100,000 People Play Gran Turismo 5 Every Day

Mashable quietly published an interesting video interview with North American Gran Turismo producer Taku Imasaki earlier this month.

In addition to highlighting Gran Turismo 6’s all-new game engine, Taku emphasized that many of the game’s new changes and features are “for the community”, and that the team at Polyphony Digital has been listening carefully to player feedback:

“Ever since GT5 came out, we hear a lot, like on forums, and our creator of the game, Yamauchi-san, he tweets.

He gets like a thousand tweets every day from people saying ‘you should do this or put this car in’. We pay a lot of attention to that stuff and take it really seriously.”

Finally, he shared a fascinating statistic, confirming that over “100,000 people log in every day” to play Gran Turismo 5 – a high level of long-term player engagement for a game nearing three years in age.

GT5 Photomode image by BayuYellow46.

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  1. GTHEAD87

    It would be good to see the amount of miles done for each day or an average. Then we could work out the average miles to each average player.

  2. tinojay

    i would love to play gt5 everyday but i get too much static from the wife. im lucky to get one day a week(lol), sadly enough. turning 50 soon, still love to drive and race, even if only in the form of a video game!

    1. tpark103

      You cannot gift the car unfortunately or many of us including myself would happily send you one.

  3. airwalkrulz13

    I love GT5 dont get me wrong but 100,000 is not that much considering that there are nearly 200,000 people are on COD everyday and sometimes even upwards of 400,000 people are on COD

  4. deepsouth

    Whine whine whine. Complain complain complain. Buy another game or make one yourself. Or just enjoy the game for what it is. I remember when Atari racers were fun no physics midi sound and graphics where huge blocks and your wheels were square.

    1. sind3ntosca

      and everybody was happy…. (the one that have atari :p) …life is beautiful back then… but now games getting real… including the whiners getting real too.. LOL :p

    2. Quigz125

      I still have my N64 with Mario Kart 64 and I can’t tell you how many times I played that game. Still one of my favorites.

  5. Geoff

    i’m not in those 100K and i’d like to know how many never came back online after 2.12 came out…

    1. another_jakhole

      I’m not one of those people who care about that. I tried it (:|) but it didn’t keep me from doing what I’ve always been doing. Still playing offline 99% of the time.

    2. myopinion11

      another jakhole:i agree with you to, the online is not good and i also play only offline beacuse i dont have any connection right now but the offline mode, the career and arcade sucks pretty much beacuse of the ai and the career is way too easy and not rewarding beacuse when you have raced a long championship event or a endurance event you get often a ugly standard car exept Ford gt40, Toyota 7, Minolta Toyota but i havent raced the nur 24h and lm24h but these are the best standard cars you can get in my opinion, rest are some ugly standard japanese cars mostly but if they where premium (or i dont why premium beacuse every car should have detailed interior) i would feel more rewarded but no! And plus the cars light effects sucks beacuse if you race at night at le mans for example, the cars which are close to you the light effect can be seen but the other cars which are more far behind you their light effect can not be seen and it lucks like they are driving on black surface but their lights can be se on but not showing the track and the obsticle that are close to the car. This can be seen on the reply but when you change to one of car that are far behind you then it sudenly shows the light effect ( what ever its called). GT5 is so unfinished game but the driving is amazing but not enough beacuse these things should not be in a released game. Im looking for gt6 but very sceptisc feelings rigth now. ( You guys have propably noticed my other comments which mostly are complainings about the gt5 but i just have to say my opinion beacuse i havent noticed any same comments or plus i havent looked to the forums so i hope im not the only one who have noticed these things)

    3. MeanElf

      So let me get this straight – you find A-spec boring and not challenging due to the AI…but you’d feel more rewarded with that if you won a premium car? That unfortunately makes no sense.

      You also really need to break up these walls of text into paragraphs. I also do suggest that you look at the forums because a lot of the points you talk about are explained there, such as lighting at night. In the end though, I think you are expecting too much from a console game.

  6. BWX

    100,000 a day over what time span?

    GT Academy week?

    Right after an update?

    The day after new seasonals post?

    What is the average over the last year for every single day? I wonder if they are just playing with the numbers like so many companies do.

    1. another_jakhole

      The number of people who buy an “originaly”/new GT5 is 20k every two weeks. Would GT Academy GT6 urge people to buy GT5 knowing that GT6 is coming sooon? There haven’t been any Spec updates as of late, just minor updates. Seasonals have little quality compared to the other features (1,000 cars, tons of track with a lot of them being unique, Photo Mode, Course Maker).

      To reiterate: The number of people who buy an “originaly”/new GT5 is 20k every two weeks.

    2. GTHEAD87

      Very fortunate lol. Wish id left game until retirement. That way I could have the best racers with the ultimate wheel and sound system. When my cars on the road I will stop playing games.

  7. ccaranna

    100,000 sounds about right if you consider the entire world. Just don’t tell any efficiency experts.

  8. Cote Dazur

    100K is impressive, and that is only the people logging in, I bet many do not, if like me they mainly enjoy arcade and/or have not updated past 2.11.
    Well done GT5.

  9. R1SHORT

    Has anyone ever published how many different cars and colors are in the game? I still log in every day (on two accounts) just to keep my bonus up and to see if I will ever get all the museum cards. ha ha got about seven cards to go

    1. Pit Crew

      Cars yes 1031,not including DLC. Colors no though I have like 2,500 myself. Cudas, I think have the most color chips for 1 model in GT5 at 27.

    2. R1SHORT

      that’s all I buy anymore are cars that come in a particular color that can’t be repainted, gotta spend my winnings on something

  10. Snorevette

    It would probably be 100,001 if my PS3 decided that connecting to PSN is not just a once-every-two-days requirement.

  11. Quigz125

    I can’t wait to see what we can actually do to the cars. I wonder if they really will have a wind tunnel in it with the aerodynamic parts. And to all those people crying about it being GT5.5….. It’s a WHOLE NEW ENGINE!!!!! So quit with the idiotic remarks otherwise stick with GT5 if ur so Anti-GT6.

    1. BWX

      Ok, I will stick with GT5.. errr.. no I don’t play GT5 anymore. So I will stick with not playing GT at all unless they improve GT5.5 a ton. I mean a LOT BIGGER single player like in GT3, GT4, etc.. Not the excuse in GT5 that they pawn off as an A-Spec mode. And the “chase the rabbit” ai has got to go. No more rolling starts on every single ai race just because they are either too lazy or just plain incapable of fix the bumbling, corner braking, rolling roadblock, chase-the-chicken “ai”. One and three race A-Spec so called “championships” better be a thing of the past too. Boring, 5 lap, completely predictable, SRF-forced-on, rookie mode seasonals are no replacement for good A-Spec mode either, so please don’t even go there.

