Gran Turismo 5’s Online Service Problems Reportedly Resolved

October 18th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

As most of you are aware, Gran Turismo 5‘s online services have experienced significant disruption over the past few weeks.

The issues were acknowledged by Polyphony Digital and via a tweet from Kazunori Yamauchi, but players in our forums have continued to report trouble staying connected to the game’s servers.

Today, the problems have reportedly been identified and resolved, according to the latest message posted on all of Polyphony’s international websites:

The interruption experienced in the online service of Gran Turismo 5 has been resolved, and the service is now back online. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Discussions in our forums do indicate an improvement in the game’s online performance over the past few days, so hopefully the announcement confirms final resolution of the problem.

GT5 Photomode image by MadMoss.

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  1. Nov. 10, 10:07pm

    Server started playing silly buggers on me again yesterday, still not working today. Has been working fine for weeks and all of a sudden, it’s gone to crap AGAIN!!!!!!! All my other games work fine online & my console is less than 12 months old, have deleted everything I don’t need/want from my hard drive. FFS!! It’s almost 2013, a server is not new technology!!!!

  2. Nov. 9, 5:27pm

    The first time

  3. Nov. 5, 11:04am

    I don’t know why all of these guys are complaining, it’s the first time Kaz has put one online. You can’t expect the first time to be golden and flawless

  4. Oct. 30, 1:32pm

    It’s sad to see everyone are still having problems with GT5’s online, even though I haven’t played the game in months. I knew PD didn’t care for thier users, only the money is their attention… I’m not sure if I want GT6 anymore if this is the way PD will treat online. For all we know it’ll only be GT5 Spec 3.0. What a disappointing company PD is. YOU too Kaz who cares for only his “precious vision” and not his fans. >_>

  5. Oct. 30, 12:16pm


  6. Oct. 28, 6:34pm
    xJr Stigx

    So PD and users here finally acknowledge a problem. I used to post about problems only to have people shout how it was my own connection etc. Thats a start, I guess, but we all know PD has done nothing to fix the problem since they have provided no specifics as to what the problem is or was or whatever. Bottom line is they implemented a lame online offering that tends to be riddled with connection issues because they don’t use Hoppers like Forza. It seems to me because Forza uses Hoppers, which pool players from within the same geographical region most likely, it allows their connections to be stable. Forza places you in a suitable lobby for ping and bandwidth as opposed to choosing your own personal preference in GT5, but possibly a lobby with some others who’s connection to you is less than ideal. Not including any matchmaking at all is why it sucks, period. In my opinion. Not even sure why people attempt anything other than shuffle rooms anyway, if you want real competition. Too many choices mean people are connecting across further distances to each other causing lag. But maybe it’s not as simple as it seems. Clearly doesn’t work though. Nice to see the GTP community mostly united in their dissatisfaction. Lets see if PD cares.

  7. Oct. 25, 4:51am


    • Oct. 27, 8:47pm

      We all realise now that these problems are genuine. And all the moaning is valid but for some reason PD are very reluctant to hold thee hands up to admit that it is still a problem, I’ve said it before but if PD would just give some acknowledgement that there is still a problem the the gamers would probably hold a bit more patience, but as it stands at the moment were all very frustrated at the lack of information coming from the makers of this game. Please PD accept there’s an issue and admit it and tell us your trying to sort it for gods sake. Just hold your hands up and say sorry.

  8. Oct. 24, 9:00pm

    The sever is not fixed. Me an my friends are still getting black an froze screens. GT5 made it worse when they they fixed it. Now i get black an froze screens in regular races. IF gt5 dont fix it soon i know 89 people who will not be buying gt6

    • Oct. 24, 9:21pm

      The servers are fixed.

    • Oct. 25, 9:26pm

      Some people just don’t listen gamerdog6482

  9. Oct. 24, 8:11pm

    I can’t do anything online without getting a black screen, game freezing, and disconnections. And my game has no scratches on the disc. PD, I think you’ve made it worse than before.

  10. Oct. 24, 3:18am

    The problems people are experiencing are related to patches. It is well known amongst most gamers that patches cause bugs and lag in online games. One example is is Uncharted 2 which changed from a brilliant online shooter to a laggy mess between patches 1.04 and 1.06.

    I have logged over 60000 miles on GT5 and I was loving it until recently. It is now too unstable now online with black screens, lost connection, and making online play frustrating. Im not alone either, when I look at my frinds list hardly anybody is playing GT5 now.

    I do hope they can sort it out but I have little hope. The black screen bug has been around a long time and these bugs are not simple to fix.. If they were PD would have done it by now. All I can say is ….. it was fun while it lasted and see you in GT6 !!!!

    • Oct. 24, 10:46am
      Pit Crew

      I See a PSN Update today. Off chance it could help GT5… Its a reach I know.

