GT5 Update Fixes Top Gear Track, New Seasonal Event

Following up from the announcement last week, the leader boards for the Mercedes Live Race Seasonal Event have now been reset, and a few minor changes have been made to the Top Gear Test Track via the latest Gran Turismo 5 update.

There is a bit of confusion about what, exactly, to call this latest version of the game. You’ll be prompted to download update “1.13”, though Polyphony Digital’s formal announcement describes it as version “1.12.572”. Regardless, it weighs in at only 1.1MB.

More interesting is the new Seasonal Event, “Supercar Revival”, featuring classic cars with no more than 550PP in the following races:

  • Rome Circuit (5 laps, 419,000 Cr.)
  • Special Stage Route 5 (5 laps, 480,000 Cr.)
  • Suzuka Circuit (5 laps, 519,600 Cr.)
  • Nurburgring Nordschleife (1 lap, 559,500 Cr.)
  • Mt. Aso 109A (7 laps, 500,400 Cr.)

There’s a corresponding update to the game’s Online Car Dealership, along with new time trials at Tokyo R246 and Cote d’Azur, and new drift trials at Special Stage Route 5 and Circuit de la Sarthe 2009. As always, head on over to our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion.

GT5 Photomode image by bmxmitch.

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Comments (155)

  1. Fastback

    Why don’t they put both Team Oreca Vipers(#51 & #91), the GT ONE Toyota, both R8 Race Cars(yellow & red), the Nismo 400R(include all the colors it comes in), and all the other rare cars that are left on the Online Dealership? Heck for that matter, just put EVERY standard car in every color it comes in on the game on the Online Dealership and leave them there for 2 months!!! …can you sense the sarcasm yet? And while they are at it, drop the price of a standard car on the Online Dealership to 1 credit,and raise all the Seasonal Event Races to 1 million credits. I mean 500k for a race that takes 3 minutes…come on…make the game a challenge of saving credits and having to chose between a couple rare cars to buy.

    Someone suggested doing away with the Online Dealership all tother, I’m with that guy!!!

    Isn’t there an attraction to the game knowing you might have a car that someone else doesn’t? Trading will become obsolete within a month or two at the rate they are putting the cars that are hard to find. Has whoever updates the Online Dealership lost track of the rarity of some of the cars? The 2J,2D and the 1963 Corvette Race Car just went from being ultra rare to one of the most common seen cars…like the Enzo and ACR Viper!!!

    I realize this is a game, but they INTENTIONALLY made it to where a Cuda shows up less often then say a Miata or Honda S2000. Do you get my point yet?

  2. praggia

    Ok its obvious that GT is lacking in many departments ie sound variety yes there are 1000 + cars but no real standout legends are there?? Forza has managed to tick most of the correct boxes in that department. I love GT ok but I would rather have 500 cars i want to drive not 800 I have to drive because the career mode dictates it. How many of you on here would pay to go see a fiat 500 race? Its an iconic car but come on. Yes the skyline is a legend but do we really need more than say 4 or 5?
    Yes this has been mentioned over and over and over again.
    Anyway it seems turn 10 has managed to recreate the lighting effects much better than PD, looks more realistic
    Also the sound is out of this world, The zonda R sounds like a raging beast. By the way i saved my credits long and hard to buy my f1 2007 but when i heard the exhaust note on my first lap at suzuka i duly sold it very very disappointing. GT5 needs alot of work a total rework of the ingame car sounds. Shadows etc more tracks more premium cars we all know the drill BUT as far as physics go for a console racer GT5 is the king. I’ve been watchin Forza 4 videos for months now and it is quite evident that though they have improved the physics PD still has them trumped in that dept but sadly they have seriously upped their game in all other areas.
    GT 5 may not be the “king” as a complete game any longer but for that addictive driving feel the total immersion one experiences, GT will always have me coming back for more.

  3. GTi_16v

    Great stick a few rarely seens Chapperels in the OCD and everyone licks PD’s ass again!!
    Some people on here treat this game like a religion, you all go on about how amazing it is and it can do no wrong but fact of the matter is we were sold a half finished game. Im bored of GT now I havent played it in a month cause im fed up of collecting cars and grinding my ass off to buy anyting thats now half decent or which i need. This game and series will die if they dont sort it out I wont be buying GT6 id rather play need for speed

    1. mardiearse

      You are spot on man in my eyes. GT5 is not a bad game but after 6 years of waiting it should av be the best ever racing game for many years to come saddly its not been the best racing game in the last year F1 2010 is better more fun. Hope Forza is going to be the game that they claim it will be.