      The argument that we don’t need a good A-Spec career because we have multiplayer doesn’t fly either. There are much better multiplayer racing sims for the PC, GT cannot compete with it’s wacky ever-changing online physics compared to offline, the cheaters, the rammers, the no banning of the cheaters and rammers, no matchmaking, etc., etc.. GT became popular because of huge, in depth, well thought out career mode, decent physics, huge amounts of cars, and ai that was “good enough” especially for back in the day. They cannot continue this B-Spec B.S. (what a waste of code!), and Ken and Barbie doll dress-up clothing collection mode, and then skimp out on the bread and butter that got GT where it is (or WAS I should say).

      Kaz admitted A-Spec was bad, and he actually said they were going to fix it in GT5 through patches or DLC, which of course never happened. We got more shoes and sox, and bowties, and helmets and gloves and paint colors and photomodes and suits to play Ken & Barbie dress up mode, but not one single extra DLC A-Spec Championship or extension of any kind- and as I said, seasonals do not count for many different reasons.

      Don’t even get me started on the farce that is the XP system.. what a tacked-on rush-job to cover their ***** (behinds) that was. The freaking grinding for XP has to be gone too, that was just to keep you from finishing the entire poppysquat A-Spec (minus endurance races) in 4 days. What a sham that entire deal was, anything like that shows up in GT6 and I think it all over. The proof is that LICENSE TEST are completely meaningless in GT5, yet there is actual text in the game that says otherwise, contradicting itself. That alone proves the entire XP system was just a tacked-on lazy way to wrap up the A-Spec development that was never finished, actually it hardly ever started if you look at the amount of races and championships there are.. or aren’t.

      Yeah, the physics might be a little bit better now, but drifting is faster than clean driving in GT Academy which is totally wrong. At least the physics feel better, but with that we got much worse gfx. The antialiasing is so much worse in GT6 demo than GT5, if it stays like that, I can’t even play it at all because all the shimmering gives me eye strain and a headache after an hour even with all the digital post processing on my 52″ Aquos and the sharpness turned way down, the jaggies punch through, wrecking the visuals. The flickering shadows, way-too-dark cockpit view, etc., all need to be sorted before GT6 and hopefully they will be, but without better ai and A-Spec it won’t matter to me anyway.. I will play MP PC race sims that look amazing or F1 “simcades” with 1000% better ai or PC FPS shooters before I waste my time and money on another hyped up, old fashion GT5.5 that fails to deliver the goods.

      I have purchased every single major GT ever sold in the US, and bought every single PlayStation just to play GT. I am a huge GT fan from way back. I will however not be pre-ordering GT6, I will not be buying it day one, or day two, or even week one or two. People can say I will all day long, go ahead and post that broken record response if you want to, but I won’t be buying it this time until I know it is much improved over GT5. I will wait till the reviews and player feedback on GTP come in, screenshots, 1080p high bitrate YouTube vids, and I’ll wait until I get in depth A-Spec career mode info before I buy it. If GT7 on PS4 is more of the same as GT5, I won’t be buying a PS4 and GT7 either. You just wait.. I bet the sales figures will be way down for GT6 compared to GT5 unless they turn this ship around in a huge way. They need to get back to what made Gran Turismo fun and popular in the first place. They continue to get farther and farther away from that with each iteration lately.

      So… -1,000,000,000,000 + ∞ – ∞ / ∞

      GT5.5 better be a whole lot better than 5 in a whole bunch of ways. And you know darn well it’s 5.5. Don’t even try to say it isn’t just because of a few physics tweaks and gfx downgrades. Let’s be real here. A little body roll added and semi realistic suspension movement compared to GT5’s wooden shocks and hard plastic feeling tires doesn’t magically make it a brand new “engine” as you say. yeah the physics seems like they will be better, but they like to change the physics every patch, so who knows what it will end up like by the time GT6 is released. Fingers crossed I guess.

    2. Quigz125

      Like I said if you don’t like it, don’t play it… Period. Since I only read about 1/3 of that rant.

    3. ScotteDawg

      @BWX – go stuff a chicken… ummm… somewhere VERY uncomfortable!

      A simple request was made to stop calling GT6 “GT5.5”! Couldn’t leave it alone, could you? No, you had to put your (I would say 2 cents worth but, going by the size of it) $50 worth in!

      Like I’ve said before – GO TROLL ELSEWHERE!!! We don’t want your kind in here! If you want to vent your dislike of the Gran Turismo franchise, try starting up a facebook page or your own “Anti-GT” website or something – just stay out of here!

    4. sayba2th

      I don’t believe BWX is trolling here Scotte, I am a massive GT fan myself and think he raises some valid points. I myself will be a purchaser of 6 for sure but I can feel BWX on a number of things. If you remember GT 4 was a lot different to 3 and it was on the same console. His comments have been constructive. I too have owned every iteration of GT from day dot and I think there are some valid points maybe already touched previously that he covers. At least he expands up on his point and why he feels that way as opposed to this is……. and that’s it. So unless you are the moderator here or Kim Jong Un he has every right to post.

    5. MeanElf

      Sayba – BWX may have raised some vaild points, though his criticism was hardly constructive. Nor did he concede to various parts (SRF being one) that have been altered since the original grievance, well it’s been one Seasonal so far, but here’s hoping the option to choose will stay – in short though, he just ranted whilst making some good points. Now that is an improvement over what he usually does, ie: rant in short trolling sentences but that was not constructive criticism.

      I hope he feels better after all of that outpouring, but it still sounds a little sad, such a blurt after almost three years. Relying on such verbal crutches as GT5.5 or comparing a console game to a PC one isn’t doing him any favours either.

    6. Quigz125

      That’s right MeanElf. Of course the PC will have better simulators than any other system. But I myself am not going to spend $5000 atleast on a gaming PC when I can have just as much fun for just $60 on my PS3. People still don’t understand that NOTHING is going to be perfect no matter how much time a money you spend on it. There will always be those people who’s only goal is to kill everyone else’s excitement about it. I notice he said he is NOT buying GT6 so my question to him if he already made that decision is: Why are you still bitching about it???? Why waste the time to complain about something u don’t care about anymore. Seems hypocritical to me.