      Off topic. In BF3 I think a patch left a bug that kills the sound of the environment at inoppurtune times during a round.

  11. Oct. 23, 9:34pm

    It’s on and off for me. I was going fine until today.

  12. Oct. 23, 9:07pm

    lol, BS its resolved, the game freezes in lobbies, disconnects are rampant, and lobbies are riddled with people having the same issues. the servers are far from fixed, and if anything they have gotten progressively worse.

  13. Oct. 23, 11:53am

    Black screens, Disconnected from server, Errors. Good grief. Can I just race and tune? err! Please fix.

    This reminds me of a 1-1/2 yr old cell phone…Its start messing up 8 months before your upgrade is available. SMH

  14. Oct. 23, 9:30am

    it’s not fixed at screens, disconnects.. game is freezing from time to time as usual..but how can they possibly say that problem is resolved…shame!!!

  15. Oct. 23, 3:37am
    Maddens Raiders

    News Flash: the issue persists. Tonight I got so many “Disconnected from server lobby” messages I simply had to stop playing, in fear of race interruption. I hope they (pd) send out a patch soon or really resolve this once and for all.

    • Oct. 23, 5:01am

      Don’t count on it.

  16. Oct. 23, 2:32am

    I keep getting black screens like never before and an error message in the open lobby #268

  17. Oct. 22, 7:22pm

    Actually this issue is actually true but in my experience, I only experience black screens lately when joining the SS7 Cruise which has usually 12-16 people (usually really full) so I think it’s interconnected to people’s internet connection (black screen means a GT logo pops up but I can actually rev my car) . Fortunately, the game is smooth again. My PS3 slim was bought June 2010 .

  18. Oct. 22, 10:39am

    Im getting more problems than when it was supposedly having problems. I have a slim PS3. Im getting black screens almost every time a race starts

  19. Oct. 22, 10:18am

    Yeah, still not working well.

    I have a slim PS3, from like 2010 or 2011. I have hit and miss experiences lately. These even happened after restarting the game, restarting the system, and restarting my modem/router. I experienced several problems last night:

    1 )Sometimes initially going into a room it would take forever and say “incompatible with room host” or something.
    2) Sometimes it would say “come back later.” Sometimes I’d get into a room only to be disconnected while prepping.
    3) Sometimes upon entering the track, I’d get a black screen, but be able to hear that my car was running anway and bouncing off walls, other players, etc. But I couldn’t see to drive. This would cause a room-wide problem if the race happened to start while I was in that condition.
    4) Sometimes I could not see everyone in my player list, and they apparently couldn’t see me. The only clue I had to their existence was their aural, in that I could hear them talking to others and trying to figure out what is going on.
    5) Other times just black screen where the only thing you can do is quit the game from the ps3 button menu.
    6) Sometimes I’d actually get to race, but that seemed to be the exception.

    Definitely not fixed yet in my experience, and it is driving me crazy. It is not possible to just sit down and race. It is very annoying to have to hunt and hunt for a drivable race. I ultimately went and worked on time trials, seasonal event races, and for the first time ever, a drift trial. (It seems I really can’t drift. Drifting is slow anyway…)

    • Oct. 22, 3:17pm

      I doubt that will happen, as they are fine. I was racing for a good five hours straight yesterday.

  20. Oct. 22, 6:51am

    Just a question ok bare with me. The people who are having problems. Do you have a Fat model ps3 or slim model ps3?

    • Oct. 22, 8:49am

      I have an original 2007 model PS3.
      I managed to get on yesterday morning (around 9:30 am GMT) but it was laggy as hell and took its time to load in the news. I couldn’t get anything from the servers last night. So to stop the game becoming unplayable with slow loading times and constantly trying find the PD SERVERS I logged out of the PSN and switched off my wireless connection. Haven’t tried today as I’m working.

    • Oct. 22, 8:54am

      I have a slim and I’m not having any problems.

    • Oct. 22, 10:41am

      I have a slim and am getting more black screens than ever

    • Oct. 22, 1:13pm

      It’s definaitly effecting fat and slim ps3’s, it’s nothing to do with your ps3 it’s definaitly only something PD can fix, that’s if they hold there hands up and accept the fact that they didn’t fix it for a second time, honestly it really frustrates me because all it takes is a little statement from them to say were sorry for the disruptions to online services and we realise that we didnt fix the issues but were trying our best to sort it out, (communicating with your customers is priceless to customer relations) and something PD have always been slow to do.

    • Oct. 22, 3:18pm

      I doubt that that will happen, as they are fine. I was racing for a good five hours straight yesterday.

    • Oct. 22, 4:54pm

      Ill keep this one simple…..I’ve got one of the first slim ps3s. I race online for 3-5 hours a night religiously.

