Gran Turismo 5’s Used Car Dealership, Tuning Shop, & More

November 10th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

The videos have all been removed from YouTube – sorry, folks!

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  1. Nov. 11, 3:36pm

    Standard cars are an absolute joke. -.-

  2. Nov. 11, 1:27pm

    release the game.

  3. Nov. 11, 1:25pm

    whats going on pd we need a release date i was not that bothered until all the leaks. anyone cleared the changing of alloys for standard cars? gt4 had it.

    Ffs just release the feckin game already please

    • Nov. 11, 2:01pm
      Magic Ayrton

      Standard car wheels cannot be changed, in colour or style.

      nightmare waiting for this game though :(((

  4. Nov. 11, 12:14pm

    Hey guys, a Sony reseller in our country(Turkey) is saying that the advertisement campaign will start at the end of next week and the games will be delivered around 25 November(It is also said that the games are ready in the country)

  5. Nov. 11, 9:05am

    I find it a bit sad that Sony is putting more effort into censoring info on a game they chose to allow out to a handful of people early then they are in giving us a release date, I mean its been days now sense it went gold, how long does it take to give us a date already. I am not a fan of Microsoft at all but I don’t think they would do this to their customers.

  6. Nov. 11, 7:52am

    Again with the censoring :( What to Sony hope to achieve with this. Are they just trying to cover up the fact that they allowed some games to go missing?

  7. Nov. 11, 5:54am

    @AGNT009.. excellent description of sony’s ‘whack-a-mole’. I myself have avoided the vids because i don’t want to spoil my expectations of the game. You made me laugh out loud and have kind of made my morning.

    Peace out.

  8. Nov. 10, 11:35pm

    i have the videos on my channel!!! GTisTopGear in youtube!

  9. Nov. 10, 9:24pm

    It was fun while it lasted. :( Lucky Australian driver! I hope GT5 will be released soon. The wait is killing me!

  10. Nov. 10, 8:17pm

    Fun’s over :/

    • Nov. 10, 9:50pm

      No, it isnt :D I dont know about you, but this is starting to remind me of the challenge and fun of going to the GT dealership waiting for the black cars on THE specific day. Only this time, its GT5 leak videos, and you have to hit the right hour of the day. Im checking GT Planet every few hours, and its been very rewarding. Im catching ALL the leak videos when Jordan finds them. Its good fun, and keeps me entertained. Its also hilariously fun to watch Sony play Whack-a-Mole with every leak video that pops up. Im actually feeling pretty good right now, and its alleviating the anger I had for them. No doubt Im still angry inside, but Im lovin every minute of GT5 LeakGate.

    • Nov. 10, 10:24pm

      I agree, I also quite enjoy seeing how long it takes Sony to remove the videos. Keeping track of it keeps me interested all day.
      It’s all harmless fun anyway, nothing we see here is going to stop up us from buying the game.In fact if anything you would think it promote sales.

  11. Nov. 10, 7:52pm

    People keep mentioning that standard cars have NO cockpit view? I thought they had a kinda “standard” low detail generic view, and the premium cars have views more closely modelled on the real thing.

    Can someone confirm this? I must admit I use chase cam but was planning to try cockpit a little more, plus it seems nuts to have the head tracking feature only for some cars, and for cockpit-view fans to have to keep changing views between cars.

    • Nov. 10, 7:54pm

      Then again, the standard wheels thing is odd too, and seems to be true. Would be a shame if PD dropped the ball on these two points, but the game is still going to be awesome.

    • Nov. 10, 8:03pm

      Standard cars have no cockpit view whatsoever, unfortunatly. This has been confirmed. So yeah, headtracking will only be avaible for premium cars.

    • Nov. 10, 8:30pm

      Don’t forget you can’t change the wheels either ;)

    • Nov. 10, 9:54pm

      My understanding is you CAN change the wheels you just can’t paint the stock ones.

      Reitterating on what Gejost said, there’s no cockpit for standard cars. Kazunori said it wasn’t up to snuff so they took it out. That being said, I don’t even plan on using the cockpit. It’s stupid to see a steering wheel in front of my steering wheel. The screen should be my windshield, thus I will find the closest thing to that.

