You Will Like Gran Turismo 5’s Release Date

santa-clausDon’t tell anyone, but GTPlanet has learned the tentative release date for Gran Turismo 5 through an unofficial but extremely reliable source.  Since the date has not been officially published and Sony could still change it at their leisure, we will not be saying anything specific to keep from eating an unhealthy dose of crow.  What we can say, however, is that a 2009 release is almost certain, and the much-publicized date of December 29, 2009 is incorrect.  As it stands at the moment, it is likely the official date will be announced at GamesCom Cologne during Sony’s August 18th press conference.  Stay tuned for more information, and remember: he’s making a list and checking it twice…

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  1. That Guy.

    I just had to make a note how funny this was to come across. June 13, 2010…And so far that reliable source was the most unreliable to date, and Rikusaki’s “confirmed” date was also owned.

    1. Jordan

      The release date was the genuine internal date from Sony. But it was just that – internal – and they obviously can change it at their leisure.

  2. Serge

    hey hello back i cound agree more withe Gates same story here my friend i am 41 here old i have 2 ps2,one game cube,one supernitendo, one psp,one nitendos ds,i have the wii and the board and finally the ps3 80 gig and yea i still have the ps one
    my love story start ONLY because of GT yep buy the ps one and GT the the ps2 and ps3
    love GT it the only game i play all my other console are purly for collection i never play on a x box ( dont like it what can i say)
    and juste to make a comment here:
    SANTA having a special order this years droping juste before chritsmas ( let say 2 day before)
    yea you woud all like that now woud yea?
    it nice to dream snif! …

  3. Gates

    God I hope they give up the goods tommorow, I’d even be inclined to buy a little sony stock banking on the fact that they’d have a good q4, anthing in december I’ll short it and make money on it goin down. Suely polyphony hasn’t gotten complacent thinking its the leader in the pack and will stay that way indefinitely. If they’d of been out sooner like originally promised I wouldn’t even know what the hell forza 4 meant but unfortunately now I do. And NFS shift as I know what my next racing fix will be and who provides it :)

  4. Gates

    IF they had half a brain they’d have it out before mama goes out to do the christmas shopping. But I also follow wallstreet and well sony is less than stellar when it come sto posting eps at the right times in the cycles. Anyhow, I bought a PS3 on an impulse purchase when I saw GT5 “proogue” title in the store, thought it was the real GT5 but didn’t follow much just bloody loved gt4. Heck I bought my ps2 for that game alone on impulse, ie 5 second decision, only owned 2 games for my ps2 gt4 and final fantasy, pricey console for only 2 loved games.

    Anyhow, if they had half a brain they could boost PS3 sales bigtime with a november release and itchy kids buggin the p3ss :) out of their parents to buy them a ps3 or should I say santa for this game alone. December anytime is way to late and shareholders will suffer as the wii’s fly off the shelves as mommy looks to save a few bucks (or just a few games for one they already have, instead of a ps3 new and gt5 in mind). Likeiwse just having that console they get more sales of other games, bundle the game with christmas edition ps3. Heck microsoft lost money on its consoles to get people buying/hooked on theie titles.

    I’ve almost bought an xbox just to get he ace combat flight titles but can’t do it, hawx a big dissapointment, boo to ubisoft, never another dime from me. The only other franchise that makes dough like Gran turisom is ZELDA, and its shrouded in mystery as well and long overdue. I bought a gamecube for that game alone the day it came out (pawn shop console purchased as I play no other game on it, to this day only that one, big badass PC gamer and love the power of a home built console. I’m over 30 and blow cash on a useless console with 1/10 thepower of my pc (PS3 included) for the titles I played the originals of as a kid, a first gen gamer from atari and adam computer, mmm original zelda mmmm hooked ever since). Gues what, I’ll buy a wii for zelda and zelda alone (pawn shop for the console as its useless old hardware, but game on preoder). If they’d wake up and learn of the biggest cash rich end of their market they’d get the GT5 in stores for christmas shopping and make their shareholders happy with the q4 results, nope for kaizen, let wall street dictate your future. Best of luck, don’t take your eyes off the customer for too long or you’ll end up like nintendo did. You may not get the second chance comeback that they had (were dead and gone penny stock, wow what acomeback).

  5. Black Chamber

    I sincerely hope that this is correct and that we can definitely, FINALLY get Gran Turismo 5 in our hands!

