Gran Turismo 5’s “Data Logger Visualization” Tech Demo

Here’s a closer look at GT5’s “Data  Logger Visualization” feature that was just announced at last weekend’s Tokyo Auto Salon, complete with video of a Lexus IS-F outfitted with the necessary gadgets doing a lap around Fuji.

Toyota Motor Corporation and “Gran Turismo” on January 15, was held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, “Tokyo Auto Salon 2010 with NAPAC” vehicle information and announced a collaboration on a new site using GPS coordinates.

This collaboration is used to control the real world automotive vehicle CAN (Controller Area Network) using the GPS information and location information, “Gran Turismo” in real time to visualize what that is driving the vehicle.

CAN export to USB memory location information and that information, “Gran Turismo” and loaded into a simulation engine, “Gran Turismo” was visualizes as a video replay, you can also play as a ghost, help you analyze your driving or you can.

CAN has the right to information about G Force and handle and brake, accelerator operations, and includes rotational speed of each wheel and engine speed, allowing a highly accurate reproduction of the combination of vehicle and location information .

Venue with the Toyota booth at the stage of the vehicle to the 2009 Super GT Fuji Speedway was the American champion Juichi Wakisaka IS F data actually ran in “Gran Turismo” on reproduction. And the actual practice of “Gran Turismo” By comparison with on-screen video reproduction has demonstrated the high accuracy.

Please expect us in the new efforts of both companies.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  1. FoldsFive

    I agree that the graphics look great and the overall the physics are very accurate but the car still feels a bit too buoyant to me. If you compare the videos, there is more sharp bumps, especially over curbs.

    Overall it is great… I just need something else in there to ground me to the experience a bit more… some of that is in the ffb but it still feels a little bit floaty and not as connected to the asphalt when driving. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great… that is just what would secure it closer for me…

  2. Matt

    For every person here complaining for the game to be released, when it comes out, there will be an equal number of people (probably the SAME people) complaining that it is unfinished and that PD should have waited and finished it before releasing it. Can’t win.

  3. Scott J.

    This IS very COOL… BUT… BUUUUTTTT….

    how many of us will be at the tracks featured in the game? Not likely. Most of us who track our cars do so, on more local tracks not featured in the game. Right? So unless we can recreate our local tracks in GT5, this feature is a waste of development for the majority of people outside of the areas of the few real tracks featured in the final game.

    MAYBE this is another hint for us being able to create, or add our own hometown/local REAL tracks to the game via this technology???

  4. Maximou

    The two last comments are delightful. Thank you guys. The “when will it release ?” thing becomes mmore and more annoying.

    BTW, who won 2010 Gran Turismo award at the Tokyo Auto Salon ? There were some pretty sick Time Attack RX-7…

  5. AMG

    GT5 is not made only for beginner but also for real pro racers they can learn the real track also Data Logger Visualization real to sim to improve

  6. ismellbacon611

    ok so im only 14, and the fastest car i driven is the 08 sti it was a lot of fun and totally different than all those racing games but when i tried the gt5 tt demo with my g25 the physics blew me away… it felt so real .. even the e-z-ness of spinning out through corners with no traction control…. honestly i think PD can invest development in drivers ed class simulators because they are so dead on with every thing… and now with light change(day, night) and weather cycles, and rallying, they could simulate all driving conditions for helping drivers ed students gain experience …. but thats just my opinion

  7. Chepu

    Cool, but a Waste of time.

    Instead of doing these things, why not Polish the game and add something like tyre marks?

    Still going to be awesome thou.

  8. Luke

    S3 Racer Says:
    January 19th, 2010 at 3:02 pm
    “I use the highway @ 1:30am to fullfill my racing needs lol so until PD can replicate that,…”

    PD= Police departement. LOL Know they know….

    That`s not funny :) I had to walk a whole month because “PD” didn`t share the same opinion about my racing needs as me ;)

  9. S3 Racer

    xanavi R34: as i understood it, it’s a gps by denso, so aftermarket car ( here the lexus is equipped with the gps)

    Turbo_3800: lol. Got yea. We probably all do it from times to times (except maybe the cops themselfs, and even than … :P )

  10. Turbo_3800

    @S3 Racer…lol it’s all good man. I know which highway has traffic and elroys (troopers) at any given time of day, each day. If enforcement steps up, they can’t cover every inch of highway lol.