    7. MeanElf

      “People who are unable to make valid points or win argument resort to name calling.”

      Whilst people who cannot comprehend counter arguments just seem to keep trolling, eh BWX? You don’t like GT – you don’t like whichever PC sim it was you were playing (PCars, I think it was) – so maybe it’s time for you to find a different way of having fun.

  12. ADTR

    It’s a nice statistic but it doesn’t mean much does it?

    That number is high because there’s not another game like GT5 on PS3. It’s basically alone in the PS3 market .. since it came out.
    It’s been out three years, alright. But then again, no game went in direct competition with GT5. You can be happy about that 100,000 number but it’s “easier” to maintain a high number when your game has never been seriously tackled lol.

    Finally, you cannot do a direct comparison to the number people playing BF3 or COD daily .. they’re in the same market since they aim the same public and offer the same type of product (FPS). They have to be considered has one & they’re multiplatforms.

    There are way more people playing FPS everyday than anyother type of game. Maybe they do not last three years, but then again, it’s because there is way more FPSs than Racing Simulators being released every year. (Specially on PS3)

    1. steiner

      and thats the point.
      If it would be so easy to do, then why is noone doing it?
      Why does it have no competition?

    2. ADTR

      What I said about the COD/BF things applies to other you know.. it’s a principle.

      Unless you consider that Dirt or NFS are direct competition to GT5, GT5 doesn’t not have competition because no other studios went (yet) in the details of GT5, that’s it. Release C.A.R.S. on PS3, that 100,000 number is gonna melt like an iceberg in the desert.

    3. steiner

      CARS a competition for GT?
      well, then they need more cars (bad pun is bad).

      and as far as i know it currently is not even sure that CARS releases on PS360

      there is no competition for gt because the game has such a scope that no EA or Activision is willing to tackle it.
      smaller publishers and studios just dont have the money to do a game on that scale.

      everybody is complaining about carrer mode in GT, but what do others do? Shift Series? Same dull experience, just with some fat guy giving me dudebro advices..

    4. MLRSparco

      ADTR has a good point,no other company has come out with a game to take players away from GT5 so of course people are going to continue to play it,You can’t suggest EA or the creators of Dirt because those games do not focus on simulation and plus if you had the choice of making an arcade racers that will get decent sales every year or working on a game for 2to3 years and not getting the sales you wanted I’m sure you’d go with releasing an arcade game every year.

      But I think thats going to change when the PS4 comes out,I think there will be more company’s coming out and making racing simulators,DriveClub seems to be the biggest threat to GT6 as of right now but I’m not even sure what the physics are going to be like on that game yet.As soon as a good racing simulator comes out you’ll see GT players start to leave at a very fast pace.

    5. MeanElf

      I doubt really that people will be leaving GT5 so fast as two of you seem to think. The figures are high despite the amnount of apparent complaints about the career mode – so what is it these people are doing? Whatever it is, they have been doing so for quite some time and I doubt that competition will change that.

      Sure PCars might be a contender if it hits the PS3, but even that as a F2P model it might not give the people who are regularly logging onto GT5 what they are looking for. I think the only thing that will see a decline in GT5 players will be GT6. Even then, consider how many people still play, post and discuss GT4…

      Lastly, people will still be going onto GT5 even after GT6 is out, certainly those who league race and play online, as that’s where all of their cars are…until they build up a reasonable garage.

      Still damn good for a thirty-two month old game.

    6. GTHEAD87

      Project cars will take some numbers down as people will want to play a fresh racer. But, its made for racing with racing cars. I looked up details for project cars thinking”wow, this could be the cross between forza and gt. I was wrong In ways. Firstly the amount of cars that was said to be in the game was poor which for me and others out there, it will become boring very easily. Another is it is all about racing cars, not just having a wee blast or a cruise round the circuit.

      I know brains are rattling and veins are popping reading this so I will state now. I am looking forward to trying it out as it will be for the ps4 instead of ps3 so plenty time for change. Gt is my game of choice, no other racer on any platform has had the vote by me.

    7. TokoTurismo

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I don’t even understand the hype towards pCARS, its just another “I want to be a great racing simulator”, and that’s it, nothing more. I actually was looking forward to it, but than got over it and said “meh, just another typical hardcore racer that’ll easily get ignored by almost everyone expect the hardcore”….

      And its car list also boring. It just looks incredibly boring and its only amazing due to eye candy…..

    8. MeanElf

      I tend to get twitchy the higher the power of the cars. I really don’t enjoy racing much above GT500 to be truthful, so I know that PCars won’t be for me.

    9. BWX

      I have pCars and it has horrible physics and force feedback IMO. It is in no way any competition for GT in any way. GT3 had better physics. I’m getting a refund on pCars actually. I’m going to run it once more on my PC to see if any of the latest updates has drastically improved the physics, and if not, I’m getting my refund and forgetting pCars ever existed. That was such a huge letdown.

    10. TokoTurismo

      ^ Wow it must be that bad than it seems. I never trusted SMS and never will after Shift 1 and 2. The pCARS fanboys hypes that game up too much. Before careful BWX.

    11. GTHEAD87

      Meanelf, im exactly the sam with the car being too powerful. In a way I blame the ps3 triggers as they are quite small and the slightest touch sends it to the mid rev range. I was excited to play pcars just fot the bmw 135i btcc car and the ford escort rs1600. After what bwx is saying I wont be getting that. Ill play it though to have my own opinion.

    12. MeanElf

      There are R2/L2 trigger extenders you can get for the DS3 GTHEAD – useful to increase the range of responsiveness. Those might help on the console racing front. I think my biggest problem with the powerful cars is that I’m too cautious ;)

  13. sayba2th

    On a world wide scale, one would have to think that 100,000 is not unobtainable. For me the challenge lies in bettering myself and competing against my own times (hot lap wise). Also another thing is I like to do is to make tracks vehicle specific eg. Monza is used for Italian marques or Trial Mountain as 400-500pp challenge or LeMans / Sarthe as LMP’s.
    This is where I get replay value on the game. as far as online goes, I am not overly big on it personally but that’s just me. The other thing I have enjoyed is the course maker. This maybe one of the best features of GT6 and one of the new improved features that I am truly looking forward to seeing most. Especially based upon what we have been advised for GT6’s impending release.