  6. Serge

    you guy BETTER practice cuz im in the top worlwide RACER go see your self im there al BE no sec chance practice practice practic … wile you can… get ready to face the real deal lol

  7. Serge

    i wound see why not for the split screen this is a BIG title if they dont do that well lol lot player not going to buy it but i think the multiplayer sgoing to be concentrate on on line playing
    nah after thinking of it it impossible Sweden they dont make it.
    major question his WEN IS THIS #$$^%$&&^* COMING OUT!! NOBODY know nobody see it like a real CIA secret fu…
    well im COD in mean time and GT5 prologue better then noting…….

  8. SwedenJohan

    Still NOONE has asked the major question! Will GT5 have split screen play!?!??? Cause if it doesn’t then I don’t even know if I’m gonna buy it but if it has then I’m sure I’m gonna. Would really appreciate a good answer from a reliable source! Thx!

  9. Serge

    if this is a worlwide release wich im sure it will be. then im asumming it will be lauch before sure iv seen this ting going aroud web site alot.
    i think there making million of copy then on release date worlwide pow! there you have it!
    they know LOT aND I MEAN lot OF PEPOLE are WAITING…. for this game a rather call it a sim,
    sry for my poor spelling im french i hope you guy understand me.
    finally i like to say that i got the strange feeling that there going to be a special edition of GT5 also
    rememberr compagny arent here to please us making this game or eny othere
    there main
    GOAL is to make money so if the lauch is delay it because they have a reason to delay it to make more money further on a nother date or even year
    there not your friend there your drug dealer selling you big time fo you to have the latest game or hit cuz it IS a drug!
    dont belive me?
    you think enybody on the D DAY will play it only a few minute? or hour? loll
    beeter off say 12 to 15 hour in a role before recharging your self for a nother 10 hour at least with soft drink junk food or eniting you can eat fast loll
    have a good day felow

  10. Enryu

    Course Japan-made games, always release it first in their country.. best to start learning Japanese now before that release date. Read “Remember the Kanji” and “Remember the Hirgana and Katakana” books by Heisig, took me 9 weeks to master the Kanji and 1 week to master the Hiragana and katakana, then you will have to proceed to sentencing… which takes a tad longer lol… 100 kanji a day and weekly revision tests plus do audio lessons both “Pimsuleur” series and even better the “Japanesepod101” audio lessons and you be playing GT5 before any country in the world… Japanese edition babey ;)

  11. Racer

    After looking at PD’s homepage, I doubt that we in Europe get this game this year. Reason is that every single GT game has been released in Japan months before they were released in Europe and Japan isn’t playing GT5 at the moment, so once it is released there, it may take months before we can get our hands on it.

  12. serge

    dam! what are they waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant stand it enymore iv done GT5 prologue 4 time over i want this ting call GT5 it my DRUG please help me lol
    seriously DONT be in front of me the day it going to be at my fav game store all DESTROYE ENITING IN MY WAY lol
    i have to say this his geting out of hand comon why are they making us wait like that? WHE NEED A REAL OFFICIAL DATE RELEASE a 100% FOR real date
    thank you
    a guy who is fed up of geting own by big compagnie

  13. Mike

    Hmm i think it will be released in September for Europe. What makes me think that you might say, well check this out.

    May 8, 1998 – GT1
    January 28, 2000 – GT2
    July 20, 2001 – GT3
    March 9, 2005 – GT4
    September ?, 2009 – GT5

    If you put them in order from the start of the year (January) there is always a 1 month gap in between and so it must mean its being released in September.

    I love conspiracies :P

  14. RazDaz

    Wow not 1 picture or video released for this game yet. You gotta love the way there keeping things a secret and giving us clues little by little. I would love a release around christmas time anything before would be even better.

