New Gran Turismo 5 DLC: Twin Ring Motegi, Scion FR-S [UPDATE]

The official Italian Gran Turismo website has just published (UPDATE: this content has since been removed) new details about Gran Turismo 5’s upcoming downloadable content.

As expected, Twin Ring Motegi will be coming to the game, including four different configurations: the Road Course, Super Speedway, East Course, and West Course. It will be available at a price of €5.00 (prices in other regions have not yet been confirmed).

The Scion FR-S, a variant on the Toyota 86, will also become available in the game at no cost. Stay tuned for more official information regarding release dates and international pricing soon. Thanks to all of you who sent this in so quickly!

GT5 Photomode image by NBDESIGNZ.

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  1. granddriver

    I have to agree that we should get more stuff for free. This is my logic on why I say this. If Kaz had taken the two more years to make this game like he wanted it, it would’ve cost the same amount. So through a series of updates why doesn’t he go ahead and finish it out and make it like he wanted. We have the technology to do that today. By November 24, 2012 this game should be completely finished.

    1. BlindZenDriver

      I don’t get your logic. Let us say we buy the “two more years” you suggest then how exactly would come to the same costs?

      I think we can all agree that Kaz and all the other people doing the work is to get payed plus there is also money spent on offices, computers and so on. Two years extra development would have meant more money spent on developing the game.

  2. binbin90

    Scion FR-S and Twin Ring Motegi now confirmed by the US PS Blog.

    Seriously, TOYOTA FR-S? :P Well Toyota owns Scion anyway……….

    It’s a bit disappointing that PD only released two contents, and the car is a just a rebadged version of the 86…….Cause I was hoping they’d add more following the removal of the post before in the GT website

  3. JDMTuningJZX90

    Who thinks gt5 needs engine swaps, real car parts, decals, REALISTIC HP Figures and Realistic mods like single turbo conversion!

  4. ProidgyDeathRow

    All that i ask from PD is to allow us to take spoilers off cars we want, and put wider tires on are cars. nothing major oh, and stop putting every 86 in this game we only need one. lListen to the people and not yourselves, you would be better off letting the fans decide. :-)

    1. HarVee

      “you would be better off letting the fans decide.”

      If they let their fans decide every decision, PD would’ve been bankrupt by now.

  5. DYLAN777-is-not

    I raced on twin ring for gt academy and i got yo say its Extremely ugly. The tress are horribleblooking and the rest just good enough. So if it doesnt have cars with it i aint buyin. The superspeedway is very tempting though very.
    Also to the idiots asking for standard cars as premium wait for gt6! its already been said most/maybe all standard cars will be premiums. So yes it makes total sense to ask them to turn gt5 into gt6 through dlc…

  6. Pit Crew

    One thing im not clear on is approval/licensing legalities for the Racing Governing Bodies, Race Teams run by Manufacturers vs Privateer, and Design of Race cars And Respective classes PD would have to work with.

  7. GRAFX21

    Went to Toyota over the weekend to check out the FRS in person. I wasn’t sold on it. I like the fact it is FR..however 200hp and 6-speed is all good. It is strictly 2 seater although there are 2 seats in the back that probably fit your gym bag better then a person.

    However, the car, although from the engine looks…the car itself looks kind of cheap. The exterior of the car is nice design but I feel personally its missing few things. I cant explain..You should check one out in person. However I think it will drive good due to Toyota/Subaru collaborating on it.

    Hoping for a 2015 Supra soon. Toyota confirmed they are in research of one. Not in process yet.

  8. sibbystiggy

    I think they should make the most driven standard cars into premiums…its an easy way to find what consumers are most interested in… random idea =)

    1. GRAFX21

      They should of added the 2006 Scion TC. Its an FF that can easily boost to 400hp. I wish they did put that car in the game. It is a 2 door coupe and was a very successful drift car, race car, and very successful selling car. I still have mine and it never did me wrong..all it needs is an oil change. Why PD/Sony/GT5 didnt put the Scion TC in the game blows me away. Put the damn 2006 TC and new TC in the game. It a popular car…made by Toyota with a Camry engine…Its not a KIA! come on GT5…put it in!

    2. TrdScionxB2

      I wish they would put all the scions in the game. Especially the 2008 scion xB. I have a 09 xB & would love to race one in a game.

  9. DriveTheGuard88

    I can’t wait for the speedway! Finally a non-pack racing oval. The racing will be awesome online, even better in leagues!

  10. hobanator24

    What I don’t understand is that there is no premium scion dealership. Could this mean a free premium scion pack?

    1. Amac500

      All it means is that they are adding a Scion to the game and it is the premium Scion FR-S. They are just going to add a Scion tab to the dealership for it, nothing special. Haha, what would you even put in a Scion pack and who would want to pay for a Scion?

    1. Amac500

      I’d be cool with it. And when they add premium cars like that they should make them race modifies. Cars like the M3 need to be race moded, the Corvette is the only race mod car that is an actual legit car actually worth it to do, the Camero is pretty good, and the NSX is old and you can’t put it on level with the rest. Race mod my BMW M3, an Aston Martin, a 458, my GT40, a Mercedes Benz SLS, an Audi R8. Just a few of those is all they got to do and it would be good. Btw, my classification of an actual GT race mod is being able to get it to 550 HP, that seems like a fair measure like in real life. But yeah, add the BMW and give it a race mod!

    2. TheCrazySwede

      Aye, I agree. I would love to have an E30 M3 or be able to race mod an M car. And to Amac500, the GT40 is already a race car, so how would you race mod it? Are you talking about the Ford GT, because that already has a race car version in the game, and it’s premium, too.

    3. TomBrady


      They wouldn’t even have to pay for the GT1 licensing, all they’d have to do is give us more race mods, and make the race mod be exactly like the GT1 cars. They could do the DB9, Gallardo, Murc, SLS, 458, Scuderia, GT-R, 8C, Maserati, Evora, etc. Not to mention all the cars that used to be GT1.

      That would be a really easy way for them to give us that racing series. As long as they modelled them directly after GT1 cars, got as much data, and info as possible, it wouldn’t matter to me if it was officially licensed or not.

      netKar PRO has cars like that, they’re based directly off real cars, handle identically, but have different names. It’s easy and cheap to do.

      But of course, PD is too busy wasting time with their heads up their a$$3$ making standalone games for a competition that got along just fine when it was just a seasonal. Not to mention, making us wait 6 months only to get one track and a car that was finished at least 7 months ago.

      I love GT5 but I hate PD, they’re such imbeciles. I mean thanks for the great sim, but seriously they gotta stop making so many stupid and terrible decisions, and they gotta stop being biased

    4. Pit Crew

      I agree with all RM car choices, except Scuderia 430 only because Ferrari, I believe has a no RM stipulation on the Street skins.

    5. e30 freek

      It wasnt entirely PDs fault it was mostly down to sony for forcing them to release otherwise we could have had the couple of cars that wernt in gt4 but are are standard like the veyron and the jag those r8s

  11. Progress823

    I have been doing some thinking, and a bit of research about how the DLC should be presented. This is my result:

    1) PD should have a car pool that are available for download as SimRaceway does. I would not mind having to pay $0.49-$2.99, depending on the type/class of car to have it for the garage, as well as unlocked in the dealerships with additional copies purchased with in-game credits. Not sure if this will save HD space, but with the proper library of cars it would work well. There should also be various packages, including an option to purchase all cars. Of course, this assumes that all cars are premium – I would not pay anything for a poorly modeled standard.

    2) Tracks – first, the classic GT tracks not included in game should be available as a “classic course pack” for a reasonable price, say $5.99 or so. For the additional courses, it should really work the same as I said above for the cars, with a track pack for all tracks as well. Cost per track/layout would be reasonable at $1.25, depending on length of course.

    3) Racing gear – there should be an option to purchase individual pieces of gear as well as a package of each type of suit/helmet. As it stands right now, we randomly receive gear, and I know most of us are looking for that one suit or that one helmet, but it never comes around.

    Hopefully someone other than us will see this…

    1. Amac500

      You can’t base GT5 of Simraceway. Simraceway is free to start with and then you buy what you want after that for prices that are raised to compensate. GT5 starts at $60 (if you bought it like me when it came out) so to be going off the same raised rates would not a fair at all. Your track pricing would be fair, but the car ones not as much. I’m fine with suits and stuff how it is where you just win them, I just wish they could mix in special ones like a Red Bull helmet / suit and maybe a Steve McQueen Le Mans tribute helmet / suit, some cool new or old manufacture factor helmet / suit, things like that.

    2. Progress823

      I’m not trying to base one off the other; I should have been a bit more clear: We paid for GT5 and the 1000+ cars. What I meant by the car pool was various cars available additional to the ones in game.

  12. Sergio Perez

    Disappointing that now if your someone that has bought every single DLC pack you would have paid the full price for the game again. Can we at least get one of the tracks in the Twin Ring Motegi complex for free? And guys at least they’re adding a Scion FR-S instead of yet another GTR…

    1. onig341

      Yea agreed about the GTR thing but they are playing the same game, giving us the same car in different variations

    2. A_Higher_Place

      I’ve bought the game and all DLC’s on their respective release dates… all in hope for an improvement that greatly benefits my entertainment. Besides the online fixes I’ve been really let down. Arcade mode needs a big “do-over” if A-spec is going to offer as little as it has.

      Let me pick the opponents I wish to race and let me alter their PP so the races can be equal.
      At least give me a 2x rolling start on all tracks if you can’t give me a grid start..

      Thats all I ask from PD at this point.

    3. sibbystiggy

      agreed A_Higher_Place….

      I think it would be great if the arcade mode races also worked as career mode in GT-PSP, where you can earn money…btw i really hate how they have done the menu’s for arcade mode, they were soo much better in gt4

    4. TomBrady

      It’s still nothing compared to Call of Duty or even Battlefield. You buy all their add on stuff you’ll spend triple the cost of the game.

      Not to mention Iracing. Really have any of you looked at what iracing charges?

      And don’t say it costs that much because you’re paying for the community, NO, that’s what the subscription is for.

      Seriously there’s about 25 or so cars, $12 each PLUS TAX, and there’s over 50 tracks, the ovals ar $12, and the road courses are $15. Guestimating, would make you realize, just for the cars and tracks, you would spend around $1000 for all content, including a year or so subscription.

      And you’re really complaining about dropping $5 a track? and roughly $1 a car?

      I’ve said this before but listen, YOU CAN’T EVEN GET A MEAL AT A FAST FOOD RESTAURANT FOR $5

      I don’t have a lot of money, but seriously, the amount they’re charging IS NOTHING

  13. toospiciecc

    It shall be interesting when Twin Ring Motegi becomes available but disappointing on car DLC,I would love to see more cars such as new DTM’s and hopefully 2012 Indycars?

    1. Amac500

      Premium DTM’s I could see if there wasn’t so much Jap car biased. Indycar for whatever reason hasn’t went after a console game in for ever. However, indycar did team up with simraceway for a computer sim game out later this year. I just want more real race cars in the game and I would love to get to do the little things like change the car number, make it more personal.

    1. Amac500

      If not for the fact that the cars are put in the game same as real life, and on real life a Scion FR-S is just a Toyota 86 with a Scion badge and the badge is literally all that they will change when they give it to us.

    2. gamerdog6482

      That is not remotely true, they had to completely remodel the interior so the wheel was on the other side.

  14. Amac500

    Like what’s so wrong about giving us the 2011 Signetech Oreca Nissan LMP2 car that the GT Academy winner got to drive? That’s an Le Mans car like everybody wants, and its a Nissan and they are so invested in the game. Why not give us that instead of another GT-R? After that why not the 2011 Zytek Nissan that won LMP2 at Le Mans? Just as effective for the folks at Nissan, only difference is the GT Academy ties. Both the chassis are out of date and not used anymore, so there aren’t any secrets for the teams to hide. Why not be nice and just put them in the gam since we’ve been buying all these DLC packs and have almost bought the whole game again.

  15. Amac500

    I keep getting my hopes up for this updates and I keep getting disappointed. Seriously, don’t even give us a Scion FR-S, you already gave us the Toyota 86, it’s not a different car. The only Japanese car I see anyone asking for is Nissan LMP cars, we don’t want anything else from Japan, especially when we already have it. And everytime the add something actually cool like a track they never do something nice and just give it to us. I bought the game when it came out at full price and I’ve almost mated sticker price on all the DLC packs, the pricing just isn’t very reasonable. I hate being the complainer but this is very annoying to me. Give us more for free, the contents of the DLC packs don’t equal the value of the whole game, why should the price be the same?

    1. teth75

      Get A Life please, u brought the game nearly two years ago and your still playing it. If you know so much about it all then why don’t you make your own driving game then you can have all the LMP cars you want!

    2. Uppmas

      You don’t even know if Sony forced PD to put it in, like as an advertisement. I know for sure that things most likely aren’t as they look. I have been behind the scenes of TV2 (a Finnish Television channel) and yet I have to say, whereas in the shows the people look all-happy and stuff, in reality they’re pretty boredom people.

    3. Amac500

      I’m sorry, am I not aloud to play the game for 2 years or something? Just my videogame of choice, instead of a different game, and then another, and another I prefer to play my favorite won. Is there a problem with that? Play PS3 the same amount of time everybody else does afterall. And when did I say anything about PD’s coding abilities? They make a good game and if I play it to a lifeless level as you claim then why would I go code one, I’m clearly satisfied with this by your definition. I’m simple talking about what I’m paying for in the game. You may some awfully large and ridiculous jumps for that. Also, GT Planet probably isn’t the right place to accuse somebody of playing to much, almost everyone here plays a lot and won’t like you for that.

    4. Amac500

      Well the car contracts are acquired by PD for their game, I know those aren’t Sony. TV shows and videogames are a bit of a large jump as well. However, you still may have a point. It wouldn’t surprise me if Sony has a little input on pricing as they did with the release date. But PD or Sony, point still the same.

    5. Pugxsi

      Whats wrong with playing a great game for a long time, some people play nothing but call of duty games, they only stop playing one version when the next one comes out, i do gran turismo on ps3 and call of duty on xbox, best games on each console in my opnion

  16. djs

    Awaiting for DLC to arrive… Long live GT5!
    Hope GT6 is far away, otherwise we’ll get a GT6 with blocky shadows…again!

    1. Quakebass

      Time doesn’t fix issues in a game, high productivity and workforce does. So I hope PD focuses more workforce on GT6, (and hires more people) so that we DON’T have to wait longer for it, and so that it doesn’t achieve another forced release by Sony like GT5 did. Hope for productivity, not for time.

    2. aronh17

      Well there’s blocky shadows so the game performs better, they could’ve sacrificed game graphics and made the shadows look crisp. Our hardware is getting old, it’s from 2005-2006, we need next gen consoles. So much more will be achieved with new hardware. I hardly notice the shadows flying around courses anyway.

    3. aronh17

      Also, Sony forced them because A. it’s their flagship racing series, B. the PS3 had been out for almost 5 years and C. People were complaining too much, and since it was released early, people are continuing to complain. They took their time, made an amazing physics engine, best textures I’ve seen in a game and much more. It truly is a beautiful game, but seriously if people don’t like it that much, it’s not that hard to go play another series. Obviously they’re more focused on GT6, which won’t take more then 4 years because they already have a physics engine to tweak, they have all they need for the next game. Look at this way, to structure a completely new engine, you have to have time. DICE made Frostbite 2 while the production of Bad Company 1 and 2, that’s 4 years there. So you don’t realize that the game is being made because they throw out a small side series to keep you occupied. Well, EA is a LOT bigger than PD. Seeing as GT5 had an amazing sales record, I’d expect a lot of new tracks and cars, including new car companies since they have a good amount of funding.

