to bland for such a lovely looking car! The red however looks so good I’ve already taken about 20 photos of it! haha

  79. bazylfox

    Try doing some photo effects when making photos in replay after race. Then race again. Effect stays while you race !
    I just got race with b&w and minature effects :) LOL

    1. NJ72

      That is the best glitch ever. Pd, please leave that well alone. Don’t remove it. Racing in miniature and partial colour is freaking awesome!

    1. Ben Rogue

      @Witless76 I don’t mean really sell, but remove from our garage, because you can buy them from dealerships now so why not sell them if you don’t want 2 of them anymore

  80. ksam90

    does anyone know where to get this car?
    Toyota “FT-86” II concept ’11
    i checked the official car list on gt5 and it says its a gift…how do i get it

    1. GT_lee

      FT-86 II concept ’11 has been in the game for ages bud.. in the Toyota Garage.. Do you mean the Toyota 86-GT ’12 (the new one) Sorry to be picky it’s only a little misktake but makes all the difference… :D

    2. Foxiol

      Well every post here has a mistake on it…lol… The old Toyota FT 86 concept ’09 is in the game and it is not the Toyota FT86 II concept 11′. (we have only the video of it but not the car itself in the game)

      NOW as a GIFT for all people who download the 2.02 update comes with the new car, Toyota GT86 ’12 and you can purchase it in the car dealership for 30000 cr. if you want more than one. But after this update you have this car ready to use.

      Those who purchased the first DLC as a gift receive the KART 125 SPL (black).

      And all the cars that you bought via DLC now are also available in the car dealership. And the upcoming DLC cars are already in the game but you can´t use it till you buy it. TOMORROW in the PSN Store.

    3. ksam90

      yes i know, the dealer has 2, the 3rd one was given to us as a gift
      but the Toyota FT-86 II concept ’11 was marked as a gift on the gran turismo site car list…if you go through Toyotas list you will see it there

  81. add

    where did all the seasonals go ?
    please put them back pd
    please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

    1. NA

      On the plus side, after I read add’s post, I went and checked my game. A couple of the remaining seasonals that I had allready completed suddenly handed me prize car tickets when I checked individual events from the main seasonal menu. Retroactive prizes apparently, for events that did not have them orriginally.

  82. Steph290

    Now I can finally make my standard cars look awesome! Thank you Kaz, and Happy Holidays all!
    (and they said PD didn’t care)

  83. Marooned

    Any one knows where’s the family upgrade for the TC cars? Or how to activate it, or it will be available with the 2nd DLC?

    1. Foxiol

      Tomorrow…it says in the update notes in the main menu of the game…READ PEOPLE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. NA

      Ummmm, why would anyone on this site care?
      Bigger question: When are people going to move on, get over it, just play whatever game they want, and quite worrying about what the other guy is doing?
      Yes, that was rhetorical. It’s pretty obvious some people will never be able to do any of the above.

  84. SAVoxleitner

    Just raced on Spa with my Ford GT LM Race Car on Spa. The camera feels…different. It’s almost fluid-like and moves with every bump that you make in the road. It’s so cool. Also, that Holiday Card from P.D., I was like, “That’s so awesome!” I think with the experience I’ve had with GT5, I’ll continue to support this amazing company.

  85. OldF@rt

    “Tire-wear speed adjustment:

    Does this mean they’ve *finally* sorted out the too-little difference in wear rates between hard and soft tyres?

    1. armydude

      well im right now at the laguna seca endurance race with the new 86′ 2012. started with racing soft tyres and did 15 laps of hard driving, which is kinda ok. then when to the pits and changed to racing hard tyres, and managed to do 30 laps of moderate driving. even before the update you couldnt get 5 more laps with racing hard tyres compared to racing soft tyres, so yeah, they fixed that one pretty good in my book. :)

    2. YMG-7

      @armydude the 86 gt has about 200Nm of torque so may be it’s going easy on it’s tyres. but I’m now at le mans, with a 908 hdi using hard tyres, made 5 laps so far, and I bet they can’t do 5 more laps. which is the same as before. I did everything that I could to save the tyres longer; made 3’36.248 best with Traction Control at 9 (just to preserve tyres) but again they can not last longer than they did before. Racing soft tyres can last for 10 laps aswell with a best lap of 3’27.XXX… so racing hard tyres are still useless as far as diesel prototypes concerned.

