The Ultimate GT5 Prologue Walkthrough

gt5-prologue-walkthroughWith the quickly falling price of GT5 Prologue continuing to drive sales of the little game, many folks who have been holding off are finally picking it up.  Despite its small size, however, it still manages in-depth gameplay – the intricacies of which can be daunting for even experienced players.  To help out, GTPlanet user Conquerer put together this impressive, comprehensive walkthrough that leaves no stone unturned.

Starting out with a large FAQ section, Conquerer’s guide takes you through gameplay modes, detailed specifications on each car, techniques on how to win each race event, car tuning tips, and much more.  This is a really awesome compendium of knowledge, and it’s far more useful than anything you can pick up off the shelf at your local bookstore.  Best of all, he’s providing this information to the online Gran Turismo community free of charge, and you can download it right here on GTPlanet.  This takes a massive amount of work – please be sure to leave him a note of thanks on his profile page or in the comments below to acknowledge his efforts.  Well done!

Download the GT5 Prologue “Ultimate” FAQ/Walkthrough (.txt format, 268 KB)

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  1. Vin

    say, i’m pretty basic, so forgive me if this sound’s silly; how do I download this .txt properly? I keep getting jumbled up words when I d/l it by right clicking and saving… :p

  2. Geo

    there was a question about the GT-R black mask in which the response was wrong. You can acquire it by place top 3 in all classes which unlocks the s class. when you place top 3 in all the s class races you win the gt-r black mask. i believe this was how i got it correct me if im wrong

  3. Andrew

    “a bold effort, but ultimately, mostly plagerised from other racing guides.”

    Learn what you’re talking about before claiming plagiarism. The entire guide is original content written by myself with nothing taken from “other racing guides.” Your trolling and ignorance isn’t needed.

  4. Maggor

    Great job… I’ve made many guides by myself and I have to admit, that it is i pretty big time eater. So i appreciate this. THX

  5. S_M_91

    Why bother converting a text document to PDF, will that magically turn it into full colour with images? Er, no. Again, a bold effort, but ultimately, mostly plagerised from other racing guides.

  6. Andrew

    marky5244, that description is straight out of the game’s tuning menu. And thanks for the comments, everyone. I wanted to make a guide for GT4 when it came out but never got that far. Thought I’d try one for GT5P since GT5 is still in the distance, and it was a fun guide to make which really didn’t take that long either.

  7. Psychotic

    You’re lucky, guys. In our country GT:P’s price will never drop under 30$ (it’s the miminum price for PS3 games here) and I’m not wasting that kind of money on that.

  8. marky5244

    That’s a really good document. Thank you. However, I would question the description of ABS – is this really correct?

    “Adjusts how your ABS (Active Braking System) responds by deciding how much
    tire grip is used to aid stopping, and how much is used to help you when
    cornering. The higher the value, the better your grip while cornering, but
    the lower your grip when stopping. Please note that this value will not
    change the actual amount of grip of the tires you are using.”

  9. Zimmerd

    This is just massive!
    Great thanks and congratulations!
    I can’t imagine how much time has slept into this!

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