GT Sport to Feature Dedicated Servers For Sport Mode

Gran Turismo Sport 22 June 15, 2016 by

Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed in an interview with German outlet ‘Inside Playstation’ that Gran Turismo Sport will incorporate extended online support for servers in the much-anticipated ‘Sport’ mode of the game.

Kazunori states in the above interview that the ‘Sport’ mode will have dedicated servers and support up to 20 players in these PD or FIA hosted events. Given the importance of these events to the players, FIA and PD, this is a huge step in guaranteeing a consistent level of quality for the more prestigious race series’ that will be hosted on the mode.

‘Sport’ mode will be the premier experience for GTS.

However, the dedicated servers and 20-player count are specific to the ‘Sport’ mode, with Yamauchi further clarifying that any other lobby types outside of ‘Sport’ will run on a more traditional P2P (Peer-to-Peer) network infrastructure. As a result of this, 20 player rooms are not possible and the number will revert back to a smaller number seen in previous iterations. No exact number for the other lobbies have been specified for these other online modes as of yet.

A series-first 20-strong car grid and dedicated servers are sure to make the ‘Sport’ mode as comprehensive as possible from a racing perspective. It may be slightly disappointing that other online types won’t see this treatment but it’s also promising that steps are being made to ensure the eSports element of the game can deliver in the face of network pressure from the drivers and spectators who will watch the FIA Online Championships.

Hat tip to doblocruiser for clarification!

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