  15. caribbeantopdriver

    i can see mysel rushing home from work the 18th…….. think its gonna be a tuesday, all i wanna see is another trailer, sum screenies and a release date…… that int too much to ask…. after that leading up to december is gonna be so hype with videos on youtube and new screen shots updates….. long live granturismo

  16. caribbeantopdriver

    i can see myself rushing home from work the 18th…… think its gonna be a tuesday, all i wanna see is

  17. Mark J Daniels

    As the release date for GT5 has slipped time and time again I don’t think I trust any release date I see any more., where I’ve had a pre-order of GT5 placed for what seems like forever, are currently stating that the release date is now 4th December ’09. We’ll just have to wait and see…

  18. Jack_uk

    I thought Of looking there but didn’t see anything and have been going place to place on the internet looking for a feed, but still I won’t mind sitting here waiting for the confirmation on gtplanet & even if GT5 isn’t at gamescom we will get some kind of news about gt seeing as gtpsp is there. Is the GDC on the 17th august or 18th (Game Developers conference)

  19. MSH

    @Jebuske: please note that Jordan said they would reveal something during the press conference. He didn’t say that it would be featured in the game line-up.

  20. GT5-PD-SONY-KY-PS3=(life)

    YES yes YES yes YES! iam sooooooo happy
    OMG omg OMG omg OMG…… panicking.
    cant wait OMG wat to say i am lost no words OMG omg OMG
    i love u all………

  21. speks

    @ gtbloke

    uhhh consoles give you more bang for your buck in terms of playing video games
    yea computers are tech superior only if you have a couple grand to spend compared to 400 of the highest console in Sony’s ps3.

  22. Jack_uk

    @ Jebuske: but was GT5 in the E3 line-up, No. Niether was FM3 for Microsoft. It will probably be mentioned with GT PSP by a new trailer similar to the GT PSP trailer at E3 and hopefully with a release date at the end of it ;)

  23. gtbloke


    No pc’s are light years ahead of any console, be it ps3 xbox / whatever (you try and run an o/s multiple programs and a game at the same time on a ps3.. nooope), the ps3 has a video graphics adapter based on nvidia’s old 7800gt for starters and also the biggest reason is that the world of pc hardware moves so quickly it is shocking… buy a top of the line pc one week and the next month it is old hat !! the best gaming platform is and will always be the pc if you have the hardware to run it correctly :)

    As for consoles well i love my ps3… it plays bluray for starters and the fact that gt5 may be out soon is a bonus… sooner than later we hope ;)

  24. marf

    Murcie, considering the PS3 is sold at a loss and would likely cost as much as a decent specced PC for sony to produce, I dont think you’re supporting your argument very well. ;)

  25. Murcie

    I’m not fussed when it releases (although this is VERY good news), I just want GT5 to be the very best that it can be. And I want it to be better than Forza 3. Which isn’t going to be hard methinks.

    “PC’s are far more powerful than a ps3 my friend.”

    Not entirely true. In fact the Cell processor has been rumoured to be more powerful than the “almighty i7”. And saying that high-end video cards are more expensive than the PS3 and being just one component in the system isn’t really supporting your argument very well considering that you’re essentially saying that in order to beat the PS3’s processing power you have to spend 2 or 3 times as much.

  26. eric

    @ Andyuk-mx5turbo
    He has given you a lot of clues, they are just a little more subtle than Amar. I’m going to guess the 1st of Dec.

  27. Jack_uk

    @vince 15

    Its a store date, it isn’t actually the official one for example GAME says 25th september 2009, Amazon says 29 december 2009 and says 4th december 2009 – They are all guesses until all the stores have the same date as each other when the official date is confirmed

  28. MrGall

    “the realise date for GT5 will be -date- which will be only playable on the new ps4 comming out next year” happy gaming.

  29. Spike

    Quote: S_M_91
    Yeah, you “just noticed” eh? You mean, you looked on some sites first and then came on here to post… :o /

    When I read the story I told my son who was on his PC in the next room & as I posted he told me he found 2 websites with changed dates.

  30. Andyuk-mx5turbo


    C’mon give us some obscure Amar-style riddles to decode!

    You cant just say “I know some news but cant tell you” – I’d rather not have known at all!!!!

    Ok… maybe I do appreciate the ray of light, but you know what I mean!!!!

  31. S_M_91

    Quote:Spike, “Great news, I would say 4th December for European release then. Virtually no games get released inside the last 2 weeks until Christmas so 11th is the absolute latest for pre-Christmas release, check any release calendar. It does seem that a couple of websites now say 4th Dec as well, I have just noticed!”

    Yeah, you “just noticed” eh? You mean, you looked on some sites first and then came on here to post… :o/


    OK, so good news that it might be this year (no date has been set, so stop wetting you pants). If it is December, then logically it’s either going to the 4th or the 11th for Europe.

