GT5 Demo Driver Animation Videos

As the mysterious GT5 demo has been making waves over the past week, two more interior replay videos have surfaced. Similar to the Subaru Impreza WRC driver and co-driver animations that we saw earlier this month, both show the Toyota FT-86 Concept on Tokyo R246, but from slightly different angles. Thanks to all who sent these in!

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  1. FlareKR

    Finally, we’re getting good videos. Not 2 second teasers hidden in a 5 minute promotion supplied by the Sony “Big Wigs”. We need more fans to get more vids!
    The driver animations looks great, a lot more fluid than GT5P. Jazz music FTW!

  2. iucidium

    Goofball: aesthetics! At least the driver isn’t punching the dash, or in most cases on a certain ‘competitor’ title we know of….no shift animations at all!! If anyone has forza, tell me, how much of the drivers legs are present when you drive the lotus 2-eleven?? These are part and parcel of a rushed dev cycle. I love the factthat PD add these little things that make the product a depiction of driving/racing in general. I’m just looking forward to E3.

  3. Real fan

    Yeah better if Polyphony would select the GT3 route with static black silhouette drivers and no one would complain about not 100% accurate animations… sigh how many dumb complains.

  4. TokyoDrift

    @Shiro, yep, read my comment above yours about it looking like the driver being on a Sunday drive on a track with no corners. Yet again, it’s a case of “something is not always better than nothing”. If they can’t even get basic wheel and driver animation right, leave it out.

  5. goofball

    why do they waste development time on this crap!? like I’m going to sit there an watch a replay of inside the cockpit! I could only watch about 10 seconds before I started yawning. This is the typical bullshit you get when you have a luxurious dev cycle, someone needs to crack the whip at PD and get this puppy on the shelves already ffs!

  6. Geo_212

    Looks great, but why can’t they add motion blur to the background? It’d make it look even AWESOMER!

  7. viejaloca

    This is cool and all, but PD, come on! I know you are trying to blow our minds with realism but focus more on the important things like actualy releasing the game. There aren’t many acceptable racing games for the PS3 so far.

  8. Shiro

    Anyone else got the idea of someone driving to a grocery in a race suit while watching the first video?

  9. Cru_Jones

    Under “normal” circumstances they would be releasing car lists, track lists, naming all the little random selling features so until we see stuff like that Officially released it’s safe to say there is no hope of a release in coming months. Who knows…

    Animations look great tho! Hope they simulate hard accelerations, high G turns, and hard braking a little better as it would really enhance the realism. Not quite a blatant as NFS Shift tho, that was distracting.

  10. snaketus

    And if I have to actually comment the footage, I’d say steering movement is far from realitic as it is any other racing game at the moment. In reality especially race cars a driver have to steer the wheel lot more than they animater counterparts do in games these days. Same applies here in this demo. Virtual driver should steer hell of alot more hte wheel to look realistic. I have noticed the same thing in GT5P and NFS Shift when I play them with G25 wheel. I physically steer lot more (like in real car) than virtual driver in cockpit do. And now PD spy reads my post and another delay commences. Sry about that :)

  11. snaketus

    Just release the game already, we don’t care how the animations look in crappy quality youtube videos, we want to play the game ffs. PD please.

  12. Pedz

    @derek, I totally agree with you there.. If they wish to succeed with this youtube uploading scheme they will have to let us position cameras as we please.. (a pause system to let you reposition the camera etc). Would be epic for longer or more competitive races. I tend to get bored of the replays being all in the same position.

  13. Give Us The Demo

    Sony should give GT5 fans this demo on the previously announced release date of March 30th.

    It would be a nice token of appreciation from Polyphony/Kaz/Sony to the fans. And please, let us drive a REAL tuner car, not some sluggish boat like the 350z.

  14. dearlybeloved

    This is a real boon for us GT fans, the 1st time that I saw the driver, I was very pleased and surprised that the level of detail in animation, textures, were so pleasing to the eye. Aside from that, what innovations will GT bring to the table in GT5. When I saw the way replays were handled in GT3&4 I was happy but when I saw the way the replays were handled in Forza3 such as the ‘helicopter view, slow spin’ etc, I thought I hope that GT does bring something that innovative to the table.

    Peace Out!!

  15. Rossifan46

    One thing I have reckoned with GT5P and is also noticeable in this video is that driver don’t turn the steering wheel more than 180 degrees! Like a go-cart, no hands moved to change grip like you can see in GT HD from 2007! Strange and not so realistic for a race sim.

  16. derek

    o how i wish that in GT5 replay mode be like in Pc racing sim like GTRevolution where you can watch replay from whatever you want. i hate this flying cameras oround the car in gt5p. sorry my english

  17. Flagmo-T

    I forgot to add, That when watching the early Movie upload of this particular Demo ( just Before this), It only Has the Tokyo Track in the Demo.. It looks like they have updated the Track a bit, for this event, where it’s recorded from.. I don’t think there is any more tracks for this particular Demo get it :)…

    Yes we would like to watch something completely new from PD, and we will in good Time Fellow Pilotes, Relax Now please… and enjoy everyday that goes by, we are getting closer to a release that way… and please Stop with empty Nonsense, It only tricks the frustration we all have in our stomach, and then we spread the news with YOU Know what!!

    It must be a Sad Hard Job for Jordan in this waiting, he try so hard to share his thought’s and News as they come, and only about 25% are happy for them (comment’s) will he stop doing this ? will we end up having the same News on the front in a much longer time.. well I would loose my passion for doing this, when the out come is like dishing and fishing for something we can’t get just yet!!

