The Gran Turismo Sport Media Cup Has Begun, and GTPlanet is Taking Part

Gran Turismo Sport 77 May 11, 2017 by

Polyphony Digital has revealed the newest challenge held within the ongoing GT Sport closed beta. Dubbed the “Media Cup”, the event has already begun and will run through to the end of this weekend.

Multiple media outlets will be taking part in the event, including GTPlanet. A handful of drivers will represent each site in the Media Cup. These drivers will be racing amongst the rest of the existing beta testers to achieve their best possible Driver and Sportsmanship Ratings. The top ten drivers in both categories will be scored, and the combined total will be used for rankings.

Media Cup Ranking System

1st: 25 Points
2nd: 18 Points
3rd: 15 Points
4th: 12 Points
5th: 10 Points
6th: 8 Points
7th: 6 Points
8th: 4 Points
9th: 2 Points
10th: 1 Point

Media Cup Race Schedule

Dates: Wednesday, May 10 through Sunday, May 14
Weekday Race Hours: 1700–2000 UTC
Weekend Race Hours: 1200–1800 UTC

Participants aren’t limited to the above times: they’re free to race at any other point in time as well, but only races done during the above periods will be scored for the Media Cup.

As of the time of writing, our man Kevin (@EDK) has taken an early lead over Game Informer’s Matt Kato. Jordan isn’t far behind, sitting only two points away from Kato in fourth. Go team!

Want to follow along? Keep track of the standings on the Media Cup Leaderboard located at the official Gran Turismo website. With E3 around the corner — and GT Sport expected to release later this year — we imagine this is only the first of many future competitions within the game. Hopefully, the next one includes some Porsche goodness

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