    • Nov. 10, 11:49pm

      @Tyger, I’m not sure how you come to that understanding, because all it says is “you cannot change the wheels on a standard model car”. That seems to imply pretty clearly that you can’t change the wheels, it says nothing about painting them.
      Either way it seems strange if that is the case, even though we have seen nothing to suggest otherwise

    • Nov. 11, 3:00am

      @CarreraGT, i think you mixed up my post with someone else’s, i didn’t say anything about painting the wheels, my main point was about the lack of cockpit view for standard models, and i also added that it would be a shame if this was the case *as well as* not being able to change the wheels on standard cars.

      I just think PD could have relatively easily included both of these options – tons of other racing games have a simple cockpit view, furthermore in previous games we’ve been able to change the wheels on mostly any car (unless my memory fails me on this point)

    • Nov. 11, 3:22pm

      Yeah my bad, I was referring to GoldUltima’s post.
      And yeah the thing that gets be about the interoir view is that they have to model the interior anyway for exterior shots (as they also did in GT4) but I guess bringing that model up to scratch (to PD standards) for interior view is more time consuming than it seems

  12. Nov. 10, 7:49pm

    lol Sony needs to have a GT5 blowout already.. lets get this game out there instead of censoring info. :K

  13. Nov. 10, 7:41pm

    this guy has uploaded them

  14. Nov. 10, 7:33pm

    i have downloaded most (15) of the videos and have them on my computer if anyone wants them

    • Nov. 10, 7:41pm

      MEeee meeee please lol torrents?

  15. Nov. 10, 7:31pm

    We’re just looking at a game we should already have Sony. You mad?

  16. Nov. 10, 7:23pm

    Lol is really acting like the cia, taking down everything of gt5

  17. Nov. 10, 7:20pm
    Alex N.

    Glad I got to see the videos before they were taken down, I check back here like every 20 minutes, lol.

    • Nov. 10, 7:31pm

      lol agreed
      someone needs to create an iPhone/iPod/iPad app dedicated for this site where as soon as news comes, the push news feed would give u a message

    • Nov. 10, 7:32pm

      Haha yeah same. My productivity at work has dropped significantly since all these videos started popping up

    • Nov. 10, 8:06pm

      Same for me…The page is open all day and refreashed every 20 minutes lol!!

    • Nov. 10, 8:36pm


  18. Nov. 10, 7:11pm

    guess our czech friend had a little word from sony… hope he didn’t get in trouble for showing us all that great footage

    • Nov. 10, 7:23pm

      You5825 is still active, and has 2 (3?) GT 5 videos there.

    • Nov. 10, 7:28pm

      And even if they yank his account, a search for 5825 on YouTube yields quite a few copies of the Cape Ring video, hosted by various other accounts.

    • Nov. 10, 7:38pm

      Yeah I noticed, but i liked rybakdany’s videos the most and I don’t think we’ll see any new stuff from him unless he just creates a new account. But if I where him I wouldn’t waste any time putting videos on youtube but I’d be playing gt5 24/7:p

  19. Nov. 10, 7:04pm
    Jack Jarbas

    I’m glad that the videos have been removed! I have not seen all the videos not to spoil the surprise on launch day. With the removal of the videos, I will no longer be tempted to spoil the surprise to me! :)

    We are close!! =D

  20. Nov. 10, 6:54pm
    mike b

    Videos are gone, anyone down load them and re host them?

  21. Nov. 10, 6:35pm

    this is just making me want the game more and more!

  22. Nov. 10, 6:12pm

    Who put that videos on you tube?………..cause they are amazing i like this game and i´m waiting for it!

  23. Nov. 10, 6:11pm

    I just hope that the Mitsubish GTO LM in Yellow with the badass wheels from the Japanese version of GT1 makes an appearance. I so loved that car.

  24. Nov. 10, 5:45pm

    Will somebody finally make a car selection video?? I want a car list!

    • Nov. 10, 5:52pm

      Oh, just found one on Youtube. I want more!!

    • Nov. 10, 6:06pm

      This guy’s youtube channel is filled with this kind of video’s, even a couple of the ones removed from gtplanet. I remember someone begging for a bmw car list in the comments on the earlier vids of leaked footage. Well just check his channel. He shows all the ferarri’s, lambo’s, bmw’s, etc. which are available the dealershop.

