GT5 Online Maintenance Notice Posted for January 15, 2013

January 11th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Polyphony Digital announced a special maintenance notice earlier today regarding Gran Turismo 5‘s online services, which will be offline for approximately two hours starting January 15, 2013, at 20:00 GMT/UTC.

Although online service maintenance notices do not, of course, suggest an update will be provided for the game, they do often precede their release.

The timing of this notice is especially curious, as the Corvette C7 Prototype will first be revealed to the public without camouflage on Sunday, January 13. Due to the secrecy surrounding the car’s design, the new model will likely need to be downloaded via a game update for players to use the newly revealed version of the car in GT5.

As always, stay tuned for more announcements.

GT5 Photomode image by Mega pixel.

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  1. Jan. 15, 3:18pm

    Currently downloading version 2.10 at 55MB.

  2. Jan. 14, 6:02pm

    Gonna be updating during the only time I get to play during the week. Thanks a lot PD. >_<

  3. Jan. 14, 7:27am

    PlayStationEU just tweeted Free DLC on the way!!! But the link in their tweet is the wrong one Doh!

  4. Jan. 14, 5:40am

    U.U corvette stingray!

  5. Jan. 14, 4:26am

    $5 Bet that Nismo Joke I mean Juke will be a free DLC or something

  6. Jan. 13, 11:04pm


  7. Jan. 13, 9:48pm

    On the corvette,GT5 colaberation campaign poster here…it says..” The C7 takes Gran turismo to a new level”. .?..???

  8. Jan. 13, 8:59pm

    We. Should be searching and liking info about the stingray…..the more exposure the manufacture gets,the more valuable deals like this will be in the future.

  9. Jan. 13, 8:36pm

    Hope we get a C7 RM

    • Jan. 15, 9:32am


  10. Jan. 13, 7:33pm

    I do not understand … it should not be presented in the game at the same time?

    • Jan. 13, 7:38pm
      tube chaser

      “Due to the secrecy surrounding the car’s design, the new model will likely need to be downloaded via a game update for players to use the newly revealed version of the car in GT5”

  11. Jan. 13, 7:23pm

    No Corvette C7 in game

    • Jan. 13, 7:53pm

      It says online maintenance for Jan. 15th. I know that doesn’t mean that the C7 will be it Gt5, but it seems more than a coincidence

  12. Jan. 13, 7:18pm

    Got Gt1. Nice box opened consumed .new box please GT2. Better box with better sweets…consumed…next box GT3 with even better goodies… box…GT4. Box full of jewels…consumed next box please…..hang on what is important here…the box is important….lets build a box that has new stuff every time you open it….”GT5 Has something that effects the whole future of the GT series”…Kaz words…
    Did you even think there would be new content 2 years later…someone thought about it a long time ago…

    Do we think we will get a new manufacture sponcer for the GT Achademy 2013…or Nissan again….

    One things for sure anything could happen with GT5 the c7 spooks me for livery …I’m itchy for DLC because I got 2 Broken ribs so can’t play right now..
    How many cars and tracks we’ve had in the past are not in this game and could be?

    Ps PD I’m ready for the traiding limit to be lifted….

    • Jan. 13, 7:25pm

      That was a hard read.

    • Jan. 13, 9:45pm

      English is tricky sometimes. That, or you had too many Nord Mead.

    • Jan. 13, 9:52pm

      Hospital drugs are good but they say no play….

  13. Jan. 13, 7:05pm

    2014 Vette unveiled and it’s awesome!

    • Jan. 13, 7:28pm

      Not awesome, but nice. Didn’t blow me away like they made it out to and the interior is the usual, boring GM stuff. I like that fact that they brought back the Stingray nameplate.

    • Jan. 13, 7:57pm

      Well, I have always been a fan of Corvettes & Ilove the fact that this one has a 7 speed manual gearbox, powered by a 450hp 6.2L LT1 V8, and yes, that the Stingray name has returned.

    • Jan. 13, 9:14pm

      I have to agree. The new corvette looks outstanding. For the first time since the C4 I’m actually impressed with the interior. It seems that Road & Track was not lying with those pics.

      Can’t wait to see it in the game.

  14. Jan. 13, 6:58pm
    Both Barrels

    Glued to the Chevrolet website. 3 minutes.

  15. Jan. 13, 6:41pm

    GT6 needs more old fords like the rs2000 and cosworths! And should be a bit like forza with vinyl wraps and better visual modification options and drive train/engine swaps available to make it better. To many skylines and S2k’s!! (not that there bad tho)

    • Jan. 13, 6:47pm

      There is an RS2000 in GT5…it’s a Rally version, but it’s there.

    • Jan. 13, 6:50pm

      …or is that a 200RS? If I’m not mistaken, it’s built onthe same platform.

