GT Sport’s Decal Uploader Won’t be Available at Launch

One of the best features of GT Sport’s new livery editor will not be available at launch. The unfortunate news comes directly from Polyphony Digital on the GT website as certain online aspects of the game will be held back. Alongside the decal uploader, social features will also be missing from the site for the immediate future.

The reasoning behind the delay appears to be related to maintaining server stability. During the demo test period, servers dropped out quite a few times and led to the initial trial period being extended by 24 hours. It’s unclear if this decision has been made after seeing the impact of the one million users who tried the demo out, but perhaps it’s a wise one. After Polyphony feels confident in its infrastructure, each component will be released gradually over time. Companion features that will be affected include:

  • Decal Uploader
  • Activity Feed
  • Discover
  • My Profile

The decal uploader is one of the new livery editor’s best features. Initially expected on release day, the tool allows players to upload .svg files to the website that could then be imported into GT Sport. Polyphony’s first attempt at this type of editor is pretty impressive but this was definitely a feather in its cap. It’s just a shame we’ll be made to wait until we can take advantage of it.

The post doesn’t detail any form of timescale related to the release of these features. Fans of the series may remember the saga revolving around Gran Turismo 6’s Track Path Editor. Despite being advertised as a feature before launch, the tool arrived just under two years later. The features in GT Sport appear to be held back for server stability reasons, so hopefully we won’t be waiting too long.

Speaking of waiting, North America and Asia now have access to the game. Europe will get its paws on GT Sport tomorrow, while Japan will follow on Thursday.

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