    1. sayba2th

      Actually that’s always how I have gotten reply value, On GT2 I can’t even tell you how many laps over the hours days, months and years I spent fanging (Aussie word used to describe going hard) the Cusco Impreza round Midfield (The track I miss most) only to fall short of my lap time by hundreds and / or thousandths or just enough off track to invalidate the lap. But when the stars align and you bang that perfect lap that beats your ghost, THAT is where the pay off is.

    2. mistersafeway

      A lazy way to say PS3 and Xbox 360. When the **** was that confirmed, though? Sure, Wikipedia says it is, but the page hasn’t been updated in three weeks, but everybody on here who talks about the game has been saying “there’s been no official confirmation” for months.

    1. another_jakhole

      Example –

      Sorry, man
      “but 100 000 people log in a day? Its a bit over exaggerated imo.”

    2. Quigz125

      Well I was just playing GT5 on the 22nd and past midnight to the 23rd and plan on doing the same thing again tonight through the 24th. So is that proof enough?

    3. Quigz125

      I can’t wait to see what we can actually do to the cars. I wonder if they really will have a wind tunnel in it with the aerodynamic parts. And to all those people crying about it being GT5.5….. It’s a WHOLE NEW ENGINE!!!!! So quit with the idiotic remarks otherwise stick with GT5 if ur so Anti-GT6.

  14. steiner

    i dont find that hard to believe at all.
    Over the years my friendslist grew from a lot of different games and communities to the point where i have like 60-70 people in the list who are playing the ps3 regularly.
    The most played game in my list still is GT5.
    i see the usual CoDs, Battlefields and FIFAs but GT5 still tops them all.

  15. DCP

    Wow, that is astonishing.
    I’m sure it will be quadruple that come GT6, so you better get those servers upgraded, to avoid lag and Disconnections.

  16. HarVee

    I wonder how many of that 100k only log in everyday to keep their log in bonus and not to actually play.

    1. MeanElf

      Not sure that there’d be much point in that as you really need to race to get the benefits from the bonus – I mean, I can’t imagine folks are doing so solely for the paints.

    2. another_jakhole

      Ok. This is good. I can now add you to my ignore list…except that it won’t work in the Comments section. GTP, fix it, NAOOOW!

    3. ScotteDawg

      Sorry MeanElf, I have 3 accounts – 2 Australian (initially for duping) and 1 English (to get the Stealth cars) – and I log in daily with all 3 accounts to keep the log-in bonus up! However, I delete most, if not all, of the paints but I do do the Seasonal drift events on all 3! That’s where the 200% comes in handy!
      The account I tend to use the most (insofar as time spent on it) is my first account then, when the mood hits me, I use my English account. My second Australian account only gets used for drifting.
      In the first year of GT5, it was all about the paints and duping them and some of the cars! Now it’s just out of habit and for practising time trials and drifting…

    4. HarVee

      Jakhole – You’re going to ignore me just because I’m having a curious thought? Geez, I think you nee some professional help there buddy.

    5. MeanElf

      ‘Salright Scotte – having read the rest of the posts, I declared myself as standing corrected on that matter ;)

    6. GTHEAD87

      I sign in to keep my bonus, I want to make it to level 40 sadly. Dont have time to play it much and sick of getting no thrills out the game.

  17. TheeFrogmanlego

    Yeah we know. XD you now that for a game to have 100,000 users daily it needs at LEAST a 2 mill person pool of players that play it regularly right =D

    1. TheeFrogmanlego

      Im taking this off off stats from the uncharted , call of duty and twisted metal forums. The average 20X the number of daily players by 20 to estimate the player pool , twisted metal has 3k daily players and it has a 30k player pool * very very dead community..* For gt5 it may not be 100k at any given time it may just be 10k at all times. You can make rough estimates but some games have much larger active player pools. For example WOW may have half a mill playing at any given time, but two mill use it daily. I think most people here think its 100k at any given time as opposed to the whole day.
      Basically like a store, it may have 5 customers at any given time in there but during a day 200 people went there out of 4000 who go there regularly .
      We will never know how big the player pool is unless they tell us how many people play monthly nor will we ever know how many people are playing at any given time unless it indicates it.

  18. Quakebass

    It seems that not many people realize just entering GT mode qualifies as a sign-in. I know many people probably aren’t in lobbies – there’s photographers, tuners, and people doing seasonals. Maybe people just swapping around their favorites or buying new cars for Arcade mode. 100k seems PLENTY reasonable, especially considering the amount of copies sold.

    1. HuskyGT

      Not counting the people who don’t actually have an internet connection. Who knows how many are really playing.

      And it’s true. I for example don’t play online (I was actually playing online a couple of minutes ago, but that’s rare to happen). But GT5 is ALWAYS connected. Most people are just doing hot laps, playing arcade races (what keeps the game alive) or taking pictures. All these things, from the moment you go to GT Mode, counts as a sign-in.

    2. another_jakhole

      “Anyway, infamousphil, to demean your last statement, do you really think “100,000 players” would mean that it’s the same 100,000 people playing GT5 everyday? If it does mean that, then I can only imagine the number of people who log-on every other day or every third day. Unlike first-person shooters, GT5 has a pretty good offline system considering the amount/variety of cars and tracks and different features it has, like Photo Mode/Travel and the Course Maker. I’ve been using the Course Maker recently more than I was a few months ago.”

      So yeah, whether it’s logging into GT5 for the offline or to only ever go straight to playing online, there are still about 100,000 “log-ins” everyday.

    3. Pit Crew

      Speaking of Course Maker, can’t wait to see some details of how it’s improved over GT5s and maybe a sneak peak of gameplay on a layout in the future. (The one in Spain)

    1. another_jakhole

      Yup, just figure out how many people enter a time trial seasonal every other week. Even those are pretty high numbers.

    2. Tacobell18

      You’re talking about sales of a game thats been out for 3 years… I agree that there are still many people that do seasonals which also lasts 1 week. Obviously alot of people would do them but 100 000 people log in a day? Its a bit over exaggerated imo.

    3. another_jakhole

      It’s not an exact figure nor is it the same 100,000 people that play GT5 every day. In a nutshell, every other week there are tens of thousands of people that do the time and drift trials. Sometimes, or even usually, I skip them or wait until they’ve expired and I can’t get a ranking on them. I’m off doing other things in GT5. How many players go straight to the online, log on in order to maintain the 200% bonus, go to Photo Mode, make new tracks, or only play offline (which is what I do for the most part)? 100,000 people isn’t an exaggerated tally.