    4. TomBrady


      Agreed. Another big problem was 3D. Kaz implied a few times that 3D cost them a lot of needed time and pushed back the release date. Sony forced it on them, and it’s probably one of the bigger reasons why GT5 is short on so many things we all expected to be in the game. They were planning on physical damage to be in GT5 at release, 3D probably screwed that up. There’s hardly any A Spec events and the WRC, NASCAR, Top Gear and Super GT licenses were pretty much wasted. The ability to make point to point stages with the course maker, etc.

      It sucks that we didn’t get that stuff til later or not at all, but even still, GT5 is an amazing sim, and easily the best of the series, and the best on console.

      And like you said, the textures are incredible. not a lot of people notice them, but they’re insane. I think some of the textures look better than even Crysis 1, which is known for the best textures ever. Just look at any of the concrete barriers, the road, the grass and dirt, there’s so many little details, and for the most part they absolutely nailed the the textures.

      Oh yea and photomode, need I say more?

      Most importantly, they got the physics right and in my opinion, no other console sim has been able to get the physics right

  17. Blood*Specter

    I think Jack_hole is correct. GT6 is not far off at all. I think we are seeing it via the. Academy. The PS4 should have the hardware to make the feed look & feel cutting e

    1. another_jakhole

      I forgot to say something more useful.

      I was figuring the same thing the first time I was using the GT Academy. The way it’s set up has a more modern and cutting edge look and feel to it. It’s sort of more like Forza’s menus in those senses.

  18. RandomCarGuy17

    Cool, it’s great to see the Twin Ring Motegi track set coming back to GT5. It’s also great to have a prenium scion for once being added even if it’s a rebadged Toyota 86.

  19. ccre026

    I don’t want to leave the same complaining post like some other users but, I do have a cheap feeling from PD after spending good $ on this franchise since its inception. Kaz, you and your lot know you have built an amazing fan base, do us all a favour mate don’t rest on your laurels. Gran Turismo is suppose to be the pinnacle of driving sims, all I’m saying is Kaz please don’t forget the core that put you lot where you are now. DLC, some updates to the offline game and updating the dated vehicle roster. A big ask, but that is truly what everyone’s been moaning for. Cheers

  20. GT5 Level 41

    600+ comments in two days-

    PD, do you think we’re ready for DLC?

    Don’t they know they are sitting on a money press. Release two old tracks, go to bank, repeat.

    1. another_jakhole

      So very true. I wonder why they aren’t releasing DLC on a regular basis. It could be that GT6 isn’t THAT far away from now.

    2. e30 freek

      It very well could be closer than we think id say about 2 years or even one because they have their new engine to make it on or something

    3. another_jakhole

      I’m thinking one year maximum. PD needs to show what they can get done with a time frame of about two years.

    4. Blood*Specter

      Im with you on that. I think they can charge for the work it takes to upgrade the tracks and cars. Could turn out the pricing is fair.
      However, we really should have more cars….new and old premiums.

    5. Rushton1996

      If one year is the case, we should hear about it or even an announcement in the next few months. And PD make sure GT6 is on PS3 because not all of us can afford to go around buying new consoles every few years.

    6. Quakebass

      There was that potential Vita info… And based on the information on the PS4, GT6 could very likely be a launch title in late 2013. And we’ve got two decent-sized gaming conventions coming up where GT6 could be announced.

      I REALLY don’t know what to expect, and I’m afraid of getting my hopes up. I was a bit disappointed by E3 this year for this very reason.

      And I agree; GT6 shouldn’t take NEARLY as long as GT5 did, mostly because PD isn’t developing a new engine. (To our knowledge).

    7. TomBrady


      It’s really ridiculous that PD seems uninterested in doing a lot of DLC. I don’t understand it. All of it can go towards GT6, so it’s definitely not going to slow them down. The first DLC packs sold more copies than F1 2011, or Forza 4 has since release, and obviously the fans WANT IT.

      They need to stop being so biased, and it seems as if PD is a dictatorship, and Kaz is the Dictator


    I still hold out hope that we might get Pikes Peak. The prize for the latest FWD event is the pikes peak Dirt trial Car and there are is another Pikes peak model in in the Used car dealership this week. I know its wishful thinking, but just maybe these cars could be hints for the upcoming DLC?

    There has to be more …..

    1. DuskTrooper

      Yeah, I thought awhile back when we had a bunch of Rally cars in the OCD and we had a rally TT/DT seasonal, that all of that was relative to DLC, and low and behold it doesn’t seem to be so.

    2. Quakebass

      Stuff like this ALWAYS happens, but nothing related to the seasonals or OCD has ever come out in DLC. I’ve tried these predictions as well, but with no avail.

  22. BMfan

    Most of the comments here read like a kid in a candy store crying about what they want and not what the parents will give.

    1. Jdbjdb

      Why do people complain so much. For about. $40-$80 investment this game has given me on average 8-20 hours of enjoyment each week. If you don’t like the dlc or updates on offer, then don’t play. Go and watch a move for $15 and get 2 hours of enjoyment. I play online with my friends almost 4-5 nights a week for a few hours on average. We mix it up. Different tracks, different car types, different pp’s different regs. No two nights of playing are ever the same. And when they aren’t online I do a few seasonals or something just for fun. I have been playing since day 1 of release. After almost two years and the endless hours of playing, show me what else would give that much bang for buck value. Any updates or improvements are welcomed and I don’t complain about what they bring or don’t bring. So many people complain too much and are too stingy. Thanks PD for a great game. I buy all the updates and dlc and will continue to do so. For a few bucks, really, all of you who complain , do you drink, do you smoke, do you catch a bus when u could walk ? Seriously, the the amount you pay for this game think how many hours you play it and break the value down to cost per minute of game play you have enjoyed

    1. Maddens Raiders

      I know right? b/c if it’s one thing we’ve all known since the beginning, is that the intelligence is not a requirement at PD.


    2. DuskTrooper

      While I do agree with hiring more staff, I don’t understand what the intelligence part has to do with hiring more staff though.

    3. Pit Crew

      @Maddens Raiders Yeah like doing intel for cars other than japanese cars from other regions. PD has got to evolve that thinking.

    4. TomBrady

      I think he means hire more staff for the right reasons. To have them do the labor and time intensive things that PD clearly can’t (like the standard cars, tracks, A SPEC EVENTS LOL), and let the rest of them be Kaz’s slaves.

  23. dethringr

    Yawn. This is the first DLC that I don’t care about. And I will vote by not buying it. Im still a hugh fan of GT5, but I can’t help but keep seeing the greener grass thats on the other side. VIPER!!

  24. Jhwang

    So wait forza 4 is getting Viper 2013 for free, and we are getting car that looks just like Toyota 86? I hate to say it, but Forza is taking us down PD. at least you can give us the free Motegi track IF all of us make gold in all events of gt academy. PS. I got tired of premium cars on the right hand side, Plz give us left!

    1. aronh17

      One time McDonalds had a buy one get one free Big Mac. I found out I missed out on the buy one get one free Whopper from Burger King which I like more. I felt bad, but then I went and got my free Big Mac and appreciated it. The end.

    2. Maddens Raiders

      “I hate to say it, but Forza is taking us down PD”


    1. themartlab

      Yeah, since the Scion is only available in north america, it would be stupid to have it right hand drive. But PD prove to us that they can do anything.

    2. HuskyGT

      Like I said in a post before. I almost guarantee you that they WILL make the mistake.

      We already have RHD Volvos, VW’s, Citroens and others.

    3. HuskyGT

      To make it clear, I know that these cars mentioned are ok being RHD since they could be directed either to the Australian, Japanese or British market.

      But if the Scion ends up being RHD, that would be extremely wrong.

    4. Rushton1996

      tbh I don’t really care, but thats probably because I’m not in the US. But sorry to say, I think it will be rhd because they will probably copy and paste everything apart from the badges.

    5. HuskyGT

      ^ Which will be pretty dissapointing since there is no such thing as a LHD Scion unless it has Toyota badges. But it is expected from PD.

    1. TokoTurismo

      NFS Most Wanted 2012 is getting the Viper ’13 as well. My bet is the new Viper will come in GT6 for sure.

    2. Quakebass

      It really doesn’t matter who has it already, what matters is if PD can even get their hands on it.

  25. Normalaatsra

    Awesome! All of Motegi is available :D
    Honestly I think GT Academy players should unlock the track for free, like the rest of the Nissan fleet that arriving.
    If the Scion FR-S will be coming for free, perhaps there will be paid DLC for other vehicles?

    1. Rushton1996

      Yes! Hopefully because when the Toyota 86 came out, it was free and there was still a paid DLC Car pack.

  26. nissanfanatic

    PD is great! Legends in fact!! I love this game, and it keeps getting better. To those few that feel they have to bitch and moan all day about how bad this game is, good on you, you must expect everything to happen not only in an instant, but for free too.

    This game never ceases to amaze me with its attention to detail. It takes a guy more than a day to model an indicator and how it catches light in every situation. That is simply amazing. And they only want a few bucks for something like a track, which Im sure takes a fricking darn site longer to model than a car.

    I really think its time to stop BITCHING about every tiny little detail that you may not like, and realize that this game is far superior than any other racer out there. Sure it may not have a few things that others have, but it excels in other areas where other games come WAYYY short.

    I say well done PD, my hat is off to you guys for creating a game that costs about $150 (including all DLC etc) that i have poured thousands of hours into and am still not bored.

    1. MuoNiuLa

      “I really think its time to stop BITCHING about every tiny little detail that you may not like, and realize that this game is far superior than any other racer out there.”

      Uh, no. I disagree with that last part. I think it’s time some people should realise thier opinion is not fact and we are obligated to say anything we want about GT5, good or bad.

    2. another_jakhole

      “Load of BS we should get that damn track for free.”

      Something like this isn’t helpful at all.

      “Twin Ring Motegi… shouldn’t it be free? It was in the previous GT4 and its nice that we get a premium Scion but a Subaru BRZ would be a lil more reasonable..”
      This too, although, I like the way he explained it without saying something like, “What’s wrong with you KAZ!?”, or ,”How dare you give us the same car again”, even though we don’t have to pay for THIS DLC. They didn’t make us pay for the Toyota GT 86 so if we had to pay for that one and then, got the Scion for free, I would understand why people need to get mad over something like that.

    3. Diatribe777

      Well said nissanfanatic!
      I love the attention to detail gt5 provides. The immersion factor and the integrity of the cars shine through. True class imo

    4. another_jakhole

      “I love the attention to detail gt5 provides. The immersion factor and the integrity of the cars shine through. True class imo”

      I couldn’t have said that better.

    5. Quakebass

      The “attention to detail” is enjoyable on only about 20% of the cars… and not all of the tracks…

      But really, there are some things you can’t just ignore in GT5. At least not with the history of the franchise. Blocky shadows, the whole EXISTENCE of “standard” cars, the lack of A-Spec content, low amount of tracks, 150+ unnecessary duplicate cars, seemingly down-graded AI, and the game doesn’t seem to “flow” as the previous titles did.

      But there’s reasons for these issues; low workforce at PD, GT5’s new engine, and Sony’s forced release.

      What I

    6. Quakebass

      ^ CRAP! I accidentally clicked the “submit comment” button…

      Anyways what I was saying:

      What I have an issue with is the people who blatantly ignore or say that these problems “don’t matter”; also the fact that PD hasn’t been doing much to correct the errors, even the simple ones. The simplest thing to correct with GT5 is the “lack of A-Spec content”; All PD needs to do is make a few A-Spec packs; They almost already do this with the seasonal evens, but a pack of 50+ races/events would be far better; and it isn’t all that difficult. Cars don’t promote much replay value.

  27. Swonz

    Twin Ring Motegi… shouldn’t it be free? It was in the previous GT4 and its nice that we get a premium Scion but a Subaru BRZ would be a lil more reasonable..

  28. starwars22

    The reason there is only just one car for now is cause they are working on a huge dlc to come out by the end of summer. This is just to preoccupy us untill then
    And for people who say why is it taking too long it’s because they were doing gt academy and had to make that. Ok there 2 month ace dual is still there but it’s was postponed till after gt academy.

    1. Rushton1996

      Ok I’ll settle for one or two cars every now and then if they really are going to release a huge DLC car and track pack. But it better be good and it better consist of more than 15 cars. At least 10 road cars and 5 race cars. And I also pray GT6 will be on PS3.

    1. HuskyGT


      Good one!

      I was looking at my collection of every single metallica CD(yes, I still use cd’s) but I couldn’t find a song to continue this pun war.

      So you win. I’ve been left “Broken, Beat and Scarred” by your cleverness.

      On tipic… More free stuff, PD!

  29. kris8583

    I think that any GT Academy players that golded all events should have got Motegi free as a final prize :-)

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      It was Spec 2.0. I think it may have been over a gigabyte, but it’s so long ago I can’t remember.

    2. aronh17

      That’s the thing, this is why I support GT5. Most companies will release an entire new game just to add those types of features.

  30. Dragfan

    that scion frs looks pretty cool. i saw it at etown raceway in new jersey. it had a toyota-subaru engine. i hope it is a little bit varied from the toyota version.

    1. v13esim

      I do believe Toyota did some extra design work on engine as well. Both cars are still very similar. The only REAL notable difference is minor exterior differences and the rear suspension on the BRZ is softer, to give it more of an AWD feel.

  31. Dragfan

    that scion frs looks cool. i saw it at etown raceway in new jersey. it has a toyota-subaru engine. i hope it is a little bit varied from the toyota version.

    1. themartlab

      It the exact same car, badges apart. Oh and the base version Subaru comes with A/C, when it’s an option on the Scion base model. Interesting part about this car is the flat four engine.

  32. Madman Apex

    i was SSOOOO sure the next DLC was gonna be a bunch of premium RUFs and Porsches… that is why i thought they were taking so long to release them

    1. starwars22

      Remember this is just a ” filler ” because they were busy with gt academy they just sent 1 thing for now to fill the gap

    2. LeeMoldon

      Dream on, we get an old track and car we already got….
      gt and le mans lmp original racing car pack next week
      Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha

  33. Doober

    I am positive that there will be more when the official reveal is announced. it was probably revealed before all the information was put out. now we just need to keep our fingers crossed and hope that we might see some cars we want with this track.

  34. Rushton1996

    Ok, good to see the tracks. 4 Variations!!!! As for the car, it’s literally exactly the same as the Toyota 86 apart from the badge. I mean, seriously speaking, how long would that have takjen to make. I dont know how much 5 euros is equvialent to here in NZ but it sounds a bit steep. I hope theres a car pack that hasn’t been announced yet. And I hope the price for GT5 DLC is lowered a bit.

    1. Serjury

      I’m sure it didn’t take more than 5 minutes, it’s pretty much just Toyota/Scion trying to get some extra brand placement. I’m wondering if it might have a different body kit in GT Auto or something though. Either way, I’ll be taking one sideways when it’s released!

    2. Uppmas

      Even if it’s just the logo change, it takes more than 5 minutes to switch. Just tells how much do people know about 3D modelling.

  35. Cidav8r

    @Rynogtr23 – I’m not mad – I’m just sick of people ragging on companies that consistently put out good product and have the “audacity” to charge for it. Never mind that the paltry charge of $5-$10 (US) for a new track pales next to the monthly online fees charged by MMORPG’s (such as WOW) and the like and it’s not required that you buy it. It’s not “conglomerate greed”, it’s business and it keeps that consistently good product coming which is what I want. Do YOU work for free? I don’t. I expect to be paid for my work and I expect to pay others for theirs. I am extremely tired of people like you who think the world owes them. The world doesn’t owe you a damn thing.