    • Jan. 13, 7:56pm

      Why, oh why do people keep wanting GT5 to be like Forza? If you want Forza things, play those games. I like games for what they can individually bring, not their version of what everyone else does…

    • Jan. 13, 8:48pm

      If it’s a way to improve things, why not take something out of the Turn 10 playbook? Obviously neither GT or Forza are perfect, but if you could combine the best of both games you would have one awesome racing game.

    • Jan. 14, 4:04am

      Pimping cars an improvement? It really is a matter of opinion, therefore subjective. Some fans would like it and others would not – that at the day’s end is the trade off that any game dev makes when choosing what appears in their game and what does not.

      To the OP – PD don’t actually look at other games, Kazunori has no interest in what they are doing – this has been mentioned several times before. Skylines/Nissans/Honda and the Japanese tuner culture is what is close to their heart – so you’ll always have a lot of them.

  16. Jan. 13, 6:10pm

    Curious as to whether the ‘undressed’ C7 will squeeze out a few more mph once it’s in the intended aerodynamic state?
    If so that’d point to incredible levels of detail from the PD boffins.

  17. Jan. 13, 6:05pm

    We have to wait maybe 2 years or more to play with GT6 on PS4 … I really need more Tracks on GT5 to go to the next level ….. Come on PD .. Let’s Rock this Tuesday !!!!!!!!

  18. Jan. 13, 1:46pm

    @Neilson248 Yeah cause when I think of quality over quantity I DON”T think about GT5 with its 800 cars ported over from a game that was relased on a older platform and over 8 years ago. How is that putting quality over quantity compared to Forza??? Tell what other features are just waiting for me in GT5 that I haven’t discovered since the game was released, which I bought the first day it was released in the US. A Spec done, B Spec almost done, Seasonals almost done at least the ones that interest me, license tests. Photo mode, thats it there is were my next 2 years of enjoyment comes from, I also haven’t read all the museum cards either. Which is pointless since I have access to something called the internet where I can research anything I feel like reading about.

  19. Jan. 13, 12:42pm

    I’m only waiting new circuits and cars! And GT6! More DLCs, and the back of Spa! <3

    • Jan. 13, 1:00pm

      “The back of Spa”? Do you mean the return of Spa in GT6, or the 14-km super-fast historic layout? Now THAT would be cool! :D

  20. Jan. 13, 11:41am

    I think the Genesis will be in this LAST DLC. along with the C7 Corvette. Hopefully atleast 10 cars to make it worth buying.

    • Jan. 13, 11:56am
      Pit Crew

      Bet you a level 23 ticket you and biftizmo are both wrong with these crazy over assumptions. C7 prototype gets unveiled, maybe some internal upgrades, but highly doubtful all these other things like Hyundai genesis or New DLC livery chips, WRC will be in there. Prepare to be disappointed. Not to mention, There is no hint of this being DLC, but hey, Psych yourself up, Psych yourself out.

    • Jan. 13, 7:25pm


      I’ll give you lev 23 ticket if your right..but if I’m right you give me a livery chip…ha..see not sure now are you…ha ha…ouch

    • Jan. 14, 12:33am
      Pit Crew

      UHH yeah sure. Ouch lol. I was talking about the OP suggestion we would get the Hyundai Genesis.

      1st, Color chips cars comes with isnt considered DLC.

      2nd, The Prototype camouflage C7 doesnt have color chip options.

      3rd. Your OP makes it seem you think or hope we will be getting DLC chips which, if the Unveiled C7 has multiple color options should it be Updated, will automatically come with the car.

      So I say to thee Nay, I will owe you nothing.

  21. Jan. 13, 7:40am

    I think when the C7 is finally unveiled will introduce DLC livery chips to the game…

    • Jan. 13, 8:36am

      Not that I like paying for DLC, but ‘twould be good to have the C7 as part of biggere car pack, including some current WRC cars and/or their roadcar counterparts.

  22. Jan. 13, 7:20am

    Finally, an update worth commenting on for most of us who have been waiting on actual in game update information. Yeah, C7 it is probably going to be nothing else… But I’II take it!

  23. Jan. 13, 2:13am

    I’d like to see Midfield Raceway return and maybe Apricot Hill, it wouldn’t take much to spruce them up for GT5.

    • Jan. 13, 3:32am


    • Jan. 13, 8:33am

      Midfield ftw.

    • Jan. 13, 10:27am

      The Complex String!!!!!

  24. Jan. 12, 11:00pm

    Anyone have a clue as to if that zebra camo paint job will be selectable, I would love to keep that style and just swap the colors to any of my choosing. PD really need to streamline the next GT’s interface, painting cars shouldn’t be a chore and you should be able to apply more than one color paint and even paint singular panels of the car. In truth I do hope that GT6 really digs in deep and basically pimp slaps GT5 out of the box.

    • Jan. 13, 3:00pm

      That “zebra paint” is just the camo a lot of prototype and concept cars use to help hide the design of the car. I doubt GT5 would ever make it available as a paint chip.

