GT6 Update 1.21 Now Available: Course Maker, Updated Car Sounds

September 30th, 2015 by Jordan Greer

The latest version update for Gran Turismo 6 has gone live and brings with it the final piece of the GT6 puzzle – the Course Maker (or, more specifically, the “Track Path Editor”)!

Update 1.21 weighs in at 185MB, packing in the Course Maker and its four themes: Eifel, Eifel Flat, Andalusia (based on the location of Circuit de la Sierra), and an entirely new location for the series, Death Valley.


We exclusively revealed the companion GT6 Course Maker app yesterday, showing some of the functions available on mobile platforms, but v1.21 gives us the chance to see how things work in GT6 itself. Polyphony Digital has published a video (see above) featuring original GT Academy star Lucas Ordoñez which shows the feature in action.



Here’s a quick overview of the steps you need to complete to start making tracks:

  • Install the Track Path Editor on your tablet device. It’s available in the Apple App Store (iOS 7+ required) and the Google Play store (Android 4.1+ required). Note that the app may not be available in all regions just yet – if you don’t see it, just keep checking back.
  • Create track data using the Track Path Editor. Using the “Eifel Flat” location, you have the option to import photographs of track maps which you can use to help you trace existing roads and circuits. Raw GPX/KML data can also be imported from compatible GPS devices.
  • Transfer the track you’ve created into Gran Turismo 6.
  • Load the track data using the Track Path Importer.
  • Test drive every section of the track using the Track Path Importer.
  • Save the track as a user-created track.
  • Use the track in Arcade Mode or in the Community area.


For complete details, check out this new section added to GT6’s online user manual.

Other additions in Update 1.21 include:

  • Penalties have been disabled in “Free Run” mode.
  • With the addition of the “GT6 Track Path Editor”, the maximum length of best lap replays that can be loaded in the Data Logger has been set to 20 minutes.
  • The engine sounds of certain cars have been improved.
  • “GT Academy 2015” has been removed from the [SPECIAL EVENTS] section in accordance to the end of the Online Qualifier period.

The “updated sounds” note will be sure to get a lot of people curious, though no specific list of updated vehicles has been published, so you’ll have to drive your favorites to see what has changed.

As always, our community here at GTPlanet will be exploring 1.21 to see if there’s any other undocumented changes: stop by our GT6 message boards for more discussion. Earlier today, we also launched our new dedicated GT6 Course Maker forum where you can chat with others about the new feature.

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  1. Sep. 30, 12:36pm

    PD must not exclude anyone who has the game, so there absolutely must be an editor in the game as well.

    There is the small issue of Ronda, GT Arena (etc.?). Based on that, this can’t be PD’s full vision (lawl) of “course maker” – and note that they’re not calling this the “course maker”.

    Also, we still don’t know why it was delayed.

    • Oct. 1, 6:49am

      There might be a PS3 ver. coming, however, I can see why they put it on tablets (and smartphones if you sideload it lol) because it’s a lot quicker, and easier to get the shape you want.

    • Oct. 1, 11:02am

      I’m yet to try the app, since I introduced my phone to tarmac at 120 mph, and I doubt an emulator gives the same experience. I also doubt that it couldn’t be done as well with DS3, just in a different way.

    • Oct. 1, 11:47am

      @Griffith500 – As someone relegated to emulator use for this, it’s really not that bad of an input method. Not as quick as a touchscreen, but more precise. If you’re concerned with exact measurements, it might even be preferable. Since I’m only on Apple computers at home or at work, Andy is the choice for me.

    • Oct. 1, 8:12pm

      I came across ‘Andy the emulator’ but it wanted me to change some BIOS settings and turn on virtualization, something I wasn’t willing to do.

    • Oct. 2, 12:52pm

      I’m using :)

    • Oct. 2, 4:14pm

      “I also doubt that it couldn’t be done as well with DS3, just in a different way.”
      – exactly. It might take another year for that and i think they’re just doing what every manufacturer in the world is doing – cater for the majority (those who have a tablet) first. The delay sucks but i can’t complain too much as they have been releasing tons of free updates and adding new features.

    • Oct. 3, 6:15am

      I think I’d personally prefer the emulation route myself, despite the reduced speed / fluidity and all the fiddly background image stuff etc. Storing on and transferring through the “cloud” is a real low-blow, though – will have to see how the GPS import plays out. This is typical Sony Iron Fist (/ “our customers are idiots and we don’t trust them”) nonsense, and has needlessly limited the total track count to 30, whilst adding more in-game dependence on remote servers, which probably don’t have the bandwidth blah blah…

      I really meant that using a mouse to replicate touch input is just abstract enough that you lose that 1:1 “I drew a curve with my finger, and there it is” kind of thing, even though that’s not exactly how the editor works. I actually intended to use the fact that building tracks through the emulation route still “works” as an example of why abstraction isn’t inherently bad, even when you take it as far as is necessary for the DS3.

    • Oct. 5, 12:30am

      @cheesyme..if PD is catering to the majority, why not the 100% majority that own the platform the game is published on?

  2. Sep. 30, 12:19pm

    Officially done with GT6 and whatever GT7 becomes. The GT6 “Track Creator” is quite simply one of the worst “Features” I’ve ever seen implimented in any game EVER outside of “Pay-To-Win” tactics, especially when you consider that it only works with Tablets and that tracks can’t even be worked on in-game in any way, shape or form…

    Once again, PD has a great idea, but finds a way to completely screw it all up.

    • Oct. 1, 1:41pm

      Are you really throwing a tantrum over a free update?

    • Oct. 1, 8:08pm

      It’s not really a free update. It was part of the promises made when GT6 was released as a soon to be added feature in an effort to make us hand over our hard earned cash.
      We were led to believe that we could hand our cash over with confidence that a course maker update would be included.

    • Oct. 3, 1:05am

      Wow! I created a premium car conversion tool app allowing you to update standard car textures and interiors using existing Premium cars.

