Gran Turismo 5: Prologue

GT5 Prologue Rankings App for iPhone/Android

GTPlanet user Calcifer has been hard at work developing a unique application for the iPhone/iPod Touch and Android platforms: it lets you view the latest top 100 times posted to… Read More »

Could Gran Turismo's Future be in '3D'?

According to a report by, Gran Turismo 5* is at Berlin’s IFA trade show…in 3D. The news comes off Sony’s press conference at the show, focusing on their consumer… Read More »

GT5 Prologue's Motion Simulator at GamesCom

If you’ve seen lots of pictures and videos from the show floor at last week’s GamesCom convention, you probably noticed this full-size, Audi TT motion simulator running what appears to… Read More »

GT5 Prologue Sells Nearly 4 Million Copies

As you may know, Polyphony Digital publishes the sales figures of each Gran Turismo game on their website, and they just updated the numbers for Gran Turismo 5: Prologue.  In… Read More »

The Ultimate GT5 Prologue Walkthrough

With the quickly falling price of GT5 Prologue continuing to drive sales of the little game, many folks who have been holding off are finally picking it up.  Despite its small size, however, it… Read More »

Nelson Piquet Jr. & Fernando Alonso Play GT5 Prologue

It’s always kind of interesting to find out that a celebrity shares your hobby for sim racing – especially when that celebrity competes in the highest level of international motorsport!… Read More »

No More Updates for GT5 Prologue

In a dash of bittersweet news, we can all collectively stop hoping for an “Update Available” message to appear one day when we fire up Gran Turismo 5: Prologue.  The… Read More »

GT5 Prologue Drops to $9.98 at Target Stores

If you’ve been holding off on GT5 Prologue because you don’t want to pay for a “demo”, you are quickly running out of excuses – especially if you’re in the… Read More »

GT5 Prologue Becomes 'Greatest Hit', 3.3 Million Sold

A “demo” that has sold more than 3.3 million copies will be added to the PlayStation 3’s “Greatest Hits” library on June 16, along with several other popular titles which… Read More »

Free GT5 Prologue Themes for Your PS3

Alba, a long-time creative character in the GTPlanet community, has maintained a slick, free GT5 Prologue PS3 theme for the past few years.  The latest version was just released, and… Read More »

Gran Turismo 5 Rumors You Can Trust

Earlier today, Amar212 dropped an odd bombshell on the GTPlanet Forums, posting a cryptic message full of hidden details about Gran Turismo 5.  Before you continue, have a look at… Read More »

Video Performance Analysis of GT5 Prologue

The engineers at Digital Foundry have used GT5 Prologue to demonstrate one of their new video performance analysis tools.  As you can see in the clip above, their software graphs… Read More »

Inside Sim Racing: GT5 Prologue vs. Forza 2

This head-to-head shootout between GT5 Prologue and Forza 2 by the Inside Sim Racing guys caused quite a stir in our forums last week, and it’s worth posting here for… Read More »

Kazunori Yamauchi Makes TV Debut

In a rather surprising “public” appearance, Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi is starring in a Japanese commercial for GT5 Prologue, which you can see above.  There’s nothing new (aside… Read More »

Logitech Responds to Cheating in GT5:P Challenge

Since the Logitech Challenge cheaters were exposed, many of you have spread the word and contacted Sony/Logitech, expressing your anger with poorly-skilled drivers who were bending the rules to get… Read More »

Cheaters Ruin Official GT5 Prologue Competition

The Logitech Challenge in GT5 Prologue is well under way.  Unfortunately, though, with thousands of dollars worth of prizes up for grabs, it has attracted the attention of cheaters with… Read More »