    • Jan. 14, 12:24am

      I second that notion.

  25. Jan. 12, 9:06pm

    This game needs more Nissan’s.

    • Jan. 13, 2:07am
      The Prodigy


    • Jan. 13, 12:47pm

      MORE????? Have more Skyline than other cars! Need more DTMs, WRCs, IRCs, WTCCs, Stock Car, and more! And circuits, like: Interlagos!!

    • Jan. 13, 1:09pm

      I think he was kidding…at least I hope he is.

  26. Jan. 12, 7:00pm

    You just don’t get it! This gt5 is play station network…it’s here for a while and all our dreams will be fulfilled ..because it is built right!…what you got to consider about gt6 is….what u need is ..4k TV picture..(££££££££)..
    PS4…(not invented yet)…
    GT6 game ( Proven in progress +100 for pd )
    And most importantly a way of getting this content to you.( not with today’s high speed internet coverage) or optical media..
    Stoked about the C7. This surly is an exclusive first of many
    Hope the manufacture appreciates the produced recognition increase ..

    Cross fingers for new track anouncement ….

    • Jan. 12, 8:29pm

      You got $25,000 to throw down on a 4K TV go right ahead, otherwise GT6 will still be compatible with 1080p TV’s…8)

  27. Jan. 12, 6:28pm

    We need an improve for all engine sounds… All cars must have real sounds!

    • Jan. 12, 8:31pm

      Actually the engine sounds are very good for a lot of the cars… And when tuning most of the cars sound great with the right exhaust… Racing exhaust is not the best for all cars… Having said that, the sounds can be improved but it’s not half as bad as people make it to be and a lot of the cars are a pleasure to drive

    • Jan. 13, 2:01am

      Yeah, I agree with Neilson. If you’re tuning the car for racing, there’s obviously nothing you can do about some of the bad sounds, but if you just want a nice sounding “cruiser” you don’t always need the racing exhaust.

    • Jan. 13, 7:18am


  28. Jan. 12, 4:12pm

    I would love to see a race mod and for the street car a big selection of wheels

    • Jan. 13, 7:19am


  29. Jan. 12, 3:56pm

    Wheres the new Viper? New Benz black series? Theres tons of new FIA GT cars, Le Man GT2 cars, LMP cars, Aussie V8, Shelby GT500, New Boss Mustang. Alot of other games can offer this content through DLC or through updates why hasn’t PD done anything. Yes theres been a few DLCs but hardly anything to go nuts over. I keep wishing PD would do like Forza has (which I don’t own or ever played) they’ve had over 170+ new DLC cars in huge car packs. They really did alot to keep the game as CURRENT as possible. Something PD has always struggled with. It would have been nice to see each years SEMA show winners added to the game a few months after. But who is going to car about a SEMA winner from 2009 or 2010 when they add it to GT6 in 2014-2015?

    I realize they are not going to be able to add everything everyone wants. But they should at least make a little stronger effort. And recycling GT500 Seasonals isn’t exactly keeping the game updated. If they have some kind of limitation on what they can do it would be nice if they would just tell us. Instead I bet 99% of people that visit this site is hoping for news of something new.

    Wasted opportunities.

    • Jan. 12, 3:57pm


    • Jan. 12, 4:07pm

      Screw the new Mustangs, while they are nice and all I’d rather have the Boss 429, ’69 Boss 302, Boss 351, 428 SCJ, ’67/’69 GT500, ’70 Mach 1 etc.

    • Jan. 12, 5:29pm

      I agree with most of this. I don’t think PD is struggling though; they just choose not to…for whatever stupid reason. They can add these small details like more DLC but they just don’t want to.

    • Jan. 12, 5:40pm

      @gtpsuper24 That’s because they’re being saved for GT6. Like Kaz said, the rest of the stuff he has planed are being saved for GT6… Just enjoy what PD has to offer for GT5.

      You don’t see the YOU KNOW WHAT COMPANY offering anymore DLC i their current game do you?

    • Jan. 12, 5:48pm
      Pit Crew

      This comment is the epitome of overexpectations. Seems OP just wants cars for the sake of having cars.

    • Jan. 12, 5:51pm

      ^ Agreed. :tup:

    • Jan. 12, 8:36pm

      Recreating a car for gt is not a quick job… It takes loads of time, I read somewhere up to 6 months and you cant compare gt to forza, gt is in a different league in terms of quality which is what they focus on rather than quantity which is what forza is all about. Just look at iracing and how long they have been developing it and there’s only what 50 cars aprox? They release a car once in a blue moon… Come on you probably havent even learnt how to get the best from gt and you’re complaining most people have no idea what a multi-layered game gt is, a work of art if you only knew

    • Jan. 12, 10:47pm

      Neilson248^ +1

      Completely agree, that’s why I am not rushing PD.