      It’s coming soon. I promise. would you buy it from me now? Based on this promise?

    • Oct. 15, 8:57pm

      Are you really comparing yourself to an explicit promise made by PD as a ‘coming soon’ feature ?

    • Oct. 17, 7:36pm
      Maddens Raiders

      So long!

  3. Sep. 30, 11:54am

    Please comment below, which cars you’ve found to have updated sounds, or what specific engine upgrade combos produce different sounds now. I also hope to see the creator included in the actual game itself, it’s bogus to not have it. Thanks.

    • Sep. 30, 1:42pm

      I think the Oreca Viper sounds better.

    • Sep. 30, 4:43pm

      Hey woodie I bet its just the skylines lmao

    • Sep. 30, 7:02pm

      I think the PS3 log off sound is better :)

    • Oct. 3, 1:07am

      Have tyre squeal noises been updated anytime or am I hearing things? Mainly when ripping around a tight corner and feeling the bumps in the road.

  4. Sep. 30, 11:50am

    I’m pretty fascinated that PD requires a Tablet GUI to run Course Maker. Maybe testing the waters for a Tablet GUI to run GT7?…..just sayin…….lol.

    • Sep. 30, 7:02pm

      Yes, that makes sense to me too, that way the course maker can be platform independent.. maybe they are toying with the idea of GT on other platforms. ?

    • Oct. 1, 8:27am

      livery creations would be pretty cool, but again it’ll be better to do it on PC.

  5. Sep. 30, 11:43am

    wow the complaints here are ridiculous…why the hell would you want to create a track on your phone….there is so much minute details you need to do which are easier to do with a large screen…..apart from that..this is awesome.

    • Sep. 30, 11:45am

      Well, you must have a tablet… the right tablet

    • Sep. 30, 12:26pm

      Your argument is so invalid. Why would they implement this highly anticipated feature for just tablets…?

    • Sep. 30, 5:05pm

      I have a large screen: a 6 inches smartphone; if you only consider that some tablet are barely 7 inches…

    • Sep. 30, 5:42pm
      Rwon Short

      Any PC or MAC will run this app. I have had luck in the past with GTA 5’s ifruit app by using an android emulator program called bluestacks. Took me less than 10 minutes to create my first “cheesy” track. I had no problem at all using the limited building features.

    • Sep. 30, 6:59pm

      You can also grab the APK from the guy in the CM threads, and it’ll install on Android I think.

    • Sep. 30, 8:00pm

      I just tried using that bluestacks emulator. When I tried to enter the app it says something about my hardware and am unable to use it. Well I’ve lived without for this long, a little longer won’t kill me.

    • Sep. 30, 8:04pm

      I solved installing market-helper (at this link:, that fake the smartphone as a tablet, so that it’s possible to install the app; in my smartphone works perfectly, even if drains the battery quite quickly; i suppose that it happens because the app is heavy or not perfectly suited, but works and that’s the most important thing; tomorrow i try to send a track i create to the PS, to try if all this work (mine and them) worth something…

    • Sep. 30, 9:29pm

      The fact that not everyone owns a tablet and how almost everyone had to download the apk…. Yeah…

    • Oct. 1, 5:19am

      Actually the complaints aren’t ridiculous, and are pretty spot on. You have to realize that the average smartphone’s display size is between 5-5.5 inches. That’s big enough to use this app. Not to mention that some people have even bigger smartphones that have 6+ inch screens and still can’t use this app either. Then we have the people who have a nice tablet, and can’t use the app even though their tablet meets the only specification needed (which is Android 4.1). Anyway Sony and PD should have also came out with a desktop application as well.

      Fortunately, I was able to download the app on my Ouya (yes I said it lol) as I have it running CM 11 with a Tablet Metrics. I’m surprised it supported the Tegra 3 chipset. I’m now going to sideload it on my GSII and see what’s up.

  6. Sep. 30, 11:34am

    Well a few things here.

    Yes it was stupid to keep it on just tablets. They should have done phones too (Maybe Windows phone, since that’s what I have ;))
    But who cares, it’s not hard to get a tablet these days. You can find a super cheap tablet that runs Android and it’ll be less then $150 or something.

    But look on the bright side, they gave what you asked for. And now that the big project is out of the way. They have more time to focus on GT7. (Which I can’t imagine what your complaints will be, “Oh no! I don’t have PS4! They should have made it on PS3!”. “Graphics aren’t good enough” “Not enough cars”

    I thank PD for trying their best. Sometimes you can’t have such high expectations.

    As other people would say…”I wanna see you do better” ;)

    • Sep. 30, 11:48am

      No, we were looking for a COURSE CREATOR. Not a GPS visuallizer 2.0

    • Sep. 30, 11:54am

      If this is PD trying their best then there is no hope for GT7.

    • Sep. 30, 1:43pm

      Your bar is dangerously low.

    • Sep. 30, 7:06pm

      I don’t think it can be considered ‘high expectations’ to suppose a long awaited and promised update to a game, something that was promised from day one to actually work at the very least on the same platform as the game itself ?

      Many people (myself included) made a decision to buy the game on those promises I handed my money over in good faith, and I expect as an absolute minimum standard those promises to be delivered in a way that is implied.


    • Oct. 1, 5:02am

      You shouldn’t have to go out and buy and extra device for this to work. It makes no sense. Not to mention some people just don’t have $150 lying around, and that tablets under $150 (user you’re buying used, which is a whole other story) are pretty much garbage. Lastly, some people already have tablets and this app still doesn’t work despite their tablet meeting the only requirement seen Android 4.1 and above.

