GT Sport vs Project CARS 2: A Willow Springs Comparison

As the big three racing games of the year find their way into stores, it’s inevitable comparisons will follow. Forza Motorsport 7, GT Sport and Project CARS 2 all look like they will offer good gaming experiences but the competitiveness in the genre means we have to compare these titles. YouTube channel MotogamesTV has put together a video pitting GT Sport against Project CARS 2.

The comparison takes place on the Willow Springs circuit. Based in California, the track offers a nice drive against a desert landscape, and it’s certainly unique. This aspect of the track has made it a recent favorite for racers, appearing in the two games we’re looking at today. For the sake of consistency, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X is used in both titles.

In the visual department, GT Sport definitely has the edge. The vibrant lighting engine Polyphony is known for gives the sandy locale a more realistic look. Willow’s environment also shines compared to Project CARS 2, which doesn’t quite hit the heights of the PlayStation exclusive. Looking at the dashboard of the Evo, shadows make a huge difference and are a major positive for GT Sport. If you’re looking for a title with the best visual fidelity, there is a clear winner.

Audio is a different matter all together, though. Project CARS 2’s Evo X sounds aggressive and more visceral compared to GT Sport. The dreaded GT tire squeal also overpowers most of the interior audio of the car, making a comparison pretty mute. Slightly Mad Studios has done a very good job of capturing the audio from the car and even with GT Sport’s improved sounds, Project CARS 2 comes out on top.

Whilst this video does give us a look at the two games side-by-side, it’s worth noting that these games have their individual strengths. Project CARS 2 may pale compared to the lovely GT Sport here but it does have a fully dynamic weather system. GT Sport will include set weather conditions but nothing that reaches what Project CARS 2 has to offer — to say nothing of the different seasons it has as well.

Both these games have a lot to offer and it’s a job well done from both developers. Project CARS 2 is available now (you can read our review here) and GT Sport releases October 17.

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