  4. AKUMA

    Wow wow wow everybody download the app IGN they just posted a major review about GT5 and Forza 4 ….. And I’m going to try out these new races

    1. TJC_69

      IGN blows , there whole article on this is pro Forza & bashing GT5 to please Turn 10 . Actually it wouldn’t surprise me if Turn 10 greased them some dirty money to do it….

      As all the guy talks about is the Top Gear Track , ( For 6 paragraphs or something …. ) and how Forza is ” Soooo much better at what it does ” , ” Will easily steal the market from GT5… ” , “OMG , I loooooove you Turn 10 smooochies….. ”

      IGN are raging fanboys , & anyone who greases their dirty hands gets good reviews / the competition beat down.

      Believe everything you read ? Don’t think so…..

  5. NissanAlpha12

    I personally love GT. If some of you guys don’t like the game as well as PD then why did you guys buy the game? If you don’t like it then you don’t need to tell the whole world your opinion to die hard GT fans like me…..cause that is an argument you will never win my friends…

    1. captainzib

      It’s not about winning an argument. How arrogant can you be? We like this game. I like this game. But the game is flawed. It can be better, and companies that aren’t stupid will often check the internet to see what fans think. I would be amazed if PD didn’t have people searching this forum for feedback.

      People that are complacent like you, who swallow anything they are fed from their idol Kaz Yam, will never see improvement.

    2. Sam

      I really don’t understand you GT5 defender force. What’s the more constructive: people who tell what’s wrong with the game (especially knowing that it s supposed to get patches) to MAKE IT BETTER and CORRECT things? Or people who come to say “If you don’t like it,why did you buy it?”

      Seriously: devs NEED feedback, as harsh as it may be, they want to know what we think, and they are clever enough (supposedly) to pick what’s relevant and what is not.

      Stop defending PD blindly and say what you d like to see changed, corrected, etc… Join the vocal community.

  6. Stephanos82

    It’s diffucult for PD to follow the wishes of the community because there are so many different opinions. You people that complain about superficial things like the blocky shadows and the oo ” how tragic can it be” standard cars really make my blood boil! Personally, i don’t care about either of those! I would welcome a sound update for some of the cars and I’m willing to pay for more cars and tracks. Carwise I don’t care about gfx I just want the physics done right and as far as tracks are concerned I want them build in such a way as to feel realistic – not gfx wise but the bumps on the road etc! Moreover I would appreciate a proper g25 implementation.. If you’ve ever played LFS with a G25 u know what I mean!
    Lastly, I hate all those trolls arguing : ” who the heck wants to race a yaris or a really low spec car” and wish that PD would keep them off the game! For your info some people only like racing those “mortal cars” and have lots of fun doing it cause they know they simulate what they probably have in real life! I choose the rx8 over a ferrari anytime in game – cs I know Im never gonna have a ferrari but an Rx8, who knows it’s more down to earth I might have it (same goes for swift sport, type rs and other cheaper cars)!
    Thanx for all you’ve given us PD, looking fwd to GT6 as like everyone in these forums are no matter how much they flame – it’s brcause they love the game ! :) gn all

    1. mardiearse

      I have played a lot of racing game and it as taken 6 years for this one to come out and it is not very good looking with 800 rubbish looking cars and look how some of the tracks look do i need to say more. After waiting for 6 years i would of liked a lot more and you should have to. Forza 4 looks better and reading about the game looks like that it will be a better game. Look what can be done in to years, You must be mad if you are happy with PD.

  7. Jtuner

    hey hey hey, come on, atleast we have the pleasure of looking forward to more “seasonal events” and updates in the online car dealership, yeeeeeeh, cant wait….

  8. Richard

    I’m here waiting for some more cars and new tracks!!!!! I bought all premium cars! I want more cars!! Update the car dealership!!

  9. cliffatron

    @jasr73 flippin heck how retarded is this getting. war brings with it productivity. these german VW’s is just another example of this. to villainise this car of VW’s is to do so to the brand in general. that is the most retarded statement i have ever red. it was merely a vehicle used at a time of war. your statement suggests that they went round running over jews or something. jeez whats wrong with you. its a good example of contemporary engineering but also used within the game to benchmark the different speeds that the vehicles can travel. surely noone can be that closed minded. hippy.