  7. Sep. 30, 11:21am

    So i just used it on my uncles i-pad. Looking at it i cant possibly see what the PS3 cant handle. Its quite literally a bunch of pictrures and lines with arrows on them. The only advantage is “yeah its faster to create” but there was nothing outstanding on it like being able to view the track in realtime to see what it actually looked like. Seems like PD wants to be the rich kids game but how can you do that when you dont listen to any of your fans and your game doesnt work properly. Fix your crap first then you can get innovative.

  8. Sep. 30, 11:18am

    Well, I have kinda wanted an iPad for some time now….. I guess I now have a good enough reason to get one!

    Seriously, the Course Maker is all I ever hear about whenever I come onto this website and now it’s finally come along yet, a lot of you are still complaining. Let me give you my opinion:

    I don’t care.

    I don’t care if the Course Maker is for tablets only.
    I don’t care about cars having no interiors.
    I don’t care about the sound quality.
    I don’t care that they’re gonna keep using the standard cars over on PS4.
    And I don’t care about how most of the Vision Gran Turismo cars haven’t got life sized models.

    I like Gran Turismo. I’ve always liked Gran Turismo since the very beginning. And no matter what it’s creators have done to it over the years, I’m gonna keep on loving the series until the day I die!

    • Sep. 30, 11:53am

      I don’t care that you don’t care.

      I don’t care that you love the series.

    • Sep. 30, 11:53am

      You should get your brain checked. You have fanboy tumor I think.

    • Sep. 30, 12:55pm

      Look, i’m just a bit annoyed at seeing the exact same comments over and over and over again. All i’m saying is that a lot of you are really hard to please. What would make you happy? What would make everything better about Gran Turismo?

    • Sep. 30, 1:47pm

      Does your husband work in the NFL, TheEvstar93? You sound like a wife fishing for excuses after you “run into the door”. ;)

    • Sep. 30, 5:15pm

      @infamousphil @wastedtime @OpticZero

      >TheEvstar posts a comment expressing opinions that differ from yours
      >TheEvstar gets attacked from three different directions. Phil says he doesn’t care about Ev’s opinion in the most sardonic and venomous way he could think of. Wasted says he has a “fanboy tumor,” and optic says Ev is fishing for excuses when he posts a pretty decent analysis of what seems like 90% of the community at present.

      Optic, Wasted, and Phil, shame on all three of you. All the man did was express several opinions you don’t agree with, and you attack him relentlessly for it. Look at yourselves. What you’re doing is so shockingly immature it’s incredible. People who like the game are already too afraid to post anything positive lest they get thrashed for it, and this is NOT helping.

    • Sep. 30, 5:29pm

      TeamCZRRacing is quite right. I just want to enjoy the series but I usually end up feeling bad about it.

    • Sep. 30, 8:47pm

      Well,you have to consider their age I guess.Optic zero…what do you expect when you see someone using this name lol?Wanna join my clan?;D

    • Oct. 2, 4:23pm

      Agree. There’re too many ppl who demand that others have to think like them.

    • Oct. 4, 4:33pm

      There’s just too much negativity these days. It’s actually rather sad.

  9. Sep. 30, 11:18am

    Question to mods or anyone with knowledge. Did PD say why the track maker wont be on the PS3 itself? Will they bring it out on the actual PS3 to use with GT6 at some time?
    I don’t know, why would you put a games feature in the ACTUAL ****ING GAME!?!?!?
    Max Fail today.
    It’s sad but kind of funny how out of touch PD is. :)
    To all good things must come to an end.

    • Sep. 30, 11:57am

      Yup, PD and Kas has, again, turned a much valued element into an exclusive element.

  10. Sep. 30, 11:08am

    What the heck is wrong with these guys? I used the Course Maker in GT5 quite a lot and shared my tracks because people liked them…

    That’s been taken away from me now because I don’t – and refuse to – have a tablet! It took 5 and a half hours to download this crap and I get nothing out of it!!

    Polyphany Digital should either supply millions of people with the tablets or change the coding of the Track Path Editor so that it can be used in-game!!!

    • Sep. 30, 11:59am

      Booooooo! Hang ’em by their heels and beat ’em like dusty carpet!

    • Sep. 30, 5:52pm

      5 and a half hours to download? Who is your ISP so I know to never ever go anywhere near them. I did it in about 10 minutes total before work this morning.

  11. Sep. 30, 11:05am

    Just to reiterate:

    “Install the Track Path Editor on your tablet device. It’s available in the Apple App Store (iOS 7+ required) and the Google Play store (Android 4.1+ required). Note that the app may not be available in all regions just yet – if you don’t see it, just keep checking back.”

    • Sep. 30, 12:03pm

      I’m ignoring the PROs on this one, Famine ;)

      I feel the need to cut something… very deeply!

  12. Sep. 30, 10:59am

    Been using the app for a bit. Created a few circuits. Overall I like it but I have to say, setting a track length limit of 10,000m was pretty disappointing. Reminds me of the old skate park editor on Tony Hawk with limited space. If they update that it’ll be just about perfect, since I would love to make a Complex String replica ;D

    • Sep. 30, 11:10am

      Can you use GPS data to create a track?

  13. Sep. 30, 10:51am

    So much rage. I just started playing gt5 again, 3 days ago because of the course creator, just to have new tracks. Now, I can’t even use the new creator… Also, I am disappointed in the lack of dirt and snow track in this creator.

    Side note, the logitech driving force steering wheel in the video did not have the power on. The GT logo lights up when the wheel is on and the feedback motor has power.

    • Sep. 30, 12:07pm

      You got nothing… just like me

  14. Sep. 30, 10:36am

    This is how I imagined I would use the app: I install an app to my cell phone which would use the GPS to track the the road when going in the car and also G-sensor to track declination of the surface. Then I would transfer the data to my PS3 where I could edit the data. It wouldn’t be a standalone app but just an add-on to full course maker in game on my PS3. It would’ve been possible to cooperate between the mobile/tablet app and PS3 when creating the track.
    That’s how I would do this function. What about the others?