    • Jan. 13, 7:58am


      I think a lot of people fail to realise this…I’m sure there’s lots of legality and deals to be made as we get content…and it’s not like pd get all the money from the game as they are part of play station network..the technology involved creating a world competition level events must be a legal nightmare…this is technology at its finest .

    • Jan. 13, 8:34am


      “Come on you probably havent even learnt how to get the best from gt and you’re complaining most people have no idea what a multi-layered game gt is, a work of art if you only knew”

      Another ridiculous comment preaching that GT5 is so perfect. And please, do not associate GT with quality over quantity when GT5 has 800 reasons why that is not the case. I’ll believe GT is about quality again when GT6 has zero standard cars.

  30. Jan. 12, 2:50pm
    Pit Crew

    From the sound of it this cars gonna be hot IMO. Bleep the “This game is dead” haters, Im gonna enjoy this.

    I hope it can be painted and we can change rims. Really my only worry.

    • Jan. 12, 3:12pm

      GT5 is as alive as planet earth. I play it almost every single day. There have been times when I have not played for a while, usually when my school exams start and/or I’m on a vacation, but other than that, I play regularly and I discover new things all the time. I have access to other games and enjoy them, but time and time again, I keep coming back to GT5, especially when new weekly events are added and, of course, when new DLC is released. I don’t remember any other game as long-lasting as the Gran Turismo series. I remember playing GT4 for many, many years and I still wasn’t tired of that game. And if PD keeps the updates coming, I will be playing GT5 for many years to come!

    • Jan. 12, 5:50pm

      Agreed Pit Crew! I’m so hyped for the C7. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure we could paint it and change its rims, but not sure about the body parts though. We’ll just have to wait and see buddy. :)

      @2012GT325 I totally agree with you. Despite me having other games, I just keep coming to GT5, and with weekly seasonal events coming in, makes it even better. I remember when I didn’t play GT5 as much before, but since I’m making some replicas of cars from real life, taking some awesome photos of my cars on tracks, and going online o meet everyone made me sticked with GT5 even longer than before. I can’t wait for GT6, and PD is doing a excellent job keeping GT5 up to date. :)

  31. Jan. 12, 8:11am

    Geez, why everybody saying the damn game is dead. It’s not if you see PD employees continuing to support the game with updates and seasonal races and seeing hundreds maybe thosands a day. So stop saying its dead because its 2 years old or because you don’t play the game anymore so you going to say its dead so others could stop playing it.

    • Jan. 12, 10:58am


    • Jan. 12, 1:36pm

      I think these people must have a different definition of “dead”. A dead game is one that no one plays, has empty servers, and one that isn’t supported in anyway. You can’t come even close to saying that about GT5

  32. Jan. 12, 7:23am

    We Need Tracks!!!!!!

  33. Jan. 12, 5:50am

    It’s time for GT5 to stop sendimg Museum Card Pics…you get 10 every night and I don’t want more. I have at least 3 full set of them now, and sending 5 to my other account to delete them doesen’t help. We’ve been getting the for 2 years running. Time to stop sendimg Museum Cards…8(

    • Jan. 12, 6:36am

      They should stop sending cards I already have :-(
      Send the cards that I dont have :-)

    • Jan. 12, 8:21pm

      send me friend request and let me know the ones you need…8)

  34. Jan. 12, 4:29am

    Where Are some of you people getting a spec 3 update from. It’s a two hour online maintenance window. Which as stated above will probably be the inclusion of the new corvette. Not a full on spec 3 update of xxxx gigs in size. Honestly some of you should really tone down your expectations that way you won’t be dissapointed as much.

  35. Jan. 12, 3:44am

    GT5 is far from dead, there’s still lots of people playing online and there’s been a lot of seasonal event recently which are fun. If your bored with GT5 then join a ufc on wheels room, they are so funny and exciting. I spent hours in a ufc room on Nurburgring and it’s great fun.

    • Jan. 12, 4:38pm

      Even GT3 A-spec isn’t dead yet, I bet if that was an online game, you’d still see folks on the servers. Went on Wipeout HD the other night, not one player on the servers!!

    • Jan. 12, 6:20pm

      Wipe out hd has players… well up until 2 updates ago that broke the online…

  36. Jan. 12, 3:42am

    GT5 is far from dead, there’s still lots of people playing online and there’s been a lot of seasonal event recently which are fun. If your bored with GT5 then join a UFC On Wheels room, they are so funny and exciting. I spent hours in a UFC room on Nurburgring and it’s great fun.

  37. Jan. 12, 1:46am

    There would be a update but not 3.0. If it was it would take longer than 2 hours for a major update like 3.0 would be because wouldn’t they re do the intro give free cars out or something big. Yeah 2.10 is what I see but I hope I’m wrong

  38. Jan. 12, 12:47am

    Interesting.. Here’s to the next generation of Corvette models…

    I still wish there were a Premium C1, C, and C4 though.. *Shrugs* Maybe in GT6?