  11. xanavi R34

    I see an slicht wheel difference, in the movement. Is this an aplication you can buy, or that it have to be in new expensive cars?

  12. S3 Racer

    “I use the highway @ 1:30am to fullfill my racing needs lol so until PD can replicate that,…”

    PD= Police departement. LOL Know they know….

  13. Turbo_3800

    That’s a pretty dope feature but all honesty this is only onna be beneficial to those whose visit real life tracks that are in the game, most of us don’t really go to tracks like that unless it’s a drag strip lol. If they were to put the Chicago Motor Speedway then I’ll be more than happy to hear news of this feature. I use the highway @ 1:30am to fullfill my racing needs lol so until PD can replicate that, this feature is useless to me but more power to you if you can use this.

  14. JDigital


    You realize that the squealing you hear is due to lateral G-forces and not raw speed…

    You can squeal tires at 5mph if you turn fast enough…

  15. Rocker

    Now for the next step…

    Combine this feature with GoogleEarth, and we can race anywhere on the planet, hahaha.

    Might need better coverage with streetview, but you get the idea.

  16. Z-U

    P3nT4gR4m – Itake your point in the fast corners, but in the really slow hairpins at the end of the lap at 30 mph, why does it do it like that. I’m sure that if you drive a Nissan 370Z at 30 mph it’s not quite shrieking like that.

  17. Z-U

    Bernd – check out my post about the same thing 6 postings up. The lighting on the scenery is just really flat and actually nowhere near as good as the lighting on the car. I reckon it might be because of performance issues too.

  18. Bernd

    Is it me, or does the track, which is too dark, take away the feeling of “real sunshine” in the game a bit ? The Original-track is medium gray or lighter, which gives a different feeling. It’s somehow “hotter”

  19. winiak

    Z-U: GT5 like GT5P is renderened in 1280x1080p, which is only 50% more to render. Please go try to force 720p at video setting on your playstation and you’ll see that you would have to double bit per texel/pixel to get a satisfactory results. So you would actually lose bandwidth.

    With this smart tricks by substracting they add a lot of sharpness. Displaying 720p on 1080p without advanced upscalers makes image much more blurry than calculated from simple maths. I have impression that GT5 engine also uses some kind of antialias tricks, look at cockpit edges in new GT Academy time trial. It’s maybe QuinCunx AA – this one’s pretty cheap but that would blur an image, so I’m not sure how they do it. Finally they use a render trick by moving render target by half a pixel, forth and back each frame so you double resolution even more.

    Less is more. I think there are maybe other ways to get those lightning effects on PS3 without sacrificing sharpness but we have to wait for GT6 to see ;)

  20. Maximou

    @Black Chamber, do you even know who is driving ? It’s Juichi Wakisaka, 2009 SuperGT champion. If this replay is put in GT5, that will mean we will be able to race against him, a pro, three times champion.

    Do you realize how many people were dreaming of racing against the pros in GT ? Wouldn’t you be excited to compete versus Sebastien Loeb using his real car on WRC specials ?

    People keep asking Polyphony to give us some news. Now they put online a trailer displaying an impressive feature. No one knows how Polyphony is gonna use it or implement it in the game. Moreover, you don’t know if we have to credit Denso here, PD may just have made their technology compatible with GT5.

    So, if you are not excited with this, that’s your business.

  21. P3nT4gR4m

    Z-U “Also that incessant tyre squeal is really really annoying. That’s not what you hear in a car is it?”

    If you’re close enough to the grip limit it is. I’ve been driven round knockhill in an evo, by their resident track driver. He had it on the limit the whole time and yes, the tires were screaming their tits off!

  22. Black Chamber


    THIS he talks about publicly; but why won’t Kazunori Yamauchi confirm weather and night racing in Gran Turismo 5?!?

    As far as the GPS stuff goes – I live in Alabama and when I am actually at the Nurburgring Nordschleife in a car that supports the features for this endeavor – with a memory card handy – then I might give a ****.


