Gran Turismo 5’s Q4 2009 Release Date Confirmed


For those of you out there who still aren’t convinced of Gran Turismo 5’s pending 2009 release date, take a look at the game’s official brochure handed out at last week’s GamesCom convention. Snapped by RiseOfGames, the brochure was quickly translated by forum users – but you don’t have to be fluent in German to figure out what “4. Quartel 2009” means.  Via user G.T.Ace:

Developer: Polyphony – Platform: PS3
Genre: Racing – Number of players: T.B.A.

Release: 4th Quarter of 2009


(lots of stupid PR blah blah, really nothing important)
The player can choose between over
1000 cars
to race on incredible detailed racetracks and unlock PlayStation Trophies (blah).

The new NASCAR and WRC championships improve the

Gran Turismo
experience. Players are challenged to fight their way up the online leaderboards against other racedrivers from all over the

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  1. Ryan

    I hate to break it to everyone, but “Q4” is referring to the 4th quarter of Sony’s 2009 fiscal year, which actually ends in March 2010. In other words, the game will most likely be released in March 2010. So much for a joyous holiday season this year. :(

  2. Jonny

    I’v never played GT before after having nightmares of rubbery car collisions back in the PS2 demo days. And I really hoped that NFS Shift would put me off any news about GT5, but what a diappointment Shift was. So much hype for nothing. Now GT5 is my only chance of a good racing game, I hope it is AMAZING now.

  3. Denzo21

    1000 cars!! 980 of which I will probably never drive. That is certainly worth having a carrot dangled in front of me for the past year and a half. Remember GT4? First release date was December of some year and then we endured another 15 months of apologetic delays before we actually got the game. Yes, it is the best racing sim but, I’m so annoyed it’s hard to get excited about this rumored release. I’ll believe it when it is actually in the store!

  4. aleksandar SRB


  5. Spec R

    I personally think that this will be a worldwide release, meaning that it will be officially released everywhere at the same time. It’s never been done before with a GT game, but with this much loong awaited hype I think PD will go the extra mile.

    How they are releasing GT mobile before GT5 is a good move…ok not for us who have been waiting, but for PD and Sony. Not only does this increase their market (also, introducing the game to young people), but almost every person who will get GT mobile will get GT5.

    Why? Ignoring the obvious, the PS3 slim has to be bundled with GT5. Sony would be bonkers if they didn’t. With this, Sony can actually win the “console race” for a while to come. Not to mention the other PS3 exclusives.

    To be honest, I really hope that this game will not be released on PC (or xb360, god no). Even though I have a good pc gaming rig that surpasses PS3’s graphics by a long shot, I just don’t want it to happen…

  6. aleksandar SRB

    Game probable will be on market in Japan In late October and Europe in December. Bob that is probable North America release date(you say that is US website). Prologue was first launch in Japan then Europe and finally in NA…

  7. Spec R


    There have been many false dates published from websites, from sources “unknown”. Its just a marketing scheme by the sites to drive more traffic into them…thats all.

  8. James

    The recent re-emergence of GT5 info online has got me into the mood for some prologue action with my G25 steering wheel which I’ve now go the hang of… Can’t wait for this now!!!

  9. J.P.

    Lets hope they sort the sound out for the full game. Ferrari challenge may not be up to GT5 standards in terms of graphics and content, but System 3 certainly nailed, with the exception of the tyre screech, the SFX…nice engine sounds, backfiring and something I’d like to hear in GT5 (particularly in the race cars) is squeeling brakes. Also the sound of gears changing in a racing car isn’t a smooth shift in engine pitch, it’s a violent affair which sounds like the gearbox itself is about to explode!!

  10. HrodBehrat

    The american fiscal year may end in Sept, but the Japanese fiscal year ends in March, fyi john. But, as I thought people would get, it was supposed to be a joke. Unbunch those panties folks.

  11. PinappleMatt

    @Spec R

    Those hot cakes sound nice meaning i am definitely buying that bundle pack.

    All we all gotta do now is wait till the TGS which is on the same day i go back to uni FFS.

  12. Super Smash Bros. Fan

    Gran Turismo 5 Q4 release date = A new PS3 owner this Christmas.