    • Nov. 10, 7:39pm

      I don’t think that was the dealershop, more like the car selection list for arcade mode. Sadly, being in an early stage of the game, there’s only a small selection of the cars.

      I discovered a Ferrari I’ve never heard of (wiki says it’s a 430-based concept), but little else. Shitloads of Japanese cars, obviously. I hoped to see a BMW E30 or even an Alfa Romeo SZ. But who knows, I think I’ll have to wait.

  25. Nov. 10, 5:39pm

    I almost cry…that “retro” look of the events…just love it! event icons images just made me live again in 1997…FF Challenge…FR Challenge OMG!
    “good things in life take time”

  26. Nov. 10, 5:29pm

    wait people, this GT5 the bestest most perfect game ever to not be released. the has to be a misunderstanding about changing wheels on standard cars, for Kaz’s sake i hope there is.

  27. Nov. 10, 5:22pm

    I like the tuning options!! :D Can’t wait to paint the rims of my LP 560-4 black. Can’t wait for this game!!!

  28. Nov. 10, 5:20pm

    So, my favourite M3 E46, which is a standard car, won’t be able to wear a set of aftermarket BBS rims…
    What a shame PD…

  29. Nov. 10, 5:11pm

    Guys, i think the wheel thing is going to be like FM3. you will be able to change wheels on all cars, but you wont be able to change the SIZE of standard wheels.

    i think this will be very simliar to FM3.

    • Nov. 10, 5:19pm

      It would say you cant change the wheel size if that was the case. It says you cant change the wheels on a standard moded car full stop.
      Thats really got on my nerves as most of my favourite cars are probably standard models.

    • Nov. 10, 7:11pm

      @Jon SAME HERE! I personally love the standard classics, and hearing this just making me have seconds thoughts about this series of GT.

    • Nov. 10, 9:05pm

      Haha. @ WHY? Sorry to laugh but the way you say that makes it sound as though you are considering not buying it.
      Let’s face it, we’re all going to buy it and it is going to be epic

    • Nov. 10, 9:22pm

      Also it does look like we won’t be able change the wheels at all. It states pretty clearly that you cannot change the wheels on a standard model car… I also have difficulty understanding why though, considering you could do this on every previous iteration of GT

    • Nov. 11, 8:42am

      What just because standards aren’t as detailed as everything else in the game including the wheels? They don’t want you putting highly detailed wheels on a less detailed car!?!? Gimme a break.

    • Nov. 11, 12:27pm

      @ Paulo: Good point. That sounds logical. But it’s still stupid, They should have just added the rims from GT4. The file size would be no more than that of ONE premium car. @ most 2 if they gave the rims a slight upscale. God, I hope the 3000GT (GTO Twin Turbo), Tommy Kaira ZZII, Vector MC12, RUF RGT, Cadillac Cien, Mazda 6, FPV GT, Viper SRT-10, etc. are premiums… It won’t be the feel the same. When you want to look good and stand out, the shoes are just as important as the outfit.

  30. Nov. 10, 5:02pm

    I wish there was a release date now – all of the videos are spoiling what we all are waiting to find ourselves!
    I’m fine with vids of laps but please leave the rest of the game out!
    A few crash vids would be good!!

  31. Nov. 10, 4:58pm

    I feel like the standard cars are just throw away now. But regardless I’ll fully enjoy the game.

    • Nov. 10, 5:02pm

      I do too but at least we get to drive the many cars they stupidly left out as well as past GT cars we all loved. I just hate using any view but cockpit view

    • Nov. 10, 7:07pm


  32. Nov. 10, 4:52pm

    Ok I seriously want this game now.

  33. Nov. 10, 4:43pm
    NO DEMO :-(

    You could change them on GT4 why not gt5….Somebody plz clear this up for me …

  34. Nov. 10, 4:42pm
    NO DEMO :-(

    Why can’t you change the wheels on standard cars!!!!!!!!! so there 800 cars we have to drive with the stock wheels?

    Serious Fail!