    • Jan. 12, 12:47am


    • Jan. 12, 12:51am

      Damnit.. Todaqy is just not my day.. I meant to say C2.

  39. Jan. 12, 12:22am

    I have $30 in my account so i’m ready for the $5.00 price tag they’ll give it when they put it in the game

  40. Jan. 11, 10:43pm

    I’m highly confident we will see the Corvette C7 in GT5 after the update. Why would they include the prototype in the game if they weren’t going to include the production version? Not including the production version would just enrage us fans, and PD knows, so I can almost guarantee that the new Vette will be included.

    One think I hope this update will bring to GT5 is Spec III, with all the new things that were found on the disk a few weeks back. I think this is wishful thinking but I guess GT5 needs to go out with a BANG before PD moves onto GT6.
    But again, I a highly confident we will get the Corvette C7 in game after this update.

  41. Jan. 11, 9:59pm

    I’ve seen the Corvette already. I can surely agree with this quote; “Viper, GT-R and Camaro all mixed into one steaming soup of unoriginality.”

    It sure does look like a Viper in the front and like something I’ve never seen in the back. But what matters is how it drives.

    I sure wish PD adds the SRT Viper sometime soon. if not I’ll gladly wait for GT6.

    • Jan. 11, 10:26pm

      Where did you see it, Car&Driver? Cus they are the most untrustable source on Earth.

    • Jan. 11, 10:41pm

      I think it looks like an exact copy of the 458 from what i was able to uncover

    • Jan. 11, 10:44pm

      That is true about C&D. They epic failed a few times lately.

    • Jan. 12, 12:54am

      I highly disagree with you. I’ve seen final pics of it and I have to see that this is going to be one good looking car.

    • Jan. 12, 12:57am

      Road & Track. And it does look very similar to what the masked prototype hints below it’s skin.

    • Jan. 12, 12:58am


      I didn’t say it was ugly. It surely is the best looking Corvette since the C4. But it does look like many other cars on the road. but who knows, we have yet to see the “real” thing.

    • Jan. 12, 1:11am

      I’ve seen the real thing and while it may have styling cues that remind you of another vehicle, it’s a full-blooded Corvette.

      I’ve never been a big Vette fan but this car just looks so damn good!

    • Jan. 12, 2:58pm
      Pit Crew

      You sure those pics werent Artist Renderings?

    • Jan. 12, 5:18pm

      Yes, I’m sure. I’m in a position where if I said too much, I wouldn’t get to keep the job I love. I’ve already seen it happen to someone I work with.

    • Jan. 13, 12:03am

      If it was in a magazine it was an artist rendering I 100% guarantee it. They have been doing the same thing with the new Ferrari F70, excuse me, Ferrari F150 (eye rolls). We’ll find out tomorrow when Corvette unveils, F150 is getting revealed in Detroit too. GM was a website for the new Vette. They’ve been posting videos, you never get to see the full car but there are 2 points we get glimpses of it for a moment. It looks like we’ll get the carbon fiber roof again with carbon fiber mirrors now. It looks like the air scope on the side is still in the front and is at a diagnal angle upwards. It also looks like there is a line along the bottom that meets that front air scope at a 90°-ish angle running to the front if the back fender. That’s about all we can know for sure, that and the top of the roof is exposed on the covered car so we know its shape.

    • Jan. 13, 1:19am

      It wasn’t in a magazine that I saw this, but it does in fact have something to do with the website you mentioned ;)

    • Jan. 13, 9:23pm

      Well, it seems it was not at all a hoax. The pictures even though they might’ve been an artist rendering, they were the image of the real deal.

      As for the car looking like the Viper, it actually doesn’t anymore from a different angle. Seeing it from the front, it creates that illusion that it’s similar, but in reality, the headlights are far longer. The proportions are completely different as well.

      Although I prefer the Viper, I must admit this is one good looking Corvette (except for the tail lights).

    • Jan. 13, 11:01pm

      Told you it was going to be a good looking car! I first saw images a few weeks ago and my jaw dropped when I saw it. Can’t wait to see it in person in two weeks at the NAIAS.

      What’s shocking is seeing the C7 next to the C6. Suddenly the C6 looks like a car from the ’90s.

    • Jan. 14, 12:59am

      After the C4, the Corvette’s design felt really weak. In my opinion, the C5 was by far the ugliest and was later fixed with the C6, but I couldn’t help it still didn’t feel quite right.

      This new C7 is in a whole different level. I love it! And consider this is the base model; imagine how the Z’s will look.

  42. Jan. 11, 9:34pm

    I like how people complain about GT5 whenever the letters GT and 5 are in a News Item. There’s no mention of anything beyond maintenance yet somehow that prompts people to say how disappointed they are in a 2 year old game?

