Gran Turismo Sport’s Visual Tire Wear Captured

Gran Turismo Sport 55 January 4, 2018 by

An eagle-eyed GT Sport player has taken screenshots of the game’s visual tire wear in action. The images capture various states of use during gameplay.

Shared in the GTPlanet forums by GordonS, the visual detail is certainly impressive. The likelihood is that this would be unappreciated by 99% of Sport players, but that hasn’t stood in the way of Polyphony’s obsessive polish before. Each phase photographed takes place between 15 laps of oval racing in a Lamborghini Huracan. Let’s take a look at each step in degradation.

Phase 1 – New Tire (No Racing)

The first image shows a clean tire prior to any wear. The racing compound looks suitably smooth and there’s nothing of note on the surface of the rubber. Although there’s not much to comment on here, it does highlight the changes in the next two images.

Phase 2 – Slightly Used Tire (A Few Laps of Racing)

The next close-up details the tire surface after a few laps of driving in GT Sport. Close inspection shows that the shine from the compound has disappeared and there are various visual defects. This is most easily identifiable on the upper right of the tire. Scraping is visible for all to see. However, it’s in extended use of the compound that we really see Polyphony’s tech in action.

Phase 3 – Heavily Used Tire (~15 Laps of Racing)

The shine of an unused racing tire is all but gone from the compound after a good number of laps on the track. Not only can we see the physical wear at a surface level but blistering even appears to be forming. It’s hardly severe in form but that imperfection is observable none-the-less. Could this hint at a developing tire engine tech within GT Sport?

The visual detail could simple just be that — a nice touch of detail. However, with the ever-growing nature of GT Sport, we’re optimistic this could be the sign of something more in-depth.

Featured image courtesy of sebmugi.

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