    1. kapnk006

      The irony here is that GT5 complainers are NOT getting paid for their work and in fact, they are giving something of value away for free. Most companies pay good money to hear their customers criticisms……. whether those criticisms are misguided or not. PD gets free research data here for free. The problem here on GTPlanet is that there’s no method to insure that compaints are published in the proper forum so as not to poison the spirit of this and other threads.

    2. Cidav8r

      @kapnk006 – That’s BS – don’t flatter yourself. Product feedback is not “work” – especially the whiny drivel that you call feedback on here. The Internet is full of FREE product feedback everywhere you look – from beta testers to product & service reviews – Amazon, New Egg … any big internet sales portal. People give it up for free a million of times a day, are thankful for the opportunity, and most of it is like what you just wrote – absolutely worthless.

    3. Pit Crew

      @Cidav8r Your rant is out there. PD is giving us for the 3rd time free a car we dont appreciate, when the Acura NSX Concept would be more welcome.

      Obviously they feel that our excitement for seeing Motegi in GTAcademy warrants them charging a fee when we would gladly pay for a Bathhurst. PD is trying to get over on us and we have a Consumers Right to voice (text) our displeasure.

    4. Cidav8r

      @ Pit Crew – YAWN. This is getting old. YOU don’t drive product development. The ignorance and exaggerated self importance on here is amazing. Tell PD what you want on forums, write letters, post an extra special video msg on YouTube – I’m sure PD is breathlessly waiting for your next post so that they can completely change their own plans and obsequiously give you everything you want. Mommy and Daddy may have told you that you were extra special and hung your drawings up on the fridge and probably waited with rapt attention for the next utterance from your mouth, but the truth us you aren’t that special or important. I’m not saying that PD doesn’t pay ANY attention, but you are seriously deluding yourself if you think a fan site is going to be used by a multi-national corp to drive product development. You should save some of your posts because in 10 years or so you’re going to find them as funny as I do now. Good luck my little snowflake.

    5. kapnk006

      @Cidav8r. Your criticisms are valued and respected by me. The last time I bought a new car I instructed the dealership to take all of the manufacturers logos off of it…..because Chrysler wouldn’t pay me money to drive around my property (car) with their advertising billboards (logos on my car). I just look at the world a bit differently and challenge others to break from social paradigms from the past. I’ve made a successful livelihood doing so! Cheers!

    6. Cidav8r

      @ Kapnk006- I completely agree. I do the same thing. I’m not trying to be a jerk, just to inject a little realism in the discussion. PD is in the entertainment business. They provide great, fun products to us but their ultimate goal is to make money. That’s not a bad thing. The first and last rule in that business is to give the people what they want, but NOT EVERYTHING they want. That way they keep coming back for more.

    7. Pit Crew

      @Cidav8r And you dont tell me what I dont do. Be happy and dont sweat my opinion. Take your free gift get shookdown for a revamped track, and move on. Stop trying to be an Internet Bad A$$ with all that Mommy Daddy silver Spoon crap. you describing your world not mine, you coward.

      Consumers do drive Productivity and Demand (CIP General Motors, Kodak, GameInformer magazine, The US Postal service.) so get your facts straight while you hide behind Internet Anonimity. Like your half intelligent rant will impresses PD at all.

    8. Cidav8r

      @ Pit Crew – dry your eyes Snowflake, I didn’t mean to dent your fragile ego. By all means, believe whatever you like if it makes you feel better. I’m sure you’re right. Signing off…

    9. Pit Crew

      Cidav8r I got your snowflake for you dimwitted dingleberry. Your lil feelings got stepped on too and you cant handle it. Go pop that dribble drabble somewhere its needed like the local landfil. Neanderthal

    10. Cidav8r

      @Snowflake – “dimwitted dingleberry”? “dribble drabble”? Do people still talk like that back down on the farm? That’s hysterical! Seems I really got under your skin. I love it when people let me live rent free in their heads. I’m going to print that out & put it on my fridge cuz that’s FUNNY right there. I see you spend a lot of time on this forum. You could probably get some REAL friends if you got that little anger problem of yours under control. Hope it all works out for you little buddy.

    11. Pit Crew

      Cidav8r You responding to my post just like im responding to yours, so who’s in who’s head but at the end of the day you got offended first, as your responses clearly show you are just an over opinionated clown. You could call me all the names you like but you will still be wrong (your OP) and an Internet Coward.

      Oh and friends 160 over 2 Accts Lvl tickets 1-24 Modern Muscle and Classics Ticket 27/27 Cudas all no Miles Bday tickets 1966 through 2010 1600 cars. You can crack, but you not in my league.

    12. Cidav8r

      Yeah Snowflake, you’re extra special. Say hi to your mommy for me and do yourself a favor & get a life. You’re obviously just another huckleberry (to use your parlance – it means a rube or amateur) from nowhere who tries to impress others by talking over everyone else in the room. Honestly, I feel sorry for you. You’re farm club minor league and you don’t even know it. Pity.

  36. fordskydog

    Uhhh, how ’bout, like, the Subaru version?? BRZ anyone?? We already have like 12 Toyota versions of this thing. Every review I have read says the Subaru is the better version.

    But really, I want a different car altogether by now. There’s plenty 86GTs in the game already with the SAME specs. I bet the FR-s has the SAME specs too.

    New cars, new cars… Lets see…
    Fiat 500 Abarth S
    2013 Ford Focus ST
    New Vanquish
    2013 Ferrari California
    Aston Martin Rapide S
    Aston Martiin Virage
    Ferrari FF
    Mustang GT500
    Mustang Boss Laguna Seca
    Taurus SHO
    Jaguar XFR
    Jaguar XJR

    1. AcenSpades

      Can i add the Dodge charger SRT8 (current and previous models), and how about the Magnum SRT8 since everyone has a station wagon in the game.

    1. AcenSpades

      would be nice, the land mass….. cities, towns, open highway, unlimited racing. oh yeah, i’m down.

  37. wardialer

    what happened to releasing DLC every 2 months? anyone that’s happy w/ this update is delusional. i used to be a GT fanboy too, but i got tired of waiting for Kaz to sweep some crumbs off the table. there are far more REAL simulators like iracing, gtr, rfactor, netkar, etc. GT has become the ‘real marketing simulator’. most of the content was an afterthought to satisfy bulletpoints the marketing team wouldn’t get sued over (rally, 1000+ mostly old cars, variations of the same track counting as new tracks, etc.).

    anyways… a game is only as strong as its community, and PD HAS no community to speak of. they don’t allow them to create any content to keep the game interesting, and lie to them about just about everything especially release dates. dunno if kaz is the problem or sony is just tying his hands… but this relationship definitely isn’t working out.

    at least turn10 is trying to live up to their promises, and that stands for a lot in my books.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      I can guarantee you it’s Sony tying PD’s hands. If PD had their way, we would be sharing liveries for all 1,031 Premium cars now, and all of the release dates would be correct, as PD would have ultimate control over them. Kaz wanted two more years to finish GT5, but Sony wanted it done ASAP, hence some corners had to be cut. To me, these cut corners, while obvious, don’t detract from the game much at all.

      And PD has no community? Dude, look around you. You’re on one of the largest fan sites anywhere on the Web, and it’s dedicated to GT. There are many more fan websites out there, including two wikis that I know of, and GT5 has sold over 8 million copies, making it the most successful PS3 game to date. So…no community? I think not.

    2. TokoTurismo

      ^ Agreed TeamCZRRacing. When I was online with my friends, in SSR7 the background and the sky was incomplete. So that goes to show that PD wasn’t finished with GT5 yet. But this time in GT6, everything should be perfect and complete. :)

      And don’t forget, *Free Roam* might be in that game too.

      Also, its dangerous for developers to listen to their fans as well.

    3. wardialer

      i think you misunderstood my use of ‘community’. if this huge community does in fact exist, they are quite limited in how they can contribute to this title to keep it fresh and interesting (by organizing races, creating tracks, creating livery, making 3D car models, tuning cars’ physics, etc.).

      quoting sales figures is weak. that’s like saying “bieber sold millions of albums so i bought one too, and now i feel like i belong ’cause i know how to pick ‘winners'”. pretty soon you wake up and realize that bieber is a shallow douche bag w/ a huge marketing team behind him reorganizing search engine results, paying for publicity, threatening detractors, and carefully grooming his fake image.

      i think success has many different interpretations for many different people.

    4. another_jakhole

      “pretty soon you wake up and realize that bieber is a shallow douche bag w/ a huge marketing team behind him reorganizing search engine results, paying for publicity, threatening detractors, and carefully grooming his fake image.”

      hahaha The GT series has been in development longer than that punk. If anything, GT is Usher while FM is Bieber. :)

      GT earned it’s name in the gaming industry while competing against “normal” and true games like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, and all FPS’s, and other games like Twisted Metal, Tony Hawk, or Duke Nukem :).

      In a world where the PS3 is third/second in users and COD owns the top spot as the current best-selling franchise, you have to consider the sales that GT5 continues to put out. For this year only as of right now, GT5 has been outselling FM4 by well over 200k. How can you not take that into consideration?

      The “GT has no community” thing only makes you sound ignorant. Anyone who thinks that the hundreds of thousands of GT5 players haven’t been heard or aren’t being listened to, you’re wrong. That’s all there is to that.

  38. sangdude82

    It would be awesome if PD has finished working on Bathurst and give it to us as a DLC on GT5 before it will be on GT6.
    I will gladly pay for it even it costs like €10. As for Twin Ring Motegi, I will buy it but it better to have change weather & time options.

    I wonder if PD could scan the mountain passes/roads in Japan such as Mt. Akina & Mt. Akagi. They are real-life passes/roads so they don’t have to worry about copy rights. I’m sure that all the drifters & rally car enthusiasts will be delighted.

    1. Normalaatsra

      Lol there is no such place called Akina.
      In real life, the mountain you are looking for is Haruna. Just search it and be amazed.

  39. Blood*Specter

    I suspect GT6 will feel just like GT Academy. And it will run in the same manner… disk to buy. We’ll be buying time on the server and be sent an Icon to run GT6.

    It will for sure be highly advanced graphics wise. The issue (for me) remains the inclusion of SSR11, addition of livery editing, converting all the standard cars, and of course gaining Porsche and new V8 Supercars.

    I think the tracks, sound EFX and general detail will blow us away.

    1. HuskyGT

      That doesn’t sound profitable. Yes, they would be saving tons of money on printing materials and pressing blurays, but it’s still too soon for games to go fully disc-less. There are still a lot of people without a proper internet connection or even having their PS3’s connected. I know this isn’t the developer’s fault, but I almost guarantee you that half of what they earn in sales would be lost.

      Let’s face it, for some it’s easier just to go to a videogame store and purchase their favorite game without any hassle. It just makes more sense.

    2. sangdude82

      It will be interesting to see if PD is going to put the entire range of Australian V8 supercars on GT5 or GT6. I mean their favourite Manufacturer Nissan will be competing from 2013 so I reckon they should put those cars into the game.

    3. sangdude82

      @ HuskyGT

      Perhaps they can release GT6 on both digital copy and blue-ray copy just like Blizzard did with Diablo 3.

    4. HuskyGT


      Well, that’s different. And we are already seeing that happen. I think that a downloadable version of a GT game is almost guaranteed.

      I’ve bought a couple of full games directly throught he PSN, and to be honest, I rather have the hard copy. It’s not that I’m against it mainly because games in a download format are cheaper, but as I said, it’s still too soon for the industry to shift comepletely.

    5. aronh17

      You guys can’t forget, these game are Blu-Ray. GT5 would take up like 40 gigs of hard drive, you see games on the store, but not many exclusives because they use all of the dual-layer Blu-Ray most of the time.

    6. Pit Crew

      @Blood*Specter The technology you refer to has been put on delay due to continent to continent internet compatibility, so GT6 is gonna be on disk.

  40. thesuperfunk

    As much as I have enjoyed lapping Motegi again in the GT Academy I certainly won’t be forking out any money …. I don’t mind paying for new content such as Spa-Francorchamps [and Bathhurst if we ever get it] but expecting us to pay for content they removed from the previous title is pretty ludicrous.

  41. TeamCZRRacing

    I hate to be ugly, but STOP WHINING! You’re getting a free car and a track with four – count them, *four* – different layouts for $5. That sounds like a good deal to me.

    1. another_jakhole

      That’s true. But I get grief for depending PD and Kaz since they can’t do it for themselves all of the time, or ever.

      I agree with TeamCZRRacing. It’s reasonable considering he’s finding that a lot of people’s opinions contain a boatload of whining. We live with this day in, day out on GTP.

  42. AspenRS

    Starwars22, we’re just tired of xenophobic developers and would appreciate a little variety and effort our way. Forza can throw together 5 to 6 cars every month. And don’t give me the “oh well PD is working on another GT so they’re too busy” crap cause Turn 10 is doing all that while developing Forza: Horizons. We’re tired of giving PD a pass. They’ve made a lazy attempt at a game, pure and simple. Everyone expects more.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      Forza Horizon isn’t a full Forza game. For GT6, PD will most likely have to build a completely new engine and then model all 1,000+ cars and 70-100 tracks on that engine. So yeah, PD has their work cut out for them more than Turn 10 does.

    2. TeamCZRRacing

      @another Isn’t it? If not, it’s going to be significantly reworked. PD always does that between GT games. Of course, if it’s going to be on PS4, then it will have to be built from the ground up to take full advantage of the PS4’s capabilities. Forza Horizon is going to use the same graphics and physics engines as Forza 4; the only real difference is that Horizon is going to be an open-world game.

    3. aronh17

      Besides, tell me the difference between Forza 1 and Forza 4, then the difference between GT4 and GT5. Forza is basically Call of Duty, improved and released in a new title annually instead of updating. They’re only made it look prettier and add more decals to your car, whoop-dee-do!

    4. another_jakhole

      Actually, they did it for GT4 too. If they do it THREE times in a row, I’d be shocked. It takes up too much time so GT5’s physics engine is good enough to keep and improve. They’re going to carry it on over to GT6. I’m almost 99% sure that this is the case.

    5. another_jakhole

      “Besides, tell me the difference between Forza 1 and Forza 4, then the difference between GT4 and GT5. Forza is basically Call of Duty, improved and released in a new title annually instead of updating. They’re only made it look prettier and add more decals to your car, whoop-dee-do!”

      That’s not what it’s like! FM is more difficult than GT to create.


  43. granddriver

    It will be good to finally get a new track, especially with different versions. I think Motegi is a lot of fun.

    As far as the Scion goes, I’ve made peace that we’re going to constantly get duplicates of cars. This is just a way PD works. I call it laziness but that’s just me (please don’t get your panties in wad over my comment, it’s just way that I feel).

    I’m really hoping in this new update that we finally get some fixes for online racing.
    -constant freezes when you change courses or change any other settings.
    -can’t run rooms with over 12 people with mics without having serious problems.

  44. Diatribe777

    For those complaining of not having 5-10 extra cars…did you even drive all 1000 cars that PD provides?!?

    1. HKSBro92

      Well some of them are duplicates like the miatas , civic, skylines and plus we drove most of them in GT4.

    2. AspenRS

      No and who would want to? Did you drive all 6 versions of the Storia?! GOSH SO FUN. What about the Glanza? Or the Dangan? Man, you’re missing out, better than a Ferrari. Or what every version of the Nissan r32? No? Me either. There shouldn’t be 1000 cars when only a quarter of them are any good.

