GT5 Prologue’s Motion Simulator at GamesCom

If you’ve seen lots of pictures and videos from the show floor at last week’s GamesCom convention, you probably noticed this full-size, Audi TT motion simulator running what appears to be a special version of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue.  While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a motion simulator hooked up to a copy of GT (indeed, this same Audi was brought to the Leipzig Games Convention last year), you can only imagine how badly manufactures of consumer-grade “motion seats” would love to interface their own products with future GT titles…

Did any GTPlanet readers at the show get to try this out?  What were your impressions?

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  1. Grant

    Hopefully weather in gt5 i know its dificult to do but its posible for wrc rally tracks bescause of the limeted cars they can do snow fog and rain

  2. Spec R

    Wouldänt that guy be emberrased? If I was somebody smart i’d have my driving skills in check before “driving” that thing in public :P

  3. JC

    There is Initial D arcade system in Japan (in Sega center, as far as I know) which consists of whole AE86 and RX7 exactly the same that seen in anime (interiors are also replicated) with really huge screens and g-force simulation. That would be much more fun to play, considering the fact that you can play in duel mode with friends.

  4. mboulouc

    well, i tried it, it wasnt that great. i think it didnt get any data out of the game, just out of the controller input (very weak compared to the d-boxes on the shift booth). you also needed some serious force to turn the wheel, i had a really hard time keeping the car on the track and was all sweaty afterwards.

  5. Wolgib07

    I was at gamescom and i was at this “simulator” and this “sumulator” doesnt simulate nothing, but still better that a normal chair

  6. oppylocky

    Useless bloody driving. The least the guy could have done was make an effort to get the most out of the simulator instead it looked as though he had no skill whatsoever, just the skill to look incompetent.

  7. alba

    Yeah, I don’t know why but that demo kiosk was locked in prologue on Suzuka. @Paulo yes, it really is mind boggling that really nobody can play for shit it seems :P

    I wanted to try it out but figured I’d maximize my time by just staying at one of the GT5 kiosk and play it as much as possible since the line for this was quite long!

  8. Paulo

    Why is it that almost every gameplay footage that is shown, has to be accommodated with such horrible driving… Can we get some good drivers capturing footage please! Awesome looking sim though.

  9. Birlibirli

    @ Berlino Bear

    Not anybody is a millionaire. Not anybody may drive on Suzuka Circuit. Not anybody can drive a Blitz R34 safely. But …. somebody might be jealous.

  10. Kingpin

    @ Bank Alexander

    Yes I guess :D

    unfortainly it was not GT5 which was playable on that simulator. I had to wait more than 1 hour to drive 1 round @ the Suzuki circus -,-*

  11. mink

    this is actually pretty old….

    the same motion sim was at 2006 24h @ Nürburgring. ONly that you played GT4 back then ;)

    not to impressive and breaking news tbh :D

  12. Kingpin

    I have drived with this Audi TT :D
    The driving feeling is tooooooo great !
    When you break the car pushes you toward and if you push the accelerator the car pushes you back !
    It made too much fun !

  13. Snaeper

    you guys are saints at GTP. Posting something every day even if it’s just a little bit to cling on to.

    you do realize the day that you guys DONT post something is the day that everyone goes nuts right?

  14. Wakenabeb

    looks like he he playing suzuka. i thought they only had tokyo available at gamescom. unless he is playing prologue instead

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