      Iv had 0 issues since rebuilding thumbnails, clearing cache and doing a fresh boot of the game before joining a room. same goes for the 10-20 people i race with. fresh boot = key to success.

  21. Oct. 22, 4:49am

    ^ Exactly what jackschlitt said!

  22. Oct. 22, 3:06am

    I can’t even join an online room now. All my other games work fine online & I can download stuff from PS store as per normal. When I try to play GT5, the whole thing runs R-E-A-L-L-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y….. even booting the game from start-up takes much longer than normal. As soon as I disconnect the ethernet cable from the back of my console it works fine, except of course, I CAN’T RACE ONLINE!!!!!!!!! It had little to no problems before they “FIXED” it!!!!

  23. Oct. 21, 5:04pm

    Now its working fine 0-o

  24. Oct. 21, 3:29pm

    I never really noticed problems… I still got a black screen, but that was on the last race I was going to do in that session after a good 6 hours of a decent, non-laggy server.

    • Oct. 22, 4:59pm

      they only server that can lag is your host or room mates….

  25. Oct. 21, 10:44am

    Black screen after black screen.Fed up with it.Tried not going into free run before races then get black screen on race start!!Do PD know or even care about this problem?

  26. Oct. 21, 7:48am

    I was in a room for a good four hours last night, zero problems once I cleared my cache.

    Thanks for the quick fix PD!

  27. Oct. 21, 6:50am

    Yep, PD you still have a hell of a lot of work to do. Had a few issues when you acknowledged there was an issue, got booted a few times…….i could deal with it !! Ran last night with no issues other than a bit of lag from some drivers, Then tonight…..bam, tried to enter my league race and cant connect to server. Fix the damn problem !!! Tell us, your loyal customers, what the problem is, and what we need to do, if anything to fix it. Its a great game, you have a lot of guys who race proper leagues whos patience is wearing thin. FIX IT, PLEASE……rant over. Stu

  28. Oct. 21, 1:10am

    Yeah tokoyo no problem I am watching this news page and laughing at it now

  29. Oct. 20, 6:52pm

    I have to say I don’t think the issue has been resolved as I have just booted up GT5 and it throws up a cant find server fault with numbers after it.

    • Oct. 20, 6:54pm

      Not that I play online much and I think my cable modem is on the way out but that’s not the reason why as I’m logged into the PSN as well as typing on here via my wireless network.
      It’s just not connection issues. Work still needs to be do e PD’s end I’m afraid.

    • Oct. 20, 9:43pm

      Can you get into the PS store? I’ve been trying and can’t access.

    • Oct. 21, 4:26am

      Was able to access the store. Just not get anything from GT5′ servers

  30. Oct. 20, 6:07pm

    Thanks for more and more black screens you _

  31. Oct. 20, 5:48pm

    This is GTplanet, not Polyphony Digital. Now, umm what’s going on with this black screen mess?

  32. Oct. 20, 8:44am

    Lost ALL Interest for gt5, the disc hasnt been in my ps3 for almost 3 weeks now. I Normally play it regularly…..not anymore. Redicilous.

    • Oct. 22, 7:23pm

      come on stop this BS thing. I want to ask you one thing. WHy do you still comment ? Yeah you still care.

    • Oct. 23, 11:17am

      Just because he has lost interest in the game, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about it.

    • Oct. 23, 1:58pm

      hi marktyper
      Of course i still care man! As for your question. i comment for that exact reason ( i care ). i’m just getting tired of having to turn gt5 off every 2mins ( why i’ve lost interest ). What’s BS is someone putting words in people’s mouths. have a fun time watching a black screen man.

  33. Oct. 20, 5:06am

    I still don’t understand how people are complaining still.
    1. BLACK SCREEN are NOT a server issue
    2. If you are still having connection issues with the servers and getting error codes it is probably your connection.
    I have 100 people on my friend list plus more that I hang out with in the same group daily. And none of them have problems connecting to the lobbies in general.
    Tonight we had a couple occasions where a couple people got the black screen with the GT5 logo in the bottom right corner of their screen and as soon as they either signed out/restarted there ps3/quit GT5 the race started instantly. This has occurred more likening have said since the update but still the same way to fix it.

    • Oct. 20, 5:34am

      Yeah, we got that now. Cheers for posting your absolutely only best superb stunning great solution the third time in these comments.

      What you forget is that not everyone has got a headset, you cannot always hear everyone no matter if you got one or not (another server issue I guess… experienced it three times myself now), you can’t see the text chat if you got a black screen either, and most of the black screens happen during free runs (to me and most of my friends at least). Quitting game helps, but it’s annoying, especially when certain people with a fine connection get black screens up to 5 times in a row when entering free drive on the track.

