Gran Turismo 5’s New DLC Set for Release June 27th

Gran Turismo 5’s new downloadable content, which was leaked to include Twin Ring Motegi and the Scion FR-S, has just been officially confirmed via the official PlayStation Blog.

The new content will become available this Wednesday, June 27, 2012; though specific timing of updates to the PlayStation Store vary around the world (it’s already live in the U.S. PlayStation Store). Twin Ring Motegi and its four variations will be available to purchase for €4.99 / £3.99 / $5.00 USD. The Scion FR-S will be available for free.

New high-resolution screenshots of Twin Ring Motegi and its variations have also been published. Note the Gran Turismo Café, the world’s only official Gran Turismo-themed restaurant which opened at the circuit in 2009, is visible inside the track’s facilities. Thanks to pipi_r6 for the tip!

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Comments (570)

    1. t00thPIK

      Yes, which out of respect for Subaru, should have been released at the same time as the 86, or soon thereafter. The car would still be a pipedream without Subaru’s involvement.

  1. Dushan 77

    1 car in the dlc? not good enough pd. Wait a minute all of a sudden they added more stuff to the dlc after that.

  2. helix_9

    I really hope they do a dlc update with all the cars converted to left hand drive. It would boost the car count.

  3. smskeeter23

    With all the BS s*** a** comments that get posted here on a daily basis I wouldn’t bother with this if I were Kaz…

    You’re shooting yourself in the foot with this crap. Enjoy the game, be happy with any DLC opportunity, and drive or move on.

    Why comment at all if you are so unhappy and its such a waste of time?

    1. GTP_Norwegian1

      I comment on whatever, whenever just because I can.. remember that since I am no longer playing gt5 I have more time to fire of comments right all over this place :-)

  4. GTP_Norwegian1

    Utter bullcrap….. really glad I have misplaced my copy of gt5, and I can’t be bothered looking for it. Oh well, leaves me with more time for better and more importent things..

    1. GTP_Norwegian1

      You are too kind freekboy, and may I add that you sir, are nothing more than a piece of bumfluff.. I have just the same right to air my opinion that you do, and I will continue to do just that…

  5. TokoTurismo

    Kaz had answered one of the question about getting more DLC for GT5, and said yes, they’ll be still giving out more DLC for the game.

  6. XPH

    £3.99 for one car and a track? No thank you. Call me when they start releasing 10 car packs like Turn 10 does.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Are you blind or did you NOT read the article? THE CAR IS FREE! Better to have it in caps so you can SEE AND READ…

      Its the track itself you’re paying that has 4 layouts. T_T

  7. toospiciecc

    I just want to say thank you to Polythony for this recent DLC,at the moment im using Twin Ring Motegi now as a test track to drive cars in time trials just for the fun of it.Is there a possibility of more DLC’s coming up before Gran Turismo 6 soon?

    1. DuskTrooper

      I’m sure there is at least another 2 or 3 DLC packs for GT5 going to be released before the release of GT6.

  8. Stevo

    So it’s $8 for a track we have raced in previous games… Bit of a kick in the balls when you can buy the whole game for like $40 now.

  9. BHalpen

    Plus, call me picky… but why is Motegi spelt in the online course selection with a small letter “m” instead of a capital “M”? Nevermind that the online Special Stage: Route X is the only “Special Stage” track where they choose to add “:” between Stage and Route. Why is there NO consistency? Just like it was “Superspeedway” for Daytona and Indy but now instead of one long word, it’s two words “Super Speedway” for Motegi. Does nobody look back at the actually product first before adding new DLC to at least keep things the same!

    1. daics69

      agreed BHalpen and DuskTrooper. BMfan, i’ve read alot of your replies, and obviously you don’t care when you’re being ripped off or things aren’t done to a certain standard. my opinion, you’re a high school dropout with a very small IQ. TROLL

    2. BMfan

      My opinion is that you are an idiot,if you actually did some research you would see that the Americans say superspeedway(why they needed to make it one word),eg -Talladega Superspeedway.The Twin Ring Motegi track is called Super Speedway(2 separate words like it should be).

      Whiners will find any little fault too whine about.
      The DLC isn’t forced on you but you have whine,you can download a free car if you want too and you guy’s whine some more even though it’s an optional download.

      If you aren’t happy then go to forza,you wont be missed here.

    3. daics69

      LOL you want a tissue BMfan? or maybe a tampon?? pointing out facts isn’t “whining”. everyone’s entitled to their opinion. and um, forza? lol so i make an observation, give an opinion and because you don’t like it i should go buy a crappy xbox 360 with a crappy arcade racer? lol great logic dude.

    4. grazbro

      daics69, you are not a true “Gear Head” if you don’t love em both, or all sims for that matter.

  10. BHalpen

    Is it just me, or has nobody tried to pitstop on the super speedway in arcade mode? There is a major bug happening, in that my car sits and never finishes in the pitlane!!!

  11. slick1ru2

    So glad I bought an XBox and Forza 4 to satiate my appetite for new cars. GT5 I get a meh track and a car I have several versions of while Forza 4 I got the 2013 Viper this month. I wish there was 1 game that combined the cars, the tracks, the conditions, the regular DLC, the multiclass racing etc. We have the technology. Just need someone to put it all together.

  12. sanesh21

    Twin Ring Motegi, you have brought back some lovely memories of the old days! Glad we got this, the track looks good.

    1. BMfan

      Been around the track briefly with a Ford GT and i can’t wait for this weekend when i have some time and i can use my steering wheel and use my BMW M3 GTS wannabe.

  13. Jimbex

    Noo, we had lots of useless Skylines with different livery, and now all the variations of the GT86 / FR-S / BR-Z? It’s seems that is easy to change the logos than making some other cars like BMW E30 Premium or E36 BTCC.

  14. xDarkDriverx

    I like this track above many others. This track includes a number of nice corners and good straights to overtake. I expect to get some awesome races here!

    1. AntinOz

      Yeah, have you? US$5 is currently AU$4.94. I am tired of people explaining this BS away with “exchange rate”

    2. daics69

      yeah I thought it was a bit much at $8.95. considering the game itself costs prolly 40-50 bux now, if that. for almost $10 I personally would’ve loved to have seen a TRACK PACK!! everyone’s begging for the old GT tracks, which technically we’ve already payed for in the past, HOOK US UP PD!!! rather than just starving for more income. and twin ring motegi?? it’s an OK track, not even close to a great track!! anyways, whatever, they’ve got my money now so there’s no point complaining. recommendation for individuals who think almost 1 bux is too much, go online and find a lobby running the track. save yourself the money and go buy something worthwhile. peace

    3. BMfan

      Yes PD i paid for some of the tracks with GT1,so i don’t want too pay for tracks i played from that game onwards.
      I’m a cheapskate and i don’t want you to make any money for the work you do.

  15. BHalpen

    Well in my opinion this track is a better dual oval road course track than say either daytona or indy. In that it does not use any part of the oval for the road course, making it a seperate track. Just using the same location!

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      I’m afraid I have to agree with you. The infield course at Daytona is sort of bland. Mind you, I do like the superspeedway quite a lot, and when I do race on the road course (which is usually, but not always, with prototype cars), it’s a lot of fun to be able to let the car eat without having to worry overmuch about drafting lines and keeping an eye on the mirror. The best par of any race on the road course is the unique feeling you get when you slingshot past someone on the superspeedway.

  16. xXMann07

    FORZA 4 is like Apple Computer.
    GT5 is like Research in Motion.

    Forza 4 slick new ideas, 114 cars from DLC since game was released, GT5 whatever!!

    Forza4 is Like and Ipad or Iphone – GT5 are taking things for granted like RIM, pretty soon it will be gone; Pooff!!

    How many car packs is Forza4 is releasing compared to GT5.

    I have every to right say what it is I have to say, I am a consumer of this product and I paid for it.
    Please that is all PD/GT5 can give is one stupid lame car (Scion FRS)

    Forever sleep PD/GT5/Sony

    1. ElGreco

      If you don’t like so much GT5 then just don’t play it !! Go play Forza and go to the !! I guess that’s what you want and stop complaining about a game you don’t like !!

    2. linupix

      – GT5 07 GT-R Nürburgring Nordschleife lap times 7:29
      – Forza 4 07 GT-R Nürburgring Nordschleife lap times ??????

      GT5 has accurate tracks, no one else has the Nürburgring Nordschleife laser scan. If you know one other game please let me know.

    3. sibbystiggy

      Have u lost ur mind? u really r a Forza fanboy…cus basically, Gran turismo is gran turismo…its never thought, “hey look, nfs hav this features lets have it too”…gran turismo is it self, not going after somin else, gt is a legend cus its origional & won’t b left dwn,

      Tell me about 1 game which has 1000cars & every car is different & all behave very realistically?
      Tell me about 1 game that that has epic origional tracks?
      Tell me about 1 game which is made by somone who loves racing & is famous at it?
      Tell me about another game pubically mass produced which has lead gamers into the real thing?
      Tell me about 1 racing game which has more realistic tracks?
      Tell me about 1 racing game which is most online played?

      There are less DLC’s cus it takes sooo long to model a car, lack of people but mostly cus the cars are incrediably detailed, physics & graphics

      Let me put it to u this way…Forza calls itself a SIM, but it isn’t & will never be, its a gimmik, ff drifiting, honda jazz quicker than enzo, WIDENING tracks,
      Nurburgring in GT4 is hardly any different from gt5, in other words, GT4 had more realistic tracks compared to Forza 4

  17. xXMann07

    FORZA 4 is like Apple Computer.
    GT5 is like Research in Motion.

    Forza 4 slick new ideas, 114 cars from DLC since game was released, GT5 whatever!!

    Forza4 is Like and Ipad or Iphone – GT5 is is taking thing for granted like RIM, pretty soon it will be gone; Pooff!!

    How many car packs is Forza releasing compared to GT5.

    I have every to right say what I to say, I am a consumer of this product and paid for it.
    Please that is all PD/GT5 can give is one stupid lame car (Scion FRS)

    Forever sleep PD/GTD/Sony

  18. TeamCZRRacing

    I just drove the FR-S in game, and I have to say it’s a fun little car. The handling is nice, it’s fairly quick (especially for a $30,000 car), and it looks cool. Yes, it’s a badge-engineered 86 with left-hand drive, but I don’t think it detracts from the experience a bit. If I had the dough I could easily see myself buying one in real life. I don’t have Motegi yet, but I can see how it could be an enjoyable drive there as well.

  19. Jpen

    Okay so here is the scoop. I am a die-hard fan of this series. I started playing really young on the FIRST Gran Turismo. You guys have to remember that the workers at PD are working around the clock to provide for us. Yes they may charge some for a track or a car. Even if you don’t like the car or track.. you do not HAVE to buy it. I am sure the guys at PD are doing their very best. I do not know what exactly goes into developing a new car in the game but I am sure it is not easy. If you do not like what they release then don’t buy it. If ya do.. then awesome. There is really no point in complaining so much as they really dont have to do this for us in the first place. With their knowledge I am sure they are not solely bound to the video gaming business. Be appreciative and let them do their thing.

    Done ranting.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      I can tell you reasonably well the financial side of it.

      (Let’s assume they have 150 computers in their office. They probably have more, but this is an even number, so it’ll make math easier.)

      They probably have some really high-end equipment there in order to be able to be able to model cars and tracks and calculate light bounce/refraction and other graphical things; I’d place the hardware alone at around the $2,000 range per computer, so that’s $300,000 already. Yes, when you order a bunch of them in bulk – as PD frequently does, no doubt – they do cost less per machine, but even with this discount I wouldn’t go below $1,500 per comp – $225,000. Then, they have to buy loads of software development kits (SDKs) in order to write and compile GT’s code, such as Microsoft Visual BASIC/Visual C++, and commercial SDKs can run into the hundreds of dollars; I recall reading somewhere that a full version of Visual BASIC was $300, so assuming Visual C++ is the same price, installing both of them on all computers would cost PD $45,000, and there are probably more SDKs that PD has that I don’t know about. And then, for the modeling, they’ll have to have Autodesk 3DS Max, which is a whopping $3,500 per license, so for 150 copies of 3DS Max, you’ll have to pay $525,000.

