GT5 Prologue Spec II: Complete List of Changes

spec 2

As GTPlanet has posted over the past few days, Polyphony has finally released the Spec II update for the Japanese game.  While we’ve been throwing around the highlights in this new update (like the inclusion of High Speed Ring, Ferrari F40, F2007, QTS, etc.), the game’s official Japanese site has carefully outlined all of the new features.  Check out the complete list after the jump…

Additional Cars
– 34 Additional Cars have been added, for a total of 71 cars. [Additional Car List]

Additional Racetrack
– “High Speed Ring (normal/reverse)” has been added, for a total of 6 tracks, 12 layouts.

Additional Mode
– Drift Trial
– 2 Player Battle

New Features
– Performance Points
– Quick Tune
– Real Time Adjustment (RA) feature (Compatible with Driving Force GT)

– All event content have been updated.
– Number of events per class raised from 8 to a total of 10 each.
– Improvements have been made to the user interface

Driving Options
– “AI Level” added
– No. of Laps added
– “Driving line” added
– “Active Brakes” deleted
– “Active Steering” moved from Option (Can be adjusted in 3 levels, effective for wireless control pad as well).

– Added No. of laps setting for “Arcade / 2 P“ (Infinite/2-00)
– Added “Units” (Distance, Power, Torque)
– Added “Demo” (Auto demo start interval, demo duration, demo content settings)
– Added real time adjustment feature related items in “Change Button Assignments”
– Added “Temperature” display settings under “Network”
– Added “Delete Course Records”(offline) under “Utilities”

– Added Free Run (practice run mode) in race events
– Changed so that the host is not always in the 1st place grid position in online race events

– Garage selection added to Event and Online
– 4 stages including Kyoto added to the My Page background
– Measures taken against taking shortcuts in various tracks
– Improved penalty judgment
– Upper limit of credits raised to Cr.20,000,000
– Compatibility with the Driving Force GT steering wheel planned for release by Logicool®
– Improved controllability using the wireless controller pad
– Updated Manual
– Tyre selection in Arcade fixed to S2

– Key assignments will be reset by the update.
– Ranking will be reset by the update.
– 1,540MB or more HDD space is required for the update
– Please read other contents under “Please read before updating” for more details.

* To update, you will need a Playstation 3 connected to the internet with a broadband connection, and “Gran Turismo 5 Prologue” (Either the Blu-ray disc version or downloaded version).

* All information listed in this website is for Japan. For information outside Japan, please refer to the website of your region.

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