      And yes. We have a reason to complain. Because no matter if it depends on player’s connection or not, it has got a whole lot more worse since 2.08 was released.

    • Oct. 20, 1:04pm

      3. Rebuild ur thumbnails
      4. Switch ps3 off then reboot gt5
      5. Join room straight away dont buy/sell/change cars etc…
      6. Enjoy the amazing gameplay that u all came here for
      7. Grow a pair and think how far we’ve come in the past few years and what ud give to have one online race in HD with 16 people a few years ago. ungrateful bar stewards.

    • Oct. 20, 1:05pm

      8. If u dont play the game anymore ur on the wrong forum….

    • Oct. 20, 1:32pm

      @77: Oh, please. Just save that garbage. WE payed for the game, so we don’t need to be grateful to PD for anything. Without people buying their games, PD would be nothing.

      And you don’t need to play GT5 to belong on this site. So short-sighted.

    • Oct. 20, 2:39pm

      dude, the gt stands for gran turismo…..if u dont play it go home, this is a fan site not a “im a bored 12 year old sugar ridden ADD loving impatient unskilled ungrateful little turd” site!! Without people buying food, they would die. Without people wanting this awesome game they would be nothing. True. Luckily its awesome and people want it lol

    • Oct. 20, 3:19pm

      “Without people wanting this awesome game they would be nothing.”

      Umm, what? So you’re saying people who don’t want GT5 will be nothing? I’m confused.. So I guess that goes to everyone else who don’t want GT5 are nothing, right? Well. There are better racing games out there and new ones coming out next year that will also be better than this one IMO. Just sayin. (^-^)

    • Oct. 20, 4:09pm

      wow, itd be nice to have a rational discussion in proper english but hey, here we go….

      Without people wanting this awesome game they (PD) would be nothing. This is true. Luckily its awesome and people want it lol

    • Oct. 20, 4:43pm

      Here we go again.
      First off whoever brought to the discussion about Forza and project cars this is for you.
      Reason it play GT5 as well as most people I talk to play it because GT5 has the seniority over the others with GT5’s physics. They might play Forza because the customization is better in Forza. Before you start saying I am a fan boy I compared them side by on a wheel. If you are comparing which one feels more like real life on a controller don’t comment on what I just said about the physics.

      and to the comment “PD is dead if this or this” sorry i am going to call my bull crap card and lay it on the table.

    • Oct. 20, 5:04pm

      ^ GASP! Who on earth will PD is dead!? We gotta take out that troll once and for all! Who will say such a thing like that. >:(

    • Oct. 20, 8:19pm

      @77: I do play GT, thank you. Just not GT5. I just don’t think it’s a fun game.

    • Oct. 20, 10:16pm

      ^ +1

      @ORPHANTHIRTY7 I hope you know I was being sarcastic when I said that. >:)

    • Oct. 21, 1:49am
      Pit Crew

      Not really sure what 77 rambling about, but I do know Muoniula name comes up red in the main forums so im sure hes a dedicated gtplanet, forza and gt fan.

      Connection issues are worse than before 2.08 update, not just isolated to individual internet connections though I have seen what Orphan is talking about before and since 2.08 but im in the majority who believes it was either update or servers, its definitely PDs fault.

  34. Oct. 20, 2:40am
    Alex 3074

    Utter rubbish

  35. Oct. 20, 12:42am

    It happened to me 3 times today.

  36. Oct. 19, 11:58pm

    PD. Why couldn’t you just say anything regarding GT6 already. You are doing nothing but pissing off many GT players with GT5’s online, which seems to have gone far more worse after the update. Stop planning something smart which has broken the game’s online for peep sake. Just release GT6 next year and it BETTER BE READY FOR WHEN E3 2013 STARTS AND TO BE RELEASED AT FALL 2013!

    No more wasting time with whatever you’re doing, YOU TOO SONY. Why can’t you be more like T10 who seem to care a lot for their game and doing a better job with it than you imo. You’ve really disappointed me badly I can’t even look at my GT5 case anymore. Hell, I hardly even play GT5 even anymore cause I’m tired of it, and that’s saying something. :(

    • Oct. 20, 1:30am

      – Kaz stated he didn’t want to announce anything too early, like with GT5. It was announced early, and PD realized that they couldn’t get the game done on time. It got delayed by about a year and a half. If they announce GT6 again too early similarly to GT5, we will likely get the same outcome as GT5, and have to suffer several more years.
      – PD’s workforce HAS moved mostly to GT6 – why else would this most recent DLC have been so small?
      – PD physically can’t “be like T10” (at least not at the moment) because they have a significantly smaller workforce. Now, a solution to that is to hire more people, which they SERIOUSLY need to just to stay in the competition. T10 get’s so much content out so quickly because their workforce allows them to.