    This news is so amazing, it is time that I stop being an Wii-only owner and get a PS3. I cannot wait for this amazing game to come out.

  13. Spec R

    Sorry for double posting but,

    Zx10rking, I believe they will sell a PS3 slim GT5 bundle. They will sell like hot cakes.

    :P I like hot cakes….

  14. Spec R

    For all of those who think it will be released at Q4 2009 only in Japan:

    That is a German brochure….If Europe will have it on the shelves this year so will the rest of the world.

  15. Dr.Douchebag

    Hi guys :D this is ofcause all great news :D I can’t wait XD

    For those planning to get this one with a set of pedals and a wheel, then remember, that Logitech is very soon out with their new bigbrother of the G25 model :D, the G27 :D (Don’t ask why it’s G27 instead of G26, I don’t know) But it’s looking great and you can find a good review right here:

    So fasten your seat belts!

  16. GTAce

    Thanks for putting my extremely professional translation on the frontpage. lol ;)
    Nice to be featured here.

  17. SharoFFenstein

    Yeah finally!!!!!!! :D Now I only need a ps3 slim, the new logitech G27 and my precious game :D Gonna be great… :D and a bit expensive :S But that dont matter! :D

  18. Alan

    For anyone who thinks the game will be out in japan before Europe, North America u might be intrested in this, (eu . ReleaseDate- 25101. aspx), just copy take the spaces out

  19. Obli


    Even though Kaz says it isn’t the final damage version, it sounds as if the build we saw at Gamescom is up-to-date and as-it-is. It sounds like they will be tweaking the damage system post-release. How else would they get feedback from the players regarding the damage system?

  20. Alan

    @ Mark, why would its say that its out in 2009 at a GERMAN game show if it was going to be out 3 months after that according to u?

  21. Zx10rking

    As much as I want this to be real, I think it’s gotta be a hoax. How come only one of these leaflets has been seen? Did 10,000 other people at gamescon miss it? It’s been photoshopped for sure. Still hope we see GT5 this year but hope fading fast. Polyphony digital will want a 2-3 month marketing campaign and Sony want plenty of slims sold first. Feb ’10 looking more likely :(

  22. Mark

    Yeah but that Q4 is probably for Japan..Europe and North America are following about 3 months GT1, GT2, GT3 and GT4..

    So dont get to excited ya’ll..we’re playin’ that sh*t when summer is almost comin’

  23. Alan

    We’ve known it was going to be 2009 for the last month or two, still at least its confirmed, now a proper release date please

  24. GranT

    Great news!

    If, at the TGS – Polyphony Digital mention these 3 things, I will be beyond happy:

    1). Weather [Rain & Snow]
    2). Night Racing
    3). 1000 cars
    4). ALL vehicles have cockpit view
    5). Beter grapix then gt5p

  25. RaginKajun




    Tears of Joy!!!!!
    SOMETHING TO LOOK FOWARD TO. My hypeness is back to full throttle!!!!!!

  26. Black Chamber

    Great news!

    If, at the TGS – Polyphony Digital mention these 3 things, I will be beyond happy:

    1). Weather [Rain & Snow]
    2). Night Racing
    3). ALL vehicles have cockpit view

  27. Spec R

    Finally we have some solid confirmation!!! :D
    I’m so hyped now!!! This ought to be the 2nd best day of the year!!

    :D And you already know what day will be the best. BEAUTIFUL!!! AMAZING!!

    By the way, the car on the picture is the hipermax time attack car, google ct230r and you will find it. At first I thought it is a hint that there will be fully customizable bodywork etc. Heck, that would be nice.

  28. aleksandar SRB

    Kaz want to make surprise, so probable we won”t know 50% game info until game come on market. ALL CAR WILL HAVE INTERIORS VIEW”S, BUT ONLY 170 CAR”S WILL HAVE INTERIOR DAMAGE (broken car dashboard, door”s damaged from insight…)

  29. The Masfer

    I’m more exited about the amount of cars than the release date it will get released in December as always every full gt game has been released in december

  30. macco547

    Not to be the bearer of bad news, but if this is Sony fiscal quarter 4 it extends into 2010. Zipper Interactive is shipping MAG on January 27 and it is listed under Quarter 4 2009 by Sony.

