GT5 Prologue Rankings App for iPhone/Android

GTPlanet user Calcifer has been hard at work developing a unique application for the iPhone/iPod Touch and Android platforms: it lets you view the latest top 100 times posted to the GT5 Prologue in-game leader boards! This provides a quick way to check rankings without having to shuffle through Prologue’s menus, or just look at the status of your own hot laps regardless of where you are. The app is available for free on both the iTunes App Store (direct link here) and the Android Marketplace (QR code available here) – or just search the applications for “gran turismo” and you should find it quickly on either platform.

Thanks to Calcifer for all his hard work putting this together – you can reach him directly with your thoughts, ideas, or feedback here in our forums.

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  1. ozakiito


    really dude?!?!?! damn plz be true.. but still its gt5 so its irelevent!! lol.. remember god of war..
    tell us more dude.. if its true.. does it show any new features!?!?!??!


    HEY i bought modnation racers and i saw a GT5 AD on the manual, you know what that means

    ITS COMING!!!!!!

  3. iucidium

    ‘Ner0_sol03 Says:
    May 27th, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    I actually use my iPhone Lots and I am always up here like daily I thnk gtp sholud be an iPhone app .. What do u guys think?’ no. Because that happened to facebook, you should see the substandard, buggy version android has….unless calcifer did it.

    calcifer, i salute you! Android 1.6 – all is good, will notify in market if any unexpected eror etc occur.

  4. gtone339

    cas1490 Says:
    May 28th, 2010 at 12:07 am

    I want some real news for God’s sake!


    Yeah not this non-sense eh? Lol jsut wait for E3 2010 next month for the big, BIG, BIGGGGG news for GT5.

  5. blackjack

    this is something I will definitely look into when I upgrade phones. I guess there’s a good chance of a GT5 version when it’s released too. From the screenshots it looks like a nice and clean interface. top job Calcifer Kudos to you!

  6. scooter1265

    Yes, android is the “google phone”. They put it on motorola, htc, samsung, and google phones.
    And in my opinion, I think its the best thing ever! I’m replying to you on my Droid

  7. blackjack

    is “android” the OS for HTC phones or the Google phone? Or is this iphone only? Sorry guys, I don’t know much about current mobile tech.

  8. ElieTheBear

    @ everyone

    okok I’m sorry for my bad comment about the app : D
    just angry having news that are not related to gt5 :S
    good job Calcifer for the app !
    I want E3 GT5 INFOS + release date + butler’s next project ad !! + THE GAME

    @ FishforRent

    I’m no douche ! P

  9. ezza

    Very well done, In keeping with the existing GT5P style well.

    Can you search for yourelf? if not this could be included

  10. ZoOm

    Great work man, thats awesome and looks great (even know I have no Iphone)…

    If you couldn’t care less why take the time to comment? Some people I swear…

  11. Bryan

    I think this app is exactly what the Gran Turismo community needs. If Polyphony is going to take there time giving us something new, the fans are then responsible for bringing content to each other.

    Granted, this app is a little late to the show but it’s clean and fully functional. Great idea. Add an option to link it with your PSN ID so you can quickly find your friends and your own times and this app is good to go.

    Thanks for creating this app and I can’t wait to see what you come up with when GT5 comes out.

  12. CanAm1968

    I am not one of the billions of people who own an iphone. AT&T/Bellsouth knows that if they didnt have that phone..there would be millions of people flocking away from their phone services.

    I didnt come here to comment on that…I wanted to say that Calcifer did a great job with this free app. He must be rich because Im sure he could charge a few dollars to download and make a considerable profit. If I had an iphone, I would definitely be downloading it.

    I will just have to do it the old school way when the game comes out and keep checking the leaderboards online as well as gtplanet for any news on GT6!

  13. Wiretap


    JesseDeya got it totally right “There is no excuse for putting down the hard work of an individual who did something to better the GT community at no cost to anyone”

    So keep those comments to yourself!!

    We all want to play GT5, thats why we are on this site.

    This thread isnt about GT5, it’s about the app, so dont beat on Calcifer’s amazing work!

  14. G

    Very cool, as mentioned by other comments looks crisp, clean and very professional. I’m impressed! Although I dont think I’ll be downloading it…. ohh not for the fault of the app… just I’m not good enough to make the top 100 :( so I would really just be downloading it to look at other times much quicker than me and my joypad can do! (my hidden shame) :(

  15. Ner0_sol03

    I actually use my iPhone Lots and I am always up here like daily I thnk gtp sholud be an iPhone app .. What do u guys think?

  16. PeterWRC

    Only one probleme with this news! It’s still about the prologue! Who cares what kind of features they give for an iPhone?? A DLC, cars or tracks would be great. But this…F**k you Yamauchi!

