Watch a Crazy GTPlanet User Attempt a Gran Turismo Sport Platinum Speed Run

GTPlanet’s users are among some of the most dedicated, obsessed, and downright crazy players in the world. They do all sorts of unusual things in their devotion to the games they play, but this has to be one of the more ludicrous we’ve seen. WestRoadZ, a GTP user coming up on six years, is attempting a live-streamed speed run of the Gran Turismo Sport Platinum trophy.

In case you’re not familiar with the concept of speed running, it’s pretty simple to explain. It’s an attempt to complete an in-game task — usually the story mode, or 100% of game progress — in the shortest possible time. For PlayStation titles there’s another metric: the Platinum trophy. This requires users to complete every task in a given game and pick up every available PSN Trophy, after which they’ll receive the celebrated Platinum.

Speed runs require a lot of planning. The nature of game design doesn’t always create an obvious path to the goal, and players will research the most efficient way to get through the obstacles. Speed runners will look to chain as many events together as possible to limit the amount of time they’re spending not making progress, and pick up achievements simultaneously. Small mistakes can lead to lost minutes, and an opening for other speed runners to beat you.

Generally, these aren’t too difficult to game, but GT Sport is not kind to players looking to quickly progress. The Platinum trophy in Sport is a truly brutal affair, requiring not only hundreds of hours of racing but some luck when it comes to matchmaking.

Hitting Level 50, a Gold Trophy requirement, is most efficiently achieved by grinding out a single race — at the tri-oval Blue Moon Bay Speedway — and should easily account for 60 hours of the speed run, though it’s possible to make some progress while away from the console too. The three online trophies will require 322 races — a minimum of 108 hours — and 91 wins. There’s also the consideration of 65 pole positions, which, unless you have the fastest qualifying time in your region, entirely relies on who the game matches you with for your races.

This speed run then will require several days, and hopefully feature quite a bit of sleeping, and an understanding spouse, boss, and friends with a steady supply of revitalizing food and drink. At time of writing, WestRoadZ is nearly 180 hours into what could be a 220-hour or more speed run. We wish him the best of luck, and you can watch as he closes in on the finish line live below:

Update: WestRoadZ has now completed the speed run, hitting the Platinum trophy in 229 hours, 27 minutes, and 16 seconds.

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