    • Nov. 10, 5:01pm

      it’s no big deal. they’re standard cars. there’s really no need to ever drive a standard car unless it’s a classic they stupidly didn’t make premium like the lambo countach and jaguar xj220. plus GT greats like the TommyKaira ZZII

    • Nov. 10, 5:35pm

      @Hugo…what?? just because a lot of great cars in Gran Turismo are “standard” you say there’s really no need to drive them? That’s crazy talk man… as far as I’m concerned there is no difference between the two.

    • Nov. 10, 7:01pm

      @HugoStiglitz_420 What do you mean, no need to drive a standard car?? do you know how many good cars there was in GT4?
      I would rather drive a fast standard car than a slow premium..

  35. Nov. 10, 4:41pm

    Let’s go SONY!!! Show Microsoft who is the best!!! Give us GT5 and we will make you first in the world

  36. Nov. 10, 4:41pm

    Can whoever posted these videos confirm that wheels cannot be changed on standard model cars?? Please, if so that really F-ing sucks. I would never think that they would limit this.

  37. Nov. 10, 4:40pm

    So excited to see Used Cars return.

    I remember picking up a 87′ Skyline or something in the Used Car dealership in GT2 and pretty much running that thing into the ground.

    I hope they have the rare cars that only show up on certain, specific, days of the year.

  38. Nov. 10, 4:35pm

    guys guys!! seriously there isn’t a december release . its 24 november for UK ME and India and 26 for US i dont know about the japanese but presumably around those dates.
    need source of proof just google it . its confirmed not to us but to retailers.

    • Nov. 10, 4:38pm

      thank you!!! ie gamestop’s turismo tuesday campaign

    • Nov. 10, 4:42pm

      lets just hope is true, but seems odd to release it on a wednesday here in the UK.

    • Nov. 10, 4:46pm

      FYI they would not release a game in the states on a friday!

    • Nov. 10, 6:15pm

      For Spain will be December 1st…November 30 US and UK December 2nd…now sounds good?

  39. Nov. 10, 4:30pm

    Did you guys see the 3rd video? I’m impressed of how many events will be in the game Oo

  40. Nov. 10, 4:29pm

    I remember studying the stories and specs of each and every car in GT2. I was pissed they took out the stories in GT4. I’m glad they’re back. I know one day I’ll spend HOURS going through every single car.

  41. Nov. 10, 4:29pm

    Dude, you cannot change wheels on a standard model???? Wow that hurts.

    • Nov. 10, 5:01pm

      I know first no cockpit view for standard and now you can’t change wheels:/

    • Nov. 10, 5:08pm

      i’m pretty sure it will mean you cant change wheel SIZE.

  42. Nov. 10, 4:28pm

    FML,i need this game..not want…need

  43. Nov. 10, 4:27pm
    Mad Marc

    i think the first couple of hours after install will be spent just drooling over the menu and car content …,, i can see meself after an hour thinking wow havent drivin a car on a track yet :)

    • Nov. 10, 4:29pm

      i feel the same way. but when it does come time to drive it will be in the rain. gotta see the new stuff first. right?

    • Nov. 10, 10:16pm

      First thing I’m going to do is go to the Used Car dealership and pick myself up an RX7 and race on the first track I can drive

  44. Nov. 10, 4:23pm
    Mad Marc

    what total C#$#@ tease

  45. Nov. 10, 4:17pm

    The other day I said I was staying away from GTPlanet to avoid spoilers. Well, I can’t, because I’m a GT addict damn it. I really want the damn game already. I hate FPS but I went out and bought Black Ops today so I can go home tonight and blow things up and release some stress!

    My G27 stares at me and mocks me with it’s clutch pedal and real leather covered wheel and it’s, it’s stillness! I’m losing my mind! All I wanted to do was drive on the Top Gear test track. Now I see the video of Cape Ring and all I want to do is drive on that. It’s been raining the past few days in New England and I’ve been driving around watching the raindrops move on the windshield longing for them to be virtual raindrops in Nurburg Germany. I need help people. Sony, please, help me. Help us all…

    • Nov. 10, 4:23pm

      I´m addict too…we are all addicts to this game…

    • Nov. 10, 6:03pm

      Heh heh heh. I saw that post, and thought, wow, that’s gonna take some will power.

