Gran Turismo Sport Update Arrives July 8, Brings Toyota GR86

As expected, a new update for Gran Turismo Sport will arrive this week, bringing with it the first new car to the game this calendar year.

The official update announcement went live on the game’s website and in game earlier today, and reads as follows:

At the following time, we will perform maintenance on the ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ servers.
A new game update will also be available after the maintenance. Please note that during this time the online services, including [Sport Mode], will not be available.

[Day & Time]8 July, 2021, 06:00 – 08:00 UTC

The above time is subject to change.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

While only officially announced today, we have known about this update for a little while. That’s because Toyota Gazoo Racing, the motorsport arm of Toyota, actually revealed the date and at least some of the contents back at the start of June.

Toyota let the date slip in an announcement regarding the new GR86, a successor to the popular 86GT. In a press release regarding an 86-themed festival at Fuji Speedway, TGR noted that the GR86 would be available in Gran Turismo Sport from July 8 — before real-world customers could get their hands on it, and ahead of a dynamic debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this coming weekend.

The car will arrive in the game in time for its round of the 2021 Toyota Gazoo Racing Gran Turismo Cup. That takes place on August 22, and will see racers wrangle the new car around the Mount Panorama circuit for the final round of the regular season. It also looks set to be the car used in Round 1 of the FIA GT Online Championship Stage 2.

While the GR86’s arrival in the game isn’t much of a secret, we don’t have any further information about what the update might contain but we’re not expecting a great deal more. Recent updates to GT Sport have been few and far between, and focused on bug fixes and tweaks to penalties and balance of performance (BOP).

Update: Kazunori Yamauchi has since posted about the update on social media, with the traditional silhouette teaser Tweet. As there’s only one car shown, it’s likely safe to assume that the GR86 is the only car content, but any other contents are still unknown for now.

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    1. petey2007

      Wasn’t much of an update. No new track or anything like that

      Main Features Implemented
      1. Cars
      – The following new car has been added:
      ・Toyota GR 86 ’21

      2. Lobby/Sport Mode
      – Fixed an issue in which tyre temperatures differences would occur in practice depending on the tyre wear race settings.

      Other Improvements and Adjustments
      – Various other issues have been addressed.

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  1. adam thompson

    Oh yay a new car that’s cool, so any word on that vision Jaguar coming and also wasn’t there a car from SEMA that won the Gran turismo award and coming to the game? I dunno!!! Also I wish polyphony would make it so game can be played offline and saved like a normal single player game, sucks if my internet goes down sometimes :(

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    GT 7 per rispondere alle domande dichiaro : state tranquilli tutto uscirà anche su PS4 è stato annunciato !!!

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  3. Gary Baker

    I am not happy with the lack of cars in GTS as a big fan of dodge,chrysler, and plymouth cars I think of what was available in earlier versions of GT in fact a lot of other manufacturers line up looks very anaemic

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  4. William Settle

    When will we get the newest Corvette (C8)?
    Both the street and GT race version, enough with these dinky Toyota’s.

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    1. RandomCarGuy17

      Not gonna happen in GT Sport dude. The only reason this car made it was due to PD’s partnership with Toyota. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t even have seen this.

      Polyphony for the most part is setting focus on Gran Turismo 7.

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    1. Nelson Holman

      Personally, I’m fed up with the lack of a full GT game since I can’t get my hands on a PS5 anyway. So for an update, I would rather see PD make GTS a more complete game until they come out with GT7 or keep on giving us additional cars until then.

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    1. Ant78

      100% agree

      I don’t understand why they aren’t allowing it. it was made out early days that the PS4 would have VR with full grids, but the hardware just wasn’t up to it.

      Now with the PS5, and with GT7 being a fair way off, why they can’t let us fans just have at least a full grid in VR is beyond me? GT Sport was the reason I bought PSVR, it’s just so annoying that now we have the hardware, they aren’t flicking the switch to enable the full game in VR

      Would it put people off buying GT7 as they have all they want in GTS? hell no, I think it would help push sales, gain some hype and be good for the brand.

      Anyone who hasn’t tried GTS in VR, you’re missing a really smart addition, albeit limited

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      1. GTP_Dutchy

        Still to accomplish this they would need to put in a significant amount of development to achieve that. it’s not just ticking a checkbox by all means. So the choice they have is with the amount of resource we have for development do we upgrade vr for gtsport which is basically end of life or do we put the effort in the vr for gt7 and use perhaps vr2.0. I recon they choose the last and i’d agree with them.

        i’n general it’s easy to say they should do this or that but we live in the real world where decisions need to made.

        for now i’m just happy with the long during support for the game they provided. wheter you like the car(s) or not.

      2. Franske

        I have tried it and wasn’t impressed by the amount of pixels. Besides that, I get a headache of VR.

    2. Og virg

      You know what they’re garbage for not having race and VR mode in the playstation 4 let of alone 5

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  5. Steven Blakeway

    Shame we can’t play online racing in psvr on ps5.. Maybe we could have vr sim racing at a professional level 👍

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