Secret Menu Reveals More Tracks in GT5 Prologue

Just when you thought you’d explored every nook and cranny of GT5 Prologue and finally laid the game to rest, it’s back from the dead with one more surprise up its sleeve: a super-secret “Special” menu. As revealed by @Mathieulh on Twitter, the Special menu gives you access to lots of hidden features. Notably, it shows several more tracks in the game such as the Nurburgring Nordschleife, Circuit de la Sarthe, and Tsukuba (though they can’t actually be selected). You can make all the cars available, create a race and specify the make and model of each of your opponents, tinker with visible menu options, and more.

Admittedly, there aren’t any major bombshells here – especially since we already have GT5 in our hands. However, this may be how some kiosks and demos were running “GT5 Prologue” versions of the Nurburgring and La Sarthe (perhaps they’re accessible with other codes?), and it is frustrating to imagine those tracks may have been on our Prologue discs while we were waiting for the full game.

To see the menu for yourself, go to the Prologue’s options and scroll down to the “Miscellaneous” category. While holding down the R1 and L1 buttons, press the following:


Next, press the START button, and the “Special” category will appear below the Miscellaneous. To see the menu in action, here’s a video. Don’t bother attempting this in the full version of GT5. It doesn’t work, but there may be a similar menu hiding in there, somewhere…

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  1. Tha_GT5_Drifta

    OK guys,here’s how it works :D
    Hold at the same time L1,L2,R1,R2
    While holding these buttons press DOWN RIGHT RIGHT,DOWN RIGHT RIGHT,DOWN RIGHT RIGHT,DOWN RIGHT RIGHT(4 times in total)
    Press start and it will make the sound when you select something
    ENJOY :D
    P.S Jordan if possible fix the info,it just won’t work with R1 and L1 only(at least for the PAL version)

  2. boblikepie

    Just because the tracks are in this menu doesn’t mean they’re playable it was probably just part of some code that they were testing with and didn’t get ride of it. A lot of programs have stuff like this if your willing to look

  3. tyl0r_r

    How many times did I wish I could set my opponents and they put it in with an obscure code nobody knew. I’m a little angry at PD right now. Oh well, no big deal I guess (unless those tracks are actually on the disc, then I’m REALLY mad).

  4. GTbyPlaystation

    I spent ages getting the F1 and now I realise that you can simply use it from this secret menu.

    *Very Angry Surprised Face*

  5. Bongo

    What. How unbelievably stupid it is to find this out now! Seriously holding back on something like this is down right lame. I dont care what anyone says this has pissed me right off. Needless of PD to not tell folk about this. I could have been thrashing the ring in GTP. GAY.

    1. Gallatron2000

      Please tell me the ring is not available when inputting this cheat!?? I think its just a place marker for a update from PD?

  6. wsoul

    I think you need to fix that. It wouldn’t work for me unless all of the shoulder buttons were held in (L1, L2, R1 and R2)

    Pretty cool trick however.

  7. SCUD77

    This only ads fuel to the fact that gt5 is basically prologue with a few more bits. So what did they do for nearly 6 years ?

    1. LTX

      Well they sure as sh!t didn’t give us Prologue DLC.

      As soon as I figure out how to unpack GT.VOL files, I’m copy/pasting the GT5 ring into GT5p to see what happens.

  8. Tompie913

    Wow, talk about bad timing. If this would have come up a month ago, it would have mattered infinitely more than it does now.

    1. RACECAR

      Meh, not really. If the tracks would have been playable, then yes it definately would’ve extended the life of the game.

    1. Napoleon_Ist

      actually this is no ordinary guy who found this. :)
      this is a known hacker who checked the disc’s data thats how he accessed codelines he was not supposed to.
      As he is a gentleman he waited the release of the full gt5 to made this finding public in order to not harm the gt5 prologue sales.

  9. gt5_tuning_vs_F

    @occasionalracer, also are you crazy!! if you knew how to tune your cars you should know even a civic can make 500hp. Why dont you go to the track…

    1. occasionalracer

      I know all about tuning my friend and I’ve done a lot of auto x and would consider myself a really good driver. My S13 with SR20 is making 260hp at the wheels, and while I wouldn’t mind another 100hp for straightaways it’s pointless cause diving into and accelerating out of corners won’t be any faster. I’m considering in the future getting aftermarket LSD and putting 265’s on the rear, so I can put more of my 260hp the the pavement when cornering. Driveability over numbers man, especially when it starts raining you want good power to grip proportion.

  10. j-kirb

    The s13. In the game has a CA18 DET not an SR20…change your oil after you build the premium s13 has 400hp.

  11. gt5_tuning_vs_F

    I love GT5 and i am big fan but…. There is alot of things that need to be explained for…. When tuning your engine why the hell can you only make 380hp with the 240sx with the sr20det motor? Everything tuned to stage 3 and its making that little bit of power… UMMMMM FAKE!!! My brother has one and he’s making 450 without even a stage 2 build…. WTF… And you still cant turbo Most NA vehicles… THATS FAKE.. Why arent there more then one superchrger…. PD what are you doing to this game.. If your not going to making engine tuning right why dont you just TAKE IT OUT… This is a big problem… I dont mind the fact that you cant swap motors but dang… More realistic tuning!!!! Stage 3 everything on a 240sx would make 600-700hp with ease…. WTF are yall thinking.. Let me know what yall think about this… Be respectful for i will to you :}. I would really love if jordon coommented on it but im not going to get ahead of myself

    1. darou

      Hey, did you try changing your exhausts, air intakes, etc ? Those minor mods add significant HPs when they all add up

    2. gt5_tuning_vs_F

      yeah i did everything bro.. I cant believe with such a big genre they would have mediocre engine tuning.. its so fake.. tuning to me is very importtant.. and they failed when it comes to that.. i dont care about the physics graphics or anything like that beucaus there great.. but engine tuning is sooo… OMG lol– it means alot for me and probably the real car tuners too.