      PD should ABSOLUTELY NOT be working on ANYTHING related to GT5 right now, except for keeping the servers running, continuously bug checking like they have been, and providing seasonals each week. I don’t believe that would take more than 5-10 people. PD needs to focus as much attention as possible on GT6 so that they can get another spectacular game out there – I’ll be brutally honest – GT5 is disappointing all games go. Too much broken, too much faulty, or at least compared to the previous games. GT5 simply can’t be fixed at this rate, especially after this much time has passed. GT5 can still be fun, but a game should not require you to search hard to find it’s fun parts – and that’s something that is incredibly difficult to fix if present.

      Solution: New game, fast, fix past mistakes, leave GT5 as a bad memory. stop trying to repair the broken past.

    • Oct. 20, 10:45am

      If PD doesn’t do anything for GT5’s online at this point, than everyone WILL PRETTY MUCH abandon this game real quick, (which seems to be happening in my eyes), and lose all INTEREST AND TRUST in the next game. Honestly, PD should be better than this. How could they let this next problem come to be, I mean seriously, just by one update?

      This is just ridiculously upsetting. We didn’t support this game for nothing, we thought it would turn out to be the best game ever from those 5 years because PD was known of making GT best, and WHAT we were given? This broken game to the point its online gets messed up too? Enough is enough. If PD screws up GT6 as well, than pretty much sadly, GT is dead.. >_>

      I was a big fan of GT since GT2, and I’m still am. It’s just PD needs to step up. If Kaz wants to be keep pretending he’s not in a competition, he should think again and open his eyes and ears, because this competition is not a friendly or easy one with racing games. Him and PD just better be prepared for when Project CARS, Forza 5 and any other comes out, because those games are really gonna kill the GT series for sure and everyone totally leaves it for those games. Especially pCARS and FM5 if those two turns out the best.

      Hell. Even Nintendo is getting somebody to make them a realistic racer for the Wii U. Now I gotta see that!

    • Oct. 20, 2:24pm

      ^ Now, I agree with just about all you’ve just said, but what I meant by “PD should ABSOLUTELY NOT be working on ANYTHING related to GT5 right now, except for keeping the servers running, continuously bug checking like they have been…” is for PD to still continue to support and fix/bug check the servers. I’m sure they still do that, but they haven’t done much to prove it, so it’s hard to say. I don’t know why PD seem to knock down their servers with each update, but what I predict the issue is is not enough pre-release bug checking before the updates. So PD should be doing more bug checking, or at least hire more people to do so if they don’t have enough testers.

      “If PD screws up GT6 as well, than pretty much sadly, GT is dead..” – precisely why we need to give PD 100% of the time they need to make the next game perfect and worthwhile, so we don’t end up with a rushed GT6. Hopefully PD will be ambitious with the next game again, but all new features could come in the form of updates or DLC. I truly believe that was the fault in GT5 – too much ambition, too much to work on. If PD gets a certain amount of content ready that can make GT6 spectacular, they can add everything or mostly everything else they wanted to add in updates – that’s how the industry is going, nowadays.

      As I said, PD seriously needs to find a way to increase their workforce, be it with more PD workers, or a partner program like T10 did with Play ground games. Otherwise, I have a feeling that PD just won’t be able to get amazing things done in reasonable time. Maybe have some external developer work on all the cars they want done (visually, at least) to give the artists more time on tracks, and the programmers more time to work on other parts of the game, until the external dev. sends the car data back. I know 100% of the way a game studio works, but this seems logical to me.

    • Oct. 21, 1:56am
      Pit Crew

      @ Toko @ Quakebass Your both detailing my greatest fear in both of your OPs. Lets hope for our sakes “paranoia” is talking and things will get better in GT6.

      Anything less could spell the end of PD as we know it.

    • Oct. 21, 3:28pm

      ^ I truly DO believe it’s going to get better, but I’m seeing more and more people want PD to release GT6 as soon as possible, rather than complete as possible. Then they ask for info, even after Kaz stated that he didn’t want to give too much information and cause rumors that lead to disappointment. So I’m sure GT6 will be better, but not if it’s released as soon as possible rather than as long as it needs to get done. If we get another GT5, PD will likely be out of the market, si it’s critical that the next game lives up to the GT expectations. I never said it won’t, only that wouldn’t if PD do as what has been stated by some users here.

    • Oct. 21, 7:12pm
      Pit Crew

      Me Dueces Quake Im not going there though. Switched my focus to the marketplace, a little GT5 community activism. For all its ups and downs the GT5ers still want their cars and paints lol.

      GT6 will sort itself out.

    • Oct. 22, 12:06pm

      “Hell. Even Nintendo is getting somebody to make them a realistic racer for the Wii U. Now I gotta see that!”