      So, just to sum up:

      Computers: at least $225,000
      SDKs: $45,000
      3DS Max: $525,000

      Already that’s $795,000. And that’s not including employee salaries, licensing deals with car manufacturers and track holding companies, replacing broken parts on the computers, travel costs in order to scan in tracks and test cars, the equipment which they use to scan tracks and test cars, marketing, supporting online servers, bug testing maintaining, or any of the countless other expenses I’m sure they incur developing a new GT game or creating DLC for GT5, the combination of which runs into the tens of millions of dollars. I for one will be buying Twin Ring Motegi a) because I liked it in GT4; and b) because I want to support Polyphony and say thanks to them by working so had to bring us such a fantastic game series.

      So yeah, kids, be grateful that PD is busting their butts and spending such colossal amounts of time and money developing the GT series, rather than yelling at them because “I don’t like this” or “I want this in the game.” There are very few game companies out there who are willing to work so hard for their fans, so be thankful for it. It ain’t easy to develop a game, especially one so huge as any of the games in the GT series.

    2. daics69

      maybe you should do the math about how much income they would have accrued since the release of the game, you can go back to GT1 if you like. write a short novel about that!!

    3. BkS

      @CZRRacinfg – PD is like most gaming, video eidtors, modellers, etc. They have decent machines which will have something like a 2nd generation i7, with 4/5GB of RAM, and a decent GFX card. This way they can run high-end resource eating applications, such as Cinema4D, Avid Media Composer Adobe After Effects, etc. Then once they’ve finished either a model, or video, they’ll render it out using their render farm, which is just a bunch of computers speficially programmed using software / code scripts written by PD themselves which uses the CPU & RAM to their fullest. My suspision is that their render farm probably has around 100-300 computers running Linux, with 64GB of DDR3 1600Mhz RAM, with 2 Intel Xeons. No graphics card required. The servers themselves would cost around 3-4K each. The local computers which the models, patchers, video editors, etc… use would cost around 1-2K each.

      You’re looking well past the 2 Million mark, just in computing power & software alone. :)

  20. LtLeadFarmer

    I’m not really up for paying $5 for Twin Ring Motegi and different variants of it. But hey, at-least we are getting DLC again. Thanks for the free FR-S Polyphony, even though it may be the same as the 86, it’s still a free car :D

    1. seanchump

      +1 I’m not getting the track but I’ll gladly take the free car. Glad they are still updating the game.

  21. Elitekilla29

    Is there weather changeablity on all of the twin Ring Motegi tracks? I didn’t buy the tracks yet becasue I got to pick up a psn card. Thx pd for giving us these tracks. The scion frs is kinda of good.

  22. ViperSRT10ACR

    So when do we get newer non-Japanese cars? I’d kinda like to drive a 2012 Corvette. There’s also a 2013 Viper coming soon… newer Shelby Mustangs maybe? Newer Dodge Chargers? There’s also the Lamborghini Reventon, there’s only 5 premium Lambos, one a DLC. There’s a lot more that’s been made in the United States and Europe.

    This new Scion is basically Scion’s version to the Toyota 86 GT ’12.

    I don’t know if the guys at PD have noticed but there are a lot more cars being made outside of Japan, and they’re not just cars that have already been placed in GT but with minor changes.

    We want new cars, not new versions of the same car every time. This games lacks non-Japanese cars, and that better change when Gran Turismo 6 comes. In the mean time, if we’re going to get a new DLC, let’s get American and European cars, because I personally am tired of getting Japanese remakes.

    1. sangdude82

      I agree with you. I mean GT is known as ‘the real driving simulator’ so it should be covering the most of well known super cars & sport cars across the world. e.g. new BMW M5, Koenigsegg Agera R, Mercedes C63 coupe & SL65 Black Series, Camaro ZL1, 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and so on. I’ll say that the 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition is my favourite car in GT5 but like you said, I would like to see some more variety of (also up-to-date) cars as future DLCs in GT5. if not, please put them in GT6.

    2. chevelleSS396

      I agree with you totally. How about the anniversary Z06 convertible, Cts-V,2013 Viper, 2013 GT500, ZL1 Camaro & M5 F10…..etc!!!

    3. chevelleSS396

      Haha Sandude82 I didn’t see your reply. I’m glad someone feels the same as me. Also all the 70’s muscle cars should be premium by Now-70

    4. sangdude82

      no worries :) i really hope that Kaz & PD will get licensed with more car manufacturers in the future for GT6.

  23. HarVee

    I won’t make you mine, I will continue to wine
    Anytime night or day
    Only trouble is, gee whiz
    I’m complaining my life away…

    I dislike you so that I could die
    I hate you so and that is why
    Whenever I don’t want you, all I have to do is
    Compl-ai-ai-ai-ain, complain, complain, complain
    Compl-ai-ain-ai-ain, complain, complain, complain

    *Just a little song for all them complainers.

    1. montecarlo87

      Us diehards have a right to complain. Just the same as being a die hard fan of a football team. If they are doing stupid stuff while their rival is starting to beat them in every phase, we as fans need to let them know how we feel. Otherwise how would they improve their way of doing business. The best way to keep diehard fans diehard is to keep a winning formula. PD has been failing to do that only paying attention to their precious GT Academy and ignoring the gamers that really matter.

    2. Amac500

      That was cute HarVee, really cute. So negative feedback means a compaint? I though that when such a large group is all “complaining” about the exact same thing that they usual have a point about the product they bought. That’s how buisness goes, feedback is how the company knows if consumers are or aren’t pleased, and the vast, vast, vast majority of are not pleased. Buy the poem was cute, reall cite. How much time did you take righting that?

    3. tpark103

      I have a hard time distinguishing the difference between complaints and plain old whinining. It all sounds like whaaaa!!!!! !!!!!!!whaaaa!!!!!

    4. DuskTrooper

      Haha, cute little song their buddy. But seriously, the consumers deserve the right to complain though.

    5. RobDoggy05

      @ montecarlo87:
      Bloody good way to put it!! And I agree with you 100%.
      PD can only cry wolf so many times until its too late

    1. tpark103

      The lack of appreciation and maturity is disappointing. We all feel your pain some of us have been GT fans for several years. Put on your big boy pants and whipe those tears. Leave that whining for the baby.

  24. sangdude82

    I just tried Twin Ring Motegi Road Course & East Course on a 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition and the track was awesome. it looked like they’ve upgraded the graphics of the track since it’s been used in the GT academy.

    1. HarVee

      Did they? I can’t really tell from the pictures shown in the article above.

      *Not being sarcastic.

    2. Lambob

      no big surprise, since all the Nordschleife mini round events were severely downgraded in realism from GT5

  25. Jason_B

    It’s very simple, if you don’t want it, don’t buy it. It’s 4 new tracks it doesn’t matter that it’s the same venue, it’s still 4 new tracks. If you want to pay whatever every month for Forza then so be it. If you want to pay a little every now and then for GT, go for it. I probably will buy an X-box this winter just for Forza to tie me over until GT6 or whatever comes out. And to be honest, Microsoft and PD have their hands in a lot of different racing things right now. So I would not be expecting to see too much crossover in the type of motorsport related DLC. The bottom line is that they do not NEED to be releasing new DLC at this point, but they both still are.

  26. Jhwang

    I’m ok with the scion, but it will been better if we got the track for free, after all of us been through in the Gt academy gettting all gold.

    1. HarVee

      In a way, I agree. The people who got Gold in all the academy events should’ve gotten a ‘free pass’ on this track.

    1. Flagmo-T

      @Uppmas I agree – A coffe and a donut isn’t much, I often by a Latte – But that’s is the Trick here, Instead of giving it for free, they make the price that small, so they will get some..

      I will buy it, because GT5 needs at least a new track to keeping it alive for me, but I just can’t swing my ass in PD’s direction and say Oh please hit me again, with out saying just a little about it . Like I did pay for it in GT4, so why do i have to pay for it again..

      If PD said we Need more cash to produce a better game, then I will understand, but that would be Suicide for the business, instead they do what they often do, promise endless great ideas, so we jus can’t stop loving them, even if they only deliver some of it, as they do and have done with GT5 overall..

      I still love driving it, and do love the overall feel and quality of the PS3’s rendering of the game, but i hate the commercial part of it..

    2. Flagmo-T

      Well Now I have installed it and opened it – It does looks like it’s been updated a bit to meet the quality, so I guess i should just stop complaining hehe and do some racing instead :o)

    3. BlindZenDriver

      @Uppmas here you’ll only get a coffe for that price so I suppose it’s even more of a bargain :-)

      Seriously – I think it’s okay value for money and since no one is force to buy then I don’t get all the people complaining.

    1. mickoafna

      Just go to PS Store and type Scion and you’ll see it. Download it, install it and it will be in the Downloaded content in GT5 menu :-)

  27. TheEzekiel

    I’ve just bought it and tested it!! Great track PD but give us more :)) there are plenty of tracks from previous series we would love to have in GT5

  28. Lewis_Hamilton_

    Not sure how people say this counts as 4 different tracks or that 4 variations makes it better. If I had a pie and divided it into 3 different shaped pieces, called one East, called another West and the last one Ring/Oval, I would not have gained 3 more pies, all I’ve done is cut one large pie into 3 smaller ones. The same applies here, it’s still 1 track, no matter how you try and name it. The fact that the main circuit does not included the oval

    1. Lewis_Hamilton_

      Stupid phone, never finished what I was saying. Anyway, my final point was that just because the main circuit does not run over the oval, doesn’t really mean the oval magically counts as a whole new track. It is still there in the same location. I don’t count Daytona road course and Daytona oval as 2 separate tracks, it’s all part of Daytona

    2. JaySin85

      The point is, they all give you a different experience. While your pie is still the same flavor and consistency, the different track layouts give you a completely different type of race for each layout. So there are four different tracks, it doesn’t matter that they are all at the same venue.

    3. Flagmo-T

      Love the Story Though :o) – Well – First you build the whole track, and then you just add some barriers, here and there and Wupty doo you got several versions.. But again It’s 1 track with several layouts, but that would still be one track though!! Or maybe it’s a mind game, that less is more hehe :o)

    1. mr_pepps

      I love it when phones phukup :)
      Nice recovery.
      I disagree with you though – the pie analogy is flawed. If you baked a pie with different filling under one crust it would remain the same pie, but each part of it would be different.
      Instead, why not liken the track scenario to a woman?
      The same woman has many different parts, some more fun than others. You might spend more time on some parts that you deem ‘favourite’ compared to other parts you consider ‘repetitive’.
      But no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise it’s still, ultimately, the same woman.
      Time change = haircut
      Weather change = makeup

      What we’re all after is a mistress or two! Something new to play with when we get bored of the wonderful but familiar (Green Hell) woman in our lives.
      In this instance we’re all harking after a few ‘old flames’. Women, sorry, tracks from our pasts…
      It’s all a bit adulterous really.
      Happy racing.

    2. Flagmo-T

      Yep you get a full modeled new car for free, and That IS a good thing, like it or not, No matter how PD tries to meet our demands/request’s they will always be doing the wrong decisions in some minds, so Poteto Potato Potullitut :o)

  29. kevboi

    Cant believe all the complainers, first i read GT5 is dead – there will be no more DLC. Then when motegi east short course shows up, i read ‘i doubt it will be all the variants as PD suck bla bla’. So it turns out GT5 is in fact not dead, you get motegi with all its variants and people still complaining?!

    1. Normalaatsra

      I’ve only complained about the price, yet I’m glad the Super Speedway will return.
      It has become a hobby to complain on the Internet these days.