  32. trfarchitect

    @ chinny

    i agree, i simply think it unfortunate that the best is not the best. However, i must applaud a company like Crytek which is developing its next game engine, CryEngine 3, to be completely scalable. It will max out the most modern PC, it will also scale back to provide stellar performance on the PS3 & 360. Crysis 2 will be multi platform.

  33. chinny

    @ trfarchitect

    They are “forced back” to consoles, ’cause no one is able to afford such periphery. They should concentrate on consoles, because they are the future.

  34. trfarchitect

    PC’s are far more powerful than a ps3 my friend. High-end video cards alone cost significantly more than a ps3 and they are just one component in the system. Your misconception is one of the many reasons the PC gaming industry is falling to wayside. Developers are forced to scale back software to work with consoles considering they are now the largest portion of the gaming industry. Meanwhile the most powerful machines (PC’s) are no longer being pushed.

    Go take a look at screenshots of Crysis running at 1920×1200 maxed out. No console can touch that.

    Rant aside, this news is very exciting. I cannot wait for GT5, and taking an BMW e36 M3 around the circuits.

  35. GTMad

    @ majki

    GT5 is a Sony exclusive just like the rest of the series and will never come onto PC format.

    PCs would blow up if they tried to handle GT5 lol

  36. Just wondering..

    Has that red christmasy cloth/flag/ always been on the Citroen GT (top right corner of

  37. overdrive


    I guess i overreacted, but coming from this site, and talking about this game, that’s a lot of news……


    damn it’s good to hear good news! sadly in my country (argentina) the release date of the game is virtually useless (the game will surely arrive, luckily, 2-3 months later -plus at $100+ dollars-) T_T

  38. AngerdX

    hmm, now when i think of it, December 11th wouldn´t that be 10 year anniversery for the GT franchise!? :)

  39. Spike

    Great news, I would say 4th December for European release then. Virtually no games get released inside the last 2 weeks until Christmas so 11th is the absolute latest for pre-Christmas release, check any release calendar. It does seem that a couple of websites now say 4th Dec as well, I have just noticed!

  40. TOH

    Such wonderful news!

    I guess it will be before Christmas, as most people shop for gifts before the 25th. It won’t be after Christmas (based on the picture). Therefor based on this deduction one can only say that it will be released on August the 19th ;)

  41. JohnC

    It’s saying “you will like Gran Turismos release date”.Also with a picture of Santa looking at the list. It’s like they’re telling us the release date without using any words, just a picture. So they must think GT5 is coming out for Christmas 2009.

  42. jereweeti

    But I remember that KY said that GT5 will be released as a surprise, just like the spec III for GT5P.

  43. GT5-KY-PD-SONY-PS3 = life

    P.S i forgot to mention i sharted my self when i read this article. :)
    i know some of u peed HHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHA looks like the blood runs through us all.

  44. Irnbrutwinturbo

    @wateverman @n155an

    seriously? Sue him for posting a unofficial release date? Good luck in court with that one.

    Look, if the source is someone willing to reveal the suppose date then they ain’t someone at the top. That means more than a couple of people know the date and therefore the leak could not be sourced.

    It’s more a case of the site not having the balls to go with this supposed date in case it’s not true. Which in my book is exactly the same as guessing.

  45. GT5-KY-PD-SONY-PS3 = life

    Iam gonna be honest, i have been checking this website every single day for the past 1 year.
    looking for a GT5 release date and this has to be the closest it has come. i cant wait for the 2 or so weeks for the announcement. i reckon mid december is very likely. its gonna ^%$^& on FM3 and all other racing games like NFS etc. until GAMECOM (18th of august) fingers crossed… it will come out soon. i have a feeling the release date will SHOCK! and surprise us all. and jordan.

  46. N155AN

    yeh they could either sue him, or refuse to give any future info to him. either way i think by mid august we should have a clearer idea of the kind of time frame.

  47. Watevaman


    You don’t seem to realize the trouble he could get into, though. Information like this, they could probably sue him.

  48. TurboTeam

    I hardly cant be happy with unofficial news. I’m trying to manage my expectations… I can tell you, its a hard job…

  49. Paulpg87


    yes sure…. maybe they release it at 21 december 2012 and the world will end when you’ll put in your console. Come on..