    1. jasr73

      @Cliffatron. Agree with your point of view man, i didn’t make those statements. Volkswagens made some important contributions to automotive industry over the years and deserve their place in the GT5 :)

  10. Scrufy

    So, all you do is sign over your right to sue if SONY is a douche and you get the update. Are all of you 12 ? I mean jesus! wtf does it take to just say no to these asshats (SONY). Do you realize they are making you agree to not sue them no matter what idiocy they do to you? I know binging arbitration is not even legal in some countries but you fanbois have to get a clue. Boycott these lame asshats

  11. Nicky_loves_GT5

    we are not comparing the games, we’re saying that GT5 got boring… And i bet i’m not the only one out there who in the same situation.

    1. A_Higher_Place

      I’m in the same place, it just seems that turn 10 has been snooping around gtplanet and listening to the communities complaints on GT5.

  12. jasr73

    The new (tiny) updates are appreciated, although as commented in an earlier post, these seasonals, TT’s and OCD updates aren’t a stretch for PD thanks to the upgraded CMS GT5 is sitting on. There would very little producer or code development work required to push these out.

    The bigger issue in my POV is around how PD is managing customer expectations going forward. Updates on server down time was a good step in the right direction, but their PR communication still needs some work.

    IF bigger updates (wish list?) for DLC or fundamental changes to the game itself (such as mid-race game saves) are not in scope in the foreseeable future or are a difficult pieces of work to execute – then they should be very clear about setting this expectation upfront. By clearly explaining some of the future timings of their program of work and the challenges this presents rather than leaving folk to speculate about what might be – would be helpful in retaining the confidence of the audience…

  13. Nicky_loves_GT5

    Yeah What’s Wrong PD?…I haven’t play in 2 weeks…and i don’t even want too. Classic car event? WTF -.- I’m so close to buy an xbox with FM4 yes….sad but true. i’ve been a fan of the series since GT1 but now…uff big let down. at least show us the DC on your site. at least pictures. so we can sustain our self’s…and figure, if we get new “cars” or “tracks” i won’t be able to get them because i have no more room in my ps3. with all this stupid updates. instead of having 5 versions of a MX or 10 of a Skyline. you guys should have given us more premium cars. or better tracks. what’s the point of having 1000 Cars when only 200 are premiums…cars that are pointless like the samba VW bus…and even the Volkswagen Tank cars…WTF Racing simulator. not Call of duty -.-!

    1. Fureddo

      @Nicky: Not to mention the Volkswagen Kubelwagen typ82 ’44. This IIIrd Reich nostalgia makes me sick. This car was used by nazi officers and soldiers to exterminate so-called “inferior human beings” (Jewish, tzigans, homosexuals, blacks, intellectuals…) in death camps. It’s really scary how this dreadful and horrible aspect of WWII is neglected in Japan. No doubt Kaz loves Germany, but I just can’t buy this nazi crap. I dumped the car right after I won it. 6 million people died in death camps; and no matter how much I love cars, I will never wish to own (even virtually) a car that has such a shameful history with it.

  14. mardiearse

    Forza 2 an 3 is a better racing game you have something to race for lap times not just winning the race.In gt5 just the race. GT5 this a simulator game but for all out racing forza is better and will be better, And that shadowing does my head in, you dont get that in any of the forza games. And a game for collecting cars and taking pictures is not for me i like to have fun an racing is fun.PLEASE do not get upset again

  15. mardiearse

    I will have both games and i will say forza is a better racing game.Ok gt5 cars drive better a lot better than forza 3 does gt5 has got that spot on and why would you need 800 rubbish looking cars in a game only so peaple can collect them. Collecting cars is boring and that is all i sim to do on gt5 now,i would like to race with leaderboards and a car class system.And now two save gt5 they need to look at forza and put leaderboards and some kind of car class system in the game and also sort that shadowing out.

  16. Please

    Go to the forza forum. Remember to be careful what you wish for. Oh and keep it positive on there or they’ll find you…

  17. STAFU

    Yeah, like, Walkman and iPod bro. What a pertinent analogy.

    You guys need to wake up. This isn’t about FM4. It’s a GT post on a GT forum. You want to evangilise

    1. Racemile

      you fanboy need to wake up. This a GT forum? So WHAT? we HAVE to say GT5 is better than FM4 when it’s not only because this is a GT forum?