    • Jan. 11, 10:41pm


    • Jan. 12, 4:31am

      So so true

  43. Jan. 11, 7:50pm
    e30 freek

    I agree with Phil you just cant give life to something thats dead… Still going to download it though i downloaded the camo one and i done a lap of the ring and got bored i dont get excited very easily unless there was an E30 comming but i doubt that hope its in Gt6 since jann asked for one :)

    • Jan. 11, 7:57pm
      e30 freek

      Coming :$

    • Jan. 11, 10:29pm

      Dead? Open your eyes to the rest of the world. The world doesn’t revolve around you, so just because you don’t play it, doesn’t make it dead. Far from it. Go online at anytime. It’s still, by far the most played racing game in existance. It’s 2 years old, brand new games come out, and still never come close to the amount of people playing GT5. Calling it dead? That’s just a stupid assumption, and when you assume, you make an asshole out of your mouth

    • Jan. 11, 10:48pm

      The Golden Boy said it harshly, but I agree with him. GT5 is far from dead. An example of a dead game would be whichever Madden was last (the previous year) due to that $60 update they do every year…or any EA game, for that matter.

    • Jan. 12, 6:11am
      e30 freek

      @TomBrady When did i say i dont play it? And talk with a little respect, something they dont teach in this age. Im not making an assumption, the game IS how it IS for ME your a kid on a big boys forum

    • Jan. 12, 7:15am

      “I agree with Phil you just cant give life to something thats dead…”

      Quite a few zombie games out there that prove that statement wrong ;)

    • Jan. 12, 1:10pm

      @e30 That’s your problem. The game is not how it is to you, you just think it is. The game is what it is. So just because it’s dead to you, doesn’t mean it’s actually dead. That’s ridiculous. By that logic, any game that you don’t play is dead lol I don’t play Skyrim, does that mean it’s dead? Dead implies there’s no one playing it, which is absolutely untrue. Not only is there seasonals every weak, which usually have well over 50k people entering time trials, but the online lobbies are always full by region and worldwide. I shouldn’t have to repeat this, my first comment said the same thing. Your opinion does not change what a game is, so no, the game IS not how it IS to you

  44. Jan. 11, 7:38pm
    Bobert power

    Hmmmm….. Not a big fan of ‘Vettes, but i’m interested into what the C7 looks like.

  45. Jan. 11, 7:25pm


  46. Jan. 11, 7:06pm

    The C7 looks amazing!! The interweb has been flooded with leaked pics over the last 30 minutes. It’s more than likely in then C7 forum as our ppl stay on it in here. Lets all hope we get this car.

    • Jan. 11, 7:20pm

      I must see them!!! O_O

    • Jan. 12, 1:14pm

      The C7 will be epic and I’m one of the people that think the renderings look great. The leaked interior pics look impressive as well as the specs on the new LT1 engine.

  47. Jan. 11, 6:34pm

    I totally agree with Phil too. GT5 is pretty much dead, PD I think just wasted a HUGE opportunity to consistantly improve the game with content, features and working out the little bugs and annoying things. It seems like they just threw alittle DLC our way to shut everyone up more than doing it to improve the game.

    Graphics don’t mean squat if the game play becomes dull and lifeless. Theres still years ahead at least 1.5-2years before we see GT6. By just stopping GT5 content and updates just shows that they really don’t give a damn about the community and are going to do whatever they want. Providing a trickle of online events isn’t supporting the game. I paid my money to PD and myself and Phil and the others have just as much right to complain about the game as do the ones that just thinks its perfect and can’t get any better.

    • Jan. 11, 6:50pm


    • Jan. 11, 9:21pm

      Yep its dead!
      I played every single day since the midnight release then about 4 weeks ago i just couldn’t get excited by it any more.
      I keep hoping that feeling of wanting to get in a stock car on stock tyres around the ring will come back but its not.
      Tried doing a seasonal the other day, did 2 of the 5 races and turned off.

    • Jan. 11, 10:40pm

      ^ Well guess what. That means its dead to YOU, not to everyone else…

    • Jan. 12, 6:48am

      @Phil – I’ve got really bored with GT5 loads of times now, but after a week or so i end up loving it again. If you hate it so much, go play the PRETEND driving simulator, Forza (Which is not a patch on GT5) and leave all of us alone with your negativity. I stopped playing GT last week for the same reasons as you, but news like this always gets me fired up again. Maybe it’s time you hung up your helmet pal

  48. Jan. 11, 6:34pm


  49. Jan. 11, 6:14pm

    I’m not trying to ruin anyones dreams, but most likely we are only getting the C7 Corvette. I’m not expecting much, even just the Corvette would be fine. GT5 nor Polyphony Digital owe us nothing. Just be happy that a 2 year old game still gets support

    • Jan. 11, 6:35pm
      GT5 Level 41

      Well said, and I agree with you. Time for GT6. They could give us 100 more cars for all I care, I want a new place (track) to drive them.