    • Sep. 30, 12:10pm

      Apps, Shmapps! Them absolutlely – did – not – have – to – go – this – way

    • Sep. 30, 12:23pm

      So what if PD’s troops were not trusted to improve upon 5’s oustanding introduction into player created circuits.

      Your unmarked boarders and limited elevation changes – from what l’ve seen so far ain’t

      You failed, Kaz. Plain and simple. Now quit dippin’ dem damn squares! And quit frickin’ tripping!

    • Sep. 30, 12:24pm

      Sorry. That last one was meant for the top

  15. Sep. 30, 10:27am

    Well, this sucks. My PS3 won’t read blu-ray discs. Really wanted to test this out.

    • Sep. 30, 12:19pm

      Typical PD… :B

  16. Sep. 30, 10:17am

    Wow! I am really looking forward to trying this out tonight. I’m sure everyone knows someone with an iPad or an android tablet they could borrow even if just for a few minutes to churn out some tracks. So it’s not the end of the world.. (cue song) :-))

    • Sep. 30, 10:39am

      Well based on where do you live. Like don’t tell me, that you would knock on your neighbours’ doors and ask for their tablet because you need to create someracing trackfor a game.

    • Sep. 30, 10:49am

      Yeah and its not like people are just going to let you take their tablet and download an app called on it all the time. I wouldn’t let somebody go run off with my tablet, and fully honestly I don’t even know anyone who owns a tablet. Any one who thinks that is a rationalizes why it’s only on tablet needs to come back down to earth. If ya don’t have a tablet ya can’t use it, unless you go way out of your way to try to use it once or twice ever. That just don’t work.

  17. Sep. 30, 10:16am

    So…did tablet manufacturers pay PD for exclusive rights to the track editor? Or does a PS3 really not have the processing power of a tablet? How can PD not realize that players who are still playing GT6 on the PS3 are generally the type of people who avoid using and or buying new technology? People who play games on consoles often do so because they do not want to deal with the complexity of all the computer technology/devices out there: one tv + one game console = playing the game. A developer that had the ability to incorporate adaptive tessellation into a PS3 game has no excuse for not being able to make a 2D app function on a PS3. I hope at least some PD employees are ashamed.

    • Sep. 30, 10:23am

      Or maybe you just like Gran Turismo and still have a PS3 to use it.

  18. Sep. 30, 10:03am

    Wait, is this tablet issue Apple exclusive or is this gonna be an Android problem too?

    • Sep. 30, 10:13am

      Both. We’re still waiting for the apk to pop up.

    • Sep. 30, 10:17am

      Oh, well make my day Kaz. Maybe in GT7 we can make car customization tablet exclusive too.

    • Sep. 30, 2:51pm

      this just in! GT7 is to be a 12.1″ Tablet exclusive title. I kid, but I also wonder.

  19. Sep. 30, 9:55am

    LMAO @ PD digging its own grave.

  20. Sep. 30, 9:52am

    Well for those of you who dont have time PD’s bs, if you have a pc (or android and all youll have to do is skip a few steps) download an emulator called andy. Its a tablet emulator. Once installed download google chrome from the play store. once installed go to chrome and search blackmart apk. dowload and you have every app android has to offer. Its not on the app as i type this as it does take time for the store to refresh (it did just come out awhile ago) but this should help you out. I will be honest i have no idea if this will actually work but just look out for the app on blackmart.

  21. Sep. 30, 9:49am

    I remember drawing racetracks on everything out of anything, then recreating them to a bigger size to race my Hotwheels, I guess childhood isn’t just over yet!

  22. Sep. 30, 9:47am

    chill, although I no longer play GT6 nor will buy GT7, take this release as a “beta” for the GT7 version, I think it’s cool to be able to use other devices, like wen you are kind of bored at work and can create a track… but this option should be available in the game itself. Anyway, at least they delivered it

  23. Sep. 30, 9:45am

    It says it requires software 4.1+ for Android. I have 4.4 and it won’t let me download the app on my Android Razr Maxx… Extremely disappointing, I hope this gets worked out pronto.

    • Sep. 30, 10:00am

      Might not be available in my region and could be up later today, got it.

    • Sep. 30, 10:13am

      Tablet only for now. I’ve tried changing the DPI on my phone to trick the Play Store into thinking my phone is a tablet, but no success there.

  24. Sep. 30, 9:36am

    Guys, don’t fret about not being able to create your own track, stop and think outside the box for a moment.

    It’s really simple,

    call up any 1~4 year old newphew or niece or daycare center that has an Apple iPad 2 or 3 (and there are hundreds of millions out there), and have them doodle a track for you, we can have 500 thousand variants per minute!

    and we cannot do 1 on our smartphone at this time.

    still, it’s totally doable!

  25. Sep. 30, 9:31am

    This is a very nice piece of work by PD. Leaps and bounds over the GT5 original.
    I hope they are able to be as dynamic with the development of GT7 and create a more immersive realistic simulation of racing and driving. Congratulations to PD.

    Now lets see if the main game and car roster can compete with Project Cars, AC and Foza 6.
    They can start by including the G27 in GT7. Then change the car tuning system to be more realistic along the lines of PCars and AC. I am going to assume that PD’s handling of Next Gen Graphics and car sounds will be top notch. They have some really good targets emulate or maybe surpass. Now I have to scratch up a an iPad.

  26. Sep. 30, 9:25am

    When it says that the device doesn’t support it, it probably means that in that region is not available yet

  27. Sep. 30, 9:22am

    This app is awesome. I’ve been working on a track on my iPad for over an hour. Super cool Kaz. Even better if you’re at home and have Apple TV. I understand the frustration if you haven’t got a tablet. Buy a used one. You can play GT when you aren’t in from of a PS3!

    • Sep. 30, 9:55am

      Buying a used one isn’t really a solution, shouldn’t have to buy a new device to make this work.

    • Sep. 30, 10:10am

      But it will.