    3. occasionalracer

      For starters your brother ain’t making 450hp on the SR20, stop talking bullcrap. I own an S13 and S15, and know just about everything about these cars and 450hp is basically the maximum anybody has tuned them to. I don’t get what you’re thinking with 600-700hp on this 4 banger. While I’m sure many cars could be modified and tuned further in real life, there is a reason why PD decided to draw a line somewhere.

    4. gt5_tuning_vs_F

      Yea he is running 450hp with a gt28 turbo and built internals. E85 gas. He’s running like .. 26 pounds of boost… And he got it tuned at Sean Ivy’s shop in New Jersey.. He is one of the best tuners in the U.S. And it makes no sense that in gt5 it cant make atleast 450.. His friend also has a Evo 9 running 600Hp with STOCK INTERNALS and he just put up the boost, e85 gas, and methanol… So gt5 missed out on alot…

    5. FlareKR

      Holy crap, all of you shut up!
      It’s simple, go on YouTube or StreetFire and you’ll find a crap load of Integras, 240s, and Civics running around 500+ HP, without a whole new layout. All it is is money, hell, you could make a 1,500hp Civic with the right amount of cash. Look in those import magazines, it’s ricer heaven.
      However PD doesn’t want this crap in GT5. The boundaries are present to prevent overpowered rice. You want more power? Buy a super car. This isn’t a tuning game, it’s a driving game, it even says so itself.
      Gran Turismo: The Real Driving Simulator
      Gran Turismo: The Real Ricer Simulator

    6. gt5_tuning_vs_F

      Well last time i checked ricer meant putting dumb vynls on your car or a big ugly spoiler.. So first check the meaning of ricer pal. Becuase performance isnt ricer.

    7. desmalta

      Jesus Christ. Bitch bitch bitch. It doesn’t do this. It doesn’t do that. I’m sick of everyone complaining about what the game doesn’t do. Why don’t you learn to program and figure out how to make all that happen? Surely it must be east. GT only took 6 years to make. Why don’t you shut up and play the damn game already and appreciate all that it does. There’s a lot I’d like to see in the game to but I’m not bitching about it, I’m playing it and I’m in an awesome league with people who want to race and have fun, not a bunch of assholes who want unreal horsepower to just run the walls and get to the finish line first. Learn to drive the real cars without the horsepower, or is that what you need to make up for your lack of driving skills? And please keep us informed how that 600hp Evo with the stock internals is doing. I’m sure when spring hits all that boost won’t blow the bottom end out of that car. Anyone with any brains to go with their money knows that you start with the weakest point and build from there, not the top of the motor stressing the bottom.

  12. Seb C

    Hey how do you get this to work, i have the australian platinum edition (spec 3) and have followed all intructions, on the analog stick, and no menu appears

  13. Maison Looi

    confirmed, it works, but when trying to load the invalid tracks, it just sits on the loading screen, I guess those tracks are DLC (as in DLC for kiosks)

  14. Hentis

    Tried it several times and it doesn’t work. Perhaps it’s just a USA thing?
    Followed the instructions to the letter over a dozen times and still no joy. Oh well.
    Anyone else get lucky?

    1. kekke2000

      I have PAL (Sweden) and it worked after a few tries. I dont remember if I held R1+L1 while pressing start, try both. But its just too see and then leave, nothing exciting to do except getting stuck on the loading screen for Nordschleife :P

    1. FlareKR

      Choosing the brains of your important would be nice too. Right now GT5’s AI have no brains, stupid a$$holes will keep pitting just to follow their racing line.

  15. Zmann42087

    I just thought of something… do you think there is a “secret menu” hiding in GT5 with Spa-Francorchamps on it? Oh my, I truly hope so!

  16. Rios

    Oh and forgot to say, that code reminds me of the old Genesis Nintendo days, A B A C A B UP DOWN RIGHT RIGHT START, and if it took a hundred tries to get it to work we’d do it a hundred times. lol

    1. Napoleon_Ist

      you can’t. you can only select the tracks you wanna display in the demnstration mode (rolling demo you know).
      by the way the sarthe, nurburgring and tsukuba that you can look but can’t touch are not even included in the japanese version.

      the good thing is you can select a black version of the nissan gt-r black mask… oh well! :|

  17. firerider23

    wow cool just when we thought gt5p was history its back for more but does this mean the game will have damage?

    1. Tweetman_277

      GT4 had one car with damage!!! It was the freaky Nike thing. I had it on The Nurbugring, hit a corner really quite fast, and a wheel fell off and an entire fourth gear went missing!!! It was insane!!! But when i tried to save the replay, the whole system just crashed!

    2. FlareKR

      I also unlocked a horse in GT4 to ride around the Sarthe. Amazing what one horsepower can do.
      I really believe the entire system crashed thing though. The same happened to my PS2 when I tried to put more gas into the horse and it farted.

  18. Zowne

    I can’t believe this feature has been in the game all along…
    Why would they not tell us? Maybe to make our longggg wait for GT5 a little easier

    1. Patrocles

      “You can make all the cars available, create a race and specify the make and model of each of your opponents, tinker with visible menu options, and more.”
      This is the sh!t they needed to have accessible in-game at the release!!

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