      With that^^^, Forza 5 and others, PD really needs to blow things away with GT6. Part of the team is probably still working on GT5 Spec 3.0, screw that and go all out on GT6. Hire more people and provide us that greatest experience since GT2 & GT4.

    • Oct. 22, 8:39pm

      “Part of the team is probably still working on GT5 Spec 3.0, screw that and go all out on GT6. Hire more people and provide us that greatest experience since GT2 & GT4.”

      -That’s exactly what I was trying to get across here, just also fix these serious server problems first, and continue to support the servers until the next game is released.

  37. Oct. 19, 11:35pm

    “The interruption experienced in the online service of Gran Turismo 5 has been resolved, and the service is now back online. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

    I’m waiting to for someone to bring out the “ORLY?” owl meme now.

  38. Oct. 19, 10:06pm

    Thats funny. I was just in a room that froze up like when it was supposedly having

  39. Oct. 19, 9:32pm

    Enter room: Black screen
    Try another room: black screen
    Create own room: Fun racing! Had some decent drag races, beat a n00b in an X2010 (in a drag race) in my Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR.

  40. Oct. 19, 7:32pm

    PD sucks

    • Oct. 19, 8:26pm

      No, I would not like any cream puffs, thanks for asking, though.

    • Oct. 19, 11:32pm

      ^ What the hell is a cream puff?

    • Oct. 20, 6:02am

      A cream puff is a magical scepter that, when you dunk it in the Hudson River, produces giant vampire bats.

    • Oct. 20, 4:19pm

      I want creme eggs

  41. Oct. 19, 6:52pm

    Unable to connect to the server.
    This function cannot be used.

  42. Oct. 19, 6:50pm

    Fixed my a..

  43. Oct. 19, 5:26pm

    It still isn’t fixed. I can’t even connect to the GT server.. :-(

  44. Oct. 19, 5:23pm

    #2 in the same lobby today. PD doesn’t give a _ made it loud and clear

  45. Oct. 19, 5:18pm

    Their teeny tiny little brains cant fix it yet. When will people understand these 5 year olds don’t care about your problems.

  46. Oct. 19, 5:04pm
    Bobert power

    This joke PD has going on is about as bad as their release date joke. I got 3 black screens in one room!

  47. Oct. 19, 12:21pm

    Well last night in a full room everyone’s game locked up and half of us lost all sound right before this happened.

    We’re not there yet, keep trying PD!

  48. Oct. 19, 7:51am


    That isn’t the servers guys. The servers as in everything with connecting to a race is fine. The black screen with the GT5 logo is you and whoever else has the logo. For example my friends and me play online in a room with the same people every night. If we get a black screen we ask “ANYONE WHO HAS THE BLACK SCREEN WITH THE GT5 LOGO IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT HAND CORNER TO EITHER QUIT GAME OR SIGN OFF OF PSN AND COME BACK”… The person that has it leaves and the race immediately yes immediately starts. You guys can either believe me or not it is up to you.

    Pretty much this is a major update problem. Not a server problem. The only thing I have noticed earlier today was that the orange dot to join someone was gone on a few friends but besides that nothing wrong.

    I do get that black screen once in a while when i enter the track before my car loads into the pits to where I can see it (in free roam). If it happens I quit GT5 and start it back up and come back to the room. Then let the car load into the pits before clicking drive.

    If i wasn’t for sure on this guys and trying to offer you tips that i know for sure that work to help you deal with this trust me I wouldn’t be sitting here typing all of this.

    • Oct. 19, 10:03am

      Appreciate your advice on that. :)
      Glad someone clarified it.

    • Oct. 20, 4:35am


  49. Oct. 19, 7:34am

    Yaaaay!! Now I can play online with my friends! :D

  50. Oct. 19, 4:28am

    And the GT5 saga continous.. ;)

  51. Oct. 19, 3:43am

    Good, just in time for my two endurances tonight.

  52. Oct. 19, 2:10am

    Off topic but how that Wieder HSV get the fast lap time in the new seasonal?

    • Oct. 19, 7:22pm


    • Oct. 19, 10:31pm

      That the only way he can get his name to the top of the list.. By cheating

  53. Oct. 19, 1:51am
    Pit Crew

    Online issues still exist. At Daytona and SSRX sometimes bumpdrafting car in front will cause a surge or pull or push uncommon before update.

    At times host can only hear 1 or 2 players talking.

    New racers will cause lag if they enter room during a race or it seems in our lounge, after first six racers, all others causing lag issues.