  28. Sep. 30, 9:20am
    r54 dbnn

    I have an iPhone and will soon be updating to an Android phone. Is this only available for tablets. Can I download this on my iPhone? I can’t access the Apple Store right now.

    • Sep. 30, 9:24am

      No. iPads can have iPhone apps, but not vice versa.

  29. Sep. 30, 8:43am

    I for one applaud PD for actually pulling this off despite the limitations of the PS3 hardware. No, it isn’t convenient to have it on a tablet, but at this point in the game they’ve got the concept down and working and they should be able to easily import it to the PS4 for their future release. There is always a work-around with software if people are desperate to use it. Moving on.

  30. Sep. 30, 8:25am

    They commited to the promise they made. I’ll give em that. Now I’m just ready for GT7…

    • Sep. 30, 8:37am

      Don’t set the bar too low or anything. ;)

  31. Sep. 30, 8:24am

    Utter stupidity! I honestly don’t know what to say about this, never in the history of console gaming have I seen anything so out of touch with it’s user base. A long promised update to a game, that you cant use on the platform the game is on ?

    When I purchased this game I purchased it on the promise of a course creator as a ‘soon’ coming upgrade, I’ sure I could have been forgiven to expect that update to be part of the game itself not in a million years would I have expected to have to buy a tablet to use it!, this is really beyond silly.

    Now before all the ‘fan’ crowd jump on us with ‘you should be grateful that you got it at all’ or ‘the PS3 is old hardware’ etc.. I’m not sure what planet you come from but when did keeping a launch promise become a privilege? keeping launch promises (especially ones that people use to decide where their hard earned cash should go) should be the absolute minimum standard not an extra.

    I so wish I was simply disappointed with this, I’m just so completely amazed that I think it’s time to walk away forever from this wet lettuce franchise GT6 has become the bench mark for ‘ordinariness’ a game that wasn’t really a game. All I can do is shake my head.

  32. Sep. 30, 8:17am

    this appli doesn’t work with my SONY Xperia Z1 tablet …………….

    very very good job PoDi ……………… as always !!!!!!!

  33. Sep. 30, 8:10am

    If only shooting yourself in the foot was an Olympic sport, then PD would be the undisputed world champions by now!

    • Sep. 30, 8:25am


    • Sep. 30, 8:32am

      They would be at least OLYMPIC CHAMPIONS by now…. sorry, could not resist that.

    • Sep. 30, 8:47am


    • Sep. 30, 1:56pm


  34. Sep. 30, 8:01am

    PD you have really have annoyed me now. 2 years i have been waiting for a feature that was printed on the back of my copy of gt6 . and you do this . ~I suppose it gets you out of a legal hole!!!! because technically there is a course maker but its not on my ps3 !!!!! its on a device that i dont own ! !!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Sep. 30, 7:59am

    Only for tablet… Go f*** yourself Kazu… So disapointed…

  36. Sep. 30, 7:56am

    WTF….waiting near two years for that!!!

    You can only make circuits with a tablet…. And most of them aren’t compatible…. Epic fail!!!!

    And the visions of bugatti and hyundai??? We have to await other 3 months???

  37. Sep. 30, 7:49am

    How do we race on other people’s tracks?

    • Sep. 30, 8:13am

      Under Community>Friends, you can go to their shared courses, and download them that way. This is limited to your friends list, obviously. Or you can just search for open lobbies using custom tracks, though I’m not sure if you could bypass friend requesting them in order to obtain the track.

    • Sep. 30, 8:35am

      There are a couple of tracks in free run to try

  38. Sep. 30, 7:38am

    It really is hilarious. Take all this time to release the editor and then only release it for SOME of the community who own iPads or certain Android tablets :) So it’s like THE most expensive DLC ever then ? Want to edit your own tracks ? That’ll cost you around £300 for the tablet to do that with. Cannot afford a tablet to use this? Ah well, sucks to be you. Why is this not also available on a damn PC !?!?! PD’s trolling cannot be any more perfect than today ?

  39. Sep. 30, 7:36am

    To be honest, I can’t be bothered to connect up my old PS3 anymore, even for this. Being a PS4 and Project Cars player now, GT6 just looks too dated to enjoy.

    • Sep. 30, 10:05am

      Well good for you then?

  40. Sep. 30, 7:33am

    A track editor for a ps3 game that cant be used on the ps3 ?, What a joke PD. Looks like I wont be using it then. Gt6 can stay in its case next to my ps3 !!!!!!!!!!! Way to go PD, let down all the fans that have been loyal

  41. Sep. 30, 7:32am

    Is it not up yet in the states? I spent all night getting a tablet emu going, to find it’s not even ready yet?

    At least I know now that there is a no-money-down option, but I’m dying to get my hands on this, as I’ve already seen some of you halfway around the globe put this tool to great use, and have downloaded a couple custom tracks.

  42. Sep. 30, 7:31am

    Tablet says not available in your country (Australia) what the hell, they need a creator that you can download onto the computer, or a console creator

  43. Sep. 30, 7:25am

    A secret microphone has been discovered in the offices of the head of Polyphoney Digital, Kaz. Let’s listen in…

    “I know things have gone well for us in the past, but with our latest release how about we mess with as many of our loyal customers as possible. First let’s make most of the cars with graphic detail and sounds worthy of a game made 10 years ago. Then let’s not come out with half of the features right away; does waiting two years sound good? Finally, how about we wait to see how we can make our most anticipated component as messed up as possible by not letting the gamers even use it in the game. That will show Sony that we mean business when we say that we can completely ruin the Gran Turismo franchise and send as many of our customers over to Forza and other racing games making us look like utter clods.”

  44. Sep. 30, 7:14am

    So the app will only work on tablets? Is there no other way to use this app on Apple and Android mobile devices?

