GT5 Playable Demo at Le Mans 2010

We now have solid confirmation that the game will be playable at Le Mans 2010. Thanks to these new pictures from Sirolf, we can see GT5 takes front and center at Sony’s tent – there’s even a little podium between two racing pods, suggesting a competition of some sort. It should also be noted that a logo for the new PlayStation Move controller is visible in the background, but it will most likely be showcased with games that have already been confirmed to use the new technology.

Of course, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here – while it seems like a safe assumption, we don’t know if an updated version of La Sarthe is playable in this demo. As always, if you or anyone else you know is going to the race this weekend and manages to get an early scoop, please let me know! Thanks to Paskowitz for the tip.

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  1. K.Hayes

    I am totally thrilled that the 2010 Le mans track will be in GT5. Afterall The Audi’s won in a 1-2-3 format1 I hope and Pray te 2010 Le mans spec. Audi R15 ‘PLUS’ TDI is in Gran Turismo 5 full game, or at least the 1st version of the Audi R15 TDI. But obviously they deserve to b in the game after the epic 1-2-3 win! We shal see and I’ll keep praying!

  2. Toni

    yeah woooohooo, cant wait for GT5 to come out @ 2011. Give us more info about the tuning possibilities.

  3. icant55

    You can bet “MIMAXIMAX-KAZ-TRANSLATOR” will be there to get some video.

    MiMAXIKAZ your alright with me!

  4. funrun

    I don’t get why there’s a pic of the marketing director of NASCAR on the projector screen at the 24hrs le Mans, maby they’re revealing more than just that track, also noticing the Audi with GT logos suggesting this won’t be something only focused on Peugot and le Mans. It will be interesting to see what their strategies will be for this and E3 in terms of what they do about revealing new(hopefully) things.

  5. Luke

    Well, out of the ~20 vids vom the 24h of the Nürburgring, 2 or 3 got quite a good sound quality. Good enough to hear a clear engine noise. I hope there will be more vids like that.

  6. Shouden

    has anyone mentioned that this LeMans weekend is also the weekend of E3? I wouldn’t expect to see Kaz at LeMans and there MIGHT be an updated LeMans circuit, don’t expect to see too much new news at LeMans as most of the big news will be at E3 on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

  7. jbo!!!

    @Kilborn230 thanx …@Anthony read my comment correctly..i know thwy always has LM racers …i was referring to the demo they will have at the 24hrs..race


    why are people so worried about reverse light. that is a stupid thing to look for. if u want to see reverse light, go put ur real car in reverse and stand behind it. i think a grounds eye veiw would b the best way to see it, u flippin idiots.

    the hole point of racing is to go forward not backward…………..

  9. JayKayEm

    Yet again, GT fans relying on pictures from mobile phones or other dediacted fans travelling accross Europe to get a glimpse and report back.

    Sony PR =Total Joke

    Prologue included, the most demo’d game of Evaaaar!

  10. Racer28

    LOL how many times/years have this game been demoed already? :D good that we`re getting closer to an actual release date though….

  11. d3br34k5

    Trying to discern the level of GT5’s sound quality from a home video is like trying to use a hammer on a screw.

  12. Luke

    If anybodys reads this, please make a vid driving a car already included in GT5 Prologue. Why u ask ? This would really show us the development of the physics, cockpit, graphics and sound.
    Well, i`m mostly interested in the engine sound. I think we have enough vids showing us the improvements in graphic, ai and physics.

  13. Kilborn230

    @ Anthony

    He meant the Demo. I really don’t think you read any of the comments you replied to properly.

  14. chrisrar

    i kinda think these demos at tracks are final build of tracks.. but locked off damage/lighting features… these will likely be revealed further at e3

  15. KilzoneGeneralStrife

    Mmm..just let us see a vid of the sun setting..the night hitting and the sun coming over the horizen again.then I’ll be sorted :)

  16. MadduckUK

    flimone Says:
    June 10th, 2010 at 2:45 am

    SOME FRENCH WILL BE THERE? … if yes, please let us know!

    Probably quite a few, considering it is in France

  17. marcus

    I bet you £1,000,000 that the 908 will either be in this demo or in the actual game. Hope that this is a completley new demo to show us exactly what gt5 is like apposed to the updated demo at the 24 hours of nurburgring

  18. Autavia

    Fingers crossed for updated course including a true retro version version circa with no Dunlop chicane, blind Esses, full Mulsanne straight with old banners and signs. Old road courses rule!

  19. Skillcoil

    @Smudgyboy: Heh that’s a lot of beer. Anyway, we hope yer mate can get us a video of how PS Move gonna work with GT5

  20. Dom

    Cool, but then I think GT5 should not be a playable Demo anymore. Ressources should be used to finish the full game, not producing one demo version after another for some events.

  21. Smudgyboy

    My mate is on his way to Le Mans, should be going under the channel as I type this. I ‘ll text him and ask if he can get a video of the game.

    Should think this would be the last thing he is wanting to do……… apart from, drinking beer, walking round the pits, drinking beer, looking at the pit girls, Friday night burn out the main road, more beer, bread cheese, fireworks, more beer and the main event followed by the track invasion at the end

    ………..oh I did I have to look at some sort video game……… na more beer!

    Really pissed as I’m not going this year, I’ll have to fire up GT4 and do Le Mans 2d stile!

  22. Anthony

    Why would you have to be French? The biggest contingent outside of the French are Brits that go to the race.

    @Jbo please explain to me why there would be no Le Mans cars in the game? They have been in the game before coming from the manufactures, this is no surprise here. Also why wouldn’t the track be in the game? Is it not in GT3 and GT4?

    E3 will shed more light on the subject then this will. Why would they set up at Le Mans and not have the track playable? Has common sense totally left humanity?

  23. jbo!!!

    i hope they have some lemans race cars…or atleast la sarthe… cant wait for more pics,vids,,nn nnnn of course E3..finally after last years delay..this better be worth it

  24. terminator363

    The heat of all of this is awesome! First Nurburgring 24H with those great surprising demos now La Sarthe, then next week E3! Whoa! this is the best Month ever! (that is for gran turismo so far)

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