  18. Fureddo

    PD is still spending a lot of energy, time and money (tons of actually) updating the game for free. One cannot blame ’em for that. But when you check on the competitors, that’s the least they could do to save their face. I got my hand on Forza 4 during the TGS. The Kinect thing was an abomination, but the graphics just made GT5 look outdated. No one can argue that. So, good if they
    tweak a few things here and there, Turn 10 is light years ahead of PD now. Can’t wait to see what the true updates (from September through november if Kaz can stick to his schedule?) to see if GT5 can catch up. Updating the OCD, correcting a few short cut glitches or adding Seb. Vettel’s driving suit would just be as effective as bandaging a wooden leg. Bring it on PD!!! Prove GT5 is still worth being called “The real Driving Simulator”. Enough of Suzuki Capuccino and other K cars, give me some exclusive rides I could never afford. Getting your ass kicked by Turn 10 who developed a game featuring 500 super cars that look waaaaay better than any of your so called “premium cars” (standard cars, wtf) within 2 years would be such a humiliation… I so much loved the series, now I’m so full of grudge and disappointment. Don’t let me down Kaz! Bring real new circuits that are worth being on a nex’ gen system, HD versions of older circuits optimized for limited hardwares is creative laziness. Look at the Alps circuit in Forza 4 and compare it to the Eiger circuit. Need I say more to show how much GT 5 needs to improve its graphics?
    In terms of concept, what happens after I reach level 40? Nothing has changed since GT4, either I waste my time collecting ugly, yet prestigious standard cars or I get my ass kicked by lardy nerds online. The seasonal event thing has huge potential tho’. The event with D. Coultard was such a nice initiative. Why not doing the same thing with NASCAR, rally or F1? Guys would go crazy to compete with J. Gordon or S. Lœb!!! This is year 2011, I want something more interesting than collecting 12 different versions of MX- and 15 declinations of Sylvia. This is not 94 anymore, “exotic” Japanese import cars are not enough to create enthusiasm I think. I am overly critical on purpose cos’ I hope this will wake PD up. Too many Japanese companies sleep on their laurels and eventually wake up by getting their ass kicked by fierce “foreign” competitors. Do you want to make out of the GT series the same thing Sony did to it’ Walkman? They’ve been unable to forsee and counter attack the supremacy of the iPod. Sounds like Turn 10 took a bold move. Enough of assumption for today. Can’t wait for October anyways!

    1. Racemile

      simply, you got it. FM4 just need a sort of good zero lag handling and they’ll kick Kaz ass badly. That’s the truth, just like iPod with Wolkman… and I’m a GT fan. But I’m not a blind fanboy, Poliphony need good ideas and they need it NOW!

    2. royalefatale

      spot on, GT5 blows considering the development time, and how much of this game was recycled from previous versions? (800 standard cars, engine sounds, tracks) what were they working on?!

  19. CJSpencer77

    TJC, I couldnt agree more, i like the fact PD are still working on the game obviously, but why there is this news blackout policy doesnt make any sense to m. You would think PD would be hyping up any new content on the horizon to keep GT5 in the gaming news, even if there is no new content coming it would be better to know one way or the other

    1. TJC_69

      +1 CJ .

      It just doesn’t add up does it ?

      The developers for BF3 are in the news today hyping up the DLC for the game. And there is still a month before it even gets released…..

      They need to wake up & stop doing things ” The Japanese Way ” .

      Remember the PSN outage for example ? I find it hard to differentiate between these 2 situations – i.e – Japanese communication in regards to their consumers blows chunks.

  20. PSN:And-War

    2J, 2D, and the Toyota Seven, i think we can start some Cam-Am racing over the weekend guys what to you think.

    also Who did the classic car race in A Spec with a fully tuned Lambo! I maanaged to come first but it took me ages

  21. TJC_69

    The next news update I want to see is a tweet from Kaz giving GT5 players a definitive date for content & what it will contain. I don’t think that’s an unreasonable request as they must know what they are doing by now and when they are expecting to have it ready.

    If PD still have no ETA on content , then it shows disorganisation and a severe failing in management structure…..

    Jordan , see what you can find.

  22. mardiearse

    Can we have a car class system and leaderboards please i want to race other racers and there lap times not collect cars

  23. Jtuner

    Someone may have mentioned this already, forgive me, but can someone please point out to me the differences in the Top Gear race track because from what I see, all the corners coulthard cut let alone the standard cornering techniques used by the cast of top gear, the guests aswell as the stig, I can’t do the same without seeing the almighty red timer popping up!