  50. GT4Ever

    Why on earth would PD release GT5 this year without making a hype about it first. Hyping a game by releasing screenshots and movies is a good way to boost sales. Considering that PD aint stupid (not so sure about this yet) they should be releasing GT5 media by now if they want to release it this year.
    Yes, GT5 will be released at christmas, but not this year. More like Christmas 2010 maybe even 2011.

  51. Shigeru Miyamoto

    Not gonna happen. This game will just slip once again.

    Slip, just like the PS3. What a complete fucking failure of a console LOL.

    “GT5 SAVE US!” …. So you bought the PS3 waiting for one single game? Ridiculous.

  52. Irnbrutwintirbo


    exactly my thoughts. Personally I find it hard to believe that Jordan has an exact date, because if he did he would release it for the huge traffic it would bring, as long as he stated it was unnofficial he would be fine. It’s easy to make up this news if they never actually give details before the official release date is announced.

    It’s like me saying, I know who us going to win the lottery, I’ll tell you the numbers after the draw is done.

  53. marf

    so I guess as this isn’t an official release date, the thread should be locked and the author publicly humiliated in the sticky thread?

  54. mike

    By the way, the number of comments shows the amount of built-up expectation. I hope that’s yet another clear signal for PD that we REALLY want that f#$@ing game!

  55. Chepu

    Holy Cheez and Crackers!, thats something i Did’nt Expect.

    Now Lets pray for a 2009 Worldwide Release. OMG OMG OMG…cant wait, I’ve been waiting sine 2006….. :drools:….

  56. gtone339

    WOw, can’t wait for it, now T10 will pay for what they said about PD. GO Gran Turismo 5 the Ultimate simulator!

  57. Justin

    No, if there are engine swaps it won’t be cross-brand due to license issues. You might however be able to put the V8 from a mustang and put it into a Fusion.

  58. Robert Hughes

    But whenever it’s released (I bet in time for 14 days shopping before Christmas), will GT5 let me take the V8 out of a Mustang and shoehorn it into an Elise?

  59. Tenacious D

    I can’t believe it…
    I was sure that GamesCON wouldn’t be the place to reveal GT5 news, but I guess SONY are finally wising up after the huge net riot over GT Mobile taking center stage, and FW3 being hyped all out of stupidity by Wicrosoft.
    It’s about time SONY fired its biggest bullet across a certain big mouth monopoly’s empire.
    And yes, I noticed it too… Amar has been conspicuously quiet lately…

  60. KTR

    I am also predicting a December ’09 release date…look at the past games’ release dates (Japan Release Date):

    GT1 – December 23, 1997
    GT2 – December 11, 1999
    GT3 – April 28, 2001 <—only exception :p
    GT4p – December 4, 2003
    GT4 – December 28, 2004
    GTHD – December 24, 2006
    GT5p – December 13, 2007

  61. Annonymous

    I can confirm from a European source that the date is Dec 11th. I’m not saying who it was incase they dont tell me anymore info. Stop denying it and just admit. DEC 11th EVERONE!!!!!!!! Oh also MAG is looking to join the slew of Mar 2010 delayed games. You heard it from me.

  62. Flagmo-T

    I’ll support that note to Santa, where do i Sign… well-well at least there is some other titles to freak about in September, and a couple of months forward.. DirT2 does shake my Mind a bit, But damn, The rally section for GT5 is by far the best ( hopefully)

    Dream Extreme

  63. JohnC

    I can’t wait. And Jordan, do you know who the person using the nickname of “lol” is?
    Is he some source or just some normal person making a good guess?

  64. Dracwolley

    Jordan, what WAS that “highly reliable” source?

    That Amar guy? Someone on the inside of Sony or PD?

  65. Mustangmiha

    Okay people, just calm down, released 1st December or 32nd January, we must wait really, really long. If someone doesn’t know how to speed up your days, play some older GT or like me, I’m right now playing Enthusia, very smilliar to Gran Turismo. And I’m cold. Until December.

  66. Pepsi0

    It may be a Christmas picture but that doesn’t mean anything… it could be like the evil B-Spec Bob and be a trick. Which would be good because we could get it earlier.

  67. andyuk-mx5turbo

    Awesome tidbit, looking forward to 18th.