  30. Normalaatsra

    GT Academy players should get this for free :/
    Well I never touched the GT Academy game, yet I disagree with the price.

    1. Neilson248

      Gt academy players get gt academy for free already… Maybe Pd should just make everything free, that sounds like a good and financially viable idea…

  31. TokoTurismo

    It looks like complainers expected to much, yet again, as usual. Tisk tisk… Hey, PD doesn’t have to keep sell DLC. They can keep the WHOLE thing for GT6 which is the better idea imo. I’m feeling soooo entertained today. :)

    1. NJ72

      then why are you going out of your way to be a douchebag? if you don’t care what others think, then most people dont care what you think. ibso-facto, dont bother posting it on a forum.

    1. NJ72

      absolute BS.
      We wait this long for a post from Zamado75, and in the end it’s this nonsense.

      p.s. the word ‘and’ should never follow a comma. Sincerely yours, The Grammar Nazis

    2. smilerftm

      If you’re going to be a pedant then at least get your facts straight before posting. The word ‘and’ can follow a comma, and the use of it is quite common in many books and texts you will read if you actually bothered reading up on the subject.

      I agree with your sentiment though, Zamado75’s statement was a bit silly although his use of the English language was perfectly acceptable.

    1. BMfan

      Well tell the guy with the gun at your head that you wont buy it no matter what he threatens you with.

    2. TeamCZRRacing

      I’m buying it because I for one am looking forward to being able to drive Motegi again. It was one of my favorite tracks in GT4, so it’ll be nice to see how it feels to drive in, let’s say, a go-kart or a Red Bull.

      (And no, I don’t have a guy pointing a gun at my head – I actually am looking forward to it.)

    3. BMfan

      I’m talking to the “thegame” and all the other people that want to complain that there were no GT4 tracks and when one does come they complain about that as well,because it doesn’t suite them.

  32. Turbo-Kai

    anyone wanna drift during waiting? join my “BIG BOOTY DRIFT” lobby… will open it in a few minutes… lol

  33. mokalovesoulmat

    Two question : 1) Is Twin Ring motegi have weather change and time change in all 4 variations? 2) what is the difference between FR-S and previous one we got? From physics and body? Errgh cant wait to touch my ps3 this weekend

    1. Pit Crew

      Question 1 Not Sure guessing no.

      Question 2 LHD Scion RHD Toyota. Scion slightly Quicker. IMO Toyota GT-R Concept is better then both Production Models, but a fun car all the same, used in the correct racing environment. Drift it (if you indulge) MUHAHAHAHA :)

    2. HarVee

      All 4 variations have no weather and/or time change available. That alone in my opinion, makes this track not really worth $5.00 and really worth about $3.50.

    3. mokalovesoulmat

      Thanks guys! Yeah, looks like it is worth $3.50, not $5.00 :| but I will still buy it because I am really curious why I cannot get gold in GT Academy :|

  34. SamMakinBacon

    erm yey for new free car thats looks like ones we got before!…good choice you seen straight by everyones jokes for a simiple premium supra rz lol

    1. HarVee

      ^ I agree. How can people not be happy with a new car that is essentially free of cost? I guess everyone was too busy expecting that European looking Dodge Viper in the game, and another 50,000 race cars and super cars to go along with it.

  35. danger23

    thx pd but i don’t want the same car i already have.what happened to that shiny new n.s.x. wit all the bells and that just a tease,is it coming out on gt5 or gt6?

  36. moxlox

    More DLC for GT5 = good news. Thanks PD.

    And your £5 purchase (ok a proportion of) is going into PD’s coffers which will fund future GT development; be it GT5 or GT6.

    1. HarVee

      If the track costs $5, then only $2.50 of it would PD see, and the other would go into Sony’s pocket. Sony is basically the middle-man. :|

  37. eminem09494

    We want tracks like Mugello, Imola, Silverstone, Jarama, Jerez, Barcelona and not this!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. etnerdnl

      Go ahead wait 2 years and you ll have it ;) so many ppl forget what an awful lot of time it costs to make those tracks.. Motegi was a remake so much easier. PD aren’t magicians ppl..

    2. Pit Crew

      If we had/have to have a previous GTSeries track, I believe a Sonama/Infenion (Both Variations) Revamp would be a worthy addition.

      In Retrospect, thinking back on the complexety of that track, it would have givin GTAcademy an even greater (IMO) Round 8-5 challenge in that 370Z Tuned. Just visualize that car thru turn 2 (just after NASCAR pit exit) or coming off the slight curve onto last straight b4 the final big right leading back to start/finish line.

      Just an observation embedded in a fantasy.

  38. Motominded

    All this when Forza does a DLC of 10 cars every month? And they are awesome cars. Makes me which i bought the xbox instead.

  39. sgllocal

    prime example of PD going backwards with the game. 1 track and 1 free car, WOW OMFG!!!! and before you say its 4 tracks. its not. its one with 4 variations, Well done PD you failed again.

    1. evanzo7

      So would you rather have nothing at all?

      Can’t people be greatful that they are even giving us extra content!??!?!

    2. etnerdnl

      It’s not like they owe you a track . And you are not permitted to buy it (and you probably will anyway).

    3. evanzo7

      Not just an oval track, there are different variations.
      Again PD could have just forgotten about the game and not done anything with it but they are actually making an effort.
      Even if it was just an oval track, it is still better than no track.

      Sgllocal I have come across you before and you only seem to be negative about everything!

  40. Buzz17091991

    I hope that they put GT5 away (do you say this in that way in Englisch? I’m German) and concentrate their work on GT6. This is more important. Otherwise we’ll really wait for GT6 until 2020.

    1. hairystig

      Yep that’s exactly how you say it in Englisch lol that amused more any other comment on here today :-)

      I think you might have invented a new word there ‘Englisch’ English for/by Germans sort of like chinlish which is Chinese English.

  41. abigor

    Forza Motorsport 4 last DLC ” Porsche Expansion” 30 New Cars. GT5 Last DLC ??? BIG LOL. But i still love you PD.

    1. Fong74

      Don’t forget that alle the Porsches have been removed from FM4 (they have all been included in FM3) to be sold later on for 13€ ;) So the Porsche-DLC is not a convenient point of comparison I think.

      Nevertheless would I love to see more DLCs in GT5. Car-packs (race cars mainly) and tracks are all welcome. I hope PD focuses more on that now that the Academy is over as far as the virtual part is concerned…

      Keep em comin’ PD!

    2. A7X_GT5

      @Fong74 no,Turn 10 lost their license to EA but they re-gained it
      Also,30 Porches for 13EU are a much,much better deal than a bland track for 5EU

    3. Quakebass

      ^ No, it shouldn’t have. EA “stole” (per say) Porsche by disallowing the previously successful sublicense deal (likely due to large amounts of advertising for the 2012 911), so then T10 made SEVEN new Porsches, to add to the 23 that had already been modeled from the previous games; but those 23 cars had also received a graphical upgrade. In NO way should that pack have been free. And when compared to the price points of the GT5 car packs, it still equates to less $’s per car.

    4. another_jakhole

      I was going to add another comment after that to say I wasn’t serious. I meant it sarcastically seeing as how there are some people that say that about what we’ve been getting.

  42. R0ssingt0n

    Looking through some of these comments I can’t believe some of you people call yourselves fans of the game and PD in general… be grateful you’re still getting DLC. If this was call of duty DLC would have stopped ages ago. +1 to Kaz and PD for making sure GT5 is still an awesome game to play and the car is free, you dont have to buy it or even use it so stop moaning. Rant Over :)

    1. evanzo7

      Thank goodness, another person who is grateful for them updating the game, even if it isn’t anything big.

    2. Islaygaz

      I agree Kaz has said that GT6 is under development but keeps improving GT5. He could have quite easily just said to hell with GT5 im gonna concentrate on the next GT. As for DLC like ALOT of people have said its OPTIONAL so you dont need to buy it! but i bet if it was a car from the moaners “wish list” for £5.00 they would gladly buy it and praise Kaz and PD! there is no pleasing some people.

    3. evanzo7

      These additons/improvements to GT5 are nothing major so if GT6 is under development these changes wont take much time away from it.
      PD have been around for many years so I am sure they are a very good and efficent team of people.

    1. forzaturismo

      Yeah!!! and a DLC Cars pack feat:
      BMW M3 GTS
      BMW M5 ’12
      Mercedes C63 AMG coupe Black series
      Mercedes SL65 Black series
      Audi RS5
      Ferrari F12
      Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione
      Viper SRT ’12

    2. sangdude82

      @ forzaturismo

      I like your list. I would love to have those 2 mercedes black series cars more than rest :)

    3. Quakebass

      I wonder what PD’s standings are with SRT – if they can get a license, or if T10’s got exclusivity on it.

  43. mickoafna

    None of EU contries has the DLC yet. Almost every country in Asia Pacific has it and North America (Canda and US) has it.
    We will just have to wait a little longer I guess :-)

  44. mr_pepps

    No DLC on the Euro PS Store at half seven UK time…pls post availability if you’re in Britain and you clock it. V excited about having a new track – gonna rag my tail happy Lotus Carton around it in an Arcade Mode multi-lap mash-up!
    All you moaners chill out.
    All you fanboys keep grinning!
    GT5 is the NUTS and keeps on getting better!

  45. Froudeybrand

    I am not sure if it’s in the Aussie store yet. Any car pack news? Or when is the won Gta cars given.

  46. KilzoneStrife

    Clearly…GT4s track blow GT5s tracks way outta the water…
    I want all of em. Hong Kong. Seattle. But, are we to pay 5$ each when/if we get the opportunity?

    1. HarVee

      I don’t know if we, as a community, should. Especially when the tracks don’t even feature GT5 features (Time change/weather change)

      But, if you’re desperate for new tracks like I am, you’ll most likely spend your money on it anyway.

    1. hairystig

      Some of up just hope its in the store by the time we get home from work :-( those of us unfortunate enough to have a job that is lol

  47. hairystig

    Hope this is followed soon with a MASSIVE car pack, I for one would happily pay 20 quid if the pack had twenty cars I actually want in it.

  48. dethringr

    Since when did offering a critic is label as whining? I wouldn’t buy that Scion if it was a paid DLC. Im sorry, but its just a rebadge Toyota. If some of you are satisfied with that, that’s ok. Some of us would like to see something brand new. And I speak for myself when I say I’m willing to pay for new cars. When I say new, I’m talking about 2012/2013 models. Not updates to GT-R. There’s at least 3 version of the brand new Mustangs that I’m more then willing to pay for. And that new Aston Martin looks pretty nice too. Don’t take this as someone whining for the sake of whining. PD should take this as a challenge to offer wider selection of cars. There has only been 1 Amercian car in all of the DLC, and thats a racing mod of a Dodge.

    1. granddriver

      +1. There’s a lot of fanboys on this site that can’t stand to hear anything negative about the game, true or not. People are entitled to their opinions!

  49. BWX

    Good to have DLC, but no reason to buy it other than on-line racing as there are no off-line GT Life A-Spec uptates that use any new DLC tracks -EVER.. So not much incentive to purchase. Pretty weak.