  24. cliffatron

    I agree with most of whats been said. I have been waiting for ages for the endurance saves. Cant believe they werent in from the start. Kaz said that he doesnt have time to race for 9 or 24 hours at a time, which is funny coming from someone who plays GT for a living. The rest of the world however have less interesting jobs to attend.

  25. 88FoxBodyFan

    Dear PD,

    I need two more cars to own every car in the game. These are:
    Infiniti FX45 Concept
    2002 Ford GT
    If you could put these in the next OCD it would be greatly appreciated.

  26. LP670-4

    I just wish they would unlock the “entire” runway……it would be a great drag strip, flat, wide and longgggggg “/

  27. euros only

    As a safety rule i always come on here to read for any updates before starting up the game just so i dont have any mid race update crisis problems. The guy above me should do that as well.

    1. captainzib

      That’s good advice but you can’t tell me that they (probably Sony, rather than PD, I’m not sure), shouldn’t have implemented some type of option to not download the update if you’re in the middle of a race.

      Hell, I was 3 hours into a ~6 hour race. What if I was 23 hours into a 24 hour race?

      I know I shouldn’t be getting heated about something that’s just a game, but come on, they’re in the business of making games, and for the most part, all that I like about the GT series is the driving itself and the graphics. That is, I enjoy time trials and the eye candy. The AI is terrible, and there are often just terrible programming choices in general. And PD doesn’t seem to understand the concept of balancing realism with fun. This is a videogame, why do I have to spend 500k to rebuild the engine, and 500k to freshen up the chassis of my Formula GT? I bought this game to drive a thousand or so cars, I don’t care about that stupid behind the scenes BS. We should all just assume that a good race team would take care of that sh*t between events. I assume if PD made a traditional sports game like international or American football, they’d have the bright idea to simulate pre and post game warm ups and cool downs. Cause realism is sooooooooo much fun, amirite?

    2. Sam

      captainzib-> 100% agree. GT5 is a total unthought mess. Any producer should be ashamed to release such an unfinished, unbalanced and untested game after 5 years.
      Come on: half of the updates are just corrections to the previous ones. Lame! PD completely lost it.
      The so called producer keeps using conditional “we might do this, we could do that,one day, have a vision, GT5 is a work in progress, blablabla…” And some players even thank him like good little sheeps…
      Get out of here Kaz. You were already out of date 5 years ago… just like GT5 cars list.

    3. sumbrownkid


      No, it’s not a total unthought mess, that’s just an opinion.

      It’s not easy making a game for the PS3, and telling Kaz to get out of making his own game is like telling Steve Jobs to get out of Apple.

      Get your head out of your rear.

    4. Russianmule

      How many updates were released for Grand Theft Auto 4? That game has a large development cycle, and I dont recall to many patches, and they released many more stories.

    5. SKOT Free

      Then go play Ridge Racer or Mario Kart captainzib. This game is for REAL Racing not casual pick up and play for Rookies.

    6. Luke

      I agree that GT is a great game, but it is completely unfinished and the usability is crap. It’s king on the track (if you mute the sound), but the rest needs much more polishing and testing. I do love that game, but considering it’s development time it’s a complete disappontment.

      I often ask myself, how can Turn 10 model 500 cars with cockpit view and PD can only model 200 in over 5 years?

  28. captainzib

    So I just thought I’d mention, my B-Spec Bobs were enjoying the Suzuka 1000km race, and were about 3 hours in, when message popped up to update to version 1.13.

    The only option available was to press “OK”. So I figured, “No big deal, I’m going to press OK, and then a window will appear stating that I must quit the game to administer the update, then ask me if I wish to do so, to which I’ll say no.


    Hitting “OK” exited my game mid race without warning.

    Thanks PD. It’s not like I already hate the endurance races without having the ability save mid-race, or the fact that I hate the B-Spec mode in it’s entirety, and only do it because it’s required if I want to “complete” the game. Thanks for that.

    Wanna pay for 3 hours and change of my electric bill? I know it’s probably only a few pennies or so, but it’s a matter of principle because the actual concept of the B-Spec mode is idiotic as demonstrated by the AI.

    Forza has a “hire a driver” mode, but it’s not mandatory for game completion, just like it wasn’t mandatory in GT4.

    You guys are total winners.