    Shame that all other releases have had much more info prior to a pre-xmas release…

    PD aren’t animals of change either…

    I’m taking this tidbit with the tiniest pinch of salt as any other rumour.

  68. DaveTheStalker

    @Jack_UK I’ve seen them all and will be watching 7 soon ;) No real biggie for me, I know where to find them. We still don’t have BBC America HD anyway. The PS3 does a nice job of upscaling

    I wonder when Sony plans on announcing the Slim PS3…

  69. Jack_uk

    I think we should take notice of the main headline “You Will Like Gran Turismo 5’s Release Date” It must mean its very near

  70. DaveTheStalker

    @walsall @Jack_UK Over here in the US, BBC America still has not started Series 13 :( Those who are savvy know they to use the internet.

  71. sumbrownkid

    Yo not all American cars are crap, that’s a highly subjective opinion. And you can’t compare the two games that aren’t released yet, but if going by history, I’d say GT5 would win in this gen.

  72. morshed


    are u abnormal???

    Forza 2 sold 2m copies lifetime on Xbox (a flop console)

    GT4 sold 12m copies

    GT5 will sell between 15m-20m copies lifetime
    F3 would reach 4m lifetime if MS gives it away for free with every X360

    dont compare a crap unknown and flop franchise like FLOPZA 3 with GT5

    also WASIM

    thanks for posting the facts..what an embarrassment for F3 — a racing game in 2 discs in the era of BLU RAY

  73. wasim


    GT5 will outsell FLOPZA 3 based on just 1st day japan sales

    GT5 will do 15 m copies lifetime this gen

    FLOPZA 3 wont even reach 2m lifetime . ofcourse when PS3 SLIM launches MS will quit console war

    there is just no comp between F3 and GT5

    GT5 has 700 cars
    F3 has 400 cars mostly being DEFECTIVE AND CRAP american cars

    GT5 runs at 1080p
    F3 runs at 720p

    GT5 has 16 cars per track
    F3 has 8 cars per track

    GT5 has weather and night racing
    F3 has RROD only

    GT5 has 95 REAL TRACKS +NASCAR and WRC tracks
    F3 has 50 REAL TRACKS only

    GT5 will outsell all XCRAP 3FIX ME games lifetime

    GT5 is the biggest franchise in EUROPE –a place where PS3 will sell 60m-100m lifetime. PS2 sold 65m units in europe

  74. ralph89

    They are waiting for Forza 3 to be released so they can make adjustment just like T10 did with GT4 on their Forza :). PD got sucker punched by T10 back in 2004 now PD need a knock out punch this next gen. :lol:

  75. eMke3

    I wonder if they will release it sooner then December perhaps October? Would be a great surprise. But if it comes out this year then there is nothing to complain about for me. It maid my day I’m happy. With these kind of news even though it’s not official. But Cheers :)

  76. Walsall FC

    Oh my bloody god! I just discovered this post as i was watching the last show of top gear in the new series! so exciting!

  77. Jack_uk

    GTPlanet should do a raffle of what date in december is right and give away a premium membership to who gives the right date lol

  78. NotoriousWarrior

    LOL, i wasn’t joking. Yesterday i checked and the site had a TBA but now it has 25 september, i not just guessing and this date can change but im certain that its a better date than guessing.

  79. NInjaGhost

    Thats great, soo now all we need is a reliable source thats close to gtplanet to give us the release date lol. I wonder if they got there info from that Amar guy? Anyway Hopefully its soon and all Polyphony Digital efforts and Work pay off.

  80. Canadian STIG

    Yes “POOP, December 1st is what I’m guessing. When I went to my local EBGames/ Gamestop, they said December the 1st was when they would get their shipment. It would also give GT or PD. time to market the product efficiently while raising awareness towards this epic game. 1 month ought to do it, so Dec is likely.

  81. NotoriousWarrior

    hardvibes, thanks for the wake up call and i would laugh if it really does come out on that date.

  82. hardvibes

    wake up notorious, gt5 cant be released before gt mobile and during TGS. As Jordan picked a christmas picture december is definitely the month of happiness

  83. Jack_uk

    I’ve got a question that isn’t relevant to the release date but to gt5.

    Will all cars feature and show damage?

    The suspence is killing me!