    1. Hentis

      You have hit the nail on the head there, and to be honest this is really one of two gripes I have with GT5. None of of the new DLC tracks are used in the Aspec racing. Yes they have Spa in one or two seasonal events but I would prefer to see more variations of tracks in the A-Spec events that plough you through the game as well as using more diverse set of tracks in the seasonal events as well.. I feel they really missed on the oppotunity to release an online/offline championshiop maker for Gt5, say a 5 or 10 race championship where you choose the cars, tracks and money awarded. Maybe GT6

      My second gripe is Grid Starts. Lets loose the rolling start, bring in grid starts and start me off from the rear. Its so much better.
      But overall I will be purchasing the track and sticking the Naaaaaaaaaaascars on it for a few laps :) Might even take the ol carts on it for a spin :)

    2. Pit Crew

      @ Hentis I disagree with Grid Start bias, though I feel your pain bro. It should be allowed for online lobbies cuz if you ever did Muscle Car at Daytona or 225 or Equal Daytona Shootouts online, and some NOOB breaks out a Cobra not tuned well for that track (Step 1 Lower Frront Raise back which they never do), usin gridd start is a Recipe for calamity and confusion. :)

  50. evanzo7

    I am a massive GT fan from the first time I set eyes on the original Gran Turismo. It is possilbe my favorite game series and I am going to support it and buy the DLC’s that come out for it as well.

    One thing I don’t get with complaints though is, some people are moaning that it is a track from GT4. If I remember rightly from all the other news articles about DLC it was filled with comments from people wanting tracks from GT4 etc. It just seems people are not happy with what they are given.

    PD also did say a DLC every 2 months but what people don’t understand is that since the last DLC we have had 8 weeks worth of GT Academy that kept both us and PD busy. With that if you got all golds then 8 cars are coming your way pretty soon.

    The Toyota and the Scion may be similar cars yes but the main thing with this is that we are getting it FREE, you don’t have to pay for it. I would understand peoples complaints if we had to pay for it. A lot of cars in the game are similar versions of other cars.

    Just be glad at the fact that we are still getting DLC’s and free stuff, PD could easily give us nothing and just leave the game as it is, if that where the case then you would have a reason to complain.

    1. HarVee

      I’m happy with getting a GT4 conversion, what I personally am not happy with is the fact that it doesn’t have time change and/or weather change.

      I mean, why convert a track from GT4 but not use the great features that GT5 offers?

    2. Hentis

      Clutching at straws here but could be because of time limitations to get it ready for GT Academy, and then a patch could be released for released (thats not saying there will be) for the weather.

      To be honest I think we should all be grateful there is still DLC being created for this game. I know people want everything now but unfortunately it isnt going to happen and we have to deal with it.

    3. evanzo7

      HarVee, thats a good point there about the weather feature but Hentis is proberably correct with the fact that it was originally made for the Academy might be the reason that that feature is not on it.

      Exactly Hentis, we may not get DLC as regular as other games and some of the content may not be as good either but that fact that we are still getting it shows they care and when it comes to the likes of free stuff (scion for example), PD most likely have sponsorship deals with them and thats why these things are released. If PD had the choice of choosing something else then they may go for something more prestigious like the new Aston Martin, Pagani, Viper etc.

      I am happy with the game and PD, keep up the good work.

    4. BlindZenDriver

      What I don’t get is why people keep referring to Twin-Ring Motegi as one track!

      It is two separate tracks placed on top of each other with one being an oval and the other being a road course style track. So what we get is two tracks plus there are two variations on top also.

  51. Hentis

    I really have to laugh at the amount of people that are complying quibbling over the price and it’s just a GT4 track released blah blah blah.
    For the UK this costs £3.99 which is cheaper than buying a pack of twenty cigarettes, a pint of beer, bottle of beer, a shot of your favourite spirit, a night out at the cinema.

    A few months ago a vast tmajority of the people on here were saying how they hope that some of the tracks from GT4 would be nice to have in GT5, I am referring to the infamouse 25 GT4 track logos found on PD’s remote racing site.

    A few weeks ago just as the GT Academy game was released there were loads of people bitching on here about the lack of DLC that was apparently “promised” to you.

    Now when DLC is released we get people bitching about the price, the fact tat it’s a GT4 track and the fact tat the car although it’s FREE is a rebadged version of or we had already got free.

    Hmm let’s see $5 for 4 variations of a track, this roughly equates to $1.25 for each variation. Which is still cheaper than the aforementioned cigarettes, beer or spirits.

    If you want Expensive DLC then check out Railworks 3 and look at the price of their DLC

    Not many developers will still release DLC for an 18 month old game. THINK YOURSELF REALLY LUCKY.

    1. evanzo7

      Well said mate, you are thinking along the same lines as myself, you beat me to posting it though.

    2. hairystig

      $5 for 4 tracks isn’t roughly $1.25 each track, its EXACTLY $1.25 per track.

      Other than that totally agree with all you said.

    3. bretlei

      Cconsidering gt is nearly 2 years old the fact we still get dlc is amazing and said PD care about there games

  52. Amac500

    Forgetting the free car and what not debates, here’s looking at the if the car is the same or not debates. For anyone who wants to k kw for sure if there is or isn’t any differences then read this article on the car and driver website. That’s an official source so there is no question. Here’s the link:

    Conclusion is that it is a rebranded Toyota 86, end of argument!

    1. evanzo7

      A lot of car manufacturers release similar cars, there is nothing new there.
      An example is the Peugeot 107, Toyota Aygo, Citroen C1. These cars are all very similar, if not the exact same but with different badges, it is a common thing in the car industry especially with companies like Toyota and Scion who are sister companies.
      Same with MG & Rover, Vauxhall & Opel.

      End of the day it is a free car we are being given, its better than having to pay for it or not getting one at all.

    2. Amac500

      Cheverolet is doing it as well rebranding a Holden as the Chevy SS, coming to the US in 2014. When Pomtiac made that new GTO back in 2004 it was also a rebranded Holden.

      It is a free car, but I think the thing that stings for people is that we only get a free car about 1 time every season and that this free car is one we have.

  53. GT HP Nut

    I am not going to buy the Motegi Track Pack. I have just downloaded the FR-S, and I will wait for another DLC pack (costing at least HK$14) and buy both of them at once.

  54. WTFnews

    its not on yet in europ, and i seen i can enter it without the DLC, so i was not planning to buy it and now i’m sure i wont also the scion is not in europ yet eighter :(

  55. BHalpen

    So, who knows… is this the only real world track from GT4 that we were missing in GT5? (I know for sure there still is plenty of original tracks we don’t have!).

    1. The Gran Finale

      Infineon. Plus the 80s and 90s variants of Fuji, if you’re counting layouts and not just locations.

  56. TomBrady

    I got the track, did some racing tonight, and I gotta say, I’m really impressed.

    It’s really not the most exciting track to drive on (although the east layout is good), but to race on it? It’s just plain awesome. It’s just one of the courses, that aren’t totally exciting to do a few laps on, but it produces some awesome racing.

    I’m still the type of person that prefers tracks like nordschliefe, and monaco that are awe inspiring to drive on, but even someone like me, will not be dissapointed at all when racing on Motegi.

    It really is a good track, and I thank PD for giving us such a good price on what is basically, 2 tracks.

  57. zlays

    when I first saw something like Toyota added I was thinking OMG Toyota TS030 Hybrid here we go…and then GT-86 again lol :( but Motegi is great :)

    1. Amac500

      Factory LMP cars like Toyota and Audi won’t be added in the same year they are racing. Those premium GT5 graphics are really good, you can go around the car and look at every little aerodynamic detail. That is why they won’t be added until they are out of date. The 2011 Audi R18 TDI or the 2011 Peugeot 908 could be added, but the 2012 one won’t be new. Non-factory cars and especially LMP2 cars with a chassis like an Oreca or a Lola with a Nissan engine or whatever.

  58. Swagger897

    Wow wow wow wow….. Weren’t we supposed to get this track already free if we golded everything in gt academy?…….

    Thats my only concern, and for those who say that they have gotten a rip off with the fr-s, what about in reality with the LR Evoque??…. The 2011 Kia sportage SX looks EXACTLY alike, and thats a huge ripoff!!!

    So there should be no complaining, free is free…. If you want something in life for free, it might be just the same as the competitor, but at least you have it….. For free

    1. Amac500

      True, but this is a videogame and PD doesn’t drop us free add ons often. So when it is a Toyota 86 with a Scion badge one can’t help but feel a little ripped off that there 1 free add on for the season is a Toyota 86 with a Scion badge.

      Since PD only every gives us Jap cars, the next free car better be the Honda NSX, and it would be nice if they gave it a race mod. And the next free add on better not be the Subaru badger version of the Toyota 86 and Scion FR-S

    2. eran0004

      If you golded everything in GT Academy you’ll get a special racing suit. You will also get the cars used in the tests.

    3. jimmywizz

      WOW WOW WOW. it was never said that Motegi would be free. it was some of the GTP ‘community’ who speculated that it would be.

    4. another_jakhole

      ^^^ lol wow wow wow

      It’s just another example of how insane some of these people seem to be.

  59. dethringr

    The track is a nice DLC, but the another another variant of a Toyota FT-86? C’mon, talk about lazy. Someone else is getting a Viper.

    1. sangdude82

      yeah i know. may be PD can counter attack it with the 2012 Camaro ZL1 or 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

    2. Swagger897

      How about the R-18 from last year?? Definately needs to go in from last year, asitwas almost one of the closests race in Le Mans history!! Also would be a shame not to see the nissan delta wing

    3. Amac500

      100% agree about that 2011 Audi R18 TDI proposal. If I could have my pick of any one car for the game it would be the 2011 Audi R18 TDI. And when they give us an LMP, is it real so hard to give us the other numbered versions to? The only thing to change is the car number and the mirror color, surprised they never did that with the Peugeot 908 HDi-FAP or Audi R10 TDI

    4. Amac500

      And btw, the margin of victory last year was 12 or 13 seconds, and it was the closest ever. It also set a record for lead changes, 52

    1. UrieHusky

      Not yet, it will release on the 27th by Americas standards, so tomorrow ^_^ give or take 12 hours for the PS store to update.. ours is a bit slack like that at times

    1. eran0004

      You bet. There aint no such thing as a free lunch, so the free car is quite likely sponsored to promote the real car.

    2. emmettbrown1955

      Absolutely. I reckon modelling cars is an expensive venture so sponsoring is completely understandable. Now if only some other manufacturers than Nissan and Toyota wanted to promote their cars in Gran Turismo… Heck I’d even be happy about Toyota race cars.

  60. KilzoneStrife

    If this was a built from the ground up, great gfx GT5 track.. the price is right.
    But its clearly exactly the same GT4 track in HD with low res textures…

    Kaz is awesome.
    I grew up with GT1 to GT5.

    But.. Im no fool. I bought Spa.
    I bought all the dlc except Route X,
    But I wont be buying this. $5 in my currency is R40 (forty rand) ,yet when it gets to our psn, its going to be more or less $6.

    Im not buying a GT4 track for $6. And as a consumer, I prefer to speak with my wallet.

    Thanks for the car though,Kaz. :)

    1. sanesh21

      What’s up I’m also from SA, get route x bro.I will get this today when our store updates around 4pm,and let you know if you should.

    2. darkpigraph

      Hey there, I’m also from SA, and i also bought all DLC’s except Route X :)

      I might be tempted to get Motegi though, still consideringthe outlay. I’m guessing it will be 55ZAR in the PS store.

  61. KilzoneStrife

    If this was a built from the ground up, great gfx GT5 track.. the price is right.
    But its clearly exactly the same GT4 track in HD with low res textures…

    Kaz is awesome.
    I grew up with GT1 to GT5.

    But.. Im no fool. I bought Spa.
    I bought all the dlc except Route X,
    But I wont be buying this. $5 in my currency is R40 (forty rand) ,yet when it gets to our psn, its going to be more or less $6.

    Im not buying a GT4 track for $6. And as a consumer, I prefer to speak with my wallet.

    Thanks for the car though,Kaz.

  62. ghsnu

    Eh, free is free. Drives nice, but still can’t get over the fact it’s just an 86GT remodeled into an FRS. I feel cheated :(.

    As for Motegi – good track, but from the pictures, it looks as if it’s barely changed since GT4. My only issue is that the DLC track’s popularity lasts for only so long until everyone is back to the usual ‘Ring, TGTT, etc. Heck, I haven’t been around Spa for months due to the lack of rooms (with American hosts at least) and the AI being horrid.

