Gran Turismo Sport on PlayStation 5: Transferring Save Data

Players across much of the world are now picking up their new PlayStation 5 consoles, and Polyphony Digital has offered some timely guidance on using the new machines with Gran Turismo Sport.

As we know from last week’s initial launch, the PS5 plays GT Sport with no issues at all. That’s to be expected, as Sony has repeatedly clarified the PS5’s backwards compatibility features over the summer. We found that it plays just as it would on PlayStation 4 Pro, in 4K (checkerboarded from 1800p) at 60fps, with the only difference being improved loading times.

PD’s guidance is more of a housekeeping issue. It refers to data transfer from PS4 to PS5, and a foible that may see some of your content — saved replays and Scapes photo data — not make the transition.

This issue crops up if you install GT Sport on your new PS5 before you transfer your game data. Put simply you can avoid it by transferring the data first and then installing the game. Players who’ve already experienced the issue can remedy it by deleting GT Sport from the PS5, initiating the PS4 to PS5 data transfer, and then reinstalling GT Sport — though that may take a while.

If you’ve not done the data transfer yet, or were about to, the correct process is as follows:

  • Connect both consoles to the same network via ethernet (preferred) or WiFi
  • Log into the same PSN account on both consoles
  • On PS5 select Settings > System > System Software > Data Transfer
  • Select Gran Turismo Sport saved data
  • On completion, install Gran Turismo Sport to PS5

As many players may have GT Sport, and other PS4 games, installed on an external HDD, it will simply be a case of not plugging this drive in until after transferring the save data. Players looking to avoid filling up the PS5’s internal 825GB solid-state drive will also use this solution.

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