    • Jan. 11, 10:43pm

      Agreed also. It’ll be the C7 and anything more than that will just be icing on the cake.

  50. Jan. 11, 5:53pm

    I totally agree with you Phil. GT 5 was great in the beginning, but a massive disappointment for its evolution. Having clutch physics like this is also massively disappointing. Not much of a Sim..

    • Jan. 12, 1:17pm

      That’s why they call it the real driving simulator, not the real clutch simulator. The simulation is in it’s driving physics. It’s only a simulator if you play it as a simulator, if you use driver aids and run racing soft tires, you might as well play NFS or forza

  51. Jan. 11, 5:53pm

    I’m sure it will include the following…

    Fixed bug where if “x happened, y and z would fail”
    Fixed issue where if “x were purchased, y would glitch”
    Fixed pit entry delay on “x circuit”
    Removed “x” event due to corning cutting.

    You get the idea.

  52. Jan. 11, 5:47pm

    Why get excited? GT5, as far as ‘new’ stuff is concerned, is dead. I expect it will change the tyre wear model…again, maybe make the Vette ‘uncloaked’ and bring in something else neither necessary or desirable. If there was going to be more DLC, why would Polyphony and Sony release the game with all the DLC to date already in it, just to bring out more. Not feasible. But they know that there will still be millions of people out there who dream of things like Event creators and Engine replacement and livery editors and new cars and tracks. I’m sorry, but I think that’s delusional to say the least. All Polyphony will be doing now is preparing us for the long ass wait that will, as usual, get longer and longer, for GT6.

    • Jan. 11, 5:58pm

      Pretty ungrateful if you ask me. GT5 is a great game, and has some of the best graphics of all the other racing games put together. Sorry, but people like you make me sick. If you want to complain about this game, then get rid of it and move on. Hard task to ask of you?

    • Jan. 11, 6:00pm

      nothing wrong with dreaming, i’d hardly call it dilusional. Who’s to say there won’t be another edition of GT5? I bet nobody could have predicted there would be so many editions of GT5 when it first came out. I agree that it probably won’t be that big a deal but let us dreamers dream lol ;)

    • Jan. 11, 6:09pm

      I’m not even going to bother with @Phil3819’s post. Not worthy for anyone’s attention, nor mines, and just because we’re excited, he decides to come in to ruin it. Just don’t bother with it guys, please for your own good.

    • Jan. 11, 6:57pm

      Guys. Who said I was complaining? I was stating my opinion. I adore GT5, play it every week with a group of friends from all around the world who have been together since the game came out. It is the ONLY reason I bought a PS3 in the first place and the only game I come back to over and over. But, and it is rather a biggie, if it wasn’t for the guys I race with and banter with on Facebook and online, it would have been consigned to the bottom shelf some time ago. The graphics are (almost) flawless, the gameplay is excellent, but as owners of the game, don’t you think we should be able to expect things like other games give?

      Carfreak13 I find your reaction a little distasteful. I make you sick? For having an opinion that you don’t like? That way madness (and dictatorship) lies my friend.

      Steebz. There are lots of versions brought out so that people will keep funding Yamauchi-sans obsession with being a third rate race driver in a fourth rate car.

      TokoTurismo. I’m not trying to ruin anything, merely stating an opinion. If you don’t like it, then good for you and happy days all round, but for each person who is looking forward to their Utopian ideals of what GT5 should give, I bet there are five more who are realistic enough to realise that, as the Seekers said, ‘The Carnival is Over’

    • Jan. 11, 7:19pm

      Ohh, sorry. :(

      Didn’t mean to go all on fire on you if you know what I mean. But like you said, it’s your opinion and that’s fair.

    • Jan. 11, 9:59pm
      No Sorrow 13

      The game is dying down, but lets be honest; how many other games do you buy that you’re so interested that you play almost daily for over two years?

    • Jan. 11, 10:32pm

      As far as new stuff yea, but it’s still the most played racing game in existance, so it’s far from dead lol

      I’m a bit disgusted of the lack of new content too but that’s what we get for being fans of GT. It’s a great game but PD sure does know how to piss all of its fans off and make half assed attempts at making things right

    • Jan. 11, 10:39pm

      @No Sorrow 13 I’m still interested in GT5 to this day. :D I play sometimes during on my breaks at night.Although, I want to know why the others are saying GT5 is dead, when tons of people still plays it.

    • Jan. 11, 11:42pm

      Yup, the over… At least.until the next DLC car and/or circuit. Personally, I think 3 to 4 premium cars and 2 to 3 circuits per quarter isn’t asking for much. They could even make money doing it!

  53. Jan. 11, 5:36pm

    If it includes an update I wish most of all that we have the ability to swap engines between cars ..i.e A GT1 engine and gearbox in the Bentley speed 8 as an example..But i’m just dreaming …Ah well

  54. Jan. 11, 5:20pm


  55. Jan. 11, 5:16pm

    I think it will bring some new + remove old seasonal events (most probably) as there is almost no more room now to accommodate upcoming seasonal events. The bottom dotted row is almost full.