    1. eran0004

      The car is probably sponsored by Scion to promote the real car. If you drove it in a game, you’re more likely to buy it in real life. The car is not meant to add new exciting content to the game, but it’s a sponsored deal to promote the real car. That’s why it comes for free.

  63. GT5 Level 41

    Best thing about the car? I like the asphalt and blue color it comes in. The orange ain’t bad either.

    Tracks will be good online tracks. Not much use in the game w/o an event creator. I did enjoy power sliding into the row of cones on the back straight to see if I could get a “strike”.

  64. Skyline_77

    Oh nice! DLC. :)

    Always gotta show love to PD. They made my childhood and continue to make GT amazing.

    And there’s an absurd amount of complainers, what happened? Forza servers down?

  65. R1SHORT

    Wow. It’s not Wednesday and i’m on Motegi “Super Speedway” or is it “Superspeedway”. Anyway I’m happy

  66. pantellica

    I won’t complain much, but I will just pass on this one again, I’m not a fan of Motegi and for me it shouldn’t be pay as DLC, just a released track from GT4 and another version of the same car with different badge, c’mon lets admit scion FR-S as almost the same as FT-86, there are lots of new cars and more exciting cars than this, yeah in fairness it’s free. So for me I just continue to play my GT5 because I love racing but the excitement is almost gone unless PD can make it really right to update great things for free or even a real worthy DLC next time, I just wait for GT6. sorry for bad english not my language.

  67. TokoTurismo

    To the complainers. You see this is why PD shouldn’t listen to the community. 5 dollars for just 4 layouts, YET there has to be pointless complaining. And theres the car. Its free, okay, DROP the whole damn “Its a rebadge its the same WAAAHHH!!!” Toyota and Scion are like brothers so I’m not surprised. Don’t want the DLC, than okay, understandable. STOP making a big deal over something that JUST came out today you whiny good for nothings.

    There are other games out there too, go get them if all of this is bagging you, enjoyi them, talk done. I’m laughing my a$$ off as to how many are complaining about something that JUST came out. I’m no fanboy mind you, just speaking the truth that sometimes in reality. Developers shouldn’t always listen to their fans. Some will complaining if it isn’t something they like…

    I’ve learn this from a somebody who told me about Final Fantasy and their fans, and he’s smarter than me too. lol :)

    1. sind3ntosca

      the complainers should just download the DLC and try it first for a week… and complain later. Or maybe they’ll just have fun racing :)

    2. schlep16

      I am one of those people i will admit.
      Im complaining the fact that they lie to us telling us every 2 months new DLC, then they delay it by another 2 and release a track from GT4 and another version of the same car with a different badge.
      Its pointless, mean and stupid to do that. Thats why im pissed. I was expecting something big. I dont need Motegi, its not even a good course, plus ill be able to play it online and eventually it’ll come up in seasonals. As goes for the Scion, i can race my Toyota 86 coz to me, there the same.
      Im just dissapointed at PD, pisssed off at making us paying 5 bucks for one track, confused on why they give us another 86 and jealous of forza as they know what the community wants.

    3. starwars22

      It is every 2 months dlc3-> GT Acadamy-> dlc 4. This little map pack is just for the gt Acadamy event and it’s a free car dude who cares. Just don’t buy. Like I said earlier Dlc4 is big almost 20 cars so quit ur bitchin

    4. sind3ntosca

      Hey if u got All Gold in GT Academy, at least u will have all the cars + racing suit GT Academy after July 4th. I know they’re not new car, but just have fun with it :)

      I want to ask u all this: Have you late go to work? Or late on something else? Or you are THE perfect person that never late? …so please, fix yourself first, don’t be late on everything then you can complain to PD. Just have fun guys… :)

      and thanks TokoTurismo :)

    5. Pit Crew

      @Starwars22 I may have miss read your post, but are you saying DLC 3 is GTAcademy Demo? I think, according to your example DLC 4 is GTAcademy Demo. DLC 3 arrived in January DLC 2 December 2011 DLC 1 October 2011.

    6. Pit Crew

      @schlep16 PD never promised only guestimated they would be able to build DLC every 2 months. Last DLC in January till GTAcademy Demo announcement in April.

      If PD is consistent TRM will not be accessible online unless you buy the track pack (Spa SSRX TRM)

    7. Amac500

      Just for the record, Toyota and Scion are not like brothers and are actually more like Father and son. Toyota is Scion’s parent group.

  68. sind3ntosca

    So excited this morning… turn on my PS3, go to PSN Store… but DAMN!!! The PS3 System need update first… Hahhahaha… my oh my. Be patient… rrrrrrr… :p

    It was so fun and so hard to get gold at Motegi in GT Academy last few days… but i finally got all gold. Just waiting for the price after july 4 :)

    C’mon system update, faster fasteeer… i want to buy Motegi. Oooh my internet so slow @_@ hahaha…

    1. sind3ntosca

      @Starwars22: No, i’m using PSN US, it’s OUT NOW… i just bought it!!! Finally the PS3 update complete. I have fun with Jag VS Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak hohohho… quite nice race on Motegi. I will try all the layout later :)

  69. smskeeter23

    Wow. Judging by the posts I see here I’m guessing the average age of ranting poster to be 16 or younger. You want Forza? Go get it.

    Different tracks, cars, livery, blah blah blah. PD could have dumped this ages ago and you wouldn’t have anything to cry about.

    Besides everyone knows all this game really needs is a skidpad and a Reliant Robin :P

    1. grazbro

      Here’s the issue for everyone. You embrace the series for what it is. GT5, Forza, NFS etc. If you are a true gear head, then you will enjoy the games as the are. They may be not perfect, and lots of us have fantastic ideas in ways they can be improved. Make it fun for yourselves. No one is twisting our arms to buy DLC’s, no matter if you agree or disagree with the content or price. Some of spend a small fortune on DLC’s, others pick and choose. That’s what its all about. Have fun and burn rubber!

    2. smskeeter23


      I bought it and immediately had a blast on the oval with NASCAR. I think that may just be the best one in the entire game for it now.

  70. MasterSquidP4

    Does anyone else notice more competitive AI & less tire wear? I ran 23 laps around Motegi Superspeedway in a Minolta with Racing Hards. I could have gone to lap 27 though. Then I pitted & put softs on & did 18 laps.

    1. Amac500

      The tire wear on an oval will always be lower then on a road course. Your going through less acceleration and decelerations, less corners, all that stuff. The AI most likely just finally learned run faster on ovals or your just not use to it or the car isn’t set up the same as the rest. AI won’t change without an update. Wish they made the AI harder though. Ya know what they really need to do for the AI though? The AI needs to do things like change lines entering a corner when I’m close enough to attempt a pass. Ya know, they just take an inside line into the corners so I have to stay high. Then it could late brake as well and take a line to go user me. Then they could do things like lock it up and maybe run off track. They could be a but more error prone to. But really all they need is to make the AI so that they react when I’m so close to them and change their line when I’m with in a certain radius off them. I wouldn’t mind getting taken out by the AI every now and again either ;)

    2. GT5_Honda_Guy

      Thank you PD! Looking forward to future fun as well!

      Most everyone else, get a different hobby.

  71. tpark103

    Fantastic can’t wait to get on my PS3 tonight. I’m always excited when I can add something new no matter what it is. Thanks PD

  72. skyrunr10k

    I think I can tune the frs to be faster than the academy gtr, lol! Already did a 1:30 with slicks and really enjoyed the track.

    1. skyrunr10k

      Anyone else want the cones back just for fun? I would mind them with a tuned car and not stopping the gameplay.

    2. Amac500

      I liked the cones, added some extra element for some reason, the ones on the apex especially feel legit.

    1. HarVee

      Yes, but it’s not the exact same. Many people here are claiming that it is the same car, with only the badges different, and that is not true.

    2. Amac500

      Are you seriously saying there is a difference. Its a known fact in the automotive world that they are the same cars rebranded under Scion and also Subaru from their parent company Toyota. There is no even arguing it, they ARE the same cars with those different badges. The performance is identical, they chassis is identical, everything is identical except for those small little minut things like a slightly more rounded or open spot here or there. Seriously, you think there is a valid difference between the two? Because that would make a total of 1 on that side of the table.

    3. Nissan Lover

      They may be the same on the outside and inside,there is a PERFORMANCE difference between the FR-S and the 86 GT.I just recently done a speed run in both cars with same HP and all original stock parts.BUT,the 86 GT was faster in top speed,acceleration,and the running mile.

      HP: FR-S:202 86 GT:202
      Weight:FR-S:1230kg 86 GT:1230kg
      PP:FR-S: 408 86 GT:409
      But here are the performance difference…
      0-1/4 mile:FR-S:0:15.257 86 GT:0:15:210
      0-1 Mile:FR-S: 0:38.208 86 GT:0:38.178
      0-60:FR-S: 0:06.861 86 GT:0:06.804
      0-100:FR-S:0:17.209 86 GT:0:17.026
      Highest speed i managed:FR-S:143.6MPH 86 GT:154.1MPH
      Highest G-Force I Managed: FR-S:0.65 86 GT:0.65

      *The only thing i did was changed the oil.And i don’t know why,but those Japs(and other European or Foreign Automotive Company) always detune their car in the American Market.
      **And Amac500,i didn’t but the stats for you,i put them there for other people to see.
      And i agree with HarVee,it’s the same car but different badges and slower performance(for the Americans)

    4. Amac500

      Actually, as I can see some Americans getting offend at somebody by your comment, but I can see that making sense. It probably has to do with alot of the emission and safety laws for the US market, mainly the emmison control crap they need to put on the engine / exhaust system and so on and so on. I can see that though. I wonder though if you use manual or automatic shifting and also the default settings on the cars, as for some I. GT5 the default traction control isn’t the same for all cars. But yeah, otherwise I can see the emmison restrictions being the reason.

    5. Amac500

      Actually wait, no. I just remembered something I myself have observed in my cars doing seasonal events. I’ll have the engine restricted on my cars so that it just fits into the PP, most I can fit. Then I’ll go right then to run the race a second time because the PP on my new car will have magical gotten higher in the 5 lap race. This is because with new cars, as in the real world. They don’t meet maximum performance when they are new, the engine has to warm up to it first. Now I’m assuming you used the Toyota 86 that you were given when it came out and the brand new Scion FR-S. Therefore, the Toyota whose engine has warmed up and came to it’s performance peak out performed the engine that was brand new and never ran before. Thus, the performace edge to the older Toyota.

    6. HarVee

      I wonder how many times I will have to argue, until these people can get it through there thick skull that this car isn’t the same as the Toyota variant.

  73. HarVee

    Can someone who has bought this track, confirm whether or not is has Day/night cycle and/or weather?

    P.S, just got done putting about 200 miles on that Scion.

    1. Amac500

      The night part I can understand but no weather is a little disappointing. I feel like weather and time changes should be a given on new tracks because everybody wants it, and I can understand no time change, though Spa should have had it, Motegi should have at least had weather on the main road course. I understand no time change at Motegi though, I guess, but I fell it was kind of unacceptable, and I don’t really like to use that word because it’s pretty harsh, when there was no time change at Spa. Spa holds a 24 hour race and the WEC race there went through a time change.

  74. Toyota2jz

    WTMF? This track should be free, for all who participated in the GT Academy 2012. And a track that has been in the previous series of GT? Should have been added from the beginning… *disappointed*

    1. Amac500

      That’s what I’m saying. Maybe not free but it would have made sence to give you this track pack if you got all golds in GT Academy, because be it all bronzes gets you the same awards for completing as gold.

    2. Uppmas

      Do you think PD makes these track so that your little spoiled asses would be happy? Nope, wake up to reality, you cant get anything you want, you spoiled brat.