    3. HuskyGT

      Yes I did… Back in GT4. Although I don’t discriminate any car, I don’t find logic on driving each and every version of a 90’s Honda Civic Si. Most likely you’ll pic one. So let’s face the reality; GT5 has only 200 cars plus a few extras in the standard roster. The rest of them are cool and all, but a very bad excuse for a 1000 car list.

      Or tell me, do you drive the Renault Sport Clio V6 and the Lutecia Renault V6 and somehow trick yourself on believeing that it is a different car? I said many times I love PD and will never turn my back at them, but the case of the Lutecias and the Renaults, plus other similar situations, are almost offensive to the GT fanbase.

      As any other true GT fan, I just want PD to do things right, at least with the car selection. And I know they will. GT6 will be simply the best car game ever, and nothing will ever match it.

  45. zlays

    DLC info is removed from Italian site but if you scroll down you’ll see that in reminder of car pack 2,car pack 3 and speed pack are not included in complete pack also says scion fr-s and twin ring motegi :) heres copy-paste in italian:
    Non include i “Pack Auto 2”, “Pack Auto 3”, “Pack Prova velocità”, “Scion FR-S ’12” o “Pacchetto Twin Ring Motegi”

    1. JamieGT

      Didn’t we all say gt5 was going to be the best game ever? I am the biggest gt fan going but let’s be honest the car list is shocking

  46. mickoafna

    I just heard a rumor that we might be getting pretty big car pack. It would be nice to have some new cars to try out :-)

    1. Quakebass

      Where’d you hear this rumor? if you’re quoting me, that was just an assumption I had made. Don’t take my word for it.

    2. another_jakhole

      I believe mickoafna. I’m not sure if he/we should believe his inside guy though. Has he ever done this before?

    3. another_jakhole

      By, “Has he ever done this before?”, I meant have you ever expected something like this to happen then we got it. Only if it had to do with Gran Turismo 5.

    1. teth75

      +1 Agree, any additional content is welcomed.
      To all those banging on about Forza; Have any of you actually played that game?! Because i had forza 3 and laughed my socks off at how it was just a ” pathetic GT copycat with no soul ” I don’t care about Forza’s DLC because I don’t ever plan on playing it!
      Gran Turismo the best since 96′ there is no alternative so just be happy with the (already unheard of) support we get for this game from it’s creators.

    2. MuoNiuLa

      Not sure what is more sad. People who are complaing about DLC or people who are getting uptight about little comments over the Internet just because they don’t share the same opinion as them.

    3. MuoNiuLa

      @teth75: Have you even played Forza 4? Emphasis on the “4” there. Oh, and again, this game is still only being supported because the game was not done at release. Please don’t think PD are updating this game out of the goodness of there heart because they love us or something.

    4. aronh17

      @MuaNiuLa, A. It’s sad people are complaining anyways, they could easily go to what they like more. B. At least they patch the damn games instead of launching a completely new game just to add some prettier textures and a couple of cars that could be DLC. So between Forza 1, 2, 3 and 4 plus DLC you’ve spent over $300 USD for the same stuff. So I’ll add in, the only reason T10 doesn’t update their games is so they can make money, sounds like Microsoft to me, much like the “unfinished game” only gets updates for being incomplete. Sad thing is, without the updates, it offers a more complete experience than Forza. So I wonder which is incomplete. For the record I’m not getting uptight about what you said, just justifying companies that deserve it.

    5. Pit Crew

      I have 60 GT5 friends as far as the Game is concerned, so that statement makes no sense, but you go on and be happ and worry bout the complainers, just “Do You”.

    6. MuoNiuLa

      “Sad thing is, without the updates, it offers a more complete experience than Forza.”

      I strongly disagree with that, but I digress.

    7. aronh17

      I truly meant as a racing experience. Nothing beats driving around the Nurburgring with day/night transitions and rain coming in randomly. It’s even superb on Le Mans as well. Forza only offers things to keep you on the game, not to make racing feel amazing. Forza/T10 aren’t terrible to me, I just hate PD getting so much crap when they never did anything wrong. Sure painting cars is cool and makes your cars look different and such, but this is Kazunori’s vision. He wants to create an amazing driving experience and quite frankly, he’s doing it right.

    8. another_jakhole


      I knew what you meant.

      “He wants to create an amazing driving experience and quite frankly, he’s doing it right.”
      If this weren’t true, then as many people wouldn’t STILL be playing this game after getting the game on its release. The only other game I played as much was GTA IV and only because of the realistic driving, graphics, and FREE ROAM driving. If GT6 gets free roam, I won’t ever have to buy another game. Well, with the exception of some other exclusives.

  47. Ballbagboy

    I waited this long, and i dont even get a car pack… Ill never stop playing the gt series but that doesnt mean it hasnt got its faults

    1. another_jakhole

      Of course, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its faults. No one says it’s totally perfect and doesn’t need to be improved. It’s the crazies that make us sound like that’s what we’re saying when we reply to crap like, “Waaawww !!!! PD hahahaha Is this a joke?”, or, “NO CARS? ahahahahahahaha LOLOLOLOLOL Bye bye gt5. Its enough. ;)”.

      What we’re saying is how about don’t comment or reword what you mean without sounding like a moron/jerk.

    1. DuskTrooper

      Even if the car is essentially a re-badged variant of a car already available, it’s still a car though.

    1. Zamado75

      Well, at least, if you think like that, you won’t live in reality where were getting the 5th iteration of a car already in-game.
      Fair enough, some other iterations would be good; e.g:

      GranTurismo S AND MC Stradale
      Aventador AND Aventador J (don’t worry I’ve woken up)

      And WHY(?) do we have one (OLD SHAPE), road-going Audi (non-super-car), seriously(?) You could throw in an A1/A3/S3/RS3/A4/S4/RS4/A5/S5/A6/S6/A7/A8/S8?

      And, honestly, why do we not at least have the 1-Series M Coupe?

      Start listening to us PD!

  48. Pit Crew

    PD I can relate to supporting your National brand of cars, however I have 4 versions of that Toyota/Scion and am puzzled as to why we are getting a 5th.

    I can only hope this Japanese car bias ends with GT5 and more diversity in GT6 car list. Its just to many Historic and Modern cars in the world to be overlooked like this.

    If japanese cars dominate GT6, maybe you should just sell it in Japan, as it seems you are intimidated by other Nations cars or just overly arrogant and quite selfish

    1. Lambob

      All whiners need to collectively get off their arses and form their own gaming development studio. We need a hard kick in the arse, I wish we could find leadership with a vision to take charge. I’m too lazy and don’t have enough money, hopefully that will change.

    2. Rushton1996

      The Scion FR-S is sold in america. The rest of the world has the toyota GT/86. Even though this is a Japanese car under the skin, the FR-S was probably included to satisfy the american gamers.

    1. Millgate1

      I’m might be wrong, but I think EA’s Porsche license ended early this year and Turn 10 took advantage of the time it was down and released DLC for FM4, but since then, the license has been renewed by EA.

    2. Pit Crew

      EA holds the PORSCHE license since PS1 (Road&Track presents Need4Speed) and has PORSCHE permission to sell as sublicense to game developers willing to shell out for access to their car portfolio.

    3. Quakebass

      Sub license. They’d used it before in previous games, but EA blocked them from it in the early stages of the game, preventing Porsche from being “launch content”. EA never lost the license, I don’t think… But they did some heavy advertising of the 2012 911, so that may explain WHY they blocked porsche from the first 6 months of Forza 4.

    4. Pit Crew

      Well Toyota , the price for sub license ,as far as PD is concerned is extremely excessive and therefore not worth it. Porsche trusts EA to charge what they feel is prevalent and therefore doesn’t take a say on the matter. Long standing relationship between Porsche & EA.

  49. fortbo

    at least we are getting the new track and $5 is not a bad price for 4 layouts and i wouldnt be suprised if there was a car pack also because this is very new info and i dont think thats all pd has in store for us but i could be wrong, hopefully im not though

  50. AspenRS

    Typical Japanese developers. The 86 is gonna be the new skyline haha. That’s what now? 5 versions of it? I’m sure we’ll get the Subaru br-z eventually too. In fact why not give us that instead? At least it’s a little different. There’s no difference at all between the Scion and Toyota. Owell, at least there’s the July car pack to look forward to in forza.

    1. Whitestar

      This is like a 5 year old complaining to his mom: “Mom, Peter got a new toy car. Why can’t I have one as well?”

    2. Quakebass

      Well… If we can get the NSX for free, I think PD could balance us out… But that’s asking a bit much…

  51. BHalpen

    Hey, is there a reason why we haven’t got the new Acura NSX Concept? How about it for free instead of another version of the 86. If we have to pay for 1 new track I hope we at least get the change time function, to make it feel different than the old GT 4 track!

    1. Rushton1996

      4 Variations of one track. Some of them are completely different to the other. eg. Speedway and East Course. That means you’re getting more than one track.

  52. swynder

    Thank god that the Toyota is free, because there is no way i´m going to give 5 euros to buy a track wich I don´t even like.

  53. i love gt5

    So i just saw GT4 in store’s for 7 bucks PS2 so you can better buy Gt4 then this damn track.

    1. Quakebass

      Well, yeah… Prices of things go down over time… especially after about 6-7 years. A 6 year old TV was much more expensive new than it is now. Plus, do the extra GT5 cars and online features mean nothing to you? Those are things that give us reason to play it in GT5, plus the updated resolution.

    2. another_jakhole

      No point in trying to discuss this with someone who commented something like that. I’ll take GT5’s cons over other Gran Turismo’s pros any day.

  54. RentALife

    Well this is a scion so you guys better put a new dealership and not put it no damn Toyota or something I hope there’s more to come from this like more new cars that Acura with the one-77 taillights and rims

  55. FuelAirSpark

    I enjoyed racing Daytona Superspeedway online and was hoping for a shorter oval. This will do. At a mile and a half, egg shaped, looks like fun.

  56. mikecustom

    FM gets Porsche, we get a rebadged car and a track that was missing since the beginning, honestly i dont really care but fix the god damn sounds god damnit, thats all im asking for

  57. Tvensky

    didn’t previously tracks cost 3$?

    I just wait and see, before comment on this.. I think there is still nothing confirmed 100%.. maybe there will be more or even less….

  58. e30 freek

    (UPDATE: this content has since been removed) new details about Gran Turismo 5‘s upcoming downloadable content. Does this mean no dlc

    1. hairystig

      Good for you, i think the ft86 or whatever its called is just another jap bag of crap, as if we need more rebadged jap cars in gt5!

    2. TrdScionxB2

      GT5 does need some American cars. But I’m happy with the FR-S, but I’m a big scion fan, & a scion owner. But what I want from GT5 right now is for it to stop freezing up on me. It froze up on me like 3 or 4 times yesterday.

  59. Zamado75

    We wait this long for DLC and what do we get(?)! The VARIATION of a car we already have! I’m indifferent about getting Twin-Ring Motegi, although I don’t see myself using it; but to actually give us a car we, theoretically, already have, is ignorant.

    1. BlindZenDriver

      Cool down.

      So far nothing is certain and it is not said the FR-S is part of the payed package. And as for Twin-Ring Motegi then who can you be here and not care. It may not be the most know tracks but it is certainly a great place to race with good flow and some tricky bits as well.

  60. danger23

    and that new toyota prototype even though there working out the bugs in that car,still the technology would be good for the game.

  61. danger23

    I love what there doing with the track but for 5.00$ we should get just a lil more than a car we practically have already,why don’t try get that “audi prototype” that won at le’man that would be worth the bucks i guess there saving that for gt6.

  62. kleomenis5582

    Only for Twin Ring 5$ is to much even if it gives u free the FR-S
    Give us together with track a car pack and make it 10$ is much better!!!

    1. BlindZenDriver

      Twin-Ring is not one track it’s two tracks located on top of each other and then there are multiple configurations (Land is scares in Japan, check the tracks out on Google Earth). I think this is worth considering when looking at the price even for us in Europe which, as usual, will be charged extra (€5=$6.25 and in UK it’s likely to be £5 which is $7.80!).

  63. Lambob

    any DLC news is welcomed, thank you PD.

    a note to those who complain about $5 for items, I really wonder how you people afford electricity to turn on the light to help you locate where you’ve left your gamepads the night before. you complain over $5? LMAO, do you have any idea what it costs you to be a professional race car driver?

    1. AspenRS

      Dude it’s 5 dollars for a track. One track, I don’t care what variations it has. You can get a freakin car pack with like 5 cars in forza for a little more than that. It’s bananas.

    2. another_jakhole

      Car packs are obviously cheaper than tracks. Look at the other DLC’s. Are they really SO bad? One dollar over the “normal” DLC prices of other games is really THAT bad?

  64. TokoTurismo

    WOW. GT5 hasn’t gotten ANY DLCs for a few months which everyone has been whining about. Finally DLC comes, what do I see? Sorry to say this but some of you who’re making a big deal are LOSERS!

    1. Progress823

      +1…. No DLC = complain, get DLC = complain. Some people cannot be pleased – the way of the world.

    2. MuoNiuLa

      Not our fault you have such a problem with negative opinions on something you like, that you feel the need to insult others. People are perfectly entitled to complain about DLC, just like others are perfectly entitled to praising PD no matter what they do.

    3. Progress823


      I agree that everyone has right to either complain or praise as they see fit. The problem I have is this – when there is no DLC, people complain. When there is track DLC, people complain that it is the wrong track. When there is car DLC, people complain that it is the wrong car. Then there people that will kiss PD’s ass no matter what happens (I am sure that they can find things wrong with GT5 too). Also, people complain here instead of going to the proper channels (PD, GT forums, etc.) and then we get insults and unnecessary fights on the threads .

      Sure, I am a bit disappointed about the downloadable content of this game so far, and have complained – on these threads as well as to PD via e-mails. I am thinking (somewhat) that PD is starting to get the hint, notice that we have not received B-spec events as of late, the online connection is better than it was….

      Bottom line – If everyone sends their requests/ideas to PD maybe, just maybe we can get the GT5 that we want. I realize that I have paid $250 for half of a game. I am willing spend it again if they get the game right.

  65. TheGTGuy

    Look either buy the DLC or dont, people here want DLC so bad then when it appears and they don’t get what they want they complain. There’s 4 Variations of Montegi so thats €1.25 per variation, that’s not that bad at all, and besides more will be confirmed. I actually think that there will be a patch for the game and they are going to put the Scion in with it like the toyota 86, so I think there will be a separate car pack aswell.

    1. GT HP Nut

      Compare this DLC to the Spa DLC, then you’ll find out that the Motegi is seriously overpriced.

    2. Rushton1996

      I think the track may already be on our systems. remember the patch not so long ago that was almost 500mb? Thats rally too big for a few bug fixes so the track must have been included. Hopefully a car pack 5 was included as well.

  66. JamieGT

    I can see us not getting the dlc now due to everyone moaning, fair enough the car is a rebadge, but really dont we all agree gt is lacking some differentiated content that we all desperately need.

  67. SVT Cobra GT

    I’ve noticed that in the ‘Pack Completo’ section of the Italian GT website. It still mentions the Scion and Motegi.

    It states “Non include ‘Pack Auto 2’, ‘Pack Auto 3’, ‘Pack Prova velocita’, ‘Scion FR-S 2012’ o ‘Pachetto Twin Ring Motegi’

  68. Jeneffy

    I am a great Le Mans fan. Really wish the coming DLCs will have the Peugeot 908 2011′. Prototypes (especially the newer Audi Le Mans prototypes) and GT from other manufacturers or teams would of course be welcome.