  56. Jan. 11, 5:13pm

    Fingers crossed, legs, arms, balls, ears, hairs, everything!

    • Jan. 11, 5:20pm

      Human body knotted!

  57. Jan. 11, 5:04pm

    I have a feeling that some of it will block hacks lol. Just a hunch like in every other piece of software! With non-tradable items floating around and being traded, they probably will look for some way to stop it!

    Also, seeing that Chromline car codes have expired, I’d be there would be a car pack/car DLC!

    Spec 3 would be nice though, to start off the 2013 with something fresh!

    • Jan. 11, 5:25pm

      Chromeline car codes were expired? What about cars themselves, would them stay in my garage after?

    • Jan. 11, 6:17pm

      Yes, you get to keep your cars ; )

      It’s just the codes that get the cars that are now invalid

    • Jan. 11, 6:19pm

      My chromeline voucher says expiry Dec 31, 2013, and I just gave one to a friend who used it.

  58. Jan. 11, 4:45pm

    Anything new on a 2 year old game is always appreciated

    • Jan. 11, 6:16pm

      Yes, you get to keep your cars ; )

      It’s just the codes that get the cars that are now invalid

  59. Jan. 11, 4:37pm

    My predictions: the new Vette (free) and gameplay patches; and at most a DLC pack…but that is held with a grain of salt.

  60. Jan. 11, 4:28pm

    I usually never want my hopes to high, but if an update comes by in GT5, will a, oh I don’t know, an Event Creator be added in? :D How I see the others post sounded excited, I’m feel excited myself. :)

    I’m so hyped for the C7! :D

    • Jan. 11, 4:36pm

      Agreed… I don’t want to get to excited but, it’s been so long that its hard not to.

    • Jan. 11, 4:39pm

      I know right? But I understand to see everyone being excited though. :)

  61. Jan. 11, 4:14pm

    I think it might have new tracks or new races coming in.
    Crossing my fingers!

  62. Jan. 11, 4:10pm

    GT6 teaser trailer
    Corvette C7 will be uncovered like gt-r in gt5: prologue
    A new update with new DLCs
    All standard cars turn to Premium for Free

    • Jan. 11, 4:18pm

      My bets are only the C7 Vette and probably some major update.

      New cars; could be, but knowing how very little cars PD releases, I don’t really hope for something worth it, like Forza’s car packs. But if PD adds two or three more DLC cars, then I would be happy to buy them.

      Tracks; highly unlikely, but who knows.

      Standard to Premium; never going to happen, even though as you and many fans, I wish that would be true.

      I still hold my hopes high, for Spec III even though it is also unlikely.

    • Jan. 11, 4:19pm

      free? lool

    • Jan. 11, 4:24pm

      God, I would love to have the Bathurst on GT5…

    • Jan. 11, 4:44pm

      Haha, keep dreaming, although the Vette is very possible to appear in a future dlc.

  63. Jan. 11, 4:09pm

    Finally; some really important news on GT5!

    I feel that not only the C7 will be part of this for some reason. GT fans, get ready for something special! Spec III is probably within us!

    • Jan. 11, 4:32pm

      Also, along with the c7, the mustang Mach 40 sema will probably be added.

    • Jan. 11, 5:19pm

      There are a couple of other SEMA cars that should have been added that would take priority over that one.

    • Jan. 11, 5:51pm

      Well remember this is PD we are taking about, so if you’re looking forward to the mach 40 (like me), you could be left waiting for quite some time…

  64. Jan. 11, 4:09pm

    I can’t wait until the month of November 2013, that way, we might get interesting news to have finally happened by then.

    GT5 forever :) (until GT6)

  65. Jan. 11, 3:58pm

    I sense Spec 3.0 is incoming ;)

    • Jan. 11, 3:59pm

      Dream ahah

    • Jan. 11, 4:00pm

      +1 I sense it too buddy, the maintainance is scheduled for 2 hours which is usually the case when an update is on the way. . .

  66. Jan. 11, 3:58pm

    The camouflage is just a cover?
    I thought it was a crazy new idea for a high drag body.

    • Jan. 11, 4:17pm

      Lol :D

  67. Jan. 11, 3:57pm

    OOO Who’s excited about this?? Wonder what they’ve got planned. If it’s good, i might be persuaded to get a second hand ps3? (I sold my slimline, but i might buy a cheap fatty) We’ll have to see, i guess…

  68. Jan. 11, 3:57pm

    * rubs hands together

  69. Jan. 11, 3:57pm

    Happy days!

  70. Jan. 11, 3:56pm

    Hope it’s more than just an update for the ‘Vette.

  71. Jan. 11, 3:55pm

    :O *Spider man feeling Tingling* BADASS Update lol

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