  23. GT4Ever

    Nice. But it makes me sad when i think about the amount of time that is spend to make this, compared to the amount of consumers that will use it.

  24. Z-U

    Very nice but I still think there’s room for improvement. Lighting could be a lot better. Track surafce, Curb and Barrier reflections are missing completely. (Good example….Barriers at 55 seconds). Also that incessant tyre squeal is really really annoying. That’s not what you hear in a car is it?

    Personally I could live with 720p60 instead of 1080p60 if those lighting effects were included with a nice anti-aliasing pass. The frame rate on GT Academy is dodgy whien the ghost is close to you on screen – I thinks 1080p is just too much. Bear in mind that it’s more than double the bandwidth. 1920 x 1080 x 60fps is 2.25 time great demand than 1280 x 720 x 60fps. I think it’s too compromised – most people wouldn’t notice. How about adding motion blur and more engine vibration instead?

    I’d love to see a poll on this.

  25. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

    I agree with lordvonps3 about the “visual rumble” when driving over curbs etc. although don-sf has a point too. It’s all about the experience so I would welcome it, it makes the whole feel a lot less static. That remains one of the small things to be improved within GT5, add the too clean tracks and too beautiful weather too that. I’d like too see more authentic structure on the tracks with all of it’s imperfectnesses. Same with weather, add some less beautiful but realistic weatherconditions too the game, there are grey days too and all variations that are between them.
    Again, improve tiresqueeking, roughen up some engine sounds, buy the Porsche license now the exclusive contract with Electronic Arts ends this month (!), do the same with F1 now Codemasters tried it for the 2009-season etcetera. Oh, one more big request, PAY ATTENTION PD. I’d like to see the game remember your personal trackrecords, per car, per track, per setup etc. An intelligent system that will show you the corresponding times when you race a certain track with a certain car. I love to beat my own laptimes, who doesn’t, so it would be really great to have that information onscreen. Then one more thing, I’d like to see when racing a single race or a championship that the fastest lap will be rewarded too. Everybody knows how it feels to be bumped off the track, ending up far behind and being frustrated about it. A reward for the fastest laptime would give you reason to still enjoy the race and proof who’s really the fastest ;-). I hope some of you share the same interest.

  26. OmnipotenceZERO

    holy SH****T.
    man believe it or not, im not so overwhelmed just cuz im getting a game, im extremely overwhelmed cuz i know ill be given a chance to race realistic! they r totally different words if u r a driving enthusiast. I mean, man its like theyr lettin me race with a real car! (Almost :P)
    and oh one thing abt the graphics. This is funny, but the “VIRTUAL” video looks far better than the “REAL”. i know the reason why but talkin specifically abt this video only.

  27. Tek9[R]

    What is the matter with my eyes? I like the GT side better….
    This feature will make better drivers of the entire world, simply amazing.

  28. tameem

    what happened to all those GTP users that said they will go to Brussels motor show and bring us pictures and videos???

  29. daniel

    @ bolg

    yes but its based on real streats, so you could do the racing at 2am in the morning so there is no traffic, and if cops pull you over, just blame computer games like everyone else in america seems to do. :)

  30. bpa94

    am i seeing things or is that thumb through wheel problem gone in this video? if so that was pretty quick! it seems as though the driver is just rolling the hand over a bit more, hopefully they have diff animations for all the different kinds of paddle shifts, this one also seems alot less jumpy than the GTR one.

    P.S. give us the game already!!

  31. Grzegorz Swiatek

    I love the concept, I love when people push the limits of what can be done. I think that innovation is always based on something new, usefull, revolutionary… and here I guess this is a great example of technological innovation. Maybe with the time we will learn if it will be usefull or not for us- but M. Kazunori have my respect for at least trying!

    On a side note, I don’t know if I am the only one – but when I saw this picture of M. Yamauchi, it makes me think of M. Hideo Kojima, something familiar… both geniuses, not exactly developping around the same subjects, but both are just so creative and excellent in what they do!

  32. mimizone

    looks pretty interesting to see real and in 3D at the same time! nice stuff. And the Fuji track looks pretty close to the real one.
    Nevertheless, it confirms to me that GT is a bit too heavy on the tire sounds. It doesn’t sound like the real video has any tire noise, when in the GT part they are always there at every turn. It might be just the way it’s recorded though.