  31. andrewz


    Where did Kazunori said the damage is completed right now? I doubt he can afford such a luxury and show an old build of game just few months before release…

  32. supermaniac


    what liars they said the game is finished and we can release it ANY TIME

    damage still not complete, that’s bad

  33. Jamie-C

    I hope it comes out about December so they can have it absolutely perfect instead of rushing to have it on the shelves when they could have it a bit better.

  34. Rens

    great news. Now let’s hope for big surpricesb at TGS! Like cockpits in all cars and better damage. A 2009 release is great of course, but I don’t think they are done by then. I think there will be more with DLC.

  35. Decay

    The translation is not correct:

    Geplante Veröffentlichung: Q4 2009


    “Expected” release date: Q4 2009


  36. Razor

    So what we can see and logicaly understand atm:

    170 is the number of cars that will have damage and interior_damage. These will be racing cars and i think they could do only racing cars because problem with licensing and manufacturers not wanting their stock cars to be damaged, still exist. This is probably the compromise that PD managed to agree with manufacturers..

    Now interior view should be in ALL cars and it was not written otherwise anywhere else.

    Lets just hope that quality interior will be in all cars, because you could definitely see difference between GT-R and M3 inside graphics.

  37. sbarrosopc

    I remember the first versions of GT, like GT2, when I couldn’t wait to play GT2 and bought the japanese version before the international version, in english. Q4 of 2009 is the release period for the japanese version, or is GT5 going to be released completely in english? Does anyone know that? And remember, Gran Turismo is not a game, it’s master Yamauchi’s art!

  38. S_M_91

    Quote, “I hope that sony didn’t make any pressure on PD and forced them to release an unfinished product. i’m still scared about the stuff about the cars (170, 830..)!

    Ha…Haha!! Scared?! LMAO! Scared over a computer game…unbelievable.

    As for the “news” here, it’s hardly confirmed yet. There has been no official announcement about any release window yet, let alone a date.



  40. IchLiebeDeutscheland

    @ adrewz

    you have to read what mouzy has written about damage system and yamauchis comment about it.

  41. Paulpg87

    I hope that sony didn’t make any pressure on PD and forced them to release an unfinished product. i’m still scared about the stuff about the cars (170, 830..)

  42. Dom

    Thnx Mouzy

    I really hope that the damage feature will improve from what we have seen so far. I don’t like tanks as race cars. Maybe we even see rollovers and much more debris on track.
    Also, I’d love to see rubber on track – finally.
    If not in GT5, maybe in GT6…

  43. darkerk


    O MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need a Oxygen bottle…



  44. PWRex

    Hey I’m from Germany, and 4th Qartal 2009 means the last 3 months of the year… so we don’t have the real date. I hope I’m not the 1000th person who says that…

  45. mouzy

    guys good nwes about damage!

    In an interview hosted on DailyMotion (in French) Polyphony’s Kaz Yamauchi speaks about Gran Turismo 5 and Gamescom. When asked why there hasn’t been much news about the game, Kaz says that he’s “just thankful that so many people are interested in Gran Turismo 5″ and that they are “are doing everything to make the game come out soon.” Naturally the guys are hard at work making sure GT PSP makes it out for October 1st (and remember there’s still time for a last minute delay) but he did confirm that Gran Turismo 5 “should be out shortly after that date”.

    Regarding damage (and the rather inconsistent modeling at Gamescom) Kaz says that the version of the game he brought to the Gamescom “marks the first step of what we are trying to do with the damage” and that gamers “can finally see that much damage appear on the bodywork.” But it’s not the final damage system – “we’re interested to know how far the players want to go,” says Yamauchi-san. “The damage already has repercussions on the steering but beware, it should not affect all vehicles in the game.” This reinforces what we said earlier in the week about the number of cars that can be damaged.

    Some people have speculated that Sony were going to do a big GT 5 feature as part of the press conference but it was pulled at the eleventh hour to make way for other surprises. We’ll have to keen an eye on TGS, then.

  46. OnRoad

    I thought December and I hope nearly the end of the year because:GT PSP,Uncharted 2 Among Thieves,Tekken 6 are coming in september/october.