    4. another_jakhole

      According to VGChartz (which isn’t friendly to GT5), between June 22 and July 06, 20k copies have been sold/shipped.

      A year ago it was selling about 15-20k a week, the high average (damn it, I’ve forgotten the proper algebra term :|).

      And yet, imagine all the people that would still buy it used and imagine all those people that don’t have an internet connection. They might get the game updated using their friend’s service – a friend who probably doesn’t even play GT5.

    5. MeanElf

      “…beyond inaccurate”: Something is accurate, or inaccurate – you can’t really have beyond inaccurate…

    6. Imari

      1% of the buyers are hardcore and will play GT until there’s a new version, regardless of how long it takes? Sounds about right to me.

  19. MJRL

    Its a shame that after three years they couldn’t fix the online in private rooms, i think its getting worse, yesterday a friend was using a Lotus and the other see a Citroen GT Race car on track, that car was used in the early race, not to mention the disconnections…

  20. Johnnypenso

    In spite of it’s faults, it’s still an eminently playable game even after 3 and a half years. Hopefully Kaz and the boys are listening to the feedback about the sounds!!!!!!

    1. research

      Not to mention the emphasis that Kaz has placed on future updates when talking of GT6. Some of the updates to GT5 were quite significant and MUCH needed.

      GTPlanet, lets keep pushing this thing forward. Highlight the constructive remarks, and ignore any screaming children.

  21. StaticVariable

    Even after three years, GT5 is still fun to play. I’ve never invested as much time in a game as I have with GT5.

    1. MeanElf

      Same here – I’ll go back to other racing games I have, periodically for a few hours. GT5 I have played most days since release.

  22. infamousphil

    Logging on daily and racing to get the used car dealership to roll… that’s what I do. And it would be a real drag if I couldn’t find a decent room at la Sarthe sans chicane.

    Still looking for some of those elusive “rare” cars, like the Mitsubishi Evo IV and the Mazda 787.

    1. infamousphil

      Yes, both are probably myths, given the years of searching. They are however, listed on the official wedsite as both premium and standard as many others are. So, I’d like to have them in my garage.

    2. hairystig

      Are those (standard) cars only available in gt5 if you happen to have them in gtpsp and you then port them into gt5 via the portable garage thing in arcade mode?

    3. infamousphil

      Hmmm, good question, Hairy. Are all PSP cars transferred to 5 as standard models? My search may be over. I have PSP but my teen doesn’t do GT.

    4. mcalva98

      The Gt by Citroen is standard and premium also and the GTR 07.
      Both are standard and premium but they can be imported from GT PSP

    5. MeanElf

      Okay Pfeffer – two extra words added this time…so you are naming tracks that you presumably want. That’s a bit clearer – though why add it to a post that has nothing to do with tracks on a news thread that also has nothing to do with that either.

      Are you trying out some new kind of subliminal suggestion method on PD by posting track names on random threads? Will I go the the Home Baking or Coarse Fishing Forum later to see the name Bathurst popping up everywhere?

  23. DYLAN777-is-not

    Thats honestly reaaallly hard to believe 100k a day… That is a huge huge number for an old game especialy a racing game. I feel its more 10,000 a day.

    1. KiroKai

      Yep, seems like he slightly exaggerated that number. On Saturday evenings there might be that amount of players but certainly not on average week days. Think about it, let’s say 75,000 of those 100k players would play in lobbies while the other 25% are on Seasonals or other things (loading screens probably) and if we assume a lobby is crowded with an average 8 players at a time (which is a pretty high average I think) that’d mean there would be 9375 lobbies. Every day. Each existing for about an hour to fill up with random players and do a couple races.


    2. infamousphil

      Where do you guys get your numbers? Are you some sort of authority on such things? Is there a bonifed web site that post this kind of information? Or are you two just regular folk texting your nonqualifiable opinions?

      Just turning on my PS3 and selecting “GT5” is enough for me to get logged in.

    3. Tenacious D

      People seem to like to cast doubt on GT5. It’s kind of the “cool” thing to do. They find it hard to believe that anyone still likes it, or races Standard cars, or races in it regularly period. I’ve been enjoying it almost daily for a year, so there’s another statistic for the intranets. ;D

    4. MeanElf

      As the PD servers can track the numbers, why would the info be false? I’m sure Dylan and Kiro can find reasons to support their grumpiness at the game actually still being supported by people who like it. Also logging in has absolutely nothing to do with online (well, you need to if you want to do the latter.) It’s like the others have said, there is plenty of other stuff folks are doing.

      And what’s this with Saturday as an example? I work Saturdays, as I’m sure a number of people do – so we play on other days of the week – not hard to comprehend unless you don’t realise that an increasing proportion of the world doesn not work 9-5 on weekdays only.

      I’d like to know where your alterative facts are coming from too…

    5. ScotteDawg

      What you must consider also is that, while there may not be 100k online at the SAME time, there would be within a 24hr period. People may only play for about 2 hours (some not even that) before they have to do something else like work, sleep, visit family etc.
      Keep in mind also that this is a WORLDWIDE game. If 10k are online at any given point during a 24 hour period, there is the potential for 120k (based on the 2hr model) to be online over that time frame!
      Admittedly, I have 3 accounts and I go online with all of them on a daily basis and I know of around 10 people with 2 accounts who do the same thing! This would bring the real numbers down, but not significantly!
      I ALSO know of 3 husband and wife GT5 players that, whilst sharing a PS3, have their own separate accounts and still log on daily! Hell, an American friend of mine went on holiday with his wife for a week and took his PS3 and GT5 with him and used the hotel’s wifi to log on and get into our Cat & Mouse room!!!

      100k is MORE than possible!!!!!!!

  24. KYD302

    100,000 isn’t as much as i would have thought i remember when the game came out the online lobbies were always full now there usually held to 4 players each but theres less noob bs in the rooms so thats fine with me.
    People who want to transfer cars so they don’t have to put any effort in the game just blows my mind lazy bastards.
    I like to earn my way threw the game it’s more rewarding. Something i feel they could fix is the Parts prices in the game i’m sorry but a turbo kit doesn’t cost 20k nor does it cost 40k+ to build a race grade engine.
    I’m excited for the new customization features but i hope the paint chip system is dead i have around 2000 paint chips 98%of them i’ll never use. It’s such a crap feature. We don’t acquire paint chips in real life an have to paint our cars with what we’ve earned. Just do a paint feature like every other game. I get that PD wanted to try and be different but there’s other things they could have done.
    All of this aside i’m personally stoked for GT6 my only gripe is if PD isn’t going to give us two wheel junkies another TT game at least incorporate them into GT. The Game is called The Real Driving Sim well driving a motorcycle is Driving. An honestly how hard would it be to add bikes into GT. Other games have done it an PD made TT so the basics are already there. Even some of the car guys who have no current interest in bikes right now would end up using them for something different when there bored of racing around the Nurb for the 1000th time.