    1. Captainzib

      TJC_69, I wasn’t complaining about the lackability to update during game play. I was complaining of not being given the option to update later so I could continue my game. This is unacceptable in a game that requires so much grinding to level up.

  29. Diatribes

    I disagree about it being “incomplete”.
    This is game offers tremendous replay value and it will continue to grow stronger as time passes. As it stands, there is more here than any other racing option for console. Just because its not what some expected doesn’t mean its incomplete. I’m getting sick of these whiners.

  30. maxitsu

    when can we do real races whit more then 20 laps and tyre/fuel degradation. i am a little bored of starting at the back to overtake the entire field in a few laps.
    I really want to “race” know. nit just “driving” around.

    1. Forza Mclaren

      100% agree This game’s slow AI just ruins the aspect of racing, tacking 4 cars in one corner and leading the field on the next is super boring not to mention if you overtake a car it just completely gives up chasing you. I always expect to see harder AI in these updates but no one here ever seem to complain about it, GT needs to fix the racing before anything else if it needs to remain top of the racing feild

  31. Luke

    Great, another small update. I’m seriously thinking of swichting to Forza 4 when it’s released. at least Forza is full of updates and DLC. And GT is still missing some major features that should habe been in the game (saving endurance races, manage B-Spec from browser, damage in career, …).
    At least Forza nailed Vtec :)

    1. Luke

      Unfortunately not, i was able able to lose a door an a rally car at level 15. You just have to drive the opposite direction and crash into other cars for 30 minutes.
      Even if damage is unlocked at level 40, it is just to late. GT Mode events are already finished once you hit level 40. Of course there is still multiplayer, but damage should also affect singleplayer from the beginning.

    2. TJC_69

      Damage at level 40 is incorrect . PD only modelled a select few cars with the full damage effect , ( Mostly rally cars but there are a few others as I remember …. )

      And it’s not really a career mode if you can just rewind infinitely & never make a mistake again is it ?

      No , that’s an arcade game.

    3. HPUnleashed

      LOL I like how Forza calls itself a simulator when it has a rewind button. That’s so cheap. Granted you can crash in GT5 and keep going, but at least there’s some consequences to crashing – mainly time.

      I’ve found that a-spec levels only matter in how quickly you’re car is damaged. I used to get no damage whatsoever if I crashed my Viper, but now that I’m at level 34 all it takes is one hit and usually my bumper’s destroyed and scraping on the asphalt.

    4. Luke

      Yeah i don’t like the rewind button either. But in Forza 4 it can be deactivated. Crash your car in the race and it’s over. But maybe PD will release a big v.2.0 patch soon.

  32. SKOT Free

    What is with people hating on certain tracks? Rather than enjoy the game people moan and bitch about the most minute idiotic stuff!

    1. NoonenF1

      I agree, every other game I have, I have beat then it just sits in a stack behind my TV. You can always go back and play GT5 though! Another good game is the WipEout HD/Fury package, and I got that for free when the PSN came back!

  33. You sure?

    10 M? Not worth it. But I m glad that they finally uploaded the chaparrals! They’re not good looking but they can race

  34. Forza Mclaren

    Can they at least make the Seasonal event more challenging rather than take 1st place after 3 corners and Grind the remaining laps alone coz you want cash, or give us a difficulty setting of 1 to 10 like GT4

  35. HPUnleashed

    They’ve got one more week to release some DLC for September – keeping my fingers crossed. Good Seasonal Event though.

    1. TJC_69

      I heard somewhere that the ” & ” was mis-translated by GTP in September & October and instead should’ve been ” Or “…….


    1. HPUnleashed

      The chaparral? That’s awesome! I’ve had the game for over 8 months and never come across it in the dealerships.

  36. Matt

    Re comment about new car oil change – 0 0 Gt40 race car goes from 478bhp 60kgfm 569pp to 502bhp 63kgfm 576pp, just with a 250cr oil change.

    1. Energizerrr

      September isn’t over yet and GT5:P servers go down on 30th – wait one more week and then talk about how Kaz’s doing his job.

    2. SmilerFTM

      I’m pretty sure PD announced that the features and content updates would be happening in September and October which by my (PD) educated guess would mean we might see something by the end of October if we are lucky. Cannot see anything this month and never expected it to be honest. Anyone thinking there would be is just setting themselves up for a fall.