    3. Amac500

      That was a total waste of a comment Uppmas. And I would like to point out the PD is running a buisiness and part of that is consumer satisfaction, so yeah, making our consumer asses happy is part of the job. Calling somebody who proposed 1 thing free in conjunction with another of the company’s events a “spoiled ass brat” is a pretty lame response and the comment wasn’t even close to spoiled brat criteria. Everybody can have an idea to add something to GT5. It just make you look like a grumpy ass douche bag, you grumpy ass douche bag.

  75. BHalpen

    So I guess this track has no new add feature or functions like weather or night to day transitions to differ it from the gt 4 version?

  76. Lambo24

    This DLC is great and I’m not going to complain about it, however; I would love it if PD put more racecars in (alms, lemans, grand am, etc) like forza and shift have. I want to drive a Audi r18 rather than 15 different skylines.

  77. Amac500

    See, they give you the special Nissan suit for completing GT Academy with bronze or higher. I think they should have thrown in something else for silver and higher, and then if you were won of the couple thousand of us that got gold the Motgei pack would have been appropriate I would think, but I guess not.

    I think the Motegi pack is maybe the most fairly priced pack yet. 4 tracks for 5 dollars, that to me seems good. I was excepting a car pack though, bummer. When we get some the inevitable Nissans should be some LMP2 Nissans. Le Mans Nissans are literally the only cool Nissans they could give us, considering it is they or more wasted repeats of GT-Rs, which I have grown to hate since GT5 was flooded with them. I mean, what do you want? Another Nissan GT-R or an Signetech Oreca Nissan LMP2 car that the winner of GT Academ gets to drive. Seems like an obvious add, but they haven’t yet for some reason.

    1. Amac500

      It’s not the same track it is the 4 differen layouts at one facility. There is an oval, there is a long road course (that’s already 2 tracks, same as the spa pack got you) then there is a very short west course, an then there is the East course which shares a but more the half of the full course, but the way it forms it makes the first corner complex a totally different deal, plus the start finish line and the pit road on the east course are in a different spot then the main course.

  78. A_Higher_Place

    The detail in the pictures doesn’t look that great.. how was the track in GT Academy? I don’t want to buy a bland track.

    1. HarVee

      The track was “bland” in GT Academy too. Honestly, it doesn’t look like they did anything different to the track since it was used in the Academy.

    2. schlep16

      The tracks like London, madrid, eiger are the best tracks because there so life life. Motegi, monza, nurburgring are all greenery and track. Not to exciting.

    3. Amac500

      Look at some real world racing from the track. Indycar has raced at both the oval and last year the road course, the highlights to both are on indycars official YouTube account. That’s a good way to tell I think.

      In GT Academy they use the East Course and I thought it was good. The first corner complex is pretty fun. There was hard breaking for the first corner and then it snakes and each corner through it gets a but faster and a bit faster. It’s really fun pushing it hard out of that complex and onto a long straight. Then there’s a right handed and a longer one into what I found in GT Academy to be the hardest corner in the game. There is a left handed that isn’t too bad, but then there is this long right hander. The racing line says you should be able to go through it just about flat out and it look like you can. However for some reason you can’t easily because the car starts spinning and pushes off straight. It’s a challenging through there, and I greatly enjoy that in a race track. Then there is a left hander and a hairpin that launches onto the big main straight, so the hairpin is a good spot to pass or set somebody up or turn 1. But I know that challenging right hander is also part of the full course, as all but a couple corners in the middle of the first complex are. There is also a west layout which I have no clue about and there is an oval. There should be something for everyone with in the 4 tracks and honestly it makes more sence to get then the first track pack that had Spa and a go-kart track. This one offers you much more for different racing options.

  79. schlep16

    Also, ‘PD listen to the community’ Yeh right!
    You put in an old Supra, a Tom supra, a yellow hat etc. Is it hat hard to give us the normal Toyota Supra that we all want, the standard one. Same goes for a Bugatti, why model a new car and not make it Premium? kinda defeats the purpose.
    This game does not have 1000+ cars. It has 250+ the other 950+ aren’t exactly ‘cars’ there just remakes from GT4 added in so PD can boast 1000+ cars.

    1. ImprezaAddict

      What? How are the Standards not cars? By definition they all have an engine, transmission, four wheels, steering wheel, suspension, etc. They are cars.

      That the Standards are not up to what you want them to be is different.

    2. schlep16

      “That the Standards are not up to what you want them to be is different.” this is wat i meant hahaha.
      U cant boast 1000 cars when 950 of em are GT4 replicas. There not PS3 worthy, therefore don’t put them into GT5 and focus more on making them premiums or giving every1 the cars they want.

  80. schlep16

    This is ridiculous, i dont care if you people are saying ‘you moan for a track and a car and once they give it to u or still moaning’
    no thats wrong. PD promised us 2 months DLC. They waited ages to gives us new DLC and what do they give us? A re created GT4 track and another version of a GT-86. If this brand is supposed to be competing with Forza and NFS why not gives us something worth while. This is an insult, Forza get a free viper whilst we get another GT-86. U can’t exactly call this ‘DLC.’ The reason we moan is because there is so much hype for new DLC and they end up giving us crap. Why do bother then? Some of us have spent alot of money on them, buying the steering wheel, all DLC, the special editions etc. They give us crappy DLC. This is why I have stopped GT5. Its not exciting, there not innovate…there crap.

    1. schlep16

      cool for u. Im not crying i dont care really, its there lost not mine. im not playing GT5 anymore, nor am i buying any of there products. Im sure i won’t be the only one. If they can’t provide why shall i offer.

    2. HarVee

      1) GT5 isn’t competing with NFS, as NFS is an arcade racer, not a simulation racer.

      2) Why should it compete with Forza? Forza is a 360 game, not a PS3 game. And as far as I know, GT is the only racing simulator on the PS3 Unit.

    3. schlep16

      People who are looking to buy a PS3 or an Xbox and love cars and racing, if they read reviews and did research they’d most likely go for Forza. In some respect its competing, people can easily go from PS3 to Xbox or visa versa. People who love gaming and love cars enough would. Also, the fact that PS3 community sees that Forza/Xbox community is offering more PS3 community/GT5 might stop buying the products of PD and move onto different games due to jealousy and what, almost like a strike.
      Sounds far fetched yes.. But is possible. You shouldn’t under estimate what humans are capable of when pissed off or jealous.

    4. 70hemi

      I agree with Schlep, This is getting out of hand. PD could be doing much better. If they truly cared about their customers, they’d take some ideas from Turn10, 1 being to actually LISTEN to their fanbase and give us cars WE want, not what they want and same with game features. Shouldn’t be hard with the resources PD has.

  81. fallfast90

    The FR-S is free, you can go ahead and download it now! You can’t purchase any F.I. for it though.

  82. JDM Bart

    All i want is an PREMIUM Mark IV Toyota Supra!
    Then the 90’s Japanese supercars will be complete ;)

  83. UND3RD0G

    Anyone think the Subaru BRZ will be released as a DLC in the near future?
    I’m kinda disappointed with how the Scion FR-S in GT5 has the exact same specs as the 86 GT. I was expecting the car to have 200+ HP and a bit of weight like its real-world counterpart :/ but oh well. I went into GT Auto with the FR-S hoping there would be some new wings or exstension(s) but sadly the car shares the same body kits, Go Figure :o! Can anyone spot the difference between the 86 GT and FR-S showroom paints beside their names. Well I’m glad the car was at least free to download :p.
    I hope Polyphony Digital could make good use with the Scion marque in the premium dealership like add the newer versions of the xB, tC, and add the new iQ.

    1. Amac500

      Good question Shelp, none. The FR-S is pointless because it is the exact Toyota 86 we all ready had. Everything else is crap that no man with balls wants to drive. Seriously, the only people who thinks “Scion” in the NCD is good news is somebody who either now or use to own a Scion car, and that’s all. That or they are the kind of people how like the Nissan Leaf, and those kind of people shouldnt even play GT5 because you sure as hell have no buisness with racing if thats the case. Seriously, one reason to like them, somebody tell me. If we want new street cars how about some new Audi models with the new LED headlights that look so fantastic, those would be cool if ya want street cars. Scions are just pointless though. There are 1,000s of better cars to add and / or make premium before Scion. Personally I want some current Le Mans cars. Since they have a deal with Nissan then an LMP2 Nissan makes sence to me. Nissan is clearly interested in marketing through Le Mans since they powered 13 of the 20 LMP2 cars this year. Who wants a Scion before that also realistic add?

    2. Flaco13

      …its a good thing regarding future dlc because we now know PD might add other manufacturers to the NCD. Whoever thinks that GT was all and only about race cars is absolutely ignorant and shouldn’t play GT5 but would be better off buying a PC SimRacing game for that person did not understand a slightest piece of what GT is all about. It is about CARS, all kinds of CARS from the Patent Motorwagen until Formula’s and EVERYTHING in between including Scion’s Dacia’s and Kia’s

    3. schlep16

      Amac i can’t agree more.
      If as u say, well they do… have a contract/deal with Nissan, why not put in a Deltawing. EVERYONE! Would buy that over a Scion or a toyota 86. It would bring GT5 back alive again.
      If they combined a Deltawing, with the motegi pack for the same price i wouldn’t be complaining. i’d be cheering and i’d be the first person to buy it

    4. Amac500

      I’m not a huge delta wing fan since I was staying posted on the car and know it was built on an Aston Martin AMR-One tub with parts fabricated in America and the engine is from a… Chevy Cruze WTCC car rebranded as a Nissan. It shares qualities of the Juke R but isn’t from one and no part of the deltawing was developed by Nissan. had it on march 8th of this year I think if you look in the archives. But ya, I just can’t get passed that. But still, I’ll take it, lol.

      Now for you Flaco13! Where did I say the game was all about race cars? I said that what I personally wanted to see was some Le Mans cars, thats just the thing I wanted added. Everybody has their own list of things they want added to the game, Schelp just said he wanted a deltawing. I never said that the game should only be race cars. I spent an equal amount of time talkin about wanting new Audi street cars in the game. What, did you get all offended because you are one of those Scion owners or Nissan Leaf supports and got so upset about that that you had to focus on 1 part of my post and pretend another part didn’t exist so you could make 1 post full of inaccurate insults to exact your revenge? Come on now buddy, you were pulling hard for that. I do though see what you mean about adding new cars to the NCD.

  84. Flaco13

    omg, you guys really make my day. “We don’t want cars we want tracks”. Now there is a track it just ain’t good enough. “Now we want more cars” well you will find something to moan and cry about the next car pack anyway, no need to be a prophet to know that. I just sit back and laugh. (and wait for the store update in europe… those kids, lmao

  85. Dominic Toretto

    $5 for 1 track… seriously this car is turning up to be the next Skyline or Miata, ANOTHER FR-S (FT86, concept, etc etc). Whats next… the BRZ, its so hard just to change an emblem smh ,,,,, we only waited MONTHS just for another version of an already crappy car thx

    1. HarVee

      “Whats next… the BRZ”

      You know what? I would not mind if PD gave us that car too.

      “its so hard just to change an emblem”

      They didn’t just change the emblem, they had to remodel a majority of the vehicles interior.

  86. HarVee

    Luckily, this DLC will give me something new to mess around with. I won’t be able to purchase the track until thursday, but at least I can download the car.

  87. Neenor

    £4 for a GT4 port and a duplicate car? You have to be joking PD……

    I can’t help but feel so let down, both by PD and the GT5 community. All these people who post stuff like “I’ll happily pay for more cars and tracks…or…I can’t wait to dip into my wallet to pay for this…etc”

    Well if you’re so happy we have to pay more money to complete an incomplete game, maybe you can pay for mine too?

    All of these updates should be free. PD owes us.

    1. HarVee

      “All of these updates should be free. PD owes us.”

      All the game updates are free?

      DLC isn’t updates, it’s add-on content. What’s so wrong with adding new content to the game?