  69. DuskTrooper

    The one good thing about the Scion is that there will be a new dealership in the NCD. And because of this, it’ll hopefully encourage PD to release some new cars from manufacturers which don’t have a dealership spot in the NCD.

  70. gast1976

    why a scion ? we have already the toyota model…unnecessary car
    TRM is a cool track but 5Euros!!!!!…..i need time for reflection because if we add all the dlc prices…..

    Pd please WORK ON NEW TRACKS




    1. rallymorten

      Prizes are exactly the same reason for me why I don’t have any DLC yet.. Example: I bought the very base game for about 500 danish kroner. If I am to buy all the DLC, it’ll be around 400 kroner IIRC.. That’s enough money to buy another game! No thanks, I don’t want to waste my money on things we’ll most likely see in GT6 as well. And maybe I’ll even await GT6 Spec 2.0 to get DLC for free.

  71. Rynogtr23

    People seem to forget that for the American GT fans who were lucky enough to get their hands on the signature edition of GT5, had to shell out $200 US plus tax. Add that to all the DLC content so far plus $5.00 for Motegi and ure looking at close to $250 some of us have spent FOR ONE GAME!!!???? So for everyone who says $5 is nothing ure just a succa for not seeing the big picture. i’ll pay $5 for Bathurst no problem, but for a modified GT3/GT4 track seems like typical conglomerate greed to me.

    1. rick013

      $200 for a signature edition? I got my collectors edition for $100 and the driving force gt steering wheel for a additional $125. What was in your $200 edition?

    2. Quakebass

      So then why’d you buy the signature edition? It doesn’t seem like it was worth it to you, based on what you said. It’s your own fault for purchasing that, not PD’s. And most games with DLC’s (at least the NFS’s) had about $20 – $30 worth of DLC. So that’s $90 if you got the regular game new. GT5 (if you got the standard game new) would cost you $88 or-so (plus tax) if you got the bundle for the 1st pack. This 4th pack would make it go to about $95 (conversion rate) – thats after 4 packs, which a mainstream game usually puts out $30-$40 worth of DLC spread between 2-5 packs. And we already got several free cars in Spec II, and I’d think this pack would make up for some of that… at least in your case, I find the price just fine.

    3. Cidav8r

      If you bought the signature edition, then you have absolutely nothing to complain about. You could have bought the standard edition if you were so concerned about money. DLC is extra. If you can afford the CE, you can afford the DLC or, as always, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY IT. So, I haven’t forgotten anything, I just don’t give a CR*P about whiny little moronic commie wanks like you with plenty of money to burn on collectible toys. You’re the “succa” who can’t see the big picture. I have no problem spending $5 here and there for a great addition to the game AND I think crybaby CE owners like you should pay double that.

    4. Rynogtr23

      ^^@Cidav8r, sounds like someone hasn’t gotten any in a long time, don’t get mad get glad lol. Ricko the SE comes with alot more stuff than the CE, look it up. I guess $100 to $200 is the average price of all games huh? What was i thinking!! obviously my point eluded you’ll, so work on your comprehension skills then try again.

  72. elston87

    Geez. The amount of discourse relating to Gran Turismo 5 DLC has been mind-blowing through some of the comments that I have read in the present and past. Gran Turismo 5 should have received its final release content some two months ago and then be done away with, but someone or something (possibly SCE, for all I know) is still squeezing what water is still left in the sponge of this game…

    The developers should be moving on to the development of the sequel for this franchise by now (they probably have a next installment in the works, but nobody knows for certain). I’m grateful that they’re expanding the content of this game by little ounces at a time; the tracks are the best bits that are up for offer, mainly because I am a fan of time-trialing and hot-lapping. So in the obvious, expanding the selection of tracks sweetens the deal for me…

    I’m more than curious if Polyphony Digital has an entry for the PlayStation Vita in the works…

    1. Quakebass

      “The developers should be moving on to the development of the sequel for this franchise by now (they probably have a next installment in the works, but nobody knows for certain).”

      We ALL know for certain; Kaz himself stated in an interview that GT6’s development had started a little bit before GT5 had been released… I’m assuming at LEAST 50% of PD’s workforce is on GT6 right now; if it was all on GT5, I’d bet we’d be getting content out just as quick as T10 gets out on Forza.

      And the Vita is interesting; Kaz had stated that he had no plans for a “GT Vita” of sorts, but since that customer survey, interesting things are happening…

    1. Azura

      And the worst one of them all “Oh, but Forza has this?! WTH PD?!?” Seriously, they’re both different games and it’s quite obvious that GT5 cars require more time to make than their FM4 counterparts.

  73. phil_75

    If it were the other way round with GT getting 7-8 new cars every month and Forza gets what we got, especially this 1 track (from GT4) and 1 car (that is just a badge change) you PD Defense force would be taking the P***!

    You know its dreadful making us wait this long for this little so stop defending PD, they have made mess after mess this gen, and in no small part thanks to Kaz roaming the world trying to get drives and not concentrating on the thing that gave him the means to race in real life!

    1. Quakebass

      Ok, we defend PD for this exact reason; people are using incorrect facts to explain that PD are lazy and terrible developers. PD has an INCREDIBLY small workforce, and most of this workforce is on GT6 right now, leaving even less on GT5. THAT’S why we get so little content compared to Forza. And Kaz “roaming the world trying to get drives and not concentrating on the thing that gave him the means to race in real life!” – would not hamper the progress of PD or the GT franchise; if Kaz goes on some sort of leave, there’s a vice president at PD, somewhere. ALL large companies have them. And he doesn’t “roam the world” TO “search for drivers”; he does both those things, but not in any related way.

      And I guess we defend the content because some of us actually think it’s reasonably priced… Why else would we argue otherwise? We aren’t here JUST for the sake of PD.

    2. phil_75

      So its INCREDIBLY small, but ALL large companies have a vice president?

      Make your mind up, PD won’t respect you for your tongue up their ass you know!

  74. KYD302

    I’m really not pleased with any info i’ve read about the next dlc the nissans with a sticker great but um there already in the game the FRS only excites me because it should be LHD i’d rather have the BRZ version though. Twin ring i get why they want to charge for it it does cost money to update the track for GT5 use but it should have been in the game from the beginning still no word on the New Mustangs the 07 in the game is a pooch and handles worse then the real deal theres no 392 cts-v modern charger no premium e30 or e46 m3 if it really takes PD two to three months to do one car then i think its time for them to close up shop and quit using the excuse where short staffed the game still has no clutch function you cant shift the car into reverse theres no neutral gear the game was a very shallow improvement on GT4 but it’s like paying full price for a beta and then having to pay for stuff that should have been in the game to begin with they could have copy and pasted GT4 to bluray and the game would have been better and i miss the tuning parts from gt4 the rim selection blows in gt5 and why can’t they bring back the n20 it was a fun feature gt5 is a cod kind of game designed to rip off the very loyal fanbase so Kaz can fund his racing endeavors GT6 will prolly be another joke i’m sick of the gaming world trying to rip everyone off for profit.

    1. HuskyGT

      And I almost bet that the Scion will mistakenly be RHD. still, I hold my ground that something big is about to happen. I have faith in PD!

    2. Dooblewasur

      I speak English very well…
      Do you?
      One of the things that helps me make myself understood is the handy period. Like that.
      I also use exclamation points, because they brighten the mood!
      I also use question marks, but sometimes I just have to ask, do you?

  75. mokalovesoulmat

    For me GT5 is now just boring…no new DLC…just boring…we definitely need something new…not only seasonal events…oh please PD new cars please…

    1. Meatwad67

      True. We get lame-ass seasonal events, Forza gets DLC like every other week it seems! C’mon PD, step your game up! Otherwise, that X Box 360’s looking better and better.

    2. Quakebass

      Would you like me to explain to you why this is so? I’m quite tired of mentioning it on nearly every news article…

    3. another_jakhole

      haha I almost left this place, because I’ve been doing that for over a year. People are greatly misinformed or they’re ignorant. Like when people use this picture×375/2010/11/Gran_Turismo_5_h_ssliche_Standard_Autos__5_.jpg
      to say that all the standard cars in GT5 look bad. They never say that it’s just the one car that looks terrible.

      lame-ass seasonal events? The Seasonal Events came in an update and are very helpful.

      no new DLC…just boring? smh

  76. ENFORCER 98

    if theyve taken the info down maybe they have canned it hope not but i wonder if theres more to this pack than meets the eyethey have working on bathurst since feburary so maybe it will follow twin ring ?? oh well a man can hope

  77. HuskyGT

    I hope that taking down the information means that the price will probably be less and they need to adjust it. Also, I’m hoping that they will include a new car pack.

    I love PD and Gran Turismo, but sometimes I don’t understand their ways of working. Waiting for months for new content and they only end up giving up a rumor that we’ll have a track that was already in GT, and a car that despite it’s free, it’s already in the game.

    I still refuse on getting Forza 4, but damn it, I’m a car enthusiast and with 700 cars that feel much more than the 1200 cars in GT5, I’m highly temptated(if I had the money, that is).

    But I still have hopes that something big is about to happen in GT5, or maybe it’s time for GT6 to blow our minds away.

  78. dixonbaps

    The Spa track pack was cheaper.

    “Track Pack (2 tracks, 5 configurations)
    This DLC adds new tracks in Gran Turismo 5.
    Contains Spa-Francorchamps (with weather effects) and Space kart I / II (each in the regular version and vice versa).

    € 3.99
    Available now Price: € 3.99”

    And that’s from the official website, So the € 5 for “ONE track with 4 variations” is a bit of a rip off if you ask me. As to the car, I can’t see why people complain. It’s free. Get rid of it if you don’t want it.

    1. Quakebass

      Well, it depends. Spa was a pretty big track, and only had ONE variation (though it included weather), and Kart Space (a quite small track) had 4 variations. TRM is a medium-sized track, and we’re getting three variants on the standard circuit (I don’t know how long it is) and then an oval. Either way, I don’t find it all that expensive. It’s just more expensive than the previous track pack – I don’t find that as a rip off.

    2. TomBrady

      Yes but Motegi, and the Super Speedway are 2 entirely different tracks. They’re not even in the same category. I don’t even like Motegi (except the east course is pretty good), but I think this is a great track to add just for the oval. I’m not a NASCAR fan, but seriously GT5 needs more ovals, and more circuits.

      Birds, meet stone

  79. hobanator24

    If it was removed from the italian gran turismo site, then shouldn’t this article be removed

    1. omgitsbees

      No, because this has been a pretty common theme with Sony’s european websites. They are always publishing information before they were suppose to.

    2. Quakebass

      This is like an information leak; if something is leaked, and then taken down, are all of the news stories on it going to close down? Nope, they are not.

    3. DuskTrooper

      If something is ‘leaked’, and then taken down after 2 hours, that in some way, proves that it is real.

      I mean, why bother taking the ‘leak’ down from the site if it isn’t real?

  80. Rynogtr23

    Although i’m glad that we’re getting a “new” track for gt5, i’m very disappointed that PD would make us pay for a track that was already in previous GT games. I could understand Spa & Route X because they are new to the GT series but not Motegi. I’m a huge fan of GT, but it’s disheartening to know that they are continuously charging us for every new bit of content, when theres a good 200-300 cars in the game that should get the standard to premium upgrade.But then again who knows if we’d have to pay for that too, after all they did make us pay for the premium version of the jaguar xjr-9 LMP, which was already in the game as a standard. Also considering that PD didn’t live up to their promise of DLC every 2 months, if they really valued their GT5 customers, this content should be free. Not complaining just saying.

    1. Quakebass

      I guess these things make up for the other free things PD has given us… GT Academy, several free cars in the updates, and plenty of bug fixes and feature additions. I think it all balances out, it’s just distributed a little oddly.

    2. TomBrady

      It has nothing to do with GT4.

      I really don’t understand how you people can deduce that. NOT EVERYTHING IN EVERY GAME IS CARRIED OVER TO A FOLLOW UP.

      That wasn’t the case even in past GT’s either. (SSR 11 anyone?)

      Now instead of losing it completely, they’re giving us the chance to get it back. If you like the track, why wouldn’t you appreciate that they made it available?

      You gotta realize, they’re not going to have time to add new features, AND keep everything from the last game. They have to prioritize. Get over it.

      It’s just like the standard cars. They didn’t have to include them at all, but they made them available to us, because they knew we would still want them.

      Is there anybody who wouldn’t have wanted the standard cars? Even as a DLC later on?

      Same thing goes for any past GT tracks. They’re not in GT5, we want them. You can’t expect them to put in the money and man hours to give us what we want for free.

      AND SERIOUSLY, $5 IS NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can’t even get a meal at a fast food restaurant for $5

    3. Rynogtr23

      Alot of us here have been around long enough to see gaming grow to where it is today and i’ve never seen a game cost $250. Not even millionaires give away $250 randomly on the street, far less for 1 game CD. So u see why another $5 seems like alot? especially for a track we had in gt3 & gt4, it’s very unsettling. I wouldn’t mind paying $5 for Bathurst on the other hand, because that would be new to GT, Motegi should be free.

    4. Rynogtr23

      TomBrady 1st of all Racing simulations are not like other genre’s that come out every year, especially in GT’s case so carry over is expected. It has been said that GT produces the best fantasy tracks of any racing game, so the expectation of bringing back older tracks is warranted.
      2nd of all, like myself there are racers who CAN ONLY drive using a cockpit view. I’ve been playing GT since GT1 and once cockpit views were introduced in GT5 prologue, there was no turning back. It would of been a better decision to leave standard cars out completely, plus its no fun driving with those other views, it doesn’t immerse you into the whole racing experience. No one is saying turn all the standards into premiums, just another 200 of the really important cars.
      3rd as most importantly $5 may be nothing, but not to the people who paid $200 US for the signature & $ 120 for the collector editions. Couple that in with all the DLC content of the past and ure looking at close to $250 FOR ONE GAME!!!! Are u serious???

    5. another_jakhole

      “i’ve never seen a game cost $250. Not even millionaires give away $250 randomly on the street, far less for 1 game CD. So u see why another $5 seems like alot?”

      So how do people give all the FM games that gave DLC a pass? They give out so much DLC compared to other non-racing games, and it’s pretty simple to produce all of that extra content when it isn’t the developer doing ALL of the work.

  81. XxFineDriveFDxX

    Well, seeing how TWM is already in Forza 4, and well, the FR-S being the same as the 86, I’ll just pass this one up.

    I’m probably sure there’s going to be more for it’s price, but four variants, and a free car don’t cut for DLC that actually costs something.

    I could be wrong, and maybe there may be some extra cars, but like I thought before, this’ll be another fifteen minute play through, then back to Forza. :(

    1. Rynogtr23

      TomBrady 1st of all Racing simulations are not like other genre’s that come out every year, especially in GT’s case so carry over is expected. It has been said that GT produces the best fantasy tracks of any racing game, so the expectation of bringing back older tracks is warranted.
      2nd of all, like myself there are racers who CAN ONLY drive using a cockpit view. I’ve been playing GT since GT1 and once cockpit views were introduced in GT5 prologue, there was no turning back. It would of been a better decision to leave standard cars out completely, plus its no fun driving with those other views, it doesn’t immerse you into the whole racing experience. No one is saying turn all the standards into premiums, just another 200 of the really important cars.
      3rd as most importantly $5 may be nothing, but not to the people who paid $200 US for the signature & $ 120 for the collector editions. Couple that in with all the DLC content of the past and ure looking at close to $250 FOR ONE GAME!!!! Are u serious???