  33. gt 4 ever

    and in forza you can drive with manual transmition with clutch in the controler and you can look around by the camera while driving

  34. vampire63

    Jc Says:
    January 18th, 2010 at 2:35 pm

    If this is what is holding up the release I’m pretty disappointed. At some point you have to cut the cord and let the baby out in the wild

    AGREE Ok now that this feature is revealed CAN we get some news ( i don’t even hope for release date ) but some news ANY

  35. Sam

    best driving physics, 100% accurate, Perfection takes time.

    Yet Kotaku has to go and post utter fanboy bait garbage like this:

    This is yet again a perfect example of the continuing media BIAS against the PS3. It is just so sad and pathetic that sites like this still do this. If I were Sony, I would cut them off from everything, give them no demos, don’t invite them to anything. This nonsense has to stop.

    Kotaku….bunch of 360 fanboys, sorry i had to say that,

    just read and what he said:

    “its been delayed again”

    it only had a one official release date and was march 2010 japan, so where is that AGAIN?

    “and it has been 6 years in dev for 6 years?”

    so late 2005 to beginning of 2010 is 6 years? wow someone at Kotaku need to go back to school, and learn some math.

  36. newbielives

    Can someone explain what is going on in that video?
    I still don’t get what they mean
    Are they using the steering data in real life and inputing it into GT5?
    Is this comparison of two different drives, one in real life and one that is virtual side by side?

  37. 8@No$

    This is just amazing… the best thing i have ever seen just look at the hands!! … I hope that they have made the tracks and the physics so accurate that you won’t be able to beat a pro level racer in the game… well at least not fairly easily like you could in gt5p.. that will be the ultimate test for the perfect driving simulator in my opinion.
    And everyone that counts realism based on how the camera shakes or if there are skidmarks or nice smoke or stupid things like that… well these are easy to build. Not that i don’t like them, but as Kaz said, these are minor details.. The hard part is the physics and ONLY the physics. Weight shifting, suspension movement and how different is the reaction of a leaf spring suspension compared to a multiple link or a twist beam one, this is the hard part, because there are hundrends of variables which are very difficult to calculate..
    Anyway, I think they have developed a next generation physics engine and i just wait to drive some cars I have driven in real life to make comparisons..

  38. GTBillyboy

    They just need to stream the data in realtime and we can race against live racers – how cool would that be.

  39. Bolg

    That is amazing, it’s just a shame I live no where near any of the tracks in GT5…well apart from London but that ain’t a race track.

  40. hellogirl

    video is great! But colors is not so cool enough. the grass is unreal, it’s too green, red banners are too red and road is too gray, without influence from the sun. However i think GT5 is best game ever!

  41. Jc

    If this is what is holding up the release I’m pretty disappointed. At some point you have to cut the cord and let the baby out in the wild

  42. Flagmo-T

    Just a Thought! in this money making world we live in..

    Without Forza series, and Other fine Attempts, GT5 wouldn’t have come so far, and still going further..we should actually thank them instead, and hope that they will still be alive, through this constantly changing world. Is progress good, Not always, But in this situation Yes please and more of it, because that means more money for developing.. To have the competition on the money side of Gaming is healthy for all us Users, Don’t forget that! :O) and keep smiling, we are about to experience a small step For Forza, But! giant step for mankind (ps3 owners). Ups I couldn’t resist!! :O)

  43. don-sf

    well when you drive, you dont drive looking through a camera, you drive by looking with your eyes, huge difference there.

  44. d3br34k5

    That is exactly what I envisioned when they first announced this feature. This game can’t come soon enough.