  54. Oct. 19, 1:32am

    I can not tolk with a friend withe headset online
    3 friend in a room
    1-hoost frend

    I can tolk to (1- hoost) and hoost can tolk to 2- friend
    I can tolk to hoost but I can not tolk to 2-friend
    me and a friend have same internet we live in same country
    PD helllpppppppp
    after 2.08 just problems
    I was playing GT5 12h a go online and I coud not speak with friend
    like MLDRambo sead
    or it cost to much to patch it???
    AND. give to as same free cars or tracks(DLC)
    for patience

    • Oct. 19, 5:42am

      Invest in Skype/Team Speak… easier and doesn’t interrupt with connection.

    • Oct. 19, 5:51am

      Invest in spell check already…comment was painful man (tolk, hoost, alredy?)

    • Oct. 19, 9:56am

      I am an Australian who plays GT5 with Seppo’s. We have 12 to a room, sometimes 14, and the lag issues are seemingly disposed of! 16 to a room causes all sorts of hassles.

      As far as talking to people in the room goes, occasionally there is a problem but it is worked out when someone leaves the room – doesn’t matter who – then comes back in!

      The Seppo’s (Americans) have notoriously crap internet unless they are with a Government department or have LOTS of money!

    • Oct. 19, 9:58am

      Oh, yeah, LEARN TO FRIGGIN’ SPELL!!

    • Oct. 19, 2:24pm
      Pit Crew

      ^ Im not with the Government nor Rich and my internets great. Your statements very bias. Its more a regional thing, not just Americas. I get lag issues from many foreign flag players, except, Canada, & Israel but that dont mean other countries internet is better and USA worse.

      This world aint Perfect Hypos Tappen lol it aint that serious.

  55. Oct. 19, 12:59am

    They do know this will only work with a patch update.. You can’t just say it’s fixed an hope it works magically… Come on just patch the game already PLEASE!!

  56. Oct. 18, 11:38pm

    Not resolved at all. -_- Clear my cache and everything

  57. Oct. 18, 11:16pm

    How can I get some steahlt car??

    • Oct. 19, 7:28pm

      You had to pre-order a special edition of GT5 to get them, and they aren’t tradable. You can’t even drive them if your friend has them on share.

  58. Oct. 18, 11:04pm

    Had no issues till they fixed it, lock up 4 times in less then an hour!

    I will say that when everyone left and we had only five players, everything was just fine!

    • Oct. 19, 10:08pm

      I think its just that SNAIL sucks

  59. Oct. 18, 10:13pm

    NOT RESOLVED, still get the black screen on pit exit then GT Logo of eternity, this has been happening since the last update.

    • Oct. 18, 10:58pm

      Same for but this did not happen till they fixed it!

  60. Oct. 18, 9:28pm

    This is a relief.

  61. Oct. 18, 6:34pm

    I’m sure of you know by now, black screens usually come up when the race starts and everyone is in the starting grid. The fix, everyone either STOP driving (giving no Inputs) when the counter turns pink OR head to the pits, this prevents your PS3 from buffering hence resolving black screens. I (and many people here) always use this practice and RARELY have black screens, it’s usually that one guy that still continues to drive that causes it.

    It’s not PD’s servers!! The PS3 works Peer-to-Peer! How would their servers affect us? It’s the gamers causing the issues. Think about this people, too many of you are too quick to play the blame game and know nothing about networking!

    • Oct. 18, 6:58pm

      Actually, every occasion I’ve had of the BSOD (black screen of death) were in rooms were it was just free run. So really that fix doesn’t work for every situation, and I doubt every person in a room would be willing to stop driving just for 1 person to load the room.

    • Oct. 18, 7:13pm

      I suffered BSOD recently. I entered the course, then selected drive and could hear my car leaving the pits but had a lovely black screen. Not my fault. There wasn’t anything going on. Just free run.

    • Oct. 18, 7:15pm

      Not always though. Never have this problem except on Daytona

    • Oct. 19, 2:00am
      Pit Crew

      ^Yup Daytona this happens often. Usually mandatory to Stay in Pits to prevent this in race lobbies I Join.

      Online service is mushy though. Been playing GT5 online for a while and have experienced the typical lag and unwanted disconnects long enough to see this is different. My Nat is 2 and usually solid connection.

  62. Oct. 18, 4:52pm

    Let me offer a little tip for the people who still do not know about this yet. If you are in the room it isn’t the servers. If you get that black screen when the race starts it is not the servers.
    Ok here is what you do.
    When the race starts and you guys get that black screen someone in the race has a different black screen than everyone. The person that is holding up the race from starting and giving you guys the black screen is the guys who has a BLACK SCREEN WITH THE GRAN TURISMO 5 LOGO IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT HAND CORNER. And who ever has this needs to quit the game or sign out or something for getting out of the room. Trust me.

    • Oct. 18, 4:57pm

      How do you know?
      Sounds interesting.