  88. abigor

    hahahah KingDiamond83 you can stick this example deep in your …!!! This DLC is bad end everybody knows that!!!

    1. TokoTurismo

      Disagree. That’s YOU who believes its bad, while the rest believes its good. Your’re a fanboy of some other games or just a troll, so why I’m wasting my time telling you this is beyond me. >_>

  89. Hentis

    So loads of people were crying for DLC when we get it they cry when they have to pay for it. Idiots!!!

    1. Hentis

      I really think they should consider themselves lucky they are still getting DLC for an 18 month old game!

  90. marktyper

    Yay Motegi! But I don’t get why the Scion FR-S is a DLC while we got it as the 86 GT just recently for free. :o why? why? why? it’s the same car. Anyways, I’ll still get the DLC because of Motegi.

  91. KingDiamond83

    Will you crybabys just shut the hell up? At least we are getting something and not nothing ok? Kaz has gaven us so much for the game for free. he knows the game isnt perfect, so thats why he is trying to do the best to get us satisfied. and when you guys complain about repeat cars, you guys are forgetting the fact that most games have repeat cars too. In NFS Hot Pursuit, why the hell would i want a lambo gallardo and a gallardo spyder? There is no difference except the top. So why would you guys go and say that GT is only repeat cars when i gave you an example of another game with repeat cars?

    On a positive note, i am excited for the DLC. The FGT is my version of an IZOD Indycar since they dont have those, and its good to see a new oval

    1. That_guy100

      Because they’re hypocrites. Funny thing is, if both those lambos were in this game, or if the spyder was offered in DLC, they’d be praising the DLC and saying how amazing it was. But as soon as another car that is slower or not close to the speed of that lambo gets a duplicate, they start complaining.

    2. Kumaclimber

      Kaz hasnt given us anything for free. I don’t know about you but I had to pay real life money for my copy of gt5

    3. RandomCarGuy17

      I actually would like a gallardo spyder to be in the game TBH, lol. I do agree though that some people do complain too much about not getting what they expect. I’m just happy with Twin Ring Motegi being back in the GT series and I’m glad the scion FR-S is going to be added to the game. I wish they added the Subaru BR-Z though.

    4. Pit Crew

      @Kumaclimber We got a RedBullX1 Free, GTR 500 Stealth, SchulzeMotor sport GTR (Kazs) 2 Toyota 86, A GTAcademy GTR (Non Black Edition) Free.

  92. HuskyGT

    So can I download the Scion right now, or it will appear after an update of some sort?

    I’ll get this track. It’s so worth it. Too bad I emptied my PSN wallet after waiting for so long, so it’ll be a long time util I buy it. And don’t worry everyone, I’m sure the next DLC will be a car pack.

    1. HuskyGT

      Nevermind. I just downloaded it. This car was already included in the last update since it only weights 100k. I can also confirm that we have a new manufacturer in the New Car Dealership. Kind of gives me hopes that a couple others will be added later.

      the scion is correctly LHD. It has the same body kits than the 86 and also wheel selection. I’ll test it right now…

  93. hairystig

    yay another rebadged/duplicate car just what gt5 needed!

    new tracks are always welcome though and I don’t think the price is unreasonable .

  94. JaySin85

    It’s funny that this track has a, Gran Turismo Café, yet it wasn’t even originally in the game. That should mean it’ll automatically be in every GT game.

    Oh well, at least we have it now.

  95. gamerdog6482

    Last week my PS3 stopped connecting to the internet. Still hasn’t been fixed. WORST POSSIBLE TIME.

  96. TankAss95

    I’ll be buying for sure. Motegi is awesome and will be the place of some very sweet 400-500 pp races. The scion FR-S is basically the same as the Toyota I think, but maybe a little less tail happy? Sorry I’m not sure it’s just what I’ve heard.

  97. R35 SKYLIN3

    new DLC! Giving us a track… we should have already had, give us a 3rd version of the same car… lets charge $5! wow… great ideas kaz!

  98. PorkyTheRacer

    Wonder if scion will be in dealership with tc maybe. And I hope the frs can be turbocharged

  99. PorkyTheRacer

    I just hope aero kits are different in the frs. Where is the NSX though or the zl1 or a gt500 I’m kinda dissapointed on that

  100. RentALife

    Kazunori Yamauchi listen to the video game players and put more cars and rims and make features we ask for in the game after gt academy this year don’t do one thing else than work on the game if you put 10 new cars in the game (EXOTIC CARS) and 5 new tracks like for ex:SLIVERSTONE OR WATKINS GLEN atleast 5 new tracks with like 10 NEW SET OF RIMS and then make the DLC 15$ and what ever the price diffrence is around the world you’ll make more money and you make us players feel better then that will shut us up for the next couple of months

  101. acedition333

    Eh, I hope the next DLC will bring some excitement. Waiting for this was kind of a let down. But we’ll take what we can get, one track /one car is “eh” for now. PD, you can do better!

  102. Gturbo5

    4 Tracks – Succes!
    1 Car – Failed! no special!
    Reward – GT Academy – Succes!

    MINI Update =(

    WHERE Is New Nsx 2012?

  103. TheeFrogmanlego

    OH the complaints, who wants me to link them to the two hundred pages complaining as to why we don’t have the scion fr-s..
    Thank you Kaz , if i could id shake your hand, your games shaped my life and love of cars, thank you.

  104. LR-MR-Cole

    What happend to the DLC every two months? And this DLC is a Track Pack. Dont understand the part of the Scion FRS and Toyota GT86. But it is free if they charged say $2-3 for a car we already have than would have been pissed. I WANT NEW M5, Paganis like Huayra, Cinque, Tri Colure, 760RS, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Just new cars. Oh and notice how Forza is the new sponser for all these BIG races now like 24hr races and it used the be Gran Turismo. I still think they do 24hr Ring but Forza is taking OVER. Yeah physics suck but they keep fans happy and it only takes a month to make 10 cars it takes PD 10months to make 1 and they look way better in Forza. Im about done with GT5 and ready for Forza

    1. RentALife

      I agree gran turismo 5 need to pick up the pace gt academy stop it for ATLEAST one year and worry about the game gt5 is doing all these other things but not working on the game forza ain’t got to worry about no sponsoring races well not much and no academy to make real race car drivers ain’t nothing wrong about making real life race car drivers but it’s to much drama on gran turismo stop everything and just work on the game

    2. TheeFrogmanlego

      we did get dlc every 2 months , gt academy counted as DLC per say.. , it fits the time slot perfectly.
      Go play forza , no ones stopping you.


      prize cars = cars we already have with stickers on them, it’s as bad as the re-branded Toyota 86

  105. RentALife

    I don’t want a scion or Toyota no slow cars give us like the porshe gt3rs and Ferrari fxx or buggati super sport last good cars was the aventador and Aston Martin talking about Aston Martin give us the one-77 come on gt5 you guys and girls over there are lagging back

    1. That_guy100

      Theres nothing wrong with slow cars. Gran Turismo isn’t only about high end racing cars. Infact, the series was never narrowly focused on that.

  106. Flagmo-T

    Well!! I would like to alter the idea that the Scion are free, more to have a better feeling to buy this DLC..

    SO How to do that!! :o)

    I persuade my mind to believe, that the Track/s are the ones that are free, and the Scion is just very expensive in this DLC, but at least i haven’t pay for the track/s twice then..

    I’m sure my wife will understand that better, otherwise she would Kick Mr.PD almighty virtually Because i will buy it anyway LoL Hmm :o)

    1. Yauma9

      Actually, this car is 30% new, for example now is left hand drive, and it has some different parts than the 86.

    1. RentALife

      That’s what I’m saying I don’t want this crap give us like ferrari fxx or porshe gt3rs or even the gt academy cars they use in real life I don’t care just give us something worth our money not some bs

  107. ThaSyn

    DLC is always nice and I’m certainly buying it, but I’m still waiting for the tracks I expected to get from the start but didn’t. Where are those GT4 beauties???

  108. Quakebass

    Looks like the the other currencies get ripped off again – 5 Euros = $6.30 (USD), 4 Pounds = $6.24 (USD).

    And I was expecting a car pack; this is very little content for the time it took to release it. GT Academy may have taken a lot of work, but I don’t think that’s a good excuse. Very disappointing. And where’s the NSX…?

    1. Quakebass

      4 variations of one track; essentially two tracks due to the Speedway and standard circuit, but the circuit still has three variants.

      But yes, ONE car is VERY disappointing.

  109. e30 freek

    This is by far the worst complementary car for this racing circuit they could have just put a spoiler on the e90 m3 and gave us the m3 gts :p

  110. Kobooi

    So no surprises, it’s as dull as expected. I’m actually looking forward to see the screenshots of the Forza July car pack that is revealed later today. At least T10 knows how to bring some excitement. And I don’t even have an xbox.

    1. Uppmas

      What’s the point in car DLC? One of my friends said ”Car DLC is pointless, I haven’t even tried half of the cars that are in the game without DLC”. Tracks are the things we get bored to, not the cars.

    2. Quakebass

      ^ I agree, but there’s still some cars that would be very nice to have; Premium race cars are on my list now. We don’t have that many now that I look at the list.

    3. TheeFrogmanlego

      Who wants new cars when half the tracks in that game are stale, forza needs new tracks yet turn10’s to lazy to model anything.. all there stuff is outsourced with the exception of tracks.. so good luck getting a new track .

  111. MGTTTTT

    What I really like about this track is it runs really smoothly at 1080p with no tearing on GT academy 2012. Tracks that run smoothly at 60 fps are much better and more popular for online racing. The worst offenders for tearing like Kartspace and madrid are really unpopular online.

    I am personally looking forward to putting all those practice laps in the Gt academy to good use in some classic online battles. Thankyou PD for your continuing support of GT5.

    On another topic. I own all the Dirt series and I just dont play them because they run badly at 30 fps and there is screen tearing I HATE SCREEN TEARING!!! The dirt online lobbies are also full of kids who ram you all the time!!

    1. ZedMan1996

      Sounds cool man! Use the Tuned GT Academy Nissan 370Z on that track as a competition to live on the final event of GT Academy 2012

    2. TomBrady

      At least you don’t have it on Xbox. Xbox is notorious for having ridiculous amounts of screen tearing. Sometimes on multiplatform games, the xbox may run a slightly higher frame rate than PS3, but the PS3 also has almost no screen tearing for the most part. And on exclusives, just look at Forza 4 if you think Dirt or Grid is bad about frame tearing and FPS droppage. They’re nothing in comparison, and Fm4 is supposed to run at 60FPS lol

    3. MGTTTTT

      After Reading a few reviews for Forza I went down to a GAMES retailer to give it a try. After a couple of laps I couldnt believe how it got such good reviews for graphics. In my opinion It definitely didnt run or feel as good as GT5. I was consisidering buying an xbox just to play Forza 4 but Im glad I did a bit of hands on testing first. Im not a fan boy by the way, I am nearly 40 and know a good game when I see one.

    4. TomBrady

      Yea I wasn’t trying to bad mouth Forza. It’s a great game, but I just can’t get into it. It’s realistic, but simply not realistic enough for me. Graphics are not as important as physics anyway

  112. PhillGuy

    Again selling us a car we basically already have. Nice!

    Can’t they give us something new for a change.

    Actually now that I think of it how many cars have they sold us that aren’t really new. And a track… one track… who cares.

    Spa sucked and is unraceable. Route X is useless and boring.

    1. mcfizzle

      The Scion is free so there is no selling involved and if you think Spa sucks and is unraceable then you have been racing with the wrong people.

    2. Quakebass

      I’m surprised by your opinion on Spa… But I understand how one can dislike Route X, but it’s main use was for speed testing… so it has a use. Scion is free – it isn’t being “sold” to us. Aventador, Mini Countryman, Aston V12 Vantage, ’66 Beetle, ’10 Golf and Scirocco, 2 new Karts, quite a few racing versions of many cars… These weren’t “new” to you…?