    1. KYD302

      @Pit Crew. ya i just looked into it ” 16 additional cars as well as your own customized paint chips, race suit, helmet, PSN Avatar, and a copy of Beyond the Apex II app.” That blows but maybe they could just do it for special colors like Chrome Paints or a CF Skin. not going to hold my breath but i can dream they fix this before GT7.

      @Tenacious D. wouldn’t that be the same thing? It would be awesome to see them just incorporate them both into one game. Bikes can do everything cars in GT do they can race on a circuit they can drift and drag an off road or dual sport bikes can rally. Plus you see bikes vs cars all the time on the highways in America. i just think it would be a fun element to have within the game. An it would be something FORZA doesn’t have.

    2. ScotteDawg

      The idea I had was to incorporate the bikes into the game but, when it comes to online rooms/lobbies, the room host chooses what gets run. I’m quite sure you had the same idea though…

      But it would be fun to have both in the one game!!

      BTW, Midnight Club has both… just sayin! Still no competition for the GT series though.

  25. TokoTurismo

    Since 100,000 people still play GT5, than those who said “GT5 is dead” should STFU NOW!! Kept telling you it was not dead but no, want to be freakin dumn and say it is. Guess what, you were proven wrong… So take a hike, OOOOoooohhhhh.

    1. Umbra344

      Regardless of 100,000 people still playing GT5, people will still call it dead. People can be that way sometimes. I didn’t think it was dead to start with, GT5 still gets so much support and there is lots of people online everyday.

  26. HuskyGT

    I’m thinking that the Dino on the screen is possibly how the car showroom will be. If that’s the case, I’m glad they changed it from what it looked in the Demo.

    I’m very excited when a PD spokesman talks about all the changes made into the game, and how they actually listen to all the feedback in the forums. the personalization aspect of the game is what I’m very curious of. Although I’m not into extreme customization, I will be glad that we at least have a decent amount of parts so we can freshen up the looks of our cars without them loosing their characteristics. Just like in GT5, but with a better selection.

    My biggest complain is that out of 10 cars maybe only 2 will have several body part options and only one of those will actually look decent with them. The rest of the parts are too exaggerated.

    The more I hear news about GT6 the more excited I get. I do agree with this PD guy. This will very well be the best Gran Turismo ever… until a new title is released in the future.

  27. masterrawad


    1. mef

      Maybe if you learn how to spell and not use ridiculous CAPS everywhere somebody might take you seriously

  28. jgancherjr

    3 semi-complaints..
    #1: “Gran Tureeeesmo” c’mon lady! :D
    #2: 100,000 people login each day and I can’t find one good room?!?!
    #3: There’s a friggin’ GT6 simulator right there and no one is playing it!?!

    1. another_jakhole

      It actually is pronounced GranturEEsmo. I don’t say it like that though.

      I agree with #2, but be fair. GT5’s the PlayStation’s highest selling exclusive and PD were still pretty damn new to the online world with only having done it with GT5 Prologue.

  29. Waheed

    About time some people say something nice about GT5, all it gets is hate but it deserves more than that

    1. LarryL

      Amen to that. GT5 is still A#1 for racing simulation on console. Sure, games surpassed GT5 visually right after it came out, but graphics are like 3rd or 4th on the list when it comes to racing. And GT5 is best in almost everything else aside from customization. Count me among the daily players.

      And LOL@ people saying “that’s it?”. Those are astronomical numbers for a dated console game! It’s like comparing it to how many people play Halo3 right now. Wasn’t Halo3 the FAR more critically acclaimed game, and more acclaimed by it’s fans as well? Well why are there like 7 people playing Halo3 right now? Dated games RARELY sustain these kinds of numbers. That is IF they havn’t had their servers already shut down by Year 3.

    2. MuoNiuLa

      All it gets is hate? You’re either exaggerating or haven’t been paying attention during GT5’s lifetime.

    3. another_jakhole

      You’re right. All it does get is the love and full brunt of the force of the hate people give it.

  30. Flagmo-T

    Ya and this amount is probably included all the Academy drivers, that could easily be 50% .. which means it’s not a legit number in my eyes..

    1. infamousphil

      Yeah, it probably is a legitimate statement, Flagmo. The Academy/demo is not “GT5.” But then again, the hype mongers could just throw out numbers, any numbers, to keep folk interested.

    2. another_jakhole

      Oh, Flagmo-T, some times…

      Anyway, infamousphil, to demean your last statement, do you really think “100,000 players” would mean that it’s the same 100,000 people playing GT5 everyday? If it does mean that, then I can only imagine the number of people who log-on every other day or every third day. Unlike first-person shooters, GT5 has a pretty good offline system considering the amount/variety of cars and tracks and different features it has, like Photo Mode/Travel and the Course Maker. I’ve been using the Course Maker recently more than I was a few months ago.

      And you couldn’t simply “throw out” numbers like that. If anything, he was “throwing out” the higher average of players that log-on every day as opposed to the lower average. There’d be no point in “throwing out” the lower average to be modest. This is games and this is business and this is just the way it is.

    3. another_jakhole

      Forgot to add, unlike first-person shooters, GT5’s online isn’t centered around the online portion of the games and never was (since it pretty damn new to the series). With well-established franchises, exclusive or multi-platform, they’ve had online gaming be the focus (and arguably selling point) of the name of the game.

    1. MrSulu

      @DIITCHLINE Complete and utter bollocks. The people still playing now will continue to play right up to GT6’s release, and since they released the game with all DLC included I would imagine if anything the current playerbase had actually increased.

    2. HuskyGT

      I don’t play GT5 as I did, but since there isn’t any other racing game that’s worth it, I (as many) will probably keep playing until GT6 is out.

    3. another_jakhole

      Just to point out, I wasn’t being serious. And that’s a very good point you made.

  31. Hulvat

    In other words, 100,000 people filled the room for items, because there is no option to delete museum card, I am one of them! Damn!