  45. Sep. 30, 7:13am

    Wow, yesterday I got very excited that PD would finally give us the course maker. But now they say it’s only for iPad and tablets? I mean, if it’s on my iPad or tablet, why not put it on iOS and Andriod phones, too? Or even better, computers! I’m disappointed… Again.

  46. Sep. 30, 7:10am

    I’m absolutely amazed that there isn’t a web version of this, as this has seriously restricted the number of people able to use this feature, which on the face of it looks pretty good. I have a smartphone and a tablet but neither of them are ‘good enough’ to have the app, which is seriously disappointing.

    • Sep. 30, 8:08am

      Great idea! Would be good to be able access a verson of it on the Gran Turismo website.

  47. Sep. 30, 7:09am

    Yeah brilliant, so i have to buy an ipad to use track editor. Have bought every gt since gt2, wont be buying gt7. Gt6 was a huge disappointment and track editor was only thing keeping me interested in it with all broken pyschics and the rest of the many faults.
    So my options if i wont to continue sim racing is to buy an ipad that i dont want for gt6. Or i can buy a ps4 for pcars, oh wait if i do that then i have to buy a new wheel with pedals and gearstick as logitech being money grabbers have stopped my g27 being compatible. Or i can buy a pc for 700 quid and have options. Is it policy now to screw as many customers as you can for maximum profit. Think i will sell all my gear and buy an mx5 or something for going to track would be same price as the options for sim racing. What a joke. Guess sim racing is only for people with money to burn.

    • Sep. 30, 7:37am

      You’ll buy GT7 too.

    • Sep. 30, 7:53am

      Very much doubt it as im not willing to spend £700 plus just to play one game on ps4. If they make my g27 compatible then maybe. Need to see what way they go with physics first also, if its just a reskinned gt6 with better graphics then dont really see the point. Ps4 itself isnt that impressive either from what i have seen. Oh well real driving it is. Gt7 will have to he pretty dam impressive to even consider getting it and to be honest its to much money to justify with new wheel, console and game, plus whatever rip it is to play online on ps4. Pc is def the best option for the money which means no gt7.

  48. Sep. 30, 7:02am

    WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Course Maker only for tablets? i am PS3 and GT6 owner, i don’t have tablet and i don’t need, so no real update for PS3 and GT6 users who is the Course Maker and waiting long time for that, so what are you trying to do; PD? to make peoples to go buy tablets??? (sorry for my bad english).

  49. Sep. 30, 6:50am

    It is disappointing to hear its only for tablets. I wonder why PD did this? You’d think they would want to end GT6 with a bang and make it Spec 2.0 and have ability in game to create tracks. I really do think PD dropped the ball on this one.

    Guess I’ll have to upgrade my tablet sometime in the future.

  50. Sep. 30, 6:48am

    Well… thank god for pCARS. GT6 is so yesterday. Only on tablets… wtf!!!
    They have much to fix untill GT7.

    • Sep. 30, 9:55am

      GT7 will be another mish mash of GT4 / GT5 and GT6 and it will dissappoint and still get stamped on by other mediocre racing games and furture games, I honestly think if Forza was ooptioned over to Playstation aswell as XBox it will sell!

  51. Sep. 30, 6:45am

    I have a Brand New Note 5 that is Android 5.1 and not compatible?!?!?!?!?!??!?

  52. Sep. 30, 6:33am

    Did my first track using Ipad mini.

    Well, it has some limitations. I couldn’t create local karting track because it’s only 1 km long and app limitations (elements to close) forced me to do it about 3,5km long. But it’s cool we can upload track shape from image and do it in app.

    What I really don’t understand is why it is on tablets not PC? Using mouse would be much easier.
    And why it’s not an ingame editor? O.o

  53. Sep. 30, 6:10am

    More bad news: Devices running android 4.3 or lower are not supported……

    • Sep. 30, 6:45am

      IT seems 5.0 and up is not allowed, whats the sweetspot for this thing??

  54. Sep. 30, 6:03am

    I fail to see why it is necessary to create a track only with the app, I’m not impressed at all…

  55. Sep. 30, 5:51am

    Perfect, i can sell my ps3 now,four smartphone Sony experia and not work, very disappointed PD

  56. Sep. 30, 5:36am

    “Not available for your country” they have to be kidding…

  57. Sep. 30, 5:30am

    It seems people are frothing at the mouth because their tablets are not compatible. I think it’s more a question of the App roll out not being complete/in sync with the PSN network/GT Server updates. Give it some time to settle in people. I’ve got a new Nexus 7 Tablet (in France) that says it’s not compatible, but i’m guessing that before the day is out it will all start locking down and starting to work. Hang on in there!

  58. Sep. 30, 5:23am

    Is the app available in Australia yet?

  59. Sep. 30, 5:22am

    I am very curious about this.
    “•Create track data using the Track Path Editor. Using the “Eifel Flat” location, you have the option to import photographs of track maps which you can use to help you trace existing roads and circuits. Raw GPX/KML data can also be imported from compatible GPS devices.”
    I regularly drive at Sydney Motor Sport Park, Wakefield Park and Marulan Driver Training Centre and would love to capture the raw GPS data on my phone for use in GT6.
    Just require some sort of guide. I’m sure this will turn up in the forums very soon.
    Too bad I don’t have a tablet. Why no full blown Windows, Mac and Linux PC app. I guess that’s why GT6 is so limited, they built it using tablets. :)

    • Sep. 30, 5:29am

      Oh, I just remembered my sister has an iPad. Now I just gotta pinch it when she is not around.

    • Sep. 30, 7:06am

      Pity Oran Park has gone. That was a fun little circuit.

  60. Sep. 30, 5:11am

    I used to love GT but drifted away to PC sims in the last few years. I see this news and get excited for trying out GT6 again. I have four Android devices, including a tablet, but soon find that this app doesn’t support a single one of them. So deflated and disappointed. Back to iRacing.