      Have courage, brother. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

      Although it is very pale light because of the excellent rain simulation.

    • Nov. 10, 6:30pm

      We should make a world united gran turismo-holics group…
      I’m george and haven’t played gt for 6 days…

      Congrats George!

      I’m Paul and haven’t logged in gtplanet for 10 hours

      Congratsssssss Paaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuullllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nov. 10, 10:39pm

      Hi I’m brendan and I’m addicted to GT5. My girlfriend always tells me that I’m GTPlanet too much but I can’t help it. It also doesn’t help it’s my home page :P

  46. Nov. 10, 4:15pm

    Do they have classic car dealership?

    • Nov. 10, 4:48pm

      Yes, its called the “Used Cars” section

  47. Nov. 10, 4:13pm

    Im not keen on the level requirements system for races, I’d rather enter events whenever I want. But hey, it looks awesome as always. Shame I can’t play it when someone else is.

  48. Nov. 10, 4:10pm

    OMG!!! This is goona be a very merry christmas holiday!!! Then exams which i might fail due to this game and black ops…Meh…

  49. Nov. 10, 4:08pm

    I feel the censor hammer coming!

  50. Nov. 10, 4:07pm

    I’m not going to watch any more videos – I’ve wet my appetite enough, I want to discover the rest of it when I finally start playing it.

    • Nov. 10, 4:24pm
      ms turismo


      i´ve been following all the vids until now.. its time for me to stop spoiling the surprise…

  51. Nov. 10, 4:05pm
    general of the army

    WTF !!

    • Nov. 10, 4:21pm

      I think it means you can only paint custom wheels i.e. you cant paint the standard wheels that come with the Nissan GTR but if you change the wheels you can then paint them, so sounds like its possible for all standard and premium cars

    • Nov. 10, 4:45pm
      440 Charger

      Nope, I’m pretty sure it says you can’t change the wheels on a standard model car, period. This is very unfortunate. Wow, that really stinks. Pretty big let down for me, seeing as I do a lot of Photomode and I like to put the chrome bling wheels on everything. I hope there are chrome wheels!

    • Nov. 10, 4:56pm

      that’s disappointing

    • Nov. 10, 5:04pm

      I think it means that you can’t change the SIZE of standard wheels. i think inside that menu you will find you can change the size of front and rear wheels. will be very simliar i’m guessing to “that other game”.

    • Nov. 10, 5:06pm

      Yeah, no custom wheels on standard cars. Lame =/

    • Nov. 10, 5:14pm

      Sorry my bad I paused it at the wheel paint part and didn’t read the next icon that said you cannot change the wheels on standard cars. Bummer!

    • Nov. 11, 12:49pm

      It’s not NFS:Carbon! :)

    • Nov. 11, 3:35pm

      Standard cars are “just STUUUUUPID”. -.-

  52. Nov. 10, 4:05pm

    The caption in the second video during the AMG Driving Experience implies that you can race the Nurburgring Nordschliefe in the wet!

  53. Nov. 10, 4:04pm
    440 Charger

    Finally we can paint our cars and not have to buy 10 different cars if we want 10 different colors! Love the wheel painting too!

    It’s going to be awesome when Sony suddenly says “Go get the game, it’s on the shelves” without any warning or release date. Each day is an eternity now with all of these teasers!

    • Nov. 10, 4:24pm

      ok…let’s look back at what has transpired thus far and we can get a very educated guess of when gt5 will be in our hands. first off the nov 2 date was delayed just three weeks prior to the release meaning that it takes roughly three weeks to press the launch copies of about 7 million last i heard. that equates to 333,333 per day. it was a week ago that kaz said that they were being pressed. lets say that nov 2 was the first day of pressing. there should be about 2.5 million copies pressed and shipped to various locations around the world right now. hence the fact there are copies being played right now. here in the states three weeks from nov 2 is the 23 three days before black friday. if sony has any brains still working for them they would release the game nov 23 instead of the place holder date of nov 30. anyone who thinks it will be out after nov 30 are pessimists. i would put money on a nov 23 because we aren’t sure if nov 2 was the first day of pressing.

    • Nov. 10, 4:26pm

      Praying we can paint wheels white, unlike FM.

