Gran Turismo 5’s Real-World “Data Logger” Back in Action

Remember Gran Turismo 5’s “data logger visualization” tech demo?

There hasn’t been much said about the interesting technology since it was first announced at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January of 2010, until now. A new video out of Japan shows the system in action with a camouflaged Toyota GT-86 (formerly known as the FT-86) around Fuji Speedway. You’ll get to see how the data is collected, how its downloaded, and then watch as Kazunori Yamauchi himself takes on the real-world “ghost” car in the game.

The “GPS Track Day Unit” was developed by Polyphony Digital in collaboration with Toyota and auto technology company, Denso. It collects a variety of GPS coordinates and other telemetry data, which can then be re-produced in Gran Turismo 5. Outside of these tech-demos, the system was also employed during one of Kazunori’s Nurburgring VLN races in 2009, though video of that data in action has never been released.

There is, of course, still no information regarding the data logger’s release to the public in future GT5 updates, but it’s good to know it is still around.

Thanks to RocZX for helping me track down the above video after the original was removed.

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  1. ElieTheStig

    the spin is not the same : ( I’m afraid it is not precise ! not as close as the corner … ( not at the same place/spot in the circuit ) and in real life the car spins completly … and in the game no … sooo the sound of tire in real life FTW lol : )

  2. Magic Ayrton

    That is such an amazing insight right there.. but how can Kaz accept the terrible sound that the Toyota makes when he is in the simulator?? Come on.. please make the sound richer :-D

  3. yaywalter

    Cool, but what would be really impressive is if they logged the throttle/brakes, shifting and steering inputs, ran those through the game’s physics engine and it resulted in near-identical behavior as the GPS/telemetry log of how the real car actually behaved with those inputs.

  4. Dyemonic

    A more advanced data logger in the game would be nice. And I’d love it if they implemented i2 into the game. That way I could get more familiar with the program and be able to play GT5 at the same time :D.

    1. ElieTheStig

      yeah please ! but for now you can watch all old stig laps with cars and try to compete all the laptimes thats what i do ! I started downloading all top gear episodes free on the top gear site ! of course don’t make the mistake doing a rolling start ! for exemple the first episode was the zonda and murcielago ! you buy them .. keep the cars stock .. not even a oli change . ! and try to beat the times … zonda – 1:23 murcielago 1:29 its kinda easy to eat but still a good challenge : P

  5. Kusogaki

    To any of you who watched the full video, could you look inside your browser’s cache and try to retrieve the file from there?

    1. HuskyGT

      I think it looks nice. Very much like what I expected it to look as a production model. The prototype was too unrealistic design-wise. It now has a look that is very clean and easy on the eye, which is good since it represents the old AE86. The rear vaguely reminds me of the LFA, and the rest of the car looks oddly similar to the Fairlady Z34/370Z.

      I’m glad that the rumors of it being a Scion for the US market werent true afterall.

  6. RoarOfZonda

    This video is private? what a douch move for the owner of the video to make it private now that it’s been posted on GTP

  7. HuskyGT

    Not too many uses for the regular GT fandom, but interesting.

    Oh, and that PS3 is going to YLOD at anytime… can’t believe they are not using a new one.

  8. n10secapricorn

    It would be great if we could use this in the game to help refine car tuning, just like the MOTEC data loggers in actual auto racing.

  9. DaihatsuDriver

    I want a data logger for my car, it should be an official accessory then I could data log my commute to work down the freeway and put the data on Special Stage Route 7 XD

  10. mcfizzle

    Very cool stuff. Hopefully this is released to the public but more relevant to me and most people on here, I hope this can lead to more David Coulthard type time trials where we can then follow the real life ghost on the track. So many cool possibilities.

  11. SuperShouden

    Seems like it would be useful for collecting track data and for improving the physics of the game. I’m also curious if PD will update the FT-86 name.

  12. GTPM118

    Practical for pros, yes. But… how complex is the gt physics engine? I know there a tread already but… I wonder, i dont think gt5 just take the info and replay, I mean, the info it recieves must be procesed with the game’s physics, right?

    Nevertheless its awesome! (More tracks, please PD )

    1. occasionalracer

      Absolutely, and this would be where PD can figure out where real life physics/telemetry data doesn’t quite match with what the current game engine would do, therefore finding more room for bringing the physics to new level in the future of the series.

    2. GTPM118

      Good point… a better form for improvement. Imagine Toyota Yaris GT comaptible. or “Company Manufacturer” “Brand Name” Gran Turismo Compatible… it would be nice!
      Gran Turismo, closer to you. Find the nearest dealer. I hope this tech could be ported to other motor companies… maybe Porsche someday!!! XD

  13. Wardez

    Really amazing stuff. I love all of GT’s involvement with real car companies. Really puts them above and beyond with street cred. xD

    Though, since we’re speaking of data logging, I wish we could log data from online racing…

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