    • Oct. 18, 5:23pm

      After a long time of playing with the same room day after day. We noticed this a long time ago. When everyone gets the black screen we asked everyone to look in the bottom right corner of their screen and if they see the GT5 logo there they need to back out. Soon as they do the race immediately starts. And most of the time the person that left may join back and it won’t always happen twice. This has been occurring more and more since the last update before and after the server problems. And this whole problem that I am telling you how to fix has been going on for the last year or so. Trust me next time you are in a room with a black screen with friends just try that. Tell whoever has that logo to back out.

  63. Oct. 18, 4:21pm

    Ok, was in a private league lobby and the race start was delayed 1 HOUR (!!) because of frozen room, a few people left and reset cache and come back but nothing happened, the host left and nothing happened when we got a new host (as we know has great connection too), we had to open a new room (I really wished I had my capture card on that time).

    And as the race was delayed so much, I needed to leave the lobby just 1/4 into the race as I need to sleep before school.

    Conclusion: of what I’ve seen, the issues in online lobby’s has NOT BEEN RESOLVED!

  64. Oct. 18, 4:13pm

    They are joking right????? It is far from fixed..

  65. Oct. 18, 4:06pm

    The black.screen when on a online game IS NOT FIXED! It’s happend 5 times in 1:30 hours I have to keep restarting my ps3

    • Oct. 18, 6:05pm

      Or you could just quit the game. Less risk of damaging your hardware that way. PS3s aren’t meant to be turned off and then switched right back on again, and it makes it easier to get back to the room you were playing in.

  66. Oct. 18, 2:33pm
    Cote Dazur

    Would be interesting to know what as been identified and what as been resolved

  67. Oct. 18, 1:34pm

    I actually thought this was fixed?

    Had issue the other week for 1 day, on the news section it said it was resolved and since then no issues for me at all.

  68. Oct. 18, 1:33pm

    Resolution of online play has been delayed for at 6 months

  69. Oct. 18, 1:26pm

    Dang. I was getting my best lap time in too when I got disconnected. :/

  70. Oct. 18, 1:05pm

    Yep still black screen of death, random disconnect, and still can’t even connect to most other free run lobbies.

  71. Oct. 18, 12:35pm

    were gonna need more online servers…

  72. Oct. 18, 11:49am

    I’ve been playing since release day until the problems started happening about 2 weeks ago. I’d like to start playing again, because it’ll feel sort of new and fun to me again, but I also am glad that this has been going on because it gave me time to stop playing PS3 entirely and actually do things.

  73. Oct. 18, 11:26am

    This message means diddly squat, no one here who is a GT5 fan fails to understand that PD are full of crap when it comes to whats fixed/broken, the only way to see whats going on with GT5 is to play it and simply ignore any PD/Sony messages.

    • Oct. 18, 12:36pm

      Your blah blah blah is just noise. When claiming to know what all of us are thinking you just look sad so stop it.

    • Oct. 18, 1:36pm

      All of us are thinking it apart from u blind zen!! Blind by name and blind by nature lol

    • Oct. 18, 3:53pm

      Spence makes a good point, Ive had best connectivity at times when there were big troubles reported, and I’ve been kicked and crashed when we’re supposedly in ‘Its All Good mode’. But wtvr, playing as much as we do we cant say too much about having probs .1% of the time..

    • Oct. 21, 6:37pm

      Yep I’m with spence on this one, the black screen when going to track seams to be the biggest issue for me, and with so many comments from player then your “blah blah blah is just noise” comment is a load of crap, if you’ve nothing useful to say then don’t speak, all these comments are here for PD to take note of so that they know we’re having issues and will aventualky get around to sorting them out.

  74. Oct. 18, 11:07am

    Ironically I read this just as I was disconnected from a friend’s lobby

  75. Oct. 18, 11:03am

    black screen is like pain in the ass. quite annoying.

  76. Oct. 18, 10:58am

    You have been disconnected from the server.

    O Back

  77. Oct. 18, 10:57am

    who ever put the pix on this web site check out some of mine at zxdanger website i have good one’s you can put up.

    • Oct. 19, 3:10am

      Pathetic :(

    • Oct. 19, 9:08am

      “@tofudriter” you have problem how i know somebody was even stupid enough to respond to have nothing else to do.go jump infront of a train. your girlfriend not letting you between her legs,cuz your a retard.

  78. Oct. 18, 10:49am

    Resolved my eye!
    I’m still getting a stupid black screen whenever I try to go onto the track in 99% of Free Run lobbies. XP

  79. Oct. 18, 10:13am

    Funny, as me and my mate cannot join each others rooms lol, tried resetting everything going to no avail.

  80. Oct. 18, 10:11am

    that picture!

  81. Oct. 18, 10:11am

    I hope we can belive in it this time, last time they “resolved” the online services there was still many problems in rooms online :(

  82. Oct. 18, 10:09am


  83. Oct. 18, 10:07am


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