    The Honest SOnY Donkey Oink Oink
    (Yes I know i call my self a Donkey, but its my little Rage against Sony’s way of making a fool out of us Trusted GT Fans, it’s not against K.Y and PD only Sony)

  18. Flagmo-T

    @mk1992 I feel just saying that too :O)

    It’s Ok and Nice and all that.. But i just hope that i can choose a Camera Sitting where i only see the car from the out side, I’m really not interested in a Pop glimmer replay when i watch it..

    Please remember Simplicity makes it more useful for us people that just want to race this brilliant piece, this is for kids and well you guys that love watching cinematic Replays.. Good for you :O) and I’m not complaining, I just would like a simple feature as well :O) Lately the Game makers has forgotten this simple View…

    The Orsm Donkey!!

  19. The Masfer

    Ps3 sales have gone up 25% since the release date was confirmed for this year. Maybe a marketing scam

  20. danielwhite74

    I find it hilarious how people who clearly have no experience whatsoever in professional game design whatsoever are complaining about the development time of this game. Polyphony are taking time and care to create a truly exceptional driving simulation, and all the idiot fanbase does is bullshit them. It’s pathetic.

  21. TurboTeam

    What do we care about the driver??? Whe are the driver so you will never see the pixel dude… Please delete the driver and add skid-marks…

  22. Racer28

    Looks good! It only lacks more dynamic, in the way the driver sits in the seat, he should be thrown around a little…and a little camera shaking when driving bumps etc

  23. General

    Ah good. It’s been an hour since I’ve seen R246. Whew… I was so scared I’d go an entire day without seeing that track! *head explodes* XD Whoever has this demo.. PLEASE pick a different track!!!!!!

  24. scooter1265

    Everytime I see a video teasing us of these new footages, I go to my room and cry in the corner. I want this more than anything that is or is soon to be on the market. No joke.

    I wish I had a time machine, then I’d be the Gran Santa Claus. All it costs you is $120 dollars for a new Gran Turismo 5 Limited Edition. You also get all the DLC, Weather, Cars, and Tracks with the version I will give to you.

    Just really wish I could have this



    Really great, the animations have really improved. And people for crying out loud, its not PD that determines the release date, its Sony. Stop blaming PD for something they can’t control.

  26. DrTrouserPlank

    The Jazz is great; people hate it, then it is authentic GT music.

    Release this Sept/Oct/Nov?….. only if Sony have got the premium PSN service working, the 3D-TV’s out, and hell has frozen over.

    I will defend everything this game stands for until I fall over, but what I can’t abide is the disregard for the fans of the series who have supported this from it’s inception.

    I just think It’s really shoddy to treat a very loyal community this way….. we made the brand what it is today; gave it the gravitas that it has. Do we not deserve some honesty regarding the release date?….. maybe we don’t… but I think we do.

  27. GamerGT5

    Excellent feature! I really like seeing camera on drivers doing the action as well as exterior of the car. Whats really cool is when the driver shifts, the stckshift animates! I hope we will have different replay views. I always wanted to see more of the interior of the car also. GT prologue did not have this feature.

  28. Pedz

    How nice and shiny they are, I don’t think ill find they add much to the game other than the first person view… All that needed as a hand to dissapear while changing gear, not so much the whole head and body moving… So well done PD but kind of a waste of resources.

  29. Forenza

    For being a game and not a movie, the animations are great. There seems to be some fluidity issues at times, but i dont really care. Like someone said above, you wont see it durimg the actual race

  30. TTownEP

    I find it odd that our driver here seems to be wholly unaffected by g-forces. He stays firmly planted in his seat no matter what is going on.

  31. F1P1

    Yeah, even Formula One Championship Edition even had an advanced weather system (and a pretty good one in my opinion), and that game launched with the PS3. Jus’ sayin’.


    and a demo would b great at this time. if it was going to test the online multiplayer. otherwise ill wait :D


    LOOKS GREAT. but the driver’s thumb is still going through the steering wheel. not a big deal but its there

  34. riivaaja

    The second one in 720p doesn’t have the music, just the annoying beep thats in a few of the other videos.

  35. F1P1

    They both made me a little dizzy by the time they ended. Think it’s cool the Toyota is aparently available in atleast one other color and not just that “concept orange”. Would have preferred to hear engine sound versus the music. I agree the anticipation of GT5’s release continues to sell PS3’s (I bought mine and a Bravia years ago in anticipation of GT5), but I definitely feel that it will continue to fuel sales once it’s out due to it’s massive scale and epic history.

  36. Oli

    Some say… He loves gran turismo

    and that if he were to play forza, he would actually be sick

    al we know is he’s not the stig. But he’s the stigs GT5 playing cousin

  37. maxitsu

    looks nice, but i don’t think i will use this replay. or i race, or i use a normal replay. don’t have the time to see this kind of replays…

  38. DrTrouserPlank

    Incidentally the animations are good, but It’s kind of a “so what?” reaction.

    It’s no good to me all the time it’s in a never-ending development loop.

  39. DrTrouserPlank

    This game really is just becoming a carrot on a stick to sell PS3’s. All the time it is still just a collection of clips and scarce info, PS3 sales in anticipation of it’s release will always be high. Once they release it, great or not, I’m sure the power of GT5 to sell PS3 will be lessened. The promise of something great always has more power than it’s reality.

  40. demonblade

    Why is there so much intrigue over this ‘demo’? It is simply a version of demos we seen at trade shows for the last gazillion years and we will never get our eager hands on it! Let’s face the fact that we still have a way to go as PD are probably leaking these videos on purpose to gauge our reaction; and judging by the response over the damage enginge we won’t be playing this game for a long time to come!

  41. iCyCo

    You guys are gonna wonder why this demo compilation has in atleast 3 other tracks and yet all the footage is of Tokyo

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