  82. Super Novi

    I hate when a game company makes an awesome game, and instead of putting more awesome into it they make us wait LONGER for a sequel that might or might not be worse.
    *ahem*Just Cause 2*ahem*

    1. Quakebass

      Is that actually confirmed, or are you just assuming that because the GT Academy rewards are released that day as well?

  83. tpark103

    I know this is a forum and speech is free however it still confuses me how people complain that we never get content and when we do they continue to complain. I don’t think people realize the age of this game and the fact that it is even being supported at this point is unheard of. I for one am happy and I cannot wait to rekindle that fire. Looking forward to the DLC. Thanks Kaz and crew I hope what’s next will be the big one!!!

  84. montecarlo87

    Okay a month ago Forza gets a 30 car Porsche DLC and we get a another Toyota 86 under the Scion name, and Twin Ring Motegi that should have already been in the game? I hate Forza and their lack of detail in cars and tracks, but they seem to care more about making their fans happy than GT.

    GT has a serious issue with Japanese bias. And seem to be more concerned with making a few people happy with racing contracts instead of the majority of their fans that endlessly wait for something decent to come about. I’m not quite at my breaking point because I’m hanging on to my die hard fan of GT, and still holding out lots of hope for GT6. But the game better impress big time.

    Something like 13 real tracks from each region for a total of 52. Australia, Europe, Asia, and North America. And just as equal and diverse from each of those regions in terms of cars.

    1. Quakebass

      “I hate Forza and their lack of detail in cars and tracks,”

      …Uhh… You do realize that Forza 4’s cars have more polygons than GT5’s, right…? And more than 800 of GT5’s have PS2-resolution…

    2. Chinese_Drifter

      Where did you get that Forza 4 has more polygons than GT5? GT5 has avg 500,000 polygons per premium and 100,000 avg per standard where as Forza 3 has 450,000 per car (yes there is 700+ 450k poly cars in forza). But i just want some sources for the “Forza has more polys than gt5” thing.


      i would rather have 700+ 450,000 poly cars than around 200 500,000 poly cars in GT5, the standards look like absolute garbage.

    4. Quakebass

      There’s a few cars in Forza 4 with 1,000,000 polygons… and a lot more with 800K+. And GT5’s standard cars have about 10K – 50K polygons… not around 100K…

      And I agree with ROYALEFATALE in some ways; it feels better to have graphics consistent, in my opinion. Less cars would leave more time for graphical improvement, and we’ve got what, 100-170 unnecessary duplicate cars? These cars could’ve could’ve been either replaced with more appealing cars/more variety, or just left out entirely to allow more time to give more cars “Premium treatment”. And sorry, but Forza DOES have a much more appealing car list, that’s something I can’t deny. T10 do NOT have a “lack of detail” in their games. YOU show ME a source that claims that. And when they “seem to care more about making their fans happy than GT” – its really just because their workforce is large enough to provide lots of content. PD would LIKELY be doing the same if they had about twice the amount of workers than they do now.

      I agree with the Japanese bias almost entirely.

    5. TomBrady


      I agree. I wouldn’t say Forza has a lack of detail in their graphics at all. Their graphics are still the best besides GT5 and in my opinon better than pCars although I still don’t like Fm4s graphical style. The colors are too saturated, and the graphics just aren’t clear or realistic enough. It’s kind of like codemasters and SMS, they use way too much post processing and blur in my opinion, but like I said, the graphics are still very good especially for xbox.

      The big problem though is fm4 seriously lacks detail in its physics though, but that’s another matter.

      And I would say for the most part Fm4s car list is much more appealling, but I’m still not sure I would rather have it than GT5s list. Maybe it’s nostalgia (I know I would miss all the GT series classics), but I also think have rally cars, and dirt to drive them on is more important than what forza’s car list has better. Same goes for karts, nascar, F1, etc. Because of that, to me the car lists are a toss up.

      I do agree though, PD’s bias towards japanese cars is absolutely inexcusable. I honestly think it’s something that Sony should step in and do something about because to me it’s practically corrupt

    6. Progress823

      I would have rather seen a GT5 with just 300-500 cars all at 500k or greater resolution. I have gotten to a point where I don’t even touch my standard cars anymore as I don’t like looking at them/driving them (I use cockpit view; damn standards only have a black shell).

    1. TomBrady

      I hate when people complain about paying. Mainly because the more people who buy it, THE MORE LIKELY WE WILL FINALLY GET THE CONTENT WE WANT. But I kind of agree.

      I mean, if Motegi is REALLY the ONLY TRACK? then I’m actually kind of pissed that they’re charging us. I’ll gladly pay it, it’s absolutely worth it, but if they’re going to put it in a free demo, let people who don’t even have GT5 race on it, and then charge the people who do have GT5 for it?

      I don’t know, that’s messed up, BUT, IT’S ONLY 5 FRIGGIN DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!! I’m broke as a joke at the moment, and to me 5 dollars is nothing to pay for what we’re getting, principles or not.

      And like I said, buying DLC is like an investment. Because if nobody buys it, we will NEVER get what we want to see in GT5, and I’d rather spend 100 dollars on crap, then to not get what we really want to see in GT5.

      Plus, it’s absolutely nothing compared to iracing. This track is $15 in iracing, how would you guys like paying 15? LOL

    2. Quakebass

      ^ It’s one track, but 4 entirely different variations. We aren’t getting cheated because some people got to try it out in GT Academy, either; they only got one variant, and only got to one lap per attempt, and only one car to do it in. And no on-track competition, either. So GT Academy is sort of like a free trial for the DLC.

      I don’t understand the people expecting EVERY SINGLE BIT OF NEW CONTENT to be free either; sure I’ll take anything that’s free, but c’mon, be logical, PD put work into something, and in return they just get complaints that it isn’t free. I can understand anger at certain currencies ripping some people off (like in DLC 3), but when everyone’s got the same (reasonable) price, there’s no need to complain. Especially compared to the prices of DLC on other games.

    1. Quakebass

      Scion is a North America sub-brand of Toyota… So if you even count this car as DLC, then here’s one right now.

      But I get you point. Mustangs? Aren’t those a historically IMPORTANT cars…? TWO American cars beat the veyron’s top speed… We’ve gotten some European supercars, we’re well covered in Japan, how about some attention to the Americas?

      And now that I mention it, Australia, too; they’ve got some great cars there as well.

  85. Fisha695

    @lalaurentide & @Ferrari458Italia it’s not 5 Euros for 1 track it’s 1.25 Euros for 1 track and you are getting 4 tracks thus the 5 Euro price.

    As to the people complaining about the car (that you get for free) being the Scion… I take it y’all don’t realize that Toyota is paying for that to be in as a way to advertise it relatively cheaply to the masses.

    1. A_Higher_Place

      I 100% agree on the car. But I 100% disagree with complaining in general at this point. Essentially 2 new tracks and 3 variations of the non speedway version. Yet you pick out the minor of the gift…

  86. TCS

    People somehow think they can do better. A child would say their parent sucks for not getting them what they want. We have no idea whats going on over there. On the other hand, Kaz wanted 2 more years to make this game to avoid problems like this but sony being sony said release it now. He must of been like “ok”, he released it and now there’s complaints left and right. A lot of people wanted the game so bad, now they have to suffer for the impatience.

    1. Quakebass

      ^ That’s what happens when you get overly ambitious. I think PD may have bitten off more than they could chew with GT5. I know what it’s like; In my Computer Animation class, I’d have great ideas for animations, but they’d take WAY too long. I nearly failed the class that semester, and the only reason I got an A was because the content was so good, despite it being late. I would’ve gotten lower grades if I turned in my projects on time but incomplete; though if I had two of myself, I’d have no problem completing the projects. PD is kinda the same way (only this is in the real world; if you mess up, you can REALLY screw yourself over); They got insanely ambitious, but think about this: Do you think that PD could have actually pulled off everything they wanted to do with GT5? I think they could. It really just boiled down to insufficient workforce, and an impatient corporation and fan base. So given more time, I believe GT5 would’ve been what it was supposed to be. (It would have gotten an “A-” just for sheer quality, instead of a “C” due to an incomplete product; I never thought I could use part of my life as an analogy to PD’s development of GT5…)

      So for PD’s standings, yes, I think 7 years IS reasonable, given their ambitions and their workforce. If they had twice the workforce (and they were slightly less ambitious), we’d have a proper, complete GT5. And I know what you’re going to say, MuoNiuLa; “they need to hire more people.”

      Yes. Yes they do. And quick. We can’t really change the past, and now at this point it’s illogical to focus more workforce on GT5, partly because of GT6’s current progress, and because of the amount of space that the games “repairs” and other additions would take up on a hard drive. The only possible way I could see GT5 being fixed 100% (and this is only if PD turn their full attention to GT5) is by releasing things like their “GT5 XL” Discs with updates pre-installed on the disk, removing the issue of hard drive space.

      I think I’ve said too much… Most of this was probably simply unnecessary for me to say in this situation…

    2. TeamCZRRacing

      Not to offend anyone, but we can either whine about “standard cars suck” and get into huge arguments about some feature PD included/didn’t include and how “PD needs to do this,” or we can shut up and play the damn game. Yes, some cars are more detailed than others, and yes, some have better sounds. But it isn’t about that. It’s about enjoying the drive. Simple as that.

    3. MyFavoriteGame

      ^ Well said Quakebass… PD should have scaled back there ambitions a lil bit. I think if Kaz made the game he envisioned, our heads would all explode. This is why its so critical that they get GT6 100% right. We know what PD is capable of

    4. MyFavoriteGame

      @TeamCZRRacing – You’re absoluely right….And in a perfect world, there would be no complaints, elelmenting 80% of the GTP community :). jk jk….. but seriously, This is not a perfect world. The superior physics of GT5 are not enough for many people, especially given that only wheel users can truely experince it (and lets be honest, how many of the 8 mil actually use wheels?). I know quite a few people who would sacrifice these things for a more complete video game package.

    5. Quakebass

      There’s plenty good reason to get upset over standard cars and other features in GT5. And it all boils down to one thing: GT5 isn’t at par with “GT Standards” – everything is complete, and the game seems to last forever, while being fun throughout. Even though GT5 is BY FAR the best game I’ve played (in my opinion, of course), I’ve seen how the old games play out. Most of the people upset with GT5 are the die-hard fans that can’t enjoy GT5, because it feels like a let-down compared to the standards of the previous titles.

      So many people can’t just “shut up and play the damn game”, because it feels like such a disappointment, and doesn’t feel NEARLY as fun to play as the old games. PD has always been about ultra-realism, so you can imagine how the die-hard fans felt about the standard cars.

      Also, something just doesn’t feel right about driving in an environment that looks almost like reality in a jagged, pixel-y car…

    6. TeamCZRRacing

      @Quakebass Well, like I said, I only really care about how fun the cars are to drive, which is why I’ve got quite a few of them in my favorites. The Toyota GT-ONE, for instance, is a very fun car to play with, as is the Audi R8, Mitsubishi 3000GT, Aston Martin V8S, Toyota AE86 Corolla Levin/Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX, VW Lupo Cup Car, and the list goes on. Granted, not all of these are in my favorites, but I still enjoy driving them, so I’m willing to overlook their lack of detail. It’s the candy that matters, not the wrapper.

      (And yes, I’ve played GT1, GT2, GT3, GT4, GT HD Concept, GT5P, GT PSP, GT5, and GT Academy ’11 and ’12 – the only GT games I’m missing from my collection are GT3 Concept 2001 Tokyo-Seoul, Tokyo-Geneva, Tokyo, and GT4 Prologue and GT4 Online Test Version, along with GT 2000, so I’m a GT diehard. :D)

    7. Quakebass

      ^ But you see my point, right? The game didn’t quite live up to it’s name, and it took a long time to do so.

    8. another_jakhole

      I see your point. It’s like that for a lot of a longtime fans, but everybody needs to learn that it’s unreasonable to expect every sequel to this series to have the same feel and gameplay as the other ones do. A lot of people say that GT series has grown too stale and needs change drastically starting by “firing” Kaz. A lot of people say that it should stick with the same formula. I think it needs to stick with the same formula whatever that may be.

    9. another_jakhole

      Well, my point is that how GT5 is now is sort of how it should be. It gives a little bit of something to everybody. Obviously, a lot of the features and such things as A-Spec are incomplete or too short. But how can they not understand that after all this time of people saying it and having been known since around the time that GT5 released, Sony FORCED them to release it. I doubt it was a “Stop developing this game within the next month” sort of deal. Still, once that happened, everything must have changed. Priorities have to be highered/lowered as who knows how many things were only partially being created and others just about to be finished. There are so many things that people overlook and don’t realize.

      The physics weren’t created with on Tarmac in mind. They had to do the physics for snow, dirt, water, grass (FM has even always had the “Slow Down To A Crawl” grass), and karts. Another thing having to do with the the graphics is that it takes much more time to model the backseats of cars for the gameplay models than it does to keep it blank/missing.

  87. CT9A

    Weak is right Muo. We already have 4 variants of this car 2 from day 1 and 2 more from previous DLC’s funny how Nissan sponsor’s this GT Acamdemy thing the least PD could give us was the Juke R not a weak lil FR-S. All I know there better be a turbo option and full exterior parts front lips,canards, wing, rear diffuser.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      I’m actually looking forward to the FR-S. Sure, it’s another variant of the Toyota 86, but hey, it’s free. As they say, if it’s free, it’s for me! It’ll be especially cool to take it around Motegi. A free practice at a world-renowned racing complex with one of the best cars Japan has to offer at the moment? Yes, please.

  88. lalaurentide

    LOL, 5$ for 1 track, a track I can play in Forza. I will not pay for GT6 content until I buy GT6, unless it’s a PS4 game then I’m out.

    1. lalaurentide

      Actually I”m the one getting it, I don’t let corporations pull that kind of BS on me. Paying 5$ for a 6 cars or 2 tracks is what’S making this industry lazy.

  89. Toyota2jz

    IMO. GT5 lacks a lot of things. For instance, licensed after-market parts. The ability to convert engines, engine wear & tear – more challenging for players. & many more…

    All this is much fun, than having to wait for DLC cars, which also is time consuming & comes with a cost. I’d rather have an updated sim, than have DLC car packs. But having DLC is a bonus.

  90. rickyw

    Great news! Shame about the scion, why put a car on the game that we practically already have? Glad the car’s free :)

  91. Donald Rumsfeld

    I am going to buy this, even though I’ve been doubting whether or not I will be going for GT6. Every time I’m ready to bail, they do something to pull me back in…

    I think I may have gone mad.

  92. gamerdog6482

    It just occured to me that we already have Scions. Somehow I wiped the xA from my mind. Hm… Scion 86-Gran Toaster? Hybrid of the FR-S and the xB.

    1. gamerdog6482

      It will be interesting to see if they rearrange the dealerships to make a rectangle. Actually, a forth row might not be so bad.

      Wait…WHAT IF IT’S STANDARD!!!!

    1. DuskTrooper

      I know right. This article has only posted online for about an hour and a half, and there is already a load of comments.

  93. young car joc

    is it just me orare they just taking the ft-gt and puting a scion symbol on i dont care about the car but im pissing myself about the track can’t wait!!!!!!!