    1. another_jakhole

      99%? lmao stupid, but true

      To quote TomBrady:

      “Black Ops 1 however still has a surprising amount online. Last I check there was about 30K which is a lot. MW3 still has a good amount of people on it too. Black Ops 2 obviously has the most though. I’ve never seen it drop below 100k since it was released. And that’s not even counting xbox. Just checked BF3, PS3 has 75k players on now, Xbox has 55k and even PC has 42k. That’s pretty high, probably the highest I’ve seen in a while and most likely because BF3 is free for PS Plus customers.

      There’s only a few games that have more people online. I’d say Halo 4, MW3, Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2, and BF3. Even madden or fifa don’t have that many players on daily

      It’s really impressive for a racing game, and a 3 year old racing game”

    2. ScotteDawg

      People who play FPS games most likely don’t work or have real lives outside of gaming! Same with Xbox owners (they have other problems that I won’t go into)!

      GT5 players, on the other hand, DO have other things to do! So, not every single player the world over will be logged in at the same bloody time, whereas the FPS guys (and girls) will be logged on 24/7!!

      All of the above is tongue-in-cheek except part of one statement. Chose correctly and you’ll have my answer to your statement!!!

  32. myopinion11

    Well i hope they have listen to the commynity but most of you guys are not expressing you feeling and opinion, what i have read most of you are defending the game how it is and not giving critics that could push them more and making a better, it feels like you cant admit that some racing games like forza have produced a better game. Please express you feelings and give mor

    1. Nurburgthing.

      Have you seen the wishlist threads? What about all those tweets?

      We’re expressing at full pelt.

    2. another_jakhole

      I think he’s only talking about the people he feels are “always” defending the game’s faults.

    3. kekke2000

      If Forza would be as good as Gran Turismo plus all the modding and stuff, I would even buy an Xbox One. Right now it’s not even close. I keep trying the new Forza hoping it won’t be crap. So far I stick with my PS3…

    4. Pit Crew

      myopinion, like many other New members, is obviously stuck here in the News Blog section of the Forums, if he actually believes what he’s saying…

  33. Nurburgthing.

    I’d like to know what the online figure was before and after the first anti hacking patch.

  34. TomBrady

    That’s it?

    It’s pretty amazing for a racing game but considering how many copies it sold, it’s bbasically nothing compared to how many people play Call of Duty everyday. Even just on PS3, and only on black ops 2, it never drops below 100k, it’s usually 200k-500k, and not to mention the older cod’s which mostly still have a lot of people on it.

    I mean hell, I’ve been on black ops 2 and seen that there were 100k people playing team deathmatch alone.

    Of course, GT5 has been around for a while and there’s a ton do in the single player unlike Cod which usually only has 8 hours of single player or less

    1. Madertus

      Don’t forget that there’s definitely more people who enjoy FPS games than those who fall for racing titles.

      Plus, GT5 is pretty much 3 years old. It’s quite amazing that the number of people playing GT5 every day equals a population of a small city!

    2. ScotteDawg

      At least you wouldn’t die in a car accident – you’d just bounce off the arnco and keep going…

    3. TomBrady

      @77 Well if you notice, I was speaking relatively.

      You guys are right though, it is an amazing amount

      Iracing is the next most played sim and it only has 30K member to date lol

  35. GRAFX21

    Yup, I find myself playing, tuning and saving just for the 10 Paints everyday too this day. LOL.


    1. nuTTTz

      We have a buddy in our league who would log on teamspeak everyday and when asked hows it goin, or whats up he always would reply “not much, just maintaining %200”

    2. MeanElf

      Ah, I stand corrected – there are those who do just that then…can’t be many though. I mean it’s up to them what they do with the game…

  36. jajr18m

    i dont think they should allow you to transfer your cars from 5 to 6, it will kill the idea of leveling up and earning money to buy new cars properly, and it will also kill the most important question we’ve had to make… what car should i buy for 20.000Cr!

    1. PepeMickey

      It’s supposed to be a racing sim not a RPG, all that leveling up and grinding crap has to be gone, they need to give us a proper career like the one you can find in F1 games.

    2. jajr18m

      its a driving sim. No, it needs to stay the same as it always has been from GT1, play F1 or colin mcrae or toca if thats the sorta thing you want to do

    3. ZoidFile

      I want to earn my and collect cars in GT, thats the appeal of the game. That what I so insanely bored by most simulations on the PC. If there would be a transfer feature in GT6 I would not use it.

    4. TomBrady

      @Pepe that is completely bogus man. That’s the whole fun of GT. It’s a sim but the A Spec has ALWAYS been about car collecting. That’s what GT PSP was focused on entirely and most people loved it. It’s the reason I got back into gaming.

      Plus, there’s always cars to drive in arcade mode and multiplayer but if you want everything, you should have to earn it. Otherwise what’s the point. Some people have trouble staying motivated when they’re not rewarded. Racing is rewarding but not nearly as rewarding as racing and being able to buy a car you like.

    5. MuoNiuLa

      Here’s a concept that might blow your mind. Let them put in a transfer feature, but it you don’t want to use it, DON’T USE IT! GASP!

    6. ScotteDawg

      @jajr18m – Couldn’t agree more! However, if they do put the feature into the game, it should ONLY be for special cars like the Chromline or Stealth that were gifted or bought as regional DLC with GT5! Oh, and the Edge Camaro, if you have one, which I don’t but…

      @MuoNiuLa – Human nature says that if it is there, we will use it! It would be best if it weren’t there to tempt us!! Anyway, the only other cars that anyone would WANT to transfer are the hack jobs so, NO, there should be no transfer feature!!!

    7. MuoNiuLa

      Really, it’s your own fault for not having the self-control to not use such a feature. And what some of you need to understand is that not everyone cares about A-spec. Online is the only thing worth playing for some people, so they don’t want to waste their time doing something that’s stopping them from truly enjoying the game.

    8. another_jakhole

      We can’t have it both ways. So in this respect, GT stays the same as it’s always been. Freeing up all, or most, of the cars in Arcade Mode is one thing. A full garage transfer is another thing.

    9. jajr18m

      Yeah i agree with the transfer for stealth, chromeline and the edge camaro, and the gamestop nascar, but that should be it, unless theres anyothers i missed.

      one of the reasona there should be no tranfer is because it was really fun seeing everyone else getting faster cars, i remember the first time i seen a veyron online, my jaw dropped, then someone had the 88C-V minolta, then the FGT then the X1, it was great, im looking fowards to doing that again.