  61. Sep. 30, 4:52am
    M2M design

    It’s incredible! After two years of waiting, came another TROLL signed by Kazu. The PD hears the players! :(

  62. Sep. 30, 4:44am
    Rich S

    Yeah a lot of people use smart phones, only about 1/6th of people use the tablets for god sakes! Common!!

    And nearly all VGT cars are standard with no interior! thanks alot PD!

  63. Sep. 30, 4:37am

    I’ll wait til GT7.

  64. Sep. 30, 4:18am

    I love how people are losing their cool over this about the tablet stuff. The article doesn’t even say that it is tablet only, the article explains the steps of using the editor with a tablet yes but that doesn’t mean the editor won’t be in the game.

    So quick to assume the worst.

    • Sep. 30, 4:27am

      It’s tablet only.

    • Sep. 30, 5:31am

      Newsflash for you mate, the editor ISNT in the game. Fire your tablet up and go for it mate. Yet another PD fail.

    • Sep. 30, 10:06am

      If you read the link to the guide in the online GT manual it says it.

    • Sep. 30, 3:42pm

      Damn, My bad. Shame non tablet owners like myself can’t use it

  65. Sep. 30, 4:13am
    Enoch Root

    A lot of complaints about this being only for tablets. It should be possible though to run it on an Android emulator on your PC, though perhaps some people will complain because they don’t have a PC. This is a feature that many people would use, so it would have been nice if it ran on the PS3, but most people have a PC so the Android emulator option should be okay if you don’t have a tablet.

    I don’t really mind them having features that almost no one will get to use. I’ll never get to use the GPS logging feature, I’d need to go to America or one of the other supported tracks, get access to one of the required cars and one that is equipped with the necessary devices. But I don’t lose out on anything crucial by not being able to use these features. I also like that they out the time into features that only a small fraction of real life racing enthusiasts would ever use, they knew very few people would ever use those features, but it’s surely great for those few, and I don’t feel like I’m being denied anything like some games have started doing recently by requiring micro transactions to progress, etc.

  66. Sep. 30, 4:00am

    So my question is, When will this be compatible with tablets that run windows? I love this but i really wish it had more ways than one to use.

  67. Sep. 30, 3:45am
    HKS racer

    Only tablet? Ok so we have to be trolled trolled forever by these people?

    If that’s what they want I’ll keep buy my future copies of Gran Turismo USED
    not giving a single penny to them.

  68. Sep. 30, 3:42am

    Ok, so now let me tell you something. I was a big fan of the GT franchise. I really enjoyed the GT5, but this… First I got game which is not done. Well at least it will be a solid content I thought. Now I can tell you my feelings. They should say when selling the game: for full experience you need: 3D TV with glasses, good audio, one of the supported wheels, racing seat (up until now nothing unusual, but), another things you will need is really good Internet connection, tablet, data logger for your car, compatible car, and you need to go to one of supported world tracks and if you want to have all apps from PD you need to be iOS user. What the heck? So the game is for a bilionare with Nissan GT-R? Since when.
    Another thing is, that most of the functions that have been added either don’t work, or you don’t have gadgets to use it, e.g. Quick match doesn’t work good, B-spec mode is absolutely useless and for track editor I don’t have tablet. All of which should have been the functions, that should have separated this game from the others. Well I guess I’ll have to earn a lot of money when the GT7 comes out, because as Kaz said: “We couldn’t have implemented everything we wanted.” :D That makes me laugh so much. Sorry for being a heater, but this update really pissed me off.

    • Sep. 30, 7:47am

      I think you may have summed up a lot of people’s feelings about GT6.

    • Sep. 30, 10:14am

      Unfortunately yes. I really liked the game, but now… And there are too many people pissed off for PD to make it better with GT7. I’m sorry PD. I know you do it with passion, but you should do it with brain. Passion drives you, brain makes your dreams come true. And this hasn’t been thought through.

  69. Sep. 30, 3:23am

    Well this is just amazing. PD has really made an improvement with this new feature, I’m in love… wait a second… that would have been what I said. For tablets only huh? I don’t even know anybody that has a tablet. This is so pathetic, PD will never disappoint though, because how could they get any worse?

  70. Sep. 30, 3:19am

    From programming side, I can understand why it took 2 years since launch day…it is complex enough…or maybe PD team just lazy to work on this one lol

    Creating tracks from drawing are awesome. It is like tracing a bitmap image to vector image (if you use corel/illustrator you know this).

    You can also place objects (trees, etc) into wherever you like. I want to see GTplanet members to exploit this feature. :D

    As for mobile app only and not on PS3, yeah I know PS3 does not have GPS but at least I want PS3 has simplified version of course creator like the GT5.

    Still a good thing anyway.

  71. Sep. 30, 3:15am
    Cole Morgan

    Well this is a pointless feature, unless you have a tablet :(

  72. Sep. 30, 3:12am

    Can custom tracks be uploaded to the net for others to download through the game itself? At least then those of use that don’t buy into idiotic trendy tech might be able to download replicas of real-world tracks done by talented track designers with tablets. Yes? No? Please, say it’s so!

    • Sep. 30, 8:01am

      I sure hope so; but I haven’t figured out how as of yet.

  73. Sep. 30, 3:12am

    Not even phones, only tablets?

    How f-ing jaded are Polyphony?

  74. Sep. 30, 3:11am

    This is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, i can not create my own track in the game!!!??? only on the tablet !!!!!!!!!

  75. Sep. 30, 3:05am
    HKS racer


  76. Sep. 30, 2:43am

    I really can’t believe that it’s only for tablets. Even if it was just for phones and tablets, that would be ridiculous, but just tablets? Unbelievable. PD has completely lost touch. Completely. They lost touch a while ago, this just proves they’re getting even worse.

    What kind of clueless decision was this? No way to create tracks on PS3, or even on Windows or Mac? Tablets?