    3. YMG-7

      @armydude maybe they have standard (three for racing tyres, three for sports tyres and three for comforts) tyre wear formulas which they apply for all cars, however formula 1 racing tyres are different than le mans prototypes’ racing tyres or gt1 series’ tyres. they have to change that!

    1. Super_Colossal

      The chase camera is COMPLETELY redefined! As you follow the car, you follow every bump and bank and jump your car makes…it’s like it’s imitating what your head would be doing if you were really driving. On the banking of Daytona, the whole camera angle is just as tilted as the car! It’s amazing!

  86. Ben Rogue

    I must say, PD have out done themselves this time, this update almost makes the game feel complete, its feels soo much crisper and more dynamic.. Loving it!

    Just very minor things that need updating and then bring on the new cars and track (as well as some old ones for us life long GT fans)

  87. wavetool

    The new sounds are kinda cool. You can hear when you are in a slipstream.

    Also, you can COMPLETELY customize your GUI. Finally!

  88. Drag Labs 101

    Downloaded in TX…

    I’ll be painting and switchin wheels forever!!
    But thx just the same Poly!
    Greeting Card, nice touch.. Can’t wait to check out this new seasonal and improved race sounds..

    Look forward to my new cars.. Thx a bunch for all the work Kaz.. I’ll gladly continue to support!

  89. Ben Rogue

    Looks like they changed the chase camera physics and added some wind noise.. very different feel to racing now, not sure I like it, makes me feel dizzy…

    1. Super_Colossal

      I was about to post something about that. In addition, the camera angles in replays have more dynamic to them, and when multiple cars pass close to eachother, their sounds are more distinctive. The map during a race is thicker. Wind sounds have been added to hood, roof, and bumper views. That’s what I’ve got so far.

    2. rlove

      The way the scenery swings around in chase mode makes it almost unplayable. I hope this is a glitch as motion sickness isn’t my idea of fun.

    1. NA

      From the article above:

      “Where is the new DLC content?

      New downloadable content – in the form of 5 new cars – is also about to be released, though it is not yet available. According a tweet by Kazunori Yamauchi (and interpreted by our own Shirakawa Akira), the new Car Pack will actually become available on December 21st.

      As always, stay tuned to GTPlanet for more information on the DLC’s availability”

    1. Witless76

      Still nothing on Cybertron. Sigh.
      I guess I’ll have to wait for Sentinel Prime to bring my planet through the Gateway into Earth orbit….
      Curse those Primes!

    1. TofuStoreDrift

      You have never been on the iRacing or WoW servers then have you. iRacers difinitely stir it up on every update.

  90. PIGBOY

    5 more minutes and ill be done(50%),i in Australia..i wonder what happens when you get all car tickets redeemed at once,1 by 1 or all at once in 1 big wide line…

    1. lebes14

      That would make would make me super excited to get it, currently I’m not too restless and will probably get it whenever I could be bothered to add another dollar to my account lol.

    1. Bigcountry

      more than likely not this game isnt for people who enjoy nascar and the daytona track i am hoping that they fixed it myself

    2. dtec1

      yea i hear ya on the rolling start fix, easy to forget the start start deal. nice to see some nascar people commenting, we get trashed on here but go look for a lobby online and see what track has the most lobbies, still hoping for a lower speed oval

    3. Bigcountry

      im not sure if there are alot of other tracks that have a rolling start but it can be frustrating when you have bone heads not paying attenton and getting in other peoples ways going 75mph

    1. georgia2texas

      Did they get rid of a bunch of the seasonal races though. Only a hand full up in the seasonal races right now?