      But I AM disappointed that there isn’t a car pack being released.

    3. Flagmo-T

      Well!! I would like to alter the idea that the Scion are free, more to have a ok feeling to buy the DLC.. SO!! :o)

      I let my mind believe that the Track/s are the ones that are free, and the Scion is just very expensive, but at least i haven’t pay for the track twice then.. I’m sure my wife will understand that better :P

    4. PhillGuy

      To Quakebass

      I think that Spa could be a good track but so many people do not know how to race there, I also find the penalties there far to strict.

      As far as the cars, with all that cars out there not in the game that should be made, we have the Murciélago don’t need the Aventador, is any one going to use a larger Mini, Aston v12 Vantage=DB9 in almost every way. really a 66 Beetle that was a novelty for five seconds. And the Gold and the Sirocco are the same car except one is 4wd.

    5. Quakebass

      ^ I don’t see why we don’t need an Aventador; it’s faster, even better looking (in my opinion) and a spiritual successor to the Murciélago. Saying that is like saying we didn’t need the two different Murciélagos. I’m sure some people would use a larger Mini in some way. The V12 Vantage is far faster (and pretty much better) than the DB9 in almost every way… And there’s PLENTY of Beetle fans out there; the Beetle is an iconic car (despite what many people think of it [Jeremy Clarkson… tsk tsk]). The Golf and Sirocco may be nearly the same car… But they look very different, and I believe the purpose of the two separate cars is really the different drivetrains. And what about the TC’s and Karts? You din’t say anything about those. I’m amazed that you didn’t mention the word “GT-R” or “Nissan” at all. But there ARE some cars that are needed, and it’s very disappointing for me to know that PD is only releasing a track pack – it seems like they could’ve done FAR more in the time they were given. Who knows? Maybe they’ll pull off something like they did with DLC 2 and 3; small DLC pack one month, and then a BIG pack just one short month afterwards? I sure hope so.

    1. DA6righthand

      I’d like to see more of a wheel selection also. I don’t like how some rims are only available for some cars. For example, Enkei RPF1’s are able to be put on the Prius TC but not the CR-Z TC. Why? I’d like to put RPF1’s on my Integra Type R (any year) but the game won’t allow it. I know in real life, Enkei RPF1’s are made in the right sizes for Integras. Any wheel should be able to go on any car imo.

    2. RentALife

      Exactly just to some it up put more rims in the game ex:the rims they got for the trucks are small look like 16’s on there either put a feature to where you can get a rim and make the rim size big as you want or put rims for trucks automatically big for trucks but either way more rims

  113. Wiki

    They’re at hard work on GT6 because its going to be a launch title for the Playstation 4 wich will be realeased in Q4 2013 or Q1 2014. For me PD is doing well, hope they saw all its errors with GT5 just to make of GT6 a Masterpiece and blow up anyother racing game in existence!

    By Wiki-GT11

  114. mickoafna

    I will pay 4 £ for this DLC, no problem. But I hope they will release another DLC that is full of new cars :-)
    Thanks PD :-)

    1. DA6righthand

      Me too. It’s good to be content with what they’ve got for now and hope for more in the future.

  115. NJ72

    hopefully the Scion FR-S will have different body styling options as it’s being aimed at tuners in the real world…

    1. Quakebass

      Or hopefully race-moddable? There hasn’t been a single DLC/Update car that could be RM’d – it’d be nice if they released an update that allowed you to RM cars to achieve the TC cars from DLC 1; though it’d require you to have purchased car pack 1…

  116. Nuschel01

    Oh harro -.-

    I think all participants of the Academy should get the track for free or with a discount…

    1. NJ72

      I disagree. They are already getting the GTR black edition (paid for DLC) for free as it is. I’m a bit miffed as i bought the car pack and now one of the cars is being given away for free…

  117. j0nny0093

    why i have to pay for a track free on GT4 and GT PSP , Polyphony has already copyrights for this track !!!!

    1. NJ72

      but it was not modelled to the detail of GT5 (I’m assuming, I obviously dont have it yet… if i’m wrong them apologies)

    2. TomBrady

      That’s not how it works. They have to make judgement calls. They spent a lot of time working on the GT5 engine because it was on a new system, and they had to prioritize adding new features over keeping all content from previous games.

      The same thing happened with GT3.

      We complained, and they worked hard to give this to us as DLC. You realize how much money making this track with laser scanning must’ve cost them? including the man hours .

      Seriosl $4 is NOTHING!!!!!!!! You can’t even get a meal at a fast food place for that. You can’t even get 2 beers for that at the BAR!!!!!

    3. Quakebass

      ^ $5… and the other currencies translate to $6.25 – $6.30… THERE’S something to complain about. But yes, I still don’t understand the requests for everything to be free… especially now, when everyone thinks this is a direct import from GT4/PSP, but it’s actually a major HD re-scale. And I don’t see how GT Academy gives any rights to free or discounted DLC… GT Academy was a free gift in its own right in my eyes…

  118. Ferrari458Italia

    $5 for ONE track? hell to the f*** no!
    I’ve bought all the other DLC’s but it looks like I won’t be buying this. This track is nothing special either

    1. NJ72

      so you paid this much for the speed test track? (one track) yet a track with 4 variations is not worth it…?

    2. NJ72

      what annoys me is the random 99p pricing. people in the states get a $5 price tag, why not make it £4 and 5 euros? I always end up with 1p left over :S lol

    3. Quakebass

      @NJ72: Well you should be more upset that you’ll actually be paying a good $1.25 more than than what U.S. players are paying for…

    1. TomBrady

      Fujimi Kaido is free in forza, does that mean you’re dumb enough to expect it to be in GT5 for free as well? (I wish it was honestly)

      Games in the same category aren’t obligated to have the same content for free, let alone 2 games in totally different categories. Get out of here with that son

  119. Ingenting87

    finally some new dlc.. But why this car?? Id rather have a E30…
    BTW PD, please upgrade Supra RZ, Nissan 180 and 240SX (S14) to Premium cars….

  120. skyrunr10k

    I just wish they would bundle all the DLC together so we could save a few bucks yet still support PD. OR if you purchased DLC in the past and golded academy2012 you would get a discount. OR be able to use game money to buy a track. OR at least throw in some chrome and matte paint chips and some new rims.

    If you buy all of the DLC you’re paying 2-3 times what the game itself cost in the first place. I’ll just have to divide the purchase price by how many hours of enjoyment you will get from the new track to justify it. MY problem is that I currently have a $4 credit and will be charged another $5 to end up with another $4 credit in my account because of their minimum purchase BS.

    1. TomBrady


      First DLC complete- $12
      Second- $4
      Thrid – $10 ($4 for the speed test, $6 for the cars)
      Motegi- $4

      So how in the hell is $30 triple the price of the game? Even the XL edition, is $40. Most people paid $60

  121. DA6righthand

    Effin awesome. Can’t wait for it! Too bad we don’t get more dlc, but I’ll be happy for now.

  122. gman1647

    I don’t think $5 for 4 new layouts is bad, especially considering that we get the Scion + 8 GTA cars added in for free.

    1. GeoQuin4

      Why bother? The “career” mode of these games has always been lacking, the B-spec mode is almost entirely useless (just a great way to get cars and overheat your PS3 for that YLOD we’ve always dreamed of), and anything B-spec in the seasonal events is just a waste of time… However, a constant update to the seasonal events with challenging A-spec races for different disciplines as they’ve been doing, as well as the online racing have made the game better and more exciting than anything done in the past. A 6th installment of the franchise (which is most likely being worked on already while they’re doing this stuff), is honestly just going to force us to go back to the grind with mind-numbing racing against mindless AI all over again. I’m on my third account working toward all golds and 100% and it’s still interesting. I can’t say the same of the other installments of the game (and I’ve done the same with all other installments available for consoles). Keep adding tracks, challenges, and cars, and I think most people will be quite content. Now, I want another Tourist Trophy, but I guess that’s just not going to happen.

    2. TomBrady

      Dude, do you really think cars and tracks in DLC won’t just be added do GT6 anyways?

      THIS IS A PART OF GT6. Why would they add DLC, but not include the content in GT6?


      Come on son

    3. Quakebass

      ^ It’s slowing PD down because they’re putting workforce on GT5 that could be used for GT6. I’d rather PD drop all support (except for server moderators) and move EVERYTHING onto GT6. Though, I’d like one last batch of content, as a “good bye” gift; something like “Spec III” or on the lines of that…

  123. MadmuppGT

    Why dont they give/sell us that smokey photo location, or the GT cafe as a photo location too?

    a car pack would be nice, but I think personally if we dont see a car pack with this track its a possible indication that GT6 is firmly in the works now. I mean why waste time making new cars for GT5 when you can save them for number 6

    1. GeoQuin4

      Maybe to keep people interested and spending money rather than moving onto Forza, Dirt, or any other franchise that offers constant updates. When GT6 comes out, it will be very unlikely that it’s during the life-span of the PS3.

    2. Quakebass

      …We already know that GT6 is firmly under development, and has been since before GT5 came out…

  124. kub29

    FINALLY a short track for NASCAR. I am GOFAST_RCN_1 I will be hosting races on this new course as soon as it is up pm me if u want to join tomorrow night

    1. DA6righthand

      I don’t particularly like toilet bowl racin’ but I’ll have to admit, I’m looking forward to a short oval. I’d really like to see something like martinsville or Iowa motor speedway. Something less than a mile.

    1. Ferrari458Italia

      this track is nothing special. It’s no Pikes Peak or Silverstone. Won’t buy either

    2. TokoTurismo

      ^ Okay that’s you’re choice, but please don’t say its not special just because its neither of those tracks…

  125. richiem2282

    old track and Toyota 86 version 1.02…. was under the impression that we’d be getting this track after the GT Academy for free, Oh well may as well continue the DLC collection, really think the Scion is a weak attempt at DLC…

  126. Callumfromleeds

    Been waiting for this track for a very long time :D Just hope a car pack is announced soon, just to keep the game a bit fresher.

  127. Cobani

    Whatever people say, respect for PD for supporting and upgrading GT5 for all this time. Thank you PD!

    1. GRAFX21

      this stuff should of been installed in the game during release i feel many games are making 75% completed games now. So they can hold back in installments and use it later to charge u. and most people…and like me do it. sucks though…any one agree?

    2. Callumfromleeds

      Because they spent their time to make the track and should be rewarded for their efforts.

    3. Cobra Girl

      I thought this was reported to be on the disc originally? They aren’t making anything new; only releasing in bits to get more money. Its the new model for the gaming industry.

    4. NJ72

      Even if they are, dont flame PD for doing it, flame sony for making it possible. Personally I disagree, PD released a game that had tonnes more content than GT4 and are still releasing more.

      Haters gonna hate

    5. Cobra Girl

      Not flaming PD. Sony is basically forcing them to do it this way and Pike’s Peak is on the disc as well. Again, my original comment, “Its the new model for the Gaming Industry.” It speaks to the industry as a whole and not just PD. Sorry if I offended. Just don’t be surprised when you see 100KB file when you purchase.

    6. Quakebass

      PD didn’t have enough time to complete GT5, therefore releasing an incomplete game. I agree, many games are being released incomplete nowadays, but I don’t think GT5 was intentional; low workforce, a new engine, and Sony’s forced release was the cause, not PD’s “laziness”. And how do YOU like working hard and getting nothing for it? And @Cobra Girl: The DLC is really just a “code” of sorts to “unlock” the new content for use; the new content is released in the update before the DLC is released. Otherwise, the DLC would be a much longer and more annoying download process. So paying for new content makes sense; “I payed for the game when it was released” isn’t a viable excuse when this is completely new content released WELL after the launch date. I’d complain about how CM has been holding back content from the game for DLC about a week or so ofter the launch of their DIRT games.

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