    I mean seriously, who the hell even uses tablets? Overpriced smart phones with half the power or functionality of a real computer (except when it comes to dumbass apps like this one).

    You suck PD.

    • Sep. 30, 8:00am

      I usually only agree with half of what you say, Golden boy…but I’m keeping it 100 with you on this one. Clueless decision on this by PolyPHONEY Digital.

    • Sep. 30, 2:52pm

      Agreed with you mate. I don’t own (or want) a tablet. I guess i won’t be able to try this useless feature then.
      Good job PD…

    • Oct. 3, 1:01am

      The Patriots are cheaters

  77. Sep. 30, 2:36am

    At least I get to create my own track.
    I love it!!!!

  78. Sep. 30, 2:14am

    Awesome, “This item is not available in your country”…. When will it be realised for Europe?

    • Sep. 30, 2:52am

      Very soon!

  79. Sep. 30, 2:10am
    Rafael F

    Only tablets, seriously? :/

  80. Sep. 30, 1:52am

    a computer/mac version would be nicer than tablet tbh, still pretty good though.

    • Sep. 30, 2:09am

      There are many Android emulators out there, some free…some paid. My personal favorite is AMI DuOS.

  81. Sep. 30, 1:51am

    I waited so long for this feature checking gtplanet almost every day. Was happy yesterday and excited to see the course maker finally arriving but i cant download the app. I have a phone with a big screen ( samsung note 3) good for internet, youtube, etc so i thought i dont need a tablet. Now i have to buy a tablet for a ps3 game! Unbelievable. Someone at pd deserve a bitch slap.

    • Sep. 30, 7:56am

      Get in line…the bitch slap waiting list is miles long now.

  82. Sep. 30, 1:48am

    So I need to buy a tablet to use this? Is there any indication that there’ll be an update for smart phones?

    • Sep. 30, 7:55am

      That should have been implemented from the get-go. Sure, a lot of people have tablets, but that is NOTHING compared to the number of Androids and iPhones out there. Once again, PD has made a simple decision into an utter failure.

  83. Sep. 30, 1:41am

    It’s saying it’s not compatible with either my Nexus 7 or Samsung Note 10.1 2014 tablets.I’m in the USA.

    • Sep. 30, 2:02am

      Neither it is for my Sony Xperia Z3 tablet compact. Nice move PD if your stuff don’t work un you main brand.

    • Sep. 30, 2:07am

      It’s a region issue. Sometimes apps that just been released may not be available in your region just yet.

  84. Sep. 30, 1:38am

    “Flat scenery”

    Shizzle. Not many true flat tracks out there.

  85. Sep. 30, 1:31am

    I waited 2 years for tablets only… screw you PD

    • Sep. 30, 7:37am

      Yup…I’m seriously thinking about having GT6 be my last GT game ever. Two years and they couldn’t even make a Track Maker inside of the game? WTF!!! PD has dropped the ball off a cliff with this game. GT7 needs to be the Holy Grail of all racing games ever in order for me to even think about buying a game from PD ever again. There is no way I would EVER pre-order it, either. All reviews of GT7 must be complete kneepad wearing write-ups that praise it to be the best game of all genres ever release for consoles in order for me to even think about buying it. You hear me, PD and Sony!!! I know you are reading these comments!!! Fix this game or loose even more customers to Turn10 and SMS.

  86. Sep. 30, 1:31am

    the app is not applicable with ny 7″ tablet nor with my mobile, so basically i have to buy a 10″ tablet which i dont like just to use this feature??

    they could have at least make it possible to create courses via a web site. the idea of the cours make is nice but implementation of this nice feature is so stupid!

  87. Sep. 30, 1:31am

    It’s quite disappointing that not everybody will get to try the course maker. I might be lucky enough, but still not sure if it’ll work on my Samsung tablet (though it should).

  88. Sep. 30, 1:29am

    Most importantly, GTA 2015 is gone. Forever.

  89. Sep. 30, 1:25am

    So after all this time I can’t even use it due to it being a stupid app. I have never before seen a company make such a long line of daft decisions.

  90. Sep. 30, 1:20am

    After playing a lot of Super Mario Maker. I am disappointed on how unintuitive this mode sounds. You have to use another device to make the track than transfer it to even test it. I would’ve liked it if the app was also on PSN :(.

  91. Sep. 30, 1:19am

    Basically the first time in forever that there hasn’t been a hype-train, and that’s when it actually happens :P

  92. Sep. 30, 1:11am

    Damn it… I missed the hype train! But than again.. man Am I happy now!!

  93. Sep. 30, 1:10am

    dammit pdi put the track maker on ps3 to not all people have mobile devices

  94. Sep. 30, 1:05am

    When can we expect it to be available for Canadian citizens?

    • Sep. 30, 10:33am
      Stoop Solo

      Good question. I’m gagging to get my hands on this.

  95. Sep. 30, 1:05am

    While a long time coming this looks pretty cool. Tracing over imported maps should be fun and looks like some of the themes support variable time, weather or both. Looking forward to hours of fun with this.

  96. Sep. 30, 1:03am

    Boo. I can’t use the course maker at all. Good night everyone. What a disappointing night for most.

    • Sep. 30, 7:28am

      Exactly. They finally release the Track Maker…but only half of the community can use it. Complete and utter BS!!!

  97. Sep. 30, 12:59am

    garbage so i cant do it in game?

  98. Sep. 30, 12:57am

    right at bed time

  99. Sep. 30, 12:56am

    “Wait a minute, no vision gt cars ??? PD come on , wake up !! Just the course maker and sound ?? This is not accepted !!” Haha ! I guess some people will say !

    • Sep. 30, 2:20am

      Vision GT cars will come out as an update tomorrow for the 1st of next month probably so they can say we did 2 months of updates? :(

  100. Sep. 30, 12:56am

    D/L now. 10 minutes estimated finish.

    • Sep. 30, 2:53pm

      mine goes to eleven.

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