    1. Quakebass

      Scion is basically a small American sub-brand of Toyota… So really the Scion FR-S IS the FT/GT-86. I believe that theres some minor differences, though…

  94. ZedMan1996

    Mark from Classic Game Room would say- “My life will be complete if a car game had an El Camino in it!” I’m wishing for the same thing in future DLC’s for GT5. But hey, This DLC is cheap and gives us an entire new track! I drove on this track in GT Academy 2012 and proudly became rank 107th using a wheel (may sound like I’m boasting but you cant express body-language on the internet). A free car too! But remember that this is just the very first mentions of DLC 5 in GT5. We may have the Concept NSX in this update or DLC! An entire new track to throw your style on to it! And a new car for free! It’s almost as if every single car in this game has its own features and personality! Collecting cars is also an addictive thing! Have fun! PSN ID ZedMan1996

  95. TheeFrogmanlego

    Sweet! =D probably not gonna be a new car pack but whatever, I want more tracks not cars!

  96. Quakebass

    I went on the US GT site, and couldn’t help but realize that the punctuation in the GT Academy had beed reversed;

    What should be “180,860,134.5 KM” is “180.860.134,5 KM” and vice versa… For all of the numbers… Weird…

    And no announcement of new content is there, that main reason why I went to the site.

  97. KingDiamond83

    This is awesome. Since the IZOD Indycar Series is not in GT5 i use the FGT as an alternative. and this oval is one of my favorites. indianapolis is fun with friends with FGT’s but its time for a change :)

  98. Quakebass

    OK… It’s obvious that too many people didn’t read the article carefully enough. This isn’t the ONLY content coming out, just nothing else has been confirmed; I’m expecting a car pack to come out, not just 4 variants of a track and 1 free car. There’s likely going to be an update placing the Scion in the Dealership, for one thing, and who know what else it’ll contain? It’s far too early to know the full details on this new content.

    1. Quakebass

      Oops; Line 3: “and who know what else it’ll contain?” “KNOW” is supposed to be “KNOWS”… Oops…

    2. TokoTurismo

      Agreed Quakebass. :) The Scion is pretty much gonna come with the update so that’s prabably why its free. So that means Car Pack 4 is coming with Motegi and its four layouts. :D

    3. Quakebass

      ^ No… What I was getting at was that most people seemed to be jumping to conclusions about this being the only content being released. I’m not assuming that Car Pack 4 even exists; though it’s likely that it does. And likely not WITH Motegi (though a bundle would be nice), but along side it.

    4. MyFavoriteGame

      Umm… I think you are the one who misread Quakebass. All I saw was ” stay tuned for more official information regarding release dates and international pricing “. No solid hint at car pack 4 or anything else. Unless you have another source, I think you guys are jumping to too many conclusions.

    5. TokoTurismo

      ^ Yeah that’s what I mean, they’re both separate. But the Scion however, being free is really great. I can see an update coming along with it.

    6. Quakebass

      I was saying that I personally believed that there will be a Car Pack 4, and that I had no data to back me up, and to not get hopes up… I didn’t it word it so well, sorry… Also, the main point is that people seemed to think this is the only content coming out; we always get some sort of update along side the DLC’s. I think it’s too early to make any assumptions on any extra or static content – THAT was my MAIN point, sorry… I probably shouldn’t have even mentioned a car pack…

    7. skyrunr10k

      I’d certainly like more dealerships with one or two cars in them… NOT!

      I remember when I was getting started HATING every minute of going through every dealer trying to find a car like the Ford Mark II LM (that was always beating me in the Special 5 Seasonal), or the BMW MacLaren. Only to find out that they were only available in the UCM. They should at least list all cars in the dealerships. I know, I eventually found the lists on websites.

      I’ll keep buying DLC no matter what, but I do think it is over priced for what it is. We end up paying 2-3 times what the original game cost instead of having a full new version of the game as most other companies would do. I just hope GT6 runs well on a PS3!

    8. Quakebass

      ^ Nowhere; I was saying that I think that there’s more than just what was listed here coming… This is our first hint at new content, but doesn’t PD usually give a full feature list before the content is released? And isn’t there usually an update to place the DLC content into the game right before the release (to be unlocked with code later)? There just seems to be so many loose ends… And PD has had the time to build more content. I was just stating ME, I, think that theres more content that’ll be announced. 1 track (with several variations) and 1 car just seems like too little content in the time given. It’ll disappoint me if it is though…

  99. TokoTurismo

    I can’t wait for this. :) I’m not sure why theres so much anger on PD whenever DLC comes. People were begging for DLC a few months back and now look… Oh well I’m not too surprized anyways…

    I’m remember before I used to be annoying when there were DLC news. Not anymore. :)

    1. DuskTrooper

      I think the reason why people are angry is because we all waited 5 months for new DLC and all we essentially get, is a re-branded car we already have, and a conversion of a track that was on GT4.

      Now personally I don’t mind new DLC at all, I just wish we could’ve at least gotten something better than this. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to take it or leave it.

    2. TokoTurismo

      That I agree. That was torture. But PD could do better if they try harder. I’m just happy DLC is back, I missed it very much. :)

  100. polarbear345

    It would be cool if we got a free car every other week…

    But who’s kidding who, this is PD we’re talking about…

  101. GT5 Level 41

    So, are we thinking next Tuesday on this? No date given on the Italian web site, at least that I could understand.

  102. Bananoides

    Nice track… But the car i have only two word… Another one?!?!? Its ridiculous the price they charge for a track and even more the price for 1!!!! car… Thats one of the reasons why i stopped playing GT5!

    1. Quakebass

      ^ Actually… Forza 4 STILL hasn’t gotten it yet (but there’s gameplay of it on the TGTT), surprisingly, but it’s been confirmed to be in Forza Horizon.

      Unless you mean another “another game”…

    1. DuskTrooper

      You are getting a car, the Scion FR-S. It will supposedly be free. May I suggest that you please re-read the article again.

  103. Nato_777

    Well I’m happy with any new track and have no problems with paying for it – especially with the four variations and I’ll be very happy with the Scion – especially if it comes with some different aero options than the 86. But I do agree we need more than this and more often.

    1. DA6righthand

      My thoughts exactly. I’ll pay for whatever dlc they put out. It’s like investing in the game. I just hope for bigger and better things in the future and I’ll be happy for the here and now.

  104. Youngun

    Same car again, wheres the bzr too lol. Want brz sti and trd gt 86 or gt300 gt 86. welcome the new track but prefer tracks

  105. Flagmo-T

    Ok Hmm – But if you already paid for GT4 – why the hell should we pay again for tracks that is coming straight from the game, I know that some porting/data has to be altered, But That is called Service, and nursing the Millions of buyers/Fans, Not something you take money for, than produce some new stuff, and make the money there – This has been said before by many and probably grown-ups, GT5 will be the Most expensive Race game ever, before it even are Finished – I actually think it’s a Donkey methods to take for money for old GT tracks ( Just conversions) that already have been paid several times – I’m also hungry for new tracks, but Damn if i will see a Donkey in the mirror every time PD sends New Tracks out if they haven’t been totally updated, then it’s just the worst of the worst kind of Capitalism, which we already know is killing the economy worldwide – Damn!!
    The next Japanese tourist guy that comes to the statue of the little Mermaid in CPH, will have to pay me, to take a picture of the old statue * It’s solid and apparently good honest business :(….

  106. Lotus380

    It’ll be nice to see a new emblem in the new car dealer. Now if they could only add a few more, *cough* Bugatti *cough*

  107. risewithefallen

    I’m sick of PD half assing it. Old track and a car we already have with a different badge. Look at how good and how frequent FM4 DLC is? I’m a die hard GT fan but I can’t deny that forza is the better title at the moment

    1. Quakebass

      ^ You know the reason for Forza’s more frequent DLC’s, right?

      Greater workforce. PD needs one.

  108. Praggia

    This track has been available since the last GT update of 400+mb. All you have to do is purchase via PSN and activate it just like previous content.
    It’s an extra track cool now if only PD could add some new cars…..:)

  109. i love gt5

    And we waited twice aslong and were getting this*throws book on floor* maybe gonna buy a xbox and forza next year

  110. mickoafna

    I just thought about it a little and if we get the oval variant, it’s worth every cent :-)
    I would pay 5 € for this DLC!

    1. Youngun

      And the next C7 corvette, not a fan of american style but its alot of power. Me thinks a bit of European flare going on too (talk of a RHD Euro versions of both too)

  111. gsmack09

    About time we get some DLC. Now i just gotta pray they put hyper cars in the pack cause frankly im tired of the everday cars now.

  112. Rob-F1-Fan

    The car is free, so i suppose we cant moan that we ALREADY HAVE IT BUT WITH A DIFFERENT BADGE!

  113. grashopper

    I love that half the comments are saying why give us the FR-S when we already have the 86 … and the other half are saying why give us the FR-S and the 86 but no BRZ!?

  114. Toyota2jz

    We haven’t had a good Car Pack in like years. Come on PD you should be way ahead of Turn 10 with their FM4 DLC’s.

    1. tpark103

      Well I guess something is better than nothing at all. Thanks PD atleast you are still giving us a reason to play…

  115. ChicoMaloXD

    It’s cool they add new tracks and cars. But THEY NEVER ADD NEW EVENTS!.
    Come on PD, new events should come for all DLC packs!.

    Playing this game online is not an option. Too many disconnects, online players only do “drags” (and yet they claim GT5’s AI is uber bad…)

  116. Quakebass

    What’s with all the hate on PD for “recycling” the classic tracks…? Sure, there’s some high-priority real-world tracks out there (and we know PD’s working on Bathurst), but there’s licensing issues.

    Possible solution for this problem? PD creates new “fake” tracks.

    1. Hentis

      zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzSorry someone moaend about having to pay for DLC :p

  117. Quakebass

    Called it!
    (Didn’t everyone see DLC coming as soon as Twin Ring was officially announced?) I can’t wait to see what else we have in store! FOUR different configurations is NOT a bad deal, in my opinion…

  118. CNSpots1

    I said previously “we’ll be lucky if we get anything”

    Twin Ring Motegi is great as a track, I’ll enjoy driving on it as someone who didn’t get to play GT Academy 2012 due to the massive download time.

    But if they are just going to waste even 30 seconds on replacing the toyota badge with a scion badge, I’m not going to defend PD when angry fans start throwing bricks with “BAKA!” on them through kaz’s bedroom window. I personally don’t understand the point in taking up that extra harddrive space with a duplicate.

    1. Quakebass

      I don’t think the cars take up THAT much space… but I may be wrong. Usually it’s the physics/engine edits and tracks that take up more space in the updates. I do sorta see the point in it though; It’s simple short work PD can do to get a “new” car out, and it’s free. So the only thing that one could really complain about with it is the space it take up on their HD… but that’s only if they don’t want the car… I believe there are slight body differences (aside from the badge) and maybe performance differences, but don’t take me up on that.

    1. DuskTrooper

      I don’t mind them recycling tracks, I just wish they’d improve the models and textures on the tracks. Instead of just doing a flat out conversion.

    2. roflcoptor

      I have to disagree, I’d love to see some of the “old” tracks like Hong Kong and El Capitan appearing as DLC, with updated graphics.

    3. Quakebass

      Yeah, some of the most wanted tracks are ones from previous games… Plus, they’re much easier to get licensing for… because there isn’t any! XD

      Seattle is one I’d LOVE to see. The only issue with “recycled” tracks is when they actually look and feel “recycled”, like many of the classic tracks that made it into GT5. Kind of how like Route X is the new test track; updated in every way. Though PD doesn’t have to go THAT far with most of the classic tracks…

    4. HuskyGT

      I have to be honest when I say that I don’t see anything wrong with the tracks. They are all within the standards of the Gran Turismo.

      Also, I rather have more track packs than car packs. I remembered that what kept me glued to GT4 was the vast selection of tracks.

    5. Flagmo-T

      Ok Hmm – But if you already paid for GT4 – why the hell should we pay again for tracks that is coming straight from the game, I know that some porting/data has to be altered, But That is called Service, and nursing the Millions of buyers/Fans, Not something you take money for, than produce some new stuff, and make the money there – This has been said before by many and probably grown-ups, GT5 will be the Most expensive Race game ever, before it even are Finished – I actually think it’s a Donkey methods to take for money for old GT tracks ( Just conversions) that already have been paid several times – I’m also hungry for new tracks, but Damn if i will see a Donkey in the mirror every time PD sends New Tracks out if they haven’t been totally updated, then it’s just the worst of the worst kind of Capitalism, which we already know is killing the economy worldwide – Damn!!

      The next Japanese tourist guy that comes to the statue of the little Mermaid in CPH, will have to pay me, to take a picture of the old statue * It’s solid and apparently good honest business :(….

    6. Quakebass

      @Flagmo-T: It isn’t minor code edits. It’s a full HD Re-Scale. THAT’S what we’re paying for.

      “But if you already paid for GT4 – why the hell should we pay again for tracks that is coming straight from the game”

      There was a LOT of things we paid for in GT4 that we got in GT5… same with the previous games and their successors… so that argument isn’t quite valid. And it isn’t something DIRECTLY out of GT4 (as I had stated) – it’s an HD re-scale.

      We have Sarthe, Nurburgring, Spa, etc. in GT5… Do you not want them in GT6…?

      @HuskyGT: A prime example is Trial Mountain. It’s got some pretty crappy textures in some places; almost looks like PS2 in some places.

  119. novcze

    ok, €5 isn’t much, but at this point I would like to know what is their plan, GT6 on PS3 or PS4? I don’t believe GT6 will be on PS3 but still, would be nice to know officially.

  120. ZDUPH

    PD really sucks at coming up with new ideas. First they recycle TRM from GT4, and now they just change around the logos on the Toyota 86 and call it DLC? Pathetic… Glad I got XBOX and Forza, because I’m tired of PD’s bs.

    1. symustafa1996

      Recycle? It’s already part of GT. It’s new to us. And the car comes at no extra cost. So I don’t see any problems here.

    2. Quakebass

      What’s that problem with bringing the classic tracks back…? Sure, there may be some other higher-priority classic tracks, but c’mon, FOUR variants isn’t that bad. And as symustafa1996 said, the Scion is free with the update…

    3. TokoTurismo

      Oh BOO HOO ZDUPH. BOO FREAKIN HOO. Honestly at least were getting Motegi with all FOUR of its layouts, and a FREE Scion FR-S which may also bring an update along. WTH is the problem!?

    4. ZDUPH

      Your arguement in invalid Toko boy. First off PD was too lazy to redesign TRM, so they imported it from GT4. Second Forza 4 HAS all four configurations of Twin Ring Motegi. At least Turn 10 took the time to revamp Twin Ring Motegi and make it bloom with life, while GT5’s version is dull and boring like all of the other tracks. So before you bitch at me with such blasphemy, maybe you ought to research. And really people? You’re SO excited for a reskinned GT86? Give me a break. Turn 10 gives us anywhere from 8-12 cars EVERY MONTH, while PD sits on their Asian asses and waits 4 MONTHS before release one clone of a car that’s already in the game, and a pixelated mess that PD calls Twin Ring Motegi. Thank you very much for taking time out of your wonderful lives to read this paragraph. This arguement is closed. Any further inaccurate remarks will be ignored. Have a wonderful day.

    5. HuskyGT

      @ ZDUPH, I have to slightly agree with you but it isn’t as terrible as you’re making it sound. In my humble opinion, TRM doesn’t look half bad. It looks pretty much like any other track in the game. And we all know that track details are not a GT5’s best features. I fired up my PS2 with GT4 and compared it with GT5 and trust me, it’s not the same. The best thing is that we are getting four more tracks. That’s four more ways to have fun in GT5.