  37. PIGBOY

    WOOOOHOOOOOO…..2D is thjere…..pigboy says in darth vader voice..”my race car collection is complete”….hahahahashahahaha…took 890 cars but we got there
    is it true that if myou get a car with 0 miles and oil change it before driving it it will make more power in the end.mite have to look in da forum if no answer here.tANX

  38. EAGLE 5

    I’m guessing this wasn’t the DLC update mentioned a while back to combat Forza 4’s coming out.

    Guess we still gotta wait for something new then.

    1. Antony Henley

      Do you actually see any downloadable content? Then no it’s not. It might pay some people to carefully read the announcements. Trust me there will be plenty of warming when DLC is coming !!

    2. 88FoxBodyFan

      @ posimosh: What are you talking about? TJC_69 was just poking fun at Antony’s spelling (warning vs. warming). Jesus Christ, why is everything taken so seriously?

  39. kaz himself

    “GT5 Update Fixes Top Gear Track”… sadly, I do not think this is literally the case. Just a fix to make their current time trail be more fair/restrictive.

    1. Jordan

      I’m not sure what you mean. The official announcement states that “prohibited driving areas on the Top Gear Test Track have been adjusted”.

    2. GranTurismo330

      I’m pretty sure that “prohibited driving areas on the Top Gear Test Track have been adjusted” just means the “break out of the track glitch” is now “fixed”. :( I liked doing that, it was pretty fun.

    1. Wilde_666

      My thoughts precisely.
      But I must say, 10,000,000 Cr. for a Ford GT40 Race Car ’69 is outrageous. I have 2 them & they were both prize cars.

  40. Wilde_666

    Online Used Car Dealership list:

    Triumph Spitfire 1500 ’74 (8.600 Cr.)
    Toyota Celica 1600GT (TA22) ’70 (11,950 Cr.)
    Toyota Tacoma X-Runner ’04 (12,260 Cr.)
    Alpine A310 1600VE ’73 (16,500 Cr.)
    Plymouth Superbird ’70 (21,220 Cr.)
    Mercury Cougar XR-7 ’67 (23,640 Cr.)
    Plymouth Cuda 440 Six Pack ’71 (29,180 Cr.)
    Chevrolet Camaro SS ’69 (30,000 Cr.)
    Mazda Cosmo Sport (L10B) ’68 (34,400 Cr.)
    Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 ’70 (35,000 Cr.)
    Chevrolet Corvette Stingray L46 350 (C3) ’69 (35,750 Cr.)
    Dodge Charger 440 R/T ’70 (37,750 Cr.)
    Dodge Charger Super Bee 426 Hemi ’71 (40,000 Cr.)
    Nissan Skyline HT 2000GT-R (KPGC10) ’70 (40,000 Cr.)
    Shelby GT350R ’65 (53,055 Cr.)
    Lamborghini Countach LP400 ’74 (108,300 Cr.)
    Dome DOME-ZERO Concept ’78 (250,000 Cr.)
    Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C2) Race Car ’63 (375,000 Cr.)
    Audi Abt Audi TT-R Touring Car ’02 (500,000 Cr.)
    Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ’09 (1,000,000 Cr.)
    Toyota Toyota 7 Race Car ’70 (2,250,000 Cr.)
    Lancia STRATOS Rally Car ’77 (2,500,000 Cr.)
    Gran Turismo Formula GT (2,500,000 Cr.)
    Chaparral 2D Race Car ’67 (6,250,000 Cr.)
    Chaparral 2J Race Car ’70 (7,500,000 Cr.)
    Ford GT40 Race Car ’69 (10,000,000 Cr.)

    1. M8h3r

      Why have they put the 2J in the OCD, completely ruined the amazement of seeing it. In a few days time you will go online to rooms full of them :(

    1. Just cause

      Some people love those awful short tracks. I personally think all short tracks should be banned from racing games. I think they are worthless unless your on a go cart.

    2. TakumiFuji01

      Screw off if you hate Japanese course. Watch nascar if you hate Japanese because JAPANESE ARE BETTER WITH TUNING AND ARE KINGS ON EVERY Japanese Race course

    3. Amac500

      And what is the problem with Laguna seca, the road course at daytona, and the Indy road course? You are clearly a bit bias Fuji. The Jap tracks are to favored, it’s starting to bore me. I never tire of Tokyo R246 but the others are getting old and I never really liked Fuji. Just need to mix it up more.

  41. Quakebass

    We’ve got some decent rewards in this Seasonal! I hope the OCD car list is good, I won’t be able to check until tomorrow afternoon…

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