    • Nov. 10, 4:37pm

      p.s. anyone notice how the whole turismo tuesday thing stopped for a couple weeks after week 2. then started back. there is only one more thing to unlock which would make sense with a nov 23 release. it can’t just be coincidence after the stopped and then started back three weeks later.

    • Nov. 10, 5:37pm

      My guess is DEC 7th (USA). Launch Party will be in Madrid on NOV 25th so a release before launch party doenst make any sense…

    • Nov. 11, 12:54pm

      i wanna tune my Lotus Evoraa!!! now i dont need 2 buy same car in diferent paints n same rims in diferent paints, thats Cr wasting.

      1 question???
      do i can put vinyls in my car???

  54. Nov. 10, 4:04pm

    In the used car section, why does it have a big NEW next to each car with 20,000+ km on the odometer?

    I don’t understand. Help?

    • Nov. 10, 4:09pm
      Shelby 427 1965

      Probably means newly added to the line up.

    • Nov. 10, 4:16pm

      I’d say it’s listing ‘NEW’ next to cars that the dealer hasn’t had in stock before, so it’s easier in future visits to see which cars have just arrived.

    • Nov. 10, 4:20pm

      Did you play GT4??…the car list is new each week…that means NEW cars appearing during the game…when you race the days that you take will pass. One race 1 or 2 days. Understood? Sorry for my english.

  55. Nov. 10, 4:00pm

    i just watched these on his youtube channel. nice work guy. but turn of the autofocus when filming off screen. i envy you. and for the love of god can you show us what happens when you destroy a car. but first turn off auto save.

  56. Nov. 10, 3:59pm

    Oh it is just me or is it SO lovely to see the good old Sunday Cup Again!

  57. Nov. 10, 3:56pm

    Release Date ESt. (by the looks of things) Dec. 14 but I’m only guessing.

    • Nov. 10, 4:12pm
      Mad Marc

      gota be but it takes to announce the later the date ie the anncounment is going to is going to be at least 4 week befor release . luv luv to see “.hey everyone out this Tuesday lol ….. Sony fire marketing department

    • Nov. 10, 4:33pm

      no way dude nov 23. they have to get it out as soon as possible. read my other post below and do the math.

    • Nov. 10, 4:59pm

      December 14th doesn’t make sense. Not that anything Sony has done with this game has made sense but are they really going to hold off on a game that people already have? They really should just say, well everyone knows it’s out there so let’s just be smart and put it out before black friday. I’m praying that happens but wwho knows. November 23rd makes perfect sense given the launch party and timeline. Plus, a source from SEMA said 23rd supposedly. I’m really just astonished that even after leaking copies they haven’t announced a date, it’s just ludacris

  58. Nov. 10, 3:55pm
    Shelby 427 1965

    HELL YES!!!

    • Nov. 10, 4:03pm

      speaking of racing mods is there a ford torus that can be race modded and given a NASCAR livery like GT2. LOL

  59. Nov. 10, 3:55pm

    Not the GT that we know..I mean, they only had one model of Skyline available in the new car dealership! What’s up with that?!? Shouldn’t there be about 75 more to choose from?

    • Nov. 10, 4:13pm
      Mika Hackerman

      Most of the race advertising graphics were from GT4.

    • Nov. 10, 4:20pm

      Lol. But Used Car Dealerships never had all the models available at once.

    • Nov. 10, 5:34pm

      Haha indeed, you’ll probably find all Nissans in the Nissan dealership are the skylines, nothing else (other than the GTR which you could win in a race xD)

      But im glad the loading times are short and the menus aren’t overly animated… I dislike waiting for ages just for a menu to load so it can do a fancy animation in the background that adds nothing to the menu. The menu is for getting from the start TO the fancy animations =]

  60. Nov. 10, 3:54pm
    With a Eg6

    Nice !

  61. Nov. 10, 3:54pm

    Very awesome, with all these new headlines, a release date is bound to be announced! I’d think, hope…maybe. Can’t wait!!

  62. Nov. 10, 3:52pm

    Love the stylish and classy look.

    Much better then the generic white.

    • Nov. 10, 6:41pm

      Yeah menu’s look really good. Easy to navigate.

  63. Nov. 10, 3:52pm


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