  45. Flagmo-T

    Hi ho santa, or does he exist!! Well ups nice to see a real drivers replay in GT5 i will never use it though ( ? for rally Stages maybe ).. But if this were like I-opener, then it is useful for all, But more info is needed to finally understand this idea, Is it made for real Race drivers or Virtual Race drivers, well it’s a Mix.. WHo would YOU! like to beat.. GT5 vs real world is so far apart, that the to different feelings of driving the same Car and on the same track, it just CAN’T be the same at all anyways. well congrats to another fine feature, But what will the Online racing be like, that’s the main reason for racing this sim.. (IMHO) Check I-opener on youtube, and you will see some fantastic idea of racing real VS Virtual, which is still long apart but will be released for PS3 as well.. I could be wrong, and properly is, if i should listing to all you nice people here LOL :P

  46. Maximou

    I think comments like : “PD need to release the game”, “hurry up Polyphony, don’t waste time”, aren’t very constructive and quite pointless…

    Blubb, IronM@sk, do you know who is driving ? 2009 Japan SuperGT Juichi Wakisaka. The actual point for this feature might very be racing against the pros, just like iOpener but not Live.

    I actually prefer 3 months delay for Japan than never have this feature on GT5 and waiting an other 6 years till GT6 comes out to see it.

  47. vampire63

    Everybody is saying “I can see PD posting real life racers times and replays when the full game is out. This can help out a whole lot of us seeing the perfect line.”


  48. LordVonPS3

    This is awesome.

    Aside from the fact that the graphics aren’t 100% true to life (but still pretty amazing), there’s only 2 other really noticeable aspects.

    1.) The rear view mirror always reflecting what’s behind the car – rather than a true angular reflection…
    2.) The real car’s mounted camera vibrates when driving over rumble strips. You wouldn’t get this on a ‘floating’ camera in a GT car as the camera’s position is constantly perspective locked to the car, including movement. Nothing to stop PD simulating some shaky cam if need be though…

    Stunning work.

  49. IronM@sk

    Wonderful, but until PD puts a ’95 Daihatsu Charade along with a 1080p run from my driveway to the local bottleshop, 7-Eleven and back in the game, then this unit means exactly squat to me.

  50. blubb

    ok – i’m a bit more convinced but measured by the effort there still will be no big useability for us gamers.

    i would be more excited about such features if i had not to wait and wait and wait and …

  51. Paulo

    Now I wish GT would give us the stock tire compound for all cars so we don’t have this guessing game of which N or S tire is representative of the real world tire, that way we can really see what our stock lap times are.

  52. S3 Racer

    What’s forza? Which rival?? I see none compared to this…..

    it’s amazing the melt between the two worlds!

    Sick! Go on PD!

  53. Tate

    Can’t you leave the vs. forza thing? :p.

    We’re fans of GT, why always name Forza here?. We’re not at the “forzaplanet” site :p

    BTW, Kaz looks like an union guy with that jacket :D jajaja.

    Great feature that, amazing how they reproduce in a very detalied way the gps data.

  54. gtkiller

    Now that I see it motion I can see it’s potential.


    That would be awesome! Racing against real pro driver’s replay data in GT would be great.

  55. maxpontiac

    This video is perfect for anyone who attempts to detract the authenticty of GT5.

    What we see in GT5 (the driver, the wheel movement, the vehicle, the track, and the environment) are spot on with the real world counterpart.

    I know some certain Forza fans that need to see this video…

  56. Corrado

    Looool i love it how GT is really rubbing it in Forzas face, head tracking, 1000 cars, 70 locations, blatantly superior graphics. im sorry but now GT is just having a dump on its rival XD

  57. sibbo

    Apparently the topgear track will be in GT5. Imagine the topgear car being kitted out with this. Then every week a celeb tries to get the best time, then the data is uploaded to GT5 allowing everyone to try and beat their time. It would be great.

  58. rofajole

    This is beautiful technology really. I can see PD posting real life racers times and replays when the full game is out. This can help out a whole lot of us seeing the perfect line.

    And just look at 0:53-0:56 where the real life driver has a correction made! The game recreates that correction perfectly at the EXACT same time!

  59. Maximou

    I’m still hoping GT5 will give us a better and more immersive experience from what we see here which is too close to GT5 Prologue.

  60. Viktor Navorsky

    just SICK wheel coordination… AMAZING how it feels real and virtual… the same THING… the wheel coordination its kind “recorded” to the game too? man…. thats is some SERIOUS “Real VS Virtual” footage ….

  61. setwave

    That’s cool a new interior on-board viewpoint, central camera position for replays like from a real camera on track.

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