  47. Mark

    This is great news!

    I hope they’ll tell at TGS that there will be 1000 different cockpitviews, Weather (rain), Pitstops at races, complete car list and track would be cool if Special Stage Route 5 and Clubman Stage Route 5 are in it…I think its really gangsta drivin’ a black Lamborghini Murcielago @ night :D

  48. Wes

    Does that mean Poly has actaully nailed the damage models for each car then??? I wonder if they choose to add it then in a future patch. But im glad GT is a good game non the less

  49. jon

    @ G0N7AL0

    quarter 4 = October, November, December

    there seems to be a few dates kicking around on the Online sales sites

    25/ Sept = cant be that as statement said after the psp..

    and 25/Nov/09

    all of which are goooodd for me :P

  50. Vivian

    spa is..i’m gessing true, because in prologue you have track location for the wheater info and spa is included!!

  51. tim

    Q1 = January, February , March
    Q2 = April, May, June
    Q3 = July, August, September
    Q4 = October, November, December

  52. rpr101

    omg cant wait and if it really does come out December 11 like some ppl say then that will be an awesome birthday gift from PD since thats my birthday =) CANT WAIT!!

  53. Juan

    this is great news! my girlfriend yelled at me from across the house (she loves the GT series and is a frequent reader here).. and told me the news! we are both excited about this!!!! …
    I’ll honestly say that they can release the game.. and still have a few bugs.. but I’ll still enjoy it… those bugs can be fixed later with a patch….

    Now we just have to get a list of the track listing!!!…

    I hope Spa-Francorchamps and Monza are there…….

  54. ANTI GT5

    MAN! we already knew this… give us something we dont know i hate PD now. they are playing with us. release the damn game already its been 5 patience has its limits. LOL

  55. gtguy88

    Told you it was gaye

    Polyphony Digital lost it’s touch…it’s sad. Everything was better when you were younger…

  56. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    yeahhhhhhhhhhh that is so ture ( justin) your 100% right there man japanese first then other country.

  57. Justin

    Jut want to remind everyone that it may be Q4 on the Japanese business year which would be January-March 2010.

  58. gtguy88

    So gaye….we knew this already. Everything is so fake with this game, fake anticipation. Been waiting so long i dont even care, just wanna play it already.

  59. JasonB

    @ Krymzen
    Yeah why don’t more people believe two unknown anonymous strangers on the Internet with no concrete proof?

  60. Krymzen

    @ Manny

    Think you need to help if your getting wet over a hint of a release date. :P jokes.

    Especially when Zmann and me have told you the exact date.

  61. sumbrownkid

    This is great news, but then we have to guess which of the three months that GT5 gets released. The guessing continues!!

  62. Justin

    Just a comment (blah)(blah)(blah)

    Really though this is good news, although I won’t believe a release date until it is in my hands.

  63. Tkd4ever

    I believe tgs is september 24th. This is great news to hear before starting another year of college tomorrow!

  64. TOLL-Scibba-HRT

    just fucking release the game im sick tied listen to crap new just release it has been long enough

  65. Robert

    pardon my language but that **** for that, im getting both versions but i really really REALLY cant wait for the BIG BROTHER

    there is a God and his name is Kazunori Yamauchi

  66. Canadian STIG


    This is really great news though. Finally, more comfirmations rereaffirming what we know or already questioned, again and again. So there, rere(re)comfirmed!!! Kudos on the find Jordan.

  67. Turbo_3800

    I kind of figured it would be a 4th qtr release so that part of info does me no good lol..What IS relieving is knowing that this dag blasted game is coming out this year..waiting 3 or 4 months is a long time for something that you check up on a daily lol

  68. DaveTheStalker


    2009 has been nothing but waiting for details to flow about GT5! Hard to “enjoy” the summer. Really weird year so far.

  69. Hitman

    OMG! I knew it! Now we wait for TGS to find out…is it going to be released next to Forza 3 or Christmas 2009? *tears of joy pouring everywhere* *sob*

  70. CarBastard

    ALELUYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M AGNOSTIC, BUT I GOTTA SAY, THANKS GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 YEARS OF WAITING ARE ALMOST OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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