  84. NotoriousWarrior

    I think its 25/09/2009 54 days from now.

    this is the release date this article is most likely talking about but i dont believe this date, i mean will Sony really release a title such as GT5 without a massive announcement and give it some time to build up preorders. I mean it will be pretty stupid but im still getting it.

  85. Destoyer

    Here’s hoping its somewhere between september and october to coincide with need for speed shit ( lame ) and Forza 3 ( evil ).

    or am i dreaming!!

    c’mon PD its been 4 years……give me hope….please

  86. Godzilla157890

    I’d like to drive the NASCAR COT on Silverstorne when GT5 comes out. If that did happen, I’d be as giddy as Britney Spears during a “fake singing” convention.

  87. Farkup65

    About time! I kinda expected a release around Dec. Any sooner would be a bonus. I already told my fam. that when it DOES come out, bills, work, all go out the window and the big screen IS MINE!!!! I want to drive the NORDSCHLIFFE AGAIN!!!!

  88. DaveTheStalker

    DEMO??? HELLO…we’ve been playing the demo since Dec. 2007, aka GT5P. My question is, when is it time to break out GT4 & GT3 to brush up on other tracks? Don’t want to be caught with your pants down!

  89. fatman

    lotta cool games comin up later this year, uncharted, GT5….gonna have to do thumb-ups to strengthen up & get ready for the onslaught :)

  90. Terronium-12


    I suppose you work for Sony then?

    And just because I’m intentionally trying to be a prick; you might want to check your grammar usage there.


    Although this is very positive, everyone don’t get your hopes up too high just yet. just relax and see how it goes.

  92. L. Taylor

    OMFG, u’re being soooo cruel – “GTPlanet has learned the tentative release date for Gran Turismo 5” and then “we will not be saying anything specific”.

    COOOME OOOOOON, u’re killin us 2and-a-bit weeks left…
    Made my day though….

  93. lol

    “we will not be saying anything specific to keep from eating an unhealthy dose of crow.”

    lol because you know nothing…
    I’ll tell you, it’s December 11… Note this comment and remember my message for the next Sony’s conference

  94. Mustangmiha

    I wish it can be released in 2010. Why? Because K.Y. said that they can release GT5 anytime they want so it would be good to work on the smallest details and stuff than is needed.

  95. Lee

    Hi all i would goto Gamesstation and ask for there new release list. if you look on it its been change from 2010 to You ready for thsi 24th Sep

  96. Will(blademask)

    Jordan, please… my heart can’t take it… i’ve become used to accepting that Prologue is all ill ever play of GT5 for the past(since launch of my ps3 60gb)…

    If you’re wrong…… i swear im going to destroy you and your website with the power of my mind alone. ;)

  97. DaveTheStalker

    My birthday is Nov. 29. It would be cool if it comes out BEFORE my birthday :p Thanks Jordan for ‘confirming’ that this will be gaming’s Year of the Racer!

  98. Brad McClaren

    Great. So now I gotta be nice for the rest of the year?

    Great head’s up. I just hope your source isn’t pulling our collective legs.

  99. Mark

    Here in Holland we see Santa in the Coca Cola commercial in a big Truck..we dont want that..we wanna see Santa in a Nissan Skyline this year :D

  100. Damez

    It’s killing me – ARGH! I’m assuming that after the 18th with the release date revealed and all, we’ll get some gameplay videos at TGS – in which we would be able to tell what’s available.

  101. Mike

    Good news. Only a few more months of playing the same 5 tracks in GT5:P. I wonder what other information will be released at that gaming convention? Car Damage? Tracks? Cars? The official Playstation website says it will be the most comprehensive racing simulation ever. To me that means there will be car damage, day/night transition, weather, and smart AI that doesn’t run on rails, LOL. I can’t wait 16 more days though!!! I want to know now!

  102. Jordan

    Don’t worry, caribbeantopdriver, I will keep the site updated-to-the-minute while watching for news out of the conference.

  103. caribbeantopdriver

    santa i been good all year……. 18th of this month press conference…… hey jordan we want info as soon as the sony conference is over…. hoping for a release date…. i would take a trailer in october. :)

  104. Canadian STIG

    Life seems so much brighter despite only receiving a minuscule piece of information. There is hope, I knew it!! Who needs Coca Cola anyways?? St. Nicholas ought to keep his eye on that list and not the fizzy beverages. Thanks for the update Jordan, kudos and cheers.

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