    10. RESHIRAM5

      I reckon it should, no one wants to waste there life, just to grind for something.
      Grinding makes games tedious and boring, if you were allowed to transfer data, the game would be more fun and I get to drive awesome cars.

      However I wouldn’t mind just transfering cash like in GT4.

      GT is about driving cars not what random reason you come up with.

    11. jajr18m

      what has data transfer got to do with grinding, you should be saying you want a race or a section of races where you earn a considerable amount of credits to get the expensive cars, if u want to stick with the cars you’ve already got, stay on GT5! btw if you want the nice collectable cars that are very expensive, YOU have to put in the time to save up and get one, quite realistic if you ask me.

    12. RESHIRAM5

      Doing the events over and over and over for money is grinding especially when it is on longer races. It gets very tedious. Not all people can sit on there couch and do the same event, OVER and OVER and OVER. If you don’t want it just simply don’t use it (If you can transfer data).

    13. another_jakhole

      I’m right there with you. Out of the entire time that I’ve had GT5 since November 22nd of 2010 ;), I’ve had 4 or 5 times/segments where I’ve grinded events to gain credits. LITERALLY only that little. I don’t sit on my ass on my couch grabbing my crotch steering my wheel ;) all day every day to gain credits. I practice drifting and run laps around a number of tracks in the way that I want to.

      I’m at level 39 (and a half) and I haven’t tried to finish the license tests (jee, I wonder why I only got the…IB/C? license, but give me credit since that was over 18 months ago and I still silvered most of the events whilst using a steering wheel for the first GT game I’ve owned). I got all GOOOOOOLLLD trophies for the NASCAR events using the DFGT (it was a HANDFUL), yet I didn’t care to finish all of the Special Events. The Sebastien Loeb rally events were too tough to try and get Silver, and the Vettel events I actually tried and only because of the appeal for “he who is the greatest” and “Red Bull is awesome for various and too many reasons”.

      That being said, you better earn that race car, :Censored:.

    14. MeanElf

      A_J The Seb Loeb challenges you’ll need to set up the in-game menu options for on the fly changes and get the distribution to 50/50 instead of the default 30/70 – that’s what makes the challenge so damn tough. 4WD Rally cars on snow and dirt usually have a 50/50 set up. I’m not sure why PD went with tarmac rally settings for this…

      Reshirams, no one has had to grind in GT5 for a very long time now – unless you haven’t done any of the updates. Earning the cars is also a big part of what GT has always been about, as mentioned by most of the other posters – how did you miss that when playing them. If you haven’t played any previous GT games, perhaps you should have researched it before buying.

    15. MuoNiuLa

      Why can’t it be both? I don’t understand why people want to force everyone to play the same way as them. The game isn’t all about you would loke it to be. And please don’t start with that, “It’s GT tradition!” You want to stick with the tradition, start the game with barely any money. Let people who feel the game will be more fun for them by having their GT5 cars do so.

    16. MuoNiuLa

      Also, to make my side of the issue clear, I am one of the people who DO want to start with almost nothing.

    17. another_jakhole

      Thanks a lot, MeanElf. That means a lot period.

      I’m not much of a tuner, I know when I should tune, but I didn’t have haven’t cared to when I really needed to do it for these kinds of races/time trials. I appreciate it.

    18. another_jakhole

      MuoNiuLa, don’t be so defensive about the alternative to it. We;re all in the same category on GTP which is to make the GT series as best as we want it to be. Saying that there should be an option to let people use all of the their cars from GT5 transfer over to the next version isn’t what GT has shown/proven what it’s intended to be. Hopefully, you can draw your own conclusion to what I mean.

  37. 77

    By what measure should we judge what is “a lot” of people online? Im not sure the amount of people is all that relevant once it sits above a certain threshold that GT clears surpasses by a significant margin. I race every night just about and I race different people every night. Its a diverse world and more than enough for me! cheers PD

    1. ZoidFile

      Yea but thats a shooter, it does not count. COD is basically just the Internet equivalent of flypaper.

    2. MrSulu

      Havn,t seen that many people on MW3 for a long time, even if there was its 1 of only 3 games outpopulating this. MW3, Blops 2 and Battlefield 3. Not bad for something 3 years old eh. Nothing else, even 6 months old is close to 100k players daily.

    3. 77

      Random COD chat! “COD is basically just the Internet equivalent of flypaper.” I nearly died laughing at this.

  38. Jayson619

    I hope we can bring over our hard-earned cars from GT5 to GT6. I dun wanna suffer for months to get my X2010 again!

    1. ScotteDawg

      I have 3 accounts. 1 I use daily (well, nightly), 1 was made for duping and the third was so I could get the Stealth Cars (that’s my English account!).
      I log in daily with my other two accounts to get the log in bonus and still do the Seasonal Events on them but my daily account is for online racing!

    1. Streeto

      Compared to the amount of people who bought the game, and it’s activity in the first year of release, the playbase has still dropped dramatically. I’ve had lots of friends quit the game in the past year but they’ll be back for GT6.

    2. Hentis

      Having said that you play a cod title 3 years after release and theres barely anyone playing that online?

    3. MrSulu

      @street. How many games are pulling more people right now that GT5? All I can think of is Blops 2, Maybe Battlefield 3 Nothing else is even close, and this is after 3 freakin years, and by that it has the most successful longevity of any online console game., probably EVER. Dead my arse.

    4. TomBrady


      This is what I say to them everytime. There’s no racing game that is played online more than GT5. There never has been either.

    5. TomBrady

      @Hentis Depends which CoD. I can tell you right now, world at war has barely anyone online. Probably a couple thousand at most. Same with MW2. That’s because those CoD’s sucked.

      Black Ops 1 however still has a surprising amount online. Last I check there was about 30K which is a lot. MW3 still has a good amount of people on it too. Black Ops 2 obviously has the most though. I’ve never seen it drop below 100k since it was released. And that’s not even counting xbox. Just checked BF3, PS3 has 75k players on now, Xbox has 55k and even PC has 42k. That’s pretty high, probably the highest I’ve seen in a while and most likely because BF3 is free for PS Plus customers.


      There’s only a few games that have more people online. I’d say Halo 4, MW3, Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2, and BF3. Even madden or fifa don’t have that many players on daily

      It’s really impressive for a racing game, and a 3 year old racing game

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