  17. FishforRent

    ElietheBear: your are douche.

    Calcipher: your true awesomeness

    My Samsung Eternity: app-less and pityfull.


  18. scooter1265

    Pretty awesome for Android, in my opinion. I’ll never need to use it because I’m not too good at TT. But it is very well done.

  19. lado

    @ Apollo :

    Yes i know but i just want to play the game, a demo would be adequately. I think everyone on this site wants to play it and not to wait for new news and watch videos for a few months. They should send out a demo after E3 for everyone to play with the new physics and on the Nürburgring GP with damage and all the “i hope” finally features like night and weather effects.

  20. Obli

    @ElieTheBear – it’s not that your comment was negative, more that is was irrelevant. We all want to play GT5 but this thread is about the iPhone / Android app.

  21. Gasfuß

    Wonderful idea! thanx for the good work. This will definitely be my first app when i get the iphone in the near future.

  22. JesseDeya

    @ElieTheBear: You can’t rationalise your way out this, you made a dick comment and got called out. There is no excuse for putting down the hard work of an individual who did something to better the GT community at no cost to anyone. What have you done lately? Made out with your inflatable Ken Block doll and posted it on YouTube? Bravo.

    @Calcifer: Awesome work, this is a fantastic idea and I thoroughly hope you find the motivation to continue your work when GT5 comes out. I used to love hot lapping in GT5:P and your app has given me the motivation to get back in to it!

  23. RobGroove

    cant wait to get an iphone, does anyone know of any desktop apps related to Gran Turismo? or maybe a vista sidebar gadget?

  24. ElieTheBear

    @ Wiretap

    you said :””If you guys don’t like it, don’t bloody comment on it. There are plenty of people here who will find this app very useful to them.””””””

    This is what is all about saying comments you &/%(*? … people who dont like put negative comments … and people who like .. positive comments … your comment on my comment is negative …. because you dont like mine … its like if i tell you not to bloody comment on me !! welcome to earth

  25. ElieTheBear


    you’re right !!! this is so fucking awsome … !!! I can’t wait to buy a brand new I-phone !! to add this app !! ooo wowww so kool .. !! I have always dreamed of watching top 100 every morning …. at diner … end of the day … wow .. I can’t wait to see the top 100 right now .. at this very moment … because .. this is it .. ! I am positive … hey everybody … !! Just put positive comments so we will never upgrade in life .. lol .. Mr wiretap want positive comments … no negative … we can wait 10 years for gt5 … we are positive people .. yeah … I fell better … thx to you .. positive mate !

  26. Wiretap


    I don’t have an iPhone or an Android OS phone, so I have no idea what this like but…

    Why do you guys have to be so f**king negative?

    Calcifer has given up fis free time and effort to build this app which by the sounds of other users comments seems to be excellent.

    If you guys don’t like it, don’t bloody comment on it. There are plenty of people here who will find this app very useful to them.

  27. N155AN

    *** for jailbroken iphone users ***

    refer to my post in the specific thread, to find out how to bypass the 3.1.3 requirement

  28. marcus

    whilst kaz is still making gt5. Test drive unlimited 2 has been pencilled in for a september release in the states. take a look

  29. Z06onGT5

    Thx Calcifer you’re pretty awesome for making this bro Jordan u should hook this man up!!!

  30. Apollo

    Wow I’m really impressed, great work man it’s a shame I don’t have an iphone but if i did I’d definately download it, heck if you did one for GT5 I’d be willing to pay for it.

    @lado: I think you didn’t read the text, since clearly this has nothing to do with the develpment of GT5.

  31. Gunegune

    Props to Calcifer for supporting Android (and its earlier versions).

    I gave it 4/5 stars. I will change it to 5 if trackball support is added.

  32. sfb76

    so far the drift scores havent worked for me. Also it needs the concept by gt cars and the tuning shop cars. This matters because those are the cars and modes where i actually have high ranks haha

  33. NBH

    Just been having a play with this and it’s a really good app, much easier and quicker than using the proper website.

    I hope a similar idea can be done for GT5 but it will have to be reworked a bit, having a scrolldown list of cars when there are about 1000 would be a nightmare!

  34. boohamdan

    wow.. looking good too, from what i see in the screen shots.. clean & professional.. and for free :D
    great job Calcifer.. you are a real GT fan

  35. Quency

    Downloading …

    That’s what im talking about !!!
    Now can bring the battle to the “street” !!! Everywhere I go I can now check if I need to come back behind the wheel !!!

  36. phoop

    That’s genius. I wonder if PD would develop such an app for GT5 after they release the game..

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