      And the Scion, although it’s not as bad as with the multiple GTR’s, I agree it’s somewhat another pointless duplicate that after all this time waiting, it leaves a bitter sweet feeling. But you know what? It’s being added for free.

      If I had an XBOX and Forza, I would be playing it, but I don’t. You have to option to play Forza, so hey, enjoy it and leave GT players enjoy what they have.

    6. TokoTurismo

      He’s a fanboy, he’ll hate anything PD makes so I’m not concern. He’s not worth my time… ;) I mean did you read how angry he was?

    7. ZDUPH

      I respect your opinion Husky. I wasn’t in any way trying to anger GT5 fans. In fact I was in full support of the GT5 fans, believing that after 4 months of waiting, all they got was a reskin of the 86; you deserve better! At Toko, before you go and accuse others of being Forza fanboys maybe you ought to look deeper into what I and many others have to say. I’m angry FOR the fans, not AGAINST the fans. Is this how you like to be treated by a powerhouse like PD? So what if it’s free? All technicality aside, it’s not even new content! And I “hate anything PD makes?” I’m pretty sure that I had purchased every DLC pack that PD created for GT5, so don’t try that one with me. And while I realise that PD polished up Twin Ring Motegi from the port-over from GT4, it looks lifeless. I guess you don’t like Forza players who are in full support of it’s arch nemesis’ fanbase. Maybe you ought to take a vacation, because it seems, like many other GT5 players, that GT5 has taken full control of your life. I apologise for angering you in any way. Again I wasn’t trying to, but if you think i’m just another whiny Forza fanboy, go ahead, because in all honesty, I could care less.

    8. TokoTurismo

      ^ Learn how to freakin use paragraphs, I can’t read a damn thing in your sentence ZDUPH. Therefore I’m not reading it.

  121. CMRwh1t3shadow

    id like to see the new audi rs18 e-tron hybrid deiseal from the Lemans 24hour race included in GT5

  122. pasigiri

    Oooooh no you don’t. Don’t start with the same car, many variation stuff like with the GT-Rs and Miatas especially. The FT-86, BRZ, and FR-S, topped off with the concept and a tuner concept of the same vehicle is okay, but please PD don’t go over board. Focus on newer vehicles out/coming out like the new Dodge Viper, Camaro ZL1, 2013 Mustang GT500 (with an independent rear mod available), 2013 M5, Lotus Exige, etc.

    A counter to the Forza Porsche pack with a serious RUF pack would be awesome.

    1. Squach240

      You didn’t pay for the Toyota GT86, and you’re not paying for this Scion FRS. Maybe the Scion was leaked due to testing for a new brand to be added into the premium dealerships. There could be more, but don’t expect much. You’re better off not hyping yourself if there is more.

    2. Quakebass

      ^ Yeah… I just realized that there isn’t a Scion section in the Premium dealer… I wonder if PD is going to just add a brand to the end, re-adjust the grid to make a perfect rectangle, or if there’s some other brands we don’t know about…

      I’m not going to get my hopes up, I’ll just end up disappointing myself.

  123. hennessey86

    Oh dear lord they love putting duplicate cars in don’t they, one Toyota GT-86 is enough thanks. New track is welcome but I thought it would be free

    1. Quakebass

      Why would you think it would be free? The car’s free, but the track makes sense to pay for, especially for 4 different variations. We only got to see one of them in GT Academy.

  124. Dragfan

    id like to see some turbine cars included into gt5. two examples, the 1968 howmet tx turbine Lm car and the stp paxton turbine f1 car. id also like to see some other race cars such as the 1952 diesel cummins special, the awd cosworth garish f1 car and the six wheeled tyrell p34. those are just some suggestions for cars that could be cool to see in gt5 or maybe even gt6. But, im still happy that we are getting a new track and a free car

    1. Quakebass

      Copying and pasting old comments isn’t going to grab PD’s attention. Creating a thread in the forums will likely have a beter chance of grabbing a read, but your best bet is to put this in the feedback section. I highly doubt that the news section is the first thing that Kaz/PD reads when he/they have the time to.

  125. Madertus

    I’m actually starting to think that NO developer has someone actually playing their X game or someone following what the players want.

    If they will include Subaru BRZ in some DLC, my hope in humanity will be lost forever. It’s like adding yet another Skyline or Impreza…

    1. mattybb47

      Well to make a BRZ you can just paint it WR Mica Blue and it’s the same damn thing. It’ll have different lights and emblems but it’s practically the same car. Or if you want a tuned STI one just go on one of the replica tune threads.

    2. Quakebass

      Yeah, the BRZ is a bit different… I would’ve taken that over the Scion, but it’s free, and I’m glad for that. I just hope PD won’t start spamming us with duplicates of different cars.

  126. SimonK

    Ah, the usual “€5 isn’t anything, I can’t buy a cup of coffee for that blah blah blah”. It doesn’t matter how cheap it is, it’s about how much it’s worth. If PD added a cone DLC which covered all of the track in cones like the GT Academy and charged €2 would you tell us to stop moaning because it’s only €2, irrespective of whether cones are worth that?

    1. roflcoptor

      I’d buy it. It’s the only reason I go on the Top Gear track… to kill all the cones… KILL ALL THE CONES!!!

    2. Quakebass

      ^ I’d actually like a variant of of the TGTT with no cones… and having to pay for that just doesn’t make sense (neither does paying the proposed cone DLC…) – it’s too simple for PD to do, unless they did variations for EVERY track, and had weird “mazes” of sorts throughout certain tracks/sections…

      But I get your point. DLC should be pried based on how much work was put into the content.

  127. ttfn

    @phil_75 im guessing you’re either unemployed or work for nothing…….you very rarely get something for nothing in this life so either pay £5 for it or not, your loss either way

    1. Darkteif

      Cant belive there doing this! An ozzy named brz/ft86/etc.. Why bring another vareant of one car, like lots of others through the game. Dont get me wronge love the game and a wheel doubles the grateness. But new cars please. New pagani? Are we going to get the 2013 GTR… No dout. See the patern. Its a little lazy.. Create new models. Much love to the handling physics tho. Peace

  128. 1337rice

    Please, Collectors Edition suffered the hardest by paying over $100 for the game…only to have half the “exclusive” cars given away for free. Then we get a slap in the face with the XL Edition selling for $39.99 which includes the Racing Car Pack, Car Pack 2, Course Pack, Racing Gear Pack, and Paint Pack.
    How about giving at least SOME good reasons why we bought the collectors edition? I certainly didn’t buy it just to get ripped off over time…

    1. Bobby-Vegas

      How we get a slap in the face? Did you buy it a week before GT5 XL came out, it don’t add up. Also, they never gave Chromeline cars away (which are exclusive dlc), unlike preorder/Signature Ed. Stealth NSX and GT-R. FYI, I have the Collector’s Edition too.

    2. Quakebass

      Ok, really. It’s like complaining about paying more for a brand new TV than someone who buys the same TV for several hundred dollars/euros/pounds (whatever currency you use) less a year later due to price dropping. And what other PHYSICAL merchandise came with these special editions? GT5 XL is really just an efficient bundle for GT5, and makes it easier people to get an updated GT5 if they don’t have an internet connection. And it won’t fill your HD with update data; it’s all on the disk. That’s what happens when a game gets a lot of updates; you need to release new disks with the new versions.

  129. SkierPS3

    That’s kind of pricey for one track, but I’m still glad to see new cars and tracks being introduced. And assuming PD is still saving quite a few new tracks for GT6, then what we’re getting as DLC is only scratching the surface of what GT6 will be.

    1. Doober

      I am hoping if they port all the tracks that at least textures would get updated. I hate Suzuka in gt5 because it is exactly like gt4’s not pixel out of place.

    2. Quakebass

      It isn’t so pricey for 4 different variations… Look at the pricing for Route X and Course Pack 1; Spa (standard and weather variants) and Kart Space I and II forwards and reverse: $5. 5 Euros = about $6.31, and consider the size of the track and it’s variants; One is a large oval. I think the price makes sense.

  130. HuskyGT

    I don’t know what to say. I’m so happy right now that I feel like vomiting…


  131. wfmodena

    Wow, let’s all post all the stuff we’d rather have as DLC. I’ll be happy to consume Motegi and moan about Seattle City course & Apricot Hill after that.

  132. Skyline_77

    However small it may be, I’m glad PD didn’t completely forget about DLC. Was starting to wonder there….

  133. TokoTurismo

    Since the FR-S is coming, which I’m very happy about. I hope we get the BRZ next along with the NSX Concept. :)

    1. Gt5 guy

      Definitely the subaru, it’s my favorite car that I would have a chance of buying in real life. Not much of a Acura fan though.

  134. phil_75

    £5 for one track that we were led to belive would be free, even if not that is steep! Taking tips from Activision eh PD?

    1. Quakebass

      4 variations… including a completely separate oval… So not EXACTLY ONE track… And where was it ever stated that it would be free? We only knew we were getting a free preview of it in GT Academy…

  135. spikeyhairdude

    STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE DLC. I really hate it when people ask for dlc and when it arrives you start complaning about the price. Be happy theres something added on. If you dont like it, move along.

    1. SimonK

      I really hate it when people tell us not to post our opinion if it isn’t positive. We’re perfectly entitled to a negative opinion and perfectly entitled to voice it. If you don’t like THAT, don’t reply to the comments.

    2. Quakebass

      Well, look at it this way; we wait a long time, hoping for great new content, and then we get content we don;t like very much. So then we have to wait AGAIN. THERE’S a reason to complain. But what annoys me here, is that this content (excluding TRM) is all free in an update… and we don’t know what else is coming in the update, or if there’ll be a car pack – everyone just assumes that this is all that’s coming out. I think there WILL be a car pack coming along side the track pack.

  136. hobanator24

    I think that Motegi should be free for everyone that completed GT Academy. Everyone else should have to pay.

    1. Quakebass

      …Wait… …Why…? We’re getting 3 extra variants that weren’t in GT Academy… The only thing that would make a REMOTE amount of sense would be a voucher for a small discount on the pack… Was GT Academy not free enough for you…? They already gave a free preview of the track in it… and what about all of the people who weren’t eligible for GT Academy? That isn’t fair at all. And that’s coming from someone who IS eligible for GT Academy.

    2. hobanator24

      I can see your point. People that were not eligible for GT Academy should get it for free with the rest of the people that participated. But those that had the ability to participate and didn’t should have to pay for it. Those that took the time to download and complete the GT Academy should get a free track.
      If there are any other dlc items like new cars or other tracks then everyone should have to pay full price.

    3. Quakebass

      ^ That would be too complex to decipher who’s who, and some people would likely get ripped off, while others could get the discounts unfairly. If anyone were to be discounted, I think it should be people who are in ineligible regions and hadn’t downloaded GT Academy through an eligible region account. These were people who were essentially cheated out of new GT content for a bit, and weren’t allowed to have a chance to become a real racing driver.

  137. MANU56BZH

    Thank so much but….
    EL Capitan, Costa di Almafita, Pikes peak, real WRC spécial on Asphalt, etc….PLEEEEEEASE
    No more cars, just TRACKS !!!

    1. Quakebass

      Why does it being in GT Academy make it worth less money…? PD upscaled the resolution from GT4, and gave us a preview of just ONE VARIANT in GT Academy. $6.30 is a reasonable price to me.

  138. ImprezaAddict

    This isn’t a complaint even though it will come off as one…

    Six months after car pack 3 and the only thing they give us is one car and one track with 4 variations.

    Also, I wonder why the BRZ was left out…

    1. Quakebass

      This isn’t even a car pack… It’s a FREE car we’re getting in the update. We could be getting a Car Pack 4; barely any details have been released yet, don’t jump to conclusions.

    1. NoonenF1

      +1! IndyCars at Motegi oval will be sweet too! (I consider the PD F1 car an Indycar, use your imagination people!)

    1. j0nny0093

      infact, the track is already available on GT4, why we have to pay a track with available rights ???

    2. Quakebass

      We’re paying for an HD re-scale of the track, not a copy-and-paste of code from GT4 to GT5. If it was just a copy-and-paste, I’d like it to be free.

  139. Dragfan

    ive seen a frs at englishtownship raceway park in New Jersey. it looked very cool. i cant wait to drive it on my birthday of july 31st (thats when il probably be ungrounded

  140. EVODUDE999

    not sure im the only guy that thinks this. PD…Give us ALL the rims for the cars! not just select ones! the evos rims look like poop! i just want a set of dang BBS rims please!

  141. BirelChris

    I was hoping for some Le Mans pack or something, but it was also setting the bar pretty high to be honest. But always nice with a free car, and for sure i will buy Twin Ring Motegi! :)

    1. another_jakhole

      No, this definitely looks like it’ll be it. I am a bit disappointed about it only being one track. At least it’s Motegi though, and it isn’t only ONE layout.

    1. Quakebass

      Well, if this is the only content being released in 6 months (not including GT Academy), THEN I’ll have something to complain about. PD’s had enough time for a DLC pack. (to my knowledge).

  142. Foxiol

    If it comes next week we should see a new trailer from the car tomorrow or something like that. If it comes the day of the end of GT Academy (2 weeks from now) we should see something next week.

    Also if the car is free that means that we´ll see a new update OR we have the content in the game already and came with the latest update. (2.06 not 2.07 of course).

    1. another_jakhole

      I forgot about the updates for DLC. That makes me think this DLC will be out on the 4th then. There might be some surprise left, otherwise why have it so we get the prizes nearly two weeks after the competition ends?

  143. 70hemi

    You got this from me didn’t you? lol, after all, I did just post it in the GT% Latest News and Discussion thread not too long ago…

    1. Jordan

      About a dozen people reported this to me through various channels overnight. I don’t know who was first so I don’t credit any single person.

    2. 70hemi

      Channels… Oh, ok, lol, I just figured you guys watched that thread I mentioned… Overnight, huh? Man, these people must be very thorough in there searching….

    3. Jordan

      Famine and I are the only two people who post news content to the blog. Famine’s really busy at the moment, so it’s just me, and I’m on West coast time right now. If something comes up while I’m asleep and Famine isn’t at the computer, people in Europe and Australia will often flood Facebook, Twitter, and emails and private messages to me to let me know what’s going on.

    1. Ra1kkoneN

      @counter345: Free doesn’t mean it’s good. After several months we get a rebadged car. I don’t mind if they skip me when handing them out. Saves a bit of HDD space on the PS3 after all.

  144. seanchump

    I hope they upgrade the resolution beyond what they had in GT Academy. They should call it a “Standard” track, because it’s an obvious port from GT4.

    1. G.T.Ace

      There’s a huge difference between the GT4 version and this one, there’s a comparison on YouTube, you should check it out.

    2. TokoTurismo

      Oh yeah I forgot. This Motegi is all new and different from GT4, just the texturing but yeah. Still happy we’re getting all four layouts. :)

    3. seanchump

      It’s generally improved from GT4 HOWEVER Deep Forest and Trial Mountain are fictional locations yet they are higher quality than this. For a real world location, the lack of track side detail is apparent and texturing is sub par.

    1. otakukid96

      Ok, thanks. Yeah, I see now that it was only announced. I was just too excited that I didn’t read it.

    1. GranTurismo916

      But they are both the same car. I’m still happy there is DLC but were getting things that we already have. That’s all. :)

    2. TokoTurismo

      Imagine the aero parts the car would get, woohoo. :D Left-hand drive + cooling looking bodykits!

    3. pinoy_dorifto

      2 version of the 86 is not that bad, even if they put in the BRZ will make it 3 variant is still not bad compared to how many S2000 EU US J version which are all the same in anyway.

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