    2. yukicore

      Thats RIGHT! This game has changed significantly since i bought it 6Moths ago, in a good way, i love the new 3rd person camera swaying and effects, this made my day, i absolutely LOVE IT!

    3. madracer

      New Update – You can’t change wheels on every cars (special the great ones) – Why the rally cars have gravel ugly wheels??? Rally cars do run on 5 spoke wheels too – You know that??? Performance preview on aero parts – Bahhh – nothing special than performance points you see on your garage – I thought that they would put some plots Down Force vs Drag… I guess aerodynamics are some fake on GT5…

      Why the hell they removed the most Seasonal Events?? It was the only thing that kept me playing GT5….

      Sad – Too Sad…I feel sorry for those ones who got the DLC’s lolol

    4. omgitsbees

      You guys whining at benjaminmach1 are jerks. He paid for the game like everyone else, he is allowed to express his opinions. You guys that are hell bent on screaming at every single person that expresses any sort of negative opinion, have ruined GTPlanet. This place is just not enjoyable to post on at all sometimes. It’s really disappointing because otherwise this is the only good place on the internet to discuss GT5. I wish Jordan would ban all of the annoying fanboys that never have anything constructive to say. Go back to your game and shut up.

    5. steve30x

      Its the people that complain about stupid things are ruining GTPlanet. People complained that standard cars could’nt have their wheels changed and then they complained it was’nt good enough when they got the option to change the wheels.

    6. omgitsbees

      If you don’t like it, you don’t have to respond. You’re just adding to the problem. Stop being so immature. I can tolerate the people expressing their opinions a hell of a lot more then the blind rapid fanboys.

    7. madracer

      It’s not about fanboys comments – this is just the opinion of customers. We have that right. When you wait years for a big game and spent 70€ on that game and the game don’t deliver all spec that hey have promised – then customers get pissed off because they have been fooled. If you like to throw your money into garbage, then that’s a different story.

      The customers are always right or you’ll lose them and your business.

    8. benjaminmach1

      Look guys! I didnt want to cause any argueing on here it’s just my personal view! Personly on the game I like driving classic cars with the old school look! Not everyone would want that I know! But I don’t know why they would programme all the other wheels exept the American racing wheels. I’ve owned this game from the day it’s came out and can’t bring myself away from it! I would just like to see Kazonori focus on some older cars then just new ones all the time really! Like I said, this is my personal opinion which we our all intital to :)

    9. Snow_leopard

      benjaminmach1 if u dont like the rims they put then use the stock ones and stop whit the complaning the update was awsome and i actually love the 86 gt keep up the good work :D

    10. TokoTurismo

      Got my DLC, rocks just like a heavenly doves flying in the air. :) Love the cars a lot. Everyone’s driving them. ;)

    11. steve30x

      @ omgitsbees : There is nothing immature about my response or the response from the people who are responding to the complainers. You may view me as a rabid fanboy because I enjoy Gran Turismo 5 the way it is but your reply was immature by calling people who enjoy the game and dont like to see negative replies over stupid little things that shouldnt matter.

    12. TokoTurismo

      You’re such a immature loser, just shut up. Geez. At least benjaminmach1 came explaining his reason. YOU HAPPY NOW!

    13. Type2red

      Whoohooooo thank you Kaz & Co. For this update! I’m so glad i saved my previous save file so now i can resume my endurance race in tscuba raceway lol i was five hours into it now i dont lose anything and a free car for christmas thanks i’m really happy. This truly is the best console racing game!

    14. Pearltsx

      Dam this new chase camera, it s going to make me sick using it. It’s my only complaint with the update. Please change it back, please

    15. Blank_Redge

      Agreed with Pearltsx; not at all a fan of the new Shake-o-matic chase camera. Should be a toggle option, between the old and new one.

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